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  1. The power of the mind through observation.
  2. @ajasatya I know what you mean , he does (I hope) I've already seen small changes but I'll keep an eye out. I can offer what I am capable of and then it's up to them what they do with it. Thank you
  3. Thank you so much for your responses @ajasatya I understand what you mean, he does want to be somewhere else, or does he? I don't truly know, only he does (usually we don't though ) @Oliver Saavedra Thank you so much for your response you have no idea how helpful it was, even opened my eyes, *thank you!*
  4. I have a friend who has specifically asked me for help so I am coming to you guys for some support for this From what I have observed thus far friend is a very self critical person which obviously he then projects outwards. If he was to say... spill a drink or something minor it becomes 'the end of the world'. You can see he likes to thoroughly go through any task he has assigned himself to near perfectionism. He will apply and load himself with huge amounts of unnecessary responsibility when he is asked a favor. He does voluntarily take on the responsibilities of those close to him which then develops into this huge stressful ordeal (I also see some people pleasing behaviors). This person clearly lacks self love and lives in a state of fear 99% of the time. He is into self actualization but not enlightenment, he meditates already and also microdoses with mushrooms (working up to a trip but stalling through fear) Please share with me your direct experiences in how you have come to change some of these behaviors yourself? How have you managed to change the voice in your head to that of an aggressive self judgy' one to a loving accepting voice? I can't offer any other advise from myself as my own experiences with this came from trips and contemplation. Any other advice is appreciated. Thanks you lot!
  5. @Ry4n I am not for one minute considering you're talking out of your butt hole. I'm (and still do) referring to personal experience with regards to the thought process you're referring to. I am simply stating that labeling anything gives the mind a chance to identify which can then lead to all sort of shiz
  6. @Rilles Yeah great Thanks for sharing was curious.
  7. @Rilles I'm curious what points you to this possibly being a shadow trait?
  8. @The Monk
  9. @Ry4n From personal experience I have been rather aware of the traps that labeling can cause. The mind loves to reduce it down to something as tangible as possible and create a juicy narrative from it to identify to.
  10. @The Monk Have you ever considered questioning your beliefs? Why do we class these as 'truth'? Also please take a very quick look at this <3
  11. @Serotoninluv Please keep me posted if your Uni does make a similar course, I would definitely enroll
  12. Why do you feel others opinions have a greater influence over you than your own?
  13. Gently close your eyes Become aware of 2 full breath cycles (just observe) Then I want you to imagine your self as a pink elephant, then imagine you're a dog! (make the dog bark and lick his balls just for comedic purposes), then change that image to a woman! You suddenly morph into a woman (notice how you now look). Once you have completed the 3 images, open your eyes, are you worrying you are a woman? a dog? or a pink elephant? If no, then why no? Investigate your answer and compare with your original 'pedo' statement. Let me know how this goes. <3
  14. Take part in a very small experiment for me for just a few seconds of your life?
  15. What exactly is calling you a pedo?