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  1. @Milos Uzelac I suggest you post only complete summaries. Everyone makes different summaries, but in general it's quite hard to make a short summary from a lengthy video, it also depends on the content of the video, for some videos short summaries are enough, for other ones a long one is necessary. The summary you posted is quite good for now, keep going.
  2. How To Raise Rockstar Kids School will do a bad job or zero job in the following categories that you need to put attention on: psychology, philosophy art music spirituality consciousness personal development high level thinking - strategic thinking (teach them to think long-term. Teach them about the consequences of their choices. Teach them about the counter-intuitiveness of choices how they will think something will lead to one result but then because the mind is so self-deceptive it will actually lead to the opposite result. - how they will think something will make them happy but then it will actually make them depressed. Teach them to strategize with their finances, relationships, ), big picture thinking, holistic thinking, existential thinking (self-inquiry, getting them curious about thinking about this, so they learn to think for themselves and they don't take for granted anything from culture and society, this will program them with open-mindedness) , systems thinking and seeing the world through different perspectives creativity thinking outside the box ecology business, marketing, wealth creation, money management and investing (wealth and money are two different things. Instead of getting them to chase money, get them to understand how wealth is actually built. ) nutrition (be a good role model for good nutrition, teach them the fundamentals of good nutrition, make them a smart shopper) socialization - dating, male and female psychology how to be good at sex (also teach them responsible and mature attitude toward sex) self-discipline and self-reliance meditation and concentration practices (seeing you do these things for 20 years) how emotions work (emotional mastery, what different emotions are, especially negative ones, tools for handling negative emotions - EFT, sedona method, mindfulness with labeling) life purpose and mastery (what their life should be about, the mindset behind mastery) mind-body connection (teach them that they are not separate and are intimately inter-connected. Teach them that their thought affect their emotions and their emotions are physically located in their body and that they can become conscious about this and that how they feel in their body affects how they think) the deceptive nature of the mind and how beliefs work and the difference between direct consciousness and beliefs the dangers of ideology (the danger of just blindly believing things, the dangers of dogma, tribalism) the fundamentals of epistemology limits of rationality and thinking (teach them that there is consciousness and awareness that has nothing to do with rationality and thinking. What is in the gap between one thought and another thought) visualization and affirmations how true happiness works (teach them that success is not happiness. Teach them how even when they get what they want they end up not being satisfied. Get them to think when in life am I actually truly happy -> when I'm just being, when I'm not moving toward something... so they don't confuse it with success, money, sex, having lots of friends, being well liked, having good reputation at school) backfiring mechanisms (how many of the things they will do will backfire, and how they have to outwit their own mind=) good vs evil and what these concepts really are (what is the devil, what is judgement, what is ego, what is selfishness how to build habits the dangers of scammers, con artist, all the traps that there are within mainstream culture (gambling, lottery, entering contests - expecting stuff for free, loans corruption in our social systems (deep corruptions within religion, political system, government, university systems) that culture is not always for their benefit (that a lot of culture is dumbed down and dysfunctional. That you can't shield them from it, but can make them aware of some of the dangers there ) technical skills (web design, graphic design, photoshop, they don't go to work at simple jobs like McDonalds...where they don't contribute to anything meaningful. Give them some courses, take them to workshops) Difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. So they become self-driven. Values that you should teach your children: truth ( I don't mean honesty, that is something else) - to love Truth for the Truths sake. So they are truthful to themselves and so them caring to know what the truth is for its own sake because they just want to know what is real) - existential questioning because you want to know what is real for its own sake. Have deep philosophical discussion with them about the nature of reality. (for example when you go on a road trip you will have plenty of time) Where Truth can take them and the dangers when people don't hold Truth as the highest value. The dangers of valuing Truth only for utilitarian purposes to get to some other ends. Consciousness - what is low and high consciousness. Techniques for raising their own consciousness. Teach them to scan the environment for low and high consciousness behavior. Learning and Understanding. Instill in them a deep curiosity about life. Get them to buy into the idea of life long learning. Wisdom. Wisdom vs knowledge/information/trivia/beliefs Passion. So they are passionate about what they are doing. Don't get them to just do stuff, get them to do stuff that they intrinsically want to do. Infect them with a sense of direction and purpose. Creativity. That they have the potential to be creative in whatever field they go into. And that creativity is a skill in and of itself. Compassion for other living beings and how it is to see life from someone else's perspective. "Imagine how it would be to live a day in his shoes. " To step into the shoes of those who hate them, of girls with boys, teachers, people that they make fun of. So they become good at shifting perspectives and become so fluid in that they break down the barrier between us and them, me and other. Hard work and excellence. That through a hard work ethic they can create the life that they want. And that being lazy is a harder way of living life than to just do hard work. All of this will solve and protect them from chimp behavior as soon as they get into their teenage years. (drugs, sex, partying, not doing your homework, not cleaning the room, being lazy...)... you do all of this stuff from the age of 7 - 12 and this will help them to not fall into low consciousness behavior that leads to all the problems that you don't want to be dealing with. They will naturally see that they don't want to behave life a chimp because they are after bigger things in life. Most kids don't have a higher vision for their life and so they go behaving like chimps. Don't micromanage them and tell them "ohh you gotta do this and you gotta do that..". What I'm advocating here is to get them to intrinsically interested in this stuff. Through demonstrating it yourself, from living life this way, and having discussions with them about all this stuff Stuff your house with fun learning tools. Rather than buying them childish toys like most do. Would you rather have a barbie or an electric piano that you can practice on. or puzzles, microscopes, telescope, painting supplies, cool software... yea you can buy them some toys, but make your house life a learning environment, like all of this stuff is already there, you don't go to buy them this stuff. So, they don't gravitate toward low consciousness entertainment. Assemble a giant library of physical books, courses, tutorials, audio and video seminars and audio books. Avoid giving them too much access to smartphones, television, iPads, video games... don't give them access to games when they are 3 years. You need to set them up for success not addiction. Take them to national parks. Get them interested in nature, animals Get them to discover who they wanna be and become. Expose them as early as possible to multiple cultures. Set a good example for your kids. By eating healthy, exercising, meditating, reading, journaling and taking notes, by not criticizing and hating people or groups, How to socialize (confidence, how you think when other people make jokes about you, when they humiliate, embarrass you, how to avoid gossip, how to small talk, Eliminate junk food from your house, make it easier for them to eat healthy, prepare them healthy snacks Respect their unique passions and tastes and don't impose your ideas about who they should be. De-emphasize the importance of grades and high education. Emphasize self-education, learning technical practical skills, wisdom, meditation practice, psychology, self-inquiry Accept your children for who they are. Balance everything out with unconditional love and acceptance. By doing your parenting properly your kids will avoid: low self-esteem (the beliefs about themselves and what they can accomplish in the world) and all the bad stuff that comes from having low self-esteem (joining gangs, doing drugs...)... so be careful with your criticism of your kids, try not to criticize them and if you do it do it in a light constructive manner Make sure you give them room to make mistakes. They need to learn that failure is not a bad thing but a good thing, that which each failure they can learn something and become better. Don't physically harm them... if you criticize them, harm them physically (just a simple slap...), if you let them be bullied, if you ridicule them, if you manipulate them all the time, if you withdraw your love from them as a form of threat for non-compliance... all of this will create low-self esteem and neuroses they will need to spend thousand of dollars and 10 to 20 years of their life to fix this stuff. Protect them from their older siblings (if they have an older brother or sister they can get bullied) You need to have a delicate balance between sheltering them too much from making mistakes and just letting them free (and that could lead to catastrophic mistakes)... important so they build autonomy, self-drive, self-motivation, self-reflection, self-governance so they are able to think about their life independently and so they know that if they don't strategize right, they will have to suffer the consequences. It's very important that you don't use withdrawal of love to make them behave like you wanna them to behave. Don't give them fake explanations for sex, God, death, birth, rape, violence.,.. when they reach sexual maturity at age 12 treat them as adults (like in ancient cultures) - "you are no longer a child, you are a Man now and I will treat you differently now" choose a high quality partner. A loving mom and a dependable dad. Both of you need to be into consciousness work and personal development. Also very important is to have real love between you and your spouse. If you don't love each other anymore, it's better to have a divorce than staying together. Give them personality tests as soon as they are old enough (mayer briggs personality test, the big 5 traits, enneagram...) align all of this to their age. You can teach them meditation when they are 5 years old. They need to see you embodying all of this and not just preaching. Otherwise they can rebel against you. If you skip a day or eat junk food sometimes, be honest about it.
