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  1. 10 day vipassana should help her see her issues objectively rather than think her way out of it.
  2. @Leo Gura exist as forms? i would love to exist as infinite forms simultaneously or no form. I might be deluded bc my whole goal with enlightenment was becoming conscious formless and staying as nothing after this body dies.
  3. @White idk i have hard time with sugar quoting also. He cant be more direct than direct but I understand not all will comprehend the arrogance but again he says it how he sees it
  4. I came back from my second 10 day sit a couple of weeks ago and I understand the technique pretty well. I've gained enormous results just in the last month. Anybody else walking the path of dhamma? i have been doing 2 hour long sits a day. What I like about this technique is that it deals with the truth / your direct experience, moment to moment, no delusions, no mantra, no visualization, just sitting there and observing the reality pertaining moment to moment. A Magnifying glass onto the impermanent nature of reality / aka God and a very scientific, pragmatic process of spiritual purification. I can foresee how this is a highway to enlightenment, although its a long path, however very little traps you can fall into because the whole technique deals with awareness and equanimity, no chakras, kundalini or any other new age stuff, only direct truth pertaining to oneself moment to moment. I feel like this is a path alot of people are seeking, not to condemn any other techniques, I am dumbstruck by the purity of this technique. All comments / opinions are appreciated.
  5. @White says it how he sees it, it would be bullying if didn't tell people to wake up. With wisdom like that, he can easily be some mastermind in some dungeon manipulating and controlling mankind but he prefers to be the fire alarm.
  6. Vipassana is great for no mind. I've mixed Osho's Active Meditation like Kundalini Meditation and Dynamic Meditation with a daily Vipassana sits. 3 hours of daily work for 90 days - Dynamic after waking up, Kundalini in the evening and Vipassana inbetween. 1 hour each. Your growth will radically supercharge and during the 90 days you can continue your path with vipassana or explore other techniques. The active meditations are like seasonal techniques, if done all the time it would make ur body weak (unless you got your diet on point then youre the master of your body) however they're the most powerful techniques i've pursued so far and it is very intuitive to understand whats going on and you'll access levels of joy, authenticity and surrendering than most of the conventional techniques.
  7. i love you guys so much I shat into unconditional love
  8. @Ether there is no such thing as a his body
  9. look into Kratom
  10. if you live by the ocean, go to the beach and do some breathing exercises or simply meditate every evening, You will accumulate a lot of chi since the wind carries salt from the ocean.
  11. @Taha mouline in Goenka's discourses, he tells you the significance and importance of committing to only vipassana for 10 days. You can do more harm than good by mixing those techniques.
  12. @phoenix666 i was mind blown by how humble I was to be honest lmaooo just sitting there with a huge grin
  13. Lolol Krishna has a legitimate human biography and he succeeded in a "positive" way in the bloodiest war. Check out what this guy did. He was incarnation of God and what im saying cannot make sense to you until you go research this dude. Not everything in religion is black and white, our highly dogmatic mind dismisses any grey areas because we're lazy.