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  1. Interesting video. Note how he talks about 10,000 hours of meditation to shut off monkey mind. (Just as expected.)
  2. @Zaid Yes, that's how it tends to unfold. Keep at it. Keep at it. Keep at it, until something pops.
  3. @BeginnerActualizer I don't engage in video games almost at all any more. For me video games were my art, like painting. It was about creating beautiful things and being creative. I might even make some video games at some point. But they wouldn't be mainstream commercial products. More artsy. Nothing is inherently evil. Entertainment does have value when not overused. And all artistic pursuits are valid so long as you feel that it's art that you're doing and you're passionate about it. One of the reasons I got out of video games is because I felt most games were too shallow and commercial, and it's not easy making artsy games and surviving in that industry. The work practices of the industry are also extremely unhealthy and consciousness-destroying. If I ever return to making video games, it would be 100% on my terms. The reason I started my first business was because I was so disgusted by not having 100% creative autonomy over my work. When I comes to my work, I'm a total control freak.
  4. 4g dried is a pretty strong dose. Although it's possible to go much higher. 4g can easily kick your ass.
  5. Everyone's prime directive is to be raising the quality of their consciousness. That's what human life is about. The life purpose, as talked about in the course, is about how do you want to contribute to humanity? What do you want your life's work to be? Personal development is something you'll be doing anyway. The question you should be asking yourself is what kind of career will be aligned with your deepest values? Otherwise you'll be stuck working at Starbucks your whole life. If you love personal development or consciousness work, then that probably means your career should be somehow related to that. But now you gotta think through the details. Plan it out. What value can you offer the world?
  6. @Arielle Enlightenment puts you MORE in touch with the human condition, not less. You cannot even fathom or appreciate the human condition until you've awoken from it at least once. If anything can super-charge your creativity, it's enlightenment. Every artist should become enlightened, if only to improve their art. The biggest thing that gets in the way of great art is ego. It's interesting that artistic-types are the ones you tend to love psychedelics. Psychedelics are like raw divine inspiration.
  7. Video games don't really make you violent (same as violent movies don't make you violent), but they DO lower your consciousness, same as TV. I don't think video games make people violent because they aren't murder simulators, they are GAMES. When you kill an elf in World of Warcraft, you don't do it with violent intent, you do it for fun as a role play. If you actually used games with the intent to hone your cruelty and anger, then they probably would help you become violent. But 99% of people don't play games that way. Most people play games just for fun, to escape reality. Video games are also different than visualization because in visualization you're actually flexing the mind, whereas in a video game you're just seeing violent images, which isn't the same as consciously generating them. But the bigger question is: Are video games harming your consciousness? And the answer is definitely YES! Not because of the violence factor, but because you're using it as an escape from reality. Video games are basically anti-mindfulness training. You're getting lost deeper in Maya as you play. And notice that every video game -- no matter how great -- ends with a sense of hollowness and lack of fulfillment. Which is what drives people to seek out the next great game, and the next great game, and the next, creating a cycle of addiction but never fulfillment.
  8. The dream analogy is very good. That's basically how best to hold reality, as a dream. And you can wake from it, just like a dream.
  9. @Epsilon_The_Imperial Everything is ultimately illusion, but that's to be understood in a different context than what Dennett is talking about. Qualia is the closest thing we've got to "reality". But even qualia turn out to be Nothing. But this is not something to argue philosophically, it's to be grasped directly, by becoming it. The problem with Dennett's view is that he thinks there's hard physical matter behind-the-scenes (or whatever). There is no such thing. It's all just an infinite dream. But for practical purposes, start with qualia. Careful investigation of qualia is your gateway to Nothingness. To deny qualia on philosophical grounds is very unhelpful. It shows utter lack of mindfulness. Because qualia is the "realest" thing you've got to work with. Anything else is concept (which is just unrecongized qualia). Investigate qualia until you breakthrough to Absolute Consciousness. It has no qualia. It's the "container" for qualia. It's void of all properties. But it is alive and infinite and unbelievably loving.
  10. @Snick Dennett doesn't know jack about consciousness. He's philosophizing about it rather than directly exploring it. His position is that it doesn't even exist! He denies qualia, handwaving it away as illusion. He tries to solve the mind/body problem by basically saying: mind doesn't exist. Which is rather ironic considering that he is saying that using his mind! Ego is an illusion, but qualia are not. At least not in the way he thinks. He is defending the standard materialist position of science. But in such a hardcore way that even most materialists have a hard time buying his central claim that all 1st person phenomena are just an illusion. This simply won't hold up if you experience altered states of consciousness. His model cannot explain spiritual phenomena either. It can only deny them or reduce them to illusion. He certainly hasn't experienced Absolute consciousness. It's very easy to deny something one doesn't have direct experience of. So be careful listening to scientists speculating about consciousness when they've spent their whole lives lost in books and monkey mind. All Dennett has to do is snort 30 mg of 5-meo-dmt, and he will instantly realize that everything he believes is wrong. Or do it the old fashioned way through years of self-inquiry. But he's more interested in his models and theories than direct experience. Do not trust anyone who's not approaching consciousness from a direct experience methodology. You cannot think your way into understanding consciousness. If you could, humans would have done it a long time ago. I would steer clear of folks like Dennett and Dawkins, who are ideological about science. Although I do have their books on my book list, so it's not like I'm closedminded to their points of view. But don't believe me. Decide for yourself what is true and who you can trust. I'm just saying this in the interest of saving you time.
  11. Yeah, I love the barber shop one.
  12. Yeah, it should be. We got 10x bandwidth increase and solid state hard drive.