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  1. Youtube is definitely broken. I'm finding it impossible to upload videos. Every upload succeeds on my end but fails to process on their end. https://support.google.com/youtube/thread/5260978?hl=en I basically cannot upload videos any more unless they fix this. It doesn't seem that they are even aware of the problem yet.
  2. I already uploaded it but YT failed to process it again. Something is off on their end.
  3. If you could, you certianly couldn't explain how you do it via any conventional human paradigm of understanding. It would be a level of connection to God-consciousness beyond anything words could convey. I suspect it is possible. But only for exceptionally advanced yogis. You won't get there through self-inquiry.
  4. Accepting and making sense of it took a long time. It's too amazing to believe. You see it and then you wonder: did I really see that? Couldn't be because it's too good to be true. And yet you know it's absolutely true.
  5. Here's a pointer for ya: The pointer and moon are one
  6. @kieranperez You are not fucked up, you are Love! Love is your soul's truest nature and highest desire. All you need to do when you've feeling down is love more. Love yourself. Love the universe. Love until it kills you. 24 is nothin'! You are a baby yet. Your whole life is ahead of you. You are right where you need to be. Replace your doubts with love and your soul will be happy.
  7. The problem is that's poison to your body and mind. And you're squandering a good opportunity. It's like you go to Disneyland and rather than going on all the rides you lock yourself in the toilet. Technically there's no problem. But it's also a waste.
  8. @Angelite Because I'm not in an abiding state of nondual awareness. I'm sorta semi-lucid but not 100% God-mode lucid. Which is what to me is the ultimate goal. Insight is important and good, peaks are good, but most importantly is the question of your minute to minute lucidity. I believe it's possible to be in full God-mode all the time. When you do 5-MeO it clearly shows you how unwoke you still are. It's a whole order of magnitude more wokeness than ordinary life. It's clear to me that such total wokeness is possible. And I certianly don't have that yet.
  9. Sometimes it can. But meditation is usually more focused on hitting higher states of consciousness rather than addressing buried psychological baggage. There are many layers to your mind which root many of your personal problems which meditation is largely unconcerned with. A lot of Zen masters and enlightened masters can still have significant shadow.
  10. @leintdav000 You have to set your own challenges in school or anywhere else if you wanna be great. Ain't nothing more challenging than a 30 day solo retreat, balls to the wall towards awakening.
  11. I mostly keep to myself. I'm not a very social person. I am happy rolling solo most of the time. A few intimate friends and lovers are no problem. Discussing with them is no problem usually.
  12. Because society makes it easy, herding you into it like a sheep. Now you are on your own. You can actually learn much faster and deeper as an adult. But no one will motivate you. It's all on you. In fact, since you are now trying to move beyond the center of gravity of your culture, they will actively drag you down and discourage you from trying. So it's all on you twice over. Plus you gotta pay your bills, so it's all on you thrice over.
  13. @Lynnel It's tricky for sure. It's not merely a matter of belief. Belief is not what creates your body, for example, but your body IS a hallucination. So this process of creation is not as easy a beleiving whatever the hell you want and it appears. But if you are tripping on psychedelics they open your mind up so much that you can literally imagine a devil and see it materialize before your eyes. But this is not just belief. It's the machinery of Universal Mind which spawns physical reality. You cannot access this machinery easily in ordinary states of human conscious. Because your sense of reality must be maintained to maintain your human life. Your mind works very hard to create a solid sense of "reality" otherwise the game of human life would be up. Fear is pervasive due to the ego's survival function and your belief in death. Growing up is all about learning to master your fear and negative thinking.
  14. Yes and no. Since God is all God ultimately creates all. Since you are God, you create all, including your own suffering. That's the trickery of nonduality. All formulations of it never quite capture both sides of it.
  15. @ahmad ibdah You can't really distinguish between body, mind, and ego. They are deeply intervowen.