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  1. @now is forever interesting. I did not think about that! I'll give it a try. Thank you <3
  2. @now is forever sorry my bad. It's actually the last 3. So 8, 9 10 . Substance, form , purposey The first 7 are complete journey to englightment. The last 3 are there after. Explaining in the crudest way possible
  3. I think it does. Even a fart joke , as immature as it is, it is still very honest to our nature. It's just raw and childish. You can be super childish , or complex and mature. But the honesty and exposing part I think is the key. I absolutely love stand up comedy and comedy.
  4. Humor is exposing what the actual truth is to the facade of everyday acting and personification. It's the gentle art of exposing. It's revealing what's going on inside to the outside. It's bringing forth the messy backstage work to the stage
  5. Shinzen Young explains: The first 5 pictures are the enlighment journey. Picture 7 , arriving home , is the final stage. However, the last three come after. Substance, Form , Purpose are pictures 8,9, 10. Substance : nothingness. Form : everything. Purpose: spreading the consciousness through act of love and giving from bottom of society. That's only my interpretation and limited understanding. Correction.
  6. You can't understand koan with logic. That's the whole Point. It's supposed to snap you out of ordinary into another state. I think!
  7. N I can't believe I actually have to list examples of sexualized men in pop culture and video games for you here. You just choose bunch of non sexual males in couple of games to prove that other ones don't exist? Just cause you don't list them here, it doesn't mean they don't exist. That's not how this works. But since you asked for it, here are some I can think of on spot: James Bond series, Matrix series, Bourne series, mission impossible series, interview with the vampire, die hard series, Avengers, Marvel, DC , Batman, superman, aqua man, every super hero movie, fight club, Troy, 300, Gladiator, Twilight series, Wolverine, X-men , UFC, WWE, Prince of Persia series, God of War, The witcher, Grand Theft Auto, final fantasy series... I hope you find your peace with women at some point in your life.
  8. Sorry, you are just flat out wrong here. They make men look sexy while killing ALL the time. Like all the fuckung time. That is movie industry is about sexy men killing other men, and that's what makes them hot. Strong Women didn't even come in to the picture until maybe 10 years ago. Do you need examples? Maybe, just maybe, you kind of enjoy being afraid of women, deep inside it turns you on. And if that's the case, that is alright. The first step is to recognize the emotions. Maybe you need some help from psychologist, to help you recognize the thoughts or emotions? I hope you will find answers and solutions one day soon
  9. @saffron after reading your post, I don't think you are "afraid" of women per say. I think it's just that it is still a mystery, or unknown territory for you. And naturally, the unknown frightens us. But it also makes us curious. The only way you can conquer the fear of unknown , is to face it. Go to the belly of the beast! So make new bonds, friendships and partnerships with women it's as simple as that. And I don't really think there is another way around it. It is totally an experience you need to cultivate yourself.
  10. Let go of the need to attract, rather focus on becoming a better version of yourself. I am attracted to people who are nice to me, who are confident, who have a deep understanding of themselves, who are happy with or without me. Be charming. Smart Humour is excellent. It's okay to approach and show your interest, but don't be desperate. Make women feel comfortable and at ease. It's all about the vibes.
  11. My partner's cousin died age 21 from mixture of mdma and alcohol at a similar event. Her family is still mourning for her loss. You are indeed lucky your story didn't turn to another overdose tragedy for you and your friends. Other kids who read this, you may not end up being as lucky.
  12. @now is forever yes.they are the same. I just don't experience it that way yet.
  13. I can't relate easily to nothingness. Void however I have experienced. Void is infinite and bottomless, and goes both ways. Void engulfs, but also is engulfed. I know I am made of voidness. Would you say void and nothingness are one and same thing?
  14. I do intermittent fasting 5 days a week from 7 pm to 11 am. But if I feel like I have to eat before 11, I will. So that's around 16 hours. Plus I go to gym at 7 30 am for about an hour. My libido is very low compared to my twenties, but I don't think that has to do with fasting. I used to date a lot more sexually active men than I do know. I'm just not bothered with sex anymore. I enjoy much more subtle things now. My period is super irregular, but that has always been the case. I like fasting. I think it works fine for me. Just listen to your body if it needs food.