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  1. @john23 @DrewNows I’ve had on and off insomnia issues for many years. Prior to any psychedelics. I have an active mind and I’m a light sleeper. Psychedelics amplify my insomnia and I’ve had to plan accordingly when using them.
  2. @Arhattobe I don’t know Martin, yet I’m thinking positive thoughts for him and his family and I hope he recovers soon. I’ve had a few bouts with insomnia. Not as severe as Martin’s, yet my insomnia caused me a fair amount of pain and suffering. I’ve only averaged three hours of sleep per night this week. It’s awful.
  3. @Paulus Amadeus Good point. Caution and listening to one’s body is wise with this substance. It aint like smokin’ a doobie with giggles and munchies.
  4. There are professional cuddlers that cuddle and love someone (nonsexually) - and they earn far less than a million dollars. I've considered trying it out as a practice of expressing unconditional love.
  5. It seems deactivating the sense of self can also happen temporarily due to life events as well. For example, Pema Chodron built an entire sense of self and identity around being a wife and homemaker. Then one day her husband tells her he is having an affair and is leaving her that day. Pema's entire reality and identity collapsed in that moment and she was completely groundless. Her whole sense of self was temporarily deactivated. She could have created a whole new identity - for example that of a resentful victim. Yet rather, her awakening appeared and she became an awakened nun.
  6. Trapped in a story. . . I know it well. Most of my life, trapped in a story. . . The solipsism thought story is just one of millions of stories to be trapped within. Entertaining the thought story just reinforces the pattern. . . If I believed at midnight tonight I will turn into a worm burning in the sun, then my mind and body would be filled with anxiety and panic. If I believed this thought story, I would be freaking tf out. People all around me could say things like "The worm story is just a metaphor, don't take it literally", "You are already One with the worm", "You and the worm are both a dream and were never born". Yet, if I believed I was actually going to turn into a worm at midnight, none of that would do Jack Squat. My mind and body would still be freaking tf out. . . Even if one lets go of the worm story, the human mind would likely create another anxiety-producing thought story - like "I'm going to get cancer", or "What if I never get a job and become homeless?". The storyline itself doesn't much matter. It's being trapped within the story that produces suffering. And I know how hard it can be to break free of a story trap, especially a storyline that involves pain and suffering. . . At the personal level, there are practices one can do to dissolve and let go of the story - yet the person is often attached and identified with the story and is unwilling to do so. Ultimately, true freedom, stillness and peace is Now. Whatever is happening Now. The reason you are suffering within a solipsism story and Bob Smith is not - is because you are immersed, attached and identified to a solipsism story and Bob is not. The reason Bob is suffering within a storyline that he will get struck by lightening and Shaun is not - is because Bob is immersed, attached and identified to the lightening story and you are not.
  7. @Ibn Sina "Is it possible to be enlightened without psychedelics?" Of course. Enlightenment exists with or without psychedelics. That is like asking "Is it possible to be Now without psychedelics?". Of course, it is always Now. It can't be anything other than Now. Human minds are highly conditioned, attached and identified to a personal story within a time construct of past, present and future. Dissolving that can be extremely challenging and uncomfortable to a human mind and body. It may take years, even decades, of practice for a mind to surrender that narrative and surrender to the direct experience of Now. Psychedelics can dissolve the personal storyline and time construct and allow for beingness in Now within hours. Yet, it can also be done without psychedelics. "Did the Buddha use any substances to get enlightened?" According to the story, no.
  8. Plugging is far superior than snorting. And use the salt form for these ROAs. It’s like trying to smoke a joint through your nose instead of your mouth.
  9. One way to look at it is there are different orientations on how one builds constructs and concepts. They vast vast majority of humans use constructs and concepts to speculate and try to figure things out. Then there are the very small minority that have deep direct experience and awakenings, realize it is impossible to explain via constructs/concepts and also realize that's the main mode of human communication - so they do their best to explain the unexplainable through construction concepts, understanding that it isn't "IT". (Which I am doing now). For example, imagine a planet "Glemdosh". One orientation is to speculate what Glemdosh might be like and build constructs and concepts. Another orientation is to actually go and experience Glemdosh and return utterly speechless. "Holy crap, there are no words to explain Glemdosh. How the heck can I possibly explain that?". This person may do their best to explain Glemdosh, knowing full well the limitations of language and any explanation they give cannot capture Glemdosh. The former person is generally attached to and identified with their view. The latter person is not. They understand the explanation is an imperfect pointer that has nothing to do with them personally. The irony is that Glemdosh is always apparent Here and Now, yet humans get distracted and live within a dream story constructed of thoughts and concepts.
