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  2. @billiesimon I don't think so, she helped Jeff to create Amazon, she used to pack stuff for 14 hours a day and on top of that she take care of the kids. Anyways he is so unconscious.... his business only exploit people for money.
  3. Looking for accountability partner My main themes in life at the moment Trying to get financially independant. So, it's money making oriented activities, learning new skills, making stuff with them, hustling Developing a high consciousness intimate relationship with my girlfriend, long term commitment here Developing good work ethic (Learning to work deeply and efficently, with discipline) Keeping up with good habits (Diet+exercise+spiritual package) I am 21 years old. I'd estimate myself as solid stage yellow who has not fully integrated orange+green yet. Meditating for almost 2 years on a consistant basis. Got a lot from spiritual work and studying Leo's content. Now is time for deleberate action. Trying to push myself in different facets of life (mainly money and relationship atm) If I got you interested - hit me up in Direct message
  4. @EternalForest Start getting out of your comfort zone. If you mastered your career try to learn new things about it, try mixing it with other stuff, If you are tired of it learn something new and ditch your current career. Try to find your life purpose what it is that make you smile while working on it? Maybe you need to start learning other stuff like spirituality or emotions etc? You only know.
  5. I eat meat. Interesting how this kind of topic always leads to clashes...
  6. A book, a novel, what is it really? When stripped to the core, it’s just a bunch of squiggles written across otherwise empty pages. Those squiggles are interpreted by the reader to represent things, and in his mind he creates the appropriate image or idea. That is the power of the word, to conjure up unseen things upon a whim, as if by magic. As long as the words are understood, the images can be created. All sorts of things can be created in imagination by use of words. Characters are developed, each with their unique appearance and personality. They have relationships, joys and sorrows, adventures and conquests. But in a book, when a character speaks, is it they who are really speaking? Did they have an option in the matter to speak or not? Or a choice in what they would say or how they would react? Is there even a person there? Even though you might get lost in the book, and envisioning yourself as the main character, what happens when the book is put down? Do you fear putting it down out of fear you’ll disappear? Of course not, though the character and his world will vanish because they were only imagined. But who is reading the book and imagining all of this in the first place? Words in thought are no different than these squiggles on a blank page. Within thought, these sounds are given meaning and all sorts of unique characters and worlds are developed, including the main character named ‘I’. But it’s all just a story that’s being read. There is no character there speaking, just as there is no character actually speaking his dialogue within a book. Who or what is reading the words of thought, interpreting them and giving them reality? Without such a story, what would be?
  7. Same here guys I meet think I'm 10 years younger and say I'm joking about my age and women usually guess 3-5 years younger. Yeah I have no idea what these guys are talking about I usually feel bloated, tired, or constipated if I eat meals of meat or wheat products. I'm on the higher end of my ideal weight which means I can afford to shed some weight and also I get asked if I work out because I have some naturally muscle curves for someone who doesn't work out. I think it's from the nuts, peanut butter and potatoes I eat. So really in my direct experience i have no idea what these guys are talking about. @SgtPepper I'm tired of arguing with your misinformation , no not all vegetables are good raw it's on a individual basis you need to research which vegetable releases best under which condition. As far as science is concerned meat gives better nutrition when cooked, and is safer to eat, that's why we've been eating meat cooked for centuries. I didnt say we are exactly like gorillas I didn't say we shouldn't wear clothes and hang about in jungles. It is a FACT that we have a common ancestor with apes we have 94% Dna match to apes, and apes are mainly herbivores on diet regardless If they eat insects they are labelled as herbivores. I say this because people like to compare us to carnivores because we have tiny canine teeth. You're constantly strawman arguing and internationally missing my points do I have to spell out everything by writing an essay to cover all grounds? And yes maybe we should eat insects, it will probably be healthier for us humans, save the planet, and at least the insects wont be subjected to tight cages or torture or other mistreatment. But better choice yet I'd say vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts and seeds are even better. And taste better too.
