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  1. It's only because you are focused on trying to retain a memory, that you don't know what you need to know when you need to know it. We have no memory at all, and thus we forget nothing, because we have nothing to forget. Therefore we know everything we need to know when we need to know it. Bashar, July 6 2013 "A new definition of memory i got from Bashar reflection :- Q - what is memory? A- memory is accessing information you need when you needed it, it is created in the present , it does not come from the past. you know what you need to know , when you need to know . Reinventing history in the present." "Q- Obtaining info by not using Wi-fi & a new definition of memory from Bashar B:Your brain is a receiver & idea is create in a moment. You are not actually remembering - you think as Memory . neurological pattern in your brain that represent concept of memory,, it is not what happening by present neurologist knowledge , What is a happening is in that moment - brain rearrange itself , rewiring to knows at that moment , it is not memory storage. it is memory realignment so that that information arises exactly when you needed it.. it is malleability of brain works to become a receptor that is in vibrational harmony with inflammation you needed at that moment. From :-2019: Crossing the Threshold Q& A" "We create our memories in the present, so why do we believe that creating certain memories in the present that we perceive to have a negative emotional effect serve us? As the motivational mechanism states- we always move in the direction of what we believe serves us. Maybe because we wish to learn to transform these negative states, but maybe realizing this is all the transformation we need and then can choose a different memory. “I don’t prefer that perspective of that memory.” - and/or maybe it’s just- ”I don’t prefer that perspective”."
  2. @Leo Gura A little offtopic, for the sake of mindfucks. Humans are already a product of the hybridization of multiple alien species. There are studies about this. It goes even further... some people are aware that they have hybrid children with Greys. I personally know someone who meets his hybrid children in the astral plane. Bridget Nielsen on youtube has a lot of content about hybrid children.
  3. @SQAAD No. Consciousness is a field. I would call this field the torus field or as Leo called it the strange loop. It's the same thing. An atom has a torus field around it. A cell has a torus field around it. The human body has a torus field around it. The earth, the sun, the galaxy... all have a torus fields around it. Souls are like branches from a tree. Souls come from overSouls and so on... Fractals...
  4. The big picture. Becoming an ambassador for higher dimensional civilizations by opening ourselves to higher perceptions and thus creating a ripple effect in the field of collective consciousness, so other beings will be able to perceive it and bring a new reality into existence.
  5. @Bobby Watch the video presentation I posted below. There are thousands of cases like this.
  6. @Serotoninluv @Aerial How do you know he didn't experience absolute infinity? You don't. You assume he didn't. That was the point.
  7. Mary Rodwell ~ The New Humans/Crystals/Indigos/Starchildren 2012
  8. @Serotoninluv Be careful with your assumptions. Some of the things he talked about go way beyond what Leo experienced in my opinion. For example if you are not spiritually mature enough, there is no chance you will astral project and meet ascended masters and advanced ETs and be totally conscious during the whole experience. Spiritual work kinda prepares you for these experiences, the more spiritually mature you are the higher the likelihood you will have these experiences in other realms. @ivory That's your personal opinion not a fact.
  9. @Jed Vassallo I personally learned how to make contact with ET lightships from him. 100% sober while being awake during the day. You can learn more in this post:
  10. @Mu_ He deleted all his personal videos 4 years ago but he still has a lot of other content on his channel. This is his channel: He was prolific. He was making songs, music videos, animations, informational videos, painting, drawings, selling special crystal pendants and other inventions. He made a big 3D model of a futuristic meditation temple at 15 and other mindblowing stuff... This is my favorite meditation music from him. Very good for meditation. (use headphones) (he also deleted a lot of content from his devian art but there is still something there, a few songs also