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  1. That's like saying it isn't the Moon anymore if you're standing on it.
  2. I'm working on part 2 of the How Fear Works videos and wanted to solicit your questions. Is there anything you still don't understand about fear?
  3. @K VIL You can zoom into a pencil forever and you will never reach its bottom. The pencil has the exact same scale as the Milky Way galaxy. Because all objects have the same scale: infinite. It works just like a fractal. Each scale of the fractal is the same.
  4. @Serotoninluv Yup. Of course.
  5. How could it be otherwise? See my video: Cult Psychology - Part 2.
  6. Nathaniel Branden's work.
  7. There are no hard and fast rules. You need to assess many factors, not just one.
  8. This has nothing to do with SD.
  9. Your whole life is a delusion and a hallucination. Can you handle that?
  10. JP's politics are garbage. The rest is not so bad. You can find some psychological nuggets in his talks.
  11. Integrity cannot be scripted. Evil is scripted. Integrity requires consciousness. Scripts are not conscious, they are mechanical. Those scripts are precisely the Trojan Horse the devil will use to corrupt Shambhavi. Those rules will be corrupted and used to teach devilry, as happened with Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and all the rest. You cannot script consciousness! This is what you're not understanding and what Sadhguru has neglected to teach you. Any time you script consciousness, it ceases being consciousness.
  12. Isha is a limited identity. Isha is the very thing which will spawn the devil. Which is precisely why the devil will corrupt Shambhavi. Shambhavi will be twisted around for the opposite purpose. Hahahaha
  13. Here you need to carefully distinguish fear from healthy caution. I'm not here speaking about of some personal fear I have. I'm here teaching you about the very real dynamics of devilry. You guys are overlooking the depth and nuances of some of these devilry dynamics which I'm trying to point out to you. That's all. This isn't about me.