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  2. I am a lazy person, I want to relax till eternity.
  3. It is serious, I can always help you when you need some reputation points. It not exactly happiness, it is blissfulness, ecstasy without excitement. State of blissfulness is cool, serene, you feel contentment. You feel as if you are at home after a long journey.
  4. INFP. I seem INTP because of my 5w4 (enneagram) though.
  5. Would you like to live in that kingdom of heaven for ever? What would we do in that kingdom of heaven?
  6. @Dingus You really helped me and your explanations were great advice to me, thank you!!
  7. You should believe and be guided by whatever you feel is true to you. There is no factual proof as to what our spiritual purpose is, as well as the reasons why we suffer. So therefore, your theory is correct but also not correct. You are only correct in the fact that you feel strongly about this philosophy and it makes sense to you. Maybe in time, you may decide the opposite. That's also okay... Try to accept you can't change anything anything for your families situation. However, the future is a blank canvas and full of every possibility. X
  8. but we can make realization of soul more difficult , by becoming less conscious.
  9. :- any personal questions can be asked in personal messenger but Not here. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated
  10. @Sevi thank you very much dear!
  11. Osho is speaking to a modern man, he is persuading you for the same thing in a tricky way. Once you fall in his trap, he teachings and meditations will transform you into a celibate.
  12. Are you gradually transitioning from Osho to Jesus...........kidding
  13. Any amount of pleasure is sin, we are born in sin, we live a life of sinner, that's why we are not living in kingdom of heaven.
  14. The thing here is that I was not raised up to believe in anything, but science. So I never had this belief that there is an immortal soul deep within me, and I was cozy in my childhood without that false belief anyways. Now the thing Gourjieff is talking about, this hollowness, this nothingness is exactly what I mean when I say Soul. The void itself, non other is everyone's soul, it is everywhere and it cannot be lost, even if the experience is an experience of Hell.
  15. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Fuck what others think. You are as you are and you are beautiful. Why care what people think ? Unless if it really changes the way they think about you which it doesn't.
  16. @egoeimai when you are on your coach just being lazy, the only thing which is gonna make you move towards to the water bottle on the kitchen counter is being really thirsty. Likewise, the only thing which is gonna make you move towards to the unconditional love and be an unconditional lover, is your thirst for it. If your mother loved you the way you longed for; today you wouldn't have been asking these questions. You can have, feel, live unconditional love and you can be an unconditional lover firstly because you want that, you wonder about that; you have a desire to search for it and understand it. Rather than a lazy person on the coach you have much more chances to reach to that, because now you are willing to be on that journey to that bottle on the kitchen counter. And all of this, is thanks to your mom. To be an unconditional lover is so vague and un-human. Like always giving, always accepting, always peaceful, always supporting... we would love to be that, but the thing is we are humans and we have other type of feelings and sensations too... and those 'not so blissful' ones are gonna occur sooner or later... so what we gonna do? Ignore them? If I am an unconditional lover, howcome I ignore any occurring feelings? Howcome I don't accept my 'not very nice' sensations? And not fully love what happens within me? But if I accept them, am I not being 'not so nice' to my beloved one?😊 The good thing about physicality is that it occurs with its contrasts. Where unconditional love is very vague, what we don't like and what we don't love is pretty damn clear!πŸ˜‰ the very beginning fun exercises are to allow yourself 'heartfully' dislike the things you dislike, to allow yourself not to love when you don't feel like it and be ok with it; to allow yourself to really dislike them if they do/are 'bla bla bla' and just enjoy being a conditional lover. When you start to allow yourself whatever the fuck you are or you wanna be , that will allow you to allow the others whatever the fuck they are or they wanna be. And it is fun.🚣
  17. Today
  18. We have a reptilian brain. And we have a conscious(ethereal) brain. It depends on who we are trying to listen to. Often we give into our reptilian brain and seek love, sex, drama and crave animalistic pleasures. But above that, when the layers of the onion are peeled off, we see the consciousness and illusions covering it thus blinding us to the perceived nature of things. Once we are aware, we start embracing the non-duality of things, but our reptilian brain doesn't allow it. It doesn't like nothingness. It loves ego and drama. So it comes back and we give into it again. However there can be a thin line. all drama/joy/sex/laughter/sports/power is not bad after all. The intrinsic quality is important. There in lies a quality that makes it beautiful and so we see beautiful paintings, wonderful and amazing works of art, and sex becomes heavenly when pursued with passion, and sports turns into joyful adventure. However the opposite is true as well. Like they say, too little pleasure is boring and too much pleasure is sin. So when we cross that thin line, it can result into neurosis and insanity. Combining good parts of duality and non-duality brings perfect bliss. Nothing is bad in its entirety . there is a component which is a good, Mix both and create your own salad. You don't have to abandon earthly pleasures and you don't need to lose your soul Keep your mind clear and your heart pure and nothing will corrupt it. The earth is yours and the heaven is yours too. How about that
  19. @Dodoster Gurdjieff knows that you are born with a soul β€” but the idea that we are born with a soul has not been helpful. It has made man more asleep: We are born with a soul, God is within you, the kingdom of God is within you, so what do you have to do? Things that are not within you, work hard to get them β€” money, power, respectability β€” because nobody says, β€œEvery child is born with money, every child is born with political power, every child is born with respectability.” Nobody will say that. These things have to be earned. Freedom, consciousness, God, whatever you call it, has to be discovered. It is hidden, dormant; it has to be made dynamic, has to be made fully mature. It should be brought to flower and fruition.
  20. Dear Community, Our society (or at least, the Western society in which I live) is very big on appearances. Attractive people get special attention. Attractive people are also judged. The media makes us think that you must keep trying to be beautiful (and you know the kind of specific beauty I am talking about). As a result, there is a lot of judgment going on. Everyone judges everyone else, and it's a twisted game that has no escape, really. This is why I don't like to go outside, because I know I will be going through this horse shit of comparing, judging, and evaluating appearance of people, and they will be doing the same to me. Spirituality has helped me a lot to strip down these beliefs, but it's still there. And even if I learn to stop judging and rating altogether, anytime I am going outside someone will judge me or compare themselves to me or their level of life happiness. It's such a headache. What can I do about it? Please let me know if you've had similar experience, and any word of kindness or hope will be a ton of help. Thank you.
  21. George Gurdjieff used to say that every man is not born with a soul. On the surface it appears not believable because for centuries you have been told by the priests that everybody is born with a soul and you believe in it. It is comfortable to believe that you have a soul. It feels very good, cozy, warm, that deep inside you, you have a soul, eternal, immortal. And Gurdjieff says you don’t have a soul at all! You are just hollow within; there is nothing inside you β€” just habits and habits, a cluster of habits and at the very center there is nobody. The house is empty. You are born with a soul , but you can create more hindrances, more obstacles, you can always fall down, that's the meaning of 'losing soul'.
  22. If i was God i would know everything and be infinite right? hmm.. i guess i would be extremely bored if that were the case? maybe ill create more infinite versions of me but this time wipe memories clean and disconnect them from infinite knowledge/knowing, make them find it themselves or ultimately make me find myself through separation and disconnection! Challenge Accepted, Great idea. Oh wait...
  23. I love it. Im waiting for summer to watch it again. Fuckin love it!
  24. "Taking steps is easy, standing still is hard"
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