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  1. If a round is exhausting for you, you should lower your dose. You can do 20-30 rounds per year.
  2. It's like a right-wing keyword rabbit hole. You click on one keyword like JP and get the whole right-wing keyword chain. It's not that it's wrong, it's just very basic and on-the-nose. It doesn't have much intelligence to it.
  3. If you're full of heavy metals and extremely stupid about it. Follow the protocol! Taking 1g of ALA is very foolish.
  4. It's not hard to make it solvent by adjusting taxes appropriately. Right-wingers love to say it's insolvent so they can privatize it.
  5. You guys should understand that just because I speak highly of psychedelics does not mean I endorse any kind of chronic substance use. You will get addicted and it will ruin your personal developement.
  6. I'm not gonna talk about this any more. You're not understanding.
  7. The final goal is to become as conscious of God as possible by whatever means allows for it. Before you go worrying about a permanent experience, first start by at least being conscious of God for 10 minutes. Then you can worry about how to make it permanent. You don't even know what you're trying to lock in yet and whether that's even possible or appropriate. It's like you're trying to buy a house on the moon and you haven't even been there once. My top priority is getting people to the moon because after they get there they will know the target and they will be motivated to get back there on their own.
  8. There is value in building your concentration, but it takes emormous effort and time and does not guarantee understanding God. Human inventing requires manual labor. Don't expect great things to lazily fall out of the sky for you. You want to seriously manifest something? Start a business, raise $50 million, hire 100 people to labor on it for 5 years, lead them properly towards a vision.
  9. Depends on one's level of consciousness. There are certain tradeoffs with being human.
  10. Well, words fail us at such levels of awakening. Sorry. Words simply can't do it justice. My future course will describe things more rigorously. When I speak on this forum I'm often speaking loosely because I'm using this place to test out my ideas before they get solidified in a video or course. You guys are my guinea pigs You guys have to appreciate how challenging it is to articulate these levels of consciousness, and almost nobody out there is doing it, they are feeding you group-think from their traditions. Buddhists and Neo-Advaitans are not doing it. I'm always developing new stuff so my content is always a work in progress. Because I'm on not just parroting stuff at you from a book.
  11. I mean ridiculously high degrees of God-Realization. There's no way to quantify it.