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  1. @SFRL I've heard, dropping below 5 hours is lethal!
  2. Let's just meet on some off shore island or out-of-use oil platform. Could be a huge boost in popularity. There might even be the possibilty of a wikipedia entry of actualized.org. I mean, how could it not be? All those orgies, people would suspect to happen there, had to be documented and recorded!
  3. There is more and more acceptance of what is. Therefor less need to be anxious or fearful for whatever reason, which are the emotions that underly most stress.
  4. @Shiva Sounds as impossible as No Fap. Good luck. May you be able to transcend this limited human being we've all been cursed with and rise up to the realm of the gods 🙏
  5. @Nahm @cetus56 Strong Determination F*pping works best for me.
  6. @Shiva nice! How much have you meditated to gain this ability? You think we could create a whole new youtube channel together and help people get boners? Btw... I can create a sense of self out of NOTHING 😎
  7. @MM1988 Maybe, because it seems impressive that you conquered the fear of death Also people seem attracted to enlightened masters etc., which builds social proof and reputation(and in their eyes maybe sth. like power or so). In addition they don't seem to have any problems with confidence and self esteem.
  8. @MM1988 I wouldn't be so sure about that genetic thing as you don't know how much of an influence they have on personality, which is probably one of the strongest attractor(for example traits like dominance, authority etc.). So don't lose hope, you're not alone And never forget:
  9. @MM1988 Not as new as it seems "But enough about how monogamy spread throughout the West. Why did it spread? There isn't universal agreement about what the correct answer is, but a plausible answer is that it spread because historically, monogamous groups were advantaged militarily over polygynous groups (Alexander, 1987). The ancient Greco-Roman and medieval European leaders who embraced anti-polygyny laws were heavily invested in the business of war..." https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/darwin-eternity/201109/why-we-think-monogamy-is-normal I dunno if things have been arranged somehow more violent or archaic back then and if there is a return back to those archaic conditions now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. @Arkandeus I always wonder if infinity really is freedom or slavery and if every sentient being that genuinely wants to be free, can be free.
  11. @Arkandeus Thanks.
  12. I think this is one of the most retarded and goofy dreams possible. I won't add anything to this, you decide how you judge your human experience, oh I forgot, judging is forbidden, my bad!