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  1. A hillarious picture I made in paint after getting an insight from Leo's videos.
  2. Holism & Holistic thinking part 1 The two formulas: holism = wholeness = health = healing = unity = oneness = the infinite = harmony and balance = goodness = love = God = selflessness = wisdom = beauty = holy = heaven = bliss a lack of holism = division = fragmentation = partiality = brokenness = a lack of harmony and balance = limitation = the finite = selfishness = the ugly = evil = hell = suffering
  3. 116. Cause & Purpose - What Are You Willing To Die For? In the ancient times a solider was willing to go to battle and fight for something he believed in. What kind of mindset does it take to willing step onto a battlefield of thousands of brutal men and risk your life? Obviously he is scared, so what kind of drive must he have? He has a cause, he has a mission he’s willing to bleed for. Consider the movie, 300 The soldiers in 300 are fighting for their ideals beyond all odds. What are you fighting for? In the ancient times, life was a matter of life and death. What would a human being need to have to survive in that kind of environment, psychologically speaking? Purpose. That person would need something larger than himself to cope with all that chaos. That’s why religions took off like a wildfire in those times. Religion offered hope, a transcendent cause. You need to tap into those things that are important enough that you are willing to bleed and even die to make them manifest Here are some suggestions for what you should start practically valuing right now: Beauty: go create something beautiful Truth: go work your ass off to discover what is really true Love: live your life with compassion and giving to others Justice: go create a more justice society Creativity: go add something profound to our culture Abraham Maslow talks about all these values and more in his brilliant book, Towards a Psychology of Being. You have to start living for something greater than sex, entertainment, stimulation, money, security, comfort, or peace of mind. The only way you’re going to radically change the trajectory of your life is by committing to something big. What it means for something be to be meaningful is that you are willing to bleed for it. Stop making useless shit the center of your life. Useless shit is okay, but make it the garnish of life, not the main dish. The main dish in life is your purpose. Purpose is larger than you, your family, or your friends. Purpose is about humanity. You purpose will be whatever you find advances humanity in the most meaningful way. find something that you’re willing to put the work into. Your ultimate joy in life can only come from the work you put into serving others. You have to put yourself on the hero’s journey. Are you on a hero’s journey now? No! You’re just sitting on your lazy ass, working a boring 9-5 job. It’s very easy to tell. Just ask yourself, “Is my job really advancing humanity in a meaningful way?” What did you bleed for this week? What is your cause? What are you willing to bleed for starting today? Bottom Line: Pick a single higher value that your life will be about. Make sure it’s so meaningful that you are willing to bleed for it.
  4. If you want to go deeper check Steven Greer CE5 contact protocols. He had an online course named the Galactic Ambassador with 16 hours of video content, not sure if it's still available online. But you can definitelly find this information, with a google search I found that he is doing a live seminar Sept 18.
  5. @samedm9 Hundreds of times. I have written on how to contact ETs on this topic. Check it out.
  6. Steven Greer has literally 1000s of UFO recordings and is teaching a course on how to contact them, so they materialize in the sky. The course is called something like The Galactic Ambassador. I have done it and its easy. A few weeks ago I have seen a UFO that was the size of a football stadium.
  7. 110. Optimism - How To Become Optimisitic Right Now Definition: a hopeful outlook on the future. If you think your future is going to be better than today, then you’re going to be optimistic Difference between optimism and pessimism is explanatory style. It’s the way you explain and the way you attach meaning to the things that are happening to you in your life.An optimistic person will get the same bad situation, he’ll get that same flat tire on the way to work, but he’ll assign a different explanation, a different meaning to it than a pessimistic person would. 3 explanatory styles: Permanence: How permanent is the problem?Will the problem last forever? Pessimism - Permanent problem. Optimism - Impermanent problem. Pervasiveness: “Will this undermine everything?” How pervasive is the problem? How much does it affect every category of your life? Optimism- other areas of life are unaffected. Pessimism - other areas are affected. Personalization: optimism - he takes credit for the good stuff and doesn't take personally the bad stuff. Pessimism - he takes bad stuff personally, he blames himself. He doesn't take credit for the good stuff. There are tests out there that will assess you on the different levels of your explanatory style. Then you can actually do something to improve it. Why is optimism important? People who are more optimistic are more successful. They look forward to the future. You're more persisent. It gives you an extra push. You're able to stick with the process and bust through many more obstacles than a pessimistic person would. Sometimes that’s all it takes, just a little bit extra push, one extra obstacle you get through and then you get a new resurgence, like a second wind of motivation, and then that carries you throug You're willing to try and do it all and still remain hopeful, happy, cheerful and confident. Optimism is something you can learn. The optimistic person will get ten rejections and say “I got ten rejections, but this eleventh one, this eleventh call might be the one.” How optimistic are you about your future? What do you think about your future right now? Are you hopeful for the next month? Are you excited about all the stuff that’s going to happen to you in the next six months? How about in the next year? How about in the next decade? Are you excited about the next decade of your life? Exercise: write out and list 30 things that you’re most excited about achieving in the next year. (day, week, month, decade) - repeat this exercise when necessary. Book - Mark Seligman - Learned Optimism
  8. Mindfulness is about noticing and acknowledging the present moment while introspection is about discerning truth from falsehood. There is an overlap, both are about observation but clearly introspection is not mindfulness. The difference is in the depth of observation, introspection is looking deeper into yourself. In introspection content matters. In mindfulness content is irrelevant. Curious, What do you think is the difference and similarity? And why do we need both?
  9. Most people think of introspection as an analytical activity. Like it's about pondering the past. Evaluating thoughts, feelings and environment. Looking into yourself and seeing the what caused something and how things are interconnected. Leo said that introspection is the solution to the problem of self-deception. But from what I understand connecting a behavior to its causes or consequences doesn't necessarily solve the problem while being mindful of the present moment does. Curious what you guys think.
  10. Pop Star Demi Lovato Films UFO, Claims to Have Contact with Aliens This is what I think the future looks like. Influencers having and sharing their ET contact experiences. Demi Lovato has 93million followers on instagram.
  11. The 4 hour documentary by Steven Greer was deleted (no surprise). Probably it's still available somewhere, but I can't find it on youtube anymore. After searching I found it on Amazon prime, but it's less than 2 hours now... interesting...é-Worlds-Greatest-Secret/dp/B06ZYGGG2N
  12. @Avi Khomutovsky I didn't label stuff in my experience. I was just trying to be mindful as much as possible. So, aware of my breath, feelings in the body, sounds in the environment, colors, things... I was mostly trying to be aware of the sounds and things that I saw. Just notice as much as possible of what is happening and when you notice that you're getting entangled in mind chatter, redirect your attention back to what is happening (the sounds and colors in this moment, you can add breath and feelings in the body later).... that's the techique. It sounds simple, but you must do this with intensity, in every moment. Don't try to be calm, the goal is to be mindful. @Demeter I did this practice everywhere. Even in school. During school days I was overwhelmed (mostly because of the environment), but then after a few months, things got better. It probably took me 30% more time to finish school work and projects.