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  1. Lol, I got through it at 2X speed. You could just skip to parts of interest. Jokes aside, Tucker is definitely experiencing some psychological development and growth compared to his past. Starting to see the relative and complex nature of reality and politics. I agree with his point about direct experiences. You can't understand the complexity of reality from news and the internet. You have to travel and see it with your own eyes to make a judgment about the truth. Hopefully, he will travel and interview more world leaders. An interview with Xi Jinping would be great, and him traveling to China would probably cause an existential crisis/ego death which will lead to more psychological development.
  4. Lol, just buy whatever Nancy Pelosi is buying at this point, you can't lose lol
  5. Yeah, regulations are needed for sure.
  7. I think although it's definitely important to keep AI accessible for people and not be owned by major corporations, companies like OpenAI, StabilityAI, or Tesla are operating not only for profit, tho profit is important. Their goals for advancing tech and helping humanity are real. I think Sam Altman said that his biggest fear is to release something with good intentions but people end up using it the wrong way which leads to disasters. Hence why they are releasing things slowly to give society time to respond.
  8. Yes, this will be the case, anyone will be able to make a film soon. Of course, it still takes craft to make anything good, and there are still limitations to AI. However, the release of these models will be a huge deal for independent and documentary filmmakers. Hollywood will likely take full advantage of it as well. It will be implemented into all the workflows to make things faster and cheaper. For some AI is scary because it might very well take their jobs. But for others, it's a major game-changing development that will allow them to do what was impossible. I think people should all learn AI, and keep up with the development. We are already at a time where if you don't incorporate it into your workflow, you will be far less productive than others who do, and eventually be replaced. I think smart business owners will not seek to just replace people with AI, but train people to learn to use AI to multiply their productivity. You can keep the same amount of people but instead produce 5-10 times more results. This will likely be the case for film.
  9. 4 is definitely better than 3.5 at many benchmarks. The best thing about 4 is getting access to vision, web search, and customGPTs. Vision allows it to understand images. Web search allows it to stay up to date with information. (3.5 only has information up to 2023 I think). The best thing is customGPTs, both the ability to train/finetune your own GPTs, and access GPTs other users made from their own proprietary data. There are customGPTs for any task possible. You can also release your own GPTs to earn profit based on how many users use them.
  10. You can also run local open source LLMs instead of ChatGPT if you want.
  11. Close to 800. Tho I’m not doing as much linking as possible, mainly very large notes with tags. If I linked every concept there would be 10 times more notes. But it’s really time consuming to do that.
  12. You can import OneNote into Obsidian pretty easily with this plugin:
  13. Try Copilot maybe, it should be similar but for OneNote. Obsidian is really simple if you want it to be, it's open-source so people have developed endless plugins for it to do whatever you want. There are also plugins for simplifying everything to be more minimalistic. Its power comes from the level of customizability you get. From a note-taking perspective, all you really need to know is linking, and tagging. This simple function allows for really good interconnection between notes over long periods of note-taking. I used to use OneNote too, but with Obsidian my note-taking process is fundamentally different. Obsidian incentivize making connections between notes, so even when you are writing new notes, you are thinking from the perspective of your whole knowledge vault to make connections with what you already have. It trains your brain for non-linear thinking and insights. For ChatGPT, if your notes are well linked and clear, then it can totally understand everything. It is for my case.