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  2. This is what I call: running away from the dilettante! He just doesn’t get that all his consciousness is mostly doing is telling a bad story about something that has zero influence over his life because his descriptions are stories not facts, albeit shallow stories because he’s a dilettante masquerading as someone knowledgeable. TRUTH influences your reality whether it be reality relating to QM not your empty stories that make you feel good and that you know something simply because you read a little about other people’s accomplishments while simultaneously purporting to say that “scientists these days just don’t get it!”. That’s called biting the hand that feeds numbnuts given QM arose from and lives in scientific inquiry. Otherwise there’s still something you’re not getting @Inliytened1. I do NOT take you at all seriously. This has ZERO to do with the subject itself. That’s a HUGE distinction. It’s simple distinctions like these that you seem to miss, of which I put down largely to be a reflection of low levels of meta-cognition as per the research I mentioned before regarding the Dunning-Kruger effect. That’s just the pattern I’m noticing, perhaps it’s incorrect but so far it seems pretty reliable. I can’t have consistently good interactions with people that miss simple things like this. So as for “threatened” that’s just another delusion you’ve concocted in your imagination about the interaction to date. To me your consciousness makes FAR TOO MANY unquestioning assumptions for my liking, and along with the deception, misdirection, pretending (i.e. to be an authority on this subject along with other things) and proselytizing, it’s enough in my eyes to warrant the exclusion of earnest interaction from myself. And as for use of the term possibilities it seems you have very little understanding of the word given you seem to ground it in listening to your quackery and the absence of which you equate to someone “not being open minded”, lol maybe they just don’t like you because they don’t trust you and they don’t trust you because you show deceptive patterns and wear authority masks. My minds prediction is that it would take you at least 12 months of consistent study to truly understand what open mindedness really means. For starters you gotta question everything including yourself, traits of which you’ve failed to exhibit given the above mentioned inclinations (inclusive of but not limited to proselytizing). And that’s just the very beginning! You’re a dilettante in my eyes. Relative to my other options I have ZERO to gain from interacting any further on this subject here. This will be my last comment on this thread. But keep ribbiting away like Hermit the frog I don’t care. (for others here - recommended reading: Title - A Little Learning by Alexander Pope - Poems/Pope/a_little_learning.htm).
  3. No major left-wing political candidate is advocating open borders. This is some bogeyman the right wing created. Also, applying for asylum is LEGAL. I have no problem with border enforcement as long as it's humane.
  4. I’m full Czech, I was born there. I left when I was 18 to escape my family, now I live in Australia. I couldn't go any further away from them! Interpol still found me though. Maybe I should've tried Antarctica but that could be a bit lonely.
  5. @Zizzero These are not airy-fairy philosophical questions though. These are deeply practical, deeply relevant questions about the state of the world we're in today. It's very hard to self-actualize if you're rotting in the dungeons of a prison because something about you triggers violent reactionaries. And yes, this is the potential future we're heading towards if conscious people don't do the gruelling work needed to prevent this. This isn't to scare you, really it isn't. I wish this wasn't happening. But it is. And the time for wishy-washy kumbayah nonsense about "all opinions being equally valid" has long since left. Please don't make the mistake that too many spiritual people make and think spirituality is somehow "above" or "unconcerned with" political issues. The Buddha railed against the corrupt caste system of his day, despite all the resistance he got for it. Jesus called out the Temple authorities and the Romans for their hypocrisy and oppression. Spirituality and politics are deeply intertwined.
  6. I just had a 10days retreat with a guru last week. He teached me a lot. I travelled to a different city to meet him.
  7. @StarStruck sorry it's random. But something comes to mind when it comes to road trips & travel. You don't get attached to the places you went to. It's a fleeting moments. You can only keep it in your memories in the end. And you keep travelling to new places and the ones you left simply remains in your memories. You will have a problems if you get attached to any places. You can revisit whenever you wan't but it will never be the same. Everything is different. It becomes something new. These days when I travel, I will enjoy each places to the fullest. As if it were my last. But don't get attached to any.
