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  2. @Leo Gura i will later i guess, as i did with alan watts, i started to listen to all of his audios before i passed on his books and let me tell you one thing, the audio lectures were better or at least resonated more with me, maybe because they were meant to build a bridge between him and the students in the room or those who would listen to the cassettes or because his books are a little too academic and targets a scholar type demographics. About Hawkins i just need an introduction because it looked worth having one
  3. @Angelo John Gage Yeah , Yeah and a Muslim Scholar like : Shayk Imran Hossein . Said this hadith was fabricated .
  4. Good work. Of course with psychedelics it's a lot more pleasant and fun.
  5. @Angelo John Gage " it is literally written in the Quran that his wife was 9 " Nope . Couldn't find the motivation to read the rest when i see such factual mistake in the first lines .
  6. Don't be lazy and actually read his books if you want to know those things. I spoil you guys too much with videos. If you expect to master life through videos, you're doomed.
  7. I cant find but random short videos of 5,6 min on youtube about david hawkins, i never heard of him before a month ago maybe so can you help me with more substancial videos and material like your favorite ones, his story, how does he travel into other dimensions ect. From what i've seen he has the most interesting lectures about nondualism
  8. I think you should take a break.
  9. @PsiloPutty perhaps the enlightened monk just really prefers the monastic lifestyle, and chooses to stay for that reason. He may have to hide the truth from fellow monks, but he's fluent enough in Christian speak to get by. 😋 He may also try to show them some nuggets of truth as well. And of course true, original Christianity is nothing like catholic Christianity, so once he finds truth he probably is able to study his bible and appreciate the allegories of truth in it instead of seeing the dogma. He sticks with the religion because he has found a whole new respect for it even after all these years.
  10. I find this very representative for YELLOW No lyrics, no people, nothing in the ordinary. Just pure concepts playing in the Universe they were created in. Solid yellow drive begins at 2:00 Enjoy
  11. What do you mean by judgement through, this is complex, just seeing someone acting suspiciously on the street like a mugger and avoiding them is also a form of judgement, and it's a survival tool and awareness. If you're talking about liking people, forget it, do not try to like people, Eckhart tolle says he moves away from difficult people on buses, rupert spira says you love everyone but that doesnt mean you need to like them. Sahdguru says he has no problem with you being negative but he won't stay next to you, so all these gurus are saying they have preferences, isn't that a form of judgement? Would force yourself to eat and like marmite if you hate it? Is it important that you must like it? So I think its normal to judge people in a given situation, but you shouldn't sit and dwelve on it for long peroids because: how does thinking about it make it better? Just forget about it, and if you're stuck with seeing these people you judge then you have 3 options. Accept it, surrender to being with them and the difficulty. Change it, try to change them, yourself or the environment to make the situation better. Remove yourself from it, get away from them, and don't see them anymore.
  12. Thanks @Highest , i just wanted a second opinion on that. I agree. @Prabhaker i have spoken with a psychiatrist she says i do not have schizofrenia, but i do have generalized anxiety disorder. Any other insight to share?
  13. Interesting topic. Think of ppl whose lifestyles and values you completely disagree with. Usually, the ppl who hold different lifestyles and values will not come out and tell you what's going on and why they chose to live that way. They have experience that you may strongly disagree with them. I'm not talking about criminals. I'm talking about harmless ppl with different lifestyles and values. However, most of the time, most ppl, imo, do not understand what's going on in the other person's life. Ppl only know them on the surface level. They hear something, and they strongly disagree with it, and that's the end of the story. They don't make a connection on how it relates to their own life.
  14. It wasn't even really a decision. My #1 goal as a living being has always simply been to understand what reality is. It is not even a deliberate goal I set. It is more like a deep natural curiosity about life. And from there, when I heard about enlightenment, it was just naturally the most important thing to pursue. There is not even a choice for me whether to pursue it or not. There's only the question of: How fast, how seriously? And via which method? You pursue it despite fears and inhibitions. Don't wait for them to disappear. It has never even crossed my mind that I will not pursue enlightenment. To me that would be like throwing away the greatest gift in the universe. Just start doing Kriya yoga everyday and psychedelics. The rest should take care of itself.
