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  1. Yaaaaaaaay 🤘🏻 see you in an hour 🎉
  2. So that's your indirect invitation to teach me then is it?
  3. Note: More research around growth and fixed mindset. Look into limited belief's with Math.
  4. @egoeimai You back Mrs?
  5. Definitely. Although I'm not sure about 'changing' beliefs as such... how about working your way of being free of beliefs altogether? As I can only speak from my own experience I'd say epistemology is one of the most fundamental and crucial topics of this 'work'. Just this one field can transform your life. Good luck
  6. @pluto soy is like my go to for protein, should I really avoid? 😣
  7. And love 😍 Oh for sure!! I meant in a life purpose form sorry.
  8. I'm yet to find the exact route to the how yet @phoenix666 but I'm exploring everyday 😃
  9. Love to hear how you got on?
  10. "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable" always trying to escape whatever we determine as uncomfortable. Quote I kept repeating to myself in the gym tonight as my abs where burning, noticed the mind doing everything it could to escape.
  11. I'm not quite there yet 🙈
  12. @BjarkeT Cheers dude! Will check them out!
  13. I find meaning in life by guiding other people to their meaning.
  14. I am Michael thanks very much 😊 hope you're too ❤️