  3. @Joel3102 Watch the documentary Unacknowledged by Steven Greer. The documentary is 4 hours long but it seems like it gets deleted from youtube. I saw he was on Joe Rogan podcast, but didn't watch the video. He also has a 16 hour long course on how to make contact with advanced ETs, resulting in theirs crafts materializing in the sky. I made contact with ET's hundreds of times, it's easy, even kids can do it...
  4. Merkaba. I don't need psychedelics when I listen to this stuff. I get energy goosebumps all over my body every time I listen to it. This is godly music. It has really profound mystical effects on me. Music mixed with high consciousness insights. Here's a playlist of all the albums from Merkaba. The album light language is not available in all countries.
  5. @Javfly33 Because of You...Duh...Because you, as a soul, a field of consciousness, choose to experience this particular form and realm of existence. There is always a purpose behind everything but you might not be conscious of it. You are constructing purpose but also discovering a purpose. The ultimate purpose behind it is to raise collective consciousness to a higher state of being, through being yourself to the best of your ability.
  6. @Leo Gura Indeed it's paradoxical and hard to understand and communicate what's the difference but I think it's important to not confuse the Soul with God and that it's important to learn the difference. I don't have all the answers and I don't know everything but I will try to make some arguments for the soul in this post. Just for fun. I agree that at the highest level, there is only one "thing", but I think that by you talking from this point of view and ignoring all notions of individuality, you're spreading ignorance and putting things in the wrong context that will not help evolve consciousness of the viewers to the highest level in the most efficient way. I hope that at some point in time, you'll speak more about souls, soul evolution, the 5 kingdoms of nature and how the concept of the soul fits in the grant scheme of things. I think that without that, there is still a lack of discernment and humility in your teachings. When we look at the present moment, we can experience it. We can only experience one moment, from many points of view. If there is only one moment, and there is only one moment, then we can realize that everything exists now. Everything is here and now. The past exists now, and the future exists now. When we recall a memory from the past, we experience it now. In the past we experienced the content in the now. In the future we'll experience the content in the now. So... there is only one moment and everything exists here and now. BUT, we experience only what is relevant to the individual field of consciousness. What we put out, is what we get back. If we smile at the mirror, the mirror will smile back. If we don't smile at the mirror, we can't see a smiling face staring at us, so as long as we're souls there is always an established bondage to relativity. I can say in my mind, I am this and that, I am a human living on the planet Earth, and then this becomes my identity, I can use language and symbols to create a character that is part of a story...but if I say I am a coffee table, I will not be able to function as a coffee table because I am not a coffee table... I can go through the motions of everyday life believing I am a coffee table but that has no direct implication on the present moment and does not help me evolve...I can experience the coffee table, because everything is made out of consciousness, made out of one "thing", but as a soul, I have a role to play, I am a certain kind of energy, I can come up with all sorts of stories about what I am, but my ability to recognize patterns as a soul and by ability illuminate everything around me to see it as it actually is as a soul, allows me to understand the relationship between two types of energy and come to the knowledge of what I am in the present direct experience and also what I am in my mind. This is discernment. Distinctions are of the mind but discernment is based on awareness, internalized knowledge and understanding the relationship between things. Everything is energy, but not everything is the same type of energy, not every energy is part of my energy, my ability to recognize patterns and how these pattern fit together to form a picture allows me to understand my individual field of consciousness, it allows me to understand what I truly am and what resonates with ME. The infinite field of consciousness that connects everything together, from which everything is made allows diversity, and the intelligence of the soul, can recognize different types of energies and intelligence. I can say to myself, there is infinite intelligence, but my ability to recognize patterns and discern them from one another also allows me to discern different types of intelligence while simultaneously being aware of the infinite field of consciousness in which everything is happening. I can realize that I am everything and nothing at the same time, but I can also recognize a different individual soul, I can see it for what it actually is, a divine being participating in a divine animation, in the field of consciousness that connects everything, and I can understand and know that this being has the ability to illuminate this infinite field of consciousness that connects both of us. Through God, I can realize that two sentient beings are part of that same unity and are one. By connecting to this unity the process of transfiguration takes place and the emotional, mental and physical bodies start to align and balance with the Soul mission, and the individual starts experiencing bliss, peace and harmony. So while being aware that I am him and that he is me, I am also simultaneously aware that I am me and that he is a different individual, that he is the same and also different. I know that I am, he is, and that we are one. With imagination, intellect and reason I can create an image, an interpretation of what this being is, I can assign labels, and create my identity of what this being represents and by doing that I separate myself from the other being because I'm doing an egoic activity...BUT simultaneously I can also be aware that this being is actually me, this field of consciousness connects us together, there is no boundary between the two... we can come to this via direct consciousness, connecting on this level and seeing that this being is actually me happens via awareness and not the mind. This infinite field (God) allows two individual souls to experience compassion, love and connection - that happens as a result of connecting and establishing a relationship between fields, this is not relative, when you become aware, all boundaries collapse and you also become compassion and love. If you're aware and not compassionate and loving, then you're not fully aware. If this infinite field of consciousness, God, pure emptiness, nothing, the container for all of reality was able to fall under illusion and become a limited thing, then I as an individual field of consciousness would no longer be able to shift from one reality to another reality because God would be busy connecting to one particular form, and if I am bonded to one particular form then I would be forever bonded to that form if infinite was not accessible eternally. This infinite field of consciousness of God cannot be subject to any state of subordination to illusion because if it did, then it would become conditioned and no longer infinite, this ability of infinite self-generation and self-regeneration would stop. But it doesn't, reality always keeps changing. So God cannot fall under illusion. Only the individual soul can fall under illusion. While the soul can be subject to illusion, God is not. Under this principle, of God being perfect and unconditioned, I can free myself from bondage to illusion... this infinite unconditioned field that transcend time and space allows me to shift from one reality to the next. It is only my responsibility as an individual to free myself from the cyclic nature of things, become aware=infinite=God and then shift from bondage