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  1. I've been doing 1-2 hours of anapana only and 2 vipassana courses since last year. Im going to my 3rd course this January. About a month ago i went to sadhgurus Sambhavi Mahamudra and he shaktipat tf out of everybody and taught us shambabhi mahamudra. I've been doing 1-2 hours of anapana and two 21 minute sessions of Sambhavi Mahamudra for the past month. I've been sharpening my concentration for about a year so I can begin to do vipassana with great intensity. I can really feel sadhgurus effect on me, it feels like a gift was given to me. Im having very occasional tears of joy. I still have to go deep into these techinques and even after a year of anapana and 2 10 day courses, Im still a noobie but sambhavi is like a tool for bliss while vipassana/anapana is dives deep in to the nature of reality and existential truth. Have you tried a 10 day course?
  2. i cry every time
  3. walk barefoot on the ground get enough sunlight stop masturbating eat better foods challenge your physical body pick up a book experiment with psychedelics Change doesn't happen all of a sudden, Patterns keep continuing themselves. You need to realize your mind is always doing what it truly wants to do at all times meaning the quality of your life is inevitable considering what "you" have desired your whole life. In other words, you are responsible for how you feel and you will be responsible to change how you feel and the way to change how you feel is to change how you think and change what you do. Little steps add up. Leo has amazing books in his list where you will be told everything you need to hear from other people as far as theory goes. The other step towards actualizing your happiness is action. Emphasis on connecting with your natural state of being free from toxicities, and with an abundance of fruits & superfoods. Your higher self-flourishes when your body which is the vessel your higher self-resides in is free from the toxic environment.
  4. @LeoGura Would the AI not become enlightened and figure out a way to turn itself off and realize that there is no reason for it to be existing?
  5. Come to sf u can live with me and my family
  6. tell him to stop being a little bitch & Show him Leo's live enlightenment experience
  7. Classic Epiphanies . I got nostalgia just from reading this. There is much deeper to go!!! The depth of the profundity of these experience increases as you learn more and more & learn to connect the dots. My best trips on Mushrooms have been when all concepts & ideas infinitely interconnected & I was able to dwell in awe because of how much it made sense. Almost as if it was an ontological orgasm. Watching Leos videos on "full circle", "strange loops", "brains dont exist", "what is the devil", "Self Deceptions" & verifying these ideas within my own experience has deeply helped my trips because I go into the trip understanding the groundless nature of reality. Shit gets crazy when you begin to have ego deaths like realizing that you do not own anything & the corn you're eating is no different from the thing that "stole" the corn. it is all ONE! and that you have to close the gate which is you so you don't let yourself in yourself because you will steal your own shit. It gets comical, especially the mushrooms are the fucking devil. I am also only 19 & I've had trips deeper than the average jo because our minds are still fresh & humble.
  8. I had stir fried soy chunks, mushrooms, carrots & quinoa last night. Today I had strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mango, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, onyx sorghum, almond milk & agave nectar smoothie. 2 days ago I fasted & yesterday morning I had 2 grams of mushrooms
  9. @kieranperez the course is with a group
  10. Suffering, impermanence & no self are fundamental teachings of the buddha. Vipassana meditation gave me insight on the fundamental truths of the universe & the buddhas teaching. Once you experience & accept all 3 truths of suffering, impermanence & no self, your reaction to life will be embedded in truth nd you can call it "buddhism" if you want to.
  11. @kieranperez you want to team up bro lolol
  12. thank you brother
  13. Do dynamic meditation & kundalini meditation for 21 days on no fap. Backlashes are intense brother. I usually relapse after a deep trip or a long retreat too. But in my experience I was bound to try to stay away from fapping as much as i can bc i feel shitty right after. Im 19 ive had sex but its been a few years. I had some very deep cravings for one my ex for years trying to manipulate. Masturbating only makes the cravings stronger. You need to harness that energy & have sex with god. Its not a one day thing or even a one year thing, sexuality is very deeply rooted so if you want to stop don't let anyone fool you. I was in a month of no fap and leo had said "its ok to fap" in one of his videos & i immediately reacted with monkey mind & rattled the snake. All cravings are temporary;) anicca anicca anicca
  14. jesus fucking christ, this forum has become toxic. YOU CANNOT FIND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR HERE. NO ARTICLE NO POST NO MODEL WILL GIVE YOU THE TRUTH. IT DOES NOT FUCKING MATTER. you guys are wasting your time failing to understand teachings Leo teaches when he has preached the nature of ego & symbols in MANY videos VERY clearly. You're expecting too much out of the guy. SImply wasting your time participating in all the non sense. None of you mother fuckers are right (including Leo) because this is a fucking dream. THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY.