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  1. Op I eat shit loads of fruit and veg daily ((more organic the better)) shit loads of plant protein (I'm a plant based mofo) I strength train twice a week, do moderate to high cardio three times a week and also lots of rehabilitation exercises. I use the knowledge I have about nutrition to optimise my training and I'm getting great results. For me this works best... My advice would be to experiment and listen to your body and equipt yourself with knowledge from all nutritional perspectives. Edit: all my iron, calcium, vitamin levels are extremely healthy and I haven't touched a drop of dairy/ egg or meat in over a year.
  2. @DrewNows Yeah I see what you're pointing at. Thanks so much all 💚
  3. When do you know it's time for another psych trip? 🍄💚
  5. @Nahm is 'vision board' another name for dream board? 💚
  6. The Art and Science of Learning Anything Faster
  7. There is only silence On the mountain tops Among the tips of the trees You perceive barely a breath Even the birds in the forest Keep still and are silent Wait then Just a little while longer And you too Will find peace at last
  8. @flume Exactly. We where just fed what they wanted. Can I ask why you find learning enjoyable? Specifically? You can't force it no, it has to come from an intrinsic place. For a while I disregarded learning because I had this belief that it would 'take away' or not 'leave room' for wisdom (believe it or not ) I found learning to be a burden. I hope I am still wise to the limitations and traps of learning but I try and use the bits I need to actualize my life purpose. It's definitely backwards yes, first they should teach us how to learn and also how to validate things for yourself rather than shove things down our throats ((although they have also had things shoved down their throats)). Would take a conscious person in government to help overthrow this nonsense educational system. Thank you lovely Xx
  9. My partner
  10. 1 hour ago I laughed so hard I pee'd a little
  11. I noticed the way I understand something is to learn about it's origin and the deeper meaning behind it. This is exactly how I learn, this is what engages me and draws me deeper into the subject regardless of what it may be.
  12. @Dlavjr Go and contemplate what your health (life) would look like in minimum 8 years if you continue. Go and research the effects on your body.
  13. I also managed to finish math homework today which is a new thing for me, finally taken responsibility of my learning after realising that society had wiped my arse for far too long. As a child growing up education wasn't really a value so I was able to walk out of school and skip school with no punishment from my parents. They never forced me to do anything academically. Over the last 6/7 months or so I started learning how to learn but amidst that process limiting beliefs and old patterns showed which I have been working through. I'm finally getting to a place now where I'm actually learning and researching independently. Very liberating and new
  14. Today has been tough, One of the injuries has flared up immensely and I found myself feeling somewhat shit as the mobility is restricted enough without more issues. I asked myself out loud. "What is the lesson in this?" I came to the conclusion it's acceptance. That's the lesson. There is a reason as to why there's so many injuries present at the moment and for some reason I don't feel it all stems from my biology. I feel this is deeper. Too many injuries in such a short space of time, it's like coincidence or something. There's a lesson in there somewhere and I'm still searching. I've also been practicing vulnerability. A lot, this seems to be a theme at the moment. Last month I had an odd evening in which I could feel ego, literally, trying to control and cause the suffering, I stripped off all my clothes on the bed and surrendered to 'myself' I cried and cried, I held my palms up to the ceiling and screamed through teared eyes. "take it then! (me, ego) I don't care anymore!" I just didn't give a fuck anymore. The suffering I had gone through that weekend led me to that point... to a surrendering to 'myself' literally observing 'myself' in all it's glory. After all, we only hide and lie to ourselves ultimately anyway so I exposed myself to 'myself' It was odd but liberating (afterwards) So in the relationship currently I observe the way ego protects itself and hides behind certain narratives and concepts in the mind. I expose myself to my partner and by doing this leaves no room to hide, It's painful... fuck its painful, I expose through gritted teeth but I know that's what I need to do.