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  1. That's good to know! Thanks for sharing. The thing is, you need different tools. For yourself and people you may sit with. Even when doing Ayahuasca, the shaman has some tools to calm you down and bring you back. For instance, there is a powder they blow in to your nose at the beginning that calms you down. Also, they can give you some tobacco to sober you up if needed. So if CBD is a tool in your toolkit, then it's good to be prepared. I just need to find out how and if it works well.
  2. The dose is super low. 2,75. Basically the price of becoming more aware has been increase in anxiety. Basically, I had never had anxiety attacks in my life before. This is totally a new thing. I had anxiety attack on weed the other night. That has never happened before. So I guess something has woken up, and it's starting to take shape. I have been taking CBD to control these random attacks. But I know I need to conquer my fear. There are no excuses. I never had a trauma in my life, so this is all made up.
  3. I know I have to face my anxiety when dealing with deep work and psychedelics , so I can have a breakthrough. But the last time I had mushrooms, my heartbeat was out of control and I couldn't handle the anxiety. Since then, I've been having random anxiety attacks here and there. I still want to keep working with psychedelics. So I was wondering if I can use CBD oil while on Psilocybin? Would it calm me down a little? It would it be a bad mix? Thank you,
  4. Anything that the "I" can perceive, is not the true being. So where do I look? If anything that is perceived is eliminated (neti neti) , then there is no where to look. The perceiver cannot perceive itself. The knife cannot cut itself. The eye cannot see itself. But how do I leave the "I" behind? How can I undone being the perceiver? I know there is an infinite possibilities opening up from realising that anything perceived is not me, but I still can't take the leap.
  5. Do the things that interest you, and you will find the like minded people there. Example, you like actors, musicians, artists.... Instead of going to cinema or red carpets, or concerts, go to local theatre communities, and get involved with small productions. I did volunteer work, as well as independent projects with friends for theatre and movies, and live music shows. From that, I made a lot of cool open minded friends, I hooked up with interesting lovers, I acted on stage for the first time, and gain stage confidence. I got my first paid gigs. I realized the things I enjoy, and the things I don't enjoy ,... you meet interesting people where interesting things happen. This whole categorising people into spiral stages is too mechanical. It's just theory. It creates judgment and classification, which can be toxic to a beginner mind. The first step is to just get out there, lose yourself to the moment so you can find yourself.
  6. What drives me crazy is that the amount we can understand is the same amount we can't comprehend. The more we expand, the more it expands. The mystery will always grow as discovery grows. It will never come to a conclusion. Never. Ever. Infinite expansion.
  7. Why did you choose that profile picture? That's the answer
  8. At least in visual arts, creativity and technique (mastery) comes hand in hand. This is what I had to learn the hard way. There are no short cuts to creativity. Not even psychedelics. You got to do the work and put in the mileage. That being said, here is an amazing meditation/creativity practise thought by a master :
  9. When I finished film school, I didn't have proper work experience. So I did three things: 1. worked as a volunteer on many sets, as many as I could get my hands on. Eventually I got picked up one of the sets as a talent, and I started getting paid and I got exposure. After that, people found me and hired me. The working for free took around a year. 2. I applied for internship for different companies (again, for free, full time) I did that for 6 months for two different companies. Neither of them hired me at the end, but I gained experience and confidence. 3. I went back to school and got necessary certificates I lacked. To pay for all of this, I lived at the corner of my sister's apartment, and did side gig's, many gig jobs. Also I got an extra student loan from bank. You need to get your hands dirty, try different things, get yourself exposed. The opportunity is not gonna come to you. Go offer your services and let the best of best teach you. Learn to lower your expectations, and be humble. Eventually, you will learn how to do business on your own if you want to. First, learn the trade and the people.
  10. @now is forever interesting. I did not think about that! I'll give it a try. Thank you <3
  11. @now is forever sorry my bad. It's actually the last 3. So 8, 9 10 . Substance, form , purposey The first 7 are complete journey to englightment. The last 3 are there after. Explaining in the crudest way possible
  12. I think it does. Even a fart joke , as immature as it is, it is still very honest to our nature. It's just raw and childish. You can be super childish , or complex and mature. But the honesty and exposing part I think is the key. I absolutely love stand up comedy and comedy.