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  1. Unsubstantiated speculation, misinformation and conspiracy theories are not helpful during the crisis. There are plenty of other forums online for this type of behavior.
  2. That is not what the medical community says about the origin of the coronavirus. Stop spreading unsubstantiated speculation and conspiracy theories. Is it possible China developed this virus as a biological weapon? Yes. However, the only people proposing this are the usual conspiracy theorists on the internet. I’ve seen no one highly knowledgeable and with expertise put forth any credible evidence of this.
  3. I read a bit from some of the links and they are filled with inaccurate scientific misinformation. They have very little biological accuracy. They are trying to sound sciencey, yet do not understand even the basics of cell and molecular biology. It would be like someone trying to sound technical by saying a toaster oven combusts orange juice in a car. And then saying “It’s an alternative view and we should be open-minded”. That is misleading because it puts nonsense on the same level as those that have worked for decades to become experts. . . That is the recipe for spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories: 1) Take 20% actual science and mix in 80% misinformation, 2) Make it sound sciencey to those that don’t understand the actual biology, 3) call it some theory that is an alternative view to “the mainstream”, which we should all be skeptical of. . . About 30% of the population will believe it because they can’t distinguish between fake science and actual science. And they are not willing to put in the effort to learn actual biology. I posted a link above of an expert who knows viral biology. That’s a great place to start for anyone that wants to learn the biological life cycle of viruses - in particular the coronavirus. Let’s not derail this thread any longer. There is way to much misinformation about the coronavirus. Let’s have a thread with accurate information.
  4. To me it sounds like you you gave him the opportunity to gradually drift away or stay in occasional contact as friends, yet he wants to use you as his cathartic punching bag. Perhaps time for a hard stop.
  5. On a relative level, I agree with this. Those youngins on the Florida beaches were boneheads and Floridians will likely pay a price for their selfish stupidity. Those crowed beaches were like a Petri dish for the virus.
  6. Yin yoga is great for this as well. The release feels so good. . .
  7. It’s not about being open to alternatives and other modalities of medicine. The links you posted are making inaccurate, misinformed scientific claims. There are some kernels of truth within a mass of misinformation. If someone posted a link to an article that claimed poisons don’t exist because chemical compounds are only produced in the lysosomes of phagocytic cells and as long as the pH level of extracellular peroxisomes are above 7.2, we are protected. . . <= that would get shut down. Not because it is an alternative view or because it is another modality of medicine. Rather, it would get shut down because it is inaccurate scientific claims and spreading misinformation that can potentially be harmful. @Scholar I would say cognitive stages of development. Rational thinking, logic and science is a developmental stage higher than some, yet keep in mind it’s still a relatively low level. Scientists are like children in a sandbox trying to figure out how the toy shovels and buckets work. If someone comes along and says the shovel is actually a bomb that will explode, that should be corrected. Yet the sandbox toys are still a relatively low level of development. And I agree with the fellow in the video you posted - there has been an red/blue level anti-science agenda for decades that have degraded the credibility of actual experts. Now Joe Shmo can make up shit on YT, call it a “theory” and 40% of Americans give him as much credibility as an actual expert. And this has infiltrated the highest levels of American politics. It’s really disheartening and we are paying the price in this crisis.
  8. The term “wrong” is relative. It depends on your ethical framework. Some people would consider it wrong to engage in behavior that spreads what is arguably the most dangerous virus in a century. Others wouldn’t consider this as wrong. For example, many libertarians would see nothing wrong with this.
  9. Roger Seheult, MD is producing high-quality daily updates. I’ve watched about 15 of his videos and can verify he understands the cell biology, human physiology and virology from a medical/scientific perspective.
  10. @DrewNows Those links are criticizing science from below, not from above. Criticizing science from a higher conscious level would look when Deepak Chopra criticizes science. The links you are posting are at a lower conscious level than science. I am a trained molecular/cellular biologist and I can tell you that they are making misunderstood and inaccurate scientific/biological claims to promote an agenda. It is filled with misinformation. Spreading low conscious misinformation, such as anti-germ theory, can be dangerous to people. I know that is not your intention, yet that is the impact of spreading misinformation. You’ve been previously told not to do this. Please stop.
  11. Michigan cannabis stores are considered “essential business”. That’s a long way from the 1980s 🙃 Also keep in mind that the virus can stay airborne for up to three hours. So if you are walking in a public place, like a grocery store isle, you are walking by people that have been in that space for the last three hours. If a woman coughed in the aisle an hour before you arrived, the virus may still be lingering in the air.
  12. At this point it’s not law “enforcement”, more like law “encouragement” to comply. The police aren’t writing tickets. Yet I’ve heard they are in some European countries. It seems like Washington State handled it pretty well and may be at the peak.
  13. Could you recognize yourself in a mirror? Not many species of animals can. Similarly can you recognize that another is yourself? Not many humans can. Maslow wrote about how self-actualized people could easily recognize each other. He was able to observe this phenomena as he himself became self actualized.
  14. How can you tell if someone can speak English or not?
  15. I now see how the imagery I create about 5-meo can be unintentionally misleading. I think you need to do it to understand it. There is no sense in trying to understand it via your imagination. To me, it doesn’t seem like there is full surrender here and I would be cautious entering the deeper levels of 5-meo as precaution for the mind and body. I’d recommend not starting with a heavy dose. That’s just my impression, I could be off.