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  1. @astrokeen Don't ask me, ask yourself, the answers you'll receive will be better. Here are my two cents. God is everything that is. When you realize how thoughts affect everything around you and the non-physical realm, you also realize that you are something beyond what you perceive as yourself, consciousness expands and so, you are more conscious of what that is. When contact happens, you get an enlightenment experience of the interconnectedness of the unified field, you simply become conscious that there is something beyond yourself, that you cannot perceive, but non the less it is there and it connects everything that is This is not something you should put all your attention into because it's not really that important (unless it happens on a bigger collective scale), use it like a supplement to embody more understanding, higher perspectives, love, peace and to become more conscious of what God is.
  2. @Cortex Here is an Easy technique to contact ETs and other inter dimensional life forms. A lot of people have a lot of fear about ETs... governments use manipulation, spreading lies and misinformation to keep the masses unaware of the truth...this goes very deep, if you want to learn more watch the documentary "Unacknowledged by Steven Greer" and Thrive (both on youtube)... so please be radically open minded before reading further. This technique does not require any meditation skills or other advanced methods of activating oneself. What you will see is light. Light ships in the sky. Forget about metallic discs. 99% of all the ETs that are observing earth and interacting with earth are non-physical beings that operate on very high levels of awareness, residing outside of space&time, always here and now residing on a higher electromagnetic spectrum of light, heavenly realms. They are all teachers, healers, and technologically advanced beyond any level of physicality. You need to bring up your emotional and mental state into higher vibration by thinking of peaceful contact, love, compassion... they will lower their vibration and then their ship will materialize in this dimension that we can perceive with our physical senses. They are using extremely advanced consciousness technologies, their light ships are like beings, conscious, the entire craft is acting like one being. They are telepathic, they are very aware of your mental and emotional state. So, you need to attune the physical body, which is like a biological antenna, biological receiver... to rise in frequency and perceive these other dimensions. The first component are thoughts. Thoughts radiate out into the unified field and if you have thoughts that are fearful, negative or anything that is kinda on a lower vibratory frequency like violent thoughts, survival based thoughts you will attract 3D survival based energies. But if you are thinking in your mind about love, healing, openness, knowledge, receiving that which is good and that which serves your higher self and everybody around you, then the existence, the unified field, source, God... is attuning to what you are thinking about and over time or ever instantaneously it will match you with a certain situation which your thoughts are manifesting into your external field of vision. So, in your mind you will manifest a vision and then that vision will get projected out into the world around you, into the situation, into the physical plane. So if you're thinking about ETs, about learning about them, about developing an understanding about yourself and how you relate to the universe and you start thinking about the bigger picture... these higher dimensional intelligences will pick that up because they are aware of your mental and emotional state, they are aware of everything that is happening in the universe, they are aware of every single form of life because they have this higher dimensional perspective.So when you will think about these thoughts, you will be scanned by these higher dimensions. The second component is intent. So you will think those thoughts, you will bring yourself into a peaceful, grateful state, feel the love for yourself and the universe and then you will look into a certain part of the sky and intend to see the crafts, they will pick up the vision that you are projecting out and you will start seeing the crafts. You can do this anywhere... looking outside your window, in the backyard, a forest, a field, with a couple of friends. You will mostly see it in your peripheral vision not directly at where you are looking at... look out for flashes of light, movements of energy. You might even see multiple crafts. I have used this technique and had more than 100 contacts. I had contacts where 4 crafts materialized for about 80 seconds. So be ready, it can get exciting, you might cry out of joy. Enjoy. I have learned this from this channel (original video deleted) “Since the initial publication of the chart of the electromagnetic spectrum, humans have learned that what they can touch, smell, see, and hear is less than one-millionth of reality.” — R. Buckminster Fuller
  4. FREE ONLINE EVENT 10-12 July! Discover Ancient Shamanic Practices freom Diverse Traditions to Apply to Your Daily Life & Our World!
  5. @John Iverson Watch the movie "The missing". It clearly portrays the stage purple, red and blue.
