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  1. @Nahm Yeah, I guess I already got that. From the pov of God good and bad doesn't matter, since it's all love. From the pov of someone who gets tortured in hell for seeming eternity, I'd like to have a guarantee for them to be freed from their role sooner or later. Just my own egoic preference.
  2. @MrDmitriiV Try this one. I could feel it having an effect on body relaxation and mood immediately. If there is enough awareness of your body, you can feel different effects for different chakras.
  3. @Nahm Who knows, if there aren't any poor actors that cannot forget their roles?
  4. @Leo Gura Thanks. I guess I get some of the points or pointers. Given that I would still run into this problem: If it is infinitely intelligent, then why is god convinced that the creation of suffering would be a smart move? One argument could be, because of its infinite freedom, but then again it does not seem to be free enough to stop itself from evolving into all the "bad" directions and dimensions, since it is infinite. It could still be that it's work in progress, but this would imply it's not perfect and imo not infinitely intelligent, just intelligent. Can one become conscious of infinite intelligence, eradicating all doubts, and become as firmly "convinced" as about the knowing of "I am"? Through contemplation?
  5. How does the concept of cosmic or god's intelligence fit into this? This seems to be rather random.
  6. @Nahm How much do you value intuition over logical reasoning in terms of achieving financial independence?
  7. It's not even not just a human emotion. It's above everything. Even this new age shit of fear as being in opposite to love. Fear IS love.
  8. That moment, when you meet a person without concepts ❤️
  9. @jse It's just another way to receive nothing.
  10. I thought this would be what a "spiritual" retreat is all about? Now I'm confused.
  11. Feels so good to read this. I'm tired of this bullshit like "just follow your flow" or "your inution will (completely) guide the way". Finally someone thinks it all through and is NOT bullshitting. I don't want to end up as a bum sucking dicks, just not to freeze to death.