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  1. You're just not appreciating how perfect the body/mind is at its job. The problem is that it's TOO good at self-survival. It's so good you actually believe it is you! Which is ironically why you suffer.
  2. My brother and his wife tried some 5-meo. Works great on her, but not so much on him. He's very logical. She's very spiritual. Seems like some brains might not be designed for spirituality. Which makes sense, because it explains why most of the world isn't into Truth. The majority of humans are probably designed to be worker-bees to sustain the hive. We can't have everyone running around being a hippy. That's my pet theory for now.
  3. @LRyan No. The suffering is there to help you stay alive. Like a Check Engine light in your car. The car's purpose is not to display a Check Engine light. That's backwards.
  4. @heisenburger Yes, there is supposedly a hell. And you don't want to go there. Unimaginable suffering is possible. It's good to get glimpses of this though because it's what makes you loving and compassionate.
  5. I will share a technique soon for how to work on that in a very powerful way. Stay tuned. Duality defines happiness in relation to unhappiness. So they are two sides of one coin. And yes, conventional happiness ends. That's a big freaking deal! The way you're holding it doesn't acknowledge the massive significance of this simple fact. All experiences end. So you must stop identifying with all experiences and instead identify with the only one constant, empty awareness.
  6. @Snick-The ThinkTank The YOU is the most irreducible element of this whole thing. All there is, is YOU. And YOU is not an absence of anything, it's the presence of everything. Whatever ideas you have of Nothingness or Void, it's not that, it's more like the opposite. The Void is bright and full.
  7. @Sri McDonald Trump Maharaj Good work. That was just a tiny preview of the things possible with this work.
  8. @ashashlov Just a limiting belief. I find it's actually easier to do all this work when you're between the ages of 6 to 25. After 25, your mind becomes rigid and set in its ways. Young people's mind still fresh, still open, still free of pet ideologies, and full of energy and curiosity of about life. Many great sages have become enlightened in their early 20s, before 25. Buddhist monks are trained from age 8 upwards very successfully. I wish I had all this information back when I was 6 to 12. Changing 20 years of bad habits is really hard.
  9. It's a phase. It will pass as you go deeper in this work. You haven't really hit the belly of the whale yet, where you will suffer so deeply from your own unconsciousness and arrogance that it will humble that spiritual ego into submission and compassion. And experiencing the divine love of God helps. Truth is an acquired taste. But once acquired, there's nothing as sweet. Knowing that reality is an illusion makes it all the more amazing. Why would you want to live in a 2-dimensional reality when it's actually infinite-dimensional? With time and more awareness your tastes will change. Just a phase. Keep going deeper. Consciousness work will not make you less capable. It will not rob you of your thoughts. Any such fears are just fears. Part of the ego's defense mechanisms. Become more mindful of this mechanic. Again, just a phase. There's nothing to really fear, because nothing is really changing. It's not like you're losing control. You never had control in the first place. It's much more scary to have control, because that would mean you have to bear a big burden. No control, no problems. Sit back and enjoy the show. The core issue here is that the ego HATES giving up control. That's its sole justification for existence: that sense of control. But it's just a hoax! Yes, that's how it unfolds. The mind/ego will conjure up all sorts of doubts and fears about this process. Notice that it's just being a whiny little child. Don't take the fears too seriously. They are part of the monkey mind. A still, conscious mind has no fears, even in great danger. Because danger itself is part of the illusion of life. When you're really conscious, even your physical death will not be scary. You can actually look forward to it.
  10. Just requires much more practice. There are subtle but important distinctions to be made here between what your mind consciously knows and awareness itself. Awareness is still happening in sensory overload, you're just caught up in the illusion more. Like when watching a movie, it sucks you in. Might help to start to think of awareness as being. Or awareness as the physical substance of reality, instead of atoms. Rather than something your mind is doing. Mind itself is being awared.
  11. Thanks all for your caring. Back from 9 days of meditation. Puts a smile on my face after spending my birthday alone in the woods for a week straight.
  12. @WaterfallMachine You realize, right, that death does not exist, life is a hallucination, and you are not you? It's like you've been fishing in a pond for minnows and all the sudden you discover you've hooked, not just a whale, but the entire fabric of reality. What is the purpose of waking up from a dream?
  13. @Socrates If you find your life purpose, that will serve as the backbone for much of your education guidance. But also nonduality, etc is sure to come in handy no matter where you go. Just following your curiosity and bliss is also a good way to go. Study what you LOVE. Yes, more great books coming.
  14. @Beyond Words Sure, but be careful not to confuse a hang-up or neurotic compulsion with Zone of Genius. Just because you like sticking your dick into things, doesn't make it your Zone of Genius. Your mind is just like your dick. It has no off switch. So watch out with all that logic and endless thinking.
  15. @Parki By framing it that way, you're actually describing idealism or phenomenalism. The naive realist believes that what he sees corresponds to an external world behind the scenes, which he thinks looks and works very much the way he sees it.