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  2. @Joker_Theory Hi there! I am glad you liked the post. On the spiritual path one often hears about "light". But it's something else to experience it directly. And there are degrees even to that. I like using phrases like "stepping into the light" or "walking into the light"... Stuff like this can hardly be explained. That is why I prefer poetic expression. When you reach a certain frequency - shall I say - level of consciousness; there is nothing but light. No colours. No sound. No air. No time and no space. It's beyond any description. That is the Source of all of my downloads. The all seeing eye. The all knowing mind. Wouldn't call myself a nondualist tho. Seems kinda funny. I just share what comes to me. I love music and enjoy exploring consciousness, that's it The Quantum field is everything around you, including you. It is dressed up as all of us. As everything. It is a multidimensional field where everything occurs. It is that which is beneath the camouflage, if you will. But that's just another label, you see. Just like "nothingness". It all depends on how you view these words and what they mean to you. To me; true, actual "nothingness" is that which I cannot be aware of, ever. As there is simply no awareness in it or outside of it that could be aware of it. Otherwise it would be somethingness. "Nothing" is unknown. Unseen. It's the black forever. Nonexistence. Other people, here and elsewhere, use this word for describing what I'd call "emptiness". The silence of the mind. No thought, no emotion. No imposition. No perception either, perhaps. Again; all comes down to your interpretation. "We are all Gods of our own Universe" - meaning; we are creators of our realities. We are all of One Source and ever-connected, but we operate on different frequencies. Come from different dimensions. Have different purposes. Work on different projects. That is why "my reality" might be completely different than "your reality". What works in my universe might not work in yours. Two are One, but not the same. The subconscious mind, the body and everything else is a component of the Universe. Us "coming together" and interacting is "The Multiverse". Multifaceted and crystallized in the eternal NOW. There is nothing "outside of us". Nothing outside of this moment. This right here is where the entire cosmos is born. All the stars, planets and galaxies are right here, right now. It's just a matter of shifting to, or tuning into the experience of those or anything else. Regardless - whatever you do, wherever you go; it will always happen in this precise moment. Hope that hits some nails, hah! Much love.
  3. I had a great morning today, went for a run, did some yoga, I was cleaning up the house and had a weird impulse fixation on two items of my son's clothing items that were in a laundry basket. I ended up folding them and going upstairs to put away laundry. When I went to put away my son's clothes I found that the puppy had thrown up in his bed and there were roundworms all through it. I have had a phobia of worms since I was little, especially this type of worm that is more of a human health hazard. I've never had a pet have worms since I was really young and our cat got tapeworms. Isn't it funny that the puppy that is incredibly adorable and makes me incredibly happy every time I see it is literally full of the thing I find the most frightening and disgusting? Because I saw it early I got him into the vet, got him medication and called my son's pediatrician. It was really hard to maintain a great state of mood. If I hadn't listened to the clothes impulse I may not have seen it until it was too late to thoroughly clean everything. It was great practice at being happy regardless of the conditions and concerns. It took a bit to raise my mood again. I dealt with everything, and appreciated that I don't know what comes out of events. Just like I thought it was really silly to be fixated on my son's sweatpants, I still have this sort of fear around my intuitions. Having what I thought for so long was OCD back and now being conscious of its purpose is interesting. Abraham Hicks describes intuitions as being good feelings but Dr.P described them in his book as sometimes torturous because he had to make major travel plan adjustments at the drop of a hat. The intuitions ask you to stray from your plan and your normal understanding of things. You don't always see the purpose and reason behind them or quickly. You have to go by complete faith and it can feel "crazy" if you think about it. There's a lot of thinking to let go of around intuition. At the vet's I saw an incredibly huge, beautiful Alaskan Malamute dog. On the ride home I was thinking all this through and I saw a rainbow in the sky, even though it's been nothing but sunny.
  4. I definitely have a little bit of an issue with expressing myself freely; all through my childhood, I got dunked on relentlessly (especially my two elder brothers) whenever I opened my mouth and voiced my opinion about anything, so this could certainly have something to do with it. But then again, I kind of like to hear myself talk (if you haven't noticed already, bwahaha), and many people have told me that I can be an amazingly talkative guy if I want to - in fact, most folks look at me like I am trying to pull their leg when I confess to them that I am actually a natural introvert, so I am not sure if that really is the whole story or if there isn't something more to it!
  5. If being defenseless is true protection, then how to achieve that? To the ego the idea seems absurd, and it will attempt to seek MORE protection, not less. One key is to realize that thoughts about protection are related to what ACIM calls attack thoughts. Without those attack thoughts the ego would lose its need for protection.
