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  1. @Nahm your words just gave me the chills <3
  2. I wish you guys could read them in Farsi <3 it's just another level. The translation doesn't do justice. "Said : you are not insane enough. You don't deserve this house. So I went mad , and I broke all my chains. Said : you are not drunk enough, to be in company of divinity. So I drank until I lost all my senses. Said you already have your feathers, I'm not giving you anymore wings. So I lost all my feathers , crawling on the ground, in hopes that it will grace me with its ultimate flight."
  3. Interesting concept, but I don't think it works. If you are not ready for a breakthrough, or willing to do the work, nothing will change you. You need the grace and will at the same time. Personally, I don't even know why I became so interested in such topics and way of life. Sometimes it feels like luck, gift , or curse, but not my own doing. You see what I'm sayin?
  4. I have tried helping my parents. But instead, I became so judgmental, harsh and aggressive towards them. The problem is, we have this notion that parents are invisible adults. But the truth is, they are just another hurt human being, who just want to be accepted. When children don't accept their parents, it really really hurts. And they can't change that way. Believe me. If they could, you wouldn't have had these problems. Just be the loving space they need as much as possible. You will have your moments of course. That is okay. You will see better results that way. Remember, You only have one mother and one father in this world. Don't treat them in a way that will bring you regret.
  5. There is a spiritual and non-dual approach to this issue. But I'll give you an example of my own experience, regarding the studying situation, which is not spiritual at first glance. Our minds are lazy. It doesn't want to work. So it uses any mean necessary to not overwork. That also includes being negative. You might call it resistance or procrastination. It is also related to our Chimp mind. Gently fight your chimp mind, and get back to work you need to do. Don't let it become an excuse. It is normal to have negative thoughts when you are doing a difficult task. But the only way to vet over it is to keep going despite of yourself. It will become easier.
  6. I know my suggestion to you is probably pointless, because I myself was once your age. But I tell you anyways. If you can somehow leave this obsession behind, and not worry about getting laid or becoming popular in high school, your life projectory will change. Instead focus on socialising with great friends and great minds. Focus on your skills, your studies and your knowledge. Focus on your health and physics. You may not get hot girls now, but if you don't spend these years developing yourself, you might have a harder time in the upcoming years in life. You will not realize what I'm saying until you reach your mid twenties though. Also hot girl is such a weird concept in my mind. I think finding a cool girl is more fun than hot girls. But I am a girl, so I don't understand penis mentality sometimes.
  7. @Dodo your questions are legit and full of curiosity, but I'm afraid I dont know the answers either. And my opinions won't be good enough for you. But your curiosity will take you to interesting places. That I do know look for your own direct experience.
  8. @Dodo when I say Alien, I mean an unknown entity/ being/ consciousness. Be mindful of what you consider an alien. Some people have fear of the world alien because of cultural background subconscious. And it's real to my experience. What do you call real? It's not real as your grandmother. It's another level of reality. Reality have so many layers, and none of them are totally true . The totality is the truth, not the individual. All I say to you is that it's not creepy. It's so loving and motherly. You don't need to do it. You will get a calling when if you are ready one day, and you can choose your path. There are many paths. There are many teachers. And yes, it did left me. We have a mutual understanding. She/he/it is not there to harm me. She is here to teach, heal and make you remember.
  9. @Charlotte I'm glad you like them <3 I was fine! I was fine after I caught some good sleep. it's all part of the journey. Nothing to be afraid of.
  10. @MrDmitriiV yes I've seen them! Haven't had the chance to read any yet. Thank you!