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  2. @Byun Sean it has nothing to do with my childhood or my belief about love. It had more to do with manipulation. Maybe more to do with pua beliefs. Anyway I have moved on and happy to have dumped.
  3. @Shakazulu The booklist mentions a book specifically about that. It had a profound impact on my marriage.
  4. @AwakenedSoul444 Go on a retreat, preferably 30 days long. You need nothing else.
  5. Everything is nothing can never be a belief, that's why it's such a powerful pointer because we're used to believing in stuff that isn't.
  6. @Nahm Problem is that I literally regained all authority and all power back. If I can choose can pick to be most influental guy Who ever lived. But no. I want my monastery sorry. Already have everything I want and I want it small. Am I aware to Full scope, hell Yes I am but I do not care. Finished my purpose discpvered what I really wanted in life and want my retirement and that's it. Sorry. Want my peace. Found my potential wifey and Just want small peaceful life, that is all I ever wanted.
  7. This is so funny, bla bla bla:
  8. @Buba It's hard. I have not found any genuine enlightened masters in my lifetime, not even one. I've had teachers who taught me about yoga and martial arts, but only in their specific discipline. None of them were enlightened. I seriously doubt there are many of them even in India. So, if you choose a specific discipline, such as Kriya Yoga or Kundalini Yoga, it might help you prepare, but it will never give you the full package. That is why I personally follow Tantra, or the inner, esoteric path, guided by the Goddess. I was initiated directly by her, so I'm in no need of a Guru.
  9. To me, it's the balance between care and detachment.
  10. Just for information: The rainbow body seems to be the same thing to which John Kreiter refers in his 'Magnum Opus', when he talks about the creation and refinement of the philosopher's stone or pearl - the final goal of alchemy after lifelong accumulation of energy. He describes a lot of practices there to achieve this - but you don't have to aim that high. Quote from the book: " And most radically, the true practicing alchemists of the world, state that this energy accumulation and storage once it is properly processed into a tight and powerful stone or pearl, becomes a highly concentrated sphere of pure and stable energy that can then be used to transcend this dimensional range. […] they also begin to realize the possibility of becoming true immortals, as a type of non-organic being that is no longer bound to the three-dimensional causal'ogical rules that govern the rest of humanity." (144)
  11. @ROOBIO The state of now knowing anything. What a fucking bliss that is. Not recognizing anything, but just observing, just being. The full beauty of life unravels in those states.. I remember the time I was there, I looked at my feet ant I didn't even know what Socks were LOL. Another being awakens to it's highest form.
  12. ^ this is the best advice a beginner can get.
  13. There is a lot of information on this forum, but chaotic, not systematic. If there were one or two techniques needed to do to prepare for kundalini awakening, I would learn and do it, but if it is too complicated I am not sure if I can do it without a teacher.
  14. I am not sure if this one is a replica or the real ones. Actually there are many original ones. I thought only prophets can do such miracles. When they step on a stone, it leaves a print. It was an actual stone. Actual footprint. Prophet Abraham footprint in Mecca stays beside the Ka'ba (the cube that he built with his son) till now. His bow & arrow is big too. They are physically bigger than us. Slightly.
  15. Hope you're ready for everyone to look at you like you're crazy I would say keep it as beginner friendly and practical as possible. Maybe show the class some sort of intro into non-duality/ Consciousness video, I can't think of one off the top of my head. If you're confident enough, you could run the class through a practical exercise to guide them towards noticing their natural pure awareness that is in the background of all experience, that might actually make people listen more if they realize what you're saying isn't theory, because naturally most people will reject this instantly. This is kind of the challenges sages like Sadhguru have, trying to teach the masses about consciousness is no easy feat- good luck!
  16. Opinions online don't matter. Test it for yourself and see what happens
  17. meditation in the form of self-inquiry ofc will
  18. Today
  19. It would be great if such a video came out.
  20. @angelite this is not even a physically correct footprint. it is also not stone but clay at least it looks like clay, it’s physiologically not correct - you must discern between what is a man made picture and what is a manifested living prove. a symbol of it is not what it stands for. the size of the ego might not be relevant, some things can be manifested by pure will and others only through emanation.
  21. I've just watched Culadasa's most recent Patreon interview and one of the questions that were asked was his opinions on psychedelics and he mentioned 5 Meo DMT there as well. So I thought people in this forum might be interested in. Culadasa views psychedelics differently than many Buddhist teachers. He views them as plant medicines and he'd tried many different substances in the past. He thinks of them as medicines that literally give you various insight experiences directly. Their effectiveness changes depending on intentions, user's skill level, set and settings. He also views psychedelics to have profound effects on emotional healing as long as the student has the skills to work on this aspect of the practice. His opinions on the psychedelics start at 42:02 minute mark.
  22. Indeed, You are The Greatest of the Great.❤️🙏
  23. How would you apply the democratic principle between two people? If one says a hard "yes", and the other a hard "no"? What then?
  24. @Jahmaine Thanks. This is interesting. I had once asked in this forum if our physical body can turns into light. The second article , the monk left his handprint & footprint. In Mecca, we have prophet Abraham footprint set in stone. And this is a picture I took of prophet Muhammad's footprint. (Peace be upon him) I think he is big.
  25. As an Aussie, I’d agree with Jack’s response. America seems to have greater polarities with much more hard blue in rural parts of the country. However the cutting edge of psychedelics etc seems to come more from very progressive American culture too. Australians tend to have a more egalitarian philosophy as opposed to the hardcore individualist/success orientation of America. For example, Australia has what’s known as the “tall poppy syndrome” where nobody is supposed to become too big for their boots
  26. @electroBeam personally I don’t want to either lol. It’s pribably to do with my Enneagram but I fucking love life and experiencing life, Enneagram 9s who are naturally peaceful will be more likely to follow the monastic path. But thinking things like orgasm blocks awakening is a bit ill informed imo, also you only have to look at recent sex scandals in monasteries etc to see the issues resisting a life force does. There are people that transcend tbe sex drive, but denying just does no good. also, when you know yourself as pure awareness, as the absolute every moment becomes a meditation, as Ramana said effort is only needed until it no longer is
  27. Current practices : - Letting go technique - Strong morning routine (visualisations based on T Robbins work) - Daily meditation - Improved diet - Clutter clearing (!) - Daily life purpose work - Increased exercise - Weekly goal setting - Dream boarding - Awareness of soft and hard addictions
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