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  2. Has anyone experienced healing himself with light? And if so, what quality dis the light have? I used to bathe myself in white-ish shining love-light, was great. Today I spontaneously upgraded to violet light. Feels so much more intense, as if my whole being is upgrading.
  3. @I_Like_Thing No worries, I probably just didn't listen fully. I used to work at a dog daycare and can train a dog but I'm not a qualified dog trainer. What were your jobs like, did you enjoy them? @Key Elements Haha, yeah, I have few of those books, they're usually really informative.
  4. @LRyan hahahahha yeah psychogist tend to be nut cases. My friend has some severe social issues and axirty and other things. His mum is a psychogist, whilst clearly being a narcisist... and im like... How does that never click for you sheeple!! 😂😂 Just take a chillpill and maybe find a different psychologist? It sounds like he is quite emotionally attached to his profession and that cannot be beneficial in such a intimate delicate situation as a therapist-client relanionship. If you still find him beneficial after this though then by all means keep him. However it can be a lesson to reown your power and to find ability to heal from within. Because you can. Obvi. Good luck!
  5. @ChimpBrain Should have not been lazy and sentbit to you right away
  6. Yeah I think that's true!
  7. Reminds me of a Jenna Marble's skit. @Bodhi123 I do shadow work and meditation, is self-inquiry similar to shadow work?
  8. Thank you for the recommendation but this would require being far more "in touch" with yourself than I am. Frankly I'm not even sure I know what an energy blockage is and I could be completely misdiagnosing myself here. I'm sure the books will shed some light on this for me. Thanks again!
  9. This is really good advice! I sincerely appreciate all of your comments.
  10. Thank you everyone! I've ordered a few books based off the the recommendations here. I never found the Martin Ball video. I found one of his on "fractal yoga" that I thought might have something to do with energy blockages but it didn't. Oh well, I think the books I ordered are exactly what I was looking for! Thanks again @Leo Gura @Martin123 @Arman
  11. I already watched the first 45 seconds and already there is an inaccuracy. The people worshipping the sun from Ezekiel were the "heretical" Jews who despised the Temple service. They called the sun Yahweh and would defecate IN the Temple (first temple) and then bow to the sun, to emphasize who they REALLY worship. This is why the Elders/Later Prophets of that era outlawed the usage of Yahwe's name, so not as many people know it and thereby defame it like that. This was not so many years prior to the destruction by the Babalonians. These defamers were Jews, influenced by the religion of Zoroaster who's worship often involved praying to the sun (if I'm not mistaken). They felt the Jews had it all wrong (which is only partially understandable) and therefore angrily adopted the grotesque practice. Point is, this video lacks academic rigor in uncovering the facts, so I won't trust it really.
  12. Why is the field of Psychology so threatened by spirituality??? I am in shock. I could use some input. I feel very threatened after my session with my Psychologist. I told him I have been reading things that are helping me and he blew a gasket. He went off the deep end, turned red, started defending his profession, told me that spirituality has no use in helping PTSD and doesn't do anything at all and is a waste of my time. He said that I am trying to undo everything that he is trying to accomplish. He basically said that if I want to sabotage myself then all I had to do is stop treatment for PTSD and read my books. He told me to let him talk and then later I can ask questions so he could go off on a rant about how much success he has had in treating PTSD. He immediately went on the defensive once I mentioned that I felt some of the things I have been reading and doing have helped me in my day to day life. He flew off the handle and went to the white board and drew a graph of how PTSD from childhood progresses and on and on about how he is an expert in his field and basically how dare I question anything. I tried to say why can my spirituality not co exist with what he believes in and he said it's only because of his treatment that I was able to pick up a book and read again and that by digging into spirituality I am just mixing myself up and it will hurt me and I will not get better. He said he has been trying to treat two other patients that believe in spirituality but he has had them for 7 years and cannot get anywhere with them because they do not want to focus on anything bad. He said that is crazy. When I questioned him about what he knows about spirituality he really got upset. He admitted he knows nothing of it. Says he is too busy making people better being and expert therapist to read anything. I remained 100% conscious for almost the whole time but he slowly got more words in than me and "took control" of the session, apparently convincing me that he is right and I am wrong and if I don't listen to him I will not get better. Thanks to anyone who can comment. I feel my very core was just assaulted by this man.... Then, I hate to say it and this is why I am feeling so devastated.....I did think, what if he is right and I do need to treat the PTSD his way? I'm very confused but thanks for this forum because maybe someone can shed some light on how I can stay focused on what really resonates with me and what I feel has made me feel like I could live happily without suffering....
