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  1. Probably not
  2. To me this definiteley put a different flavour into it, which makes stuff more clear for me on an intuitive level, allowing me to sense more peace and presence. I think he's quite an intelligent guy - shocking to see what drug addiction can do to some people's lifes or to better put it, what lack of love and connection can do. I can highly recommend his Youtube channel Zen Bitchslap.
  3. @Nahm 👍
  4. @Shin Maybe you are just trying to make the winter responsible ? I've been struggling with depression for years, but I've always found the winter the most beautiful even though I also see a tendency towards depression during winter for many. I guess it's actually been proven ^^ I don't know, if there would be more snow and ice, then it would be perfect. The cold, the darkness, the white it all has such calming and peaceful qualities. When I had a bad day as a kid and there was snow, I've used to let me fall into the snow and watch the sky and all the problems disappeared.
  5. @NahmIs this the same as self inquiry and or surrender? 😁 Man, life is too simple 😂
  6. @Spacious Very interesting, thanks!
  7. @Spacious I can almost 100% relate to your (re)conditioning. Currently it happens many times a day when I can catch myself thinking irrational thoughts, displaying me as powerless, creating enemies out of nowhere, being incapable etc. What a relief.
  8. I see it Like that: Seeing the absolute = being everything(and being everyone). Being everything=experiencing every kind of suffering possible. But maybe I should just let go, I see this doesn't really do any good.
  9. Not from direct experience, I have to admit. But isn't this the case? At least my logic comes to this conclusion.