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  1. There are infinite degrees to "Awakening". All possible awakening that can or can't exist, exists. God's imagination is unlimited and can create any form of conceptual or actual Awakening possible. It can imagine a so call absolute awakening from some human perspective, but it can also imagine infinite ways to go beyond that awakening. Because it's all infinite, and because you can only recall your direct experience of infinity when you are in your human perspective (which is a finite recollection of the experience of the infinite) it is possible for you as a human to continuously experience/remember higher and higher degrees of infinity compared to the amount you had remembered/experienced prior. But as God, all possible awakening and existence are all happening beyond time in infinite ways. You as God can experience all the infinite possibilities of "Spiritual Awakening" that existence can possibly experience and come back as a human retaining only an infinitely small portion of the whole of that experience. You can even consciously know how many infinite lifetimes, existence, or dimensions you've experienced, but you will likely only be able to recall, with detail, an infinite fraction of the whole once you are back to the human perspective. Because otherwise the sheer amount of information will melt your human brain. However, since you are God, you can remove, or at least lessen that limitation if you wish, the amount of infinity you can retain can change through God's will, and if you have a deep desire to continue exploring/experiencing higher degrees of Awakening or infinity, then you shall create that in your direct experience. There is always more, or higher, or beyond a certain awakening to be had because God is infinite, it can just keep creating infinite possibilities to entertain itself. You might continue to experience higher and higher infinity for infinite times/lifetimes/existence until you reach the extreme of the infinite of infinite of infinite... You might then go back to the most limiting perspective of a little human, and in that contrast, you can experience the infinite beauty of yourself. The degree and love you have for yourself that you can create and experience all of yourself. (In human language this experience seems linear in time, but to God, it's all happening outside of time, or in infinite time) You can experience being the "organ" of a higher dimensional being but within yourself containing an infinite universe that contains endless lifeforms and beings, and then zoom into the hair of one of the infinite alien beings, and find that within the hair it contains another infinite existence in a completely different dimension, and so on. You might even remember the non-human sensation of being these higher dimensional beings, or the vibration/language that are non-human. Even though just a finite recollection of the actual. This is very hard to communicate through human language since it's infinitely paradoxical/strange-loopy. Degrees of infinity can only be measured in one's direct experience to their prior direct experiences. Because it's not possible to mathematically measure infinity, or reduce it to human concepts. And the infinite variety of infinite consciousness makes any comparison obsolete. Only you can, through your direct experience, "know" in human terms how awakened you are. And depends on how much of the infinite you can retain as a human, the human perspective can feel so infinitely small and limiting. Most human concepts of awakening refer to the understanding/being of the infinite/God, which is true, but beyond that awakening exists infinite more awakenings. Most humans are satisfied with the first because compared to their human experience, just an infinite fraction of God is enough for them to stop seeking. But some people are more curious than others, so they can continue to explore infinite consciousness and discover new forms of conscious experiences.
  2. "Ground News is a platform that makes it easy to compare news sources, read between the lines of media bias and break free from algorithms." "Ground News isn’t a news source bound by the political leanings of our writers or parent company. Ground News isn’t a news aggregator, throwing hundreds of headlines at you that barely skim the surface. Ground News isn’t a fact-checker, because we believe in empowerment, not enablement. We are a guide for news readers. Neutral in assessment, efficient in consumption, all in service of empowering you to make educated decisions for yourself. On a mission to well inform the world, we make it easy for readers to think freely about the issues of our times."
  3. Understanding, deep acceptance, and appreciation of what/who I am (my authentic self). The freedom to be my most authentic self and feel accepted for that.
  4. A simulation that captures the dynamism of existence through very simple rules. Very beautiful and fun to play around with and find different life-like patterns. Download it here: