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  1. @Revolutionary Think Various parts, not all of which made it into the final game. I did a lot of very early prototypes. I did some very early research of the skyline travel system and the Elizabeth companion. I sorta convinced them that a companion might be a good idea, a la Half-Life 2. We basically stole the idea from there because most other companions are very annoying. Most of the stuff I worked on was such early research and prototypes that it never made it into the final game. They totally changed the tone and look of the game after I left. It was originally supposed to be a dark and brooding game, like Bioshock 1, not the colorful American patriot theme they ended up releasing. I still have concept art from the first version of the game, which looks nothing like the end result.
  2. @UDT That's not dealing with aging, that's dealing with establishing independence and self-efficacy. Dealing with aging is when your body starts to give out and it dawns on you that you've been taking youth and health for granted.
  3. @egoless You're not going to get far in this work if you insist on such a crude and black-and-white way of thinking. Nuance, nuance, nuance...
  4. This is a very subtle topic. It will not be answered well in a thread. I'll shoot a video about it in the future.
  5. There is no subconscious mind. Nothing is hidden. What you see is what there is.
  6. As a matter of fact I did. But I wasn't involved in the metaphysics of the story line. I quit before then.
  7. I know you guys love to split hairs about this stuff. Like I said, the things which I said are so extremely subtle that no conversation about them is possible. What I am pointing to is beyond the understanding of most human beings, including so called enlightened ones. Tread carefully. No appeals to authority will work at this level. Only direct experience. There are many degrees of enlightenment, despite the fact that it is all one thing. If you refuse to accept that, then you will become stuck at whichever level you're at, justifying it to yourself as "there are no levels." Yes, of course there are no levels. But there are also levels.
  8. Materialism is the default paradigm of the human mind in our present era and culture. Materialism really just stems from daulity, which the default OS of human beings across all cultures and times. As one becomes more conscious, one moves towards nonduality. The last step Chalmers is missing is transcending theoretical idealism to actualized nonduality, until one's nonduality becomes so profound that even the distinction between duality and nonduality falls away.
  9. @Monkey-man Why is heads called heads and not tails? Why is your butt not your head and your head not your butt?
  10. @StephenK That's right, all knowledge is actually BEING. There isn't even experience. There is only being. The Absolute is beyond all language, knowledge, or logic. But it is there! You are it. Any further questions you ask is you staying stuck in the mind and failing to understand that being is incommunicable. Therefore the only right next step is to shut your mouth and sit silently.
  11. No The human mind sees the world through dualities: small/big, short/long, skinny/fat, dead/alive, ugly/beautiful, finite/infinite, animal/man, man/machine, etc. That doesn't mean every duality is good/evil.
  12. @charkost That's called Shaktipat. A fairly common siddhi (paranormal power) that mystics can develop. Yes, it's possible. The problem is, do you really want to place your enlightenment in someone else's hands? It is not going to create mastery within you any more than one hit of LSD will.
  13. @vanish Easy there grasshopper. Watch that ego kicking back into overdrive. You've only BEGUN this consciousness process. Don't turn into a Zen devil.