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  1. @Roy Great/whole arts have structures that are closer to the structure of God/existence/infinity. It moves you because it is reminding you of what you are as infinite love (The music you hear is created by you for you as you/God). The more awake you are, the easier it is to sense this wholeness in art. Thus you are able to resonate with them more deeply.
  2. The Path is infinite. But seeking in the dual sense stops when you realize that everything you seek or has sought before you already are. It is not an easy thing to realize in your direct experience, and there are many ways to go about it. For me, I contemplated to the point that I unraveled my own psyche, reaching infinity over and over again until my mental structure broke down and folded onto itself. It was a definitive shift in consciousness, a single moment when I surrendered everything within me and just started to be. Like a wordless whisper, beingness then carries and touches your consciousness like a holy mother, loving its child. Bliss, like a volcano, erupts out from the center of your heart and spread into every atom in your body and beyond. You reach a state of pure beingness, and you are ready for the great awakening. The ending/beginning of all things in existence.
  3. Yes, you begin to sense self-similarities in art. Great arts are self-similar and whole. You are art.
  4. The highest truths have no point in communication. It is pointless because they are truly infinite/non-dual. It's like saying something to yourself who already knows it, who IS it. If you are the only one in existence, then you are all that is/is not. There will be nothing to say since it just loops infinitely without end. The highest truth is wordless, it's just absolute beingness/love. The truer the truth, the more abstract and non-dual it is, the harder it is to communicate since communication is always dual.
  5. Ego is consciousness, there is nothing to lose, just to see it from a different perspective.
  6. The more awakened you are, the more connected you are to God. You will more and more be living through intuition and your true desire (Love). To those who are truly God-realized, it's impossible to live without viewing the world from a perspective that is closer to God. A perspective that is as holistic as possible, combining logic and emotion to form intuition through wisdom. You no longer need to know how everything will play out. Being God/infinite love, you are free to just be and enjoy existence for what it is. For the first time in your existence, you are truly free to make decisions for yourself (as God), no more illusions and self-deception. You know with absolute clarity what you are and why you exist. You are then free to follow love/God in everything you do and wish to experience. And everything you do has the balance/maximization of the love you have for yourself, for others, and everything else in existence.
  7. @flume Yep, words cannot describe even the smallest part of infinite love.
  8. Yeah, you need to define it more clearly. Art is unlimited, and it can have many different purposes and functions that can cover the whole of spiral dynamics/spirituality. Every type of art serves some function in existence/love. I would recommend seek and experience arts that are truly great and whole. Arts that reach the unspeakable, the infinite. It will give you an idea of the potential of art and inspire you to create your own vision for art. Some of these artists are Andrei Tarkovsky (watch all of his films), Alejandro Jodorowsky, Dante Alighieri, Charles Bukowski, Fumito Ueda, Estas Tonne, Debussy, Chopin, Bach, Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Radiohead, etc. (just to name a few) and various master painter/draftsman I'm sure you are familiar with. With art is important to absorb all forms of art in different mediums, because art is all connected. The most important quality you need to create great art is the ability to sense wholeness, which only develops through experiencing extremely whole arts. Also, if you are an artist, you need to read this collection of works by Christopher Alexander. It will bring you the deepest understanding of art itself and help you create art that is whole.
  9. @RendHeaven Yep, it goes through the whole journey.
  10. @SaltyMeatballs The course is free. It's pretty good if you've never read the work.
  11. @Danioover9000 Yeah, lots of potential practical benefits.
  12. @impulse9 Yeah, it's still early tho, the project was only published last year, tho it's not accepted by most physicists. His approach to science is fundamentally different than most traditional physicists, I think. Due to the understanding of computational irreducibility, he recognizes the unknowability of certain complexity in the structure of existence. Taking a computational rather than equational approach might be a better perspective than the perspective of pure observation. By building computational models that are similar to reality, you can work your way backward and observe the structure of reality (to some degree) rather than only relying on the content. They are still interesting ideas nonetheless.