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  1. Just try it and see for yourself (you don't have to necessarily meditate on kindness btw)
  2. @Keyhole If Leo's Logo is actually widely associated with paedophilia that is a problem that goes beyond me using it on stickers.. If the logo is changed I'll change the design That association is certainly not made where I'm from. Oh and by the way; Reality itself is a cult lol
  3. @Moreira That is actually the first legit concern I've heard. However watching one or two of the videos should clarify that @Keyhole Who in their right mind who hasn't heard of the FBI bullshit would associate Leos triangle with paedophilia lol
  4. Whoa this is escalating. I like it. Of course I know I used a lot of weird symbolism, including the literal illuminati eye, but I also know what it really means lol I guess no answer is also an answer @Leo Gura Posting stickers in public areas is considered either littering or vandalism and is obviously illegal. I would therefore like to officially let all you good, law-abiding citizens know that: I have taken half the stickers and stuck them to the inside walls of my secret cult hut. I have taken the other half and thrown them into the trash. If the stickers somehow end up in the streets anyways that must mean an individual completely unrelated to Leo or myself has taken them out of that public trash bin and distributed them out of his/her own will. Peace
  5. @Leo Gura Any objections?
  6. @Kidorikko Thank you! Just playing my part I'm sure there is some good stuff in your native language as well that you can share with people @tenta oh?
  7. @Hansu Thank you kind sir Actually I just went with the cheapest "shiny" outdoor material. In my design the Eye and the Ouroboros are white, I only found out after ordering that with this material "white surfaces appear silver". But it turned out great, I even prefer this over the white version, couldn't have gone any better lol
  8. @Angelite Hmm yeah I think I know what your words are pointing towards but that divine intention is hard to grasp
  9. I somehow ended up designing and printing these flashy, esoteric, strange-loopy stickers Imagine walking through your city, seeing this sticker, discovering and having your life changed as a result. If someone is open to the kind of topics Leo talks about the design will speak to him/her. I will only leave them in places where it won't annoy people (no store fronts, cars, street signs or stuff like that). Selected spots with uplifting atmosphere. Maybe you don't care about this at all, maybe you think it is a cool idea, maybe you want to do the same. So feel free to design your own stickers, or message me if you want the file. Let's spread the message! Love
  10. 100 points to Gryfinndor! Ego is the I AM, both cosmic and individual. Everything is based on that sense of self, from electromagnetic waves to humans to galaxies. It comes in layers. However "ego death to the absolute degree" is still possible! It is impossible to communicate it, but it is what is referenced with words such as "nirvikalpa samadhi", "Wuji", or simply "God" (not to be confused with "Godhead", which is the ultimate I AM ) I hope you realise talking or debating this is absolutely pointless Your post reminded me of the following passage from Adyashantis book "The End of Your World": "I will try to explain what happened experientially. At the moment of awakening, it was as though I was completely outside of who I thought I was. There was a vast, vast, vast emptiness. In that vast emptiness, in that infinite emptiness, there was the smallest, smallest, smallest point of light you could imagine. And that smallest point of light was a thought, just floating out there. And the thought was: "I." And when I turned and looked at the thought, all I had to do was become interested in it, in any way interested, and this little point of light would come closer and closer and closer. It was like moving close to a knothole in a fence - when you get your eye right up to it, you don't see the fence anymore; you see what's on the other side. So as this little point of "I" came closer, I started to perceive through this point called "me". And I found that in that point called "me" was the whole world. The whole world was contained within That "I", within that little point called "me". There wasn't really an I, but an emptiness that could go into and out of that point, in and out of it, and it's like the whole world could flicker on and off, and on and off, and on and off. And then I noticed there were all sorts of other points, and I could enter each one of those points, and each one of those points was a different world, a different time, and I was a different person, a totally different manifestation in each one of those points. I could go into each one of them and see a totally different dream of self and totally different world that was being dreamed as well." Now please don't ask how that switch from God to Godhead, from off to on happens
  11. Haven't experienced this in sober meditation yet but sounds like mdma
  12. Blablablabla All the nodual stuff is pointless
  13. Aaaw that's a tricky one. I'd say both yes and no - it is a strange loop Shoot clear light through a prism and you get a rainbow. The chakras are like the individual colours of that rainbow. Do they exist on their own? Not really. The chakras are a reflection of the mind-matrix used for creation. They are the different aspects of the divine (clear/white light). With kundalini and nondual states they merge back into One (or "None" if you prefer). It is possible to perceive reality through the lens/layer of pure energy/chakras/nadis. Had a few of these experiences myself. So are chakras really real? Yes... no.. Do you really exist?