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  1. @unknownworldYes this intensity can occur during your meditation session and should also slowly take over your daily life. This doesn't contradict Leo imo, since seeking truth seems to be common in those who haven't seen through the illusion of a separate seeker yet. Effort does not necessarily equal work. Also you need to start somewhere wether it is with a meditation practice ore just becoming more aware in general. The danger in not pursuing enlightenment in the early stage could be that you just become too relaxed (as Eckhart said ) and don't do anything, not even allowing this intensity to flow through you. If you have this goal and this desire to become enlightened always as a thought in your mind and it is distracting you from becoming present then yes this is a trap. But you can have this goal in your mind and be detached from it. I think this thought will also cease to exist over time since the ego ceases to exist either. That's how I see it. Eckhart and maybe also Sadhguru are examples of people who got spontaneous realizations, but teachers like Rupert Spira, Adyashanti, Shinzen Young etc. did a lot of work. For example Rupert mentioned in one of his videos that the book of Ramana Maharshi was next to his bed for 25 years ( you can also read it on his page) http://non-duality.rupertspira.com/about/rupert-spira
  2. @Toby How do you know his story?
  3. @unknownworld Eckhart got enlightened without pursuing it at all, but he is convinced that the longing for enlightenment is already part of the awakening. https://www.eckharttollenow.com/s/o9gg0k Some thoughts about effort or no effort on this journey. https://www.eckharttollenow.com/s/5ngwud
  4. And how can we assume then, that we are not again beginning to identify with something different than body/mind and there could be a whole new dimension of suffering? Something which would require an infinitely higher level of consciousness for liberation.
  5. From Schleswig Holstein, currently living in Magdeburg.
  6. Your cognitive style is... Intellectual Your organizational style is... Flexible Your energy style is... Introverted Your stress management style is... Responsive Your interpersonal style is... Collaborative Openness Traits Your level of imagination is about average. Your level of artistic interests is about average. Your level of emotionality is low. Your level of adventurousness is high. Your level of intellectual interest is high. Your level of liberalism is high. Conscientiousness Traits Your level of self-efficacy is low. Your level of orderliness is low. Your level of dutifulness is low. Your level of achievement striving is low. Your level of cautiousness is about average. Extraversion Traits Your level of friendliness is low. Your level of gregariousness is about average. Your level of assertiveness is low. Your activity level is low. Your level of excitement-seeking is about average. Your level of positive emotions is low. Neuroticism Traits Your level of anxiety is high. Your level of anger is low. Your level of depression is high. Your level of selfconsciousness is about average. Your level of immoderation is low. Your level of vulnerability is about average. Agreeableness Traits Your level of trust is low. Your level of honesty is low. Your level of altruism is low. Your level of cooperation is about average. Your level of modesty is high. Your level of sympathy is about average.
  7. @Azrael How do you perceive yourself in others?
  8. One could ask what the hell should the homo sapiens sapiens do with its intelligence. AI might be the next big breakthrough in the development of (material) intelligence on planet earth, which for me seems to be quite epic. Maybe discovering ways to connect the AI with the human brain could be worth to pursue? An enlightened hyper intelligent cyber sapiens as the next species..
  9. This application is designed to increase your RAM. http://brainworkshop.sourceforge.net/ https://www.quora.com/How-does-dual-n-back-actually-increase-IQ
  10. Don't beat yourself up so badly. You cannot control everything. Things will change for the better, just be patient.
  11. People pleasing Indecisiveness Happiness (although it's getting better) Self esteem Lack of meaning Opening myself up for other people Sleep
  12. Some drug inspired Rock: Love: Refuge: