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  1. You can approach learning an instrument like practicing a martial art. Sure you gotta learn a whole lot of kicks, punches and whatnot. But the real reason to do it is to practice core values and principles that will help you throughout your entire life! Many people confuse mastering somrething with devoting ones entire life purpose to it. You can play your keyboard for just 30min or so each weak. But if you consistently show up to those 30min with a serious attitude, you will inevitably experience some of the fruits of mastery! However, don't do it, just because you feel obligated to do it. Harness some inner motivation. Also, I recommend reading Victor Wootens "The music lesson" if you want to really inspire yourself about practicing music!
  2. Hofstadter's Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.
  3. Yep, I do have some issues. Sometimes it took forewer to load, sometimes it didn't load at all.
  4. I am a professional musician as well. Let me tell you, not knowing what kind of music you want to make is the best thing that can happen to you, because thats really what you need to create something truly original! You talked about narrowing your work down to a specific style. I would invite you to think about style differently than you maybe do. It's not something you find out there and pick. Like, your probably not going to stumble about a genre and say "Nice, for the rest of my life I will just do that kind of music." Style is just the natural continuity that will develope in your creative output OVER TIME if you start seriously pursuing the stuff you love most. There are a couple of things that are helpful here: Spend tons of time researching. By that I mean listening to music a lot. Get to know everything that is out there. But not just blindly and randomly but by following the stuff, that you like and want to hear more of. (A great source for this is www.discogs.com/. If you find an artist you like, you can go there and check what other stuff they have done and who they have collaborated with.) Keep notes. Write about what it is that makes music most meaningful to you. ALWAYS BE IN THE PROCESS! This is the most important thing! Don't wait for your style to come to you before you start making music. Make little things, songs or snippets to recreate ideas, that you like. By that you will inchworm your way towards uniqueness. Lastly I just want to tell you: I have been there before! All artists have! It's a good thing because it challanges you to reorient yourself. If you have any other questions or just want to talk, feel free to PM me.
  5. I've had profound mystic experiences with cannabis. There is a great book about this edited by Steven Grey called "Cannabis and Spirituality". Check it out, its a great resource! The basic jist is: Cannabis, compared to most other psychedelics, is a nonspecific amplifier. That means, that it doesn't nudge your experience into any special direction. So set and setting become even more important with cannabis. If you set out to have a deep experience by meditating and not distracting yourself you can basically go as deep as you can go with DMT, especially if you work with edibles. But you can definately just stone out and watch cartoons and cannabis is ok with that. I've found cannabis especially helpful when I work with the body and do yoga and breathwork. And I've had some amazing results combining cannabis with other psychedelics. I had a moshroom trip once and about 1 hour after it was over, I vaped some sativa oil. And that basically started my trip all over again. It wasn't like a weed high at all but just like a second mushroom trip. Again, cannabis seems to be a nonspecific amplifier. It just deepns your trip!
  6. @DivineSoda I have worked with a variety of psychedelics including mushrooms, AL-LAD, ALD-52, N,N-DMT, 5MeO-DMT and Salvia. And while I wouldn't consider myself to have anywhere near as much experience as Leo, I got enough of them to see that they also hold the potential to massively corrupt you. They can work wonders by showing you states of awareness that you couldn't imagine, but they can also have the trendency to get people way lost in the psychological head trip. I think, thats also the reason, why people like Martin Ball, Octavio Rettig and most shamans I know work with psychedelics purely on an energetical level. They don't talk about insights and things to be understood and sometimes actively dismiss it. For them, its not about getting into a state. They think of them as medicine, that does something to the human body and energy system.
  7. @RedLine Adeptus Psychonautica did a great video about all that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BOSwQAM27M
  8. @RedLine I mean, that Leo thinks, that being in psychedelic, only-god-is-present states IS being enlightened or at least getting you there. And while I cannot possibly know, what might work for him on his spiritual path, I see the way he is teaching and endorsing psychedelics lately as a pathology of that. Basically, I am saying that while psychedelics are extremely powerful tools, they have the potential to corrupt you massively. And I believe, that @Leo Gura has unknowingly fallen into that trap. Which is sad in and of itself, but can become really harmful to people that follow him and to the stigma of psychedelics.
