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  1. Essence definition from the the characteristic or intrinsic feature of a thing, which determines its identity; fundamental nature definition by Google: the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, which determines its character.
  2. @Ilya The less you know, the less time you spend constructing a conceptual self ("or ‘self-concept’ draws its meaning from the network of assumptions and theories in which it is embedded, just as all other concepts do"). This is not to say that theory is not important but that theory is not necessary for enlightenment. It's possible to get to enlightenment with a few lines of words and then just discover what those words are pointing to. It's not necessary to process 1million words to get to a point that points at that which cannot be pointed at. You are a what, not a who. You are not that which you can sense with vision and hearing. Stay aware of the process in which everything comes and goes from your sight and hearing. That's enought theory.
  3. Interesting, visual and fun video. Nice golden nuggets in it. random thoughts about projections: 3D-the world in which the body resides 4D-dualistic illusions, mental constructs, relativity... (thoughts. meanings, beliefs....) 5D - oneness, non-duality Higher dimensions... oneness inside oneness... The projection goes from higher dimensions to lower dimensions. 4D is the barrier to enlightenment.
  4. @Leo Gura This is how I look at it. Being=essence (every essence in existence) Beings= essence (one essence out of an infinite number of essences) Being and beings = one
  5. @General 2 That time when I woke up at 5AM was around 10 seconds I think. The other time was around 3 secs I think. It happened more than 2 times but I recall only 2 experiences ATM, those stood out to me the most. The second one was when I was fully awake walking near an abandoned house (also saw a ghost near that house a few years prior to that that was observing me, so it could be the same being, I don't know) .
  6. @General 2 I don't know anything about this pressure you mentioned. I experienced this high pitch sound a lot of times but not always the same. Sometimes it was a different experience than just hearing it, I felt like this hight pitch sound was coming from a certain direction and I got a feeling like somebody was on the other end and was observing me. I think one is able to hear this sound more frequently after the pineal gland gets decalcified.
  7. @cle103 Something similar happened to me too. I woke up in the middle of the night, and a high pitch sound was near my bed and I felt like somebody is observing me, I felt a presence. ... It's just a being in a different dimension wanting to interact with you. Next time, get excited and tell this thing to show itself haha.
  8. Old stuff has to leave so it creates space for the new stuff to enter. It's an unavoidable process. By old stuff I mean thought patterns, paradigms, beliefs, behaviors, perspectives, interpretations, meanings etc.... that reinforce a loop that doesn't bring anything new into form. All is light, darkness is just a deficiency of light.
  9. @Monkey-man After ego-death, you get to enlightenment but the ego starts to rebuild itself and so even if you experience ego-death you can slide back if your identification with the mental constructs is still there. That's basicly what an enlightenment glimpse is. Ego death is just a starting point, it's not enough to experience ego death once or once in a while, You have to come to a point where you can consciously annahilate the ego(yourself) again and again and again, whenever the True Self wants it with the use of Devine Will. This means that even if you experienced ego death 1000 times and you're not able to annahilate yourself NOW you're not enlightened. @Monkey-man You are not your body. Self-survival is based on fear. Fear was programmed in the brain a few 1000 years ago and that enabled the body to survive. Now it is more of an obstacle because we live in a society where most people are well taken care of. This a mechanism for survival of the body not for the survival of the self. The fear of losing the self is what comes after the self is created. This is a harware of the body and You cannot get rid of it, however it's true that You can diminish it's effects so it's not that active. It takes a few years for the baby to get a self and a sense of identity, prior to that the identity is not yet formed and identified with.
  10. spending time in nature hiking camping walking barefoot on earth dancing reading books listening to music/audiobooks/podcasts drawing writing songs and poems playing musical instruments blogging taking photos creative writing learning new skills immersing yourself in new experiences traveling building something with your hands drinking tea going to a library assembling puzzles yoga breathing exercises stretching running weight training playing sports / weight training / exercising studying spending time with loved ones spending time with consciousness expanding friends looking at the stars
  11. @Serotoninluv This is the observer ego trap. When one is in the observers ego trap, it is passively observing everything. One can fall in this trap when one does mindfullness practice for a lot of time and can stay stuck in it forever. You can be in a state where no thoughts (mental sounds) are present and still be in this ego observation trap, you can watch the thoughts, emotions and not identify with them and still stay stuck in the observer trap. When You becomes able to consciosly annahilate the ego (by devine Will, not free Will), this shows you a better sign that your enlightened. Being the observer ego is childs play compared to that. For the observing to happen, there must be an observer. Observing -> observer. Everything has already been observed. Be an active "observer" not a passive one by using Devine Will. This is what gives you True freedom. When you can do this, this manifests in the physical as you being able to effectively switch brainwaves and not get stuck in one particular brainwave range (study brainwaves). When one is being awareness, there is not a question of change but of exchange. Thank you for the question.
