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  2. Oh, the "experiences" you hear about up to the point of Moksha (enlightenment) are awakenings (Self realizations) and epiphanies. That are helpful before/during the "assimilation" of Self knowledge, but are not Moksha/enlightenment "itself", because during these "experiences" awareness is seen as an "object" with the ego being the subject.
  3. @Joseph Maynor Everything is made of superposition. A word for; everything everywhere all the time. Everything is made of it. Minds are made of it also. Minds are everything, everywhere all of the time. Can you imagine that?
  4. I like your concepts of love and would only recommend a different word or term for each different application of the word "love". What is all around us that can be described with a word other then "love"? Exactly what do you feel in meditation that can be described with another word than "love"? I am not attacking the word "love" but am questioning it's use in these different situations for the sake of clarity and understanding. I believe Life or Presence (another word for love) is all around us. I feel joy (love) in my meditations. To be still and feel the "peace" (love) to me. My choice of different words are no better than any others so it's up to the writer to make things clear. Pleas don't see this as nit-picking but exactly what do you feel when "not so loved"? Can you offer a different word than the umbrella word "loved"? You might thinks I am bullying you but, unless you can offer a few other words for "love", this doesn't help me understand what you are speaking of here. For me, the love of a parent is an oxymoron since my parents did NOT do what I would call "love" very well. They did nurturing, providing, clothing and feeding pretty well but they also did fear, anger, hostility, animosity, jealousy, contempt and ABUSE even better! So i could not put "love" and "parenting" together in a sentence. It comes down to how a word is applied in each situation so using the word "love" everywhere does not help me understand your comments here.
  5. I can't remember my whole post as I was writing it on/off for 45 minutes. But, in a nutshell, with Moksha (enlightenment) the only experience to be had is the switch in identification. Instead of awareness being seen as an object by the ego. They switch places and ego becomes an object (I-thought) and you, awareness (The Self) become the subject and the two never get confused again.
  6. Okay, so I have been watching a lot of videos on pick up and attraction. Is it wise to purchase a program, or read a book on dating? I have aready reasearched this feild so much and I know the basics, and I am decent at attraction, but there are still many things I dont know most likely, or they just want my money. I know one thing, I have not had enough hands on experience in dating.
  7. @Prabhaker thanks, but I'm on my phone.
  8. When I saw that it's all beliefs it made it much easier to see my beliefs and see beyond them.
  9. #Day 8: So i decided to fast these three days and i think it helped me to gain more control over my self. I've been feeling some anxiety but nothing out of order. I'm considering to start changing my diet to a vegetarian one, i've been reading about the benefits and it sounds interesting.
  10. When you accidentally delete anything , you can bring it back by pressing ctrl + z , immediately.
  11. It's important to be honest and call a spade a spade. If someone is being abusive, don't be afraid to point this out and call it what it is. There is no need to muddy the waters of practical functioning, just to live by higher wisdom. And also don't feel like you should tolerate the abuse or enable a person to abuse another person. The abuser should not be entitled to a degree of acceptance in a way that deprives their victim of peace in life. Their actions should be stopped, if at all possible. However, you should also practice compassion for this abusive individual and not make the mistake of flushing them down the toilet or invalidating their existence. You should still be able to recognize them as part of yourself and part of love/God/oneness/etc. Also, don't expect them to change their behavior. Most times, compassion and understanding will do little to impact the way someone else acts, anyway. Just accept them as they are and the fact that those types of things happen without needing it to change. This is unconditional love. But you should remove yourself from a harmful situation. It's not your job to be on the cross for someone else's sins, so to speak. But (and this part is really important for you to understand) also don't forget to accept and recognize your own negative emotions relative to these harmful acts. Your negative emotions are also a part of love/God/oneness. So, to ignore, invalidate, or over-ride your negative emotions relative to abusive actions for the sake of accepting the person, misses your entire intention of accepting all as one. This is why I said you were engaging in spiritual bypassing in an earlier post. You seem to make the mistake of thinking your repulsions and negative feelings toward the actions of others are invalid or antithetical to the recognition of love and oneness. And so you seem to ignore them as less valid than the intellectual truth that you learned about oneness. But your emotional repulsions are exactly the thing that you want to accept unconditionally because they are reality itself. So, they are also part of oneness and need unconditional acceptance. But also because it will help you realize what you don't want and it will help you navigate your way through life more skillfully. They are there for a practical function in decision making. And if you actually realize the Truth of oneness in an experiential way and see other as self and self as other, and recognize the non-necessity of suffering. Then you naturally won't want to suffer and won't want others to suffer either. So, you will naturally try to take actions to reduce suffering for all parties involved. And sometimes, tough love and justice are necessary when addressing the actions of wrong-doers. So, it's important to let go of the non-dual dogma that is obscuring reality from you. If you haven't experienced it, you can't intellectually figure out what wisdom is. Wisdom is like an infinite river that changes from moment to moment. A wise action in one moment, can be a foolish action in the next. So, the insight "all is one" might function in some situations... but definitely not all situations. My advice is to stop trying to get reality to fit with your beliefs regarding love, abundance, and lack. Reality doesn't fit into these ideas at all.
