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  1. @How to be wise Type in google/youtube: how to learn channeling (or something like that) Then look at the search results and begin your research. If you have a facebook account, then I would recommend you to ask this question in the bashar group which I mentioned a few posts above. If you want to find the answer, you will find it.
  2. @How to be wise I don't know everything. Do your own research. Google and youtube is your best friend.
  3. @How to be wise Yes. You can also channel your future self. Not just humans but also other ETs from the future. From what I have studied Bashar is 700 years in our future, so around 2700. He does exist now, we just can't perceive these civilizations because they are on a different light spectrum, his spaceship is located somewhere near Sedona Arizona right now. BTW: I have heard that scientist discovered that there are stars that are located on a different light spectrums that appear invisible to the naked eye, there are also cameras that can sense stuff moving, but we cannot see it with the naked eye.
  4. @Buke Google -> the core teachings of bashar | (or something like that) and then I found that site that also has other summaries of the channeled materials. You can find a A LOT of quotes and discussions about Bashars material on a public facebook group that is called: Bashar- Channelled by Darryl Anka. It has 20.000 members.
  5. @Buke Not all of them, the first one and the last one is, as far as I can remember. The other ones are from people who studied Bashars material on parallel realities so basicly all of them are coming from what Bashar was talking about. You can find a A LOT of quotes and discussions about Bashars material on a public facebook group that is called: Bashar- Channelled by Darryl Anka. It has 20.000 members. @Richard Alpert That is only your opinion. How many channeled materials have you bothered to study? I bet not many. Spiral dynamics stages beyond torquoise will be triggered by this stuff, Leo talked about this in his spiral dynamics video series.
  6. A complex system is simple. A simple system is complex.
  7. "create a deeper emotion so what is learned is not superficial." ~Arcturus Ra
  8. @kieranperez Be carefull to not fall into the observer ego trap. You are doing great and for now you don't have to worry about this trap, its not relevant for your integration process right now but you'll have to resolve it one day...
  9. @Robby Thanks for sharing! It would be better if you posted them in this thread though.
  10. @Mikael89 I have explained a simple technique on how to make contact with benevolent ETs it in this post. I made contact with ETs more than 100 times.
  11. Sharing insights. Intellectual materialism - excessively grasping for information, needing information, trusting a thought that one will be complete when we learn that additional piece of information that just came on the horizon Spiritual materialism - a thought that one needs a certain state to be complete... looking for that state and making justifications for why we're not complete because we're not in that state Agree or do you have a better definition?
  12. @Jack River Albert Einstein said that energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transferred from one from to another. We could say that this process is a process of transmutation. Change is a constant, it cannot be stopped. Everything is moving towards an unimaginable omega point. But what is stopping that? Ego. Resistance in the body. Lesser the resistance, lesser the bondage. I have used alchemy and light technology from Arcturus RA for transmutation purposes (which is categorized as occult in this forum), so I cannot talk about it. That's why I would like to hear @Leo Gura 's opinion about that.
  13. Lesser the bondage, higher the consciousness. More the clinging to ideas, things, perspectives, perceptions, beliefs and states diminishes... the less resistance there is in the body, the more the bondage starts to dissolve the more devine actions,ideas, attitudes, speech, intentions and effort can flow through the body... the original soul blueprint is activated.