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  1. I have read it. Just at a high level. My mind grasps things holistically. It does not need to go through logical steps or formal proofs. I had understood the essence of Godel's discovery before I even knew Godel existed. Epistemically, the map can never be the territory. Truth cannot be symbolized. It is really obvious that no formal logical system could ever encapsulate the Truth due to the problem of self-reference. Godel intuited this too. Then he formally proved it. Godel intuited the truth of his proof before he created the proof.
  2. Nope, it is ALL. ALL has no opposite.
  3. False. Because it is limitless it can have no opposite.
  4. Mu! Concept is a distinction. Distinction is not a concept. --------- Speculating about distinctions is not gonna cut it. Direct consciousness is required. The answer is not a verbal answer.
  5. @Crystalous Of course! Nothing compares to the intoxicating allure of Leo. You not being Leo, your results may vary
  6. I dislike linear logical thinking. I find it very boring. I underatand Godel's theorem on a high, metaphysical level. I don't bother with the details of it. The details of things are rarely important to me. All I really care about is the big picture.
  7. Goal is to become both a man and a woman in one body.
  8. Mental illness can happen at any stage. But more common at lower stages simply because it's hard to get to a high stage with an unresolved mental illness. Most mental illness can be healed. It usually requires doing the right inner work which people are not taught how to do. It doesn't really make sense to me how a mental illness will survive deep consciousness work unless you got some physical brain injury.
  9. Careful with these gross generalizations. But women generally are better than men at appreciating the value of relationships, love, empathy, emotions, and intimacy.
  10. Mystical and nondual states are always accessible at any stage. But they become more likely at the higher stages of the Spiral.
  11. That's right. Reality has no opposite. Because its all-inclusiveness leaves no room for anything else.
  12. @cetus56 Lol And in Christianity, the Holy Shit.
  13. If they are paying your bills, it might be wise to just accept some of those simple compromises like not buying pork or alcohol. Once you are paying for yourself you can buy whatever you want. Freedom has to be earned. You could also tell them that you are pursuing spirituality/Allah directly, in accordance with nondual Sufi ways and the spirit of Islam (surrender to Allah). Muhammad was into meditation. If you are pursuing nonduality, the irony is that you are more Muslim than they are. But don't tell them that
  14. If you ever discover what a distinction is, you will understand what all of reality is.
  15. @John Lula You can find mediums in your area on Yelp. I made a blog post about it some time ago. Go get a psychic reading and see what happens. I had a psychic accurately predict a few things for me.