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  2. 🙂 The mommnet you ask how you are refusing to just let go. Your very asking of how is what prevents this from becoming an actuality. You might see this soon
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  4. This is alarming, shouldn't it be the other way around?
  5. yo seein this thread I had to say something cuz man in school I was always told I was the hottest guy in school. Girls always told me how hot I was. You know how much that helped me. Nooooone I got no girls at all. From what ive seen girls don't give a shit what you look like. They are all about personality. My fat friend got way more girls then me for the longest time because he had a quality personality. I have a model face and body but didn't get any pussy. So to all you guys who thinks looks matter from my experience they dont. Just develop your personality and you can look like fat albert and slay it with the ladies.
  6. I honestly prefer the looks of the no-makeup girl above. Much more real, and thus, prettier.
  7. I wouldn't say that jackfruit has so few calories! It's almost 100 kcal per 100 g. It also isn't very rich in fiber, but rather high in sugar, so it will make you crave even more sugar. Now compare this to some leafy greens such as cabbage or green beans which are around 20 kcal / 100 g and are packed with fiber.
  8. That's a good point. Also, it can be difficult figuring out what women actually look like these days too. I see girls with this much makeup on at the gym. When I was in college a few years ago, there was some kind of no makeup day girls were supposed to celebrate; not even one of them participated .
  9. I've heard of larabars a lot. But they don't sell them in Europe or at least here in Finland. What are their ingredients?
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  11. Some ppl don't like certain ppl's boundaries. That's ok. But, why judge these boundaries? Why criticize and debate with the person? It happens. Why not just walk away from the person not suitable to be in a relationship with you?
  12. got a head full of dust. I realized this morning that I have no role models. In real life, I've felt this way for a few years now. I feel like a needle in a haystack. Maybe this is spiritual ego speaking, but I'm surrounded by people who refuse to take responsibility for their inner space. Psychological maturity is the main quality I admire in a person, and when very few people around me exhibit that quality, I feel lost, frustrated and discouraged. Sure, there's Leo, but I now see him more as a fellow actualizer than a role model. He's on his own unique journey. I don't want to emulate his life because I'm not him. His personality differs from mine, so he has different things to contribute. I'd say I resonate more with Matt Kahn. Even still, I can only watch so many moving pixels of talking heads before I realize how out of place I am. I don't even look up to my therapist. She helps clarify my feelings, but even she is stuck in stage orange. Living in a country bumpkin town doesn't help. Nor does spending time with psychologically underdeveloped parents in a codependent relationship. Ironically, they see me as underdeveloped, because they admire real-world experience (extraverted thinking, in MBTI terms - my achilles heel) over psychological maturity... which is fair enough. They don't want me to venture anywhere outside the state or to live alone again, so until I find roommates I'm here. I feel so stuck and limited. Perhaps I'm not as psychologically mature as I thought I was. I have some ideas of what I want to do next, but I feel this constant gap between point A and point B. Something in me keeps saying, "let's wait before making X decision." I may as well wait till I'm on my death bed, because I don't know what the hell I really want. It changes every day. Scientist, researcher, musician, producer, writer, coach, healer, spiritual practitioner, researcher. What's next? Circus performer? Skydiver? Professional nose picker? This is my story. Nobody can make anything of it, except for myself. I wonder if I can get by without any role models, and instead strive for some ideal in my dusty head.
  13. Your experience with it? Let me tell you something.. Your understanding of enlightenment is still bookish. As per what I understood from one of your previous posts, you have read Ramakrishna and Vivekananda and you are not seriously in the spiritual path. There is really a very long way to go. In fact, you haven't really started to walk in the real spiritual path yet. I got introduced into spiritual path after reading Ramakrishna and Vivekananda when I was 9 years old. I had given public speeches about both of them in my school but that was all just an intellectual understanding.. I had to go through a lot after this. In fact, whether you like to hear this or not, let me say something: Don't think you are superior to all these people who are in this forum (in case you do). In fact, many of them have actually got various glimpses.. The confusions that they are going through come from improper guidance. But based on what you are saying, you are just starting out by reading some books about enlightenment. I am not sure if you remember what I told you in one of my previous posts to you: Don't conclude anything yet.. You have to approach the whole path with an attitude 'I don't know yet'.. What you read from a book is just a verbal testimony; and verbal testimony is not the true knowledge..
