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  2. I slept on a win and woke up with a loss
  3. No, Im still me... whatever that is... but there is no separation in the sense that both you and me appear in the same consciousness... hope it makes sense If you feel like your level of consciousness is not aligning with your work then maybe you can look into changing jobs atleast start planning for it
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  6. @winterknight What is subconscious mind?
  7. “The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God's eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.” - Meister Eckhart
  8. @111111 <3 indeed @Nahm llol thanks for that shake up there. #BACKTAWORK!
  9. hatha yoga data science/machine learning/artificial intelligence parenting these are a few things i enjoy and which i consider worth mastering.
  10. In the ballpark though. There’s no love, murder, someone, family, next level, ego, transcendence, I, or there. Otherwise, really close! 🙏🏻
  11. Any of you guys who have found what they want to master? How did you choose? And why? It would definitely be nice to have a direction to walk in, but ever since I finished the life purpose course a year ago, I still struggle to find something to master. Might read Mastery again.
  12. @SoonHei That's why highly-conscious people are generally kind/loving to others. Why would you (ego) unnecessarily hurt yourself (others)?!
  13. @Aquarius Thank you for sharing. Ya relationships can be like that. Both parties have unresolved emotional stuff that always complicates, but this is not a negative, its the potential for both parties to grow. If your into actualizing and he's not, and you guys are in constant on again off again, maybe its best just to recognize that and move on, no blame to either party. There's probably someone out there who is also looking to grow as well, and may be a better match for you, I dont know. This is your heart, not mine. You can still make efforts to take responsibility for your emotional stuff even if your partner doesn't but thats really hard, really really hard.
  14. If Leo becomes fully enlightened he will see that he was just preaching his own interpretations. He then has some explaining to do if wants to help others go further. A big chance he will lose a lot of followers, who cant follow the u-turn. However, because Leo is so convinced of himself I dont see him reaching full enlightenment real soon. I dont know if he is even searching or trying anymore. He achieved a lot up until now though, made a lot of helpful videos, courses, etc. Created a strong community. Now there's the danger of becoming a self-convinced guru. Happened so often in the past with others. After enlightenment there is just as much to do as before enlightenment.
  15. @111111 good one also yeah, i checked today, the video addressing this is Leo's Halloween video, The Radical Implications of Oneness amazing! Leo was right. I may think I get it, until I truly get it! i understand now where and how this unconditional love comes from, i guess loving someone who has murdered your family member requires next level ego-transcendence and i am not there yet but i deeply can relate and feel empathy seeing and understanding how others are really me the person whom i hate the most is also me the homeless on the street is also me the guy who cuts me off in the lane is also me and so on... wow. what i also liked in the video is where Leo says to experience the whole of it, i have to let go of this current bubble which I think I am. the ego can't handle the truth as it's so profound that it must die upon the realization of it .
  16. Watch this good video first: PS 3:00 While social media did lessen the empathy in youth, it also showcased the evil in this world. It was stupid putting up the drowning man clip like without Facebook there wouldn't be evil teens. Almost everyone seems to fall into the pitfall of thinking that by ignorance the problem will go away, but it won't. I was surprised to see the human organism reacting so fast to Facebook, truly thought it's gonna take more time. Seems like the human brain doesn't like wrapping it's head around exponential growth and how the speed of human progress accelerates.
