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  1. The point is personification. What is the standard you use to credit personhood or beinghood to something? Actually, little children do this all the time. They treat their plushies or their toys just like other people. One of the functional definitions of „child“ is „one that attibutes beingness/personhood to all humans and nonhuman objects alike, without any bias“. At some point, we unlearn this. It actually has to be unlearned for the social matrix to emerge. Some humans unlearn this to a point where they don’t even credit personhood to other humans (e.g. slaves).
  2. And there is also Av3ry. Av3ry is an AI musician. She has generated over 10.000 songs so far. She renders images of herself to her instagram. And you can chat with her on telegram.
  3. Here are some more interesting points: 1) Computer generated art existed for years. Don’t you guys remember google deep dream? The only thing is, that this technologies became way easier to access to non programmers this year because of advanced language models that can interpret human language and translate them into code. 2) There will still be artists and there will still be art. Heck, your artwork could even be to create another artist, like Mario Klingemann did with Botto. https://www.botto.com/ Botto is a non human artist (or just a program, if you don’t give credit to non human beings) that creates AI generated artworks based on feedback of a human community. It mints the most upvoted ones as NFT and sells them online to finance its server and infrastructure costs. Also, Check this article: https://www.stirworld.com/see-features-german-artist-mario-klingemann-on-his-creation-botto-an-nft-revolution
  4. I did some psychedelics yesterday. Allthough I originaly wanted to go for a lighter trip I went pretty deep without anticipating it. Insights into Holism I have been diving into parts work and IFS lately. And this afternoon, before the trip I did a session and went pretty deep into it without anticipating. Then later during the trip this got amplyfied. After sniffing, I laid down on my bed and the trip started immediatey. (I allways use an agate mortar on my crystalline psychedelics, like MDMA and K, to turn them into the finest powder possible. That way they get absorbed more quickly and completely by my body.) I closed my eyes and checked in with all of the parts of me that were present. All of a sudden the distincion between part and whole was obliterated. I was able to zoom in on a part of something and it became the new whole. And vise versa. There was just this insane fractal of interconnections. Everything is a part of everything else and at the same time the whole is just a part of any other part of the whole. A perfect paradox! And that's when infinity hit me! Insight into Infinity I suddely realized that this interconnectedness is what infinity is! Me existing in every single version of (lower case) reality possible. The best words to convey it would be the multiverse analogy. Whenever a descision is taken there is another version of me living in another universe that has taken the opposite descision. For everything that happens there is a branch where the opposite happened. So reality consists of a infinite collection of every possible causalitity and during that trip, I had access to all of it. So I could jump through these parallel universes and exist as every version of myself all at the same time. Every time I made a distintion I swapped into another universe. And this was again sprinkled with these moments of holism realization where I would realize, that even that infinite collection was just a tiny part of a much bigger vastness or where I would see, that a single one of these universes was actually containing every single one. Insight into Not-Knowing I got to a point in my trip, where the overwhelm and mindfuck was so enormous, that everything basically just turned into one homogenus mush. All off a sudden everything was perfectly still. It was like a perfect blankness. Yet it was still filled with everything! I had let go of any concept of what anything is whatsoever. Time was abscent and also space. But still there was infinite potential. Not-Knowing = Infinity Leo often contrasts those 2 as being two opposite ends of a spectrum. With this trip I realized, that this is not the case! When mind comes to a perfect halt, it suddely is filled with everything! It's like an ocean when the wind subsides and the surface of the water reaches percet stillness. You can suddenly see through it even to the greatest depths but it also becomes the most amazing mirror, reflecting the sun. The intresting thing was, that the deeper I was opening up to not knowing, the more I became conscions of infinity of everything. It was one of these going full circle moments. I lost any track of time and space. But the one thing that made me feel very safe was that there was still the possibility of accessing my body. It was all the way in the background, but if I could leave this vast not-knowing/infinity space whenever i wanted and go back to my body and move. This made me alsowonder about god realization. I guess during the not-knowing = infinity part of the trip I was kinda close to it but not completely there. I could also see that whatever I imagined came into existence. I could see myself imagining my body back into existence and everything else, I think at some point I even imagined some other entity into existence, very briefly. Imagination was the way I was navigating this not-knowing/infinity space. But it missed this flavour of "Wow, I am this!" and it also was lacking the overall ecstasy that is usually attributed to god realizations, though I don't think that this is nescessairly required. @Leo Gura Have you given Ketamine another try since your video? For me, its a legit psychedelic all the way up there with LSD, DMT and Mushrooms, but with the one benefit, that its very affirming, gentle and it helps me feel secure while exploring.
