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  1. Good work. Of course with psychedelics it's a lot more pleasant and fun.
  2. Don't be lazy and actually read his books if you want to know those things. I spoil you guys too much with videos. If you expect to master life through videos, you're doomed.
  3. It wasn't even really a decision. My #1 goal as a living being has always simply been to understand what reality is. It is not even a deliberate goal I set. It is more like a deep natural curiosity about life. And from there, when I heard about enlightenment, it was just naturally the most important thing to pursue. There is not even a choice for me whether to pursue it or not. There's only the question of: How fast, how seriously? And via which method? You pursue it despite fears and inhibitions. Don't wait for them to disappear. It has never even crossed my mind that I will not pursue enlightenment. To me that would be like throwing away the greatest gift in the universe. Just start doing Kriya yoga everyday and psychedelics. The rest should take care of itself.
  4. Psychedelic breakthroughs will do it
  5. May God bless you all with great suffering. And if God should fail, I believe they have spots open in North Korea. You could just like buy a ticket and stroll across the border.
  6. You are as imaginary as the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Has it sunk in yet that science has never proven the existence of a self, or of an external reality, or of boundaries between objects? Why do you believe your life is worth saving? Why not kill yourself? After all, scientifically, there's nothing important about your life at all and no reason why you should work to preserve it. It's rather unreasonable of you to value your life over any other life. Scientifically, there's no more value in life than in death. So why do you behave so unscientifically every day? Give that some thought.
  7. Sounds like you're on the right track. Keep following that breadcrumb trail like a hungry bloodhound (or lion)
  8. @ChadT Sorry, I don't play those rationalist games. I will prove the paranormal to you after you first prove to me that you exist. You want paranormal? Snort 30mg of 5-MeO-DMT. Put your nose where your mouth is. Then you don't even need to listen to me any more.
  9. Character becomes more and more purified and authentic. Because most people have been so brainwashed by culture, their true character has become so corrupted and obscured that just through lots of purification it can appear as though the character changed a lot, when really all that happened was a polishing of this diamond in the rough. Imagine an ancient archeological object which is covered in 5 layers of grime and rust. Once you strip all that crap away, the original object will finally be revealed. And it could look very different than you first imagined. But also, the shape is still basically the same.
  10. @ChadT The distinction of ordinary vs extraordinary, normal vs paranormal is purely relative. Xrays, airplanes, electromagnetism, computers, radiation, wireless communication -- all of this would have been considered paranormal 500 years ago. You materialists are blind to how your mind is shifting the goal posts and taking reality for granted. The distinction between natural and supernatural phenomena is a fiction your own mind constructed. Everything is supernatural. The statistical evidence of ESP is extraordinary in its volume. If you're quoting Carl Sagan or Sam Harris, you really haven't seriously investigated the epistemic and metaphysical foundations of the science and rationalism which you believe in so blindly. You're doing religion 2.0. Rationality in the hands of a fool is a dangerous thing.
  11. Lol It's hard to resist giving them a taste of their own medicine. Sort of like bullying a bully
  12. Experience does not actually exist. What you presently call "my experience" is actually Absolute Infinity. But the ego cannot see this because it believes that you were actually born. The ego is misinterpreting being as experience because of its selfishness. The ego is a giant ball of concepts which includes the concept "me", "my life", "my experience", etc. All of that falls away with the collapse of the ego such that only raw being remains. Life ceases to belong to you. You realize that your birth is just an idea. It never actually happened. You were not born physically, you are born conceptually. "I was born physically" << that's your conceptual birth! Wakey wakey
  13. @Revolutionary Think Like a circle jerk
  14. The hard scientific statistical data for paranormal phenomena is beyond doubt. The problem is, no materialist wants to take it seriously, so the data falls on deaf ears. The bottleneck isn't lack of evidence, it's lack of openmindedness. The truth is too uncomfortable for materialist to stomach, as it would spell doom for materialism. So they just stick their head in the sand. Just like religious folks do about evolution. Same old game replayed in new ways. Nothing original or surprising about it. This is paradigm lock.
  15. Being is prior to knowledge. Turns out that knowledge is actually impossible. You cannot know anything because the thing you are using to accomplish the knowing is itself unknowable. It's like you're trying to use a knife to cut itself.