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  1. @Gesundheit2 You better watch your insolent and obnoxious attitude on here of late, or you will get a banning. You flap your mouth nonstop about things you have no clue about.
  2. Reckful wanted to kill himself for being kicked out of World of Warcraft. That tells you how fragile he was. How do you help a guy like that?
  3. Your framing here is rather simplistic and one-sided. JP has helped plenty of people, even though I think his politics is paranoid and reactionary.
  4. It's such a tiny issue it isn't worth regulating or worrying about. If you're going to go down that road you should start by not letting assholes reproduce
  5. I didn't start meditation for pickup. I was into personal development and got into pickup and meditation at around the same time, and I was motivated to do meditation more by Owen Cook who was big into mediation to improve his game. But I never meditated to improve my game. I meditated because I wanted a clearer mind and because I was interested in Zen at the time. It just so happened that a lot of the guys who were into RSD at the time were also into self-improvement of all sorts. Owen is really into that which is why I liked Owen's work. Moreso for the personal dev than the pickup. Although the pickup theory was good too.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Sorry that happened to you, but it is a pretty common thing for those doing hardcore spiritual work. I have a book on my book reviews list about Kundalini syndrome, how to deal with it, and how to avoid it. Yes, lot of intense breathing can trigger it. Which is why Kriya yoga was invented, to slow down the breathing and to active the kundalini in a more stable, gradual, and healthy manner. If you decide to return to spiritual practice, Kriya yoga is what you're missing.
  7. Metal stirring rod with flat end.
  8. I didn't get into psychedelics because of pickup.
  9. And it will forever remain a mystery until you awaken to what other is.
  10. Actually all things are equally beautiful in the mind of God. In a finite mind beauty is biased according to one's survival needs and other such factors. So, absolutely, a goat's pussy is beautiful, you're just way too biased to recognize its infinite beauty. You can construct relative notions of beauty based on majority opinion. That's fine. But you must never forget that this is a purely relative notion. It doesn't actually equate to real beauty. It's true to say that most men would find Megan Fox more beautiful than a fat girl. This is relatively true. But only relatively! You cannot then go around saying that fat girls are not really beautiful. That is the error. In the end, majority opinion doesn't mean shit. Nor is your dick the arbiter of truth. The whole issue here is majority rule which excludes minority perspectives. 100 years ago the majority of Americans would say that black girls are not as beautiful as white girls. That doesn't make it true. Although personally I prefer white girls, the difference is I acknowledge that as my bias. I don't try to make it normative or absolutely true. Whereas someone like JP tries to make it normative and absolute, and this is the mistake. This is where the topic of self-bias comes in very handy, and why I teach about bias a lot. You need to become conscious of your own mental biases. It's okay to have biases, but it's problematic when you deny they are biases.
  11. I've done both. 95%+ of my trips are eyes open.
  12. You see your bias of formlessness and call it Absolute. Missing the other half. You're not fully conscious of what Truth is. You've misapplied "Truth" to formlessness only, overlooking that form is also Truth. This is a bias. Change does not imply time. Time is something your mind imagines on top of change. Consciousness is obviously changing right now and it is Absolute Truth. You're missing things. But you are so stubborn that I will not argue with you any further.
  13. "There"? Maybe there isn't a single "there" here.
  14. That strawman is not something I subscribe to, obviously. Your brain is a lot less malleable than it seems. Psychedelics prove how limited your natural brain's capacity is. But this should not be turned into an limiting belief. There is lots of room for improvement.