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  2. I practice Qigong and am training to be a teacher. I've been practicing it for a few months now. I am seeing just the tip of how it will affect me I think. Yeah, I do notice more and more that I am able to feel the difference between inner love, and inner stress. I still have a lot of work to do but, I know that the warmth of doing the practice is more and more obvious and lasting. Will do update in a few more months as its one of many practices I am exploring at this time. I like the inner smile because it can be easily brought into someones normal meditation routine and works great with the healing sounds. I know as well that my Qigong guinea pigs as I go through my training program seem to really enjoy the inner smile as well.
  3. Too sensitive? There is no such thing. Usually in this type of scenario the sensitive person is surrounded by assholes, look around your circle and identify the problem.
  4. It is truly impossible to make it on my own in Iraq. Some issues are beyond my capabilities to deal with. I write here because I have faith that some of you can understand what I am going through and therefore become open to help me after that. Being trapped in Iraq is not a funny experience, this highly tribal society. I've lost touch from my family/tribe of minority shortly after ISIS took over the city of Mosul and ended the presence of our minority there (luckily, they didn't enslave us, but only expelled us over a night out of the city). I moved to a safe place in Iraqi Kurdistan, and right now I am living like an expat in my own country, with no family, and no society. I only have friends. Majority of my friends are non-Iraqis living and working here, but they are reluctant to help me leave this country, after all, I am more useful to them here In Iraq than if I live elsewhere. However, I am OK with my emotional life, and I am extremely stable person, the issue though is that I am a single man, and I've passed the phase where I can get married and get a family of my own. After I came out as an atheist at some point in the past, I now have a bad reputation and deemed not suitable for marriage. I've lost touch with my community anyways. Now Imagine if you are a single in Iraq, a country where family values are the staple of all its societies, I can tell you, being a single situation resembles in some ways being gay some 50 years ago, or even being a black man in America. Singles have no civil rights, and they can't have a security clearance to even rent their own place, because they are deemed danger to the society, because God forbid, they might have a relationship without marriage and have kids against the will of the sky. I don't know of ANY single man like me in Iraq other than myself, because majority of people are at lower consciousness state, and can't even break free of family values, and also single women who live by their own are non-heard of. So it is just useless if I try to mobilize people and change the society if I am the only person I know of who was able to break free from the old norms and traditions. I need your help, otherwise, I will stay and decay here. This is my third year living in a hotel room, and things are getting hard for me with the confined space of my hotel room. The owner is a tribal man, and I've been respecting him and the way he thinks for a while, but the issue is that he's an inconsiderate person, and none of the workers in the hotel last more than 3 months working under him. I've been agreeing to his complains about the situation of his workers and how they are not so willing to become his slave, and trying to engage with him and change his views even a bit, but he's not changing. If I could only walk in to a real estate agent and rent my own home! of course this is not possible, cuz I am a single man. Therefore, I need help, it would be great if someone can extend their hand to me and give me another chance in this world. Because my British, Ukrainian, American, French ...Belgium, Italian friends whom I've ate with, laughed, helped in the past, they can't feel my pain, therefore, they are OK with leaving me here to decay. The best chance I got was with a stage-Orange friend, who suggested he'd help me, but then I need to make an investment in Europe, I told him I don't have money for that kind of project! I do have a face, and I am willing to make a real connection with anyone willing to help me. It is just that I don't think it is the right idea to publish my personal details for everyone to see, although in the future if things got worse, I might be willing to do that. Thank you.
  5. It seems that you're looking to release a sense of lack of love. It doesn't have much to do with her, it has a lot to do with you and she just sure as hell is making it obvious. It's right there, "all because of me." So this is why the woman that you're fixated on being key to this release is also off limits. It's by design. Please don't read in any sort of guilt or shame in that, the intent is to become aware of your own power, your own inherent connection and being as love. Love feels like love, that's what I'm saying. Don't settle for or believe anything less. The whole story around the situation of being handicapped, or cut off, self shaming, is blocking love. Love is not a situation. Tap into the actual sense, connection and feeling of love and your actions and events will align.
  6. I suck at opera, but would love to learn. Love this song
  7. @flowboy After a while of introspection I found out that I dont want to let go of my addictive behavior because I like it so much. And that is why I'm struggling to let go of it. Now, is there a way to start disliking it so that I can put an end to it?
  8. You are here. This is how the journey begins. I found the fabulous app to be useful at this phase.
  9. I have. I've seen its more effective than paper and less wasteful. I am looking for alternatives. I saw a video showing how water was more effective.
  10. @lxlichael Good Lord!
