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Given the popularity of trip report threads on here, I think we need to start indexing them.

This thread is for linking to all trip report threads on the forum.

Do not actually post the content of your trip report here, just post a link.

Someone please use the forum's search function and make a list of the best trip reports we've got and post links here. It'd be nice to organize them by substance, with sub-headings like: Mushrooms, LSD, AL-LAD, DMT, Ayahausca, 5-MeO, etc.

I think this can become a valuable online resource for serious non-dual psychonauts. That kind of thing doesn't really exist elsewhere. Most places that list trip reports are recreation-focused, not spirituality-focused.


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Magic Mushrooms:



by Franz (34 upvotes)


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by MsNobody (22 upvotes)


by cle103 (22 upvotes)


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by Jacobsen (9 upvotes)


by Zega (9 upvotes)


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by Franz (8 upvotes)


by Lynnel (7 upvotes)


by Ape (6 upvotes)


by Martin123 (6 upvotes)


by by hundreth (3 upvotes)


by egoless (4 upvotes)

Shrooms + Syrian Rue


by Franz (12 upvotes)





by Big_D (12 upvotes)


by phoenix666 (10 upvotes)


by Big_D (10 upvotes)


by Timotheus (6 upvotes)


by Wes Thoughts (5 upvotes)


by Serotoninluv (3 upvotes)

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Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it 

- A Course in Miracles

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5-meo-dmt 20mg and 28mg.

I've tripped about 30 times with various psychedelics. A few weeks ago, I did 12mg of 5-meo-dmt which felt comfortable.

Last week at 20mg, the experience was similar to 12mg.  A type of stoned, sublime feeling. 28hrs later, I bumped it up to 28mg. A similar experience as those before. There was awareness and I was completely comfortable. I'm not sure how to describe the sensations. It is completely different than any other psychedelic I've tried. (Well, maybe somewhat like San Pedro). It felt more like a powerful opiod - what I imagine heroine would feel like. 

There was a perspective that was completely different. Like I was a different person. A person with a higher consciousness level. Like going from green to yellow and being full-on yellow (or turquoise). 10min. in, my gf sent a few texts I noticed flicker on my phone. I was like "no way, not now". Yet, I noticed she was opening up about something. She is so guarded, she rarely opens up to the point of true vulnerability. The thing that caught my attention was she wrote that: "my life is overwhelming sumtimes. i'm jugglin a lot. And for sum reason, multiple blasts from my past have messaged abt gettin together". Well, I have strong feelings for this gal and this gets to the core of my insecurities and fear. I've been conditioned for monogamy and isn't gung-ho on monogamy (she wants "monogamish" - mostly monogamy with an occasional fling that does not disrupt the primary relationship). She has been in open relationships and has cheated in at least two monogamous relationships. She is still in touch with a few Ex BFs. We've agreed contact with Exes is fine as long as it's platonic.

I'm interested in her perspective on dating and relationships, yet I am also conditioned. Due to her history and perspective, when Exes pop up it activates this lower consciousness level in me. I want to know whats going on. I want to know intentions. I see the other men as threats. I want to set up boundaries to protect our relationship, my territory. I get suspicious. I start making up stories in my head. Now. . .I can try to be aware of this and cognitively think at a higher level, yet my experience is at a lower level. Her text about multiple previous BFs wanting to get together would have ABSOLUTELY activated this lower level. However, on the 5-meo-dmt that level was NOT THERE. I wasn't suppressing or avoiding. That zone did NOT EXIST. What's more, my normal level of consciousness did not exist either. It was like I was some other person. A higher self. A higher love. There was this selfless caring I can't explain. For something that would have set my ego self on fire. Yet here, I was like a close friend of hers. I let her know I not only wanted to be her lover, but also a friend she could confide in. I let her know I was here and grounded. There was open space and I was totally fine if she entered the space or not. There was no pushing, pulling, steering, manipulating. Just silence and space. It was surreal.

She decided to shift to a light topic about activities we did in high school. I was able to completely let go of the topic. Then, she texted "sumthin happened and you were the first person I wanted to tell but didn't. But it's a good sign still". Again. . . this would have triggered my "what going on?" brain. Ideas and stories would arise. I would have had to hold back not to be overly questioning as if she was on the witness stand. Yet, there was NONE of that zone. I simply responded "It's OK to tell or not to tell". And it was totally authentic. Again, a silent open space for her to enter if she wanted. She decided to change topics to celebrities we have met. Again, I was totally fine with letting go. There was no calculating at all. No thoughts of "I bet she is testing me. To see if she can trust me. I'll just play it cool". Rather, there was just an essence of being. A perspective of connection, love, caring for something or nothing. It's so hard to describe, yet so true. It felt like a higher evolved self.

Towards the comedown, there is a realization that this is the next level of evolution for me. I didn't get a glimpse of it, I was immersed in it for 30min. And there was awareness that it had nothing to do with her and that I had to be willing and ok with losing her to reach this higher level. Loss = love. I didn't fight it and it was so clear that's just how it is.    

Even days later, something has changed in me. I still meander at different consciousness levels and have been tempted to ask her about those two texts. Yet after being exposed to that some type of higher evolved zone, it's like I can't go all the way back to my lowest zone. As if I was in zones 4-6 and couldn't understand people who talked in zone 7. Yet, after BEING zone 7, it's like I've shifted from zones 4-6 to zones 5-7. I don't know if that makes sense, I'm not quite sure how to explain it.

I've read reports of people dissolving under 5-meo-dmt and how terrifying it can be. So far, my experience is different. Yet, I'm not complaining. It was very enlightening. As much as the Ayahuasca ceremony, without the terror and purging.

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I resently saw this video, just wanted to hear your thoughts on the topic of psychedellics just deceiving you or what he dis wrong to not attain what leo gas attained though them.

so just post some comments and let's discuss a bit :)

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@AleksM Dude put some sub-headings in so it's easier to navigate.

@Serotoninluv Did you even read what Leo wrote?..

"Find what you love and let it kill you." - Charles Bukowski

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Magic Truffles



Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it 

- A Course in Miracles

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This post and a few below - AL-LAD/4-HO-MiPT.

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Where could I post some newbie psychedelic questions to gain more knowledge before a first trip? ?

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