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  2. Here's something more or less radical. Sense organs don't actually exist. Your eyes, your ears, your skin.. these are all just a figment of your imagination. In fact that which you call your body doesn't exist. It's not actually your body. Try to become aware of that. When you close your eyes and pay attention to the various sensations, notice what your mind does, it immediately imagines a body to account for all these feelings including the tension itself. Your mind immediately starts identifying with the very sensations of pressure, warmth, an itch. The body is literally a thought. The room doesn't turn dark when you close your eyes! You don't actually have eyes. You're not seeing reality, reality is just existing. So, if you are coming from the idea that humans are conscious or are capable of consciousness whilst other nonliving objects are not then you couldn't be more wrong. There's no such thing as individual consciousness because there are no individuals. Your friends are not conscious, your pet is not conscious, no biological entity is capable of consciousness, you are not conscious! There only thing that is conscious is consciousness itself. That's what's actually happening here. Consciousness is being conscious of Consciousness. The only reason why everyone, the people around, including this body that you've claimed belongs to you, appear to be conscious is because you're mistaking intelligence for consciousness. Reality is intelligent, that's why things happen in the first place. You have proper conversations with your family, not because they are conscious but because reality is intelligent. If you awaken to that truth, or maybe just catch a glimpse of it. Then you'll be aware of what I'm trying to point out here. For instance, the only reason why you are so sure that you have a body, you have a mind and that you exist is precisely because reality is intelligent. These aren't your thoughts they are realities thoughts. Why? Because reality is basically like this big infinite mind. Brains don't produce thoughts that's an illusion. But this is not easy to get, I'm just trying to point out the things that you've probably taken to be true for what they are, what they really are, what they actually are. Intelligence is the reason why consciousness/reality is capable of imagination. Don't underestimate the consciousness's intelligence. It's intelligence is the reason why you believe that you're an individual. It's a mindfuck. So to summarize: you're not actually reading this right now, you're not actually seeing this right now and you're not actually even breathing right now. Consciousness is doing all of those things, it's doing you too.
  3. The question really is Whats really fair? And you'll never be able to answer that.
  4. @Egzoset Thanks for sharing sir!
  5. For enlightenment deindentifying with the ego (and the products of it) is key. For meditating it is key to accept everything and let everything be. Aren't these two practises in conflict with each other? I'm kind of struggling with this question.
  6. There’s no truth in that. It’s a belief which is likely not serving you. You’re already, and quite literally always in direct experience! Inspect your direct experience, anytime you like. It’ll bring lasting presence and some amazing discoveries and feeling. Reality itself can be - will be, decontextualized. ♥️ “Leagues” is just a thought. Let it go, and a far better thought can then arise. Embrace not knowing what ‘you’re doing’...and even that you’re doing. Know the question, write it down, then let it go completely, entirely. Literally actuality forget what it was. Go do whatever feels good, whatever you like. The answer will arise. The key is feeling great. “The body is the temple”, the temple is “the place of gathering”, and that’s not about social gathering. Think of the question like a cup full of water. Then it being dumped out. Then when you’re not lookin - it gets filled with answer, unmistakably, as it is felt in the body & mind. There is a profound joy in living when it is realized that we all literally experience one single thought at a time. We’re designed for 99.9% feeling, fun, loving, and receiving love...and .01% thinkin. One is inherent in the design, it can be no other way. Yes indeed it is. ‘You’ have complete access to the infinite intelligence, and infinite love, that you are, and that is this universe. No ‘playing small’! 😉 Godspeed.
  7. Any tips to heal from toxic shame?
  8. Too much masturbation can cause problems too.
  9. I think these treatises will resonate with a lot of you guys. They also represent what I think will turn to, at least in essence. Avadhuta Gita: “Why do you run here and there like a hungry ghost? Separateness and Oneness do not exist for “you” and “me.” There is no you. There is no me. There is no universe. All is Self and Self alone.” “Dear child, why do you roam the world like a ghost? Behold! You are Self—that which cannot be divided. Do not crave the world. Be happy! You are Truth. You do not move. You do not change. You are the ever-free, the unshakable One. In you there is neither attachment nor aversion. Why do you seek objects of desire and cause yourself to suffer?” Ashtavakra Gita: “Not seeing Self, the world is materialized. Seeing Self, the world is vanished.” “You can enjoy and work and meditate, but you will still yearn for That which is beyond all experience, and in which all desires are extinguished.”
  10. I feel Leo could say even more on this topic LoL:
  11. This book is recommended: The Social Skills Guidebook: Manage Shyness, Improve Your Conversations, and Make Friends, Without Giving Up Who You Are
  12. I’d suggest writing it on your board, and that’s it. Then get yourself ready it, and notice when it comes. This guy has a YouTube channel packed with this topic, and his communication is short, efficient and precise imo. Godspeed with your creating. ♥️🙏🏻
  13. Perhaps you already read it in this thread but I picked IT consultancy. I want to specialize myself in the broader field of IT and business. Programming is part of this "big picture" understanding of IT. The reason why I want to learn programming on the side is to differentiate myself and get insights which will be useful when talking about it and writing about it. Also if I have the basics down of programming (in 10-15 year life span), it will be easier to switch over to programming(if I chose so). And you are right, skills and exp in programming is more important than a degree, but it is a pro to have an IT related background. This is my game plan.
  14. I'd say we're living in times where most people get some degree of adhd due to poor diet and constant media stimulation. My capacity to focus, learn and articulate myself was pretty good throughout my childhood and adolescent years but that has totally flipped into the other direction. My first guess would be to unhook ourselves from compulsive eating and constant media stimuly.
  15. Responding to your last question: (just a guess) by visualizing positive outcomes instead of negative ones. By progressively taking on larger risks, starting small, and challenging your own fears/negative prognostications. Anyway from what you've been writing, it seems that you have taken pretty good steps already, in confronting the unknown and taking new steps. So take the opportunity to congratulate yourself on that!
  16. @Husseinisdoingfine here is mine my friend:
  17. @Preety_India I know There's a reason we're called the master race Because we are coveted
  18. Unfortunately they come with a long standing stigma which is slowly being broken down
  19. @IJB063 you've landed a coveted spot
  20. @Light Lover Actually yeah your right They don't get horny Guess my premise is now fucked Never mind Side point I got an interesting fact Did you know women don't shit either They only poo bubblegum 100% true Girls are just sugar and spice and all things nice
  21. @peqkno @RevoCulture
  22. This is quite an important question for me. Quite simply recently I have started contemplating seriously, before I for whatever reason just didn't seem to be able to do it. I feel in my bones and mind that I am doing this correctly, I simply sit and ask myself deeply 'what is reality, who am I within it'? I seem to enter into a trance, not like meditation, but I feel my ego (literally, I can see it) getting very anxious whenever I do it. I get anxious before I do it and there is a deep sense of discomfort in the 'self' as I do it. After I finish I feel like I have gone deeper and reality is a bit 'clearer' to me. Obviously I have leagues to go before I have a direct experience. It's like I innately know what I am doing, it is so odd. Before I couldn't do it, but now, after reading so much about it, it's like I know exactly what to do automatically, the technique is a part of me? Does this all sound correct to you?
  23. relaxe leo nobody will align his life accordingly to this fucking cards lol
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