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  1. Pop Star Demi Lovato Films UFO, Claims to Have Contact with Aliens This is what I think the future looks like. Influencers having and sharing their ET contact experiences. Demi Lovato has 93million followers on instagram.
  2. The 4 hour documentary by Steven Greer was deleted (no surprise). Probably it's still available somewhere, but I can't find it on youtube anymore. After searching I found it on Amazon prime, but it's less than 2 hours now... interesting...é-Worlds-Greatest-Secret/dp/B06ZYGGG2N
  3. @Avi Khomutovsky I didn't label stuff in my experience. I was just trying to be mindful as much as possible. So, aware of my breath, feelings in the body, sounds in the environment, colors, things... I was mostly trying to be aware of the sounds and things that I saw. Just notice as much as possible of what is happening and when you notice that you're getting entangled in mind chatter, redirect your attention back to what is happening (the sounds and colors in this moment, you can add breath and feelings in the body later).... that's the techique. It sounds simple, but you must do this with intensity, in every moment. Don't try to be calm, the goal is to be mindful. @Demeter I did this practice everywhere. Even in school. During school days I was overwhelmed (mostly because of the environment), but then after a few months, things got better. It probably took me 30% more time to finish school work and projects.
  4. @FlowerNote
  5. Actualized Blueprint - 100+ of the most powerful personal development concepts of all time. Actualized-org-blueprint.pdf
  6. Self Control - How To Develop Self-Control To Create An Amazing Life By mastering yourself, you’re creating more self-control. Self-control is being able to: discipline yourself direct your own life. Self-control leads to: stronger relationships, a better love life better health ridiculous levels of success with your finances powerful contribution and impact on the world through the work you do. Self-control leads to feeling: excited, positive, proud, joyful, peaceful Lack of self-control leads to: depression negative thinking worry pessimism anger frustration overwhelm your life’s work is to develop self-control, to develop self-mastery Start looking for solutions in the inner world. we live simultaneously in two worlds the outer world of circumstances ( the computer that you’re looking at, the chair you’re sitting in,how much money you have in your bank account, the relationship you’re in or you’re not in, the country you reside in, the city you’re in) the inner world of psychology (feelings, thoughts) what’s going on in here is ultimately what you care about. Whatever you’re chasing out there, you only care about it because of what it does to you in here. Think about it. That million dollars you want to earn? Yes, you want to have a million dollars, but in the end, you want to have a million dollars because it does something for you in here. It literally sends out some chemical in here that’s making you feel good, which is why you’re pursuing it. The same thing with your relationship. The problem is we tend to think all the solutions and all the challenges in life are out there. the biggest trap you can get caught in is to become a victim to the outer world and not pay enough attention to your inner world. Victim mindset: being so focused on the outer world that the outer world mesmerizes me reacting to the outer world, I am not creating what I want too concerned about the outer world and with what’s going on in the outer world paralyzed by outer circumstances "It’s the boss. My boss is not as good as he should be. It’s my spouse, my spouse is doing crazy things, behaving in irrational ways. It’s the guy at work who is not doing the job that he’s supposed to be doing." Creator mindset: belief in myself. self-esteem. resourcefulness. drive. vision, goals. self-control, discipline, emotional mastery Creator = empowered Victim = disempowered (actually you are so powerful that you can create the illusion that you don't have power) Most people are stuck in the victim mindset. Most people are too concerned about the outer world. Let’s tie this back to self-control. To be able to influence the outer world, you need to have your psychology mastered. When you master your own psychology, it becomes easier to influence the world, otherwise the world is always influencing you. why developing self-control and discipline is really hard emotional labour involved. There is struggle involved with building self-control. How to develop it? through work. You