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  2. Let me put it to you like this. Before meditation: I spend my days running around, chasing little temporary glimpses of pleasure. Anything to get rid of that constant feeling of anxiety inside of me, usually using alcohol, drugs or sex. I'd overthink and analyze everything. Tons of personal biases towards certain groups and beliefs. Terrible diet. Low motivation to actually work hard towards any type of life purpose. After meditation: I experience a calm feeling of fulfillment the majority of the time. My thinking is way more efficient, sometimes with nothing going on in my mind at all. I respect different people's perspectives. My diet is clean. Motivation to contribute value to others is 10x. Of course, I can slip up. I'm not trying to paint this picture like my life is perfect and I'm this perfect person. The point is just that things are way better across the board. Progress is all that really matters.
  3. @Process , it is a property of consciousness that as you focus on, or spend time dwelling on, something, it will become more evident, more of an issue in your life. So the swings from high to low experience will become more evident as you focus more on the hype of the high or the depression of the low. If this is not done, or diminished, then the swings will, in due course, moderate around a pleasant slight undulation of experience with no extremes. Likewise, focusing on insecurity only heightens or prolongs it via the same mechanism. Don't take my word for this, but closely watch or focus on what happens. Become a self investigator. IOW using the focus mechanism, focus on what is causing the issue, or what is making it bigger in the mind, rather than the content of the issue. With best wishes,
  4. is endless talk about exactly what "enlightenment" is, necessary? Leo often you say "i will talk about that in future videos" with regard to other smaller insights to be gained. While "enlightenment" is the end goal, it is a lofty one. I'm at the start and more interested in illumination or direction towards other "smaller" insights to be had along the path, do you have anything in the works? i read "the way of the superior man" yesterday. amazing book which i think aligns with enlightenment work.
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  6. @Outer A strong trip or two would take you beyond this conceptualization. Regarding your coceptualization: t’s over-simplified. Your strongly held-beliefs are limiting you. You have so much more potential. And your link for #2 goes to a grant application. That is inclusion criteria for the proposed study, NOT a conclusion / recommendation from the results of a clinical study. And your #3 is based off the opinion of the erowid forum? Well, the shamans I met in Peru all recommended to start off with med-high doses. How could we determine which advice is best? Or, could they both be good advice depending on the circumstances?
  7. @Markus Nowhere is that codified. How abiding it is, varies greatly. All these terms generally mean the same thing, with different teachers prefering different terms and defining them differently.
  8. @Emerald Yes, I see where your coming from, though the disorder does have a lot of influence over my choices, so that does not help. However, as I gain get to a healthy weight as well as get back to the norm I'll be trying to focus on plant based. But then, because now one that I know is considered healthier because they eat a plant based diet or a vegetation diet or no diet at all kinda makes the motivation for a plant based diet weaker for me due to having not much evidence of it being healthier, that's just for me though. But thank you for your input.
  9. Yes an 80 hour workweek is fine as long as you have a mission that feels important enough to you and that actually is important. What is the definition on work though what about raising your children, visiting your grandparents and taking time for them, caring for animals,planting a garden, reading, thinking,spiritual work, helping out a friend who is moving, etc etc, in my definition this is also work and work that is extremely important. but when you are 80 hours a week at your job you are neglecting this most likely and i have experience with it. Even worse, mainstream society places the following ''productive'' stuff in the ''work'' category, call center marketeers, commercial makers, lobbyists, salespeople,salespeople and more salespeople really everywhere,how many do we need to have as a society, and then of course we buy to much stuff which requires more stores that also need supply so more trucks driving and in turn more roads and people who build them and people who supply the people who build them and so on and on. So the question is this , what justifies my 80h/week time investment what actually is more important, my family/friends/passions/spiritual development/physical fitness or making more money for my boss so he can buy that Maserati/huge house/yacht and then you can have a little bit extra money (but not much) and increased status ( allthough i think status is currency for weak minded people without a soul ) or he forgets you completely. Now Elon musk is actually doing great revolutionary stuff and not all business is bad of course capitalism works to a certain extend but i wish it was working more towards a common good and not to satisfying endless consumption addiction. And as i look around me i see few jobs that are worth working so hard for. There are also jobs that are actually important but they are not interesting enough to work 80 hours a week in really do you want to work 80 hours as a plumber,garbageman,bus driver,window cleaner? these are jobs that are of use but not to work 80 hours for right? In my opinion you have to think it through all the way and then make your choice.
