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  1. Consciousness is capable of complete omniscience and self-understanding. Pursue it, or don't. Up to you.
  2. Guys, watch how easily you are willing to surrender your authority and responsibility for self-reflection to someone else. If you're serious about growing up, ponder whether doing so is a good idea. No disrespect to Emerald. But this can turn into a disservice for people. You must learn to stand up on your own two feet rather than asking an online stranger what your life purpose should be, etc. How do you know any of this is correct? Are you willing to stake your life on it? If you're just doing this to have fun, okay. But some people here look way too eager to have a stranger give them marching orders for life, which is not in the spirit of self-actualization. It is critical that you learn to listen to your heart and trust yourself more than any Tarot card. God is speaking through your heart. Why the fuck aren't you listening?
  3. Lol, that's because there is never anything but the Absolute. There is a million times more than you currently imagine.
  4. @Chintan desai In which case, you should spend the next few weeks doing research. Reddit and Erowid
  5. God is alone. What other message do you need? Could the breadcrumb trail be any more obvious?
  6. @Chintan desai Yes, you're ready for fuck's sake. Go meet God. You're long overdue. Any classic psychedelic will due. Start low.
  7. No, I had zero intention of leaving. But then I stumbled my way into a level of consciousness so high that it seemed like to go any higher it would be a point of no return. Once you go that high there might be no coming back.
  8. If you transcend all differences, none of those physical difference would exist. So it would be irrelevant. God don't care who it fucks or doesn't fuck. There is no difference between a vagina and a roll of toilet paper. Only does the ego-mind imagine a difference. Just not clear. The problem is too few people have done it to really know. And I would never trust some 1000 year old dogma on the matter.
  9. Yes, it's a serious problem. I'm not well versed in it. If you want to cure it, buy all the books on it you can and do all the research and then start testing various solutions until something sticks.
  10. Maybe But maybe there is a purer, deeper level?
  11. @Patrick_9931 Most people should probably focus on building up a decent life for yourself: career, life purpose, education, skills, business, money, relationships, family, health, nutrition, house, hobbies, etc. Pretty much everyone needs those things unless you are going to become a full-time monk. So it's a question of whether you want to be a householder or a monk. There's no right answer. It's all about what you want. At an age so young, you've got plenty of time to build up a decent life for yourself (over the next 10 years let's say) and then you can abandon it later if you want to go hardcore monk. Or you can have that householder life established and waiting for you after you return from your spiritual quest. Becoming a monk at 19 is too extreme for most people. That would only be if you know for sure that your destiny is to be a full-time hardcore Buddha. But it even took The Buddha til 27 to leave his household and till 30-something to reach enlightenment.
  12. @zeroISinfinity Do you deny then that Mahasamadhi is a thing? Seems hard to deny that. I'm not saying you should do it. Just saying it's a possibility. I would not be talking about it unless I had been thrust into it, and had to seriously evaluate where this is a place I want to go. Not a thing you want to stumble into by accident.
  13. The problem with mahasamadhi is that it doesn't really lend itself to documentation. If you're doing it, you will not give a damn about this world. You are basically choosing to destroy the dream world in favor of pure Infinity. So there will be no one to benefit from your documentation. Not to mention it's hard to post a video of yourself killing yourself. YouTube would shut it down. Back at ya. I think I reached a point with 5-MeO-DMT in which a mahasamadhi might be possible -- if one really wanted to push for it. Of course this is unproven. It took me about 80 trips. The mind becomes so indifferent to all differences that it seems to mirror Sadhguru's descriptions of what mahasamadhi requires: a totally equanimus mind which does not differentiate between anything and does not want to differentiate between anything. This is Love in its purest form. Maybe, but that's not what I understand currently. I understand it to be permanent pure Infinity/Love, and that's the end. The dream world is transcended and realized to never have existed. The way to escape the dream world is to realize that its only function was to teach you that reality is LOVE. Once this is fully recognized, that's it! The function of the dream world has been achieved. It was only a staging ground for the ultimate self-realization. Everything is Absolute Infinity. Period. This level of consciousness gives you complete omniscience. At which point you know yourself so completely that you are done. There cannot be anything more. You are Totally ONE, forever. Maybe Nirvana is now, but also there might be a higher Nirvana which is formeless, Pure Infinity/Love. The end of all striving and struggle. Just pure Consciousness.
  14. @Husseinisdoingfine He makes many great points, but he's not immune to his own bullshit. Self-deception is a bitch.
  15. Odd? Where did you get the silly I idea that I have no fear?