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  1. Sounds like she is just stressed or doesn't have her life together. In this case it is your responsibility to decide whether she is right for you and to communicate your needs and expectations to her. If her life is so chaotic that she cannot make time or be in the mood for sex on a regular basis, then that's really her problem and your job is to find a girl who is at your level.
  2. To be creative, pick a small project and work on it. Anxiety will arise. Deal with it. That's part of the work. As you immerse yourself in the creative work the anxiety will subside. The hardest part is getting started.
  3. Those drone strikes were in stead of a trillion dollar war that cost 100,000+ lives. Your thinking on these issues is childish. You have no idea the seriousness of geopolitics and what is required to maintain order. Drones hardly even existed in the Bush era. It's like saying Hitler was a good guy for not using lasers.
  4. @EnRoute Trump did more drone strikes and bombings than Obama. You just choose to ignore what doesn't suit your narrative. Lower consciousness people will always commit more violence and war despite their rhetoric.
  5. Anxiety and fear are not resourceful states to create from or make good strategy from. Try to calm yourself down, ground yourself, and then get creative. 19 is very young so you got plenty of room to work with. Don't be lazy, but also let go of the anxiety and paranoia. Rarely can you just jump into the LP immediately. It usually takes some years of planning and maneuvering.
  6. The economy should soon improve. This is an exceptional period. So don't give up. As vaccines roll out, employers will do much more hiring. So be optimistic.
  7. Stop spreading gossip. Be responsible for what nonsense you spread.
  8. The more advanced a teaching is, the less people will be open to it. It must be this way otherwise everyone would have already completed the work and there would be no work left to do. The work turns out to be nothing other than opening the mind. That is the work.
  9. I doubt this ego would allow him to not run again, especially given how popular he still is. He's gonna want all the media attention after starving for 4 years.
  10. No, not all-meat, but I am forced to eat lots more of it than I would like for now. Yes Not in my experience. It is as silent as a baby stung in the eye by a scorpion.
  11. I don't find Hawley charismatic. He's kinda stiff and cold. Looks like Trump will win the 2024 Rep nomination unless he is in jail or in a hospital bed.
  12. Well, my job is to twist your nipple to get you to grow yourself
  13. Stop blinding holding the words of others. Contemplate independently.
  14. Not with SIBO. SIBO uses the fruits and veggies to multiply and release bad toxins in your body. Being a vegetarian is all fun and games until you get SIBO, then you're fucked.