  8. learning without an accumulation of time; i like this. its words of wisdom isn't this quite difficult when your actually reading or learning anything. everything you read is dualistic and will imply dualistic implications that is right, that is wrong, it should be done like this, etc?
  9. @Ampresus If an Enlightened being told you, that you should eat fish twice a day, would you listen?
  10. To live a life without a self imposed image, which implies that i don’t project the past(self) onto others/environment. To Live without conflict/fear/divison & continue in the art of learning(learning without accumulation) or non-evaluation. To share with anyone interested. Other than that be excellent to one another & continue living a quiet & simple life.
  11. Thank you, this evidence is really important to me.
  12. 275£ Sadhguru himself will be in London in April.
  13. @Jack River like a lotus on water; it is to take a position of yes or no ahaha very tricky indeed; but we accept everything in this present moment of illusory and just go with what is. have you decided what your life purpose is?
  14. This piece of music is just.... I can't find the words. How I've been feeling over the past few days... Enjoy. .
  15. Fosho. And it's a most excellent ’no-thing’ to find that the answer (yes-no) itself gives continuity to this movement. Tricky self heh🤐
  16. @TheAvatarState Interesting idea. The witch essentially plants a virus in someone's mind and demands money to remove the virus. Similar to computer hackers that put a virus onto someone's computer and tries to get them to pay for it's removal.
  17. @Michael569 Thanks for the advice. How much a week would you think is healthy to eat fish? Like once a week or maybe two times a week?
  18. Haha Demonization is implicit as ego. To demonize is subtle acceptance of egocentric activity by condemnation. This may seem silly/confusing, but it simply points to the fact that ego and it’s compulsion to accept or condemn is one unit of movement of identification/attachment/resistance to what-is.. Ego is demonization.
  19. not sure leo already said it or not, but i can think of it myself yesterday.. it's about to know whether things u are doing for primarily for money or not.. (If yes, I think It likely be a wrong path..) -- If you had one billion $, would you still do it or not? -- ask yourself honestly, the answer will come out quite instantly.. no lie to yourself.. for me (I'm currently focusing on Forex trading) the answer from my soul is 'No' I must rethink about forex.. my soul doesn't love the process of trading but money, sad.
  20. @SFRL people that score high on neuroticism are more critical and often play the devil's advocate. They also are the most accurate in predicting risks, so in high risky jobs, like safety testers this is very useful.
  21. I'm really curious about this statement. Does it happen every time? Is there a way to avoid that? Could the spark reignite? How?
  22. @alankrillin good point, I've been a vegetarian/sort of vegan for 28 years and my blood tests perfect, I take supplements and I make an effort to eat a variety of super healthy foods but I also eat a lot of cake and nachos on the side and that's not just blood tests for nutrients, my blood pressure is low, my cholesterol levels are great, my weight is great, and so on... that's my direct experience after eating 0 meats for almost 30 years plus I look super young, no one believes my real age
  23. You need to express yourself, a lot. It might take a while, but it will work, you’ll begin to feel much better. Therapy? Your friend? Any form of art will do, poetry, drawing, singing, painting, etc. Doesn’t matter how “good” you are at it, the experience of expression, opening up a little, is what helps. You can pm me anytime, don’t hesitate. I was suicidal when I was around your age. I know it can seem like it can’t get better or things won’t change, but that’s just a perspective. You will change, situations will change, life will get easier. You don’t need any one to accept you. You can accept and love yourself. I have love for you, and I don’t even know you. I think you’ve been carrying a lot of mental weight, for a long time. You probably dont realize it, and feel lost because you don’t realize you are carrying the weight. It could also be the case that you live with or spend a lot of time around someone who is just negative and has a negative perspective, and that may have ‘rubbed off on you’ for so long, that you aren’t recognizing it. Again, I was ‘there’. I was diagnosed as manic depressive. But I found there is no depression, without thinking depressive thoughts, and holding depressing perspectives. You get used to them, and don’t realize your perspectives are depressing - you get used to it, and actually think your view is accurate, realistic. It’s not. The feeling of depression, is what you should take as the only sign you need to get clued in that the depressive perspectives are not true. The depression you feel is the product of two ‘things’: You (Truth / Love), and the perspectives you’re holding. The Truth / Love (you) is and will only ever be, The Truth / Love. So, you must listen to The Truth / Love (you) and begin to change perspectives. Stop being stubborn. Take great comfort in saying to yourself and out loud, “I don’t know”. Again, pm me anytime. You will feel better, I promise. Hang in there man.
