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  2. @egoless I'm sorry to hear that (about addiction). So, what part do you play in this process? Besides getting saved, repenting, e.g., the one-time or ritualistic temporal activities? I may or may not know what I'm talking about, but I want you to know I 100% support you, even though I'm being silly! Plus, I haven't been in church in...a little while.
  3. It’s quite interesting the numerous traps constructed by the chooser that chooses. Methods, systems, techniques, routines, the cultivation of experiences... perhaps one can completely bypass-sidestep all the limitation that time(psychological becoming) presents. Truth is a trackless wilderness
  4. @Faceless You will continue to ask these trivial questions if you are locked in your paradigm. I offered you to challange it. The rest is up to you to decide
  5. I'm inclined to say there is only consciousness, neither collective nor individual. Although have been playing around with the idea of materialism, and perhaps the degree to which consciousness is at least partially socially influenced, I think if a person were fully non-dual they would be enlightened. The collective unconscious is something that is present in society, an expression of it perverted would be something like the Borg out of Star Trek. The unconscious self being an expression of the empirical self. However, perhaps there is also a collective consciousness that could be simulated, instead of mirror neurons related to empathy, direct telepathy, either biologically or electronically implanted organ. So if someone feels pain, you feel it as well, same for joy happiness unhappiness etc. It would probably be limited to a few units however, rather than thousands in tenement blocks or borg cubes. The Omar (Cyborgs, meaning conscious pilots) off the game Deus Ex Invisible War as an example, of a collective consciousness limited to small teams. I Liked the quote by Montaigne at the end.
  6. What subconscious? Confirming to a view is an example of the supposed freedom in will-choice. Truth is not fixed, therefore it’s doesn't belong to “me”-“you”.
  7. Good question to flag and to think about more. I don't agree that there's relative Truth. There's only one Truth.
  8. Just be the light for them to better read the pages in the dark. Don't teach, but help them teach themselves to become themselves by being yourself.
  9. For me was awakening and mastering of Tantra. Had similar experience. Some girls just don't let go of the "knowing all" & "reality works only like this".
  10. Hi there, I have a very intimate, delicate subject to share with you today. It turns out that I'm sexually attracted mainly to children/teens (mostly boys) in the 10-15 year old age range. I'm a male in my mid 20's and I've know about this for about a decade now, although I pushed it away until 2 to 3 years ago. The reason I write this post is, that I feel an urge to express myself somehow about this issue and because of it's taboo nature it is quite hard to disclose to people in real life, although I talk to my therapist about it. So feel free to leave me a comment, but whatever your opinion is, please stay respectful and open-minded. So, here I am, sitting in my bedroom writing about an aspect of me that I barely feel comfortable with. It all began when I was a teenager myself and the hormones began to make themselves noticable. At first, I found myself attracted to male classmates of mine and thought that I might be gay. Not exactly a pleasant thougth, but still ok. Considering the emotional abusive home I grew up in, and thus the quite weak psychological state I was in, every deviation from norm was not really welcomed. As a few years went by, I noticed that I and my peers grew older but my sexual attraction basically stayed the same. That was probably the phase when I intuited that there might be something wrong, but as so often, I pushed my consern in my subconscious and hoping that it would somehow work itself out with time. Oh man, how wrong I was. As it became more and more clear, that this sexual attraction towards boys would not go away, the harder I tried to convince myself of the opposite and forced myself, totally against my inner guidance system, into pursuing relationships with people that I was not attracted to. I was terrified of being regarded as strange by family, friends and peers for not indulging in common romantic relationships, let alone being though of as a pedophile/hebephile. This whole scenario became very stressful and has lead to massive anxienty and trauma, that I am still dealing with today. Now, I am in the phase of acutally coming to terms with my sexuality and actualizing it in a healthy way. A first step hereby is to finally start expressing my feelings to myself and others, when safe. Obviously, I am not the kind of person who would like to abuse children. I myself have been treated bad enough in childhood, although not in a sexual way, so I really don't want to cause any pain or suffering to a child. In addition, I'd rather have an adult partner, who can be a true partner for life, somebody I can talk to and who is socially acceptable as partner. The thing is, as mentioned above, I'm mainly attracted to prepubescent/pubescent body scemes, so an adult relationship certainly won't be sexually fulfilling for me. Not even sure if the biology would work, although I occasionally masturbate watching adult porn. Not to mention the hurdles to actually finding a partner who would be