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  1. Sometimes I wish that I would desire to read more books, but I don't. Maybe I just feel resistance toward it. How do I contemplate my desires and motivations? How can I desire something more than I do right now?
  2. More consciousness=more free-will. Less consciousness=less free-will. By raising the level of consciousness, you (as the field of awareness-looking) can notice more interconnections taking place. It appears as one is swimming in a larger pool of water and there are more streams that one can enter. In lower level of consciousness, you're immersed in a smaller pool, less streams are present, and consequently you have less access to reality. This access is direct, not just observational. The one who appears to observe is still a subject.
  3. Instead of looking outside at what other people think, look within and feel your feelings. You don't have to know everything. Feel your next step. How does a decision make you feel compared to other ones. Does it feel like truth? If it does, it is true for you and you can trust yourself enough then to take that step. When you establish this trust in yourself, you don't have to keep searching. You will find what is true in that moment and that will be the end.
  4. @kras The one who is willing to go the slowest has the most power at the beginning of the relationship. Go slower than her, and she will be the one who will tear your clothes off.
  5. Here is a video from a guy who saw a space craft.
  6. From what I understand, emotions are our responses to events, but response is a choice. However, when I'm in the moment, I don't feel like emotions are a choice, but more like a result. I don't feel like I am choosing emotions out of a spectrum of emotions or that I can conjure an emotion at will. So, my question is what are emotions really? Are they a choice, a result, both, or what?
  7. I found this video really interesting. At 5-10min, there is an example of an insane person. He doesn't feel a need for self-preservation.
  8. I think that Leo demonized pleasure seeking too much in the past. This can present a problem and I think @Leo Gura should address this and explain about it more in a video. I watched a lot of videos and there is an example of that in like 1/6 of the videos. If you view pleasure as wicked, this can lead to a lot of suppression. The ego eventually comes back, and then it's stronger than ever before and this can lead a guilt trip. If you work hard and then reward yourself with something pleasurable, it's good. You can feel better than before when you take a break to enjoy the pleasures of life. Pleasure seeking is a part of us and it's better accept it. When we accept it, we can avoid pleasure seeking to spiral out of control. We gain more control over our life, enjoy healthier things and get more pleasure out of them. So all parts of ourselves are satisfied.
  10. @mandyjw You gave me two awesome insights today, thank you!
  11. In retrospect I now think this guide can be dangerous if you're not developmentally mature enough. This is only for people who are ready for it, not for people who need to handle their survival first. If you want to get a better guide I have written a huge post on my blog about it. I still need to add some references to it, but if you want to get the ultimate guide on how to practice mindfulness check it out.
  12. Thank you guys!
  13. After the latest episode I have become more aware of the trap that I have fallen into after practicing meditation and mindfulness too seriously. A few years back I have written a post on how to become enlightened fast. Well now in retrospect I think it's dangerous to go too deep too fast. I was not developmentally ready for going that deep. My mind become too silent. I didn't know anymore who and what I was. I spend years reading and watching spiritual teachings to understand the depths I got myself into, because I didn't have enough knowledge. Now I think I have enough of it and I will change my priorities back to basic personal development. @Leo Gura I would appreciate it, if you elaborated more on the point you mentioned in your latest episode at 1:17:25 about nihilism. I have definitely fallen into that trap.
  14. So far, from what I understand is that we need self-deception in order to exist as an ego. Without self-deception we wouldn't have the joy of discovering ourselves. But, What does it really mean to be immune to self-deception? Is it about overriding all of the survival instinct? Is some level of self-deception necessary? I don't know.