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  2. You can do bodybuilding in a more healthy way, focused more on health rather than pure looks:
  3. Initiation —Initiation and planning — visualizations — vision board — clarity of goals - creating to do lists @Marcel gave me an important clue on this. The first step would be to have a clear goal I imagine and then sticking to the ( changeable ) regiment leading there Important is to have a very clear goal in mind completely free of distraction. And be fully aware of it and be fully focused on it. Keep repeating the goals to yourself. Be very goal oriented. Clarity of goal. Create a proper layout for the goals. First know your goals. —Lay them out in great detail and not at all vague. Strong clear goals. — make a vision board — plan and schedule each one of these goals — track the progress on these goals.
  4. @Leo Gura How often does an intermediate player like yourself pull every month when going out consistently? What's a good month? What's a bad month?
  5. My music introduction for my speeches so far haha ---- vocals need a little work but its just an improv
  6. I would say that the universe is full of intelligibility because of the Mind behind it, the Wisdom of the Logos. It is by the Logos that everything was made, without it there would be nothing ordered at all. How come everything just does not fall apart? Why do the universe operate according to laws? And if these laws of physics would be altered just a slight it would all collapse. Thats because it is an infinite intellect behind the structure and law of the cosmos. The Son is the Logos of the the Father which is the Infinite Mind. The Logos is the creator of the structure of the universe. There are patterns in nature.
  7. Well yeah as a general rule, sure . However, there is something to be said for being the best in the world at something, especially in the case of Eddie Hall and this particular lift. He beat the previous world record by a margin of 7%, which is literally unheard of in the history of powerlifting (or probably any sport). He just picked a number he wanted to lift (500kg) and went to all lengths to try to pull it off (within the rules of professional powerlifting of course). He gathered a team of doctors, psychiatrists and hypnotherapists to try to find a way to unlock his maximum potential and eventually landed on teaching himself to enter a hyperadrenergic trance-like state on command, the types of states that happen during near death situations, which is an extremely mentally challening thing to do, aside from running a world class physical training regimen on top of that. The ability to execute on your vision like that; the careful planning and extreme hard work and dedication that is required to not just innovate but absolute dominate, is not something a dumb person can pull off . If we look to bodybuilding as well, Arnold Schwarzenegger is not exactly a dumb guy either
  8. Post taken from forum I've been living on my own lately and it's revealed a lot of personal bad habits and addictions that I otherwise would not have easily noticed or handled while living with my family. Weirdly enough, my home state feels like a completely different place since I've spent the last 5-8 years of my 20s travelling the world essentially. But now that I've moved out and know I can survive on my own in a more traditional sense (job, apartment, vehicle, etc.), I don't see much reason to stay in my home town anymore, except to stay close to my little sister, and to hold down the best and best paying job I've had yet. It's hard because I care deeply for my little sister, and it almost feels like I want to be physically close to her almost all the time, or at least not too far from her, but I'm not sure if there's much I can do to help her or guide her until she's 18, but maybe I'm wrong. I don't think I've tried enough. And I have this fear that if I move to Texas, or Colorado, or Arizona, that somehow, her life is going to get worse and I'm not going to be there to help her. Even though she won't be 18 for three years. She's the only reason I'm still staying around. If it wasn't for her I'd be in Colorado or Cali or some place like that. I believe that even though I have a good job where I am now, where the small town I'm living in is limiting my social prospects, my dating prospects, and is making it harder to establish the lifestyle I want to live. Either as a city-dweller, or a nomad. A lifestyle that, thankfully, my skillsets kind of lend themselves to. I believe I can have a good life in my home town in the South if I can just let go of my preferences, the life and people I had back out West and stop trying to base my identity and character and future around a location, but it's really hard for me to let go of that idea because SoCal and Colorado and Texas felt so much more like home, and I love seeing new places and nature, and I spent my entire childhood, teens, and early 20s trying to leave the South because I believed I never belonged there. Partially due to a sheltered and traumatic childhood and teenhood. Every month I spend away from Cali or my friends abroad, I feel like I'm growing more and more distant from them and those places, and the more they feel like some kind of dream, even though they were the best places I had ever lived. They were amazing, like a different