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  2. Everyone is afraid of death. Dying is a terrifying thought to the individual, and it brings sadness to that individual's close ones. And there are many that become like 'vegetables' (technically speaking 'vegetative state') and live a terrible life before dying. Latter is more tragic than the former. But I always felt like life is the real tragedy. We always struggle to keep our lives, maintain our bodies, keep our relationships, to be happy, etc. And we have to put a great effort to fulfill all these, yet at the end if we do not achieve what we expected we feel sad. However, death is not like that. It is a peaceful state in which you can stop all the running and struggling, and be calm and quite. So I feel like life as a tragedy and death as a gift.
  3. JP can help save people from New Age brain rot (i.e. naive skepticism), which is quite needed on this forum.
  4. How so? You don't represent any kind of credible threat at the moment. Most of the self-help content feeds into the capitalistic system. And the spiritual content isn't a threat unless it created some kind of mass movement. People talking about all being one isn't a problem to the system as long as 99% of people see it as crazy talk. The government doesn't care about fringe outliers unless you started threatening their power or like 10% of the population started adopting it. It's like saying if censorship was real then vegans would be censored. The powers that be don't care about vegans. How can someone identify the difference between a person who is a radical vs just being an asshole? If someone is radical in a way you don't like, wouldn't you automatically label them an asshole? How can you be radical without being an asshole? For a position to be radical, it pretty much necessitates a call to limit someone else's rights, or some situation in which you'd always be labeled as being an asshole. It seems like the same kind of blanket statement such as leftists calling everyone nazis. You're just substituting the word asshole for nazi to discredit anyone you don't like or agree with.
  5. @BeHereNow If people can't discuss how they truly feel and how it's interfering with their desire to change in a desired direction, it would not be a personal development forum. It would just be a forum of lies and appearances, just like the rest of society.
  6. I'm admitting to it. I just disagree with the framing.
  7. My arguement is that, you are not actually afraid of death. But what you are really terrified of is suffering and pain. This has been evident by countless examples. People are commiting suicide everyday because they cannot take any more the torture and misery of their lives. Also speaking of torture, i've seen video where a guy was being tortured, and was in so incredible and terrifying level of pain that he was begging to be killed. And the only reason you fear the unknown , is because you are afraid you won't like it. If i told you, after death everything will be ok with no suffering and pain you would not fear it that much. Maybe there are exceptions to this. There are masochists outhere but they enjoy only particular forms of pain. People make constantly the arguement that you are always afraid of death because what you do each day is take care of your body to avoid it. But that's not quite accurate. You are forced to take care of your body otherwise you will suffer for it. If you don't drink water, it causes distress to you. Your body is sending you all these nagging signals. Thirst motivates you to drink for example. Suffering and pain motivate you to take care of your body, and not so much the fear of death. Sure subsconciously your brain doesn't wanna die either, but what is else to fear other than pain and suffering in life? Also lastly, to illustrate my point: When you go to sleep at nigh, do you fear it?
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  9. Thank God! This is exactly what almost everybody needs to hear in political and socio-economical discussions. Please make a video about why people are pessimistic about the future and why there are infinite reasons that reality is ultimately steering towards infinite good. But lemme guess: you don't even want to make content about it, because pessimistic people don't even want to watch a video that threatens their stable, "coherent" worldview. Either way, I cannot wait for reality to dissolve the pathological dooms day mind of "political concerned" people.
  10. Stop taking the supplement and watch what happens to your symptom. Could be as simple as a nocebo-effect as well. I looked through the ingredients & dosages, no major red flags. Maybe, just maybe the pantothenic acid, delivered as d-calcium panthothenate could increase your serum calcium which would cause increased thirst. Anyway, if you feel better without the supplement I would recommend cessation.
  11. @integral Thanks for the Update! I thought She had covid. Because my girlfriend had most of the Symptoms "brainfog, White space, no visuals" after 3 weeks of covid infection. This would also explain her difficult to breath.
  12. Nighttime dreams are still just thoughts, and we dream like this all day long as well. No difference whatsoever. Except perhaps the nighttime ones are a bit less constrained and certain other faculties inhibited. Basically we live almost entirely in this world of thought day and night, except during dreamless sleep. Cheers
  13. I'm on Day 5 and yes, I do notice already more reaction from the girls. My skin seems to be cleaner but I'm not sure if it's a direct result of that. It's not even that hard realistically you just need to let go of 2-3 temptations a day, that's it. Also the time I would use to masturbate now I look how to focus on more creative and beneficial things. Noticing about 15% boost in energy as well.
