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  1. @now is forever Food Grade Diatomaceous seems to be safe within my own experience and a large number of anecdotal evidence. I haven't done much scientific research but I definitely feel the benefits. I and my family have been using daily for almost a month.
  2. I would imagine once you cross 10,000 hours of commiting to one powerful technique of spiritual purification, you'll be free from unconscious neuroses.
  3. Drink 1 tbsp of diatomaceous earth with water everyday 1 hour before your first meal
  4. Wake up at 4 am, take a cold shower and head to the hall.
  5. @fredfred Did this question arise from "monkey mind"?
  6. He's not wrong lool living how this dude lives, intune with nature for a lack of a better phrase. He's very conducive to his being, He gets a lot of sun and melanin is one heck of a psychedelic.
  7. @Sage_Elias He still has many lingering egoic needs from lower stages he hasn't integrated. No wonder he's going to dismiss a stage turquoise video because all of his life depends on preserving the ideology he falls a prey to. He needs to be watching "What is the Devil?" "What is wrong with the ego?" Understanding how Paradigms Work?" " "How Ideology works" "Mechanics of Beliefs".
  8. Be prepared to take full responsibility for your life. All else will be taken care by the LSD if you have a clear intent.
  9. @Leo Gura i actually made an instagram account with his cult name just to spread snippets your videos to his subscribers alot of his viewers would greatly be benefited if only they heard some of your epistemology. Many of them seem to be very thirsty for the truth, they just lack proper guidance through the various traps. Now they just need to join the actualized cult by Master Chief Leo the Christ and all will be well
  10. Would this narrative still imply after awakening? Because from what ive learned from you is, you awaken by 1% then go back sleep, then next time you awaken by 2%. All of those red flags are from the past, he has actually matured alot and i havent quiet found anyone to be as authentic and radically honest than him, other than you ofcourse, to some degree. Is there a way to look beyond his actions and still derive some understanding?
  11. @Leo Gura i agree. Their cult is definitely a shit show on and off camera, however, like you said, the information he provides is beyond woo woo new age stuff. I was just asking if you have seen any of his content because he actually speaks of practicalities that I think he himself does not understand its full implications. I actually think if he were to ever come across your content, his cult would go through an intervention. He speaks of Melanin, epigenetics, DNA, quantum mechanics, which I assume you know, but he has very clearly articulated and intregated scientific understanding with non duality which I rarely see in other "spiritual circles". Keeping an open mind, ive learned alot from his teachings. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to the technologies of our body & nature. His practical teachings, if intregated with your metaphysical insights would help an individual become super conducive to the Truth, like it has done with me. I have actually been hoping he sees some of your content and you see some of his because in my mind, if both of you were fully intregated by an individual, there would open up a new dimenson or a new prespective of previously undiscovered insights. Besides, after carefully observing, i see right through his narcissism and how its merely a ego backlash because a large amount of people are attacking and trying to crucify him. The more I watch, the more I witness the divinity playing a classic game. The more you look the more you see and knowing what you teach, this person is definitely worth looking into. Even for you.
  12. @Leo Gura have you ever listened to any of his videos? The information he provides is actually very practical. A whole new paradigm. It actually shed alot of light into how I am to intregate the wisdom you provide with the information he presents.