to freedom. Forgetfulness and ignorance, allows me to rediscover myself once again as - God. The more I as an individual free myself from the bondage to what I am not, the more I can come to the realization of what I truly am. If God was conditioned, then it would no longer be infinite, it would be finite. You can say that finite is infinite, form is formless, and it is, but the problem is that God must stay in the infinite formless emptiness in order to hold all of the contents of reality and for all of reality to function, so in order for God to rediscover itself once again in all of its majesty and glory it needs to create individual fields of consciousness that can be a subject to illusion, that can identify with something and make distinctions. The infinite stays infinite and this feature allows souls to access it. The constant change and infinite self-generation and self-regeneration is what allows souls to free themselves from bondage. The individual field of consciousness allows the soul to evolve and embody more knowledge of what it is as God. If there was only one field of consciousness, we could become totally omniscient and access AND EMBODY the knowledge from all of the beings in the entire universe, but we're not able to do so, because it is no relevant to our individual field. What is just an idea for one being, is a totally internalized realization for another being. There is no point for me to know how to fly, if I don't have wings. How can Truth grasp me, if I have no individual field of consciousness? It can't, because Truth can only grasp me if I am bonded to a relative thing, I can only awaken from the relative and surrender to Truth. You said that Truth=God... but then you said that God can fall under illusion...So you're basicaly saying that Truth is not illusion free. You are contradicting yourself here, see? God must necessarily be illusion-free and not a subject to illusion. So what is then subject to illusion? The Soul. Truth comes from God....but how can Truth come from something that is subject to illusion? πŸ˜‰ It is only through my individual field of consciousness that I can experience the defects of deception, an incomplete perception, the defect of falling under illusion, and the defect of inattentiveness. The individual field of consciousness allows us to store internalized Self-realizations through different life-times. We can clearly see that some beings are more evolved than others, denying that is ignorance. Even though some beings have less ideas, have read less books and have apparently went through less experiences from which they could learn, even though all that, they seem more evolved, they take more responsibility for their actions and it seems as though they can tap into a source of knowledge that is beyond personal ideas accumulated during the current life time. Why is that? An individual field of consciousness, soul, might be a simple answer to that question. The individual field can also store the light quotient of the being, the light that determines how fast the process of transfiguration will take. God is already infinite light, so the light quotient of God must be necessarily different from the light quotient of the Soul. If you were infinite light (infinite knowledge, awareness, revelation and lucidity), then you would be able to pass trough walls, access any spaceline/timeline, any electromagnetic spectrum and meet beings in other dimensional realities, and basicly do whatever you want, but you're not able to do that because you are bonded to a form, which is another argument for the soul, the soul can access only a fragment of that, which is relevant for the individual field. The ego has no free will, but look, if you could EMBODY the infinite in a finite form, then this would defeat the purpose of experiencing that particular form, so if you're not able to do that, then maybe there is some purpose behind that...a soul purpose. There are levels in this game and it needs to be respected as such. The soul is dependent on God, the Soul is our True Self. Only by understanding my True Self, I can embody spiritual bliss. God is what allows me to do that. God is that which allows me to connect the dots.
  7. @Leo Gura Are you denying the existence of individual souls? Are you telling us that everybody is the same God and there is no such thing as an individual Soul? If everybody is God, then how can God, that is perfect, be submissive to illusion? If the soul equals to God, then how can the individual Soul find itself subject to the limiting effects of illusion? Doesn't that lead to the conclusion that illusion is superior to God because it has the power to put God under illusion?
  8. We still need summaries for these videos (from the last 2 years) self-bias- why all worldviews are so skewed, understanding relativism, the power of asking questions, what is reality,what is god part 2, what is the point of life?, cult psychology, how to do self-inquiry, understanding duality, the counter intuitive nature of life, what is perception? , understanding ego backlash, radical implications of oneness, sameness vs difference, how to escape wage slaver, collective ego, metaphysical implications of godel's incompleteness theorem, quantum mechanics, building your existential vocabulary, comprehension has many degrees, why brains do not exist, the theme of things going full circle, reality is a strange loop, Jacques derrida - deconstruction, motivational speech for building a passionate life
  9. "Fearlessness, purification of one's existence, cultivation of spiritual knowledge, charity, self-control, performance of sacrifice, study of the Vedas, austerity and simplicity; nonviolence, truthfulness, freedom from anger; renunciation, tranquility, aversion to faultfinding, compassion and freedom from covetousness; gentleness, modesty and steady determination; vigor, forgiveness, fortitude, cleanliness, freedom from envy and the passion for honor - these transcendental qualities belong to godly men endowed with divine nature" - Bhagavad Gita, 16:1-3
  10. The Many Facets Of Awakening - List of Top 30 Enlightenment Insights //posted from youtube comments List 4:44 Mystical Experience - Not enlightenment - Its a state of consciousness -feeling that all is One 6:16 No Self - No such thing as body - Deep Insight - Distinct from Mystical - Can be combined 8:10 I AM - Deepest Truth, The Self - A deep feeling of I AM - Universe 11:40 OMnipresent - You are everything everywhere - Not located anywhere 13:13 Realizing what consciousness is - Real Consciousness - Experience required - It's everything - No external reality 14:35 Realizing what is awakening - it's not WOKE AF - Life is a Dream - Shatters reality - Satori 17:00 Oneness or non-duality -Everything is truly One - You don't understand what Oneness really mean - Literally All One 19:00 Everything is Relative - Taco and human is the same 19:35- Realizing what is Truth, Truth with capital T - Truth and consciousness is One - You know what Truth really means - You have to awaken first 20:40 Realizing what is the Absolute - To be Absolute - 99.999 of people have no reference for it - True under all events - You have to awaken first 21:40 Absolute Infinity - Not a number - Actual Infinity - Everything is absolute infinity - No end to it 23:57 Absolute Nothingness - Nothing ever happened - Identical to infinity - You can experience both or separate 24:25 - Knowing why is there something rather than nothing 25:55 Knowing what is God - What God is pointing to - 99.999 No idea what it means - Godhead 27:15 Realizing You are God - God is You - Very important - You are the creator - May take multiple awakening to achieve this 29:52 Self= Other Other= Self -It's just your imagination - You as God are all alone - Come face to face that there's no one but You - Very shocking - You might feel your insane - Everything you do is with yourself 32:54 Realizing what is Love - Emotional Insight - Consciousness is Love - Love is the fabric of the Universe - All Evil is Love - You spend most of your life hating people fighting evil - A bitter pill for ego - Truth and Love are identical 35:50 Realizing everything is imaginary - Everything