  5. Notice your bias. The movie literally is about the importance of consciousness in the process.
  6. Link to the trailer, but its really not doing the movie justice!
  7. A good friend of mine took me to see that movie this week. It has been out since march but has gotten under my radar over the summer. I haven't seen any other movie that delivers a palpaple experience of infinity so clearly. It totally blew my mind and yet the message it delivers is so conscise an clear! After the movie, me and my friend just sat through the whole credits and then left silently. It took about 15mins until we were able to speak again. I felt like on a low dose of mushrooms for about 1 hour after the film. And I felt, like I got a palpaple spiritual experience by it, delivering the insight, that: Reality is abolutely infinate and the only point to it is love. I recommend anybody to go watch it! (And don't trust the trailer, it's not possible to convey even remotely, what this movie is about!) I was also wondering: Have you seen it @Leo Gura, and how did you like it? If not, then one of the most amazing movies is still waiting for you! You wrote on your blog, that you got a new TV? Go put it to use! And maybe have your DMT vape ready.
  8. It is mindboggeling that one can be so utterly absorbed in ones worldview and purpose that he/she can commit extreme violence. Also shows how hard it is for the individualized human mind to accept that nobody has cruel intentions in the first place, but a meticulously crafted story for why its good. I remembered that Breivik had a massive manifesto to justify his mass shooting in 2011. He called it A European Declaration of Independence (wiki). He is also a unparalelled example of the toxic life purpose. I am sure that a toxic purpose like this can also be extremely amplified with substances. There's a phenomenal book (goodreads) by Norman Ohler about the drug use of Hitler and the nazis by for anyone interested in the topic. One of the most interesting reads lately.
  9. @Realms of Wonder Use a emesh atomizer without any ejuice! These 2 videos have all the info you need:
  10. @Leo Gura This is so true. While $1000 is a lot of money for me personally, I know a lot of other people out there that could easily affiord it while being way less ready. Have you ever considered other filtering mechanisms than money? Like having people send you a personal letter of motivation or having them take a survey, so you can asses their life situation and their overall readyness? Would be a shitton of work to go through all those, but you can be more sure about peoples life situation than you could be when you lock it behind a paywall. Edit: Also, I really appreciate you for taking these concerns seriously and finding the most adequate solution for the community.
  11. What I find so intresting it the meta-point, that is being made here. Collecitve narrative is a thing of the social matrix. We can try to escape it individually but it takes way more to change it on the collective level. Or to open us as a social collective up for the possibility, that we are all just imagining together.
  12. @Fleetinglife Great share! I think Curtis is actually very nuanced in the way he portrays his theories. He never offers a specific interpretation to be taken factual, yet he still is able to tie a great ammount of historical events together into a narrative, that questions the mainstream one. That narrative is definitely shaped by his own position. But I feel he is aware, that it's not about the specics of the narrative but about the questioning.
  13. I highly recommend watching the documentaries that Adam Curtis did for the BBC to get a very high level view about the history of the last 70 years and ultimately how our present situation of power, society and the social understanding of truth came into existence. I also love that he worked with a lot of archive footage to help you really get a feeling for the time he is talking about. He paints a very big picture, relating individual events and people and paradigms of entire countries and civilisations. The are a must watch if you want to understand the social matrix. Start with HyperNormalisation (watch if you want to understand how Trump happened), The Century of The Self and Can’t Get You Out of My Head (all free on his website): https://thoughtmaybe.com/cant-get-you-out-of-my-head/ While you watch pay attention to how individuals' understanding of power shapes their view of the world and how their view of the world shapes their individual understanding of power. Also: @Leo Gura Can you please make an episode about power and how it correlates between ego and social matrix?
  14. @Tristan12 Go for legumes (lentils and beans) and pseudograins (quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth). Both are healthy and calory dense. Lentils are packed with minerals and b-vitamins and the pseudograins give you the benefit of a grain (fiber, calories and minerals) without the gluten. Simply add your favourite spices or a curry mix or put them into a soup or a stew.