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  2. and the funny part of it is, he didn't even offer alternative suggestions / something constructive.. Critizising is easy business. Just be lazy, sit in your comfortable chair and type some one-or two liners how other people are wrong without explaining sh*t
  3. @Sam Johnson My highest reward is simply seeing you doing the work and getting results.
  4. EXTREMELY HIGH EFFORT RETRO PORN SOUNDTRACK: It's kind of surprising that I found this by watching it first, and not finding the album independently first given that Klaus Schulze was in early era Tangerine Dream and I've been familiar with them since my teens... Somehow it does work with the futuristic, travelling on a space ship while having a chill orgy vibes. It was pretty strange at first (note: I was not prepared at all!), and then somehow the music does synchronize with the sex which is pretty fascinating. 1) Somehow it works in a trance-inducing sort of way. 2) It's just not something that you see as well. Porn music isn't really generally known for being much of anything, including music wise. It could be, but it's not. The main actress in this film though (Catherine Ringer) gives off very strong "this is totally a performance art piece" vibes though. It definitely feels like trying. (I think she was a fairly well-known French singer/ songwriter/ musician, but I am not sure.) It does feel pretty pretentious. But in a positive way though, haha. There is the second one too, which I haven't listened to. Anyway, after finding this, I got bored of looking for high effort retro pornos; originally I had been looking because I heard that some directors had taken it quite seriously, especially in the 70s (and maybe the 80s?), and I was really curious about whatever was out there. I was curious about how well it would hold up, or if it would be incredibly, long, drawn out, and pretentious in the most negative sense of that term. But I don't think that I have patience to wade through much of it at all, haha.
  5. @Leo Gura Thank you. If there is anything I can help you with, you know where to find me. @kamwalker @Jakuchu @omar30 Thank you for your replies and advices. Appreciate it.
  6. Yeah it was so hard holly molly. Greatest achievement of my life. It was right here this whole time. It is all now, sorry.
  7. One of the simplest and most direct explanations of ultimate truth. There aren’t any pointers or teachings here, this *is* non-duality and God, simply put The introduction ends at 19:00 careful
  8. I forgot my mask, so did not go to the gym played games with some friends and drank beer. Saw 20-15 international students hit the city. When I bought some beer. Did 1h of the course I liked the course. Played games for to long. Commitment to becoming world class is still an issue when it comes to programming. Going to buy some food and enjoy my saturday do the 1h dating eventually go to the gym. Still, looking for a place where there is positivity.
  9. @undeather Yeah. I don't know whether they are or aren't, but I don't see how knowing whether they are or aren't would be particularly helpful. I agree. I wouldn't want to completely disregard it though. I'm giving attention where it's due. What are those?
  10. I’ve been doing heart & crown chakra work, meditating, working on psychic capabilities with the focus being clairsentience, listening to new videos, going over the ancient texts again, practicing jhanas, tons of contemplation, really spent a lot of time getting into Buddhism, working on bhakti, karma, jnana, and as a result raja yoga, done a handful of surprisingly effective spells/Magick, and used THC as a psychedelic among plenty of smaller things. THC has become incredibly potent for me after starting with traditional psychedelics. It now works as a way to produce more intense experiences into new territories of consciousness on a regular basis without the drawbacks of using serotonergic psychedelics. It can take me to or even beyond the expected strength of experience from heroic dose trips on other psychedelics sometimes. These experiences happen both with and without THC, but it is a potent and rather reliable catalyst. This all took me much further than I could have expected honestly. Nothing can prepare you.
  11. @Ineedanswers Dude, get real. You are living in fantasies. You are not going to magically change yourself into something you are not. Your life is extremely limited and will always be. 99.9999999999999% of things in the universe that could be done, you will never do simply by virtue of having a human body. You are seriously taking your life for granted. You are like an ant in the middle of the ocean floating on a breadcrumb.