  15. that's what i would do
  16. Tell me about fetishes Where do they come from and why? I have none
  17. There is no harm in practicing the Osho meditations with Kriya yoga you are already practicing... Regarding Inner engineering, check with the teacher himself if you can do all these together. The practices they give you in Isha has to be done twice daily in empty stomach and continuously for 60 days... But only if you do 'inner engineering' practice alone for 60 days, you will know how it works when compared to other practices... .. At the end of the day, it is all up to you.. If you feel one practice seems to suit you better, choose that... Shambhavi Mahamudra taught in Isha is a very good practice and it has some powerful practices put together. But you need to be skeptical about the load of information that is given to you along with those practices. I recently made a post regarding that here:
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  19. one of my favourite songs to get over melancholy, a very melancholic one.
  20. Not to be blunt, but I think religion can be a trap if what you want is Enlightenment. Enlightenment is just accepting the present moment as it is -- BE-ing that. That's it. All this religious stuff is thought-stories, which will block your acceptance of BE-ing right now as it is. Don't worry about conceptually knowing BE-ing. That's like tying to catch air with a net.
  21. @BuddhaTree LOL somehow it's funny that you posted this just one minute before my post. Some questions are answered.
  22. My new mantra: No better, no worse. “I am no better and no worse than any other human being that has ever walked or will ever walk this planet; and no human being that has ever walked or will walk this planet is any better or worse than me,”
  23. The overflow of practices and techniques that are availible out there confuse my mind. I first started with Osho meditations (mainly Kundalini Meditation) which I first learned in a 10 day retreat and practiced for like 2 months quite regulary. Then Leo posted his Kriya Yoga video which conviced me to swich and start practicing it until today. In addition I read all the recommended Kriya books. Now I'm considering the inner engineering course by Sadhguru because I heard many positive things about it. How should I know which practice is suited best for me? Should I stick to one practice and forget about the others? Or is it ok to mix the practices - like one day Osho meditation, the next day Kriya and the next day inner engineering? Or even mix them in one day? What do you think are the up- and downsides of these different techniques? Something like that: Osho meditations: Most easy to learn (just watch one video or read one guide and do it) Many activities For free Kriya: Most complex and biggest potential of confusion Probably the most advanced techniques? For free (but you need the books) Inner engineering: Step by step Online guide possible initiation by Sadhguru if you want to continue after the online course Expensive @Shanmugam I saw that you are experienced in this topic. It would be a pleasure to see your opinion. Greetings from my neurotic ego
  24. The KSR book is great if you have never practiced any form of meditation, but it lacks real depth and talks about too many practices while forgetting the real practice of 'being'. I used it during the past 18 months, it taught me basic kriya and helped me have a meditation routine, but boy, do I see its limitations now... it trapped me into techniques and complexity. I notice that beginners (like I used to do) give a lots of importance to the many complex kriya practices, and after some years of practicing them, they either give up or go search for other types of practices, never truly realising that the missing component was looking at 'I' and realising it is a mere movement of psychological time in empty consciousness. Don't expect kriya to do this for you though, you need self inquiry, and some even need self inquiry with psychedelics. Prior to KSR book I was following Satyananda's systematic course in yoga and kriya book. It was good, like KSR, but now I see its limitations as well. Gamana's books opened a new world in spirituality for me. But they are more advanced than both these two. If you are serious about enlightenment you will practice kriya and self inquiry and study non duality (and perhaps some 5meo). I agree with what you say about Sadhguru. I like his practices, but he never talks about non duality, and they are too superficial. They are good for those masses following him, but not for serious seekers.
  25. I'm not breathing exactly how you describe. I'll try that out. My BP was good the last few times I had it checked (at rest). Should I be looking at my blood pressure during exercise as well? Thanks.
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