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  1. Find hundreds of funny memes on this facebook page.
  2. Spiral dynamics stage teal and beyond
  3. @zambize Thanks for the questions.... I don't understand everything RA is talking about but I will give you my perspective based on what comes through my system now. To anchor a memory is to bring a vision from the higher mental plane into physical form for you to perceive it. Unanchored memory is located in the ether, it's not materialized. The body is the receiver, the non-physical aspect of you is the sender. When the body becomes attuned like a radio to the frequency of the vision from the higher mental plane - the vision of who you are, then the process of memory integration begins, but first one needs to get a glimpse of that.... it's like the lower self aspect is below the mountain and the higher self is on the mountain, higher self has a higher point of view, consciousness is shifting between the two, the lower represents memory - mind (thoughts, mental stories, beliefs, mental projections from the subconscious mind...) the higher represents knowing - being (deep feeling, heart...). Memories start to anchor themselves into the body automatically after a level of deep inner knowing is established. First the accumulated lower self memory is lost, that's when one becomes enlightened and starts to abide in the no self "state", (stages 7-8 in the OX herding pictures), then the original devine memory is returned (stages 9-10). Higher realms are realms beyond the subconscious projections of accumulated stories of the mind. One cannot access those if kundalini is not activated and mind fully silenced. Higher realms are accessed with astral projection, but it's also possible to access them using psychadelics. 3D physical body. Low density of consciousness. Everything is consciousness but conscioussness has different degrees of density. With higher density the systems are becoming more complex, more intelligent, with more access to intelligence, with higher capacity for integrating intelligence and projecting intelligence. Read this pdf to learn about the 5 kingdoms of consciousness and learn mroe about density. Superconsciuous = fully knowing without needing a thought, fully connected to intuition (receiving complete packages of information), low density -> faster connection to source. Conscious= needs to go through a process of assembling information (rational thinking process) to create a complete package. higher density -> slow connection to source. Superconscious is fully knowing, needs no thought but just a peacefull state and an intent of what is relevant to anchor in that space/time moment, effortless devine creation, selfless creation. Also check this, RA mentioned this material in one of his videos: Fully knowing of who you are, fully knowing what the next step is, higher discernment abilities, balanced emotionally and mentally, trusting the heart, balanced left and right brain hemisfered and synchronized brain and heart, body at ease without tension, a lot of joy without needing a reason, feeling reality deeply, ability to cross the dimensional threeshold and meet ascended masters, angels, advanced peacefull ETs with astral projection. Thinking all the time, Trusting the mind. Trusting thought stories and beliefs. Ignorant of oneself. Ignorant of the mission. Stuck in the mind and not feeling the body. Not knowing from where one comes from. Unbalanced. Not knowing when to pause, just going through the motions. Ignoring intuition. Not feeling other beings. No access to higher dimensions and no interdimensional contact awareness. Unconscious, incompetent, no ability to self-reflect and analyze mental projections and no ability release nonessential memories.... desire is something that has different degrees... the lower self needs reasons, the higher the consciousness, less mental chatter is needed and orientation shifts to deep inner knowing or feeling. For the ego it means deep inner fullfillment and amazing feelings in the body that are based on a peacefull harmonized state. I don't know. 360 degree love is that you love every aspect of yourself and others, nothing can trigger a negative state in you if you intend and allow it to be so. Fully accepting of reality and how it is, being at peace with it and loving it. Denying absolutely nothing, sending love to everything without violating your personal space and getting out of your flow. Anything that enhances the connection between spirit and body. Anything that speeds up the integration of higher consciousness into the body. To be a vortex that is balanced and harmonic, a good song that flows with rithm is produced....When there is light one can see things as they truly are and not as they appear to be. When one is being a light anchorite then the light from the devine imagination (I - magi - nation), flows and manifests directly in the body and in the visual field around you.... conductivity is enhanced because mental chatter is gone, when one is being a light anchorite (ox herding picture stage 7-8), effortless doing happens, a doing without a doer. No mental sounds and fully present in the moment. @Amun He is speaking to starseeds... these are advanced souls that know from what star system they are coming from... I was guided to find out his channel shortly after my awakening, like a miracle... it's all about resonance, those who resonate at a certain freqeuncy can find the information from RA effortlessly.
  4. To stages below turquise that's nonsense
  5. Looks like the forum resizes the original picture... to see the full picture click on the link below: Click here
  6. Mostly green, but there are probably also some yellow and turquise sources, didn't check them all. Here's a turquise magazine:
  7. This is so Illuminating and so deep, it gives me goosebumps. I love this high level understanding, it always brings me back into my original devine creator role.
  8. @How to be wise Type in google/youtube: how to learn channeling (or something like that) Then look at the search results and begin your research. If you have a facebook account, then I would recommend you to ask this question in the bashar group which I mentioned a few posts above. If you want to find the answer, you will find it.
  9. @How to be wise I don't know everything. Do your own research. Google and youtube is your best friend.