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  1. @Nahm I love you my brother. Question... is this.. not the same as... Is believing suffering the greatest teacher not another thought?
  2. Thanks all so much for your help. This keeps occurring in my instance from a close loved one. Other people it doesn't bother me but this keeps happening all the time day in and day out with some I am currently sharing a house with (for the time being). @Shiva an example? You ask the person a very innocent question based on what they're talking about, like a follow up question and because they feel you are questioning them or not believing them they snap or react in an unhelpful way. Any sort of projection from that other person. It's basically going through their filter of fear and anxiety and it's being projected on to you as 'the problem'
  3. How do you guys deal with other people's projections of their anxiety and stress?
  4. Unfortunately they come with a long standing stigma which is slowly being broken down
  5. I haven't been self quarantined, I've kind of still been out of the house, just staying away from people, washing my hands an excess amount 😄 College has just shut so now lots of free time. I saw that London is further into the virus than us? 2 weeks almost. In a strange way it's nice that the earth gets chance to breath and for animals to take centre stage again for a while 💚
  6. Thank you so much Michael 💚look after yourself
  7. I'm learning a new language and it's opened my eyes even further to how much we cling to beliefs. old habits and our self made 'reality' via language and culture.
  8. So happy for you @Michael569 congratulations man. I have no advice for you but you already know the answer anyway 😏💚
  9. This post? Which other one?
  10. I think this is a fantastic question. Thanks for asking. I'd say systems thinking is a fantastic place to start. Look for patterns within answers. I feel that you would have to apply different methods of information judgement depending on the topic and field. I'm sure others will have some great advice for you. Good luck on your quest 🙂
  11. No no sweet. Have a click and watch the video 😊
  12. @moon777light follow the link sweet
  13. I also take L-theanine but haven't noticed a difference. What have you noticed?
  14. Thanks all for your personal opinions and insights. elaborate@Mu_