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  1. BTW: I have purchased an online course from Steven Greer that teaches all contact protocols. Just a thought. Made contact with extraterrestrials more than 100 times (but prior to the purchase). Making contact with my CSETI-5 team, that is a dream that I intend to materialize in this lifetime. The Truth is here but are you willing to the the research to find out more?
  2. @Ether Don't ask yourself what you have gained with meditation. Ask yourself what you have lost from from doing a consistent meditation practice. Redefine what progress means to you.
  3. @egoless Everything vibrates. Everything has it's own frequency signature. Every element on the periodic system of elements has it's own vibration. Here is a question for you that will clear everything. Is the wall able to make it's own decisions? If not, then it's not conscious. PS: added more to the comment above.
  4. @egoless Does the wall look alive? What do you feel like, not think but feel.... I feel like it is not alive. But when I look at a being in an animal or a human form, I know that it has consciousness because it has it's own ability to respond, it has the ability to feel. Walls don't have the ability to feel.The wall has no ability to experience more or less of itself. In the future we'll be able to create technology with it's own consciousness and with that, we'll give it the ability to live a life but we're not there yet. Existence has one property and it's this: it exists. Existence can only exist. Read the following article: Now if you perceive it's existence is up to you. If your vibration matches the vibration of the room, then you experience the room. If you don't match it's frequency then you don't.
  5. @egoless It experiences itself only trough live beings. Awareness is everywhere, but consciousness is present only in a living being. The experience of life is the experience of consciousness. Just an article: (good to read all of the articles on the site)
  6. @egoless Your past and future incarnations are happening now.
  7. @Nadosa @Ether Your neo cortex is over active and is producing too much beta brain waves so I recommend you start using theta and delta brainwaves for meditation, use headphones (it doesn't work without headphones) and find some meditation videos on youtube. Here's an example of a a theta / delta brainwave meditation (you can purchase the full 30min version of the audio for 5$). This will relax you, brain waves will lower and less thinking will be present. Here is an article for you to learn more of the benefits you'll experience after using these theta/alfa brain wave meditations: Here is an alfa brain wave meditation: You can find more by simply entering in youtube: alfa brainwave meditation
  8. @The White Belt You are aware all the time (except when in deep dreamless sleep). When there is an interval of silence between thoughts, in these moments of silence, you are conscious of the now moment. Thoughts are a story, a story can happen only in time, awareness is also aware of time. So during waking hours, you are always aware but just a little bit conscious. Consciousness is always in the present moment. Thoughts have no power over awareness, because thoughts are inside awareness. What your doing here is You are creating another thought stream to judge the first one with. Thoughts are symbolic pointers to the non-symbolic awareness.
  9. @Leo Gura @Shin I had a big epiphany and a major realization after reading your comments. Thank you again. I will go into depth about it in the following days. No energy to finish the post now but I added a little bit more of the notes from the video on no free will and changed the tittle so it causes less confusion.
  10. @blazed @Spacious I love you guys. How does believing that thoughts have no power help you? I'd rather believe that my thoughts have physical power over my reality than not. I support my reality by the beliefs I have. If the beliefs are not supporting me in any way, shape or form, than I know those beliefs are based on separation and definitions of limitation. I prefer seeing in way that empowers me, believing that thoughts have no power, does not empower me in any way, shape or form. I always test the beliefs I adopt are aligned with reality. My personal experience confirmed that thoughts indeed have power over the water. If I program the water with 432Hz, program it with positive words and intentions, than I clearly sense a difference after drinking the water. But of course not everybody will sense this, because most people are not sensitive enough. I am hyper sensitive and so it's easy for me to see the difference. Do you think that it will be announced on TV that thoughts have physical power? That's ridiculous. If everybody knew that their thoughts have power over their reality then things would not be the way they are now, because everybody would recognize that they are the creators of their reality. But for now, the mainstream uses techniques of manipulation so this information does not spread. Society wants you to remain a victim. Enjoy your self-fulfilling prophecy. Here's some content for you two to check out. @Ilya @Dragallur
  11. @blazed @blazedI see the way I want to see. Believing is seeing not the other way around. You will ALWAYS find proof for what you believe. So the question is, how do you want to see?
  12. @Leo Gura I have 28 pages of bookmarks. These are the ones I made mostly to read later, but not all of them. A good thing I did was to copy quotes from the posts in the forum directly into my evernote, I have more then 50000 words of notes already but would like to copy the bookmarked ones also. So from what I understand I just need to copy and paste the content of the bookmarked comment into a document?
  13. @Blissout Awareness of as much content as possible that was happening inside the here/now, not just breath, also all of the sensations of the body, all of the sounds in the environment without labeling, light that is always present now and "killing" all thoughts. Breathing being the most important but not limited to it. So I would say awareness being number 1. I would say I was becoming more and more aware of consciousness that is residing in the here/now. So I was becoming more and more aware of my True Self. But after a while, you are so aware of the now that consciousness has to switch on because you are not aware of the ego anymore, and then your True Self starts to operate in this reality. Awareness is always there, you have to just focus it into the present moment, for consciousness to awaken and the ego to go to sleep. I feel like Knowing the difference is also the difference between being enlightened and being able to complete the embodiment process. I mean verbal symbolic language but also no images. But of course I am able to manifest them if I want to. Yes I am sure that the I dissolved. It is radically different. Thank you for the question. @Gabriel Antonio No.