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  1. The dictionary definition of omniscience is essentially correct. The trick is that your knowing is so profound that it cannot be put into words, nor logic, nor equations -- it is fully embodied at the material level. For example, you know your hands by HAVING hands, not by thinking about them. So it's closer to BEING than knowing some conceptual facts or scientific information. And the other trick to it is that the ego cannot control it -- as the materialist always desires to do. So you are omniscient but there is no ego who can manipulate this omniscience for personal gain. You won't be guessing any lottery numbers because the lottery and numbers themselves are obviously imaginary and silly. Furthermore, you are so conscious that things like "scientific facts" no longer exist. Nor will you necessarily be conscious of stuff like how many particles of sand exist on Earth, because at this level of consciousness you are aware that particles of sand and the Earth itself are just imaginings of your mind. You will be omniscient only of your bubble of consciousness -- because that's all there ever was. So this materialist idea of: "Well if you're omniscient why can't you read my mind?" won't work because you're too conscious for the existence of other minds. Omniscience is not very useful from the ego's POV. And there's a good reason for that. Once you become omniscient you will realize that reality has always been perfect and there is no need to change anything. The desire to "improve" reality via omniscience turns out to be nothing but materialist idiocy and ego fantasies. The design is already perfect. You just surrender to it. You do not start dicking around with it to suit yourself. And if you are so selfish as to desire to dick around with it, you will never access omniscience. The cost of admission is your desire to control or improve anything.
  2. The protocol is don't eat for 4 hours prior to trip and take a shit 10-60 minutes before you trip. As you gain experience with plugging you will learn to shit at will. Conscious shitting it's called. Only normies don't know how to shit at will
  3. @Himanshu Hmmm... Maybe. But it would take time to get there.
  4. Yes, very good. How do you prove your methodology of proof? If your methodology was wrong, how would you know?
  5. I gamed search engine algorithms. But those methods are no longer valid because search engines close loopholes every year. These aren't the google days of 2008. Oh... what glorious and crazy days those were. Business requires constant adaptation as the marketplace shifts underneath your feet. I don't recommend gaming things as your business strategy. It never holds up well and it is the way of devilry.
  6. @Logan Man, you are in for such a treat. You will laugh at how silly you were to be afraid of them. Stick to small doses. Unless you are stupid or have a mental illness, there is no reason to fear small doses. 1g of mushrooms will not harm anyone. Mostly people get in trouble because they take way too much. 4g of mushrooms will shows you what madness feels like.
  7. Talk is one thing, doing it is another. When it comes to death and deconstruction, talk is cheap.
  8. Green can also be like that. Bret has a much better grasp of Green than, say, JP. I would place Bret higher than just Orange. I think he's Green in many ways. Just in a more sober and rational way. Of course Jamie is way beyond that. He is a student of Ken Wilber.
  9. Wrong. 1) You do not need to have any illness to not be able to flush out heavy metals. It varies by genetics but even a fully health person can fail to filter them out well. Your natural flush rate varies from as low as 40% to as high as 90%. This assumes you're healthy. If you are unhealthy your rate could be lower. 2) Even if you genetics are perfect, you will still never flush out all heavy metals you consume, and they will accumulate in your brain and organs, and never leave. The only question is at what rate they accumulate. The more of them you consume the faster the rate. And once they enter your brain and organs there is no way to get them out other than serious detox protocols and also by eliminating further consumption. Heavy metals are never listed in the ingredients.
  10. You are getting too technical with your definition of experience. I am using it causually here, inclusive of Being. Experience = Being + ego. When ego is removed from the equation, experience is absolutized. Just different ways of saying it. The point is to absolutize your experience of life. Make your experience Absolute.
  11. No you can't. Not fully. You can imagine whatever damn thing you want, but you are not conscious that you are God creating that. You are not conscious of what God is. As long as you are not conscious, yeah, you can live in your fantasy. You can even convince yourself that God has a big hairy dick and a beard. Exactly. You have multiple personality disorder and you keep reinforcing it with your dualistic logic. Multiple personality disorder does not mean there are actually many personalities. It means you are hallucinating all the personalities and tricking yourself into buying the illusion.
  12. I bring Hitler into everything. Get used to it.
  13. No! The coin only has 1 side: 100% Truth. If you hold experience as not Absolute Truth, you are not awake. Go deeper until only 1 side remains. ONE!