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  1. I've been into self development work for 5 years now. And i've been studying Leo's research and teachings for 2 years. But this latest video about bullshitting animal brought it all home for me. I am so fake that even when posting things in this forum i cannot be totally honest. I have a huge facade. And it's been there forever. And that's why I can't be authentic. Cause I only know one way to survive, and that's through lying. Constant facade. Constant acting. I'm an amazing actor. And the scary thing is, that I don't know how to be honest and truthful. So Thank you @Leo Gura, for holding up a mirror. It was not a pretty sight. But it's better to look now than never.
  2. Love and Respect to you for your passion and hard work <3
  3. @billiesimon Thanks for being honest and open yourself. I hope your heart heals fast <3 1. What I said was general. I think you are already doing the work. This inquiry shows your deep interest and good heart. So you are already much stronger than you think. Life will throw things at you, and you will learn to handle it. Just be honest, loving and forgiving with yourself. 2. Yes. Having friends are always great. Especially of the opposing gender. Just remember to have your own judgment check, and be aware of other people's bitterness. Also refer that you and your friends are all very young. So be aware of levels of emotional maturity, which can be earned by age and experience. Girl friends are super supportive, sometimes too supportive. But let your girl friend healing feminine energy help you. 3. Because matters of the heart are fucking complicated. Break up with a loved one is hard. No matter how peaceful it looks. It's confusing. Physically challenging. Emotionally exhausting.... So you hide all of that, if you can. And most women are very good at that.
  4. 1. Women are stronger emotionally, because they need to be, both culturally and evolutionary.. That might seem like they have moved on faster. But that's not the case. To most men who don't know what to do with their feeling of hurt it might seem that way. 2. Women generally have closer emotional support from other women. So they learn from each other, also they embrace each other's pain. That makes them stronger, so they can hide their feelings to the rest of the world. 3. Women are caution about showing too much emotion, especially to their ex. That makes them look hysterical, or clingy. So they pretend that they have moved on. 4. Women might replace one relationship with another quite fast ( same with men ) but if a woman is in love, no amount of sex will replace that for her. Only time will heal things. And new love. Women don't move on faster. But we are better in handling the emotional heart breaks in the long term.
  5. I am the universe. Or a part of it. So all the emotions and feelings I have ever experienced the infinite existence has also experienced, and much more, to infinity and beyond. So the question is , if I have a preference to a certain emotion ( for instance joy over anger ) or I prefer certain energy ( for instance, red, expanding over blue contracting) does it mean the universe has similar preference? Does it really feel hurt or joy? And prefers one to the other? If not, and my ego and my fear of destruction is the reason why I have this sort of preference, then why can't we understand and communicate with each other? Why am I designed in a way that contradicts the rest of me? Is this contradiction a necessity for a pulsation mechanism? What does it want?
  6. I know when you are young you hate hearing this from people (cause I did myself) but you are very young. All this work is great and kudos to you and all your amazing efforts to try and become a better person. But dude, try and relax and enjoy your life as well sometimes. With this actualized work and how serious people are, you can get caught up. Balance is the key. Let your spirit free from time to time. And then come back when you had some fresh air. Some people may call that slacking or laziness. I call it a necessity. That's up to you to decide and learn
  7. @Elisabeth I need to express myself constantly. That's why I ended up doing arts. I need to create things out of unknown, or I get very depressed. I also don't like being told what to do when it comes to art and creation. It's stressful, challenging and I love it. I fail many times. Almost 95 percent. Things don't go as plan when you are in the middle of chaos. But the 5 percent success keeps me going. I only became a professional artist at age 27. It took me a decade to finally start making a living. But I never gave up on it.
  8. @Lauritz Bewer after reading your post, I decided to give it a go as well. I had a different experience than you. I just became very sad, unstable, and cried 3, 4 times. A lot of emotions came out. Dissapoinment, dissatisfaction, disconnection mostly. I also realized that the foreground and background need to melt into each other, though I didn't experience that. It was just a though that aroused.
  9. @Leo Gura I'll try and notice that. I though it's an interesting hypothesis, for science. @Shadowraix maybe that's just my stage orange hating on stage blue kind of thinking. I'll try and move on, so I can move up the stages. Thanks.
  10. I get this statement. I'm just saying we are using it everywhere now as an excuse to shut down wondering. It's almost religious. I grew up in an Islamic country. And that's what most people used to say for things they didn't know all the time: 'only god knows all the answers." And that was the end of conversation and wondering. Using the "every possibility is infinite" sounds the same to me. It's an ending statement.
  11. To me, it seems that we are using the "all is possible, infinity, the Truth, all is illusions, nothingness, ... " to shot down the wondering. Isn't the point to be in the state of Not-knowing? When you shot down a sense of wondering by saying everything is possible and it's all nothingness , in fact you are refusing to admit that you just don't know. That's another way of saying : I already know all the answers.
  12. hmmm. You mean you have experienced this? You think there is some truth in there? Elaborate please <3
  13. This idea of One Electron Universe is mid blowing, and out there, and crazy cool! I dont know how plausible it is, but it sounds interesting to ponder. P.S. I wasn't sure which board is best for a science related topic in discussion board, so i chose consciousnesses.
  14. Raising consciousness and solving problems come hand in hand. For a long time, I was a super procrastinator in learning drawing, and was just very biter and sad about it, cause I blamed the circumstances. In the last couple of years, I worked on myself, and also my consciousness have been raising little by little. I realized my own dilemma. I recognized the viscous circle I have created for myself. So I broke out of it. I am focused, and am wasting no time on excuses. Apply that to every part in your life.