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  11. I personally think having a really effective technique to help doing the work is the way to go because it can help you to spend less time on what you want to do and also do it at a higher quality at the same time(at least that seems to be the case in knowledge work I have also found it helpful with personal development but I am not sure if its the same for other areas) a few examples i have found: deep work, deliberate practice. For knowledge work. fully feel the emotion with zero resistance (when dealing with strong negative emotions but also usefull with any emotions), permanently solving problems by finding the root causes of the problem, do the hardest emotional thing in any situation to ace life, be 100% honest. For personal development.
  12. i'm not using black and white reasoning. thats why you make no sense. Its as if you are talking to a different person @Serotoninluv i gave simple advice based on clinical trial protocol, and rationality, reasoning. I stand by my comments fully 1000%, since i told the truth. Whether or not someone follows it is on their own accord, its out of my control anyway. all you can moan about is whether I have done psychedelics or not, not regarding the advice i gave. questioning motives rather than argument? though to your benefit i did bait/troll that continous questioning. sorry for that. but it was fun I haven't done psychedelics in awhile, and not many times, like1 medium 1 medium-high dosage 1 low. But it doesn't even matter. If I say the sky is blue and someone asks if I have done psychedelics because I say the sky is blue, it's still blue. SKY IS BLUE analogy: 1.cognitive decline = warning sign = think to not use psychedelics 2. don’t take a psychedelic within two years of a major life event. 3. start off with a low dose sources: 1. 2. "During the next two years there is no foreseen likelihood for a major potentially life-altering event for her or himself or a close family member (e.g. retirement or major career change for the volunteer; life-threatening illness of a spouse or child of the volunteer)" 3. "A good recommendation is to start with a low dose, and wait to try high doses until after you've experimented with them a few times." edit: i googled black and white reasoning. i guess i am corrected. it is black and white? so then,i still stand by what i said lol since i think its legit advice.
  13. I've been wanting to say this for quite some time now but didn't know how. I would like to comment on the 10 Ox Herding Pics. Here is the story told by Shinzen Young: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 At the end of the story in part 3, there is this person, and people call him The Cloth Bag Monk. I wonder what could be in the bag? For me, I thought, maybe he carefully planned the gifts, like for example, have fortune cookies wrapped up with something else, like maybe chocolates, to pass out to children and others. In the fortune cookies, there would be some profound quote or saying to teach people something. The Cloth Bag Monk spends his day socializing with children and others - teaching them wisdom in indirect ways. Nowadays, it's not so easy to do this everyday. We have our jobs to go to. Maybe there has to be an alternative way to do this. Like do this in the evenings. To teach wisdom in indirect ways and become a pointer, we think about how to set up our lifestyle so that our time is available for others. If we seriously pursue this, we will probably find out about passive income - making a website, YouTube channel, etc. etc. so that we earn in an alternative way. More info on passive income: Info 1 Info 2 We do look for other alternative lifestyles. Other examples: info 3 info 4 However, as we age, or have families, or whatever the reason may be, we still may pursue passive income since we need to watch our health or if going to the hospital is required for emergencies.
  14. As someone else poetically put it, it is time for this bird to fly free. I am filled with so much love and gratitude towards the shadows that I danced with here, as it allowed me to recognise the shadows within myself that hold not only myself but all of us all back from really knowing our True Nature, the Heart of Endless giving that gives to us all selflessly, without question or judgement, loving all in equal measure. To those who have soft hearts and are fuelled by compassion and love, thank you for your inspiration, your pure hearts are true treasures. It has been a 10 year journey from Self Realisation to this point, where I realise that Enlightenment is a concept that my ego loved. The truth of the matter is, that when it is all boiled down, there never was a me, there never was enlightenment, there is only what unfolds with every moment from the Heart of Endless Giving. Am I enlightened? Hell no! My ego is still intact, but I know now that enlightenment doesn't matter and my mind doesn't need it anymore. In other words my journey will continue until I have fully realised our True Nature within, that is complete and utter absolute selflessness and love, beyond judgement or condition. As my last offering consider this if compelled; Clinging to one's school and condemning others is the certain way to waste one's learning. Since all dharma teachings are good, those who cling to sectarianism degrade Buddhism and sever themselves from liberation. ~ Milarepa, The One Hundred Thousand Songs From one heart to another, filled with gratitude, love & awe, I bid thee all farewell.
