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  2. @soh Well, I've given up writing on this journal because I found that I have a lot better time writing on a traditional notebook offline. Going online to write on this journal everyday just felt so tedious. It's a lot more convenient for me to journal on a notebook than I can open and write in anywhere and anytime. Not sure if I'm going back to look at this old journal after ten years but it might be interesting. As for music, I've been working on it for a while recently. But mostly on the sound design aspect of music production. I don't play any instruments (yet) or know much about music theory (but I know the basics, at least). But at least I can make music and a collab would be fun. You can listen to some of my old tracks here. I haven't uploaded any of my newer ones yet because I'm still focusing on getting all the basics of mixing down before I get back to uploading more tracks.
  3. That's amazing. Could you share your dosage and how you administered it?
  4. Maybe 30k was a bit steep of a goal, wonder if they could trim the budget back.
  5. @Patrique Stop focusing on those dumb corporate ads as your main source of art. I mean c'mon, have you visited art galleries often enough? Have an account on Have any good artist friends? Read or watched various content on the lives of famous artists? Have a pretty broad experience of art first and then we'll talk. Right now, you are like one of those blind men in the Indian fable below who only knows part of the elephant yet thinks he can make a statement of the entire thing.
  6. my experience of benefits: increase in energy, increased focus and concentration, increased bliss, sense of connection, reduced feelings of discontent, relaxation in the body, more joyous creativity should be practiced with wisdom, caution and guidance
  7. @Ilya why can't you see that your body is nothing more than what you've eaten lately, your thoughts are just electrical impulses, and your personality is just thoughts you repeat? at which point in all that causation is there a 'you' ? no where no thing
  8. @egoeimai @Simon Zackrisson @How to be wise @YaNanNallari Wow, thanks guys. I wish I'd asked this months ago. You all give really useful advice/perspectives. This relationship and my anxiety over it has been a major sticking point* for my personal growth so it is imperative I sort this out. Your advice will be useful for that. Some people who I am close to think that I should seek medical attention/therapy for the anxiety and, as one person put it, the 'guardian complex' that I have developed over her. Could I have any perspectives on whether this would be useful, or perhaps any other methods I could do to complement/replace therapy? *well... if I am honest it has been a catalyst for me studying enlightenment and doing a whole lot more meditation. Little silver lining, even if it is a coping mechanism.
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  10. The UV index is low in the first 45 minutes of the sun rise and before sunset. This is the perfect time to do sun gazing. The practice is called sun gazing but as far as I know looking directly at the sun is not what this practice is about. I don't gaze at the sun at all, maybe that's why I don't get side effects. I fix my eyes on a point away from the sun and concentrate on the peripheral vision of the sun rays. A method for sungazing is described in this article.
  11. Ah, sure, I zoned out there for a minute. Sorry about that.
  12. @Pluck no no I'm talking about the inquiry method based on Byron Katie's work
  13. Why, sure you can! That's called self-inquiry! Check out Leo's video on the Neti Neti method. Additionally, you can contemplate on what the difference between someone else and yourself is.
  14. Hello Ladys and Gentlemen. First of all I want to introduce myself. I am Lennart ( not my real name ) and I am living in Berlin but I will do an FSJ( 1 year of doing social volunteering) in Athens for 10 months which begins on September. I am currently 18 years old and I alway dabbled with personal development ( Meditation, exercise, nutrition etc) but it never really stick. Now I want to make a commitment to my self to establish the following habits: - daily meditation - eating healthy - doing yoga/ exercise - reading everyday I want to be meditating everyday for at least 30 min. Then working my way up to 1 hour. I will give you guys an update every week. So lets do this
  15. @How to be wise what has me confused though on that method regarding the inquiry process is, instead of questioning someone else, can you inquire strictly about yourself?
  16. Don't worry brother. The progression will come as long as you're willing to put in the work. Take baby steps or else homeostasis will bite you in the behind! Haha, but yeah just start small and over time you can take bigger and bigger steps. I know exactly how you feel because I was at the bottom of the hole when I first started personal development. Believe you can do it and put in the work. I believe in you man! Stay motivated!
