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  2. Deconstruction work means to deconstruct the dream to where you realize reality to be a dream using either the feminine or masculine, intuition or intellect, respectively. Deconstruction happens automatically as a result of spirit. You don't have to try just means intuition is a fruit of the spirit in the sense that it results from communion with God and that intuition, the feminine, can be used for deconstruction work in conjunction with intellect, the masculine. You can use contemplation work for deconstruction. That would be using the intellect, the masculine. Or you can rely on your intuition. Ideally, you would be using both. The masculine and the feminine as they work with each other, not over and against each other. Surrender I have one 'downside' (it has pros and cons) trait which I picked up from my mystical experiences which is suggestibility. It's difficult to describe, but I am easily 'hypnotized', I bend easily, and I melt easily. I am sweet and open and melting in the palm of your hand. I was taught to SURRENDER. Completely and utterly. Distractions Unless wild horses couldn't stop me and I'm having psychic green lights I won't be using my 'sword of truth' in the future. It's the ultimate and last distraction by the ego as far as I'm concerned. Beginner's path stuff. It's a distraction. I know it in my heart. I'm not going there anymore. I don't feel good. This is not the kind of person I want to be. Anything that you have to clear as a 'barrier' to the spiritual path then is NOT a distraction. The monk lighting himself on fire. Its all a distraction from my spiritual path. I have to be single-minded. Spiritual Compatibility Spiritual compatibility, even in friendship, will turn that relationship otherworldly. I've experienced this compatibility during mystical experiences and you both aren't 'human' anymore. You both become many different kinds of archetypes (the feminine taps into the mother, the wife, and the maiden). It taps you into what I call the well-being of the collective and you both glow with radiance like no other, especially the masculine, a radiance like a lion's mane. . In my experience, there was only one major instance when I had to pick up my sword directly when wild horses couldn't stop me. There have minor instances but no major instances like that. The collective will notify you basically through premonitions and sharp energies that something isn't right and needs to be balanced by the 'Word'. The aftermath wasn't pretty. Definitely, it won't look like you are in alignment on the outside in the aftermath. During it, you will feel in alignment. You'll be stripped of your power. Using the 'Masculine' or the sword is brutal. Always make sure you are doing it inspired by spirit because the aftermath isn't worth it otherwise. Otherwise, you can shift the collective in the background through concealed energy work. A more feminine approach with the 'Word'. Depending on what spirit is inspiring you to do. Witness The feminine is surrendering, she gives herself up. She is melting in the palm of your hand. When all is said and done. Masculine can take advantage of that fact. He will shut down displays of vulnerability and transparency, or ignore it entirely and plaster his preaching, bulldozing her into oblivion.
  3. So whatever I'm reading from the web, I'm getting interested in this. I'll call it Masturbationology. When you feel orgasm approaching, squeeze the end of your penis where the head joins the shaft. Maintain that squeeze for a few seconds while the urge to ejaculate passes. Repeat as necessary. With your fingers, apply pressure to your perineum. Semen retention can be achieved through abstinence, edging, or retrograde ejaculation. No evidence suggests blocking sperm can cause harm or negative side effects. Unejaculated sperm is not harmful to the body and does not build up. The body reabsorbs sperm that does not leave through ejaculation. This has no side effects on sex drive or fertility. @integral ok so, I invented the term Spermate as a verb and not as a noun. So it means producing sperm but no ejaculation. I guess that's like semen retention right? So if a guy isn't ejaculating I'll say he is spermating, that is he is trying to retain his sperm. But wait a minute... There's problems sometimes with retaining sperm. Reading from the web- For some, it might be painful or uncomfortable to abstain from ejaculation or lead to epididymal hypertension (also known as “blue balls”), which is a mild condition in which the testicles ache from arousal without orgasm. Taken from the web - Throughout history, men have always sought out new ways to improve their overall health. One technique that has been used since ancient times is semen retention, which is the practice of intentionally abstaining from ejaculation. Semen retention, which has been documented in many cultures, has been associated with both physical and mental wellness. One well-known example is tantric sex, which encourages men to abstain from ejaculation in order to connect with their partner on a deeply intimate level and experience a more profound sense of pleasure. While many modern practitioners believe that semen retention leads to a number of health benefits, there is very little scientific evidence to confirm the veracity of these claims. That being said, intentional abstinence from ejaculation doesn’t seem to cause any health problems either. As such, the advantages of semen retention are really determined by how the patient feels. Reasons Men Try Semen Retention The reasons men try semen retention vary widely depending on the individual, but generally come down to improved physical health, mental health, or spiritual health. Some of the purported benefits include: Reduced stress Improved motivation Improved confidence and self-esteem A higher level of self-control Better concentration More energy More happiness Better relationships Increased stamina The ability to have multiple orgasms Some also believe that semen retention can boost fertility by improving sperm quality or raising testosterone levels, which would also explain an increase in energy or improved mood. Although there is some evidence that there is a positive relationship between semen retention and testosterone levels, most of the supposed health benefits of semen retention have not been fully studied in a scientific manner. In a traditional ejaculation, sperm is created in the testes and travels through the vas deferens, where it mixes with seminal fluid. The semen then travels through the urethra and out the penis. With semen retention, this process is disrupted. Just like with a vasectomy, which stops the sperm from finishing the journey, the unused sperm breaks down and is reabsorbed into the body.