  11. @Seemore There are others like you on this forum. I'm going on a meditation retreat to live alone in the woods in my tent with nothing but canned food and river water, soon, but I don't know how long it will be until I return from there. I would love to talk with you one on one when I get back & I will PM you. 💰💰💰 I can pay you hourly for the call 💰💰💰. Fuck a life purpose bro, on Wednesday at 09:31 AM you made a difference to one person in pain. What the fuck has Elon Musk or Bill Gates ever done for my ego or my awakening? Less than you have. Done.
  12. I saw the story in a comment on the first fear video, may have been said in one of the fear videos. 323 likes on the comment last I checked.
  13. Something similar happened to me and I realized it was due to high anxiety. Maybe your case is related to that as well. To manage my stress levels I do deep breathing(5-5) to activate the parasympathetic system. Works wonderfully.
  14. Ha ha ha, that awakening in the restroom is epic! ❣
  15. From Earth too
  16. @Leo Gura You should develop it for your own life satisfaction more than anthying else. Being serious logical mode 24/7 is not healthy and this is coming from a very logical serious person.
  17. @WelcometoRealityI get what you are saying although I am not enlightened being. But for some reason I can't help but think that something arising and dissapearing only for a new thing to arise (I just described some narrow description of reality), is a paradox. One of the many questions that arise is also this one. If this is completely logical then why a particular moment arise and not some else? After all there must be a reason it happens this way and not another (which implies logic). Could it be that these answers can be understood in a very enlightened state? If the answer is that in those states there is no questions, maybe I am wrong, but I find it kind of fake answer. (unless it is part of the answer and I just can't see it yet). Even if Upanishads thousand years ago or enlightened beings tell me that this question hasn't any meaning then I deny this. It has a lot of meaning, I either can't communicate it, or they can't comprehend what I am saying (probably both). Unless it is a paradox. People that say logic doesn't exist have to let me understand how can paradox and logic can't exist, and yet there are reasons that everything happen. Even if the reason is not cause and effect of past present future, there are still some rules conscioussness follows (for example this moment will be this, when it dies it will be next etc. . If there is no thing as particular sequel of moments then they have to explain if they know, why a particular moment was chosen and not another? due to luck? That would go against determinism and also wouldn't explain much) I think I can't transfer my questions to other people's minds, I would have to be very smart and I am obviously not, but this make me helpless on how to answer these questions
  18. Check out leos blog he posted a video relating to this @Leo Gura Right? Didn't watch it but it seems it's the same topic
  19. 01/08/2021 (Week 27) If any of what I wrote this week is true, it might be helpful if I... rebuild the connection with my child-self rebuild the connection with my teenage-self listen to my younger selves give the love that my younger selves needs create a safe space for my younger selves without over-protecting them which gives them the freedom to express themselves trust my younger selves love my younger selves
  20. Weekly Statistics (25 July 2021 - 01 August 2021) Total Working Time 23 hours 26 minutes Average Focus 3.27 / 5 Average Progress / Session 3.32 / 5
  21. True, so in a way to adjust myself and emotion to a situation that best minimizes the negative, or intensity. Thank tou so much, I agree. Everyone has this True Nature as unconditional love, my ego gets in the way when emotional where I'm expecting others to appreciate the love I want to express and share, and they just don't care to accept it. It's impossible to become a bitter indivudal due to external reasons though. this is the answer tbh. I know how freeing the detachment and observance can be, meditation is the key. Even if around anyone who has a lot of pent up energy and hastiness, detachment is a luxury! Thanks
  22. 01 August 2021 Wake Up Time: 07:39 AM (objective 6:30 AM - 7:00 AM) In Bed Time: ~ PM (objective 10:30 PM - 11:00 PM) ✅ Stretching after waking up ✅ Cold shower after waking up ✅ 45 minutes of meditation in the morning ~ No social media until 7 PM (Doesn't apply on Sunday) ✅ 30 minutes of Doing Nothing Before Going To Sleep Deep Work Sessions: 02:11 PM - 02:44 PM Did some tests. Duration: 33 minutes Focus: 3.5/5 Progress: 3.5/5 Total Work Duration: 33 minutes, including 33 minutes of Deep Work Average Focus: 3.5 / 5 (objective at least 3.5 / 5) Average Progress / Session: 3.5 / 5 (objective at least 3/5)
  23. @Droo_ it's stranger than you think. There IS objective reality, it's just that it only exists subjectively.. which is to say, its imaginary. What a mind fuck. 😂😂😂
  24. @Javfly33 You definitely have hit rock bottom.
  25. @Gabith Thank you!
  26. Will not go for little devils but why not. Couldn't care less anymore. Pretty much am done. Was super fun. No wonder this guy is chosen one.
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