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  2. I'm interested in working as an admin at a non-profit. My top three causes are 1. feminism 2. HIV/AIDS 3. the homeless. I have years of volunteer experience in the non-profit sector and tons of admin work experience. I believe non-profit work is "me" as I'm a free spirit and free spirits tend to work at non-profits (free spirits are usually "earthy.") In 2012, I worked with a job coach for about two years to break into this field. All she did was show up, randomly apply to jobs on online (which I could have easily done on my own), and leave. It was a profound waste of my time. If I hadn't figure something else out, I would still be unemployed, up to today. Anyway, any tips on how to get a job in this field?
  3. Not trying to find myself but be without disturbance. I think you too and everybody else on this forum.
  4. All thoughts are found in your feelings. Thoughts the waves, feelings the ocean. That’s why you don’t need thought to live an amazing life when you have a smarter spiritual heart
  5. I haven’t come to experience oneness/bliss 24/7, only in brief glimpses every few weeks I share from these experiences. It’s all about vibrating higher and higher through anchoring love as much as possible. I wish you the best. I’m feel so blessed that the Dali Lama is on this forum to ask me that
  6. But aren't my sensations perceiving the universe, or is that just my imagination that I (when I say I, we mean the self) created? I say this since you can argue that my knowledge of how the universe is perceived is blinding me from the truth because I created it the knowledge/perception... But then again, there is some phenomenon that is going on with the sensations... What is this phenomenon?
  7. If you want to go alone go nothing wrong ...
  8. You should focus on the owner of the thought!! In other words, the 'I' thought. Arranging thought in the matter of order the "i" thought is the all-important thought. Seek its source, and all other thought will vanish. When you sit to do self-inquiry, ask what is the "I" thought? As taught by Ramana Maharshi, if one focus on the "i" thought, it will eventually disappear and the true Self will remain.
  9. That is still ego runing a show,you will know when you come to realization that there is nothing outside of yourself you will look at your parents or tshirt and see connection/that you are your parents and tshirt
  10. It can be if you judge it if you dont there is just a sensetion if you give it attention no thought no sensations
  11. It’s all about respecting and honoring your body like the most beautiful temple that it is. Sex is a sacred union between two people which links them energetically, so you’re now carrying some of that guys energy around for life! Please watch these videos on celibacy. If you really enjoy sex/masterbation you can also go down the path of Tantra to raise your kundalini energy. Do either of these paths, you’ve got a great opportunity for tantra Make sure you have lots of fun, but remember even the best sex will not fulfill you my darling. Infinite love ❤️ Just remember when you ejaculate you are literally releasing your life energy which allows you to be alive, and conscious. Effectively it’s a great way to shorten your life, and stop spiritual growth. This is how it is Moonlight! Hope this helps you.
  12. Can we listen to these sensations in our body without interpreting it? When we listen to these sensations, are these not part of the thought as well? Is listening part of the thought process?
  13. Some things have to be clear to you - you are not your thoughts, you can never be the monkey mind. This is classic identification with thinking!! I prescribe you the Eckhart Tolle pill. If you can be aware of it, it's not you. Neti neti. That simple.
  14. Just remember, your heart contains all of your chakras holgraphically. So focus on your heart, and you will open all of your chakras in a balanced, and loving way if your pineal gland is open but the other chakras are closed, mental/emotional disease arises in the form of thoughts and emotions or something physical like in your experience. I hope you are healed on all levels, in every way imaginable like you deserve. You are worthy of having a fully activated light body, and the secret to that (just watched the vid!) is loving your spiritual heart, and your emotional/mental experience. I love you.
  15. That depends.. Are you the monkey mind? Or are you the one aware of the monkey mind? Only the monkey mind is saying "I am the monkey mind", you are quietly witnessing, you're the canvas upon which monkey mind draws a painting. Now if you want a picasso painting, perhaps you need to transform your monkey mind into a butterfly mind.
  16. @Faceless Wow, so it's all mutually interdependent! So interesting. Are they reliant on one another? To be attentive to what sorry faceless? So basically... During every situation, experience etc continue being the witness and not reacting whatsoever, just remaining aware without reaction? I love this ⬆️ sums it up perfectly. Yes I'll remain as I am. After this experience I've gone through, something has changed, I can't describe it, I have this state of complete inner peace and just being. Thank you faceless, so nice to hear somebody actually understand. I can see this is absolutely crucial to becoming free of the 'self'. ♥️🙏💚 much love friend
  17. And don’t just observe it. There is no separation between you and fear, so become it so fully by breathing into it and feeling it that it overwhelms your reality. This means it can heal out of your cells at a faster rate
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  19. Depends on the country.
  20. @nour-cha93 no problem
  21. @Faceless yes it is. But I am very interested in learning more
  22. Talking to anyone face-to-face can be the process by which you deal with this. But I get that's a big scary step to take, you might want to consider making a journal and writing your thoughts out about it. Having the conversation is important, and could be the thing that gives you courage to take action. If concerns about your husband come up in your mind when considering to tell your husband about this, then you should realize your relationship with him, if you don't want to tell him because your afraid it will make him more angry, then that signals a dysfunctional relationship. But as I see it, if you tell your husband and he blames you for it, and your relationship deteriorates, then maybe it was for the better? Or otherwise, you appeal emotionally to him and become emotionally vulnerable with him, and that gap in your relationship heals up, and he can forgive you. The easy thing to do, and what most people probably would do, is to sweep this under the rug. But don't let that happen to you, you need to research/face this problem somehow. P.S. I'm bi-sexual guy, and the politically correct thing is that everyone is open and accepting to LGBTQ, but they forget that there's still the rapists and pedophiles out there, and also because of the strong cultural emphasis on men raping women, its a natural response if a man gropes a women for the women to be able to be defensive and go to court with them. But as you said I've had a somewhat similar experience (though less traumatic) Where my mom touched me a little to much. I've kind of gave hints that it made me feel uncomfortable and said "stop" or something similar a couple of times, and she stopped now. But I considered taking legal action about it for a while, but decided against it, because I am still living with her. So its my best guess that you didn't do anything about it, because you had some sort of inhibition, maybe you were afraid of making a scene in public, maybe your used to repressing bad experiences, and that's your go-to response. I don't know what prevented you from doing something about it, but I'm not surprised. Its pretty typical of humans not to take action against problems.
  23. 🙏🏿Your already thinking everyone by taking part in self exploration. And they are appreciating you as well...You are contributing to order in the stream of conciousness whether you realize it or not.... You will see what I mean soon enough.
  24. @Joseph Maynor I think the video proves well that reality cannot be grasped by the mind. That is pretty powerful to be aware of.
  25. How would one begin to see this? We would go into the relationship of all aspects of thought. Fear, pleasure, desire, pain, sorrow, belief, anger, antagonism, violence, validation, gratification, self affirmation, deception, delusion, and more. All these interconnect and influence one another. This is a law of nature “mutual interdependence” But for now just be aware how sneaky thought is and how it is always at work. The key.. To be attentive to innatention. That’s it. If we are aware when we are not attending that is being aware. That is something we just do from now on. Never ends, however it does become quite natural after a while. Dont be to eager. Just watch and remain choiceless. I know this is easier said than done, but you will get it soon enough. I’m very excited for your all his energy you have pouring in. When the mechanism of thought ceases to rule your life the the amount of energy will seem infinite. It’s quite extraordinary indeed. 🙏🏿
  26. Lying while pursuing Truth? Just like fucking for virginity. Maybe a thing you should focus on is having a very honest conversation with your mother where each side gets to express what they feel and gets to be listened to?
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