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  1. @datamonster So cool to read your replies and the things you guys got up to
  2. The period that is Corona virus times has brought me so many profound gifts. One e.g., showing me the places in which I need to heal and grow. As a result of this I begun sessions of EMDR which I can only describe as 'gift' like. The majority of the most profound gifts come disguised as pain and suffering, this is something else I have come to learn. My question to you is, what has / is Corona virus brought for you? ❤️
  3. @andyurb Experience and enjoyment are a continuum. Nothing is permanent. Everything is fluid and ever changing. As things fall, others will rise, as things heaten, others will cool. Recognise it's okay to feel like this, because it is. Accept it with compassion if you can? See to whatever is in your heart at the moment, is there something troubling you in life currently? Changes? Everything will fall into place for you, your enjoyment will return. Nothing can or will take your love of music away, but for now, take some time for you and let the experience/feelings flow for you without attachment or judgement. ❤️
  4. This is very helpful. Thank you! May I add from personal experience? My goal setting (small daily goals) used to be avoided due to an overwhelming / anxious like feeling, until I altered my perspective on them. I recontextualised into something more 'user friendly'. Instead of viewing them as I were, goals, chores and tasks, I now viewed them as 'What are the things I am choosing to consciously do in this beautiful day that is my life?' 'How do I wish to spend this day?' And bam!... It really changed the game for me. I no longer viewed them as something to 'get through' but they were now something to be enjoyed and embraced. After all, it indeed, was another day in my life, another moment. 🌱
  5. @Loving Radiance ❤️
  6. Be cool if someone could summarise justsayin'
  7. Exactly. I remain hopeful. I hope other scientists read their '13.8' blog, looks to be some very interesting topics.
  9. Also recommend
  10. Nice answers guy's thank you, I am contemplating.
  11. I have been observing awareness and I have a question, would love your experiential answers (no parroting answers please) Is awareness another thought? Can we even answer this as our answers are based in thought.
  12. brilliant metaphorical use of the tree
  13. @aklacor727 thanks for your input
  14. I understand. @neutralempty I wish you all the love on your journey brother <3
  15. I've started studying criminology, sociology and psychology as the next phase of my LP development. I'm only on week 2 and I have truly fallen in love with everything philosophy and sociology. Simply learning about these people and seeing the patterns that emerge through time is absolutely mind blowing for me. I'm also able to gain some perspective on why we are the way we are today (society) (based on the scientific revolution). My question to you guys is do you have a favorable philosopher? and if so why? Also, what are your perspectives on today due to history? Have you noticed anything yourself that you would like to share?