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  2. I dont talk to my family and friends about enlightenment theory. I wouldnt talk to Mooji about enlightenment if he came over for dinner. These conversations end up being fucking useless and spread only confusion
  3. @Peo why? are they asking and questioning what it is that you do in your day to day living? if not. then just kill your own need or want to tell them about this. just keep doing your thing. if you need help and support you got us here.
  4. That sounds pretty motivating. Thanks!
  5. How? Can you describe that in more detail?
  6. lol agreed 100% #BeenThereDoneThat @Peo this right here bro. ^^^
  7. @SFRL Try using the question: What is the genuine truth in these different perspectives? Where could I go be going wrong? Please self-reflect, i've been through mgtow and red pill, that shit is SO toxic dude. The problem is, "red pill" and mgtow makes it seem like it got everything figured out about women and game compared to all the betas and regular society. Like it's escaped outside the matrix. But really it knows nothing and has many errors in its philosophy. The communities are a hivemind of delusion Like Leo says, the philosophy that says that it's figured it out IS THE ONE THAT NEEDS questioning It takes a lot of time to undo the philosophy. Check out green relationship theory for different perspectives. Way of the superior man, Preston smiles, teal swan , julien blanc (tengame course is his entering into green) on youtube No, girls don't willy-nilly trade up. No, LMS doesn't matter nearrrrly as much as you think. True connection and love feels WAY better than LMS. It's by far 10x more fulfilling for both men AND women. I can't see anyone wanting to trade that for anything 🙏 hope that was of value
  8. @nistake Should i lie? Should i just come up with a story behind this spiritual journey that will not trigger their ego?
  9. Suffering = pain x resistance Yes, suffering is self-created. There is an emphasis on it precisely cos it's an indicator of awareness. The tricky part is being mindful during suffering and accepting the pain. This is how real growth happens. Otherwise you might fall into the trap of avoiding pain cos it brings you suffering. You've discovered that with running. While this is theoretically true, in practice people don't get enlightened in a day. You have to do all the practices really rigorously, or at least the ones that work for you. And believe me, you'll definitely suffer. Meditation makes you feel good but only ones you've mastered it. Otherwise everybody would be meditating all the time. Agree on the suffering part. You have to try and understand @David Hammond. He's trying to tell you that there is something more to enlightenment than the present moment. Have you ever thought that there might be degrees to enlightenment? Although you're present, you still distinguish between 'you' and everything else. On a subconscious, metaphysical level, you still believe you were born, you exist, you perceive the world, etc. It's never that easy. Becoming present is just the beginning.
  10. you know they sell scissors for that. and in the pharmacy recently i saw a product you put on the nails so they taste bad - wasn’t that the manicure problem? it’s weird - how you could tell me everything you want and i would probably believe you. i was a little bit too alarmed maybe - i don’t think you would squish anybody, well i believe you wouldn’t. but mentioning it alarmed me. are you really afraid you would? and talking about appendices didn’t help, by the way - it made it kind of weird.
  11. Either you don't talk about it or they'll think you're deluded. You can't force this topic on them, because if you do, it'll trigger their egos even more. Unfortunately, that's the case.
  12. Yeah, this is tough. By undertaking the spiritual journey, you will often seem different, maybe weird. Maybe instead of trying to communicate some theory that you heard, try to communicate your feelings? Why are you really doing it? What emotions are behind it, what is your actual experience?
  13. @FoxFoxFox I think what @Joseph Maynor is simply trying to say is that the mind and maybe "ego" needs illusions (ideas, knowledge) to explain the illusion (perceived reality) first in order to open up for the "real" work. For me it´s a bit like that and I know it´s like that for others as well. If I need to meditate for 1000 hours in order to experience some truth then first I need a reason to do it. As you move on you realize that the reason has become a burden/obstacle so you drop it and move on. This text that Ivankiss wrote is a beautiful illusion that can help you realize that it is an illusion, and once you do you can leave it behind and move on.
  14. @SFRL Oh honey. You break my heart. You wouldn't be on this particular forum or following Leo's videos if you weren't interested in expanding your world, opening your mind, challenging your reality and assumptions, and self actualizing. Sure, Leo started out doing pick up as personal development but as he understood women better he later came out against the community. You're here for a reason. You're better than that.
  15. Then they'll think you're deluded. You can't communicate this to people that aren't ready without sounding insane. To them, you're even worse than a religious person, because at least a religious person has some "values" and believe in a God that you can identify with. Non-duality sounds like nihilism at best, and dangerous sect beliefs at worst.
  16. @Shin I have no desire to teach non-duality. My goal is to communicate this to my friends and family to prevent them from thinking i am crazy or that i am deluded.
  17. @Zigzag Idiot Man, you're a warrior. I was getting all upset that mine had a little bump on the bottom. Lamination does not reflect light perfectly anymore . It looks like you memorized it by now. How old is it? Balisongs are so cool! I wanted to be cool when I was 12, so I picked it up and started to learn the tricks. I still flip it, but it's my primary tool for manicure haha. It had its renaissance lately when I sharpened all knives in my home. I took the picture yesterday. Three of them, actually. The other two show my meditation cushion! Instagram disease. Getting too brazen? I always liked you that way.
  18. @Nahm I said it was because they're insecure and want to make themselves feel better or to impress others
  19. Get good at socializing Get good at flirting Get good at connecting with others Build a strong network
  20. and why is it dark where you are at?
  21. There is so much bullshit out there....I cannot fucking believe it. I fucking cant believe how much bullshit is out there in the dating scene. Men and women meant to be best friends. Instead, Battle of the sexes Pornography Red pill bullshit Pickup. ....where are the adults in this world? Yes. Pickup is a phase that can be skipped. Pickup is not love. And it is not a trusting relationship. I damanged a relationship because i told the girl whom i used my pickup skills on that I was just with her for pickup. It broke her heart. It broke my heart. And I cannot believe people dont see through it quicker. Fair enough, give it a try. But any intelligent human can see the deceitfulness and dishonest behind it. Apologies for the swearing. It is a subject I am enthusiastic about after having robbed my soul away for many years in pickup.
  22. @JohnnyBravo thank you! this is exactly what I have been thinking, these pickup guys have some deep issues that they need solving in other ways, like counselling or meditation maybe. It just isn’t for me, I can’t do that shit to people. And I’m happy enough with my looks and personality that I don’t need to validate it by chasing after vagina. Dont get me wrong, I love women. I think they can be a lot stronger than men sometimes, and I’m not going to manipulate them for my own silly needy needs. There’s too much suffering involved.
  23. Open up your heart. You have a choice ❤️
  24. I know that it's an old topic but I want to add something. There are two different types of study (as for me): study for yourself and study because you have to. Anyway, you could find a solution for both types like free essay database or tutor for example. I'm not a huge Studymoose expert but I think that everyone should try to connect these types and get true inspiration during the study.
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