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  1. You can isolate time from movememt and eliminate it. Movement will remain while time is gone.
  2. I just contemplate the shit out of them over days, weeks, months. Lots of long drives in the middle of the night to nowhere, listening to music and contemplating. Hundreds of drives. Thousands of miles.
  3. You're getting warmer. But it's far more profound than that. Enlightenment isn't an embodiment of Love. Enlightenment IS Love.
  4. You can start simply by loving yourself more in a limited sense. Start by buildung up your self-esteem. See 6 Pillars Of Self-Esteem book and do the exercises. Stuff like that. Love reality too. Love people. Love life. Love nature. Love all the stuff you hate.
  5. It's a metaphysical cord. It has no length.
  6. There is nothing wrong from God's POV. Simple. Get rid of ego until nothing remains. Once you fully surrender, you don't need the know. Universal Intelligence will simply act through your body and mind without you having to control anything. See, ego is simply that which resists Universal flow. The sun is never confused about which way it's going or what is right or wrong. It just follows God's flow. Without ego you become like an object of nature.
  7. Letting go is how. It's a practice: https://www.actualized.org/articles/the-power-of-letting-go I would also point you to my videos about Forgiveness, however your case is so mild that it does not even warrant forgiveness because she didn't even cheat on you, so there's nothing to forgive. Yours is a problem of insecurity, scarcity, and attachment. You gotta work on your inner game.
  8. Time is not movement. There can be movement without time.
  9. If you actually actualized spirituality, you would not need to make your life better. Just being conscious of yourself as God is enough for you to feel complete. Everything else would just be the cherry on top. You don't do spirituality to make your life better, you do spirituality to realize your life is already Perfect regardless of how it is. Of course you can still make material improvements, but they are of little import relative to your spiritual connection to reality. The purpose of spirituality is to build that inner metaphysical connection. It is like an umbilical cord to God. To ask, "But how can I use this cord to make myself rich?" misses the point. The cord itself is the highest prize.
  10. It's impossible for the ego to imagine this. To fully surrender to God's Will is a radical and mystical thing. It almost feels like your body and mind are taken over by the Universe. Universal Intelligence courses through your veins and you align to this Intelligence such that every muscle in your body and every thought in your mind becomes informed by Divine Perfection. This would require nuking all sense of personal self and personal agenda. Then your only agenda would be the Universe's agenda. And you don't need to know the precise agenda, because you know it's always Love. And then your life is just like surfing atop an endless wave of Love. All your decisions become aligned with the highest Good for All. God takes over your body and mind and you become its tool. But for that to happen there would have to be zero trace of self. You could not have your own personal desires or agenda any more.
  11. Well, I'm sure in some countries that is possible, especially if you are extremely frugal. But I doubt you'll find that in any ashram. An ashram is not welfare. Welfare is better.
  12. Cheating happens very rarely. The issue here is not cheating, it's just a fundamental insecurity and scarcity. It's an inner game problem. This girl didn't even cheat on him, yet he's already acting butt-hurt as if she did. I don't care if my girl cheats on me because if she wants to do that, she clearly isn't meant to be with me. So there is no reason to care. Besides which, I feel high-value enough that the idea that a girl would cheat on me is just silly. It would be like throwing away a lottery ticket. If she wants to do that, let her. I have no need for such a dumb girl. This is the mindset a man needs. Literally do not care what she does. Let her do whatever she wants. What you'll find is that she senses this and becomes even more loyal. And the ones who don't appreciate you just go their own way. Women can smell security and insecurity from a mile away, like bloodhounds. Eliminate all your insecurities. Do not allow thoughts of cheating to even enter your mind. If it ever happens you'll just find a new, better girl. The reality is, once you build yourself into a high-value man, thoughts of women cheating on you will not even cross your mind, because you know you're the prize every girl dreams of. So the solution here is to build yourself into a high-value man. Your life needs to be so good and full that girls are just the cherry on top.
  13. Studying is not studies. The notion that you can develop a proper understanding of things through "studies" is one of the stupidest pseudo-intellectual myths in modern culture.