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  1. I see, so, growing in one area requires lots of energy in the start because we're adapting to it, then once we have adapted / integrated the habit, changed our belief, then we don't have to focus our attention as much on that anymore which frees us to focus on growing on other areas. Once a critical mass of changes has been integrated, then the curve of growth shoots up exponentially. At that point we'll be better able to recognize patterns and be more wise to see the consequences of our actions. This is such a fascinating topic. What is growing exponentially? Understanding? Clarity? Pattern recognition? Knowledge? Ourselves? Is that a specific thing or all of it.
  2. Leo talked a lot about finding meaning and having a life purpose. But this article poses an interesting point to ponder. Would a meaningful life, be a happy life? What do you guys think about this? Note, that I didn't read the full article since it's 50€
  3. @Leo Gura mentioned in one of his early videos that personal growth is exponential. I have forgot in which video it was. Can you guys help me understand this concept more? Do you believe that personal growth can truly be exponential in various aspects of life, such as relationships, health, physical strength, intellectual growth, awareness, and decision making? Why or why not? Share your thoughts and experiences on whether consistent effort and dedication in these areas have led to compounding results over time.
  4. If Im the only one inviting people out and initiating conversations over text is this a one-sided friendships? I have noticed that a lot of people are friendly towards me when I initiate things but I'm getting tired of always being the one to hold things together.
  5. Which things are better to talk about with my male friends rather than girls I am attracted to?
  6. I tend to overanalyze stuff in relationship and it really bothers me and others. I have become better at spotting myself doing it, but sometimes still do it. Have you guys deal with that? What are all the manifestations of this? Is talking about the relationship overanalyzing stuff? Where is the line?
  7. Great article I wanted to share since a lot of people here are intelectual types. I Definitelly made themistakes that are pointed out in the article. It's so funny when I think about it.
  8. The whole nofap movement is something that does more damage than good. The problem is not masturbation, masturbation is normal and natural. The problem is masturbating to porn and wasting time looking at that. That's what does the real damage. Learn to separate masturbation from watching porn and then you will naturally masturbate less. When you watch porn it's normal to masturbate like 5-10x times more than if you don't. The whole idea that something amazing will happen after 90 days is stage orange thinking. And suppressing your natural masturbation urges is stage blue at work. Develop a life purpose and you will not even think about engaging in such nonsense. There are of course benefits to abstaining, but the problem is that if you go to far, you will backslide in a way that you will conpenaste for the lost time of masturbating and watching porn. When you don't watch porn and masturbate naturally when it feels good, that will not happen. Even some monks are allowed to masturbate once every 3 weeks.
  9. If everybody acted out of love and truth, woud such a future be possible? I think not. What do you think? I know there are twisted versions of love out there and whatever manifests, manifests out of truth already. Laws enable survival so we don't have to fight for it and everybody needs to stay accountable to some laws for the collective to function.
  10. I think it would be really insightful to see which challenges/frustrations people are facing here. Mine is staying consistent with my morning routine. What about you?
  11. Sometimes I wish that I would desire to read more books, but I don't. Maybe I just feel resistance toward it. How do I contemplate my desires and motivations? How can I desire something more than I do right now?
  12. More consciousness=more free-will. Less consciousness=less free-will. By raising the level of consciousness, you (as the field of awareness-looking) can notice more interconnections taking place. It appears as one is swimming in a larger pool of water and there are more streams that one can enter. In lower level of consciousness, you're immersed in a smaller pool, less streams are present, and consequently you have less access to reality. This access is direct, not just observational. The one who appears to observe is still a subject.
  13. Instead of looking outside at what other people think, look within and feel your feelings. You don't have to know everything. Feel your next step. How does a decision make you feel compared to other ones. Does it feel like truth? If it does, it is true for you and you can trust yourself enough then to take that step. When you establish this trust in yourself, you don't have to keep searching. You will find what is true in that moment and that will be the end.
  14. @kras The one who is willing to go the slowest has the most power at the beginning of the relationship. Go slower than her, and she will be the one who will tear your clothes off.
  15. Here is a video from a guy who saw a space craft.