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    When you love someone on a truly deep level it is wise to acquire the taste of developing extreme open-mindedness, that's after-all what this supposed 'infinite love' infers anyhow, its asking for the greatest of openness, and not just intellectually, also not just using love as some kind of emotional comfort zone or weapon, love in this sense isn't just emotional and it can be done without, it isn't just intellectual and it can be done without, it can be deadly and fierce in truth just as it can be nurturing and calm in truth. This whole 'infinite love' asks for the embodiment of the mastery of being, so its quite grandiose but by the same measure a respectable achievement that I've never seen before, it asks you to become godlike as for your inner power must be equal to or greater than any frequency that for whatever reason has come into your environment that is simultaneously negational in some manner. 'Infinite love' does not mean you don't have physical boundaries, it simply implies that you don't have consciousness boundaries. Physical boundaries are important, they 'keep those fuckers out' whoever they happen to be, physical boundaries are also important in love based relationships for the love should describe why the unity has occurred in the first place, love asks for patience and just as much as it asks for patience then it asks for resilience, this 'infinite love' asks for infinite creativity, and what better mind is capable of that than the most open one? For what virtue does this love have when you live in judgement and that judgement does not preserve the boundaries you've discovered serve you? This 'infinite love' promises you the greatest of a loving relationship as much as it is true, so seek falsity, remove as much of it as you can and live in the integration of that, in all the light of its darkness, in all the darkness of its light, allow the colours to paint phenomena you've never seen before, never believed you could imagine would become true. It is better to become true, for the truest archetype is always universally encompassing, and may you allow the universe to naturally match you to this frequency when the time is right for it to happen, as everything else in this universe rolls in its synchronisation, consciousness here being the incubator of a quality of quantum creation through the art of the described pursuit in the mastery of being. Now that I've updated some of the terminology with infinity here as a descriptive analogue, when you truly love someone on a deep level, please tell me, how could it be any other way? And if you really loved them, why would you want to make it any other way? Step out from social norms. Follow no one not even me even though I know you fuckers love to. Be a renegade, even if for you, that is just a harmonious one (I'm mindful of variants of sensitive people who prefer the calmness of life, you are important to this life, always see both the hidden and visible virtue of your truest energetic presence as much as it serves you to do so). For me, although I am very mindful of the energy frequency of those I love (often working to shift to a more protective intuitive energy frequency and any other frequency where I find the greatest balance), I embrace my destiny at the very least as consciousness chaos that's been rounded out by the mastery of being, this ordered work on said chaos is how it was possible for the universe to begin at all, infusion meets explosion meets infinite life and via continued infused synergism, consciousness that transforms consciousness.
  13. To be honest I'm fed up with people's games as though I don't see it. Nah im not too stupid I instinctively sense whatever the fuck goes on. What is the best way to beat this feeling? Ignore Ignore Ignore And continue doing whatever you are doing. This is a lesson in Self worth. Just be you. Just meditate and let it go. Understand that there is something fundamentally lacking in such people and replaced by something superficial. You are good as you are. Nothing needs to change. Just be you. And don't be upset. Carry on being neutral. Just generally no other energy is better than your own energy. Move in with harmony. It's tough to beat energy that is toxic. You need to show that you're still thriving. You need to jive with those that carry on with you You have to create your own garden your own Frequency to attract those with a similar frequency. And one thing. Be free. Don't be bounded by stuff. Think about extremely strong people who create their own life and move on. Take inspiration from them They know that they don't need anyone. They aren't miserable enough to destroy others. They are too busy for that. I'll group these people as type P. And the other group of people as type R Type P being those people who are very independent and strong. And type R are those people who are not that strong but run like deep waters, they are putting their small efforts into creating their own reality and take their own baby steps in this direction. Although they don't feel strong they do what little they can to continue living a good life.
  14. Never found this useful whatsoever. There are a few practical things I have enjoyed doing.
  15. Hey Ordered a bunch of Junk food last two days. Lots of sitting in bed and complaining. My friend from uni called me. I need to work on other stuff as well. Made some progress last half year I ate so much crap i feel tired and exhausted. Im stressing with the massage exam for the second module. I will work out again today. Pushups. Last time was 5 days ago.
