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  2. I forgive myself for starting this thread and naively believing that people will use it. I forgive myself in advance for giving away secrets, knowing that I will probably regret that. I forgive myself for feeling uncomfortable and showing how vulnerable I am. I forgive myself for putting me through emotional labour. I forgive myself for being selfish. I forgive myself for being so attached to my story. I forgive myself for thinking there is anyone who needs to be forgiven... I forgive myself fearing someone might find this useless, neurotic or stupid.
  3. Sometimes when I have a profound thought, or here a mystic or someone other say something profound, or when I meditate/contemplate, my torso suddenly jolts, very quickly, like a little electrical shock. Sometimes if it's a big one, my arms swing up too. It's totally out of my control. Does anybody get this, or know what it is?
  4. Life “as it is of its self”and the center “the me” implies conflict. Who are you? What are you? What is the continuity of the you?
  5. @Seed Listen to your intuition and act upon it. Don't be passive, be active. Being is active not passive. Most probably yes, but it Will pass. It's a necessary step. No. You need to transmute the beliefs, emotions, thoughts, actions... that do not make you feel good, to move forward. Meditation Will bring the stuff you haven't looked at to the surface, so you can better analyze it and let it go. Everything is happening for you, not to you. Identify the limiting factors, pay attention. Identification of the limiting factors starts the process of transmutation of energy. Don't get attached to states. When a good time comes - this too shall pass. When a bad time comes - this too shall pass. Sometimes going 4 steps backwards is necessary to go 8 steps forward. From the highest perspective, everything is okay, always. The universe doesn't make mistakes.
  6. "You are not the one that is the one, but the one that is not. Don't think about this." Oh, wait...
  7. If it only worked for me... I think not everyone gets something "enlightening" from it, and yes the dosage used was enough - even more than enough (overkill). Just like not everyone responds to weed in the same way. I might try it again in the future, maybe in a few years and see if anything changes.
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  9. Good or bad not important, the fact is that it is so...... And as far memory’s.... What is Memory? What gives continuity to this reaction to memory? What does memory and it’s vessel have in common with the entity you call “you” ? Critical questions friend Its all yours🙏🏿
  10. The universe is calling to you via transmissions. Can you hear it?
  11. I want to make people loving, peaceful, kind, and present!
  12. @Joseph Maynor, @Markus @Nahm @Natasha @AleksM @Dodo @cetus56 @SOUL I am aware that once I am enlightened, the past will no longer effect me anymore. How can it, when 'I' am no longer 'me' The thing I am worried about, what if i get stuck in a place I can never get myself out of (not having a strong ego, but also not enlightened)? What about 'dark night of the soul?' Am I likely to end up there? Is there a way of doing this without having bring all of that stuff up? At the moment I do have the odd bad day, but they are rare. I am so much more socially confident, I love my job, I'm working through the LP course and have big plans for that and I also really, really love having sex. Everything that I believed impossible, is all happening. It's taken so much to get to this point, it's consumed me and I don't want to destroy all that progress in the pursuit of a spiritual state of being. I like meditating, I LOVE self enquiry even though it scares me. It's the only time I've even been able to detach, I love the simplicity of it. i just wish I'd known about way earlier in my life than 6 months ago, but hey ho. If I continue meditating 30 - 45 mins a day, doing 'do nothing' technique infused with self enquiry. (I didn't decide to do this but because of the nature of 'do nothing' I always end up self enquiring, as that is where my mind takes me, if that makes sense) Will I be okay, or will everything I have worked towards implode so violently that I can't pick up the pieces again?
  14. @NJM50 Flip stuff on Ebay and Amazon. Get products at discounts and from thrift shops/garage sales and sell them for a profit
  15. The thinker is a fragment of thought that attributes to “itself” a series of thoughts.
  16. @NJM50 I was in a pretty similar situation like you back in college. Here is what I suggest: If you have no money, take tai lopez’s social media marketing agency course, apply everything whole heartedly, and win. If you have upto 1000 dollars, sell retail arbitrage on amazon: 1) Download the amazon scanner app on your phone, go to big box stores like walmart, home depot, and dollar store, scan items and see how much it is selling on amazon. Buy low from these physical stores, sell high on amazon. Really simple, but a lot of physical labor. If you have upto 3000 dollars, sell private label on amazon: 1) Research amazon for high demand low competition products, buy 100 units from china, slap your logo on it, and sell on amazon. This model is somewhat riskier Obviously there is a lot more info to these products. If you don’t have money for a course, the free info on youtube will suffice. I have started off with 300 dollars, and grown a business to 100k/year in revenue using retail arbitrage, then working my way up to private label on amazon. Otherwise you can find your own proven business model, just do some youtube searching for stuff that inspires you: affiliate marketing, selling information products, etc
  17. nah. more like santa stuff. it’s magic. imagination. the sciencey stuff is illusory within the image
  18. @Nahm @Faceless i wanted to say that to faceless but thank you guys
  19. What is pleasure? What gives pleasure continuity? Couple important questions that you might want to ask yourself
  20. 1. Choose someone you want to forgive (parents, teachers, co-workers, boss, friends, relatives, significant others even strangers and of course yourself). Could be something old or new, severe and traumatic or rather unimportant and silly. 2. Write what/why you want to forgive them or would like to forgive them or maybe even can´t forgive them yet or ever (If somebody happens to have written the same thing that you wanted to then just mark the username and say: same). 3. Look at what the others wrote. Try to see yourself in them (fear, judgement, hurt, lack of love, jealousy, shame, ignorance etc.) DO NOT COMMENT anything. Just let things go. Whatever they are, whatever the story of yours or someone else is and however deeply you think you understand it or not. Do not judge. Do not give attention to your own victimhood or other victims (even if it seems heartless). Do not give advice (even if your ego wants to tell you what a great idea that is). Let´s go! Let´s see how far we can get this!