  17. ☀☀YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS☀☀ I get it now. So tricky. Meditation really bridges that gap. Sent this song to someone who was having trouble with thinking too much. It clicked for me as well. ----- Spiritual discernment class starts on the 2nd, so I am going to make my home look comfortable so that I can concentrate on this work. And have to actually do it this time. Getting a bed later in the month, too. No more sleeping on this couch... Have a bunch of lavender glade plug ins for a comforting scent. :3 Also starting a week juice cleanse on the 1st to clear out body, then three day water fast to eat up some useless cells.
  18. What an honest and fascinating epiphany. It's not one of those jump-to-conclusions- or put-things-in-boxes kind of explanation/realisation - It's one of those that actually stick; one where you click: "OOOOHH!! OF COURSE!! HOW COULD THIS NOT BE THE CASE?!" Thank you for sharing.
  19. @How to be wise that's so funny you site that website! I literally was in barnes and noble yesterday looking at that book after going through Leo's booklist again! Haha that's ironic!
  20. This is what Leo means. Some have to simply hit the bottom to set off going up again. Things will be better naturally, but that doesn't mean it'll happen all by itself. It won't. You need to take action. Action can be taken in many different ways. Visitor exemplified concretely how you can go about it.
  21. @AleksM thanks. I'll definitely check them out. When I listened to Cannon I thought she meant indigo and rainbow children too, but those words are way overused and I feel they've lost their meanings and connotations. Starseed though is a very new concept for me. I will definitely look further.
  22. most of the stuff like that is probably just speculation with no proven benefits. i'd say go for the stuff that's known to be beneficial like meditation.
  23. "To impose upon becoming the character of being, that is the supreme will power". Nietzsche. Speculation, but I guess that would make Life Purpose Teleological(Becoming) and perhaps Aristotelian in nature, i.e the nature of a person is to fulfil certain things in life, career and family goals and imho, the sanest choice and character disposition. High Consciousness. On the other hand to attempt to impose on becoming the character of being (Ontological) is not particularly sane ie it is insane, but not necessarily crazy. Maybe priests or monks would fall into this mode of being, perhaps platonic. Perhaps Artists. Low Consciousness. Alternatively maybe there is another way?
  24. Hello there! First of all, I would like to stress how relying on motivation always ends up with one having a bad time with whatever they might be practicing. Habits are created through consistency, which is created by routine, which is made by strategy, which has to include a positive vision as to why you would want to create that habit. Does this make sense? My point is, if you wish to create a habit, you've got to do it consistently - every day. However, if you think it's too much work, it sounds like you probably lack a good reason to keep a meditation habit. This has to be clear to you before you discipline yourself. I hope this helps. Furthermore, you could resort so some of the less-demanding meditation methods such as the do-nothing method, which I happen to be a huge fan of, because ... well... it demands NOTHING from you!
  25. Interesting quote at the end...
  26. You're going to be doing personal development work for the rest of your life. It's a marathon not a race. Don't expect huge results fast or cheaply. But if you commit to doing this work and fall in love with it, your life will improve dramatically over the long-term. Set some goals and visualize the hard work that you're gonna do to implement them. It's gonna take emotional-labor. This is not some pop-a-pill and problem solved stuff. You are after value that is rare and valuable in life. Value must be fought for, it never falls in your lap or comes easily, not sustainably. So, take baby-steps and don't overwhelm yourself. Approach this like learning how to play the guitar. It will take years of daily practice to get really good at playing the guitar. But remember the work of art here is you, your dream-life! How exciting is that? Visualize what you will get from doing this work in the long term. Let that inspire and motivate you today. Get on the path to become a personal development junkie. Set proper expectations now to avoid later frustrations which could cause you to quit. You wanna avoid quitting at all costs. So take baby-steps. Pre-algebra must happen before calculus can happen and it takes a couple of years of study and hard work to bridge the gap between those two textbooks. Same thing applies to Personal Development work. You are at the pre-algebra stage now. Do where you are really well. That's the best you can do. Your bright future lies ahead.
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