  6. @GeorgeLawson interesting point of view. Thanks for help. I'll gonna think about that. I listened to a book in the subject of resistance but I miss the name at the moment.
  7. The global ego is the whole world. And it's the global ego that has shaped our individual egos. So when we dissolve the body armor, the global ego has a tendency to constantly rebuild and reinforce our body armor, also called the pain body and ego tensions. How to prevent the global ego from keep making our bodies and minds tenser and tenser? Becoming aware of this process is a first useful step. The next step is to do the opposite of the usual tendency of the ego to protect itself by becoming more and more defenseless. ACIM says that being defenseless is true protection.
  8. @Emerald i was actually in the situation at work when I sent the message lol, 5 mins later I confronted them with I guess 70% assertiveness and 30% anger and said something like "I won't tolerate this workplace bullying anymore, so please stop" then the manager was like wtf did u say to me and she said to the other manager that I said that and she used sarcasm. That woman got me so mad today I want to make her soul burn. Anyways the girl was actually there when I said that to them and she was like "chill it's only a joke " and it stopped at there. Later at work I was going around and throwing shopping carts angrily around the girl and I think I said something sarcasticly to her in an angry way when she smiled at me and tried to say something humorous. Lol wtf am i . Anyways later I was adjusting these liquors by the place she was working and she said to me "you seem really mad today" , I was like "yea, a little bit" Somehow, I feel better after I left the store even though I have this idea that I'm gonna become a black belt in karate and destroy her boyfriend in a fight and win her over. Fucking ego thought stories lol. I still wish she didn't have much power over me that's part of why I'm so angry because essentially in this situation im dangling on strings attatched to her hands with long ass painted fingernails that make her look even more intimidating and hard to get
  9. Carl Jung even went to India more or less for the purpose of meeting Ramana Maharshi. At the last minute he decided not to go ..... I think he was clear on his goal. He wanted psychoanalysis and not Self-realization.
  10. Then why women give birth to children and a man cannot?. For a man this is biologically IMPOSSIBLE. So how Leo says man=woman? Saying both are the same for me is total ilogical. Facts are Facts.
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  12. Ur welcm 🙏🏻
  13. @OBEler It was a combination of factors. The event itself was planned well before I was born and not just for me. It happened in December 2012, when I was 33 years old and a lot of people had similar experiences right around that time. My father was actually born on 12 December and My sister on 11 November. Those numerological synchronicities keep coming up in my life and they're never coincidental, in fact they're highly significant. I'm certain my Kundalini would have risen on its own, even if I didn't do anything, but I was also driven to explore it, do meditation, study scripture and live the right lifestyle through an inner conviction. So, it was always meant to happen, but simultaneously I also had to make it happen, as part of my destiny. I hope that makes sense. Because this was pre-ordained, and I was already prepared for it from work I did in previous lives, I had to do relatively little, it was more a question of allowing it to unfold and giving myself over to Divine Grace. That doesn't mean it was easy, I had to go through serious challenges and issues that at times seemed life-threatening, though in hindsight, they were an inevitable part of the growing process. Kundalini is the evolutionary mechanism and it is about taking humanity to the next level, creating a new type of awakened human that is in touch with the spiritual world and basically lives in heaven whilst still on earth. Gopi Krishna, who is my main source and inspiration, wrote about this extensively.
  14. How does that work? I'm pretty sure that that won't automatically happen to someone who committed an action.
  15. As @Consept said, only you can know deep down who you're attracted to. Sexual orientation is more fluid than we use to think. There are of course people who feel 100% straight or 100% gay, but it's not uncommon to not be on either end of the spectrum. Also, attraction is complex, so you can for instance sexually be attracted to women but intelectually or emotionally feel attraction towards a man. However, I have to agree with @Consept and @Chumbimba when they say this looks more like an obsessive rumination about the possibility of being gay, rather than you actually being gay. From the way you write about your experience it's pretty clear that the thought of being gay causes you a lot of anxiety (rightly so if we consider the culture you were raised in). This is typical in obsessive problematics such as OCD. I'm not a fan of such diagnostic labels, but as others have said, this is a common theme in people who have a tendency to ruminate, obsess and feel anxious and usually the fear revolves around the possibility of being gay, whereas gay people are usually more concerned about how society will take it but they are usually pretty sure about who they feel attracted to. In any case, as I said in another reply, the way to stop suffering is the same in both cases: find a safe place where you can observe your thoughts and feelings, asking your inner critic for permission and asking him/her/it to stand aside for a moment. Your inner critic is likely going to resist this "experiment" so reassure it that if things get too overwhelming you'll welcome it back. Do this whenever you are in a safe place and have a little time to get in touch with yourself. If you do this consistently and treat all your parts (the one that has gay thoughts, the one that's scared of being gay, the one that critizices you for having these thoughts, etc.) with compassion, you'll soon feel how your suffering lessens. Don't worry, you will still be in control of your actions. This isn't going to lead you to become gay. It doesn't work that way. It will just lessen the inner resistance and conflict you're experiencing