  14. Looks probably don't matter what really matter is the body language as that what is what we mostly "listen too" in communication i think body language was about 85 procent and communication with words was about 25 procent probably wrong but about that number but it's definitely possible to improve
  15. @SFRLSFRLiSFRLSF I don't have options neither have I had sex before this is very shamefull for me @Key Elements i didn't understand what you are trying to say with the above mentioned quote.
  16. I loved the she you used. What a nice play of words to address the feminine shakti,. @Oktillo Does the energy flow spontaneously through your body throughout the day, or were those singular experiences? If it is a regular thing, youre kundalini is active. If it is just some experiences here and there, it is just getting aroused and isnt that significant... it is significant meaning there is energy work being done on your body but that is all... Still great!
  17. This is approached too black and white. Like you are either good looking like a model or ugly. My grandpa actually told me when I was a kid, it's rare for people too really be beautiful, it's also rare for people to be really ugly. Most people are just about normal looking. So for most people looks really isn't the end all be all it's made out to be.
  18. @Shanmugam It's okay, let them think whatever they want. It doesn't make any difference to us. This is what I think about enlightenment: I think a person can take up spiritual practice such as Bhakti yoga, Gyana yoga, Raj yoga or anything else. Then they can experience kundalini because their mind is being harnessed. Enlightenment can happen even before kundalini reaches Sahasrara. While the Kundalini is buzzing at the base of the spine, it still changes awareness. As it rises higher awareness starts to increase exponentially. While the awareness increases a person can have lots of realizations along the way, BUT it doesn't have to rise all the way up for enlightenment. That's my experience with it.
  19. "Each of these is an enlightenment=becoming conscious of the true nature of something." I missed that Yeah...You can even choose to call 'taking a shit' as enlightenment. But when we use the word 'enlightenment' we are talking about something that is agreed upon among enlightened people.. It is about something that everyone is actually longing for knowingly or unknowingly.. And you call what I wrote as 'blah, blah'.. ? Good....
  20. I get what you're saying here, and sorry to hear this. See, some ppl have, for example, the boundary of monogamy. And, the boundary can't be broken in an intimate relationship. This is not a weak boundary. It's strong. If the other party violates the boundary, then they will just leave the relationship without any problems. Some ppl developed themselves to this level. So, in other words, before they get into an intimate relationship or marriage, they get to know the other person really well in an attempt to greatly reduce the chance of a breakup when they actually enter into a relationship. And, if a breakup does occur, they say to themselves not to be attached to the outcome -- be detached of the outcome. Of course, there are more boundaries than the ones I've mentioned. If we don't know the other person well, but we know his/her boundaries, who are we to judge the other person?
  21. Go bang some new girls man. You are using a victim mentality. All those symptoms of yours are the symptoms of a break up like many people experience during a heart break. You are not the first or only one to experience that feeling. Most relationships are not going to work out statistically. So keep going until you find one that sticks.