  13. Facebook can be a useful tool (to communicate with friends), but it can definitely be a huge source of validation (especially for attractive people). Here is a challenge: Don't post on social media for 1 month, and then evaluate.
  14. Remove distractions, including social media, the internet and your phone. Sit in a quiet room with only your books (leave your phone outside etc) and get used to being frustrated and confused. Read Cal Newport - "Deep work', one of the best books about these kinds of topics.
  15. @kuwaynej No, I am just looking for the ideas how not to be as attached to other people's opinions and how to feel comfortable in my own body without needing other people to say something nice about it. Even though I intellectually and logically understand how silly is this kind of thinking, but emotionally I can't control it. I am not even aware of it happening most of the times. But it does happen in most cases, because I feel anxious, depressed, etc.
  16. @LRyan Just try to let go of any expectations for conversations, settle into them and try to have a good sense of humour, laughter makes everything worthwhile 'cause it's pointless things that make us laugh anyway Where you can, surround yourself with like-minded people, gotta keep at least some faith and sanity lol
  17. Yeah it's a bullshit video. Classic Leo. Blablablabla ego sputtering toxic waste all over the place.
  18. @Callum A Yes! dont resist resisting. Just see, accept, and watch judgment fall away,
  19. travelling and reading all the books on my book list (as concrete goals) (for now) abstract ones, less stupidity and more awareness
  20. @Lha Bho I do beleive that Mythacism is a valid approach. Obviously there are going to be archetypal creations in the human thought process and therefore reoccurring themes throughout the various cultures in their scriptures. What I am getting at is that if you exclude the mythological Jesus that was just begging to come down to Earth, you get a probable Jesus who was some Jewish man who lived towards the end of the Second Temple period before their mass exile. He cared about the poor and knew about higher spiritual truths. He probably did know he was God and told it to some followers secretly (a few of which didn't understand that they too are Him/him). Hard core atheist Dr. Richard Carrier denies the existence of the figure Jesus. I like his most utmost compelling evidence from Philo of Alexandria who speaks of Yesu the Godly being even before the one who claimed to be Messiah, "the son of God", and/or God was 'born'. However, his goal on disproving the historicity of the character has blinded him to the phenomenon of there actually being a Yesu/Isa/Yeshua/Yeshu/Yesua/Jesus/Isu of Nazareth, which many cultures talk about. [different spellings and pronounciations for the same name] He defied the Pharisees' system and taught a lot of unorthodox things. He cared about 'salvation', truth, justice, love/kindness. The mythological one was created overtime from the imagination of people who (subconsciously) keep setting up the same stories in different ways, throughout history.
  21. @Frode Your videos are improving fast Frode, I'm impressed.
  22. @Magic Whatever negative emotion you're feeling then it will be about attending the underlying cause, so very individual actions in terms of what brings us joy from that state Lately for me focusing on the future was bringing me down, so I decided to just focus on what I can do for the next five minutes That then helped me to move towards creating, practicing gratefulness and self-loving acts in the now
  23. Today
  24. I haven't looked at his videos in a while, but he is definitely improving fast, cool!
  25. @bazera If your trying to be more social you can try a new teacher, like the founder of RSD Nation. He is a very related person and his teaching techniques are good, helped me with my anxiety a lot.
  26. Yea, we have access to a lot of different feelings and different combinations of feelings, but just like food, some flavors aren't the healthiest choices to make over and over again. The comfort found in surrendering self-responsibility and going back to the status of a victim is one of those things. It may give short-term comfort but the long term effect after that initial burst isn't worth the indulgence. I rarely ever feel sorry for myself or like a victim or even have trains of thought or bodily responses associated with such a choice, because I exercise my volition and choose and have done so for many years. See... making a choice is an inherently self-empowering act no matter how small or how seemingly hopeless the choice. And Frankl showed how important and precious to staying alive, protecting that small ember of self-empowerment was in the worst of places. We can do the same, and after many years those actions reach down deep into our subconscious and take root as our default or automatic state. Eventually, if successful, what happens is the two steps forward, one step back pattern changes or flip-flops from a negative thing to a mostly positive thing. What I mean by that, is eventually you'll cross the line into abundance and the pattern will for the majority be two steps forward into an amazing euphoric experience, and one step-backward afterwards as you "calm" down into happiness and meaning. So instead of feeling like your sliding back into hell or shit, you touch incredible or joyous, and then slide back into feeling normal, but pretty damn good for normal
  27. If people give me bad advice, I try to just say 'thank you'. If people close to me get bad advice from someone else, I might try to (gently and subtly) give them different advice, depending if my friends are open minded enough.
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