have to develop emotional intelligence, start thinking, introspecting, start watching yourself, start building up consciousness. imagine your brain as being a thermostat. A thermostat is a self-regulating system. When it gets too hot, the air conditioning kicks in and brings the temperature down. When it gets too cold, the heater kicks in and brings the temperature up, to maintain this equilibrium. you have opposing forces. One is saying it’s too cold, the other is saying it’s too hot, how is it going to pan out? There has to be a war. There has to be a clash going on inside.A Battle Of Wills. Some of them sometimes win out, other times others win out., you have clashing neural networks. They’re vying for control. build up your prefrontal cortex, right here, which is able to control, for example, the different impulses that you have. It controls whether you’re going to splurge on that donut you know you shouldn’t be splurging on. It controls whether you’re going to keep up with your gym routine. It controls whether you’re going to explode at your spouse in a fit of rage when they do something that bothers you, or that you didn’t want them to do. Ultimately, what personal development is, it actually takes place on a physical level, where you have these neural connections being built. You start to notice that you get more awareness and more ability to control your feelings, more ability to control your emotions, more ability to control your behaviour, more ability to persist in spite of the fear, to have courage, more ability to learn, more ability to introspect, to be very honest with yourself. What are some things you can do to build self-control? disciplined practice. get up at a certain time when you want to be getting up. if you have intentions to meditate, do that. If you have intentions to journal, do that. If you have intentions of eating healthy, do that. If you have intentions of going to the gym, do that. Be very disciplined and consistent about it. 2. unhook from media and stimulation. stop television, radio, gossip from your friends, advertising, negative influences from your family, from friends, browsing internet all day, chatting with friends, ice cream, chocolate.... Get back to your source. Spend some time by yourself in solitude. Think about things. Be introspective. Raise your level of consciousness.
  7. Profound Quotes #003 - "Children Want Candy; The Intelligent Want Self-Control" - Rumi ‘The intelligent want self-control; children want candy.’ ~ Rumi The reason that people are not getting what they want in life is because they are behaving like children and they are after stimulation, excitement and pleasure, whereas what is truly important to be after is self-control. This can manifest in all sorts of ways. It can manifest in very, very unhealthy dysfunctional ways or it can manifest in more healthy ways, but either way it’s still the search for candy, for stimulation. Example of a Spectrum of stimulation and pleasure: heroin cocaine marijuana alcohol partying video games television sex food relationships gym trying to get a good job So you’ve got this spectrum of activities that you’re doing from the very beginning here with the heroin addict, which is a completely dysfunctional, basically completely shit life. It’s basically leading towards an early death Then you’re kind of moving your way up, slightly better, slightly better, slightly better forms of stimulus seeking until you get to this end which is maybe pursuing a really nice career which on the surface it’s very hard to fault someone for doing that, but in the end all of this stuff what you’re doing is you’re looking for a hit. You’re Simply After Candy "So you get caught into that trap, but in the end what is the difference between someone who is seeking a marriage as an outlet for happiness and fulfillment versus someone who is seeking heroin for that same reason? In the end there’s not much fundamental difference. It’s still the same thing. What you’re looking for is you’re looking for something outside yourself to make you happy." The wise want self-control. The wise want self-mastery There is no chance for me to be happy if I: don’t control myself and my impulses my emotions and thoughts don't understand myself on a very deep level not just intellectually but also practically Where you ultimately want to be is you want to be in a place of happiness, just quiet, sober contentment with your life. Undisturbed, unreacted, unfrantic. Just very calm, very peaceful with what is. You want to have tranquility and serenity. You want to be okay with how the world is.