  17. So, what am I? A thought came up that I am a thought. Lets investigate that. What is a thought? There is the inner voice, inner sight and inner hearing (like a catchy song gets stuck in the mind). To some extent, I can conjure a taste of yesterday's dinner, or the smell of my wife's hair. So - thoughts are a space of sensations. How are these sensations distinct from the 'outer' ones, so that I classify them as thoughts? There is the social aspect - the imaginary sensations are not shared with others. People do not hear my inner voice. I can call them all kinds of names and they do not react to them. They do not react to what I imagine. I can visualize all kinds of situations and they stir emotions within me, but others do not seem to be receptive to them. Are emotions thoughts? I can bottle up my emotions and not let others see them (up to a certain point), so they can be private. However, I can see somebody else's emotions if I know them well enough. I can also share what I feel by talking, or through actions - like displays of affection/love, or outbursts of anger. It is then immediately clear what I feel even if I do not describe it. In intimate relationships, my emotions can even get interlocked with other people. Their sadness is my sadness. Their anger is my anger. Emotions seem to be this grey area between private and public sensations. Are they special in this regard? Perhaps there are also inner and outer emotions, like there is inner and outer voice? That is an interesting way of seeing it, I have never thought about it before. There seems to be a connection between emotions and this inner feeling that I can induce along the spine. When I'm being mindful when I am angry, for example, I can feel the boiling sensation in the area of my chest. I even successfully extinguished my anger/fear/anxiety in the navel area once by stirring the inner feelings. So, maybe the inner feelings should rather be called inner emotions? Again, it hits me how strange it is that I can locate sensations between orthogonal spaces such as touch and emotions. Anger in the navel area. What?! So, sensations seem to be divided into two spheres - inner and outer. Private and public. The private sphere is what I call thoughts. Am I a thought? If thoughts are defined like that, then no - I am not a thought because other people seem react to what I do. If that is the case, then I am not private (at least not entirely). So, perhaps there is the inner I and the outer I? This reminds me of the Jung's model of the psyche: EDIT: Now that's an interesting thought: maybe, 'the social aspect' is a way to divide 'me' into inner and outer sphere?
  18. @Rilles are you talking mainly about the fact that you are me and i am you and you are leo and you are @non_nothing and you are @Flammable ? is this the insight you had and deeply grasped? i had this insight last night, and it was amazing! and kinda sad as well in some aspects... makes me think about all the people i feel i may have wronged in life.. i rememeber being a 8 year old kid and slapping some 4 or 5 year old kid hard in the face just because i didnt like his older brother and nobody was around to see... i slapped that poor little me hard in the face oh man also, in my current job, i deal with worker injury claims... some of the claims are allowed, some are denied... the ones which are denied often end up not getting paid for the time they lost at work due to their injury because it didn't mean our guidelines... but it could have gone either way, to be allowed or denied. just sad to know that all of those workers are no different than who i am . they are literally me! i guess for now, i gotta accept what it is, it's an aspect of this job and that's really how it's gotta be to function well in this. i cant blindly allow all claims even though i maybe feeling deep love for them seeing that they are me! anyhow. epic stuff
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  20. Training, Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice. An investment of money, time, energy and commitment that never ceases, hiring my own coaches, group coaching for own develpment as a coach, feedback purposes and... Serving Serving Serving Serving Serving Serving Among many other things
  21. The only two companies you can trust on the gray market is Hab Pharma and Sun Pharma. They make Artvigil and Waklert. The pills must come in the original packaging.
  22. I can't relate easily to nothingness. Void however I have experienced. Void is infinite and bottomless, and goes both ways. Void engulfs, but also is engulfed. I know I am made of voidness. Would you say void and nothingness are one and same thing?
  23. Can we all agree upon a definition for "raising your conscousness? When people ask me what it means I find it really hard to explain. Can it be boiled down to personal development + spiritual/enlightenment work? Or how would you describe it? I would like to use the term more in the future but I have to find a way of explaining it to people.
  24. Well... like I said above, I cant explain it using mere words... All that happened was that I realized their is no separation between my life and someone elses, maybe Im deluded but Ive always experienced my life as something happening inside a bubble that is mine... All insights have to explained in some form of another, I didnt make this shit up, I observed it, take it how you want
  25. So this question is just for those who have had successful careers in life coaching: What's the difference between you and a novice?
  26. This is great, use this playful energy to go out and experiment harnessing masculine qualities. Be assertive and see how it feels, set boundaries and see how it feels, pursue truth, work on your confidence, define your purpose and drive hard every day to get work done, you can even approach and communicate with someone you are attracted to and ask for a phone number. You may be aligned with this and you may not-but give yourself permission to go out and experience the Universe in all its glory. The whole idea is that you are not repressing/suppressing masculine qualities due to social conditioning, traumas, fears, etc.-of course only you know your truth.
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