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  1. They could even ram it through after Trump loses but before he leaves office. That would be the most devilish move. Act like they won't ram it through for 6 weeks, then ram it through before January as a final F-you to the Libs. But they are probably too greedy for such a move. They will want to ram it through immediately. Reps have to be very careful here, because how greedily they pounce on this could cost them the whole election across the board. If Reps got their judge but lost across the board, I think that would be net win for America.
  2. The left was outraged. But also, that was the pre-Trump era. Dems didn't have power in the Senate. Probably not because Dems don't have a majority in the Senate. Outrage != legal power
  3. The Supreme Court is already lost. Dems won't stop that. But there will be hell to pay as people get outraged at Republicans over it. Majority of people support liberal judges. 75% of the country supports abortion. So these moves the Republicans are making are anti-democratic and they will not be able to sustain that. People will get outraged. People are already outraged. When the will of the majority is not honored, there will be civil unrest.
  4. When this happened under Obama, they blocked Obama's judge for over a year until Trump won and picked his own. Mitch McConnell stole 1 seat from Obama while arguing that it was warranted because the election was just over a year away. Now the election is 6 weeks away, but McConnell don't give a fuck. There would be no problem if Obama got his judge: as is Constitutionally required. It's pretty gross that Republicans were able to steal a judge so blatantly and shamelessly.
  5. Be careful what you wish for. The Republicans will respond in kind.
  6. High noon robbery Of course that's how self-bias works. Mitch was born for this day. He creamed his pants as soon as he heard the news.
  7. From what I understand, no it doesn't. The Constitution does not specify the exact number of judges. But doing that will create an Supreme Court arms race.
  8. Things are gonna get violent. Expect riots, looting, counter-riots, militia shootings, conspiracy theories, domestic terrorism, etc.
  9. There will be HUGE demonstrations and a giant march on Washington for sure.
  10. Yes, exactly. But it will be a huge public battle, bigger than Kavanaugh. People will see that the Republicans are overplaying their hand right before the election. This is potentially very dangerous for Republicans if they overplay it. And it looks like they will. This will mobilize a lot of enthusiasm for Biden. Biden has a lot going for him now, after this and Covid.
  11. This will actually increase Biden's chances of winning now. The more right-wing the country turns before the election, the more it will swing in the other direction in November. Being so aggressively, monstrously right-wing is what may cause the Republicans to lose all 3 branches in Nov.
  12. Yes, he will, if they see him side by side with Trump. Joe Biden is not like Hillary Clinton. He doesn't have strong disapproval ratings. Most people would be happy with Joe Biden. He comes off as a decent, reasonable guy. Only the fringes of both sides strongly oppose him. It's very hard to paint Joe Biden as some radical or crazy person. He feels competent, and right now I think most people just want some competent non-divisive leadership. All Biden has to do is present himself as reasonable and competent. Trump should self-destruct.