  9. Now this is porbably going to get lots of hate, but I just have to say it: @Leo Gura: You are doing it wrong!! This first part goes directly to you. I don't want to piss you off, but I am about to get really offensive. You helped me out so much in my life by always being straight to the point. Now I strongly feel, that I have to do the same for you. All this comes from a place of genuine compassion for you. What you are trying to do with your work is amazing and I really want to see you succeed. And thats why I have to say it! You are doing it wrong!! You are trying to realize nonduality by being in some oneness with god state all the time that you found on psychedelics. But you fail to see, that this state (can be called "small nonduality") is based on the assumption of a duality between nonduality vs. duality. "Big nonduality" would involve both, that nondual oneness with god psychedelic state and the dual, seperate from god "normal" state. Being in that oneness with god state is NOT awakening. Awakening is realizing, that oneness with god is everpresent, and that taking a psychedelic cannot bring you any closer to that. This is one of the main pathology of working with psychedelics. They show you these profound states. But the mistake is to build up an identity in that state and then get attached to that identity. That is the main blindspot that you have and that is holding you back. Here are two main things, that I think are really harmful about all that: Firstly, and this is just my personal belief: You won't realize "big nonduality" that way. If you continue to use psychedelics the way you are doing right now, you're only going to fuel that identity, you created for yourself in the psychedelic state, that you are so attached to. You will probably try to prove me wrong by taking even more psychedelics. And honestly, I think that I can't really help you with that and that you just have to learn that the hard way. The real problem here is not that you are getting stuck, but that you are misleading people. Over the last yearsworth of videos, I saw you developing a strong hybris and, dare I say, messiah complex. You are just way too serious about that shit, dismissing any practice other than psychedelics! Which is really ironic because you have been talking about cult psychology and zen-devilry in your videos. Now your in that position yourself and you fail to see it because of your seriousness! Thats why the spiritual journey demands a great sense of humor. Allthough you have to be very serious to get anywhere, being able to laugh about yourself is crucial to not get stuck. All your really doing right now is blasting yourself nuts with 5-MeO to scratch that God-addiction itch of yours. And you are totally loosing that down-to-earth-ness which was one of your greatest qualities. Stop doing that! Its not going to work and its harming people, that try to follow you and getting them stuck! Secondly, and this is way more important imo: You are making the stigma of psychedelics even worse. If we ever want to get them legalized we have to advocate for responsable use. You did that in your first few videos about psychedelics. But lately that psychedelic evangelism of yours went way over the top. I bet if you could, you would go around the world and plug 5-MeO into everybodys ass, starting with mine... This attitude is not going to help! Stop it, please! We all really want to live in a world, were these substances are legally and openly avaliable to everybody for responsable use. What we need for that is a significant number of people, that show how to make use of these substances without causing collateral damage. We need you to be an example by taking a very nuanced and careful approach. We don't need another hippie, frying his brain with substances. And we definately don't need another spiritual teacher, that is getting lost in the rabbit whole of his own teachings and possibly even dragging other people with him. Please be very aware about how people recieve your teachings, Leo. You will probably dismiss what I am saying by means of some epistemic assumption, that I am making. Something like "Notice, that you are just god talking to itself". Or you will say to yourself, "This is just the devil, trying to use gods teachings against god himself." Yeah, if you do that, you totally failed to see the point that is to be understood here: You are doing it wrong!! My last piece of advice is something that a fellow actualizer and good friend of mine once said: "I think the best thing for Leo would be working some stupid job, refilling the shelves at wallmart or something!" I am serious! Stopping to do psychedelics and still maintaining total presence while living a profundly mundane life, would require an enormous spiritual realization. Blasting yourself and talking about how awake you are does not. I challange you: Don't do any psychedelics for at least one year! Face the grief that will be coming up over the illusory seperation from god and simply be with it, until you realize, that there was no seperation in the first place. This will benefit your teachings, both in maturity and profundity. Just to be clear: I am not interested in having a discussion about the personal behavour of Leo or of any teacher for that matter. I want this to be about learning whatever we can about the spiritual path. And in my opinion the main thing Leo is teaching us right now is, how NOT to do it! This thread is probably going to get locked or deleted. I don't care. All I really want is to help you out, Leo, by sharing my honest opinion. Please spend some time thinking about what I wrote.
  10. Let's have a thread, where we share and collect quality sources of political news! I would love to have a big list of websites, youtube channes and other media that is sorted by country/region. We could rate them roughly on how conscious they report news. That would be of great value for people that are just starting out with conscious politics. A couple of months ago, Leo shared a small list of youtube channels about US politics on his blog. Here is the link: https://www.actualized.org/insights/my-political-awakening If you have other resources for where you live, please share them here! (Me personally, I would be very intrested in resources about european and german politics.) Thanks for contributing guys.
  11. Don't worry guys, Leo will be back in one week: https://www.actualized.org/insights/leaving-on-30-day-solo-retreat
  12. Update: I found another great documentary about a israeli sufi.
  13. Nik Bärtsch is pretty far up the spiral. High stage yellow, tapping into turquiose. His approach to music is similar to Peter Ralstons approach to martial arts. In my oppinian playing his music literally works as a spiritual practice! He rediscovered the missing link between spirituality and music. Whats interesting about him is, that he makes strictly instrumental music, so the turquoise does not come in the lyrics, but in the music itself.
  14. @Ampresus Many spiritual teachers talk about the bodily aspects of enlightenment. As far as I understand it there are a couple of different aspects to it: strong determination: Having a strong determination to make your body do "hard things", that can't be achieved by your self but only by your body, after you surrendered the self. An example would be the Mount Hiei Monks. They run 30 to 80km for 100 consecutive days. expressing spontaneity: Tuning into the just-happeningness of motion to find, that a self is not nesscesairy for movement of the body to happen. Shinzen talks about this: Martial arts: many martial arts like aikido and kendo are grounded on a non-dual metaphysics. Also Peter Ralston's Cheng Hsin (eastern) yoga: using the body for spiritual purification I hope this is good fuel for your research.