  4. Not really anyone to accept anything. More like observe present as it is. The Four Noble Truths are about acknowledging that there is suffering and choosing to take the path of liberation. If that's not taking responsibility, I don't know what is. Power over others is not what buddhists mean by ego. Ego is thought-attachment and the belief in separate self(s). Also, not the source of evil but the source of suffering and ignorance. The separate self and the world, like Buddha famously said, is suffering. It might seem like fun times for some but it really isn't for anyone. It's just coped with, swept under the rug and suppressed until it gets unbearable. And then the Four Truths and the Path starts to make hella sense.
  5. Ah, time for another 24h break from the forum 😌
  6. Leo had a response, to someone, along the lines that self respect is a big part of discipline. That clicked in me; discipline is low in me, so is self respect. Respect in me overall is quite low. I ‘respect’ things and really appreciate things/ideas but usually only convenient ones. I have taken the time to be more grateful, though. Nonetheless, when I begin to think of where, at least, self respect comes from I get I can force myself, rationalize it, love the idea, fake it, etc. But I feel the need to continue pondering where that comes from. The actual definitions of ‘respect’ all mention a feeling. Respect does seem like a feeling and while I am learning to mast emotions, I want to genuinely develop respect. So here I am; looking for perspective. Why/How do you guys respect yourselves?
  7. Your dick can literally penetrate the Empire State Building. Like that. A 300 pound woman is no big challenge to you. You're the real gigachad.
  8. You aren't appreciating the simplicity of the situation. The universe/existence/god doesn't need "energy". That's a concept you are subtly imposing on the question. It's trying to extract an answer that appeases logic, reason, science, etc. The universe is simultaneously all energy and zero energy at once. When you think about it it's quite obvious. It couldn't be any other way. It just "is". It is pure Ising.
  9. @ThePoint you are making excuses. I’ve already told you what you need to do. I get that it is difficult. It is very hard to change. But it is not about how much you want to change but about how much sacrifices you want to make. At this moment you are not ready for the shift. Perhaps over couple of years if you have suffered enough you will be ready. Perhaps.
  10. Lol my second last ex was over 300 pounds. Also I think we are all officially spermates
  11. Right i push/relax the muscle and force breath into the lower abdomen and hold it while pushing, it spreads to the legs and upper body as well that way. but I figured this out randomly I have no idea if there’s a better way or how to make it spread to the whole body or how to activate all the chakras?
  12. @thisintegrated I am assuming there aren’t simple techniques for having an energy body orgasm? How would you go about inducing one for yourself or a partner?
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  14. Yeah. I remember you asking her weight. She couldn't even tell you her weight, the moment she stepped on the weight scale, it broke. Poor girl. She not only died fat, but also a virgin. No guy would do her, she was way too fat for all the dicks in the world. So sad. A poor fat virgin.
