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  2. The people listening to him are then the antivaxxer I guess. So he basically says that Faucci is genocidal just for klicks and drama
  3. I agree with Leo. There's nothing wrong with giving yourself a break from the world for a while, and focusing on the inward journey. No matter where you are, you can only do that here and now. However, life is about living. It is easy to believe that you are enlightened within a secluded cave in the Himalayas, but the candle is only tested when the wind blows. Go to the Wildwoods for a while, and hone your attention within. Restore yourself, then return to the city and help others do the same.
  4. I kinda lived like this throughout my whole life. I'm seeking to be a "Strategic Motherfucker" from now on. And in this definition intuition plays a big role in it. Since I spent my life developing intuition, what I need is more discipline and analytical thinking. Combining these should take me to next level.
  5. He doesn't, he only cares about the drama that surrounds it, because that's how he makes money to eat. I was speaking in generality, obviously people love drama.
  6. @Blackhawk What would happen if China: 1) supported a coup in Mexico 2) installed a nationalist, anti-america government in mexico city 3) flooded the country with weapons 4) looked the other way when the new mexican government murders thousands of english speakers near the the US border 5) constantly threatens to include Mexico in its military alliance, a chinese version of nato Would it be understandable for the US to intervene in such case? This is EXACTLY what happened in Ukraine since 2014 onwards. Of course crimes are being committed by Russia now, but you cannot solve anything if you do not understand it
  7. @Leo Gura It is really tough to communicate deep thoughts with people stuck in lower levels of consciousness. Many people misunderstand or misinterpret your words. Be kind to and thank yourself in your path. You take a burden that many wouldn't handle and would have quit a long time ago. Be kind to yourself and don't close your heart to people.
  8. These past couple weeks have unfolded better than any movie I’ve ever seen. Who is the director? The screenwriters? The actors? I’d love to thank all of them
  9. My friends thought it was a little weird, but nobody gave me shit for it.
  10. So do you consider yourself closed minded like you do Fauci? You're making a more closed minded claim than Fauci, and he has more information and expertise than 99.9% of the world population. I've only looked into it a little bit, guess why, it's because I don't care, I really see no difference it makes either way. So I tend to give more credence to seemingly honest experts like fauci instead of blatantly dishonest people like the video guy in this thread.
  11. There's drugs, and also there's drugs. If you hate drugs and have an extreme strong mind (not susceptible to things like meditation or hypnosis), in the end, don't forget that even the most allegedly unenlightened person will be infinitely more enlightened than even Leo because every human inevitably dies. Not that anyone can ever not be technically enlightened like a cracked vase is still a vase. But some people especially if they have a mystical experience induced within them, cannot stand not knowing. It drives them too crazy.
  12. Some people struggle to convert T4 into T3. T4 by itself is useless if your body fails to convert it. Thyroid problems are a lot more complicated than just these two hormones.
  13. Or it can stem from being very ahead of your time and wise for your age like I am.
  14. I take both T4 and T3, but they have no significant effect on me. I tried high doses and it doesn't help. High doses are not good for long-term health. So I take moderate doses to normalize my bloodwork.
  15. That is a huge age gap, people weren't looking?
  16. You as god believe it or not already made this decision, for this specific dream you're in. When you're in infinity and are conscious of everything and can do everything but you're still stuck with couple of questions that will drive you mad, how you came into existence and why you're alone , you would want to get out of there as soon as possible. Next time chose a role of being an ascended master/semi god in human body in your next dream, but believe me it will be worse then your current reincarnation. The reason god incarnates is to truely experience "other" and to experience peace in not being conscious and to experience death, you experience death and peace every time you go to sleep. The time you don't have a dream but just black screen you're dead and in peace. Even if you would experience heaven with "others" where you would have even more possibilities then here, you would hate it too because when there are "others" god is in control of "others" at all times you would still experience "life" which means all the sides of life that god has within.
  17. So what is your solution to solve all the crimes? Russia is the world's largest country, do you think it needs to get bigger? There are much smaller countries which are content with their size and they don't rape innocent countries. You think criminals should be allowed to take whatever they want? Would you be fine with for example North Korea annexing United States? You think the United States should be given without resistance to North Korea if North Korea wants it? If not: why should Ukraine accept Russia annexing Ukraine?
  18. An insight I had today. It’s amazing when you follow your intuition and not just listen to teachers or professionals without question. Even they have blind spots that you are able to see (and vice versa). Great teachers will provoke you to doubt yourself not because you are entirely wrong. It’s so that the opportunity for something even better can present itself - something both you and the teacher would not have been able to discover otherwise. Of course, if you’re closed to feedback it’ll perpetuate the suffering you experience and keep you stuck. However, being open does not mean allowing anyone to dictate how you should live your life. It’s about being able to take another’s perspective and seeing how it fits in with your own life, like puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly. And, ultimately, only you can determine when and how these pieces fit. Has anyone else experienced this? What great teachers have you had in your life?
  19. You can rest assured it came from God. The racoons and Chinese are just middlemen
  20. Hell yes.
  21. It seems like according to science no. Did you even research it?
  22. Same. I dated a 34 year old when I was 21. It wasn’t even a big deal.
  23. Why did Kyle Kulinsky care about the Lab leak theory? He must be an antivaxxer
  24. Full awakening means going back to god self with no world manifest. That's what I meant
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