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  1. @now is forever No cake for me.
  2. @now is forever You again....
  3. Did someone just say "steam christmas sale"?
  4. @now is forever Hm.., but I can just sign out and be save?
  5. How important is access concentration or a certain Dyhana for Kriya? I never see the "light" as it is described in the book, which is why I assume it is wiser to first work on concentration solely.
  6. @Nahm Thanks! Efficient pointer. Is this a date or something?
  7. I'm telling you Good advice, but also... nice try @RichardY Yeah thanks, now I know how mythology came into existence.
  8. I don't know. Whenever I think, IT is close or distinctions begin to collapse, things just happen: I immediately get new great insights on how to improve my life, old friends write me I haven't heard from for a long time, girls smile at me or chat me up. Sounds familiar?
  9. And a little less soft:
  10. They'll find you first @bejapuskas
  11. Thanks for the friendly reminder, I'm gonna get such a nice bike soon, anyway
  12. Connect with: Big picture/long term thinking, compassion, pride, hate, pretension, tenacity, your own mortality, longing for succes/self approval and or the wish to put an end to suffering.
  13. "The drug has found its way into countless "everyday lives" and has solved countless "everyday problems."" http://www.psychedelic-library.org/stafford.htm