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  2. Sounds like your customers are in the "higher echelon".. I hope so anyway. What's despicable to me is when someone steals from a poor/average person.
  3. The only reason Scientists have problems with replicating studies is a result of personality and psychological issues are intertwined with states of consciousness and this is caused by the chemical factory of the entire human body. Do you know how many sciences are excluded that need to be included for proper human psychology to be understood? We would need to include endocrinologists, Neuroscientists, along with clinical psychologists and that is just the starting point. There would have to be an acceptance of mysticism as part of science and a unification of yogic practices as part of the science of the human. So we would merge the study of being with the physical world and this would inevitably start bringing in the dietary experts on nutrition as well. So the biggest factor in problems with replicability is because the studies are missing vital factors and thus cannot replicate the results on a wide scale.
  4. Dafaq, if you make a lot more than a regular joe a month, my question to you is, who are you stealing from?? Coz..99% of the times that's how you could get that kinda wages. Sadly these days my "volunteer job" is to crack down on these kinds of people, who basically do almost nothing of value and steal from regular joes, through very "legal" means (and sometimes not so legal) in fact. These are people who go to fking country clubs and pretend they're "successful", but are deeply corrupt and are stealing. Also you do not need 500k to start something of your own, depending on where you live/what you wanna do that is. To open a boutique store where I live you prob only need 50-100k for instance, with buffers. Metro cities maybe double that..
  5. Why isn't this in the Spirituality section?
  6. Are you selling your quick response time? If not, just tell them you answer questions only on Thursdays. You might not be able to maintain all of them but it's worth it, because now you are getting what you want.
  7. isn’t this separate self this contracted “sense “rather than imagined , because even if there is a moment where I’m not thinking there’s still this sense. And then this almost unexplainable sense is what makes everything else seem separate too, making it possible to imagine separation . So it’s more fundamental than thoughts I once had this massive yet subtle shift. It was like my sense of self was permanently detached from my mind, and it was blissful. I don’t know what it’s called. But it’s not enlightenment because I still have a sense of separate self.
  8. The only entity with the power to take away your bliss is yourself. If people are trying to convince you that their delusion is best, they are doing so out of love. Because they think it would benefit your situation if you would change your delusion to another delusion. See for example my first sentence. I see your post, and I notice how you are giving power away and not taking responsibility. Which, my delusion tells me, are some of the core principles of being happy and in bliss. And I sense from your post that those are things you want. It's all lovely delusions here.
  9. I had this one for like a week Build quality is super solid believe it or not But I traded it in for a one plus 12 30 minute 0-100% charging 🤯
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  11. Setting boundaries with your loved ones Doing things for yourself Getting in touch with your animalistic cravings Exerting physical energy
  12. Mantra name - Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo.
  13. Mantra name - Om Gan Ganpataye Namo Namah.
  14. Mantra name - Pratham Tula Vandito. Ganesh Mantra.
  15. What does opening someones mind to make them easier to control mean?
  16. Next on the list. Mantra name - Gajanana Shree Ganraya. This is a Ganesh mantra.
  17. Next on the list. Mantra name - Bholenath Tera Saath. This is a Shiva mantra.
  18. Matrix comes from latin "mother" or "womb". You do not have to escape it. You go through it. By falling in love with it's infinite intelligence and beauty. ❤️
  19. Next on the list. Mantra name - Ram Siya Ram. This is a Ram mantra.
  20. I'm imagining you imagining having or not having problems I wonder what kind of body I would construct for you
  21. This is what I've been trying to say all along. I don't need psychedelics to tell me this, it's obvious from just looking at what's happening in Reality. It makes no sense. Nothing makes sense. We give it meaning. Nothing is happening. Only what the mind is creating. There is only mind. It is the dream. Then again, the dream is real. And I'm stuck in it until.......I awaken. Which never happens because I'm already awake. That's the fucking trick. It's obvious because none of us gets out "alive". NONE.
  22. @Leo Gura Hmm, I see but Why would a millionare need an advice in business in the first place? Do you think, that the value offered from him would be that value? You seem to have conflicted opinons about him.
  23. And now my ultimate Favorite. Ujjain Mahakal Aarti Mantra Music. Ujjain Mahakaleshwar Chants. This is for Kaal Bhairava. Aarti Beats Dhol Tasha. Devotional Beats.
  24. Good, that means that my problems are imaginary too
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