  8. Bad Relationships - How To Break Your Cycle Of Painful Relationships dysfunctional intimate relationships, whether it’s a marriage, or long term girlfriend/boyfriend situation, or even a short term girlfriend/boyfriend situation. 3 Levels, from the lowest to the highest Codependency: This is where you are at if you have problems with your relationship, and you keep getting bad relationships Dependent on each other. You guys can’t be independently happy, but you can be happy together. (It never really lasts.) Leaning on each other for support, using each other as emotional crutches. You just need your needs desperately met. A codependent person can only stay in a relationship with another codependent person. A codependent person is never going to be able to stay in a relationship with an independent person. Independent: confident and grounded individuals they come together and have an independent relationship. They don’t synergise. It’s simply just independence, they’re sharing some stuff together, but it’s not really the synergistic relationship. Interdependent relationship: This is where two come together, and then they perform almost like a choreographed ballet, where they start moving in sync, and a synergy effect happens, and really, something awesome flourishes that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Interdependence is really just independence of two people, then deciding to do a really nice choreography together. You can move out of codependency and into independency. Once you’re independent, then you can start to have nice relationships. Look Inside You are choosing to be in this relationship there are deep personality flaws within both individuals in this relationship. There individuals are not willing to address these flaws. The problem is in you. The pattern of bad relationships is going to keep repeating until your psyche has a gap/ void in it. You need to fill that void with something, and that other person is doing it for you. That’s why you’re hooked. You’re addicted to that other person, so you keep coming back even though you know this relationship is not healthy. Once you get honest with yourself, once you really get fed up with this recurring pattern of bad relationships then you’re going to tell yourself “OK, what can I really do to take responsibility?” Once you’re at that point, then you have to ask yourself “OK, what is the real void I’m trying to fill? Why am I so needy?" That usually comes down to one of these five things. money sex love companionship support, emotional support or other forms of support One of these things is going to be the cause of your neediness and your codependency. When you’re independent, you don’t really need love. You want it, but if you don’t get it it’s OK. Step 1: Identify one of these gaps — let’s say that your gap is love Step 2: then you have to look back and see where does this gap come from. (past, from your childhood or early adulthood.) probably what happened was that you weren’t getting enough love. Maybe your parents got divorced when you were young.Maybe some sort of traumatic situation happened, or you have some self-esteem issues, or insecurities. You feel that you’re deficient in some way. You need something to come in and fill the void. What’s you’ve been doing your whole life, especially in your dating life and your intimate relationships, is that you’ve been looking for the person who’s going to fill that void. What you were really looking for is an external solution to an internal problem.The problem is that when you find an external solution to an internal problem, then you’re even more dependent on it. The nice thing about doing that trace is that it gets you more awareness, more consciousness, so that you’re not acting as unconsciously in the future, in your relationship You are the cause of your own relationship problems, not the other person. You have to bite this bullet and admit it. The gap is not going to go away just because you change relationships. a happy, successful relationship that has a chance of continuing on the long run is a relationships that has a ratio of five to one of positive to negative interactions.That means for every five good things that happen in a relationship, one bad thing happens. How many negative looks they give each other? How many positive looks? How many loving looks? How much positive conversation is going on versus negative? How many fights are there relative to all the good stuff that’s supposed to be happening in a relationship? if you’re in a codependent relationship, then you’ve got to break it off. When you break it off, you have to break it off cold. (you’ve got to endure a little bit of pain to grow yourself and move on to the next stage. ) Make sure you don’t come back to that person. Then, when you’re off on your own, you’re going to have time to reflect, to ruminate, to really introspect, to do this tracing back activity, to find out what are the real codependency problems within you that are causing this pattern.
  9. @RaSH If you have questions, you can ask me here or send me a private message.
