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  1. @Garuda Have you worked through the mind state of objective external reality? It seems like you are staying within that state of mind.
  2. @martins name I agree that there are generally two steps. Realizing the irrationality of a pre-rational god and then realizing a truer post-rational god. Yet, I don’t think it’s a good idea to cow tow to blue stage. Other spiritual examples include concepts of emptiness and nothing. I think we should teach people more evolved understandings rather than make up a bunch of new terms that would be very esoteric. With that said, I think terms such as “everything”, “One” and “nothing” are more efficient terms to help evolve Orange to post-rational. The term “god” often triggers preconceived notions, baggage and defenses. It’s iften counter-productive. For these reasons, I rarely use the term “god” when trying to help others evolve. Yet, I still wouldn’t want to concede the term “god”.
  3. @martins name A higher truth shouldn’t conceed to a lower falsehood. Recently, it’s been determined that Pluto does not qualify as a planet. We didn’t change the meaning of the term “planet” so pluto would now qualify as a planet. And we didn’t give pluto a new name so people could keep calling pluto a planet. Rather the truth was told: pluto is not a planet. Deal with it. Similarly, God is not some old bearded man in the sky. Deal with it. We update terms to reflect higher understanding and truth. Conceeding language to irrational nonsensense merely perpetuates falsehoods. Updating the term God to point to a higher truth is precisely what is needed for people to face their belief in an irrational idea of god. It’s the most direct approach.
  4. It’s all fun and games until you face it directly. Don’t throw sand at those who have had the courage to face it.
  5. @Preetom The land of storytelling is a warm blanket. If you go to the gate, be prepared to surrender all. You don’t get to decide or control what lies on the other side. Crossing over was by far the most terrifying experience of my life.
  6. @Preetom If you go the distance, you will need to surrender everything, including control of the narrative - such as the story you just told.
  7. @Preetom If awareness arises that a mind-body is playing the character of a villain, why assume the mind-body will stop playing that character?
  8. It doesn't seem like there is a consensus on that. In terms of research, studies showing neurotoxicity in rats and primates were using high doses about 10X the standard human dose, the roa was injection and the frequencey of administration was around 200X the frequency of normal human use. There is debate on how relevant those regimes and results are. But yea, if a human took 10X the normal mdma dose via injection twice a day, everyday, for a month - I wouldn’t be surprised to see neurotoxicity.
  9. If you say so, so it is.
  10. @CreamCat Gotcha. I wouldn’t call it self-sacrifice if the same person is benefiting. For example, if someone quits smoking to improve their health, is that self-sacrifice? I’d say no. Yet if a father worked over-time everyday for 20 years to put his kids through college, I would say that’s self sacrifice. I’m kinda using SD as a framework. Blue and Green are the self sacrifice stages. Red and Orange are the self centered stages.
  11. I've found self-enquiry to be helpful when my mind can relax into a quiet state and insights can arise. If I ask a question like "What is Genuine?" and my mind starts conceptualizing and trying to figure it out - I will halt the enquiry.
  12. @Nagma Everything you mentioned is within One Absolute. I did not make any value judgments between religions or spiritual teachers because they are all within One. How could I make a value judgement when there is no thing to judge? On the human level, we can make value judgments and assign relative meaning as good or bad. As well, one could discuss a variety of relative conscious levels. Yet, that is not the thread topic. The thread topic is about absolute God, absolute Consciousness.
  13. I agree. I'd guess about 10 years and momentum is gaining. Yet, I still shake my head at times. I know several psychologists that specialize in PTSD therapy and were shocked when I told them about the MDMA research. Then within a month, I'll get a text like "Oh my gosh, I was just talking with a colleague who mentioned MDMA therapy for PTSD. I can't believe it!!" I think a big turning point will be when psychedelic research has a prominent presence at scientific meetings. Scientists love hot, new things. The first cell biology paper showing neurotrophic properties of psychedelics in cell culture was recently published in the journal Cell. This is the top journal in cell biology and it carries a lot of weight in the scientific community. Regarding the clinical studies, I just want to reiterate for others reading this thread. The clinical studies were done with patients that had already received a lot of psychotherapy before the trials. The psychedelic therapy was in a relaxed controlled setting with a loved one and their trusted health care provider. After the treatment, patients continued psychotherapy to help integrate the insights. We are not talking about handing out MDMA to PTSD sufferers and having them work through things on their own.