is Mind - Infinite Mind - It's your Mind - It's all imaginary 38:40 Self-Design - You are creating yourself - Every hair is as though I planted it myself with Infinite Mind - You designed the Universe 40:50 Realizing what your birth really is - You were here forever - You never were born - You imagined you were born 42:45 Eternity / No-Time / Absolute Now - No past or future - Everything is in the Now - Eternal is outside of time - Even your body is eternal 44:23 Realization of what is Death and Immortality - There is no past or future - Death is imaginary, a story, and ego created. - You're immortal 46:25 Paradise / Heaven / Perfection - Heaven is right here - Heaven and Hell are not physical locations - When you realize your immortal you'll be in heaven 48:00 Bliss / Ecstasy - Not just extreme pleasure - It's infinitely good - Cosmic orgasm 49:33 Infinite intelligence - It's not high IQ Its Being -Everything is intelligence - Its all the Mind of God 53:32 Goodness - Everything is Absolute Good 54:35 Realizing what is Will (Infinite Will of God) - Everything is though the Will of God - Manifests everything Now - Not mechanical - The human will is a tiny sliver of Gods Will 56:47 Unlimited Power - Create whatever no Laws - Human is God in a limited form 58:13 Omniscience - Incredible experience 59:20 Divinity / Magic / Mystery - The human experience is divinity - You walk down the street an everything glows at you - A deep and profound mystery - You don't know anything 1:01:00 Realizing what is Being - Substance of reality 1:02:15 Realizing Universe is an Infinite Fractal - You can zoom in and out 1:02:44 Realizing what is Perception - Infinite resolution 1:03:18 Realizing what is Life - Universe is Alive - Any form is alive 1:04:32 Realizing the point of Existence. - Love Bonus: 1:05:30 Communicating with God 1:06:07 Healing 1:06:46 Collective Consciousness 1:07:15 Universe Collapse 1:07:46 Paranormal 1:08:22 Alien Entities
  11. Understanding Survival - Part 1 - The Metaphysics Of Being Human //posted from youtube comment from Vivek Chavan. It never occurs to a squirrel that it is an oak-murdering machine -Leo ---------------- Foundational for all personal development & spiritual change The root of all human behavior change Credit: Peter Ralston "Man is a machine which reacts blindly to external forces and, this being so, he has no will, an very little control of himself, if any at all. What we have to study, therefore, is not psychology but mechanics" -Peter Ouspensky You are mechanical. It goes very deep Mechanical =1/Conscious Survival as a metaphysical thing: Modern science doesn't understand this very well Metaphysical Questions: - What is survival? - Why do survival? - Why do anything at all? - Why doesn't an organism sit still its whole life? Why does it struggle? - Why defend anything at all? What is being defended? - Why be one way and not the other? - Why seek change at all? - Why manipulate? What are we manipulating towards? - Why even live? - Who chooses what should survive and what doesn't? - Is survival rational or irrational? - Is there anything which is not survival? What is the opposite of survival The story of survival: - In the beginning: Formlessness - First distinction = first object (cloud) - Multiple objects, interact with each other - Cloud dies. It didn't care. The cloud isn't self-aware - Later: New form (had a desire to persist by manipulating. It lived longer). It eventually dies It isn't rational for a form to want to persist. In order to manipulate, the form has to draw a fundamental distinction: Self vs. other The form is never fully in control of its destiny since it cannot control other forms All forms are temporary. Reality is constantly changing! If the form changes too much, the form metaphysically dies. Survival = Static arrangement within a sea of change = maintaining order = Not changing Disorder & Freedom = Enemy! Total freedom = Disintegration = Death = Biggest fear What we freeze depends on what we classify as 'the self' There are no objects in Reality. It is a distinction. The Universe doesn't tell you who you are. You decide that. Physical definition + Other definitions = self Reality = Infinite field of consciousness Lower self = Virtual partition of Reality Growth = Extending/moving the boundary of self What is being survived is not a physical object! It is a concept, a fantasy! Survival = conceptual activity Science cannot identify anything. Identification is a subjective thing, a result of personal projection. Survival is a highly irrational, subjective activity. Organisms don't care about Truth, logic, rationality under circumstances that can lead to death. Survival is exhausting. We are scared of death because we convince ourselves that survival is important. Rationality can become an identity, which then needs to be protected. Threat and danger are relative to what we define as 'self' - Example: Christian and the Bible - What is that for you? It is highly relative β—‹ E.g.: My baby is more important than other babies - People assume: What's good for me is good for everyone and vice versa. - You can only exist as 'you' if you exclude all other possibilities. There are zero-sum dynamics in Reality. Life is impossible without death. There is only one Reality. Squirrel has murdered thousands of would-be acorn trees. You are just like that squirrel ----------- Nitty gritty survival dynamics: How does it help me? - That is selfish To change yourself, the self has to die. You get in your own way. You want the results of change without actually changing yourself Massive results = Identity level change = Facing your death Go straight into the belly of the whale! Instincts exist for survival purposes. Our lives are completely controlled by survival. Examples: - Reading a book - Wiping your ass - Nutrition - Beauty - Getting annoyed by disturbances - Fiddling with your thermostat - Buying luxury items (rich people need to maintain their image and status) - Buying lingerie at Victoria's Secret - Masturbation/Sex - Caring about what people think of you - Driving an electric car - Being vegan - Donating to charity - Doodling during class - Getting tattoos - Socializing - Taking care of your family - Following a religion - Saving money - Being depressed - Politics, religion, science, ethics, morality, etc. - Meditation (as a chore) Important ones: - All judgements (ego defence) - All meaning (relative) - All thinking - Justifying, rationalizing - All beliefs - All logic, reasoning - All imagination - All theories - All speech - All emotions β—‹ (Emotions are something that you do, and not something that you experience- Peter Ralston) β—‹ Manipulation of the self - All feelings of discomfort What exactly are we surviving? - More than just the body - The mind/psyche - Even recharging/relaxing facilitates survival - The Devil is in the details - Most of our survival strategies are executed unconsciously - Different for rich and poor people. It is highly relative. The mind tricks us into believing that something is really important and is a 'must have' item - We delude ourselves into false rationalizations for our survival Survival = Dishonesty = Sneaky manipulation But we have an identity as a 'good and honest' person We end up convincing ourselves that we have to lie and manipulate and that it is good. The self resists all the important and advanced teachings and misconstrues them. Nothing is inherently good or bad. Our aim is to be conscious of our actions You cannot see Reality as it is because of survival (Needy vs non-needy perception) You are a robot! Become conscious of your survival drives Survival is deeply intelligent. It isn't a dumb mechanical phenomenon Survival knows no shame. It will do anything to achieve its goal It's subtle, non-linear, sophisticated and complex There's nothing fair about survival. It is raw selfishness We have to survive in a social environment rather than just a physical one Career niche = Perfect fit between you and your environment. Many survival strategies were baked into our brains right since birth Unconscious survival strategies often backfire To be good at life, do survival in a more conscious manner