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  1. @Snt_lk There is a voice that is drowned out by fear, I'm sure you hear it from time to time between all the screams and worries. Strategic, well thought out calculated steps my friend. Use your common sense when moving forward. You are wise, just listen.
  2. Listen.
  3. @Preety_India download myfitness pal and track for a month. See what you're truly eating in terms of macronutrients and calories.
  4. @Michael569 I had that one Michael, as I didn't use oil, it for some reason, started making all my food stick terribly, had to throw it out, turned out to be a waste of £60. Hope you have better luck with it!
  5. @dflores321 that's amazing to hear you're managing to heal via meditation. May I add though, PTSD is not just characterised via flashbacks or nightmares. In my case it was triggers in specific situations and also this 'filter' I was viewing the world with, I could see I was judging the present from instances from the past.
  6. @SageModeAustin in terms of support ask her how she wants to be supported from you. I suffer with an eating disorder and my partner read into it himself so see what be could do to support (not save). He avoids certain topics respectfully, and when I seem 'moody' I feel comfortable enough to simply say 'eating disorder' which gives him the insight into why I am acting a particular way, he usually follows this with an invitation for a hug. I am happy and content with this support. Good luck yourself and partner along your journey ?
  7. Are you looking for healthy relationship traits or specific people?
  8. @dflores321 Mental health professional. Could be OCD and PTSD. You may need PTSD treatment first, this is usually the protocol (UK) with anyone who has OCD but presenting underlying PTSD symptoms. Possibly need detailed carefully planned long term treatment, tailored directly for you dude. Worth every bit of effort you put into it I promise ( speaking from experience). ?
  9. @Forestluv I assume 3 days would be very minimal, however, from my current understanding, the brain perceives muscle as a high cost resource, keeping excess muscle consumes too much energy, so it eats away at that faster than fat to preserve precious energy. I was eating one meal a day, water fasting the rest. I was uneducated in macronutrients, if I had my time again, my protein intake within the eating window would of been quadruple times the amount I was consuming.
  10. @Forestluv usually overlooked when fasting is the conversation of muscle loss, I lost a huge amount of muscle during a years fast and unfortunately, due to the inbalance of muscle to fat ratio in my body I ended up causing multiple tendinopathies in which, 2 years later I am still rehabilitating (I was doing ashtanga yoga at the time).
  11. This seems like such am easy question but it's so much more complex that initially meets the eye. If you haven't already, evaluate your relationship, beliefs, value in relation to your health, and the energy source you are using to fuel it (food). W With years of dieting and cutting this and that out I finally found a way (for me) to lose weight, but most importantly, to lose weight healthily and well. You wanna lose weight but lose it smartly, and most importantly with a unified holistic approach. It isn't about shifting the weight asap but slow, adaptable lifestyle (and belief level) changes, changing your body composition and also changing what your gut bacteria is asking for! Shifting weight too fast will inevitably lead to putting it back on and so begins the life of the unhappy unhealthy yo-yo dieter. I disagree with Leo about cutting carbs entirely, I think there are certain unrefined carbs which are very good for you and will aid you in your fitness journey. I think that's a reductionist 'fast track' way to losing weight which unfortunately may lead to weight gain. Furthermore, our brains run on carbs, it's a no brainer (pun intended) ??‍♀️ Do you have goals in mind? If so wrote them down, bring them to life (try and keep them realistic, achievable (smart goals I am sure you have heard of). Go to macro nutrient calculator and find out the calorie deficit you need to achieve weight loss. What's your weight now? As this is very important for the type of exercise you can currently do. ???️‍♂️
  12. @Leo GuraI have been away due to serious life purpose work (psychologically) but in the next 3 weeks I will of finished my initial first year of studies and getting a long well-deserved break so I will be back on here more regularly. I will keep a close eye out for struggling people if you want me to.
  13. @Jon_Bundesen what technique are you referring to?
  14. Leo gives you what you need at this time in your life. Seek and you shall find.
  15. @datamonster So cool to read your replies and the things you guys got up to