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  1. soak it all in my friend. See how our daily actions are soo ingrained in unconsciousness... Factory farmed dead beings that come packaged in plastic.. we have no problem but when you see the "reality" of what you're doing. it hits you like a truck.. although not condemning it.. Butchers in my country kill daily without any special machine, just a sword to chop animals heads off, they dont mind but for the west its way too convenient
  2. 1. Organic Cannabis - So potent that the trichomes make the bud look fully white. 2. Replicate meat with a harmless substance that can be manually filled with all kinds of nutrients.
  3. Speaking of Osho, TRY DYNAMIC and KUNDALINI meditation. It was shown in the Documentary too. Effective for Spiritual Purification and Kundalini Awakenings.
  4. When i use to be in the east, I heard Osho was killed by the US whilst Rogan Ronald, never really understood "the dark side" of osho. teach me
  5. coconut oil, baking soda and pink himalayan salt
  6. cry your eyes out my friend and meditate. It will get better more you tame your mind and get focused. ik it doesn't sound like much but you do have alot of potential regardless of any circumstance
  7. Oats Quinoa- Bean Flour / Potato Flour Spinach Chia Seeds- Hemp Seeds- Flax Seeds- Corn Apple- Dates- Orange- Tomatoes Mushrooms Green Onion Chickpeas Potato Lentil- Goji Berry- Blueberries- Cashew Milk Red Beans Pistacho- Strawberries- Ginger Garlic Agave Nectar- Cabbage Carrots Cauli Cilantro Onion Lemon Sunflower Seeds- Watermelon Seeds- Matcha Tea Shirataki Noodles- Broccoli- Cacao Powder- Guacamole Coconut Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pomegranate Walnuts Bran Cereal Aloe Vera Drinks Superfood Juice Spirulina
  8. @Ether Yes they are my crutch too but dont think that further down the road you wont face the meaningless of all this and you'll feel guilty about how much you could've practiced rather than jack your brain off to Leo. Perhaps take psychedelics and i dont even have to say the rest.
  9. @Ether thoughts will be thoughts no matter how much you gain from even 1 year of consistent meditation. Meditation doesn't give you a high or a blissful state but it gives you the ability to chose your reaction to these higher states or lower states. All meditation will teach you is no matter how much you feel like shit you'll know this wont be fixed by you writing on the forum or watching leo, you'll know that meditation is the only place to go back to. Dont expect any kind of blissful state by just sitting for 20 minutes a day. Your high will be you building your life where in the end of the day you are excited that the day is over and excited that tomorrow exists
  10. years of conditioning and the taboo of death that is going on in our society has stopped you, me and are stopping millions of kids from contemplating death. If thought about carefully you cannot comprehend death because all you can create is ideas about emptiness, hell, or heaven. Now all of those things could be found in your direct experience in the present moment, but you believe you're this thing, this body which doesn't exist. Your whole life is grounded upon death.
  11. I didn't
  12. @Prabhaker I've heard a myth that if a man reads the entire Mahabharata in 18 days he WILL go insane
  13. if i chew any kind of fruit i have a instant reflex of vomiting since childhood. I like smoothies but i cannot bite into an apple