  15. There is less of “my life” and more of just life now. Ayahuasca is related to dmt and on the same intensity level. The 2nd Ayahuasca ceremony was heavy intense. I can’t imagine going harder. That’s why I’m working on developing higher awareness before returning to that place.
  16. Since you have done so much of it, how has it affected you life? Have you tried dmt or something stronger?
  17. The reason I ask is that you use a lot of black and white reasoning. Human personality is highly complex and the effects of psychedelics are multifactorial with significant individual variation. I’ve done over 80 trips. I’ve done Ayahuasca ceremonies with over 100 people that had never used a psychedelic before and spent dozens of hours discussing our varied experiences. They were some of the most humbling experiences in which dearly-held beliefs were stripped away as I struggled through ego death. I can’t imagine giving the type of advice you give to a novice. It seems like we have different experience and perspective. I wish you the best, yet have no desire to continue the conversation.
  18. I have tried psychedelics, i just don't answer your question since it's so ridicilous in this context and to bait you, since you started speculating eventually thinking i haven't used them. now you know and what? i'm low in personality trait agreeableness, sorry, but i am hard to agree.
  19. Just answer one question. Are you giving advice on how to use psychedelics without trying it yourself?
  20. Me too, 1 day in some situation im completly confident and feel good about my self and the next day in the same one im having much anxiety. Dont know why doe. Maybe the change didnt completly happen. And no not looking isnt avoidance, you can avoide all taughts, i mean let them arise and just move your atention but dont avoide emotions.
  21. and you have a kalediscope thingy as avatar and your name is in honor to the serotonin molecule- this screams identity,which is nothing bad per say. no sorry, researcher do research on psilocybin rather than LSD because of the taboo of the name have you even done a clinical trial? have you been forced to watch documentaries on why nazi human experimentation was bad? and tons of paper work, trying to pass ethics, etc etc? do you honestly think someone will put all that effort to try and pass ethics for a study on L S D ? rather than something like 'psilocybin'? see this
  22. If you go plant-based, there is only a need to cut out meats and dairy. There is no need to cut out grains. That would probably be a bad idea if you've experienced disordered eating before. You can eat a full balanced diet as a Vegan. This is not an issue. However, if you cut out grains, there are fewer source of calories that you can eat on a Vegan diet. It can be done with effort, but you don't want to add difficulty upon difficulty to getting up to normal caloric intake. So, I recommend focusing on getting yourself out of disordered eating first and adding foods back into your diet. Then, once you get back to the norm, you can start focusing toward eating a plant-based diet with grains, if your motivation is right. You want to make sure that you're not just cutting out meat and dairy for the sake of consuming fewer calories. You want to make sure that it's actually motivated by the desire to either eat healthier or eat more humanely, and not simply for the sake of limiting food intake.
  23. @Outer I am a professor and researcher of genetics and neuroscience. Researchers are not studying psilicybin because the word “LSD” is taboo. They are seeking to identify the most effective drugs and methods. Both are schedule I drugs and have similiar hurdles for clinical studies. Are you giving advice to someone on how to use psychedelics without ever trying them yourself?
  24. Yes, careful in picking mushrooms. Many, if you pick wrong ones, can be deadly and very bad.
  25. I will probably not go put and pick them myself, seems so complicated and ill probably fuck it up somehow, har ingen koll på hur det funkar och pallar inte lära mig allt och typ läsa om vart man kan plocka svamp haha
  26. Ok. I just know Dr. Carhart-Harris does not want to give psychedelics to those with bipolar in case it might trigger a manic phase. But your experience is interesting, maybe there will be studies on the substance + bipolar. I don't know. I know it's illegal and that their gov is liberal-conservative, not that that stops users anyway. Psychedelics being illegal for, especially medical purposes I consider conservative, sorry. Yes but many researches studied psilocybin since the word "LSD" was so taboo, i'm not saying there's no LSD research, but that's just the truth. Use your brain, wtf are you on about ???? go exercise
  27. But it’s a guy in my area that will get the dellics for me, I will probably meet him if I buy them.
  28. A lot of the terminology is used interchangeably though I think an awakening or enlightenment experience is a temporary oneness with the Self which can have effects lingering for days, months, or years, whereas self-realization or enlightenment is abiding - permanent and irreversible. The former is much more common than the latter.
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