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  1. Juice Feast / Solid Food Vacation officially over! Now onto breaking the fast which is the most difficult part ?
  2. One more day friends
  3. Few more days ladies and gentleman & i am officially done. Today is day 145
  4. So I came across this video saying grounding mats are harmful. Not sure what to think about it. I have no innerstanding of electricity whatsoever.
  5. Just got me a grounding mat. I plan to sleep on it at night lmao as Im getting used to sleeping on the floor.
  6. @Rajneeshpuram yeah man there are so many people who are very concerned about that specific combo of polysorbate and aluminum. I wonder if its an absolute necessity. The problem is unless you have alot of education about why these specific ingredients are put into vaccines, its just heresy and people will be inclined to call you a lunatic. I would really be more comfortable if there was more transparency from the overlords and a detailed explanation of what everything in a vaccine but there isn't (unless there is then please send) & I have no interest in reading the virologitism scriptures to innerstand.
  7. This whole playlist has good music
  8. @Preety_India Im sure he meant disingenuous, just had a little sleepy Joe moment ?
  9. @voxun yeah man. People who actually read it are not too happy about it. The written reviews for this book is just people being outraged Also I'm not sure if the slogan "build back better" comes from the WEF but many countries seem to a part of the agenda already.
  10. Can I just get sneezed on my face, quarantine & become immune ?
  11. @hoodrow trillson which is why I merely said to read the book and interpret it yourself. The book is not a conspiracy & the content in the book is not a conspiracy. My sense making of the book might sound like a conspiracy but thats irrelevant because in order to innerstand me, you need your own sense making. I know my place in this forum & I respect this fourm which is why I don't come on here everyday and say how I feel about everything. I don't know why people are so defensive & always instigating a issue with people who hold a different paradigm. Idk what got yall this upset. I dont recall saying anything "woke" in this thread
  12. @Moksha non duality includes all dualities ?
  13. @Moksha or maybe all numbers are significant & they hold different degrees of meaning for people with different degrees of consciousness. After all, it is infinitely infinite.
  14. @Moksha yeah all meaning is self created. I in no way look for specific meanings in the specific numbers I encounter through out my day even though they are crazy coincidental events. Its just interesting to me that this is a feild people study and they can create meaning of numbers based on the patterns of events associated with the number. Im not looking to have someone give me a answer as to what they mean. There are plenty of constructed answers online. I want to get a discourse going that numbers are significant and arent purely coincidental