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  1. "[Reality] is a hallucination hallucinated by a hallucination." -- Douglas Hofstadter
  2. There was a bug in the iTunes XML feed -- an "&" symbol which screwed the whole thing up. I fixed it today.
  3. We'll talk more about karma in the future. Yes, it's a deep topic. Nirvana I have experienced. It's Infinity.
  4. You're getting in over your head. 300ug is way too much for you. Even 150ug will mindfuck you to the point where all your plans will fly out the window. Take it slow.
  5. I usually use those words interchangeably. Some teachers like to split hairs about it. I prefer not to because it confuses people. Suffice it to say, if you knew what awareness/consciousness was, you'd be enlightened. It cannot be explained in words. Everything is awareness/consciousness. But you are not aware/conscious of what awareness/consciousness is! If you want to become aware/conscious, place your awareness/consciousness on awareness/consciousness itself for a long time without distraction. Eventually the true nature of awareness/consciousness will dawn. And that will be enlightenment. It does no good to ask people what awareness/consciousness is. You must observe it directly in your experience. There is the answer.
  6. I have not made a video about nihilism or existential crises yet.
  7. @eskwire Careful what you wish for.
  8. @Sweetest Your mind is too closed for this work. Way too much epistemic arrogance. What 5-MeO does, you could not imagine in the wildest science fiction movie. It basically kills you. Try for yourself and see, rather than doing armchair philosophy. It's all fun and games until you start dying.
  9. @7thLetter Here's how a master does it: The #1 leverage point for earning money is fame/popularity/reputation. If you can fake that, you've got it made
  10. @eskwire You ain't really done Vipassana till you've plugged some 5-MeO up your butt That's a little secret Goenka forgot to tell you about
  11. No, it does not. You are misunderstanding what consciousness is. You haven't actually had a direct experience of what nonduality means. You're intellectualizing it. I know an enlightened master who took 1000ug of LSD after his enlightenment to test himself. He was unable to tell the difference between night and day. But his grounding in Nothingness was unshaken. Consciousness isn't a product of the brain. The brain is a form within consciousness, and as consciousness is the only thing there is, it is self-interactive. A rock hitting you in the head and causing a bruise is consciousness (a rock) interacting with consciousness (your head) causing a change in consciousness (a bruise).
  12. Lol, That's the #1 secret of the millionaire mind: advertise yourself shamelessly.
  13. @John Iverson 1) Ego backlash 2) Sex drive is hard to just stop. In fact you bascially can't. The only way to transcend it is through lots of conscious spiritual puriffication work. I wouldn't worry about sex too much. Don't try to suppress it. Learn to accept it and to fulfill it in healthy ways.