  14. One of my fav. clients. Asked to keep his forum name separate from the video, so I'm posting it for him.
  15. Political issues are not really political. They're political at the surface, but really economical deep down. Why does racism exist? Because humans are selfish and they want to survive. Similar people (by any criterion) get together and form alliances against other groups of people, who in their turn do the same. So simple. Why does anti-racism exist? Because humans are selfish and they want to survive. It just so happens that this group has a different perspective on how to survive. This perspective includes making use of the minorities (integrating/enslaving them) instead of fighting them off. There's nothing heroic or altruistic about anti-racism. Humans only care about themselves, and pretty much nothing else. If anti-racism was hurting (or not benefitting) you in someway, you would not be rooting for it. Full stop. You might be thinking that it's a win-win as opposed to racism. Well, maybe it seems that way now. But surely not forever. Unlike you, I can see the full picture. So don't even try to bullshit me. Okay, buddy? On the other hand, it's obvious that racism can be seen as loyal, heroic, and altruistic for one's group from the same group's perspective. Otherwise, it would not exist. The truth is that when things are on the line, when your life is in danger or if you're suffering, you will fight your dearest people to survive or find peace. There won't be a friend nor a foo. Everyone is the enemy. Or you will have some deluded idea that you are the enemy and then do something stupid and hurt yourself. It's kinda good that we're not at the airport yet. How deep does the human bullshit go? I don't know.
  16. I meant breaking the "I want to fuck you" up into tiny little steps and describing those. What do you want to do to her first, or what do you want her to do, who is touching what, what do you want to feel, what do you want to make her feel, describe it using adjectives and storytelling, really draw it out. As long as we're on the subject of sexual talk, that is what I would recommend. In a sense, letting yourself get dragged into a situation where you're that uncomfortable to the point where you're not enjoying it, puts you in a weak position. You're only doing this because you want sex, and she knows it. You're being a play-thing. I would take a step back and stay with a level of discomfort that you are still enjoying, and not completely out of your element. Stronger to say no, or "let's stop dancing and do this", or let's do whatever else is still fun to you. The setup is flawed if you're doing anything to give her a good time so she'll sleep with you. It shows a lack of healthy boundaries. What I like to do, is stay present with my level of discomfort, and take a step back whenever I get too in my head. Then take a step forward when I'm comfortable again. Et cetera. This can put you into a nice flow state where anything can happen. It starts with listening to your body and valuing yourself and your inner experience over the outcome.
  17. You can get cheap protein powder at myprotein or bulkpowders for less then 10€/kg ( ≈5$/pound I think). Milk products are getting more expensive, meat is unethical and legumes make you fart and are time consuming to prepare. It’s hard 😂
  18. Tonglen meditation is excellent. Glad to hear you were able to get past it in this situation! I'm happy for you. This is excellent that you remember this. The closer you can feel pain to its original context, the more longterm you are healing it. If you want to avoid this predicament in the future, you might try some inner child work on it.
  19. Focusing on one thing over the over would be my definition for selfishness. So when you destroy a computer and a cat for example even though both fundamentally have the same worth it’s still not good to destroy a cat but it’s okay to destroy a computer because a cat has feelings while a computer doesn’t ? I don’t think I get it 😅
  20. @Judy2 yes im already doing that. I read principles every single morning. In my opinion this is the most important thing if you want to improve yourself. I dont see why people dont comment on this post. I mean this is much more important than meditation or anything really. Most people would gain huge improvement if they would read their principles every single morning. Or should i say read their philosophy. People on this forum learn a lot of principles, ideas but how many are they actually using?
  21. I was so out of character.. She told me I was like a fish out of water couple of times during dancing and so on. But you are right. I should just have taken it slow, gave her more drinks. Now reflecting back on it: I was really in a hurry with her and that is not hot, lol. The thing is it is easy to say to myself to take it slow; in that moment I just didn't know how to take it slow. My game is so bad. I think I need some old school game because this natural game doesn't work for me.
  22. For me, Abraham Hicks' suggestions about this resonate the most. Just look for thoughts that feel better. Sometimes I would implement this method, and moved myself from states of quite some fear to being filled with the energy of like a throbbing excatasy or excitement within 10-20min. Looking for better feeling thoughts, that move you back into allignment, is one of the best discoveries I've made in this life.
  23. Look I am really trying hard to understand trans people. And I am not perfect of course. I try to be as open minded as possible but when you grow up in a society that has traditional values you can’t help but take most of that mindset with you. So sorry if I sound like an ape to you because I still am. And I am sorry to hear that it’s hard for you in society. Do you live in a stage green place ? If not you may have a better time there.. I would still love to hear your opinion on that matter.
  24. The irony of what you're doing is that you're not wanting to admit to the unmistakable lie. Just like everyone else. Thanks
  25. Obviously if you have to live with her, then her personality has to be good, not just hot. But I am talking about mere attraction. No one would want to have a long relationship with Amber Heard, but sure she is still hot af. Edit: She simply should not be a nag/pain in the ass. As long as she is not being a pain in the ass deliberately, I am ok with her having any personality as she likes. Given that she has attractive looks.
  26. I'm not even worthy of you, tbh.
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