  24. Have you got a disease? Physical ailment? Pain? Great! You are most fortunate! This is an amazing opportunity given to you by the Lord himself! The jackpot to claim here is the freedom from identification with your body! And when the whole strenuous process is complete... you realize with a joyful laugh, that the sickness was only a silly joke
  25. @now is forever don't get me wrong. I'm not demonizing the person. Just that whole exchange reeked of devilry. The intentions weren't coming from the right place. It wasn't well-thought- out. Let's just assume that the "witch" powers were legit and she could read the future. Telling OP about it would actually influence the outcome to some degree (in a sense a spell that seals the deal), so the witch created a situation in which the only option was to force money out of someone else, in order to stop thousands of dollars in damage and bodily harm. Whether the cleansing would have worked or not is completely irrelevant and unknowable. The proper action for the witch, if her intentions were pure, would be to offer the cleansing for free or to not say anything at all and not get involved in the quantum entanglement.
  26. Day 3&4: 4/10 & 3/10 Nofap Update: On day 3 I go many cravings to watch porn after I watched it for an hour on day 2, and I actually gave in to one of the cravings for about 5 minutes: My sexual energy was replenished and it coursed through my whole body, it made me think, crave and fantasize of only PMO, it made my dick hard and my body and face hot and I full of energy. I did some burpees to get rid of the energy from the body (with success) but the energy didn't seem to leave the mind. After about 5 minutes of watching porn, I went on to meditate for 20 minutes, carefully observing my thoughts in that session. Because I gave in to the craving, the thoughts and fantasies that appeared during my meditation session was a definite degree more compelling. These cravings packed an extra punch of emotions and vividness. If I would have gave into cravings after that point, I could now imagine why resisting the urge to fap (as a hardcore addict) would be very hard to do. The rest of that day I had alot of thoughts about watching some more porn, but also alot of fantasies to masturbate to the porn, I didnt give into any of them, instead I redirected my focus towards my schedule. Later that day I read an article about how to cure PMO which really resonated with me and gave me the strength and motivation to completely let go of all thoughts about PMO that arose after that point, and today on day 4 I just pulverized my -- relatively few -- PMO thoughts, not even giving them a second to play out while I took vigorous action on fulfilling a great and productive day. The very valuable insight: Im resonating much more with the law of attraction and how it plays in to the quitting of the addiction: Some people might think that they should fantasize about porn or erotica in order to "sort it out in their head", and "really let go of the emotional attachments to the fantasy". This action is intuitive and understandable, but its a double edged sword; If you think about something alot, you tend to attract it. if you chose to think about PMO, it tends to manifest in your reality! Even though the physical reality might not change, your perception of it will, which entails that if you think about and fantasize about PMO, you will tend to get a lot more thoughts about it and that is counter-productive. The main goal here is to not think about the addiction anymore, for a month then a year, a decade and a lifetime... only then the addiction is trancended. If I think about the addiction all the time, then you are not free from the addiction. Action steps: When a thought/fantasy/craving/urge about your addiction arises, do not let it play out! Rather, sit with the thought and observe it for what it is. In this way, it will immediately seize to play out and perpetuate, but rather disappear as quickly as it came. This task is easier said than done, a habit of meditation helps with this a lot.
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