  21. Entry 278 | Prejudice Theory: Prejudice comes from your inability to be present and accepting of what you are. Applying it: Whenever you feel as though you ought to be a certain way, stop and be present of what you are. Be accepting of what you authentically want to become so that you can be accepting of what others authentically want to become too. During a dyad session today with my partner, one of the instructions I gave to him was "tell me what prejudice is." Before asking the question, thoughts started triggering like "I already know what prejudice is." But I went ahead and did it anyway. The response he gave was interesting because he said that you are prejudice against yourself first and foremost, and then you develop prejudice against others. This intrigued me so I probed at it even more. He started talking about how you can develop certain prejudices regarding your emotions. So if a male were to think that he ought not to be weak because of his gender, he would then try to suppress it and deny its presence. He could then end up treating himself badly for feeling the way he feels. Then that could mean that if he comes into contact with another man who shows signs of weakness, he would then be very quick to ridicule them and mistreat them for being that way. What's interesting is that with the definition that my partner gave, he never once attributed prejudice to appearance. While this could look like he forgot about the whole deal with racism, religion and other such prejudices that seem to be appearance-based, perhaps it was deliberate. Maybe even those kinds of prejudices stem from something deeper than the appearances themselves. If a white person feels that a human being cannot be black, then that person will have an incredibly hard time trying to change his belief systems. On the other hand, they could just be prejudice instead. Ultimately, the message was that the source of all prejudice comes from the inability to be loving of your existence. Loving, in this sense, means unconditional acceptance for what is. The source of all evil is, after all, never the thing you are prejudice against but the thing causing the prejudice: yourself. Pick of the day:
  22. I just created one : (not from that link though) "The reason why we don't notice the frequency levels of our consciousness and how the quantum particles are interacting with it is because the awareness occupies and operates in its own dynamic energy level, but it is entangled in the delusion. If you just close your eyes and pay enough attention to it, you can actually hear the sound of certain waves operating in the consciousness with its own frequency and wavelength. Its magnitude is incomprehensible to human mind and logic. But a lot of secrets are encoded in it the same way it is encoded in every DNA of a human cell. To harness the power of it, we have to synchronize the frequency of our alpha wave patterns to match the vibrations of consciousness. Many people in the history have accessed before and now modern science is saying the same. "
  23. @NoSelfSelf sweet
  24. @Deep Congratulations for sounding so superior. That fluoride water & raw milk is really working its magic.
  25. Is this feeling of being in the now a movement of thought? If so is it the now at all? Or a product of the past or a projection of the future imposed on the now? Seems we should understand what we are in nature to see this. Don’t you think friends?
  26. 5 minutes after i read your message some strong peace and bliss came and its not going away
  27. Hey IIya I think thats a very interesting and actually quite deep question. When this question is asked, people mostly start talking about balancing pleasure with work // low with high consciousness action. I believe this "balancing" approach is quite a trap. Let´s observe the junk food example: Take a healthy vegan body builder guy: He will avoid junk food like the plague, rant about its envrionmental and health effects and shame everyone who goes in a fast food store. Why? --> He feels best about eating healty and looking good. He would never sacrifice years of training for junk food because the perceived pleasure of looking at himself in the mirror, walking with more proud and confidence is more worth than what the food can offer. Maybe he was skinny when younger and bullied because of it. Maybe his dad died because of obesity. Take a normal ordinary guy: He likes junk food but also knows it is quite unhealthy. Occasionally, he will go to a restaurant and eat the food because he lives after the motto that everything is ok if you balance it out. This is his justifcation to give in to his need of eating junk (not saying any action is good or bad). Why? Because the pleasure of eating junkfood is higher than the pleasure of perceiving himself as a healthy person. Now force him to eat junk food for a week straight. He will feel start feeling bad about his diet. Why? The unpleasent feeling of knowingly harming his health is now stronger than the pleasure gained from the food. Take a everyday obese junkfood guy: He has a quite rough life, maybe a bad childhood. Maybe he has very bad memories from those times while a few of the good ones where when he celebrated his birthday at Mcdonalds when he was younger. Because his brain connects the feeling of being cared and being loved with the McD place and the food, he will gain loads of pleasure from it. Therefore pushing back the unpleasentness of his unhealthy habit. Of course he knows that the food is not good for him in the long term but it doesnt stop him. You see, three different approaches to eating habits yet all live according to pleasure maximization. Society has formed deep opinions on which habits and actions are considered good and healthy and which are not accepted. You have done the same as your character developed and develops. My suggestion to your question would be: Write down what you consider as pleasure (good and bad ones). Now ask yourself "why is this a good/bad pleasure for me"? Write down your answer ("Because it is wasted time to watch three hours of Netflix"). Then repeat asking why again. "Because I could do more useful things with my time". Why?. "Because productiveness is more important than pleasure". Why? "(...). Why? (...). Dig as deep as you can. You might find that at the end one just sacrifices short term for long term pleasure. Thank you the great question!
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