  6. "Consciousness sleeps in minerals, dreams in plants, wakes up in animals, and becomes self-aware in humans." ~ Rumi Study the 5 kingdoms.
  7. I will write about how everything above connects together in more detail in the future, thanks for reminding me. Until then, one needs to study all of the topics mentioned above, to see how patterns connect together.
  8. @Martin123 I have experienced all of the symptoms mentioned above. @Quanty I didn't open the kundalini. I had periods of time (weeks) when it was fully open but I was not able to maintain that state for more than 2-3 weeks. I have stagnant energy in my body that was there for more than a decade and I have a hard time purging it out, I need to stabilize the sexual energy. I have a plan to focus more on that in the summer. When It was on, I was immersed in a HOT aura, the energy in the body was very stable, nothing from the outside had the possibility to trigger a reaction in my body, very light body like you're flying, no limit state - could focus on whatever for however long I wanted from the second I woke up to the end of the day - 100% discipline, very consistent with habits, productive... When I was in that state I felt like a god, pure bliss, not only piece of mind. There is nothing that I want more than that hot aura but what I'm coming back to everytime is that it's necessary to immerse myself in an environment that allows the completion of the process because there cannot be interruptions and the logistics of my environment are bad. Probably it can be done without switching the environment but it's much harder and every mistake can cost time, I have tried for 4 years to maintain that hot aura without switching my environment .. so I think the logistics play a role.
  9. @How to be wise I don't know how to channel higher beings. We all do channeling from time to time unconsciously. You need to learn how to read energy and recognize different energies. They are consciousness just as you are, but they are a less physicalized consciousness, with a low density through which data can pass easier, so then they can data stream knowledge that is not found anywhere else in books. You need to match your brain frequency to the frequency that they are emitting and then you channel. @Violina You can use the following mantras: When I become conscious of wandering in the past or future thoughts, I Will redirect my focus on the present moment by taking a deep breath. When I notice emotional friction coming to the surface, I Will redirect my focus on the present moment by taking a deep breath. @Truth Yes, but only mushrooms. I have taken mushrooms around 4 times 5 years ago, the dosage was 1-2g, the strongest one was 3g. Then again 6 months ago I have taken 2g.
  10. Persistence. It must be the highest priority. The focus might shift from the present to the past or the future, but the persistence to REfocus on the present moment every time one becomes conscious of wandering elsewhere must be acted upon every single time so that higher consciousness can be embodied. The present moment must be the only option. Awareness of the most obvious things like sounds, light, feelings in the body and breath. Awareness of the breath being the most important, but not limited to it. @Outer I have blocked until 10 July on my computer, it was becoming a distraction. I have used this forum to develop more confidence in my english writing so that I can start writing and maybe speaking via video on my blog, the purpose was fullfilled, I will start it in the summer after I finish school. I am using a different PC this time only to respond to the messages I received (got an email). @Truth @Joseph Maynor I am studying for school and was becoming a distraction. I am spending a lot of time in nature. Like moving rocks and trunks 100m up a steep hill, doing wild trails and cleaning the forest. I was also coming up with a lot of stuff for my enlightenment guide #3, but there's soo much that it would be better to write a huge book. Maybe both, will see.
  11. @Joseph Maynor To be held back is to allow the escaping particle to be clinging to the spaceline/timeline which does not serve us anymore. To keep resisting during the downloading process of the new blueprint of existence resulting in the maintenance of the old OS.
  12. There are many worlds and dimensions to explore, the main one is the 3D we are residing in right now with our physical bodies. When one fully explores and masters this plane of existence, then one can focus on the higher planes of existence. One cannot skip class. When you go to sleep in this dimension, you wake up in another dimension. But you don't remember, because it's not relevant for the evolution of your state of consciousness. One can consciously travel to other dimensions after the body goes to sleep. #astralProjection Going beyond the 4D projections of the mind in dreamstate and passing the threshold to the next dimension....where you can meet ascended masters, angels, ETs...this is from my perspective the ultimate goal. You can do this during your lifetime, every day.
  13. @NoSelfSelf @Jamie Universe
  14. @Psyche_92 Your tittle reminded me of this video that I found today.