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  1. @Zweistein no nothing will change. But we have added each others profiles in this app , and so we can approach each other with better understanding. For example , my boss has a lot of blue and purple in him , and my personality profile is conflicting with his. So we now have a better tool to try and minimize conflict. Not sure how that is going to pan out!
  2. @Ether of course it is an ego game. It's all ego games! I'm well aware that, as you are. I'm playing until it's no longer necessary. The other option is to drop all games. And I can't do that, not in this lifetime, not in this karmic body. So let's play
  3. @Gladius ayahuasca is no nonsense drug. You respect her , or she will show you who is the boss. I'm actually meeting Madra this weekend myself (so fuking excited and nervous! It's like meeting my crush on a date :p) I recommend doing the diet properly two weeks before. Also limit you internet intake of news , YouTube, bullshit... just reduce noise from life as much as possible. I do Hope the retreat you are attending is legit. Best of luck!! And share your visit later
  4. @Zweistein it was quite interesting. He obviously knew a lot about spiral dynamics, but he tried to stir me away from it. For good reasons ( they don't want to say one colour is better than other). He said their Drives are based on Spiral Dynamics , but it's not the same. It's a circular shape rather than spiral. Meaning that no drive is better than another. It's just dependent on circumstances that one drive does better than others in different societies. For instance, UK is mainly green and blue. Us is Orange and blue. China is purple and yellow. Etc. He said although you can go through personality development in your lifetime (spiral dynamics), your drive won't change that much. So my main drive yellow ( dreamer , future oriented) and second green ( caring) third red ( decisive) .for example It means my main drive is not money or success, rather it's freedom and fun , then people, then action and speed. And every company and every team needs all drives for different reasons. For example , our company has a lot of greens ( people care about each others needs and feelings, very British) , and very few reds ( aggressive decision makers ) and while that seems awesome at first, it can become a problem. Because at crunch times, we are at lost cause we don't have a lot of aggressive decision makers. Yellows are too much of a day dreamers sometimes, but they are also super future oriented and creative. Blues are past oriented and discipline. The combo will have hard time getting along, but they also compliment each other. Also a yellow can learn discipline even if she doesn't like it or it's not natural to her. Same with blue. All of this reminded me of something Alan Watts used to say. Too many saints or enlighten people , or too many scientists is not a good thing. It becomes like a cancer. You want a mix. And you need to accept everyone, and bring the best out of them. This doesn't mean you can't develop through different stages of personality and become turquoise or what not. That's a whole other thing I guess. Thanks for checking!
  5. @herghly Last time was alright. I had a hard time keeping the tea in my stomach. My friend who was with me was vegan , and he got a lot more out of it. This time I am physically and mentally more prepared. I let u know in two weeks time!
  6. @Leo Gura Thank you! :> Happy to see you back. Can't wait for your upcoming videos and blogs. I hope you experienced what you wanted in your retreat last month.
  7. Its been a year, but im finally going for my second Ayahusaca retreat. This time with a friend from Canada, and it will be in Portugal. I actually wanted to go for a 5 Meo DMT ceremony with a Shaman in Germany, but after talking to my friend, we decided to go for another Ayahuasaca ceremony before 5 Meo, just to be more prepared. I know nothing really prepares you for 5 Meo, but i still felt this is the way for me. I am hoping to be able to go way deeper this time. I am on a lot more strict diet, I have done a lot more research, I am more proficient with Yoga and meditation. I have read more books, watched more videos. Hopefully, I can have a breakthrough. If not , it will still be a lovely inner journey, shared with ma gal. I'll update this post in four weeks time. I am going on an internet fasting for the next two weeks to cleanse the mind, as well as the body.
  8. @Zweistein Yes, I have changed a lot since two years ago, when i started following Leo, reading good books and implementing certain habits and practises in my life. But i'm still not a yellow. Im most likely at stage Orange. I probably knew how to hack the test. Also, who knows how accurate it is. I am going to have a one to one with the head psychologist , and im planning to bring this up, and the whole Spiral Dynamics and see how he responds. And yeah, they are making a lot of money. But they are actually teaching people how to deal with themselves and with each other , so I think they are doing some good for the company and the individuals in it. Most people have never touched a psychology book before in their life, so this is at least something.
  9. So last week, our company started this workplace psychology thing called Management Drive. They asked anyone who likes to do the a long test and see what category they are at. You can download their app and after you do the test they will send you all these information about your drives, your states of mind, your weakness, strength, what colours you work well, what colours you might have tensions with ,.... . I did the test. And right after i got the results, I realised this is Spiral Dynamics, just re framed for a corporate company. And my colour is a big yellow. So this cannot be correct. there is no way i have reached the stage yellow. I haven't even reached stage green yet . They also said i have a bit of Green and a bit of Red in me. I think I kind of hacked the system and the answers. Have yo guys have done any legitimate test and got weird results?
  10. I have smoothie (homemade almond milk with fresh fruit, spinach, and bunch of other goodies) for breakfast ( after 11 am usually, cause i do Intermediate fasting) Plus Green apple and low suger almond and peanut butter for lunches, I try and stay away from Gluten if possible. But otherwise, I buy : - Avacado -Lime -hummus - Bakery bread toasts (fresh rather than packaged) - Chicken or Tune -Parsley or coriander And i make a bad ass sandwich with them! I obviously cant finish it all, so I half everything, wrap them good, and have it for two or three lunches in the week. We have fridges in our workplace so its easy to store stuff away.
  11. Thank you for sharing such a sensitive issue Xin. First you need a space to calm down. If you need to go away somewhere and blow off the steam do that. If your Mom doesn't want to see your face right now, go somewhere and give her and yourself some space. After that let the reality hit you, and meditate on it. It will be emotionally tough, but necessary. Once you go through the hell of realising what just has happened and all the anger, sadness and shame, then, only after that forgive yourself. After that, you will know what to do. And never ever do this again. No matter what. Emotions are like owning a dog. We are not always in control of them. However, if your dog bites someone, you are responsible for it. This is also true with your emotions. You are responsible for them, whether you can control them or not. So take charge. Read some books on how to control your emotions. I recommend this book: The Chimp Paradox. Or there are plenty of fantastic books on Leo's book list. Good luck, and don't forget to kiss your mother's hands later.
  12. @Charlotte @Otogi @How to be wise @Martita thank you all **** lots of love
  13. Maybe! It's the good old ego gas :)))
  14. Something happened at work yesterday, and I have gotten extreme feeling of envy and jealousy. So much that I couldn't sleep even after meditation. I'm trying neti neti techniques, as well as breathing into it. I'm learning a lot about how much more work the ego needs. Now, all the physical emotions are concentrated in my chest. I cannot breath into it anymore because of the amount of pressure. Do you know a way for me to release the tension? It's like a huge blockage of chakara. Thank you
  15. you've been following since 2009 while hating it so much!!!! Dude, why? If its not for you, its not for you. Don't be so neurotic and obsessive. You are not responsible for other people's lives. Its's okay. Move on. "people in Real life" lol