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  1. If you're brand new, start with just gathering information. Realistically, you need to digest a bit of information before you get your bearings. Watch videos, read books, acquire the right theory. Theory is important to start getting your bearings and deciding what your first move should be. You can't make a good first move until you know what your options are. If you bought the course, that's a really good intro for newbies.
  2. @kieranperez That's where it all starts. Totally normal. Just make a commitment to make babysteps and not quit. Failure isn't a problem so long as you keep taking babysteps and don't quit in frustration. Start with small habits like just reading a self-help book every day for 30 minutes. Don't go comparing yourself to me or anyone else. Most of us had to start in a shitty place. It's just been years and years of work. This work requires great patience and a long vision.
  3. @Principium Nexus You're talking bullshit. Sit down, stop your thoughts, and see what results. It is possible. Many people have done it.
  4. @Ilya You are not even 1% of the way to enlightenment. You are still stuck at the level of ideas and intellect. Drop everything and start from scratch. Back to the self-inquiry salt mines!
  5. It's too direct to put into words. Things become knowing directly, without language or concept. It's like hyper-intuition. Nothing in particular is heard, seen, or felt. Deep truths just dawn on you out of the blue, and you know they are 100% correct. It's not a logical linear process, but a massively multi-parallel process. As David Hawkins once said: Not through logic.
  6. No, only thought is thought. Notice that the world does not disappear during the gap between two thoughts. Maybe your thoughts are not as important as you think
  7. You'll have to drop the belief that you are a small finite body.
  8. @Privet There is no such thing as "my awareness". There really isn't even awareness. There is only one substance making up everything. It cannot be named or defined. It's what the visual field is made out of for example, and all the other sensory fields. Although calling it "visual field" is misleading because then people think of it as happening inside a brain or body, which isn't the case. It really helps to completely destroy the notion that there is an external world of any kind, or that you have a brain. There is no external world or brain. There is only phenomena afloat in nothing, nowhere, nohow. What you see is exactly what there is. Except notice that there isn't a "you" seeing it. It's important to realize that the question, "But how is that possible?" isn't a valid question. This isn't science. This is mysticism. There can be no mechanical explanation.
  9. First start by researching the conspiracy theory called "self". If any questions are left that's done, feel free to research whatever you want.
  10. @Afonso 1) By training your mind to focus, it will start to become much more natural and then it will be easier to be still without manipulation. They definitely synergize. But probably not until you do 100s of hours of practice. Disciplining the monkey mind seems very manipulative and forced for the first 1000 hours. 2) It's not their style. Remember, there are many ways to skin the same cat. Also, often they just assume you're already capable of it. They can easily underestimate how much modern media has rotted our focusing muscles. The prerequisite for self-inquiry is concentration skill. You cannot self-inquire effectively when your mind jumps around to various subjects. 3) Not sure. I never get headaches unless I physically over-strain. Learn to make the whole process relaxed and effortless. Don't strain any muscles. Just sit there as you would if you were waiting for a bus. But of course some people might get headaches and various energies might build up in your head over time. Try to release them or massage them out.
  11. @Principium Nexus Progress has nothing to do with happiness. Progress is a rat race. It never leads to happiness. It's a tool of self-survival.
  12. Yes, it's all fun and games until it actually hits you. Then it's a whole nother matter.
  13. Gonna lock this one, since I think we've beaten this dead horse long enough.
  14. A) Nothing is necessary. Having an impact is of course meaningless in the absolute sense. B) Don't confuse different levels of advice. When I say "Make an impact" this not a nondual truth. This is pragmatic advice for ordinary people. C) If you take a look, the most enlightened people, even though they realize that all action is meaningless, NEVERTHELESS devote their lives to making an impact. Because that's what a high quality human being is wired to do. Think of making an impact as eating or crapping. It's something the human being does, which if you ignore, you'll be sorry. D) Making an impact is not some mandatory thing. I'm just pointing out to you what kind of life you will enjoy living most. People simply don't think through these things. Your psychological needs do matter when it comes to your happiness. E) If you really don't want to make an impact, don't. But even that is an impact. You cannot not have an impact. The question is, what kind of impact will you want to have? A conscious one, or an unconscious one? F) If a guy makes 1500 videos about something, that's quite an impact he's making. G) Life purpose is a conscious CONSTRUCTION. Life purpose is not something you "find in the world". It's something you decide to create in the world. Not for any reason. Simply because you want to create something.
  15. @Shakazulu Strong Determination Sitting would be a good technique for that. To become dispassionate, you will have to spend 1000s of hours observing your passions as they arise in the moment, and also resisting and surrendering them mindfully.