  12. Unconscious decisions in the brain ( "In the study, published in Nature Neuroscience, participants could freely decide if they wanted to press a button with their left or right hand. They were free to make this decision whenever they wanted, but had to remember at which time they felt they had made up their mind. The aim of the experiment was to find out what happens in the brain in the period just before the person felt the decision was made. The researchers found that it was possible to predict from brain signals which option participants would take up to seven seconds before they consciously made their decision. Normally researchers look at what happens when the decision is made, but not at what happens several seconds before. The fact that decisions can be predicted so long before they are made is a astonishing finding." Free Will and Neuroscience: From Explaining Freedom Away to New Ways of Operationalizing and Measuring It ( "One could state that free “decision-making draws upon a rich history of accumulated information, manifested in preferences, attitudes and motivations, and is related to the current internal and external environment in which we act. Complete absence of context is impossible” Unconscious determinants of free decisions in the human brain( "There has been a long controversy as to whether subjectively 'free' decisions are determined by brain activity ahead of time. We found that the outcome of a decision can be encoded in brain activity of prefrontal and parietal cortex up to 10 s before it enters awareness. This delay presumably reflects the operation of a network of high-level control areas that begin to prepare an upcoming decision long before it enters awareness." According to this the choices are made in an unconscious way before we chose it , so if we don't really make it how is it that we can be responsible for it? In some sense is like everything is already predetermined? what do you think @jimrich
  13. @aurum I've never doubted that relationships and sex can still be conscious, the issue I was wondering of was that it seemed like an important thing, and to me it sort of felt like it was described as a necessity to self-actualize. Because you can be happy no matter what circumstances, isn't sex and relationships becoming subortinate things, which often (and of course not always) leads to a need for it, where you'll get unhappy if you don't have it? If I really care about relationships in terms of feeling a need for it, and that's why this is so important, then I don't see how that's compatible with self-actualization or being conscious. I've read some answers here that at least make some sense. And what do you say to people who, for a variety of reasons, can never have sex or get into intimate relationships?
  14. Omg, I just lost a post I was writing...ugh
  15. When you are dreaming at see a whole world of other beings and people...but are there really "other people"? All the characters in the dream and in fact the whole of the dream came from one mind. Other dream characters appear to be conscious and think, but you are only aware of the one dream character you are playing...although you are really all of it. There has only been the one mind the whole time.
  16. I'd say that "station" is the unnameable Source or No-thing out of which Everything (mysteriously) appears. For me, everything begins with clear definitions so what is your definition of "love" and "illusion"? I won't bother with the dictionary definitions nor the many definitions of love that have been posted here along with some arguments about those definitions. I'd say that every apparent "thing" (including the "feeling" of love), in the cosmos, is an illusion or imaginary projection of That which cannot be defined or even spoken of but has often been labeled as "love" or unconditional love and much more. If this "love" (or lust) is an illusion, I'm OK with it being an illusion and would ask how to keep this illusion alive and well while it's here. I was often able to fall in love but had a lot of trouble KEEPING IT, so I lost a lot of wonderful lovers and one wife by now knowing how to keep the love alive and well once it arrived. I am speaking of romantic or personal love plus lust. I may not have ever experienced Divine love but I see the same issue in both - how to keep it once you've got it? In my 2nd marriage, my partner and I learned how to keep our love alive and well with relationship books and psychotherapy so that love affair lasted all the way through until she crossed over last year. For me, the issue is simple. Regardless of being an illusion or not (whatever that means), I'd want to know how to keep this "love", divine or mortal, alive and well and not lose it as so many folks do. So for me, love is everything from burning personal lust on up to impersonal, divine Unity; ordinary attraction up to Infinite Selflessness and I see all of that as an illusory, temporary expression of No-thing or the Absolute which is beyond words and concepts. So the word "love", like the word "god" or "happiness", can be very difficult to pin down unless you want to go into more detail about YOUR interpretation of "love" and "illusion" here.
  17. Reality continues on whether you are thinking or not. Thought actually is the only screen between you and reality. If you ceased thinking for a bit, you would see what is as it is. You motivation to do things may decrease, but it is only the ego that needs motivation to do things. You can still do things simply for the enjoyment of it.
  18. @John Iverson It's extremely important that when you do a formal daily session, your spine is erect. You can meditate standing, but do NOT lie down unless you broke your back. And even then, try to sit up. Be very careful with sloppy meditation practices. You will just waste years of your life.
  19. Yes, there is sitting, lying, standing, and walking meditations. You can really do anything while meditating...physical posture or activity does not matter.
  20. @Dino D You're just lost in monkey mind. If you seriously cared about knowing the truth, we wouldn't be having this discussion. When you really care about the truth, you wouldn't mind spending 40 years searching for it and coming up empty. It should be that important to you.
