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  1. @undeather I had gout at 23 from eating too much fish. Plus OP isn't physically active right now (I presume)
  2. @ZenAlex be mindful you don't give yourself gout "I'm currently eating Salmon 2-3 times a week, Tuna 1x per week, and something like..." Regarding long covid: Tell your doc you want a referral to the long covid clinic.
  3. @ZenAlex a lot of people with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia were dismissed by their doctors for it being 'all in their head'. Many doctors have received long covid training around this issue. Can you see another doctor? Exercising - Yes, I still do. I can't work out really. At the beginning I couldn't even walk 5minutes (everyone is different, some begun worse than others). Now, my daily step count is approximately 7K which is not a lot for the entire day. Yes I am also experiencing the depression, anxiety and lightheadedness. My blood pressure, from out of no where is for whatever reason on the low side. But the lightheadedness can also be PEM ( of which I do experience A LOT. PEM is fundamentally the exercise intolerance. A recent study done in long covid patience demonstrates what happens when PEM occurs physiologically: ( I can assure you it is real and this isn't in your head. Join the long covid UK facebook groups and/or feel free to DM me.
  4. I also developed intermittent tinnitus (many have) and as you mentioned, I too didn't have any solid feaces for months. Only now, after a year am I starting to see some digestive issues settle. I also developed severe depression and anxiety. If you don't have long covid I will eat my own slippers.
  5. @ZenAlex the tests only work in the acute phase and even then they have a huge margin of error. You can have COVID and be asymptomatic. Long COVID is not an acute COVID infection. Just food for thought as all your symptoms where pointing to it as you suddenly developed exercise intolerance.
  6. @Zeroguy when did you quit? How long has it been? Did they (panic attacks) come on immediately or progressively? Have you experienced these before?
  7. @Someone here so grateful you posted this. Thank you so much 🙏🏻 really needed it ❤️
  8. @ZenAlex iron deficiency appears to also be prevalent in long covid patience. Sorry dude, was going through the sub topic and saw this from you. Not stalking you 😄
  9. @Thomas_VH
  10. @ZenAlex I would put money on it veganism has nothing to do with it. It sounds like long covid, all the symptoms you mention are identical.
  11. @Princess Arabia I mean yeah it's funny but the person also has a genuine issue, in which they have been vulnerable enough to post on a public forum, so I suppose I shouldn't laugh 🤐
  12. The time between a COVID-19 initial infection and neuropathic pain development ranged from 1 month to 15 months for long COVID patients [23,28]. Upon discharge, half of the long COVID patients went on to report new-onset pain 4 weeks later [28].20 Feb 2023 › pmc COVID-19-Related Neuropathic Pain: A Systematic Review ... - NCBI Apologies I can't upload screenshot.
  13. @guitarguy251 you still dealing with Long COVID?
  14. 😭😂😭😂