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  1. Easy for you to say once you've watched all my videos. But without that, you'd never know these things. Everything is obvious in hindsight.
  2. That funds Jeff Bezo's $180 billion net worth
  3. Thanks for posting your results.
  4. I already recorded a rebuttal of Mackey's absurd takes on socialism. Will be posting on my blog soon. Bad segment from Joe. As usual, he didn't push back enough and Mackey just spewed bullshit that merely sounds nice.
  5. It can't be made of anything, since it imagines all things. Consciousness is undefined.
  6. This is the definition of tribalism, and it's happening on both sides. Although the conservatives do it worse.
  7. @MrBON JP thinks there is a problem with women wearing makeup in the workplace and that we still haven't come to grips with women using birth control pills. It's the same old conservative nonsense repackaged in psychological lingo and pseudo-intellectualism. He's a conservative pretending to be something else. It's like he's gay, everyone around him knows it, but he won't admit it to himself. He's deeply confused about his own philosophy.
  8. You can't understand that without awakening. That's right.
  9. I was being nice.
  10. My teachings will never be accepted by the mainstream no matter what I say or do. I'm sick of having to qualify every thing I say and give a disclaimer for everything I say. It's like talking to children.
  11. That's the trick, nothing! Nothing is needed. Ta-da! You are still assuming reality has some limits. The key to realize it is unlimited in every way, since nothing = no limits.
  12. As the mouse hunts the cricket, the owl hunts the mouse. The only problem is when the mouse imagines it's hunting the owl
  13. Please spare me the outrage. The context of what I said is perfectly clear, and what I said is true, even though it will be denied in polite company. And there's nothing wrong with wanting to be raped by your man. We are obviously talking about a consensual act of sex here. What I said had nothing to do with actual acts of illegal rape. What I'm talking about is just standard dominate sex. When the woman desires her man to rape her, whether she say is explicitly or not. Some of ya'll here are too "spiritual" for your own good. As if spirituality and some rough sex can't go hand in hand. Don't act so pure that you deny your base desires.