willing to engage in such a relationship and is trustworthy enough to know about my attractions. I really struggle finding my place in society. Living in constant fear of being exposed and mistreated for "who I am", although I haven't done any harm to anyone. People just don't understand the difference between being attracted to children and actually abusing them. Most of child molestors are actually not pedophiles. And most pedophiles do not abuse children, but life in quiet desperation. If one reads the comments of rare enough articles or videos about this subject, many people just want to see pedophiles dead. Admittedly, there are some people of higher development, who have the ability to evaluate the subject more accurately. The fact is: We exist! Our attraction exists! Deal with it! We have, too! Ironically, all the demonization of this topic will only push it further into the shadow and inevitably lead to more child abuse, because affected people feel excluded from society, more isolated, and thus more prone to commit acts of child abuse. In a more conscious world, pedophiles should be treated with the same amount of respect, love and trust like every citizen, because most pedophiles fundamentally are nothing but decent people. Under current conditions however, every person who feels this attraction, is forced in isolation, loneliness, despair and fear. I hope that you can now relate a little bit to what it means to be a pedophile in our current society. There is a chance, although not very likely, that your child could be a pedophile (approx 1%+ of general population, genetic/environental factors matter). How would you like your child to be treated if it would develop such an attraction? How would you yourself like to be treated in this position? I find comfort in the acceptance, respect and open-mindedness of higher developed people. There seems so be a slow but steady growth in awareness about this subject in society, so that we can hopefully expect a safer place for minor-attracted people and children in the future.
  11. @kieranperez How should it be?
  12. Tantra. No need for much words after. One will be able to attract women even from a distance, only using energy and projection.
  13. "Making people run in circles" is a good summary. It's not the problem of privacy, but disinformation. Anyway that's clear now, that my mind have found way more excuses than an algorithm ^^
  14. You are tempted because you haven't connected with her on a very deep level. Go both and learn Tantra. Build the connection, and after a while, no girl will tempt you anymore. In the end, there are 2 ways in society. Marriage and what I said or the opposite. There is no middle way in this because the suffering is too great.
  15. @Hellspeed ok, i was talking about my synesthesia or picture thinking... it was about the situation in general - not about myself. getting in „touch“ is a whole new level don’t know if i‘m ready for that.
  16. @egoless what’s non-duality? what practices?
  17. “ Stop. Talking. “ & “I think it'd be a cool idea to use the socratic method, in other words, never introduce any concept or any belief or anything by yourself, but just ask questions, with the only instruction being that he should only focus on his direct experience” @beaucoup Nice. This works. It’s very common for someone to resort to anything not to stay to their own direct experience.
  18. An understanding of nonduality is not nonduality, it’s a filter on duality, resulting in confusion. An idea of infinity, or death, is not infinity, or, “death”. Help people understand the self imposed nature of suffering, consciousness is not an identity in dualism, it’s all there is.
  19. @Faceless @Joseph Maynor Hello my old friends, as I see, you guys are still locked in nonduality paradigm. I challange you to forget that conditioning. I challange you to stop all of your practices for a month. Try to integrate back to normal life (or as we would call it duality). Observe the changes and then let’s talk after a month. I want to show you that what appears the Truth to you now is no more than conditioning of your subconscious over the long period of time. Be more open minded. Challange your worldview, challange your Truth. I did and I broke it down. I went through 4 completely different worldviews over the past 3 years and I finally found the true one. the Truth is you always have a worldview whether you are aware of it or not. Whether you are “enlightened” or not. You perceive reality always as you are... but reality is one.
  20. It is in the sense that you can live without it. It isn't in the sense that for most people, it is precisely suffering that make them awaken.
  21. To awaken Kundalini is getting in touch with the Colon Is not only a sack for waste, but it is also the key to awakening.
  22. @Shin how can we be sure suffering is unnecessary?
  23. Their cells are 10 times bigger than my appartment. I think I'll kill some people soon enough... 🙄🙄🙄
  24. Jesus does not “fix” challanges. Through only Jesus I can be purified. He died on the cross to save me, you and all of humanity. He transforms me in an unbelievable way. I was able to quit most of my bad habits since I have been touched by him. Moreover, he completely ended my nonduality and meditation addiction. But back then I was not aware that those could be addictive...
  25. I had been what you would call “Enlightened to nonduality” and I reversed everything back. Now you judge.
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