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  2. Hello, In this segment can you guys post a series of self help books or audio programs which would be beneficial to students. Thank you.
  3. @mandyjw I understand what you mean here. It has a lot merit as well. For me, I find it’s when something penetrates me at the deepest level. I measure my level of understanding for a speaker by how much their message penetrates me not how much I see myself in them. As you said this can mean existential crises with internal disagreement. But these are necessary steps. For me it’s important to focus on the message that is spoken not the speaker them self. Otherwise it turns into a glorification, ideology or admiration of the speaker. The purpose then becomes missed.
  4. @Beeman Which question.
  5. Don’t think I can avoid putting this bluntly, life purpose is an illusion. Addiction implies attachment which your ego only builds on. I like to think of life purpose as a passion/love where I can express that. Commitment can be healthy but addiction has consequences
  6. You are an expert on the topic of enlightenment. But then, what does that make you?
  7. Life purpose is a good addiction dude. You're wrong about that. You probably had a bunk life purpose. When you find your legit life purpose, you wanna be addicted to that because it's right in line with what you wanna be doing with your life. Addiction to your legit life purpose is what makes you amazing and great at what you do because you're spending all your time working on it.
  8. Yeye that’s cool man. Btw I’ve had SO many addictions in my life 😂 and not one of them was impactful than life purpose @ArcangeloI was a grinder too unfortunately after it became too popular
  9. No, i was not addicted to gambling i was addicted to a poker strategy forum. I used to be a poker grinder. Poker used to be a game of skill like chess or pool, not anymore. Corporate greed turned it into a slot machine + all the A.I. cheating, scamming and colluding. That's why i stopped playing, and also the fact that i was not good enough to make it a nice profitable career. The worse that happened to me was that i was a slight winner. When you are a winner you just tell yourself: -''OK, I am a winner, all i have to do to be a baller is play more and work on my game.'' I would have rather being an undisciplined losing gambler. Because when you are a loser you know you are a loser, so you know how not to waste your time following pipe dreams about one day being Dan Bilzerian LOL!
  10. Well, I'm just saying if we're speaking in terms of addiction. He framed it as my "addiction" to the Forum, so that's why I'm speaking in terms of that frame.
  11. @Rilles Thanks for sharing. I'm enjoying the sincerity of the conversations in your Journal. Since I'm stopping by, I'll throw out some material of mine that might trigger a memory, or start a conversation in the group here. Identifying and observing ourselves in relation to triggers is an easy place to start. What makes you reactive? ,,, express negative emotions Shame is one of the biggest things to shut down awareness. Ive experienced a lot of hatred toward a few individuals in the past. I hated them intensly for years off and on. This was well after I read Echart Tolle a few times. In the morning, I could be all blissed out through The Power of Now and by the afternoon would have murder in my heart. Even after I got to a space where I could forgive them. The hatred always returned. For a long time. When true forgiveness came. I benefitted the most. A level of peace I hadn't felt in years was a part of the experience and actually having a greater sense of awareness. I still have some shadow issues though.
  12. @Serotoninluv thanks thats a good perspective
  13. @Leo Gura true I sure wish I was more like the other one. When I write poems or do things for others or in tune or encourage others I feel more like the real me though
  14. I’ve been addicted to my life purpose. It became toxic and delusional, ending in severe suffering. Perhaps a better way to describe it is “totally committed” if you’re not basing your identity off it
  15. I'm not addicted to gambling (thank God), but I am addicted to my life purpose. There's a difference. I have a buddy with a severe gambling addiction and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. That might be worst addiction, maybe worse than a hard drug addiction.
  16. @DrewNows Sick I'll try this out rn
  17. Today
  18. @hariseldon74 You got it backwards, you picked that career because you are that kind of thinker.
  19. @d0ornokey I don’t but I see it as work on yourself. mat8800 shared this on one of my earlier threads: Shadows can develop by denying, repressing or not accepting the reality of past pains. 1. Acknowledge the complete truth of the pain. Let yourself feel the emotions. When this happens, you can identify the source of the shadows. 2. Accept the reality of the past. This includes forgiveness. 3. Once you acknowledge and accept, you can finally let go. 4. The shadow's influence will be gone.
  20. What it means to come home. If our attention is scattered. We're not at home. if the body isn't relaxed . We're not at home Sometimes the lights are on but nobody is home. It feels good to be at home. 👩🏻‍🌾
  21. This dude right here, just cant get over how impactful and insightful his lyrics are, this is a song about a recluse who spent his who life accumulating knowledge and how much of a waste of a life that was
  22. This is sarcasm right? You also said: ''...of not wasting your time with people who annoy you...'' Hold on this is how i deal with toxic people. Leo says that life is to short to deal (waste my time) with toxic people. It works, I got rid of almost all of my friends. I do not miss them. If anything i would have liked to get rid of them sooner. I know how it is and what it is to be addicted to a forum: I was addicted to a poker forum, boy that was toxic...
  23. Veiled, covert, grandiose narcissism. Kind of like the Wizard of Oz. Pull the curtain back like Toto did. Then the Emperor will have no clothes.
  24. Thanks man. I'm proud of everything I wrote in this thread and stand by everything I wrote in this thread. But I realize too that enough has been said by me. [Places cherry on top]. Kiss kiss. Now I want more intelligent answers to the original call of the thread. The attempted derailment and sabotage of my thread has run its course I'm happy to see.
  25. What's the framework for doing shadow work? Do you have a good article/book/video for how to do this?
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