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  1. Just knowing a ton of facts is not intelligence. Intelligence is hella hard to define because it is an existential and spiritual thing.
  2. Yes, be very mindful about that.
  3. That has been the right's game for the last 8 years on every issue: oppose stage Green at all costs like a stubborn jackass, even if it means siding with toxic Blue and Red. JP built his whole career on this. The right wing has lost its mind by overracting against Green. Even Elon Musk and Joe Rogan fell into that trap.
  4. No one knows. It will be impossible for a human to compete in terms of facts known. It's like competing in arithmetic against a calculator. No human mind can contain that much raw information. The question is, what can this AI do beyond knowing a ton of facts?
  5. This is false. They can seriously injure you, even if you follow all the rules. And yes, they could kill you. So don't be a fool.
  6. Yes. You have to be very careful about that. High doses can make the body very bruisable, even from light pressure, like sitting funny in a chair. And it could even turn to internal hemoraging. So if you see bruising then dial it back and be more careful where you put pressure on your body.
  7. I didn't say AGI won't happen. I just said there's a lot of hype and that 7 month timeframe is silly.
  8. Maybe because it's one of the only interviews Putin has given to Western media since launching his war.
  9. You could re-dose it 20 times in a row. But be careful. Monitor yourself for headaches or other health issues and discontinue use if you start feeling unwell. And also, be ware, that much 5-MeO-DMT will put you dangerously out of touch with material life.
  10. Honestly, interviewing Putin is kinda terrifying. If you push him too hard and make a fool out of him, he might have you poisoned just to send a message. Imagine if you knew that I poisoned a half dozen forum members who acted out. You'd be real careful what you post.
  11. New theory: Putin killed Navalny just to troll Trucker.
  12. Ironically, there is no multipolarity allowed inside Russia. Only the Putin pole. Hence the bullshit of Duginism.