world. Thinking about them actually makes me kind of sentimental. I have a six-month plan to save up money to build up a financial base, gather up some equipment for practising and gig work, and to pay off a debt or two using the job I have now and to spend as much time with my family as I can before taking off again in the summer, but every day my mind bugs and torments me about how seemingly much worse my life and dating options are here, and how I'm wasting time by staying here and am just allowing more time for more things to go wrong and hinder my plans. Even though I could see how I could turn my home state into a base of operations, and I don't really need to move states to do the things that make me, me. Like making music, or writing, or working out. I try going out and socializing on the weekends by going to the major cities or nicest cities within a 1-4 hour drive away from the one I'm in now (which is basically just a depressing parking lot of a city), but it's hard because it seems like every weekend there's something happening or going wrong: Bad weather keeps me pinned down A family member has passed Family drama/crisis Family obligation This weekend I want to go to Nashville or Knoxville and practice game, but I probably can't because I'm trying to get closer with an astranged biological father and half-brother that I didn't get to grow up with. This is important to me, and I'd feel guilty if I didn't, but I get this gut feeling like this is going to become a regular thing here: Sacrificing the only two days off I have for family matters. Matters that don't even include my little sister. But I don't know. Maybe January has just been a bad month. It seems like there's always something going on, and I notice that every day I have a million worries going through my head that I can't do jack about during the week, and would rather not worry about during the weekend: I gotta get my tooth pulled I've got to see a dermatologist about my receding hairline I should probably work this Saturday to make up for that missed day or those missed hours. I've got to text my bio-father and half-brother back so they don't think I don't care about them I still haven't wrote that book I need to come up with an exercise routine Gotta get seat covers I still don't know if I should stay or go I need to spend more time with my little sister I should drop my phone off to get it repaired I need to research tents I should do this I should do that And yet despite all of these exhausting thoughts, I still feel like I'm on autopilot most of the time, and like I mostly spend whatever free time I have on the weekends doing laundry, eating, sleeping, and jerking off to smut, which I think is soul-destroying and makes me into a bitter jealous bigot, robs me of my mojo and self-respect, and that i just need to go someplace where I can practice daygame every day where I'm surrounded by women that I find most attractive. It's impossible to practice daygame a great deal where I am now because I don't find most of the women that attractive, and like I said, the city I'm in now is largely a parking lot. It's not very possible to walk down the street and meet a different woman every two minutes. Every day I'm mentally exhausted and running through the same damn script, and I think it's distracting me from just, doing what I want to do. Which is to write, draw, and make music. On the plus side, ever since I moved out, started cooking my own food and eating a little better, and have started just talking to people more directly, telling them exactly what I think and feel and removing any ambiguity, I've gotten drug-free from my CBD, Benadryl, and Caffeine dependencies, and a lot of my more crippling self-esteem and anxiety has gone away for the most part, and my sleep is fixed. Mostly. Can someone poke holes in my thinking or direct me to a good online counselor or someone who can troubleshoot and debug my mind? I apologize for the brain dump here but I couldn't sleep unless I got this out somewhere
  9. I suggest you email Shinzen Young for advice on the next move regarding this awakening. I believe he said he knows what to do to deepen it and maintain it.
  10. Calculate how many hours of cold approach it would take you to sleep with 1000 girls. You don't think this guy has built insane social skills in those 7 years? It's not like he doesn't have game. Game and social circle are not mutually exclusive. They synergize. The bottom line is that he designed exactly his ideal lifestyle and now he's living it. I'm not telling you to copy him. I'm just sharing an anecdote of how one guy set up his life in a way that's conducive to getting laid. This will certainly not be suitable for many people. For example, if you want to move around a lot then social circle isn't for you. If sleeping with 1000 girls is something that appeals to you (it doesn't appeal to me personally), then investing 7 years to get that is not unreasonable. You are also completely discounting all other benefits that come with having such a powerful social circle. A powerful social circle yields: job opportunities, sales opportunities, business opportunities, investment opportunities, exclusive events, all sorts of freebies, insider knowledge, and amazing friends. Girls are only half the equation. For this guy it's not just about the girls, it's the lifestyle he wanted.