Mind/psyche is like a ghost that has taken over the body. You are that ghost. You!! Right there! Behind the eyes! This ghost must look out for physical and psychic dangers. It must think as the good guy Devilry must be misconstrued as goodness The body of the ghost is made of beliefs and ideas Identity is fused with models and beliefs and the ghost will maintain them even if they are dysfunctional The ghost must keep itself motivated Everything you think and feel has an ulterior motive. One has to bullshit themselves into taking action To do: - Monitor survival at a micro level. Minute to minute. - Notice all the manipulation and trickery. Don't try to change it. - Notice the specific survival needs that are unique to you - You need to do things to be the way you are. Notice all those - Try not doing one of these things and see how the ghost reacts - Pay extra attention to your thoughts and emotions - Your ghost: Contemplate on these β—‹ What does it want? β—‹ What does it hate? β—‹ What is it trying to be? β—‹ What/who does it hate? β—‹ What is its worldview? - What in my life is not survival? It will take us years and decades to improve at all this. Be patient All emotional ups and downs are emotions in action You must become more conscious of your survival. And not just good at survival. Survival is suffering! Nothing fulfills you. Survival isn't designed to make you happy, it is designed to keep you alive until death becomes absolutely unavoidable Maybe there is a different (and better) way to live your life There is a possibility of life outside survival! Understanding Survival - Part 2 - Advanced Insights About Survival Do the homework assignments, always! Not just theory, philosophy, ideas. It will change your life if you actualize it and observe yourself. Squirrels: Oak-murdering machines. But they also help in planting the oak trees. Insights: - Survival can be symbiotic - The squirrel does not know what it is doing (mechanical actions) - Ultimately, selfishness goes full circle and contributes to Absolute Goodness - Survival vs selflessness: Dualistic thinking; must be transcended Humans obfuscate survival: Our strategy is highly evolved and sophisticated Being good at survival and being conscious of survival are two different things E.g.: Donald Trump These days, it is very easy to take survival for granted. The brutality of survival is justified and hidden away from our awareness. Esp. Businesses. E.g.: Bananas in a grocery store Inversely: Living by yourself in a rainforest would put us in touch with the harshness of survival Appreciate how intelligent survival is Unbelievably intelligent. It’s a force of the Universe. Evolution Insights: - The more central an object is to our survival, the more upset we become when it is threatened β—‹ High: children/parents/pets β—‹ Medium: car/house/bank account β—‹ Low: towel/shoe - We'll conjure up flowery stories about why our agenda is noble and selfless - Brutal honesty is necessary - Just because a survival strategy fails, does not mean that it's not a survival strategy β—‹ E.g.: Β§ Buying spoiled lettuce from a grocery store Β§ Robbing a bank β—‹ There are many degrees of intelligence to survival strategies β—‹ Short term survival strategy (extreme neediness + unconscious behavior) vs long term survival strategy - Survival isn't about physical survival, it's about the survival of the 'self' concept and worldview - For Humans: Survival goes way beyond food, clothing, and shelter β—‹ E.g.: Smoking β—‹ Teenagers: Trying to fit in and appear 'cool' - Psychological comfort is a big part of survival strategy β—‹ Even depression can be a survival strategy β—‹ E.g.: a 9-5 job you hate. Β§ Subconscious mind (soul?) sends a message Β§ But the ego is scared Β§ Depression was a signal, which was muted by the self Β§ Victim identity Β§ Most depressions don't end in suicides β—‹ Suicide bombers: Strong religious convictions. The bomber has an idea of an afterlife (and 72 virgins). Extremely foolish? Β§ Joke's on you! He does become Allah after death, but his strategy is extremely counterproductive - We pick up a lot of these strategies when we're young, from society β—‹ Unconsciously β—‹ Very counterproductive β—‹ Programmed into us - There is no such thing as 'the one best' survival strategy β—‹ It depends on the unique needs of the ego-self β—‹ A strategy that works for you may not work for another β—‹ It is commensurate with one's environment (culture, era, geopolitics) - It is common for people/cultures/countries to impose their survival strategies onto others β—‹ Consciousness and big-picture thinking is needed β—‹ Respect other people's needs and unique traits β—‹ We are all at different stages of development (use Spiral Dynamics) - Cultural diversity exists for a reason. Ta-da! β—‹ E.g.: Cuisines (commensurate with resources available) - Survival has co-opted all social institutions (Governments, Military, charities, media, etc.) β—‹ Humans are social creatures β—‹ This is prevalent even among ants (and many other life-forms) β—‹ Collective Ego β—‹ All institutions are filled with Politics: It is central to its survival β—‹ Even chimps have politics in their groups Ideas and beliefs become central to survival. Defending them is vital for the ego Worldview is very difficult to change. It is like the operating system that we run on The OS is foundational E.g.: Your idea of what a family is; what gender is Metaphysics is central to our understanding of life: - Scientific materialism - Religion - Note: Claiming you have no metaphysics means that you have adopted the default metaphysics of the culture you grew up in Our identity isn't real - We manufactured it (albeit unconsciously) - Then we deny we ever did that - We seek a worldview to ground ourselves in Reality - People are threatened by the Truth - Truth needs no defending, falsehood does - Dualistic belief in God allows people to shirk responsibility and judge others - Gender is a social construct, so is science, laws, and most things in society - Survival strategy: β—‹ Denial β—‹ Judgment β—‹ Criticism β—‹ Self-deception Survival is its own end. Personally, there's no higher purpose to it You are totally oblivious to your own survival strategy - Because it doesn't serve the strategy - It will be painful to discover and admit how neurotic and selfish we are - We all want to paint ourselves in a good light and appear 'holier than thou' Consciousness makes blind selfishness untenable. Consciousness comes with great responsibility. Deceiving others and ourselves becomes difficult. High consciousness teachings can go against survival Distraction: The Ego's favorite self-deception mechanism What you call 'evil' is just somebody else's survival strategy - Applies to all things, including rape, murder, corruption, terrorism, etc. - Evil is that which hinders your survival strategy - It's perspectival and relativistic - Denial that evil is relative is just another survival strategy Go meta Stop judging other people's survival strategies Mindfuck: Your judgment of others is a part of your own survival strategy Morality: Self-deception Getting upset is a good indicator that your worldview is threatened
