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  1. @Ampresus Many spiritual teachers talk about the bodily aspects of enlightenment. As far as I understand it there are a couple of different aspects to it: strong determination: Having a strong determination to make your body do "hard things", that can't be achieved by your self but only by your body, after you surrendered the self. An example would be the Mount Hiei Monks. They run 30 to 80km for 100 consecutive days. expressing spontaneity: Tuning into the just-happeningness of motion to find, that a self is not nesscesairy for movement of the body to happen. Shinzen talks about this: Martial arts: many martial arts like aikido and kendo are grounded on a non-dual metaphysics. Also Peter Ralston's Cheng Hsin (eastern) yoga: using the body for spiritual purification I hope this is good fuel for your research.
  2. @okulele Thanks a lot. I will give it a try, teaching it to myself.
  3. @Winter Ultimately, we're not here to convince you. If you don't want it, you wont get it. But there is nothing wrong with that. If life purpose and life purpose only is your thing go for it. You asked, why finding truth would be better than any other activity and we gave you the answers to it. The only thing you did is trying to explain why you think, that we're wrong, so I assume, you didn't really want to hear the answer in the first place. Makes total sense: Why find the truth, if being ignorant is your modus operandi.
  4. @Winter It isn't. At the deepest level finding the truth becomes a non-activity. You will become genuinely happy then, because at that point you will have stopped everything that didn't fulfill you, which is everything you do right now. And you will realize, that you have been running away all your life from the happieness and piece, that you are. There is no way to explain this, go experience it for yourself. Try it: sit down and do nothing for the next 10min. Don't do anything. Don't meditate. Drop any intention to focus your attention. Surrender completely.
  5. Here is an interview with poeple, that tried it:
  6. Hi folks, for those of you, that don't know what I am talking about, Turning is a spiritual practice of the Mevlevi branch of sufi islam. It was discovered by the persian mystic Dschalal ad-Din ar-Rumi and passed on by the mevlevi brotherhood. Side fact: Rupert Spira learned this technique and I think it is one of the main factors, that contributed to the depth of his realization. I wanted to ask if anyone is aware of people, that teach the turning, preferabely in continental europe? I am aware of The Study Society that teaches turning in London, but I'd appreciate any other tips, as well as any discussion on the topic. Has anyone of you tried it? How was it?
  7. @KenDo Get a bit into Rupert Spira, he has one of the clearest voices on inquiry. He hs a bunch of guided inquiries on Youtube. Ask yourself, who is the one, that percieves the memories. Who is the I that percieves the experience of a memory. Stick to your experience. Self inquiry is not a process of thought but a very close examination of your first hand experience. Don't think about who you are, but try to pin it down in your perception. Try to grasp it.
  8. Yeah, I can relate to that. When a psychedelic starts to kick in, you're already in an altered state even before an awakening happens. Yeah, I am back in the realm of forms for over a week now and the realm of forms hardly changed. But it was hugely insightful to see, how I recreate all my egoic patterns, my addictions, self-judging, denial and so on.
  9. Great to have you back around, Leo. I am really looking forward to your reports as well.
  10. Yeah, totally! And this is also how you free love from any sort of neediness and clinging. I think that some aspects of spirituality can only be learned through love and intimacy.
  11. I think, my Kriya practice hasn't fully kicked in yet. But doing it very intensely 2 times/day as I did on the retreat definitely had an effect on me. I see the true value of Kriya in working with the body and especially with the breath to create a deep surrender. I don't see this in any other technique really. And this is big, because surrender and breathing are directly related. The way you breath litterally is the way you let go. I think, it's hard to really let go with a exclusively cerebral technique like meditation.
  12. Yeah, that is sooo stunning! And this created this "Oh my god! It's all me!" moment. Glad to hear, that you share that experience. Have you posted a trip report about your trip?
  13. There is one. And there is also Leos Getting Started Page: https://actualized.org/start
  14. Sure. Labeling is a form of mindfulness meditation. You meditate by labeling every single experience with "See" "Hear" or "Feel". If you hear something, you focus on it and say "Hear" with you inner voice. If yo see something, so focus and say "See" and so on... I learned this from Shinzen Young, he is very big on labeling. There is also a video by Leo on mindfulness meditation. Holotropic breathing I a method of intense breathing that can alter your consciousness, developed by Stan Grof. Leo did a video on that quite recently, which is called shamanic breathing.
  15. The first and most important thing to realize is, that nonduality is NOT a concept. All concepts are dualistic by nature because lamnguage and symbols are dualistic by nature. Nonduality is not. This is why you have to have a direct experience in order to truly understand it. You have to become it. It's very helpful to have some understanding about the nature of insight. There is a great video interview series, that Leo did with Peter Ralston, that I highly recommend: https://vimeo.com/181710583 As far as books, also Ralstons material is great, and I also recommend the books of Andre Doshim Halaw. I love them, because they are very short and conscise and crystal clear. I also like Daniel Ingram and Shinzen Young very much. Especially Shinzen has some great descriptions of infinity. There is a great audio progam by him, called The Science of enlightenment. Also Leo's videos about the topic.