  21. You just experience the world as it is. The illusions of the mind simply drop away (with enlightenment). So you recognize the illusions of the mind you were taking for reality...and then you see the world as it is. This is far more ordinary than it sounds. Enlightenment is more about realization...a eureka moment in which prior you believed the illusions of the mind and after you don't because you see they are illusions. Afterwards, the world is still experienced...but without the illusions of the mind (the blinders and colored lenses we are accustomed with).
  22. So, there is this 31 year old girl who is into me. I am not sure about her, but I asked here to hang out once and she did ( helped me cook). I think she original thought I wanted to hook up with her, but I asked her to show me how to cook. Now I asked her to go hiking with me and she has not responded. Now she aproched me at work after I sent the text because I told her I was leaving and that caught her attention and she started asking me questions. I have friend zoned her, but can I just be friends with benefits? BTW, I know she is attracted to me.
  23. Hey I'm working on something similar too! Urban farms to be more exact. Glad there are like minds out there! I am in the middle of finding suitable land to farm right now.
  24. 💙
  25. Dino, I woke up in 2005. You can realize who/what you really are as well. It is not a matter of reading a lot, going to seminars, taking psychedelics, meditating a lot, time spent on spiritual paths, or even talent. It is about being still, being silent, being present...and really looking at who we think/feel we are. I don't care about beliefs or theoretical ideas...what do you really feel you are...and is it true. Look deeply at the "I". What is the origin and source of the "I"? Look at the illusions of the mind and question their reality (of course, right now you are taking those illusions for I am asking you to question reality). Be still and know (through just seeing).
  26. @John Iverson Ordinarily what we call time is not real time. It is chronological time. So remember that time can be divided, classified, in three ways. One is "chronological," another is "psychological," and the third is "real." The chronological time is clock time. It is utilitarian; it is not real. It is just a belief agreed upon by the society. We have agreed to divide the day into twenty-four hours. It is very arbitrary that the earth moves in one complete circle on its axis in twenty-four hours; we have decided to divide it into twenty-four. Then we have decided to divide each hour into sixty minutes. There is no intrinsic necessity to divide it that way. Some other civilization may divide it in a different way. We can divide the hour into a hundred minutes and nobody is going to prevent us. Then each minute we have divided into sixty seconds. That too is arbitrary, just utilitarian. It is clock time. It is needed; otherwise society will fall apart. Clock time will stop immediately if man is not there; so it is man-created, a social by-product. A primitive man has no use for a watch. If you present him a watch, he will be simply puzzled, for what? What is he going to do with it? A civilized man cannot live without a watch. Deep down from chronological, just underneath it, is another time which is not real, but more real than the chronological time; that is psychological time. There is a clock, biological clock, within you. After each twenty-eight days, the menstruation comes. The body functions like an inner clock, a-biological clock. If you watch, then you will see the hunger comes at a certain time every day. If you are well and healthy, then needs fall into a certain pattern, and that pattern is repeated. It is only broken when you are not well; otherwise the body moves on smoothly, runs in a smooth pattern. And if you are aware of that pattern, you will be more alive than the man who lives by the dock. You are closer to reality. The chronological time is fixed, it has to be fixed, because it is a social necessity; but the psychological time is fluid, it is not so solid, because each person has his own psychology, his Own mind. Have you watched? When you are happy, time goes fast. Your clock will not go fast; the clock has nothing to do with you. It moves at its own pace -- in sixty seconds it moves one minute, in sixty minutes it moves one hour. It will continue; whether you are happy or unhappy doesn't matter. If you are unhappy your mind will be in a different time; if you are happy your mind will be in a different time. If suddenly your beloved comes, unexpectedly knocks at the door, time will almost stop. Hours will pass -- you may not be doing anything, just holding hands and sitting and looking at the moon -- hours will pass, and it will look as if only minutes have passed. Time goes very, very fast when you are happy. When you are unhappy -- somebody has died, somebody you loved, death has happened -- then time goes very, very, very slowly. Psychological time is personal, and each has his own. If you are happy, your sense of time slows down. If you are unhappy time lengthens. If you are deep in meditation time stops. In fact in the East we have been measuring states of mind through time. If time stops completely, then the state is of bliss. If time slows down very much, then the state of misery. In Christianity it is said that hell is eternal. Chronological time corresponds to the body, psychological time to the mind, real time to your being. Chronological time is the extroverted mind, psychological time is the introverted mind, and real time is no-mind. No, time -- real time -- is not a process. It is a simultaneity. Future, past, present are not three separate things; so there is no need to join them. It is eternal now, it is eternity. It is not that time is passing by, by your side. Because we cannot see the total time -- our eyes are confined, limited; we are looking out of small slits -- that's why it seems you can see only one moment at a time. It is your limitation, not a division of time. Because you cannot see the whole time as it is -- because you are not whole yet -- that's why. If you bring your samadhi consciousness to the process of time -- to the moment which is, to the moment that is gone, to the moment that is to come -- if you bring your samadhi, suddenly, the knowledge of ultimate reality, because the moment you look with samadhi the distinction between present, future, and past disappears. They dissolve. The distinction is false. Suddenly you become aware of eternity. Then time is a simultaneity. ~ OSHO
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