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  1. @kieranperez you want to team up bro lolol
  2. Do dynamic meditation & kundalini meditation for 21 days on no fap. Backlashes are intense brother. I usually relapse after a deep trip or a long retreat too. But in my experience I was bound to try to stay away from fapping as much as i can bc i feel shitty right after. Im 19 ive had sex but its been a few years. I had some very deep cravings for one my ex for years trying to manipulate. Masturbating only makes the cravings stronger. You need to harness that energy & have sex with god. Its not a one day thing or even a one year thing, sexuality is very deeply rooted so if you want to stop don't let anyone fool you. I was in a month of no fap and leo had said "its ok to fap" in one of his videos & i immediately reacted with monkey mind & rattled the snake. All cravings are temporary;) anicca anicca anicca
  3. jesus fucking christ, this forum has become toxic. YOU CANNOT FIND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR HERE. NO ARTICLE NO POST NO MODEL WILL GIVE YOU THE TRUTH. IT DOES NOT FUCKING MATTER. you guys are wasting your time failing to understand teachings Leo teaches when he has preached the nature of ego & symbols in MANY videos VERY clearly. You're expecting too much out of the guy. SImply wasting your time participating in all the non sense. None of you mother fuckers are right (including Leo) because this is a fucking dream. THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY.
  4. @PsiloPutty i would tell you not to but you will not be able to resist
  5. Spend the whole day sober and in the end of the night smoke but dont distract yourself by doing anything. no tv no music no friends no books nothing. Just sit & watch how weed makes you super attached to your thoughts & generate lots of cravings. Youll naturally want to quit.
  6. Now a deep psychedelic trip & round 2 ! Don't worry about any backlashes, they seem to happen after deep purification work. Be happy my brother.
  7. "the work" is very arbitrary. Music can take you to enlightenment. Your main direction in life should be aligning yourself to your values. Like Leo said in one of his videos, all spiritual work is you walking up the mountain with a iron rod so the chances of the lightning (enlightenment) hitting you are higher. 1 hour daily meditation sit wont hurt you and awareness comes naturally when you are doing something you enjoy. Trust the process my friend. Stop making distinctions where it is doing more harm than good. Develop moral qualities, become more conscious of your actions & set a daily practice where you are celebrating your existence whether that be meditation, yoga, music or many other things.
  8. Osho's books are pretty fuccin dope when it comes to him revealing all the sneaky shit the ego pulls.
  9. He has been having a HUGE backlash for the past couple of months. Im very excited & happy for him to stay on his journey. He caused a lot of chaos lmao. The mob mind was going nuts!
  10. I am actually growing dreads right now, i seem to have alot of attachment towards my hair but next summer I have to do a religious hindu ritual where i have to shave off my head completely and i dont seem to have a problem with that at this moment of time. Who knows maybe i'll dwell in misery before the ceremony.
  11. @TripleNipple Your 5 "friends" in this journey will be awareness, faith, effort, concentration & wisdom Your 5 "enemies" in this journey will be doubt, agitation, mental & physical sluggishness, cravings & aversions Leo's videos on the deceptive nature of the mind offers very very very very very profound insights if you fully soak them in. Psychedelics will surely show you the depth of the predicament you will be facing. Your mind is bound to use many tricks it has up its sleeve to make you fall off one way or another. You are young so do not worry about it too much. Find a powerful technique & stick with it. You are very young & very lucky that you're getting a taste of Stage yellow however the ego will always attempt to monopolize the Truth. You will be fucked with by your own mind. My recommendation to you is pursue a deep understanding how deceptive the mind is & don't let yourself get too attached on the results. Meditation practice takes usually about a year or two until you can see concrete results but daily habit will slowly be transforming your inner self. Also spend a lot of time in nature. Your mind will tend to naturally self inquire. Love you brother
  12. hardcore spiritual purification work! theres lots of lessons to be learned from event or episodes like that
  13. meditation & awareness is a joke but you have to meditate and become more aware to get the joke
  14. @Brayanwangulo Hello brother, Ultimately the problem is lack of "being" In our lives. Our life purpose ultimately is not a thing, its how much you align yourself to yourself and then the magic happens. Reconnect with Nature, Reconnect with your true self, Reconnect with the beings on this planet who have figured it out, Understand the Nature of Ego & Reconnect with the mystical. As you do this your sense of self will emerge with your art. Also i've found acting very intriguing because that is enlightenment! Just have to get through the rat race! By acting! A big part of your actualization journey will be you acting more & understanding the nature of acting so deeply that your sense of self will started to get fucked with And then your Devotion to your practice will increase! Levels of Surrender will go out the roofs A Movie with infinite chapters, Infinite chapters referring the Movie & the movie is none other than You! Enlightenment brother! that has become my default pursuit Love you brother. Magic Mushrooms, Dmt, 5 Meo Dmt, LSD & a Radical Change in your information intake will take you to your peak performance