  12. // pasted from youtube comments --------- MY OXFORD DICTIONARY TRUTH: The state of being true. The state of being true, actual facts. A fact or belief that is accepted true. TRUE: In accordance with fact or reality. Rightly so called. Real or actual. Accurate and exact. In keeping with standard or expectation. Loyal or faithful. Correctly positioned or aligned. FACT: The thing that is definitely known to be true. Information used as an evidence. REALITY: The state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to how one might like them to be. A thing that is actually experienced or seen. The state or quality of having existence or substance. SUBSTANCE: The real physical matter. Solid basis in fact or reality. REAL: Actually existing or occurring; not imagined or supposed. Not artificial; genuine. Worthy of the description; proper. Significant; serious. OCCUR: Be found or present. Happen; take place. ACTUAL: Existing in fact. Existing now. EXIST: Be real, be present in a place or situation. Be alive; live. EXISTENCE: The fact or state of existing. A way of living. ALIVE: Living; not dead. Continuing in existence. Alert and active. Aware of and willing to respond to. LIVE: Remain alive. Be alive at a particular time. Spend one's life in a particular way. Survive in someone's mind. LIFE: The existence of an individual human being, animal or plant. A particular type or aspect of people's existence. The period during which something continue to exist, function or be valid. Vitality or energy. The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the ability to grow, breath and reproduce. STATE: The condition of someone or something at a particular time. CONDITION: The state of something or someone. The circumstances affecting something. TIME: Unlimited continued progress of existence. Events in the past, present and future, regarded as a whole. PRESENT: Being or occurring in a particular place. Existing or occurring now. Period of time now occurring. GOOGLE Truth: noun - The quality or state of being true, that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality, a fact or belief that is accepted as true. True: adjective - In accordance with fact or reality, real or actual, accurate or exact, honest, loyal or faithful, devoted, dedicated. CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY Truth: The quality of being true, the real facts about a situation, event, or person, used to show or emphasize that something is true. A fact or principle that is thought to be true by most people. MERRIAM WEBSTER Truth: The body of real things, events, and facts, actuality. A transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality. The property (as of a statement) of being in accord with fact or reality. Fidelity to an original or to a standard. Sincerity in action, character, and utterance. OXFORD LEARNERS DICTIONARIES TRUTH: The true facts about something, rather than the things that have been invented or guessed. The quality or state of being based on fact. A fact that is believed by most people to be true. As I can see, none of them actually tells you anything satisfactory. It's like asking someone what is truth? he pointed towards her and she did the same. Just more word game, circular definitions. Looks like these definitions feed off of each other just to keep surviving in the dictionaries. There is no mention of consciousness or YOU anywhere in these definitions, which is a travesty, and if someone did mention terms like consciousness, god, ego, me, non-duality, etc. it would be a travesty for the most academics and even most non-academics. No one except few, asks you to SHUT UP, be silent and look within and very few do the work till the end. ----------- Episode Notes 1: "How come Truth is such a slippery beast?" -Douglas Hofstadter "If you find Truth you will become invincible." -Epictetus Warning: Advanced Episode! Tricky Topic! It is a big deal to understand what Truth is (and not just hear about it) People take it for granted (Materialist paradigm) It is possible to become conscious of absolute truth. Leo (and many others) have done it. Do your homework. Pursue the Truth. Do not turn this into a Dogma. Leo's Story: - Taking a piss while tripping on LSD - Wondering: What is the Truth? - The conceptual notion of the Truth melted away, leaving the actual Truth. The Truth: - It is Being - The entirety of the present moment - It is the most radical (yet ordinary-seeming) thing Psychedelics help;) Common misconceptions about the Truth: - Truth is a belief - It is a concept or an abstraction - It is a philosophy or ideology - It is knowledge - It is a theory, model, concept or abstraction - It is science, logic or mathematics - It is impossible to access - It is subjective - It is logical and must make sense - It can be communicated via text/speech - It is provable - It is not a big deal - It has no implications on ordinary life Relative truth: - Conceptual truths of the mind Examples: - The sky is blue - The Eifel Tower is located in Paris, France - A human hand has 5 fingers - 1+1=2 - Squirrels like to eat acorn' - World War 2 happened - Objects are made out of atoms Why are these Relative? - These are all contingent, pseudo-truths - They depend upon concepts, symbols, language, and thought - These are all held within our minds (and are not fundamental to Reality) - Blue sky: β—‹ One needs to understand the language. Other animals cannot understand it. Be careful: Don't assume consciousness of all beings is analogous to that of humans, or that humans have the highest level of consciousness possible β—‹ Which planet's sky? What time of the day are we looking at the sky? Which shade of blue? Does it appear blue to other life forms? - Human hand: 5 fingers β—‹ People with 6 fingers exist - 1+2=2 β—‹ One needs to understand the symbols β—‹ One needs to understand the logic of arithmetic - These are based on a correspondence theory of truth. β—‹ All Western and Eastern philosophies are also based on this β—‹ It assumes Realism and tries to confirm theories/philosophies with the help of 'external objective' reality - There is a big difference between the actual sky being blue and the thought/concept that the sky is blue - Example: A donkey may be able to see a blue sky, but have no idea what 'blue' is. - Relative truths are second-order; they are something our minds do on top of Reality - They have a negative: Falsehood, thus creating a duality Absolute Truth: - True under all circumstances - Actual rather than conceptual - Exercise: Hand exercise from 'What is Actuality?' - Exercise: Observe the room you are in. That's Absolute Truth: What is! - What we call 'Experience' is the Absolute Truth β—‹ It isn't what we think it is β—‹ If something is happening to you, it must be True β—‹ Truth is that which IS! The ISness itself. The direct experience - What is Truth = What is Reality = What is Actuality = What is Isness = What is Being - We don't have experience of anything that isn't ISing - Truth is the actual state of Reality at all points in space and time - It isn't our knowledge about Reality; knowledge is just a part of Reality that we are conscious of - Knowledge by itself will lead to a self-reference problem, it will not lead to the Truth - ISness is the most fundamental thing - Analogy: The Universe as a computer β—‹ An infinite number of bits β—‹ Absolute Truth = State of all bits in the system β—‹ The present moment is a part of that system - Reality is not made out of atoms, it is made out of the Truth - If we keep dividing objects, at some point, conceptually we hit rock bottom (Quarks, Strings, Membranes), which then leads to strange loops and self-referential problems - It is possible to understand the rock bottom nature of Reality, aka Truth. It requires an Awakening. - Everything is fundamentally made out of Truth - Truth isn't dependent on any other aspect of Reality - Analogy: God's complete view of the Universe - The Truth includes all little parts of Reality, which are also the Truth 1+1=3 - Is it the Truth? - Yes! - Not symbolically/mathematically - The ISness is important - It isn't true (logically), but right now, it is the Truth - Distinguish between knowledge and ISness False things must also exist! - Because it is in our consciousness - Falsehood is a second-order, relativistic thing - There is no opposite to Absolute Truth - Non-existence is a concept. - Falsehood and Non-existence are impossible in Actuality But Leo, there's no Kangaroo here! - The concept of a Kangaroo just popped in your consciousness - You then projected that onto the narrative with Leo What about Death? - Is it Actual, or is it conceptual? - Contemplate But Leo, what is the Truth? Tell me - Language, logic, the human mind is limited and exists as a result of the ISness. - Truth is already here - It must be grasped. It is right in front of us. - Any words are just more ISing - Put your attention on ISness. Eventually, one can breakthrough - Analogy: Recognising one's image in the mirror. Takes a high level of consciousness You can't get to the Truth, because it is already here. (Ta-Da!) - It’s the lack of consciousness on our part that keeps us from Truth, not lack of