  11. sleeping with hundreds of girls is a coping mechanism for the ego or a way to escape facing your shadow just like people binge watches movies all the time, playing video game all day for years its a way to escape yourself the ego is looking outside to be fulfilled, we are all the same we can't sit in a room all by ourself without feeling bad or hating ourselves for our past actions
  12. Depends on how you mean that. There certainly isn't a human ego self in the midst of a God-realization state. But the structures of the human ego self are pretty sticky, so they tend to return and persists. You can't have a bunch of God-realizations without it transforming you. As you become more conscious you will realize that everything is essential, absolute, and eternal. Your hand is absolute and eternal. Whether it disappears or not has no bearing on it's absoluteness, eternity, or truthfulness. When you say that some things are essential and others aren't, you're creating a duality within Oneness. Form is as absolute as formlessness. You are here creating a bias towards formlessness. Just sitting and being conscious.
  13. I was talking about the 4 hour daily grind he put in for 7 years to establish his value in Vegas. Putting 7 years in game makes sense because that skillset will land you girls throughout the world. But a social system can be easily dismantled within a day because of fights, shifting away, etc. 7 years down the drain...
  14. Going to order pictures again soonish and then get tested with a PCR-Test, last Corona self-test was negative.
  15. You should be happy to pull twice a month when you first start learning game. I told you it's a lot harder than you think. I am telling you the results of the best guys in the world. They are the Michael Jordans of their sport.
  16. Cute gifs.
  17. thread is hijacked. @Jacob Morres forget the career. or using a future relationship as a motivator - become a pua like everyone else, you can even do while living in a van. this is the gaming section not the relationship and career section.
  18. Last thing will either be science or health. I am a bit unsure here. I meditated for 1h only positive "be good" meditation been a long time since I've felt that good internally. The level of coincidences I have with Leo is also weird. Very weird. I think my friend said he did not like Zedd IIRC. Unsure whatever would need to ask him again. He actuallys moves to America this year to follow this dream of music. He already lived in Vegas once to become an actor lol. Unsure what game will do to me, hopefully it helps me with success and externals. As I mosty deal with internals.
  19. @Bittu @Preety_India @PurpleTree @Raze @catcat69123 THANK YOU ❤️
  20. @Leo Gura Can you respond to my second comment, "Sure"? I think such a feat is very much luck dependent (being at the right place at the right time), and also requires innate interpersonal intelligence @Leo Gura
  21. @Arcangelo What you is not what it really is.
  22. I would reiterate @Kamo‘s point, that bodybuilding is a survival strategy. For some people, bodybuilding is one path to self-respect. Bodybuilding provides a primal knowledge that “I am strong. I look fantastic because I earned it.” Self-respect [and a bit of an ego] promotes survival in some situations. Self-respect also provides a foundation for the virtues (like fortitude and courage); and these virtues are the “raw material” for graceful habits like hope. Foundations do not always have to be strong. If a person is already floating in a community that deeply assumes respect for life—norms of caring for each other’s feelings, available healthcare, broad and deep care for vulnerable people, and so on, then maybe (maybe) there is little need for a person to develop their self-respect. Even a twig can float on a lake of esteem. However, when a person faces hostile situations like bullying or harassment, then the mental requirements of transforming one’s body, and the new body itself, provide core advantages. I'll cite Dwayne Johnson's imposing character and Zac Effron's chiseled abs--not meaning to exclude any number of stunning women. Maybe you already respect yourself enough, and you don't need to bodybuild, or take any other path toward self respect. Maybe a 'god bod' is not worth the negative feelings you feel right now. Your subtext suggests that you don't want to continue bodybuilding. Many people try weights, food, and rest for a little while, then decide against bodybuilding. Nothing is wrong with not bodybuilding. A person answers to their own aspirations. Note, however, that it takes about 10 years of intense work to fully develop an adult body. It sounds like you are giving bodybuilding a fair shot because you did not say, ‘My body prevented me from reaching those grapes, but those grapes were probably sour anyway.’
  23. god last night was awkward i made the family dinner awkward as fuck i lowkey got mad at mom and i think they assumed that i didn't like them but in fact i was mad at my mom she made me feel unwanted and it triggered my past occurrences with her so in fact proving my point why i don't associate with others
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