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  1. This post? Which other one?
  2. I think this is a fantastic question. Thanks for asking. I'd say systems thinking is a fantastic place to start. Look for patterns within answers. I feel that you would have to apply different methods of information judgement depending on the topic and field. I'm sure others will have some great advice for you. Good luck on your quest 🙂
  3. No no sweet. Have a click and watch the video 😊
  4. @moon777light follow the link sweet
  5. I also take L-theanine but haven't noticed a difference. What have you noticed?
  6. Thanks all for your personal opinions and insights. elaborate@Mu_
  7. Does anybody else witness just how powerful language is? How it actually shapes our reality on the deepest level. How it gives and takes meaning from things. How it constructs our world. It's incredible! Please share with me your own thoughts on this topic 🙂 love to hear other perspectives.
  8. @moon777light you always have what you need beautiful. Learn to see and listen 😚 Thank you so much for the lovely welcome back. How have you been? 💚
  9. @Average Investor not started this one yet. Started another first to help with life purpose 🙂
  10. Came across this on my quest for free courses. Haven't finished yet so can't give experiential feedback but looks well worth a go : (check the website out as there are other free courses available)
  11. I haven't been on here regularly in such a long time. Life got hold... that's fine, this chapter of my life is about what I have to do now. I'm building the foundations for the rest of my life. I'm going in so many different exciting directions I cannot put it into words. Some lessons and insights I have gained in the past 12 months: *Resist life... and you will suffer *Fear is love *Love is fear *Learn to listen to and trust your intuition. Let go of what you feel 'should' be. Really, let go. trust and flow *Personal development never stops *I see 'reality' as this ever changing dimensional space, nothing is permanent or absolute, there is no one truth. Live life from your illusion. *If you ever need some perspective imagine yourself on your death bed looking back at what you're currently doing, if the heart doesn't like it, let go and move on. *Love is everything *Trust on the deepest level you can. Be vulnerable as much as you can *Practice gratitude as much as you can, it will change your life
  12. It's a skill, so practice 🙂 Also what is your meaning of boring? Is this your feedback or your audiences?
  14. 0.211 microdose 🍄 Math lesson: Less monkey mind More focus More intrinsic interest.
  15. @Raptorsin7 how? Quite easily for me (not always, some days I cba) Depends on your motivation? Where do you feel you sway mostly on this scale (honestly) with regards to training? (Check out the self determination theory)