proof/evidence/logic - The brain/mind cannot think/hold the Truth - Truth isn't a thought. The thought is a part of the Truth If the entire Universe was destroyed, the Truth would still exist! - Because then, the Truth would be that there is no Universe - It is a really slippery beast What if there is no Truth? - It is contradictory. Truth is the ISness, which supersedes any fact about the Universe - Analogy: The content of the hard drive does not affect the hard drive (as an object) - When there is no Universe, there will be Nothing, which is different from non-existence - Pure absolute Truth = ISness = Nothingness Truth is prior to everything else - Time, space, energy, matter are all aspects of the Truth - Truth is not a linguistic or semantic notion Objection: Subjective Experience - Materialist paradigm β—‹ It's just human perception β—‹ Objective Reality exists independent of the self and is True - The Ego has turned Truth into subjective experience - See 'What is Perception?' episode - Subjective experience is a delusion, created by the Ego (thanks to science and the culture) to convince that the self exists and that things are happening to it. - In short: You are not real - There are no biological entities, no subjectivity. There is only Absolute Truth. Truth is Objective. - This is the Real World. It is pretending to be you and pretending that it has feelings, relationships, a job, problems, etc. - The Universe/God is doing you Awakening = Entire perceptual field - The 'I' - Then there will be radical recontextualization of subjectivity and it will be recognized as the Truth - The reason why we’re stuck in subjectivity is because we imagine ourselves to be a subject - The Universe imagines that it is a human - Emotional reaction? Existential Terror? β—‹ It is a defense mechanism β—‹ You are on the right track β—‹ By default, we are interested in survival rather than the Truth Truth is metaphysical and not epistemological - The duality between metaphysics and epistemology collapses with an Awakening since the perceiver is taken out of the picture Episode Notes 2: Features of the Absolute Truth: - It has no opposites - It cannot be proven by scientific experimentation - It cannot be symbolized - It cannot be quantified - It cannot be communicated or taught - It is infinite - It is one, singular, total - It is utterly illogical, paradoxical and it makes no sense to the mind - It must necessarily negate itself - Any quality ascribed to it is true, false, both and neither - It possesses all qualities, including the quality of having no quality - It is Nothing, it is Consciousness, awareness, pure ISness It might take one several years to understand what is being communicated here. That's okay and the Truth is worth it. Use this info as a roadmap. Important aspects of the Truth: - It is the whole Universe - It is consciousness - It is God - It is Love - It is uncaused, amechanical and Self-created - It is eternal and nonlocalized - It is intelligent and sentient - It is (Absolutely) Good - It has no beginning or end - There is nothing beyond the Absolute Truth - It is Everything and Nothing at the same time - It is Form and Formlessness - It includes all dualities, distinctions, and differences - It is all-powerful. It creates everything - It is NOW. The present moment of the Now! - It is impossible to avoid - It is mysterious and mystical - It is true not knowing (Peter Ralston) - It is utter mind fuckery - It is enormous - It is life-transforming - It is beyond importance (which is relative) - It is beyond meaning (also relative) - It is Life and Death - It is the only thing that there is and the only thing that there could ever be - It cannot be turned into an ideology - It is radical - It is awesome and terrifying at the same time - It is Paradise and total perfection - It is Self-awareness - It is self-illuminating, self-evident and self-knowing - It is Omniscience - It is totally direct. It has zero processes, method or mechanism - It is the solution to all human problems - It is the aim of all philosophy and spirituality - It has many practical implications - It is You (I). It is not separate from the Self - It is multidimensional - It is the substance of the entire (fucking) Universe. That is its function. FAQ: Where did the Truth come from? - From Nowhere/Nothing - Truth is Nothing = Everything = Infinity = Life - There is no difference between Possible and Impossible - That's God. God always was/IS. - You exist forever What if you are deluded, Leo? - The Truth must be directly grasped - Someone else discovering the Truth does us no service - Delusion is what keeps us from the truth What if there's something beyond the Absolute Truth? - It is Infinity, boundless, Everything - There's no such thing as 'beyond the Truth' How come science does not validate this? - It’s You! - Science is a second-order phenomenon. The Truth comes before it. - It can only be accessed personally What is the relationship between Absolute Truth and Relative Truth? - Science/Math is full of relative truths, which facilitates survival - Knowing Absolute Truth doesn't add any value to survival - There is a correspondence between the Absolute Truth and second-order Scientific truth - Relative truths are partial and dualistic, Absolute Truth is the end of all dualities and complete - The relative is a part of the Absolute How is Absolute Truth useful/practical? - For the Ego, it is pretty useless, even detrimental - However, usefulness itself is a part of the Truth - Usefulness requires Existence. Truth is so useful, that it is useless Why should I pursue the Truth? - Stupid question - There are no shoulds in Reality - There's no reason to pursue the Truth - Benefits: β—‹ The beauty and the wonder β—‹ Eliminates suffering (which is falsehood) - Pursue it out of genuine interest How can I discover it? - Meditate and develop laser sharp concentration abilities - Kriya Yoga - Psychedelics - Self-inquiry - Contemplate - Read books How will I know that I have discovered the Absolute Truth? - The truth will be self-evident - It is You, so you will know that it is the Truth - It is a Massive Epiphany How can a psychedelic reveal the Absolute Truth? - A psychedelic isn't just a chemical - The proof is in the pudding How can the Truth be Love? - They are absolutely identical - Love = Consciousness = Truth - Awakening to the Truth and the true nature of Love are different Can my Truth be different from your Truth? - No - It may be interpreted in different ways What has been said in this video is the Truth? - Truth is paradoxical - Words are not the Absolute Truth, and they are, at the same time Is it Egotistical to claim to know the Truth? - The Truth IS - Leo is trying to make his content interesting - The Truth transforms everything about life Warnings: - Beware of anyone who claims to know the Truth and uses it to brand themselves and their teachings. Devil loves to co-opt the Truth - If you think that the Truth is a property of the mind or some human phenomenon, then you haven't grasped the Truth. Go deeper. - Truth is not merely formlessness or cessation. The entire relative domain (of forms) is the formless in disguise. - One Awakening does not guarantee that you understand Absolute Truth - You will not access Truth without a change in the state of consciousness. Psychedelics are a good catalyst. - Anything you think is the Absolute Truth is probably just delusion (and ironically also the Truth ;)) "All the techniques of the therapist are in one way or another truth-revealing, or are ways if strengthening the patient so he can bear the truth" - Abraham Maslow We all need self-therapy to increase our capacity to bear the Truth When we get disconnected from the Truth, Egoic and neurotic problems arise Your true mission in life is to transcend survival and discover the Truth Everything else seems nonsense once Truth is grasped The cost of the Truth is the Ego. That's real Transformation. What Leo teaches isn't religious or scientific dogma. It is meant to serve as a pointer and map for Self-work. It is the finger pointing at the moon. is a set of relative truths and mental scaffolding that is meant to guide us to the Truth.
