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  1. @Jayson G Ayahuasca is legal in some states. Google retreats for it. It's legal in Florida if you are on the east coast.
  2. @Vittorio Yes! Healing is also an important step that you must complete.
  3. @Vittorio This is good; you are reaching the state of pure being. The desire to move on(enlightenment) is the remaining thing that's stopping you. You need to reach a deeper realization about this thing that you are pursuing; ask yourself, you should already have the answer. Then once you have that realization, I recommend doing psychedelic to ground it. Follow your heart and intuition.
  4. Non-duality is dual. Absolute non-duality/duality cannot be described with words.
  5. @Javfly33 That perspective(duality and separation) itself is love. To be in it yet still awake and conscious of infinite love(non-duality) at the same time is the state you will have through more awakenings. The deeper you go, the more unified the two becomes. To be God means to be everything, including your ego.
  6. Ego is infinite love. Become conscious of that, and the ego will disappear into nothing.
  7. @Shin Everything is imaginary.😏
  8. @Kay100 Yes
  9. @Dodo Both directions lead to God, all directions lead to God. God is everything. Yes, there is duality, but at the same time, non-duality. It's all love.
  10. @Dodo That is still duality. In absolute non-duality/duality, even the duality between duality and non-duality themselves will collapse. Good and evil are completely relative, thus they are the same in the absolute. No matter how selfish someone is, in truth, that person is god and all things, thus the selfishness is no different than the selflessness because there is only one self/nothingness/infinity.
  11. Fear is caused by desire and ignorance. You want something that you don't have, and if you can't get it, You will fear. You can't get it because you don't know how to (ignorance). To overcome fear, you either let go of that desire or learn how to get it. Finding the root cause of your fear is like finding out what you desired/don't have. Very often when you find the root cause, you will realize that it is something you already have and always had. Thus the fear goes away. Or if you don't have it, you then will simply have to learn how to get it, there is no reason to fear because you can change the situation. As an example, if you are afraid of not being good enough to do something, let's say you were looked down upon by others when you grew up. Or if you are afraid of dogs, maybe you have been hurt by them when you were young. You didn't know how to defend yourself against the dog or didn't know how to interact with the dog in a way that befriends them. By looking at it with the knowledge of what fear is, you will realize you have all the power to change the situation, thus the fear will fade away because it is not the truth.
  12. @Persipnei Both ways works, you can try to contemplate until you know all there is to know so your mind goes quiet, or simply be and realize that you are everything. Or you can do both at the same time, I switch between the two because they lead to the same place, and they naturally flow into each other.