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  1. Figure it out for yourself.
  2. That's what happens when you don't learn proper physical escalation.
  3. Yeah, well, most scientists are shit scientists. A few might know it conceptually, but they don't really understand what I am saying. You guys are not taking this issue seriously enough.
  4. You let go of all effort and manipulation of yourself and your experience. Zero manipulation. No, it makes you stronger. Not being able to let go of a thing is a weakness.
  5. To realize the Infinite Self requires awakening. It is not a logical deduction. So that's what you are missing. Meditation requires a deep letting go. I recommend the do-nothing technique for you, so that you let go of trying to meditate as you meditate. It takes practice to get the hang of it. Yes, the ego-mind want to control meditation and this obstructs true meditation.
  6. @DocWatts Thomas Kuhn was on the right track, but he himself had no clue how deep the problem of science goes. Science is imaginary. Good luck finding a single scientist in the world who understands that.
  7. Seriously developing yourself as a man will never be as popular or mainstream as stuff like blackpill, redpill, incels, etc. Because the most popular stuff is designed for lazy people who don't want to do any work. And becoming a powerful man requires enormous work. Of course you can teach whatever you want. But just understand that real success cannot be turned into a meme or an ideology. It's the same problem as trying to popularize God or enlightenment. Pickup is not dead. There are more guys doing and teaching pickup than ever. Just don't go about it in a toxic way. All the core principles of attraction and how to be a man have been discovered and articulated long ago. The problem is that it's so challenging that most guys don't want to do the work to actualize it.
  8. Do not bring this toxic attitude here.
  9. @StarStruck Just keep quiet and do the practices. You don't need to whine about it constantly. You are creating this extra layer of suffering. This journey is not about getting any specific girl. It is about growing yourself as a man. Therefore it doesn't matter if you lose any particular girl. Keep your eye on the big picture, not one girl or one date. Notice that every time you go out and talk to girls you improve a little. Focus on the positive. Focus on what is working.
  10. @StarStruck How about you just stop making such a fucking drama out of approaching girls? Just approach and stop caring so much about outcome. Enjoy the process and stop complaining about every thing. Not every girl you interact with is supposed to sleep with you. Less complaining more approaching.
  11. @Harlen Kelly After you date a few prostitutes and strippers you will understand at a deeper level than any scientist.
  12. Even if there are countries with more beautiful women, I'm not going to move to some shitty country for that. In practice you are not going to get along well long-term with women from 3rd world countries no matter how beautiful they are. The cultural, developmental, and economic differences will be too great.
  13. @Harlen Kelly You can test your theory by marrying a prostitute. Let us know how that works out for ya.
  14. I wouldn't wait for that. Detoxing can take a long time. Do both at the same time.
  15. It's not fun, that's for sure. But I have done it.