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  1. @abrakamowse yeah I understand what you mean. Thanks for explaining 😊@Conrad ♥️
  2. @bejapuskas that's interesting. Could it be like a self sabotage behaviour?
  3. I have this baseline of frustration always humming in the background and I don't know why I think I'm so polite because I still people please I'm still insecure and sometimes talk to myself like shit and beat myself up. I sometimes portray myself to be someone I'm not.
  4. Thank you all for your replies. Appreciate them all ♥️ @Shin I plan to @kieranperez thanks for the link!
  5. Teach me o wise one.
  6. Is there ever really one Absolute... One Absolute truth? Everyone's own experience is relative to them via communication. We listen to another human talk about the Absolute, we maybe able to relate but have a different experience or perspective on it, so who's is the Absolute? I've realised that every single fucking thing is relative to one's own perspective/mind set/paradigm/outlook blah blah. How could we ever truuulllyyyy know there is ONE ABSOLUTE truth? Like truly. We can't. Can we?
  7. @Shin and that 😅
  8. @bejapuskas My internal muscles could crack a coconut in half I'll have you know 😏😂
  9. 😂😂😂 True... True
  10. @Natasha that is one random af website. "My vagina can lift coconuts, can yours?" *That's enough internet for one day* 😂
  11. Me to dude. Exactly the same! ♥️
  12. ♥️
  13. @Mikael89 no I didn't, I said the guy's I've slept with that have watched porn. Speaking from direct experience not assuming and generalising