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  1. It is quite simple, you can live, and you can die, so why not live? Death makes life meaningful; without it, you wouldn't need to make any choices or be afraid. But it is fear and loss that makes love so much stronger and beautiful. Life is so infinitely meaningless that you can give any meaning to it; it becomes infinitely meaningful at the same time. Why would you live life if you have infinite time? And why would you die if you have only 80 some years to live? It is perfectly designed so that love is experienced to its fullest. And experience, is why you exist, simply to experience existence, and it's infinite beauty.
  2. Time is love/god's infinite awareness of itself.
  3. Enlightenment is the unification between the relative and the absolute, the infinite beauty and the moment to moment existence. The step beyond logic or reason, and the path of being is present. The realization that this is it and nothing else is a one that must happen on the path.
  4. Yes, this is the path. Just be, just live, just love.
  5. @Joshi3 You are deluding yourself, there is nothing more I can say, it is up to you.
  6. @Petals The continue seeking and awareness of love in every moment, as more you do it, the more powerful it becomes. Until the distortion of ego can no longer have an effect (the loss of power). The purification of being. Meditation. Unification.
  7. Again, you need to learn to let go. Love is right here and you are rejecting it because you want to know what it is. Just love, it is whatever you want it to be.
  8. Both beingness and contemplation are needed for awakening and it all depends on the person. Both ways can get you to truth and neither one is easy. I had to do both. But currently, the collective consciousness is much more focused on intellect and desires, I think Leo is fitting his teaching to that to avoid confusion and increase accessibility. Most spiral dynamic orange and blue people don't care about beingness, and they cover most of the world.
  9. Thus all karma ends when the separation between you and everything ends.
  10. Absolut truth can't be truly described. Everything is referencing everything else. It is prior to logic and reason. Leo speaks in duality because is the only way for the ego to understand.
  11. You just flow with life and feel the love.
  12. Stop consuming more information or teachings for now, and work on getting better at living life. You are deluding yourself. You are the one who can decide what your life is, free will or not, is your choice.
  13. You are creating problems for yourself, just do what makes you happy. Since you are all there is, why not just love. There is no way to speak of absolute truth because it is false. The definition of absolute truth is absolute false, so there is no way to say it while it actually being what it is. You are still thinking and living in separation, and making yourself suffer. The more we give you answers, the more your ego/mind is just going to use it to keep itself alive. Just live, just love. God/you are so absolute that it doesn't need a reason to exist, it just is. It doesn't need a reason to love, it is only love. It doesn't need a reason to be happy, it already is. It is prior to any reason, concept, or existence.