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  1. That is NOT what a woman is attracted to in a man though.
  2. While it's true that women have fears of sexual assault and so-on that men do not, it's absurd to say that women fear more than men. Most men are full of fear. A woman doesn't even understand what fear is until she's experienced what it's like for a guy to cold approach a hot girl and try to attract her. Most men are super insecure and fearful. Fear is fundamental to all living organisms. Women do not have some special monopoly on fear. Fear is fundamental to the ego-mind. So it's not about male or female. The more ego the more fear.
  3. LP by day, pickup by night. Move to a bigger city when you can afford it. Remember, pickup doesn't have to take up your whole day. You can go out for 2-3 hours every Fri, Sat, Sun. You can do day game in the afternoons on weekends.
  4. If you don't care about the survival agenda of an ant, why should anyone care about your survival agenda? Notice how utterly selfish you are. And when it's pointed to you, you get nasty about it.
  5. They literally only exist when you are aware of them. Like in a video game. There is no static video game world other than what is rendered on the screen. The screen is it. Yes Of course There is no difference between a rock and your body.
  6. There's no solution to this other than finding another girl. Attraction is not a conscious choice. You do not choose what you get attracted to. She herself cannot satisfy her own standards for you. She will certainly not be turned on by any random guy. It's your responsibility as a man to screen girls hard right off the bat to meet your attractiveness standards. Stop settling for mediocre girls. By not screening harder you are doing a disservice to the girl, since you won't be passionate about her.
  7. Not for thousands of years. You can have ideas and simply be non-ideological about them.
  8. Likewise I will not care about enslaving your children. Don't cry when I serve you a dish of your own BS. This assumes so much. It assumes you see him as human. It assumes you care about the pain of others. None of this is the case without education, training, and infrastructure. YOU ARE SELFISH. You do not care about the pain of others. Your survival hinges on you not caring. If you could push a magic button to receive a perfect sex slave who will fulfill all of your deepest desires on command, you would push that button and you would not care about her feelings. You and your friends would then invent an ideology which justifies why you all deserve to have sex slaves.
  9. I'm open to it. We need to move in that direction. But unlike most socialists I'm not naive enough to think that it will all just auto-magically work without leadership. Co-ops will need leadership. We need more co-ops, but we need more conscious, visionary leadership too.
  10. It's even more radical than that. If you knew all the content, all of it would cancel out and precisely equal Nothing.
  11. I'm extremely skeptical of any flat-hierarchy organizations. If they worked, they would have been done from day one. The problem is they are inefficient and directionless. Design by committee doesn't work so well. Majority of people are lazy, ignorant, stupid, and without vision or ambition.
  12. If 40mg vaped didn't show him God, plugging won't either. He clearly has a massive tolerance to it. 40mg should knock you out cold and maybe even kill you.
  13. You can get a little sneak peak here: https://www.actualized.org/insights/deconstructing-property-rights
  14. @peanutspathtotruth But with changa you're inhaling the smoke of some junk herb?? I don't see the appeal of that. I'd rather take a pure clean hit of DMT via a simple oil pipe. Oil pipe works excellent. Yes, it can be fucking intense if you dose too high. So dose low. You can always redose and keep a steady high going.
  15. @Jacobsrw People who claim math is racist are not doing so on libertarian grounds. Libertarians usually don't give a damn about racism, since most of them lean right-wing. And a libertarian would tend to argue that math and logic are absolute truths since libertarians do not understand relativity.