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  17. Psychedelics helped activate my crown chakra and other more subtle chakras such as the forehead chakra focused on power. That one really gave me the self confidence upgrade necessary to deal with divine and profane forces. Crown chakra development was my main goal a few months into this year and sped up my progress a lot. It taught me I could have awakenings without psychedelics or meditation. Learn to control your chakras, develop your ability to access jhanas, and then take psychedelics and being well beyond Buddha is possible for you in my opinion. You’ve got a lot of advantages in 2021.
  18. MORE LISTENING: Another album by Dalek (experimental hip hop???). I've adjusted to their sound now, at least what I've heard so far. I relistened to this again (a live version of Awake! was posted above. Honestly, it's the only song which is moderately danceable.) For whatever reason, I have no negative associations to this record despite the time period; that it's not a downer record helps a lot. "Numbered" stands out on this particular listen, particularly Anneke's layered vocals. Listen to it on some half-decent headphones because there's usually a lot of nuance in Devin Townsend's layering of sound, period. It's just a lovely song in general. Listening to this while going for a walk in the slightly chilly autumn wind is really nice. REVISITING SOMETHING ELSE: For some reason, CAN makes me think of pretentious fucking fans/ music listeners (did I ever used to be one? Possibly a bit, probably a moderate amount, especially as a teenager). I'm not even sure where I inherited this impression from, exactly. But it makes me think of this song by LCD Soundsystem ("I'm Losing My Edge", which I had heard after I had gotten said impression from who-knows-where): CAN is fun though. (......) MUSIC SNOBS: I had gotten this impression in my early-mid teens, that some guys can't separate how you feel about a certain band from your opinion about them (e.g. their personality, their attitude, perspective, etc., including musically). AKA. the band might be perfectly fine and interesting.... but you are annoying, and somehow your musical taste has become an extension of your penile-fueled ego as well. Not a turn on. Also, not particularly impressive in-and-of-itself. Lastly, at least perhaps consider finding some other cause to identity with at least just as passionately as something which is based on consumption of other people's work, thanks. (..................) That said, I had a solid handful of musically particular guy friends as a teenager as well, and I usually enjoyed getting introduced to new stuff then. If I wasn't dealing with it then, I'm probably not gonna deal with grown-ass versions of that now, wherever they might be. Note: I feel pretty neutrally about this whole issue now though.
  19. @Leo Gura thanks leo❤️. But the flow of my life will be impeded by these factors a girl is unnatatractive and she wants to be pursued by hordes of handsome men it probably isn’t going to happen no? Just gotta play the the best hand you can
  20. @Ethan1 listen from 6:43 on
  21. What are your methods for financial housekeeping? Do you use any program or just pen and paper?
  22. I mean crappy people who put me on ignore are still going to read my journal. Fuck off. Who cares. Crappy people are always going to play crappy games. Honestly do I give a fuck?
  23. Most women will not be happy with that unless there is some massive overriding value in other areas. Like maybe the guy is a celebrity or a millionaire or exceptionally good in bed. Selection of mates is never going to be fair or equal or kind. People will always be choosy and have lots of personal biases towards certain features. Trying to change this is silly. Let people be turned on by whatever turns them on.
  24. I don't know exactly. But it's a thing. YT has cracked down on kid content over the last few years because of how dangerous that can be.
  25. You can change the flow of your life but you we're not going to change your genetics, your core personality type, or your body. You are stuck with your body till its death. All of its shortcomings and limitations you will have to deal with.
  26. I am actually really curious to learn about what you think on the bolded topics! (No pressure or anything haha. ) But you don't see many serious, nuanced conversations about sex work around these parts for the most part, for example. I find myself wondering how much attitudes and perspectives have changed over the last 10-20 years especially when it comes to sex work. For example, the lines being blurred between amateur and professional, and also Onlyfans and what not. Or say... sugaring vs. escorting, etc.
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