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  1. You as well. I hadn’t thought of distinctions between holistic perception and intuition. Perhaps they are integrated? I need to contemplate some more.
  2. I don’t know. He was off the chart on curiosity about everything. He would suddenly get curious about random things like how a bird’s tongue works. He lived in the magical world Leo has been describing lately.
  3. A child exploring a creek is doing science, art, music, yoga and performance. He hasn’t yet learned that these are supposed to be separate things. Adults need to deconstruct as they evolve.
  4. Leonardo Da Vinci had thoughts. Yet he didn’t think this as Biology and that as engineering and this as painting and that as philosophy.
  5. The words point to that which cannot be explained. Don’t get caught up on words. They are just a pointer. The reason I’m hammering this point is because it’s one of the biggest traps.
  6. I don’t see a “their”. It’s a space that transcends science, music, art, philosophy, poetry, nature etc. Leonardo Da Vinci was the greatest mind ever. Not because he did many diverse things well, but because he did one thing well. When I converse with my colleagues in art, we aren’t talking art or science.
  7. It’s not about Einstein. You can pick any scientific genuis.
  8. You are asking me to explain it in rational terms. I’m trying to bring you into post-rational space.
  9. My personality, life history and intention is irrelevant. Don’t get distacted by that. Focusing on that is part of the trap. It is prior to all that.
  10. IME, the awakening I speak of is more valuable than my 20+ years of buddhist study and meditation. It lies prior to the words. Let go of the words.
  11. Dang, I thought you got it. 😞 When you have the realization you will no longer need your words.