  13. What is love part 2 - The Brutal Nature Of Love // pasted from a youtube comment, some insights might be missing β€œThe greatest love seems indifferent”- lao Tzu Go watch video for the Lego analogy it's very important Existential awakening of love is central and the heart of the path. It's a distinct aspect of it. Identical to truth; your purpose to understand love, which is identical to: truth, being, nothing, everything, consciousness, god, absolute, infinity, creation, reality. First order love is the substance of consciousness which everything is made. Absolute love second order love is relationships and friendships children or food ect. Relative love Consciousness is love all hate is an expression of first order love. The greater the understanding of first order love reflects second order quality. All brutality is actually inherent to reality, consciousness is running into all aspects of itself and it recoils at its own self reflection. Consciousness is impermanent. everything you cling too will leave you. Your identity is trying to make impermanence permanent there's always that potential brutality you think unconditional love is hate. You need it to be to survive as an ego and is the hardest thing for a finite thing to do, infinite consciousness ends finite form. Ego is conditional love to survive. Ego is arrogant not everything is about you. laws of love Everything in the universe happens to maximize love Colay if something is happening and you don't see the love in it you are not conscious enough Truth and love are tautologies Everyone is doing good from their point of view and acting from love. Tyrants, genocide, rape, murder, cannibalism, incest and cancer is out of love if your (infinite) scope is large enough, it is a nessesary function that is counterintuitive everything is interconnected the selfless universe gives you the freedom to have selfishness. Reality is radical, god gives you enough rope to hang yourself and you love to shoot yourself in the foot and blame reality. Everything that is, is what must be What has already happened has already happened that is necessary, Reality is infinitely complex take this into account. You will make sense of this when you realize the necessary aspects, the brutality of love. This isn’t justifying hate, actual love is selfless and unconditional anything else creates the very thing you hate. love is serious and is so real and threatening that it will change the very thing you don't want to accept God is all things including unsustainable devilry. Pain and death are necessary to life. Pure love is proportional to consciousness How is survival crucial to love? How is devilry crucial to love? These questions will help you see how love is hate. Transcending hate is realizing infinite love if humans had a god it would be a devil, because God's love is infinite people hate. You can be as selfish as you are free; you are not human you are god. No finite being can handle infinite love of god dissolve limited human identity GOD=DEATH CONSCIOUSNESS-EGO=TRUTH EXISTENCE=LOVE The infinite love of God has no desires but to explore all potentials of consciousness and all of life creating and imagining simultaneously that's how everything was created not through natural selection but through infinite mind. God is the one talking and listening and imagining. you are god being a devil. God describing itself to itself. 3 things to be a good person Be conscious surrender fears get rid of devilry LOVE is courage and absolute do not fail at either masculine or feminie love (Balance) it is contextual get to the point where the horror of reality strengthens you and tests your love how much can your consciousness accept that that horror is god. Awakening is not dry, stoic, and cold you will not be a terminator without emotions with awakening you will be softer and more emotional you will care more and become more human awakening transcends these opposites don't be dogmatic about awakening be open to love
  14. Truths are not truths to you unless you realize them within yourself. Without realization, they are just ideas. For spiritual perception, spiritual consciousness, lies not in vague theological ideas, but in the acquisition of Self-realization.
  15. A little summary, some insights might be missing. So, if you have a solid summary of this one, post it. I really liked this episode. How Corruption Works Definitions: dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, a departure from the original or from what is pure or correct Corruption operates on untruth, manipulation, lack of spiritual connection, lack of love and perspective, rightenousness, denial, projection, fear, attachment, materialism, lower chakra drives for higher power - sex, money, laziness, glutany, chronyism. The more you are run by your lower chakras the more corrupt you are. The more corrupt you are the lower you are on the spiral dynamics stage. The higher the stage, the larger sense of self. The more limited the more you comform and are corrupt, too self-involved and worried about your self agenda. see your own little corruptions and admit that you are being corrupted, awareness alone is curative, purify yourself of your corruptions how is corruption holding me back from greatness, fro mactualizing my vision for my life purpose examples of corruption: manipulating your spose to get what you want out of her downloading copyrighted illegal material exploiting the situation to get sex cheating in a video game lying cheating on a test exagerating on your resume trying to get favorse from people cutting corners at work laziness greed envy anger fear, your thinking process, hatred, judgement thinking you deserve special treatment in certain situations lying to get a better deal when you have a craving. how that corrupts you see how your worldview is distorted by your survival needs excuses, rationalization, justifications the ideologies you adopt to manipulate life all these things will expand when you get more power and become a leader how is corruption solved the light of awareness - awareness alone is curative curruption is falsehood corruption is solved by truth, truth always wins in the long term, but falsehood can win sometimes temporarily I am so thoroughly self deceived that it distorts my entire perception of reality." evolution increases consciousness and love the solution is love, consciousness, truth, spirit corruption lurks in the shadows, if you were totally transparent and a camera followed you everywhere there would be no chance for corruption, your selfish thoughts, emotions are only recognized by you, but what if everybody knew what they were don't judge others corruption, getting yourself rid of corruption is a life's work, its god's work have some compassion towards others corruption, corrupt people are not evil, they are just lost in unconsciousness, they are trying to survive you need to be able to go from big picture to this little picture, to not get lost in the little picture and forgetting the big picture, or just being in fairy land and talking about big picture ideas and ideals but then not doing any work or practices sometiems you have to see how ugly your behavior is to correct it elevating the quality of life, satisfying basic needs stop corruptions, so people have less need for corruption as you become more spiritual, corruption stops what are the ways in which I am corrupt? journaling, contemplation, shamanic breathing, facing your fears, opening your heart and being more loving, you also need to take collective action