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  1. The original question of the interviewer : Do you consider yourself a god? To address this at a deeper level involves a realization and transcendence of “you”. This can take years and thousands of hours of practice and study. It’s not easily addressed in a simple linguistic response. Yes, and it often gets conflated with “you are god” - which was the orientation of the interviewer “You are God” is a different context than “you are god“. I’m using the term “happening” in a broader context. That is, everything happening now. There are appearances of sounds, smells and objects happening now. In this context, there is simply what is Now. What is happening now may be sitting in nature listening to birds. Or what is happening now may be posing in photos by a Rolls Royce. From one perspective, this is simply what is Now. There is no personal attachment/identification to the birds or the Rolls Royce.
  2. In the video you linked the question is “Do you consider yourself a god?”. The question and response is in a traditional dualistic framework of subject-object god. Osho’s even references religion. The clip is not in the context of a transcendent/nondual context of god. Imo, Osho was correct to point this out that the existence of a separate god is a lie. Similar to how we could say the existence of “me” is a lie. To address the question at a deeper level, we would need to transcend the concepts of “you” and “god”. This generally takes years of practice. The questioner was not at this level and if the response points to transcendence, it would likely have been misinterpreted and misunderstood. Also keep in mind of the historical context. In the 1980s, the environment was very blue in western societies. This is very different than in a green level societal context. In a current example, Sadhguru interacts differently with Orange and green level audiences. Regarding if a highly conscious person can have extravagant displays. . . This frame uses a hierarchy of low to high conscious levels. Using that frame, I would say it is less likely that a highly conscious being displays extravagance, because there is transcendence of the personal construct. It is personality immersion that gets off on that type of personal attention, validation and pleasure. With awakening there is an energetic shift away from self glorifying pleasures. Yet it’s possible for this to occur within a high conscious state, yet it would be less common and have different dynamics. For example, the Rolls Royce’s are simply happenings. There is awareness of Rolls Royce happenings and the pleasure of Rolls Royce happenings. Similarly, there are flower blossoms happenings and pleasure of flower blossom happenings. . . . For me, the material thing is not too important. The attachment/identification to the material thing is of more interest.
  3. It seems there is a general context for the usage of “enlightenment” on the forum, yet I’ve noticed it used in many different contexts. For example, we could say that no person is enlightened because there is no person to become enlightened. We could also say enlightenment is a type of trans personal awareness which includes the person. I’ve seen lots of different expressions. For me, direct experience transcends theory. Yet it can be easy to drift into an enlightenment story and miss the direct experience.
  4. You two get to create and write your own story. That’s the beauty of it. Fo me, it’s important that it is welcomed and we are both into it.
  5. The mind likes to focus on personalities. To me, the primary question is “What is enlightenment?”. If we don’t have clarity on what enlightenment is, how can we determine if something or someone is enlightened? If someone asked “Is Oslo fribvuy?”, we would need to know what “fribvuy“ is to determine if Osho is “fribvuy”.
  6. @Nak Khid From a rational perspective, your ideas make sense and I would agree. In this context, taking a psychedelic temporarily grants super conscious realizations that can be difficult to integrate and embody. This is a common view from a personal lens, which has value. Yet there is much more going on. Your creation involves a sober state that is defined as unaltered/normal and a psychedelic state that is altered /abnormal. You also create a timeline of past and future in which an undefined imagined thing can be permanent. If one observes the ISness of Here and Now, these constructs may disappear - or they may appear very differently. Why does your sober mind state get to decide what counts as “normal”, “higher states of consciousness” and “enlightened”? Why doesn’t your psychedelic mind state decide these matters? A post-egoic psychedelic experience is very much real. Awareness, awakeness, and being is very much present. Yet the ego won’t like that because it is no longer controlling the narrative.
  7. Examples of going from low to high self esteem: Oprah Winfrey Russell Brand Marilyn Monroe John Lennon Caleb Followill Angelina Jolie Nicki Minaj Cher
  8. @Bno Yea, u fortunately McConnell won’t allow a senate vote on bills that aim to protect election integrity. That’s part of the structural problem.
  9. That seems to be a fundamental personal/human imagination and desire.
  10. I’m not too interested in a “Russiagate” narrative. I’’m more concerned about Russian interference into our elections as indicated by all US intelligence agencies, national security advisors and diplomats. To me, fundamental threats to democracy should be taken seriously. I’m supportive of US intelligent officials, national security advisors, diplomats and journalists that are putting themselves on the line as they attempt to convey the degradation of our election integrity, which is the foundation of our democracy. Imo, his transcends any single US president, including Trump. And it’s not just limited to Russia, as it’s also clearly revealed with the Ukraine, and likely other countries as well. And it’s not just limited to foreign interference into our elections. Things like voter suppression and campaign financing are also big concerns for me. If we devolve to non-democratic authoritarianism, it doesn’t really matter if we have president trump or authoritarian “president x”. The underling degradation of election integrity and democracy is the deeper issue. I think getting Trump out of office is a key and I think it’s important to play politics well to do that. As you say, the Russian interference may not be an effective case against Trump. It’s very nuanced and includes complexities. The Ukraine situation may be more effective as it is more direct, simple and easy to disseminate to a populace that is not engaged with politics. Yet I also think there is corrosion that goes deeper than Trump.
  11. @Bno From my pov, you don’t seem to have experience of being involved in crime or understand the mind of a criminal. This is a good thing, yet its hard for me to have a conversation within this context.
  12. Russia has leverage on Trump and can manipulate him. That is what they want and what they are getting. They want four more years of Trump and are trying to influence the 2020 election as we speak.
  13. Ime, the most important thing is no contact. No texts, no looking at her social media, no looking at her in photos. Second, release through writing. I released by writing several pages everyday. Everytime it pressures up, open up a relief valve through writing. A lot of the writing revealed unhealthy aspects of the relationship. This was particularly important when I missed the good times, had little hope for a better future and wanted to contact her. And writing allows relief which is really important for the mind and body. Third, do something new and healthy for you. I started doing yoga and it was so helpful to change my orientation. I did 1-2 hrs of yoga everyday and went from a total beginner to intermediate in a couple months. It breathed new life into in my life. It’s a different thing for each person. I think it’s a big help to start something new and bold to re-orient in a new direction.
  14. Russia is gaining power relative to America, in part through Russia’s leverage on Trump. Most Americans are unaware. .The world’s western leaders mock Trump during international meetings. . . Russia is delighted.