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  1. Open up your heart. You have a choice ❤️
  2. ❤️🌲🌻🐛🌞 Was able to enjoy English class today due to not becoming overwhelmed due to me putting in extra effort at home. These nootropics I got are well sorting out the food cravings, starting to feel normalish again. Wether that's the nicotine leaving the system or the nootropics I don't know. Either way I am grateful to the up most of fucks. Get the dogs out now in this beautiful spring sunshine then finish packing for tomorrow.
  3. Album of the past 2 months ❤️
  4. Flying out at 9am tomorrow morning. It's weird this time because I've not over thought it, I've been mindful of creating something from nothing and because I've let things be just as they actually are you feel you've forgotten something because you haven't over thought it 😂 Previous trip I was ruminating for a few days prior, building something up mentally but this time I've remained more present and it's actually fucking mental the difference 😂 there is no stress in anything. It's all created. People say. "Oh it's stressful doing this and doing that." No, that's a projection. You're creating the stress. There's nothing actually there. It just is.
  5. Last philosophy class of this term (quotes are amazing) P1_H09.pdf Won't be able to attend last class of this term as I'll be away but definitely going onto the next term in April.
  6. @zambize I'm totally joking. Winding him up. I'll pass him his balls back when the time is right
  7. @Nahm Beautiful! ❤️ This is exactly what I've been saying to Shin nahm. Too much knowledge (thinking) will create what you are thinking. It will become your reality. (Self fulfilling prophecy) @zambize yeah because he won't stop whining and get on with it because he can't help it @Shin 😕🙄😂
  8. @Shin this on the point comment made me think of you.
  9. @flowboy Thanks for replying. Really great idea writing things on the wall ❤️ I think I'll do the same. Totally get what you mean with the out of control'ness. Thanks for making me feel better and less like a greedy cow 👌 @Odysseus Stage chocolate bar Thanks for replying! My sweet tooth is being hit with fruit and rice cakes so I'm not doing too bad. I get it now yeah, I'm with ya. To be completely honest Nahm the reason I wanted to give it a little whirl was because this is where the fear initially started. After being spiked with CBD oil that's when then the panics came. I don't see my self getting addicted at all to weed. I've never been a massive fan plus my brother is a very fine example of what can happen with addiction and that's enough to put anybody off believe me.
  10. 😧💡 😮 If this comment was a person I'd snog the shit out of it. Ivan I appreciate everything you write. Thank you 💛
  11. Enjoyed that, thanks for sharing🤙