  15. ADDED SOME SCOTIA AT THE END! (chill central here) And I’m just not interested in the present circumstances. I love you because I can’t help it but I’m not interested (again, circumstances). Here I am mourning someone I loved deeply and I get a death threat from a delusional retard that I warned you about so long ago. It’s like… wtf. That’s like the fourth death threat after the dude pretended to be my friend and then backstabbed me. I mean it’s hilarious to me on one level and then another it’s like, where’s the humanity honestly? There’s just so much immaturity here behind all the gaps in my previous message. I don’t want to connect with people that hang around deluded people that are so manipulative like that. Why is that a crime God? Deluded is one thing, I have a dear friend with schizophrenia. I don’t make excuses for him though. I actually spend a lot of time helping him. But the manipulation and the sabotage. It’s a no. Like… wtf. If you could put yourself in my shoes for a change it would be appreciated. I… don’t want to deal with this now though, I just wish you took me more seriously in the past and I wish I had of taken the need for deeper communication more seriously. I’m not blaming anyone. And I certainly don’t deserve the blame or the projection. I have never, absolutely never said anything that was bad to you outside of just attachment stuff. So this whole circus… I have the compassion, I have the understanding, I have everything there… it’s all been really, really immature when I’ve literally done nothing wrong you’ve just projected onto me and I perhaps haven’t been the best I could be if I’m responsible anywhere at providing the space for that deeper communication, if I’m at fault anywhere. I have to have boundaries over who my friends associate with if that association is affecting them and then me. That’s why the whole thing about the guy (meaning YOUR guy, your guy guy). I mean that’s a normal sane response from me in light of the stuff you said (previous message directly above). I shouldn’t be saying any of this though. No you don’t have to be sorry based on the premises of the previous message just above but just work for you, I’m glad you’re doing well, I want to see you shining as brightly as possible as I always have encouraged or at least tried to. And I meant what I said, if you love your guy I love him too. It’s just.. this isn’t the right time I shouldn’t be saying anything right now but it is what it is let’s let bygones be bygones for now. Enjoy your Christmas break and don’t let anything I say stress you out in any way. I'm genuinely thinking of actually permanently living in Quebec City, I love the French language. I love traveling though so it'll probably just be a phase. Buying my second place there, I'm inner city I want to get closer to the water while still inner city. Heading there in just over a week from now. For anyone reading this its genuinely one of the best destinations in the world, so many interesting people. Then its the Scotia! (that's Nova Scotia) And then there’s Scotia after Quebec City, off the cuff its the kind of destination where you fly out your family there for Christmas over a few days. It’s so beautifully peaceful in the right spots it seems. Going there for my first time. I don’t really want to spend the time to get a place while I’m there as planned, I may, I’d rather just enjoy my time there. If it strikes, I will though (get a place). And yeah, using it as a holiday destination for other people to visit is right on cue. My families been pretty good to me and so have many other people during this period. My journal on the context has naturally been pretty confined. If you don't hear from me, it just means I'm traveling but that everything is good. Have had a great talk with a good friend the last hour and they've encouraged me to continue traveling post this year which I may consider. I love taking as much of reality into my consciousness as possible so my experiences are constantly evolving in that sense. I'm sure everyone understands if I'm not back immediately or on the dates prescribed. Nothing changes though many things are close to completion point, it all depends on whether I want to present it, when I want to and so the on and so fourths in that regard relative to travel and other deeper processing experiences I'm going through. Bianca had an immeasurable positive impact on my life when we were together and still I am transformed by her as much as I am many people I am close to and feel gratitude for, when one of our loved ones go though, we all know what its like and for me I want to leave no existential stone unturned in terms of learning from my experiences for the betterment I want to generate moving forward; she wouldn't have behaved any differently compared to how I have explored my experiences concerning, in fact she'd only be thinking about how she could use the growth she garnered from the experiences for an even deeper impact on herself and the life she created because of it. I miss her right now. I believe in psychic connections with the after-life.
  16. It’s significant though. The materialist paradigm can sneak in very subtly. The way I think about it, if God required an outside energy source to create, where would this energy source even come from? It would have to have been created somehow. But then that assumes something existed prior to that energy source which created it. So where did that thing get its energy? Basically it’s an infinite regress problem.
  17. Energy work + power of suggestion tbh energy orgasms are infinitely better than regular orgasms. Cumming is a physical process that's connected to an energetic process. But it's more powerful when it's an energetic process connected to a physical process. Whenever I become God it's almost always accompanied by an energetic explosion in the top chakras. Much more intense than a dick orgasm, or even a base chakra orgasm. In the video the guy seems to be guiding her orgasm through several chakras. With edging and playing around with energy, it's easy to change a dick orgasm to a base chakra orgasm. Idk if it's a good idea long term, but it's interesting. I think anal sex does this automatically, and is why it's even a thing. I should also mention.. the orgasms you're used to are likely orgasms at the base of your dick. By relaxing the IC / stopping pee muscles, the orgasm should be much more intense and spread to the whole dick.
  18. Can confirm; size definitely matters for ghost dick. Can calm storms and change fate. kidding, not kidding.
  19. Alright we need a live demonstration, the 4 techniques that is. 🥹 True spiritual dick is all one needs. Proof: @thisintegrated also explain wtf, gets real past 1:30, 3:00 nearly dies
  20. 😂😂😂 Ghost dicks can go infinitely large, and reach anyone in the world😌😉
  21. She died fat💀💀 RIP ..a big fart in her honor🥲
  22. Space is created when consciousness becomes aware of itself in a loop. Imagine a mirror placed in front of another mirror… space is created in between and the mirror reflects itself back and forth. When consciousness becomes self aware to create space, this is called God. Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita says something along the lines of “ I curve back on myself to create again and again.” There is then a stirring of a thought from silence… an impulse. A brief musing. This causes infinite creations to manifest.
  23. Guys Newsflash - Size never mattered. Performance did. Unless we're talking about spiritual dick, in which case size matters a lot, performance doesn't.
  24. I just invented a term Spermate.
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