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  1. AWAKE does not require alien consciousness. AWAKE requires that you become conscious of how you imagine the entire world into existence around yourself. It's very direct, very pure, very profound God-Realization. You need to get to the very root of what GOD is. Not as Emptiness or Nothingness, but as yourself imagining everything around you -- including your body, your memories, the Earth, and other people. And including all spiritual teachings and enlightenment. You have to realize that enlightenment, nonduality, Buddhism, meditation, sleep, birth, and death are all imaginary.
  2. It's hard to put such things into words. It's way beyond verbal description.
  3. No human guru is up to the task. Psychedelics are the highest guru.
  4. This was your mistake right here. You have to say: "Of course I've seen him. He's me."
  5. There is nothing wrong with using AI. Just disclose it.
  6. Reality is Absolutely Perfect. Focus on that.
  7. I highly doubt that self-inquiry will get a significant number of people to awaken. It will work for some, but not for most. Which is why adopted a different path. Yes.
  8. And you are insults.
  9. Some more than others.
  10. It's pointless to worry about it. The tech is here. It's not going away. The only way out is through. Focus on the positives of it.
  11. They are simple because their awakenings are shallow. You can turn awakening into a very shallow thing if you want. Then it is much easier to teach and much more appealing to ignorant spiritual rats.
  12. I wasn't insulting cartoon movies, I was insulting the crap Disney makes, like superhero movies and Star Wars.
  13. Well, this is one trans shooter in a sea of right-wing Incel shooters. It's not surprising that at some point some trans will do shootings. After all, they tend to be badly bullied and they often have depression and mental health problems. It's somewhat surprising there have not been more trans shooters given the lack of love they receive.
  14. Sam occasionally has bad takes. Destiny is pretty reasonable in his takes too, his manner is just less mature. I like many of Destiny's positions. He does of a good job of cutting through some of the Progressive/Green group-think and dogma. I like that neither of them are socialists but still very progressive. The more socialist a Progressive is, the more detached from reality their takes tend to be. Both Sam and Destiny are practical.