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  2. I remember reading about these Russian scientists a couple of years ago, who claimed to have discovered a way to turn any element on the periodic table into another element. I haven't heard from them since, so not sure if it was fake. But ultimately it must be possible.
  3. Hey me I noticed an interesting phenomena that happens as i enter deep as fuck meditation states. The body starts moving back and forth slowly and subtly almost as if you are sitting and a swing and there is a slow momentum of movement. Any knowledge on what is happening?
  4. Probably from a combination of a sufficient quantity of both selflessness and abundance.
  5. No, but only by the skin of my teeth. If I had to guess, I'd say I've been known to spend upwards of $250 on plan B inside of a few months, several times.
  6. Thank you, and I see there are actually a number of big companies already doing something like this.
  7. He literally wasn't. It's immediately recognized as merely a figure of speech by almost all English speakers, especially native ones.
  8. It won't be too hard to find. That's just off the top of my head from knowing some of the primary hormonal pathways. For instance, you could even start here:
  9. Nobody ran away, there is just no point to try and have a conversation, since its obviously a joke to you and you are trying to wind people up to get a reaction. your joke responses aren't very funny
  10. I need help to start teaching my folks to become a bit more peaceful. Intellectual help. I need to shift the mentality of violence in Iraq towards the peaceful side.
  11. I want to move to a place where high consciousness people. Any suggestions? Thank you
  12. Because they got the hunch that things can go horribly wrong if you play or change them too much, the reason because things are like they are right now is mostly because they work, at least on some levels. If it works it aint stupid, you do not have to understand it in order for it to work. Anyway, most liberals/progressives don't have this instinct, or at least it is weakened, from what I've seen there is an expectation of this new thing coming from their imagination to work before it is tested,critiqued or implemented. I like to see conservatism as a filter in its functional sense, which in many cases can get confused and conclude that its job is to prevent anything from passing trough, this would especially be the case if conservatives felt that someone is ignoring them and is trying to rush and implement something totally new. In that case, its red alert and action stations.
  13. Not equal but balanced/fair. The pay out to a single employ wont exceed more then 1-3x. Company earnings would be held in a company account not directly controlled by 1 individual. Blockchain systems can do all this, where each company has its own delegate governance system.. There is still a head figure, but what gives him that power is delegated power from the employes. There are alot of issues that can arise from this, just an idea of how we could go about doing all this and maybe something that can be implemented/experimented with today.
  14. Through consciousness and technological advancement. Eventually, we will have technologies that can manipulate things on the atomic level. Potentially materializing anything we want, we might make a Dyson sphere to convert energy from the sun to any resources we need. This will equalize all material to the same value since there is no more scarcity. Thus there will be no need for money. To reach this level, we would have solved the unified field theory in physics, which will lead to the birth of many technologies that currently only exist in sci-fi novels. But it will also enable us the power to create weapons that are exponentially more powerful than what we have now. So we need most of the population to develop consciously to a point where we will not make or use these technologies for war and ends up killing everyone. If we reach that point, we will be able to work together as a whole and explore the universe as a higher-tier civilization.
  15. why such a big font?
  16. I have discovered that choosing a diet is kinda like buying something for 90% of the people Buying works like this: Emotions buy, then logic explains why you were right to buy. Car vs diet example: You first get the car/diet on your emotion, such as "car: its cool, my old one is makes me embarrassed" or "diet: it ideologically aligns with my view, my old one makes me look bad in my friends eyes", and then you find a logical reason why to choose that diet: "car: It helps me overtake people on the road, so its safer" or "diet: research paper said its healthier than the average diet in *insert nation*" I rarely see someone doing proper research on food and then choosing ingredients that are suitable for you based on how your ancestors lived, genes and how the food makes you feel and look physically. Most often the reasons are emotional, and then the logical reason is something vague such as: "My diet promotes autophagy/my diet is healthy according to this (very small sample size) research paper/my political partners are on this diet and its the correct for our future/Fat is unhealthy according to this (another useless) research paper from 1970's/warriors of Greece ate like this and they were fit/it makes my muscles grow". Can you guess which diets Im speaking of? These arguments always come up when someone wants to talk how their diet is superior to yours. Lol. We trust biased research, beliefs and political ideologies way too much when we choose a diet. This has to stop, we need to go back and choose our diet based on how things taste to us, how things smell to us, how things make our bodies feel, how our bodies change on a diet. We need more body awareness and less research papers. We have delegated something that our ancestors found through trial and error by tasting berries, different kinds of fish, mushrooms, stalks, vegetables etc. to biased researchers who twist data and make their findings in perfect laboratory conditions. They dont even care if the results can be replicated in a societal level, if *insert diet* gives you *insert benefit* in laboratory conditions, then thats all they need to know to get their paycheck and whatever awards they get for "groundbreaking discoveries" I dont know how many diets @Preety_India have tried, but if she has always been on vegan diet, then her comment shows remarkable open mindedness on her part. For me, I have tried and bought a lot of different diets and seen their positive and negative sides. Today Im proud to say that I eat whatever I want, but that doesn't mean that I eat at Mcdonalds. I thought about making a whole new thread about this topic alone. Sorry if some parts didnt make sense to you, Im too busy with my career atm so I cant put more thought on the subject. But I hope someone here finds wisdom in my view, if there is any.
  17. yeah feta is alright make sure it comes from real goats. Some "fetas" on the market are fake and come from cow milk. If you can get imported feta from Greek islands like Corfu, Zakynthos, Crete etc you'll get the best quality there is.
  18. I hope there are aliens! But it looks doubtful. Here's what Ray Kurzweil says: Here's a video that goes into the odds of us existing. Not that I agree with the whole thing but it shows the odds of us being here are astronomical! For another civilization with intelligent life the odds are beyond astronomical! But in infinity all possibilities are likely.
  19. There would be many people who would want stuff like that. That "love based society" will never happen. It's not possible.
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  21. @Nahm 😃👍
  22. Psychedelics can play a part in actually healing schizophrenia. There is research of this done during the 60s.
  23. Im sorry but need to put this out there , you seeing "333" everywhere is not a synchronicity ahahah , real synchronicity's will blow ur socks off , these will occur to you almost everyday when you wake up, I call them reality winks For example : I found this reddit post of a super cool rave helmet I was like where do I buy this!?!!? Searched for it and found it was this singers helmet he wears and I looked up his music. The song that popped up was called "Virtual Insanity" which I had heard about a year prior maybe more just once . The song when I heard it a year ago I automatically knew it was about reality being an illusion. That day I went to the gas station next to my apartment I go to everyday. Haven't heard this song in a year or so and only heard it once. Get out the car at the pump and what song do you think is playing over the intercom? you guesssed it "The wall pt2".... jk VIRTUAL INSANITY! I could list 1000 times this has happened to me up until yesterday ahahahahahah.
  24. It's your ego asserting itself. a way to exist like others, and to exist is its purpose. weakening the ego by seeing again and again its falsehood is the solution
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