  10. Here is a list of all the youtube videos. [x] - summary is done [] - summary is not done or missing The first 200 videos have transcripts in the video section of, but we still miss almost all of the summaries from the first 200 videos. If you want to contribute to this thread, select one of the videos that still need a summary and post it here. [x]How to Invest In Yourself []Why Life Coaching Works [x]Be Different to Be Successful []Get Coached [x]Inner Game of Career Development [x]The Most Interesting Problem in Philosophy and Science []How I Lost 65 Pounds in 5 Months [x]Understanding Resistance []Mastery [x]Work Less to Accomplish More [x]What's the Worst That Can Happen? 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  11. What Is The Point Of Life? An Advanced, Life-Changing Explanation Pasted from youtube user: Thomas Vanhuysse Short answer: Creation! The problem of rationally trying to answer the question: "What is the point of life?" Leo starts out by denying an objection that people from the materialist paradigm might come up with: "Reality is just arbitrary." It is just this physical, rigid system. Life is not dumb, it is not accidental, it is not coincidental, it is not arbitrary. Life is intelligent and designed. You need to step out of your ego mind and rational mind to appreciate the brilliance of reality and the design behind it. What is the point of the Universe? (macro-level) The Universe is an infinite singularity: An infinite amount of dimensions, an infinite field of consciousness. It is completely self-aware and alive. It is all-loving and creative. It is God. The Universe subdivided itself into an infinite number of parts because there is ultimately no distinction between a division and a unity, it is all one. All possible subdivisions are already contained within the Universe and always have been. There is only one ultimate Reality, containing within it an infinite amount of sub-realities. It is radically all-encompassing, if you will. The only one thing the Universe can do, for all of eternity, is explore itself. Remember that the Universe is not dumb, it is vibrantly alive! It can desire! It desires constantly to know itself. It does this through your human life and an infinite number of other experiences. The only way in which the Universe can know or be itself, which are ultimately the same, is by living through every single infinite amount of possibilities. All there are within the Universe is an infinite number of perspectives. The point of the universe is to live through every single one of them in order to know and to be itself. - The point of the Universe is itself. - The point of the Universe is for God to simply be Itself. - The point of the Universe is to experience all the parts and teh whole of Itself. - The point of the Universe is for God to experience itself being a creator. - The point of the Universe is God realization. For God to awaken to Itself. - The point of the Universe is for God to create Itself and to love Itself. - The point of the Universe is unity through division. What is the point of your human life? (micro-level) - The point of your human life is to realize that you are God. - The point of your human life is to realize that you created all of this, but that you forgot. - The point of your human life is to realize your own magnitude. - The point of your human life is to Love yourself. - The point of your human life is to become God-like. - The point of your human life is to be a consciouss creator. - The point of your human life is to conquer fear through unconditional Love. - The point of your human life is to embody Love and Goodness. - The point of your human life is to inspire others through your example. - The point of your human life is to experience the duality. - The point of your human life is to experience every moment fully. - The point of your human life is to help others to awaken. - The point of your human life is to evolve your consciousness. - The point of your human life is to align your will with the will of God. - The point of your human life is to create the most beautiful creation possible. - The point of your human life is to choose and define who you want to be. "Consciousness has devided itself and it seeks to reunify with itself. This cycle goes on forever. You have an infinite number of lives, and you cannot die." […] "You have nothing to lose in this process. There is no possibility of failure." OBJECTIONS: "Life is meaningless!" Life is meaningless, but that is not to be confused with nihilism, depression, lack of inspiration and motivation, negativity… Being is prior to meaning and it is much more profound. The point of anything is itself. Human life has a deliberate design. It's part of a greater whole of which you might say it does have a function, a meaning. "I thought that nothing mattered?" Nothing matters, yet God must still be God. It must still experience itself. That is what it means for God to be God. Ultimately, Creation does not matter. That's why God creates. It creates for the joy and delight of Creation. "Isn't this religious dogma?" No. Verify the Truth for yourself. "How could you possibly know all this?" Through mystical experiences, contemplation, deep study and research of spiritual scriptures and books. Through intuition and direct consciousness of God. All the answers about life you come up with are ultimately your own imagination. But everything within Creation is imagination! "What if you're deluded?" What is the alternative…? Any alternative you give is also just a point of seeing the world. So do the spiritual practices and see for yourself if you are God. "isn't this contradictory to life-purpose?" No. Life-purpose is a practical human realization about what you are passionate about as an indivdual. "Can I fail at life?" No. Death is an illusion. You are immortal. All roads ultimately lead to Nirvana. Don't rush to enlightenment for the sole purpose of trying to avoid failure. As explained earlier: there is no failing this game. "I just want to escape this life and suffering. Why don't I just kill myself?" If you do, you'll escape to Nirvana. Eventually, however, you'll want to polarize yourself again and reincarnate. Where you are right now is the perfect place where you need to be. When you die, you will be here. "Isn't this an ego driven explanation of the point of life? No. It's an explanation of the design or architecture of life. "Doesn't enlightenment mean there is nothing to do? You make it seem as though there is stuff to do." If you want, you can do nothing. Enlightenment doesn't say anything about what you should or should not do in your life. It is simply the realization that you are ther Creator. Then, you can choose what you can create. There are no "Should's" within the Universe unless you create them yourself! "This explanation of the point of life isn't in line with what I heard or believe." Spirituality is a broad concept and certain people will use certain words to explain certain things. It is a complex phenomenon. "Isn't reality perfect? So then why does it need improvement?" This is a simplistic notion of non-duality. From the absolute perspective, this is true, yet practically you can consciously choose to improve your creations.!
