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  1. @John Iverson It's extremely important that when you do a formal daily session, your spine is erect. You can meditate standing, but do NOT lie down unless you broke your back. And even then, try to sit up. Be very careful with sloppy meditation practices. You will just waste years of your life.
  2. @Dino D You're just lost in monkey mind. If you seriously cared about knowing the truth, we wouldn't be having this discussion. When you really care about the truth, you wouldn't mind spending 40 years searching for it and coming up empty. It should be that important to you.
  3. @bobbyward No, don't do that. It can be dangerous, and it will not give you a strong trip.
  4. @Dino D With that attitude, you're def fucked. Before you go embarking on enlightenment, teach yourself some basic laws of success. Some Tony Robbins or Brian Tracy or Law of Attraction. Not only will you not get enlightened, you will suck at life in general if you keep thinking like that.
  5. Hehe, you speak of meditation as if it's cannabalism. Every place in the world knows meditation exists and is practiced. Serbia probably has a strong Orthdox tradition. Orthodox prayer is very similar to meditation. Sounds like you gotta upgrade your social circle, if people are really gonna question you for meditating. Also, you don't need to announce it to anyone. Just do it silently. I don't go around telling people to watch my videos. Unless they ask, I keep my mouth shut. I rarely even mention it to my Mom.
  6. It's an experience beyond experience. Spirituality is a direct consciousness of the nonphysical, nonmaterial nature of all conventional experiences. It's like accessing a hidden dimension of reality, but at the same time, your ordinary sights and sounds never change. Your old experience simply gets recontextualized, but this happens on an epic scale, which is way more significant than your mind can presently imagine. Psychedelics can give us a very good glimpse of how this recontextualization happens.
  7. @Dino D Man... this work is no joke. You are asking to understand the very nature of ALL OF REALITY and to become IMMORTAL!!! Seriously! Can you fathom the significance of this??? Enlightenment is not just some self-help goal like losing 40 pounds. If you want big things, you gotta be willing to work for it. Is it emotionally difficult? Fuck yes! You have to face your very death. That's exacty why it's so rare and worthwhile, and why you're complaining about it. Of course you will complain. You haven't even faced the real emotional labor of this work yet. You've but dipped your toe. There will be real agony ahead. But also amazing beauty.
  8. @Winter You are not being nuanced enough. No thing is an addiction. Addiction is not in the thing, but in your relationship to the thing. A highly conscious person could shoot up heroin and not be addicted. If you have an addiction to social interaction, that needs to be addressed. It certainly is possible to interact with people without being addicted to it. Be careful about playing the victim here. You simply have some bad karma around socializing. So dig into it and sort it out. Not externally, but internally. Why are you craving socialization? Sit down and look into that deeply. That's all. Your stories and rationalizations are unnecessary.
  9. Just keep practicing consistently. Allow the spiritual purification process to happen. If you sit daily, you should see the process working on a weekly basis. Emotionall crap will surface, and then pass away, in cycles. The key is to not get fed up and quit. Trust the process. Give it time to work. Strong negative emotions means progress. Don't judge your results by how happy you feel. Happiness is a long-term by-product.
  10. Of course. Skepticism is often used as the ego's greatest weapon. Rather than active skepticism, the much better position is to admit that you really don't know. That is actually what's the case. You just don't know what the truth is. So just stay with that, and try not to let your mind entangle itself in speculation. Speculation is very tempting, but it is a tool of the devil. Not-knowing is a VERY counter-intuitive move.
  11. As I've said before, mastery in this field takes 20-40 years. But that doesn't mean you need to wait that long. There is a big difference between mastery and one enlightenment experience. You can have one experience quite quickly. And you can grow a lot along the way. None of the work is "wasted". You life will be improved by leaps and bounds even if you don't go all the way. Yes, of course enlightenment is rare. Most folks here are just getting started on their spiritual journeys. Don't expect to find enlightened masters hanging around on a forum. Once you have an enlightenment or two, you'll quit this forum. BTW, I have seen people here having awakenings. Can't tell how deep they are, but people are doing it. Or at least getting glimpses, which is still an epic and life-changing thing when you have it. This ain't no Usain Bolt situation. The only problem here is, you don't really want enlightenment bad enough. So a lot of time is wasted beating around the bush. If you just discipline yourself to self-inquire, you will make quick progress. You'll feel it.
  12. @goodwig You're right about that, it's very not good for YOU That's enlightenment. The issue is that you don't really want it. You're searching for goodness, not Truth. So don't be surprised if you never find it. Yes, of course psychedelics can give you a deep glimpse in just 15 minutes. It also helps to go to retreats. Lots and lots of retreats. This issue requires massive work for most people, and for some, extra extra massive work.
  13. @goodwig How much self-inquiry have you done? You could easily meditate for 30 years and not get enlightenment. Many people are in that place. Enlightenment requires a lot more directness if you really care about it. Meditation is generally too indirect, although it can be a good launching point. Ultimately, you gotta be laser-concentrated on wanting to know what the true nature of reality/self is. You need to cultivate a very deep existential desire to know What is Absolutely TRUE?
  14. Rali has been banned from this forum multiple times for unethical self-promotion. The reason he was banned was simply because his behavior has been totally obnoxious and disrespectful. If he tries to return and self-promote again, please report it immediately. Not only is he self-promoting and leeching off Actualized.org, he does so in a manipulative way by trying to stir up a stink with pointless controversy. I am not interested in debating enlightenment. Nor arguing about Rali's behavior towards Actualized.org. I have no ill-will towards him. But when a person tries to get attention at all costs, manipulating and leeching off of others, and claiming to be enlightened, that's a big red flag right there. So be careful who you listen to. I am not interested in arguing whether he is or is not enlightened. I don't really care. Enlightenment doesn't mean jack when one still behaves like a troll, and one's self-proclaimed purpose of teaching is to get rich quick. Any posts made with his content/videos here will get deleted. I don't care what content he releases or what he says, as long as he's not shamelessly leeching off Actualized. With his own audience, he can do whatever he wants and I don't care. The problem arises when he tries to increase his audience at my expense. I've had to spend hours of my own time cleaning up his messes. I hadn't ever brought it up before because I thought the issue was settled. And bringing it up only rewards him with publicity. Frankly, the whole situation is preposterous. I wouldn't care about it if he wasn't misleading and distracting people over and over again, trying to stir up a fight. We are not Fox News here. If you're serious about spiritual growth, be very careful who you listen to, and don't ever settle on one perspective, including of course mine. And remember that actions speak louder than words. Spiritual mastery cannot be faked. It's very obvious who has it, and who doesn't. And I'm not claiming I have it. The whole point of our work is to keep our eye on the ball and not get distracted with human chimpery and drama.
  15. @Beyond Words That is NOT 5-MeO. Don't screw around with such sloppy information. You can get people killed.