  10. @Ero Great work. Looks like psychedelics may be a useful tool for you. I would encourage you (and everyone) to make sure to give the mind and body time to reacclimate and integrate after psychedelic trips. They can strain the mind and body. Get in some relaxation and recovery. Yoga, meditation, spend some time in nature, contemplation, eat well, drink plenty of water, get good sleep etc. Be kind to your body.
  11. Many forum members are native English speakers and, as you suggest, could probably clean up some of their grammar so their posts are more easily understood. Yet for many forum members, English is their second or third language. We have a globally diverse community here. Learning proper grammar in a second/third language can be really challenging. I'm at an intermediate level of Spanish and my grammar is no where near optimal - I make a lot of errors. I'm very grateful for the patience and understanding that native Spanish-speakers have had with me. And I can't even imagine trying to communicate self-actualization and nonduality in a second/third language. I have a lot of admiration for those that do.
  12. @Kushu2000 I've had a recent case of tinnitus that I think may be related to pyschedelics. It's only been 9 days, so I hope if I go "all-natural" for a while and allow my body to reacclimate, it will dissipate. From what I've read, I would say I have a moderate case. It can get loud in quiet settings (e.g. during meditation and yoga), yet is quieter in a work setting or outdoors (yet still quite annoying). Here are a few of my experiences: 1. I've tried to see some type of positive in it. For example, during meditation it can be a source of grounding that can immerse into the environment. If I ground into it, it can help me reach thoughtless states of being. 2. Last night I discovered that the below audio can help immensely. During my meditation, a swirling high frequency appeared (8/10 volume). I grounded with it and found a place of stillness and beingness in the moment. I then played the below audio and the vibration immediately changed from a high frequency siren to a gentle background hiss. I was amazed. Most of the masking audio just cover-up or distract, yet this audio literally changed the vibrational dynamics in my mind/brain. The background hiss frequency in the audio perfectly matched the hiss in my head. I lowered the volume so the volumes matched. I then couldn't tell whether the hiss was coming from inside or outside of my head. I could direct my attention to separate the hissing sounds (I could focus so the hiss was coming from outside my head or focus so the hiss was coming from inside my head). Or, I could allow there to be One hiss. Ironically, this turned out to be a wonderful dual / nondual system. With the One background hiss, my inside / outside sensation dissolved and served as grounding for my other senses to dissolve - allowing a type of nondual experience. I find such nondual states of beingness difficult to attain, so I was grateful for this ability to do it at will. . . I've been playing the video periodically and the high pitch sound is starting to dissolve into a more gentle background hiss (which I find much less bothersome). I'm hoping with enough reconditioning, it will fade away with time. . . 3. I have read many reports that Gingko helps for about half the people who try it (I haven't tried it). This is a quote that I read from Dr. Bauman, a specialist with tinnitus. "One herbal is Ginkgo biloba. Just be sure you take a proper therapeutic dose of 480 mg per day. To be effective this dose should be standardized to contain a minimum of 24% flavone glycosides, 6% terpene lactones and 2.6% bilobalide". 4. As a general comment: psychedelics can be very taxing on the mind and body. One can temporarily expand multiple conscious levels and then get condensed back to their baseline level. That is a lot for the mind and body to absorb. As well, psychedelics hyper utilize the serotonergic system and can induce neural plasticity. Make sure to give the body time to recover and reacclimate. Take some time off after a trip, relax, meditate, spend time in nature, journal, get grounded and enjoy life. Be kind to the body.
  13. @MezzoAria Why get so complicated? Just get a standard dry herb vape that goes up to at least 428F. Sprinkle some in and press a button - it's so simple. Perhaps a simple vape is all you need (as it is for me). Or perhaps you might want to pursue advanced gear in the future. Yet it doesn't make sense to me to start off so complicated where you need some fairly advanced skills to pull it off.