  22. This was in response to a PM… I was asked to describe how I carry on from day to day, and note any "techniques" I use. No techniques… just a sensitivity toward the flow of psychological content day in and day out. Simply noting the mental contents without continuing along with their flow is all one can do. It is an ongoing subtlety. Sometimes I'm not so successful for a time. Whether I'm successful or not isn't as important as just continuing to note the chatter or silence without entertaining thoughts of anticipation— just accepting inherent goodness, as is; and resting in the gracious satisfaction of what is, as the natural course of being, sensing: knowledge without identification. What is key is not being attached to outcomes; just a dedication to meeting the requirements of subtle (or not) response to everyday ordinary situations. A buddhist directive is to "see through phenomena without denying its characteristics." In other words, meet creation with potential (I touched on that in my response to your OP); that is, deal with the situation on its terms without getting caught up in the flow of personality identity issues. It is a matter of not positing personalistic thought patterns in the course of responding to phenomena according to the situation's potential. Assessing situational potential is not a matter of speculative (what's in it for me) mental gymnastics, it is actually seeing what is, and directing a sustained course toward a (sometimes distant) point which is dependent on the situation itself. It is the situation's potential one responds to, because any situation is a created cyclic event. Spiritual adepts master seeing reality in order to follow along with creation's flow of events constructively influencing affairs without entertaining selfish views. Simply by not entertaining selfish views nor being attached to outcomes, one's response IS to potential, in terms of the situation itself. It's not a calculated affair. It's spontaneous and non-psychological. And that is spiritual. That's easy to say but hard to implement sometimes, in that the spirit of the directive is not advocating a prejudicial posture of robotic insularity (in terms of a hostile environment). The key is being aware of the real potential comprising the situation and working with that, over the long term, so as to keep a consistency relative to the situation's karmic evolution. In terms of warfare, it's best to win without fighting. If one must fight, it's best to conclude hostilities in the shortest time as possible. A long drawn-out contention is not always avoidable. That's why sages start when the problem is not apparent. Dealing with situational potential is a subtle affair. Just this is powerfully subtle spiritual practice in and of itself. Potential is the "workable" aspect of essence, in that it is unrefined. That's the karmic element spiritual adepts work with in order to refine themselves. They work with essence. Using situations to gratify the self is utter bondage to karmic evolution that never transcends creation. Working with essence directly without intermediary is the means to self-refinement by virtue of using situations to transcend creation while in its midst. Transcendence is not about conjuring a state whereby one floats in the air (not that I don't recommend it highly), it is, in taoist parlance, "planting lotuses in fire, sublimating oneself spiritually and physically in order to enter the Tao in Reality." Essence is not different than karma, but neither is it the same. Potential is the name used to point out the occult functionality. That's what is driving situations anyway, but not assuming ascendency over the karmic reality by sheer force of will is the only real "technique" I can ascribe to. Sometimes, the best thing is to withdraw from the situation, either physically or by choosing to vacate that particular psychological space. Right now I'm not talking to my mother… hahahhaaa!! ed note: add "… is the only real "technique" I can ascribe to" in next-to-last paragraph
  23. My response was mainly related to what exactly we are discussing on this thread... If you have really reached the end of seeking, then the following statement will certainly not make sense to you : 'After you have reached the end of seeking, there is much to seek' Does it make sense at all? And Leo and many others, while still seeking, insist that the seeking is really going to be forever. This is exactly what he is saying even though he is using different words... And with this understanding, he is attempting to guide hundreds of people in this forum. Even though he himself says that 'I can be wrong, I am not promoting any cult', the human nature is always to follow the herd and follow the person that they think as some authority. Only after having witnessed this enough in this forum, I am saying that this forum is slowly turning into a cult. I am still not sure if you have actually gone through the whole discussion in this thread. Because, my reply was written in the context of the whole discussion. You said you have been listening to Adyashanthi. Adyashanthi once said 'I have been fortunate enough to not to have any psychic powers'... He said something very significant. Because, the real teachers know that psychic powers are just distraction. But in this same thread, there is a post which insists the 'greatness' of psychic powers, paranormal, talking to aliens etc. And the reply was given to mean 'even though seeking has ended, there is still a lot to seek, like psychic powers, paranormal etc'.... This is a sign of delusion, because he thinks that he is enlightened...
  25. It is a good thing that you offer so much informations about how the mind works and how to improve its capacity It would be very good if you make a video about how food effect our performance what food makes us feel tired and what kind of food makes us alert and sharp for action
  26. @egoless Growth can be difficult, the life integration is completely ignored by most, no reason to conflate though.
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