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  1. @Claire Verlyn Read into the self seeking identity through validation and security.
  2. I'm with ya! I see the difference. Yes I see what you mean! You can literally feel it return in someway, the only way I could explain it as feeling as if the perceiver has returned. Thanks everyone β™₯️
  3. @Haumea2018 Yeah definitely considering it as there's too much negativity in my house (from panic attacks).
  4. @SOUL But isn't being aware in the present moment just another form of "I" thought? What if (sorry I've just had a thought πŸ˜„ lol) we all assume we are aware and in the present moment and actually it's the "I" sneakily controlling this also! Making us think we are when in fact we are not, it's just more illusion? 😲
  5. @SOUL I'd still avoid (I'm vegan) I'd avoid anything grown in a lab regardless πŸ˜‚ @Serotoninluv Ditto dude, my dad's the same. I can see how his beliefs have such a powerful hold over him, it's flabbergasting.
  6. First word that popped to mind when reading this was homeostasis. Find a balance, compromise but lean more towards option 1. @Viking You know what's going to benefit you the most in the long term, it's not rocket science. 'Short term losses for long-term gain's?' or short term burst's of pleasure for a shit life? Your decision πŸ˜‰
  7. @Michael569 or @pluto will have loads of info for you I'm sure 😊
  8. Outer, don't go down this route. Don't do the whole ideology thing with veganism, be aware bro.
  9. Cognitive dissonance? I've noticed omnivores will literally say anything to avoid taking responsibility for what they support. Take a lazy person for example, they will throw at you every excuse under the sun to avoid telling themselves and you the truth. They keep covering up the truth with more bullshit because it makes them feel better.
  10. Thought this was going to say something else then πŸ˜²πŸ˜‚ Interested to know how you get on @Unwiring I don't know if this is related but a couple of nights I've put on Alan Watts videos, in my headphones and gone to sleep listening to his lectures, I find that night I have deep non dual type dreams.
  11. @Marks199 I kid you not mine does exactly the same during meditation!!! Your not alone brother πŸ˜„πŸ™
  12. πŸ™ Agreed, just unlearn, will bring suffering unfortunately
  13. @yawning_ I agree, I've used this in the past and it's definitely worked. Thank you so much for your input β™₯️
  14. That guy is triggered TF. It's hilarious how much!!