  8. What about this option? You can compensate him once you have enough money. Just an idea, would it be wrong? I think it might be ok.
  9. @Bryanbrax Too many wacky visuals in that video -- gives the wrong impression. Think of it as nothing changes visually. Just awareness increases and sense of self collapses or expands. It feels like being hyper-present. You become so present & aware that you literally see through the substance of physical reality. What once looked physical now seems like a hologram. Physical objects appear empty, like a hallucination or a mirage. You can see them still, but they lack reality. It can also feel like the air got sucked out of the room. Everything becomes crystal clear and luminous. It also feels like divinity and pure magic.
  10. @pluto Where do you get this wisdom from?
  11. @Angelite What does that have to do with retreats? When doing a retreat, be crystal clear about what you're doing and what the parameters are. Don't be jerking off in your Mom's basement and calling that a retreat. A retreat is when you're meditating/inquiring 24/7. Or in the case of psychedelic retreats it's back to back days of deep tripping.
  12. I am half Slovak, quarter Czech and quarter German, I have a Hungarian surname that nobody here can pronounce/spell correctly and people sometimes mistake me for a gypsy/Indian guy
  13. @Leo Gura the key is : No attachement Or FULLY attached to EVERYTHING . Everything. It's like when you're filming. You can focus on details or you can go broad and defocus everything and flow. Am I right? It's good to be living in both world though. To be a pro at both.
  14. Addicted to helping others see the true nature within themselves. A fire burns within and i can't stand any living thing suffering. I guess the downside to it, is that, It can get excessive and thus becomes a habit as you end up focusing too much on others thus you end up burning or even potentially blinding yourself by your own light. Balance & Simplicity ~ Self-Reminders
  15. @F E A R L E S S Dude we've seen everything, just don't come up with another coloured pill, please...
  16. As I read through the comments, I find this stage comparing everyone is doing here highly egotistical and childish. And, everyone should realize by now, even so called stage turquoise world Gaia govt would still be about survival and still be susceptible to corruption in some way, and have to ensure its own survival by implementing polices that will not tolerate previous ones. There is no escaping the fact that no govt can ever be perfect for a species so imperfect such as ours.
  17. Awakening feels like the word itself, Awakening, Waking up from a dream. Like when you wake up in the morning and realize oh.. it was all a dream.
  18. well put! nice idea! well, I don't agree on ajasatya's viewpoint because if the relationship is more functional and healthy, it'd help for two persons to grow themselves psychologically/consciously! I should invent a dating app for the self-actualizers to find each other and hook up together! haha
  19. I wrote earlier that Indra's net expands proportional to a doubling at each iteration, but that's only for what can be called first order differences, where only the previous differences result in new differences. There is also a second order difference between the last differences and the older differences that have been manifested. That involves factorial expansion I think. That's an even faster growth! I haven't figured out yet if the first and second order differences are related to first and second order holons. I haven't even defined holon with an information interpretation yet.
  21. Mine is being fearful/procrastinate/over thinking /ill disciplined. Help plz
  22. I think I had a tiny awakening the other night. Sometimes I feel indecisive in life and it causes me pain and I was feeling an immense amount of this when a burst happened and what felt like my mind going through a wormhole or something and I understood what infinity meant. I quickly came out of it though because I still like being fragmented.
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  24. LOL, Same here! years ago, my sister and i were mocking on miserable underdeveloped people (in terms of culture) we couldn't stomach their lifestyle, way of traveling and etiquette and the way of having sex and... because those were all unmodern. then after actualizing myself further and further, I realized every micro/macro behavior is executed from the mind program, that was when I stopped judging excessively. P.S: I have still obsession to surround myself with modern people both in terms of appearance and mental construction for culture :))
  25. @winterknight okay I had understand it It is not contradictory. The Relative and the Absolute.
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