  12. these topics explored more deeply and part 2 of understanding emotions.
  13. Emotional Intelligence The 1# factor of successful people is high EQ (Emotional Quotient) and not IQ (Intelligent Quotient). Wrong Assumption: People who are smart and who have high IQ are able to get stuff done. That's usually not the case because they get stuck in their head and lose touch with emotions. Emotions are what really creates success in life. Emotional intelligence is your ability to work with emotions. What EQ is not: sociability being a confident extrovert Definition of emotional intelligence: "the ability to recognize and understand your emotions, in yourself and in others, and your ability to use this awareness to manage your behaviour and your relationship”. 4 Pillars of emotional intelligence: ability to understand your own emotions, being able to label your emotions ability to control your emotions ability to read emotions in other people (empathy) ability to manage your relationships Notes on Pillars: Pillar: having more awareness there (being self-aware and conscious)....a broader range of emotions Pillar: to be able to discipline yourself, control yourself, so you’re not having those crashes and ecstatic peaks, but you’re somewhere in the middle. To manage emotions to channel into your work, or the habits you’re trying to instill in your life, like your diet or your gym Pillar: It’s your ability to understand what other people are experiencing and feeling, being able to relate to that, your understanding of their point of view. It’s really the ability to step into somebody else’s shoes and look at life or a situation from their perspective. Pillar: How smooth are your relationships going for you? How well are you communicating and interacting within them? Effects of EQ: anger management. - being able to manage your anger well accountability. Responsibility, ownership and not blaming others. Self-honesty and honesty with others. assertiveness and confidence: - Good and effective communication stress tolerance: Minimizing stress, anxiousness, negative thoughts, judgement and guilt decision making: Being a strong decision maker and not waffling all the time, making a decision and then going back, and going forward, and going back, and going forward... Or not being able to decide between two things for a long time, flexibility: Being able to flow with life and handle the challenges and situations that are coming up. Or are you very rigid and set in your ways, and everything is bumping into you and causing all sorts of pain and suffering? That’s a sign of low EQ. presentation skills: How well are you able to give a presentation, to speak, to convince people, to motivate and inspire people? listening skills: How good of a listener are you? Are you able to really listen to what people are telling you? Are you able to understand it, to really empathize with it? Are you able to then show them, reflect back to them that you did understand? Do people think you’re a good listener? Or do people think you’re a poor listener? If you’re a poor listener, that’s tied to low EQ. If you always have negative emotions, you have low EQ. (You’re not recognizing them in yourself, first and foremost, but then you also don’t have tools and strategies for how to manage them.) more so than IQ, EQ is highly developable (meditate to reduce stress and journal to understand them better...) Homework: Find out if you have low or high EQ through surveys (online or in books)