  12. @Ryan_047 100 Ways To Become More Conscious: How To Raise Your Consciousness
  13. @Preetom Everything expresses itself from a being essence. There are an infinte number of being essences but you embody them separately. Beings than Express oneself from this being essence. You change the being essence by inhaling it (breath in - turning inward), then as you exhale (breath out-turning outward) this being essence expresses itself and becomes visible. This happens trough a manifestation process. One gains control over the manifestation process by a conscious breath cycle. There are different ways of manifestation but for this example let's say it Works like that Thought -> Feeling -> emotion -> action -> habit -> character -> destiny. So one deals effectively with the states by disidentifying from the mind (thought). This is a process of rising awareness and consciousness. The more awarness and consciousness is embodied in the 3D vehicle (body) the more centered with the True self one is. The challenge is that the body can store identifications with the mind. The more awarness and consciousness is embodied in the body the more identifications with the mind come to the surface as a challenge for your True self to deal with. The more your being your True self the more centered you become in the process. This is a process of purification. As a result of this purification process your True self is embodied in the body and then you can switch between states without any resistance. This is downloading your True self into yourself. Reality generation circuit by Bashar. Then once the experience is collected, the True Self, if One is being it, can re-adjust to bring into creation higher essences of being which have a higher electromagnetic frequency associated with them into physical existence. As a result of these higher electromagnetic frequencies the physical matter starts to vibrate higher, the body becomes less dense (less resistance is stuck in the body). "All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent "mind". This "mind" is the matrix of all matter. ~ Max Planck" Funny how you put it into words. The disidentification process is not a miserable process. It's a process of being your True Self. This is the most magnificient and devine process. At the end of it your True Self is embodied and you become centered with the source. This means Synchronized with source. Synchronizing yourself with what you truly are. The left and right brain hemisfere become synchronized and than can act as one brain, not as a left and right brain. Yes. Get rid of addictions. Release energy blockages (different techniques). Activate energy centers and meridians with Light Language Activation. Eat healthy with a lot of fresh organic vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. Use ascension tools such as the Gammatron key from Arcturus Ra and the alchemy Holy Grail (watch the videos from Arcturus RA on YouTube). When the thoughts come to the surface SLOW down their manifestation (the process which I mentioned above). Slow the manifestation with awarness. Once thoughts go by, you're free to act. After a while this same thoughts Will test You again and You Will have to stay in the center and not go off balance. After a while these thoughts Will not present themselves again and you Will be truly free. This is a process.
  14. @Soulbass We are one but that doesn't mean we are all the same. There are infinite versions of oneself and we are speaking to different versions of ourself.
  15. YouTube channels: Arcturus RA Gabe Salomon TEAMLIGHT UNITETHECOLLECTIVE Bridget Nielsen Krista Raisa NewRealities Brad Johnson AMBASSiDOR EHANi Interview with E.D. (Extra Dimensionals) rysa5 Higher Self Channel Higher Self Rupert Spira cosmiccontinuum Maharishi Mahesh Yogi OSHO International Moojiji 777ALAJE True Divine Nature Lilou Mace rainbowabundance Higher Balance Institute Charis Melina Brown SolaraAnRa Teal Swan Krishnamurti's Teachings Bentinho Massaro Isha Foundation Sadhguru rhoda shapiro Spiritual Mind Spirit Science Ryan Cropper 13signsastrology Felipe Alexander David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL) Nurture Your Soul Steve Hutchinson CuttingEdgeConscious THRIVE Movement Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda Anrita Melchizedek SubscriptionFreeTV UFOTV® The Disclosure Network MASTER OF EARTH Akasha & Asun Koi Fresco Collective Awakening Nithyananda Path To Ascension LotusLinkIntl KyronaUnityHope AscendedRelationship New Earth Project Audiobooks: The Modern Hermeticist Remote sound healing masters, LLA: sadhaka nehanek Divine Light Being Sun-Ra-Child Vanessa Lamorte, M.A. Meditation music, brainwaves: YellowBrickCinema - Relaxing Music Meditation Relax Music The Brainwave Hub Binaural Beats PRO