  16. This is what Stallman is all about: Sadly, I have fallen into this trap.
  17. 30 day challenge of studying at least two hours daily Wednesday was ok. Yesterday was more difficult to study. I ended up not doing the last 20 min. I was very tired. I prepare for an exam i took today. The exam was ok i guess, but some work put it earlier would have helped. Today i slept again after uni. Then went to work for my parent's business. After i arrived home i drank and now i am sitting in bed writing this. I think i will write some questions for the courses i had this week. I realised that I am usually coming from uni tired, Internship work sometime then i go to work and krav maga leaving no motivation for studying. But writing questions one day and review during another is manageable. Today at uni i fell asleep every few minutes with the pen in my hand taking notes. Is something that happens to me very often. My sleeping schedule results in bad notes. I plan to fix this too. General: One of the rednecks told me smth, and i responded back. He shut up. Nice. By choosing to build the habit of studying i neglect other aspects of life. And is ok. I cant be in balance all the time. Is very important. Now i am happy with my life, even if i am stressed of arguments. I am pondering whatever i am actually spending my time productively with that internship. I am not really making any big contribution. Is not challenging anymore. I feel bad to quit. I will join my father's working hours to get into conflict more often. He always gets into arguments and I can use this to get some practice. But after exams. I wanted to tell to a professor how she should run her class and exam. I chose not to because i just want to pass the class more than to make her treat us better.
  18. Recently I've discovered Alan Kay - great computer scientist who coined the term "object oriented programming", which in his view was abused by newer languages like C++, founder of SmallTalk language and more. I highly recommend his talks and walking trail of references like Joe Armstrong (founder of Erlang), Ted Nelson (primary precursor of the Internet, who coined the term hypertext, labeled insane by pursuing his idea of the web for more than 50 years!). In this talk Alan gives great overview of what we should consider when educating our children, gives just an amazing way of explaining environmental problems and other things with which our children will have to deal with. It's friendly to non-techies. Here is Ted Nelson pitching his long lived idea to Google employees - if you are not interested in the idea you still can check out the ending for question and answer segment with snappy answers by Ted.
  19. @hundreth You didn't deny that reality was a hallucination you just questioned why I wouldn't commit suicide. There's no point in suicide when you are already dead.
  20. @Bno No book will help you reach a higher level of consciousness - but they will elevate your understanding. Couldn't recommend Leo's book list enough, it's just jam-packed full of oozing wisdom books.
  21. If you accumulate billions, you ARE a cu**.
  22. Another Anand clip: By the way, for you americans, VPRO is an excellent source for documentaries.
  23. @Zega When I was in high school I was the attention seeking class clown, and I was quite funny. Later at 21 I did stand up on stage and did very well at it, this was after taking an 8 stand up comedy class where I got to perform in front of the class at the end of each session and show them my material. I went to an RSD Hotseat before my standup which helped. Nowadays I work 8 hour days in a politically correct office and find it difficult to express my humour to my colleagues because they might be offended by it. I go home, exercise, meditate and do pickup on the weekends. I get exited when I see my creativity emerge occasionally during manic periods at work sometimes. Ideally, I'd be looking for a place to express my personality through creativity or art, stand-up isn't my priority.
  24. Hi Ivan wow really enjoyed your post and understood most of it as a few friends i have met over the years teaches about light and so on. They are not non-dualists but they teach about light beings and stuff so it's so good to hear you talk about it as nobody here really talks about light directly. What is this "infinitely intelligent quantum field" is that nothingness? Also, "We are all Gods of our own Universe" taking a guess here but this universes are they our Subconscious mind or human bodies or did i get it wrong? If so is these universes just in the entire cosmos outside of ourselves?
  25. @AwakenedSoul444 By developing Self-Love. Getting to know yourself in all aspects light or dark. What's the best way to be doing this? Spiritual practice and relationships.
  26. You haven't given me any evidence. I'm open to hearing the evidence that there is leverage on him but you have yet to inform me what it is. And this isn't just me, other people in our other discussion were also asking you.
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