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  1. No major left-wing political candidate is advocating open borders. This is some bogeyman the right wing created. Also, applying for asylum is LEGAL. I have no problem with border enforcement as long as it's humane.
  2. @Bryanbrax Too many wacky visuals in that video -- gives the wrong impression. Think of it as nothing changes visually. Just awareness increases and sense of self collapses or expands. It feels like being hyper-present. You become so present & aware that you literally see through the substance of physical reality. What once looked physical now seems like a hologram. Physical objects appear empty, like a hallucination or a mirage. You can see them still, but they lack reality. It can also feel like the air got sucked out of the room. Everything becomes crystal clear and luminous. It also feels like divinity and pure magic.
  3. @Angelite What does that have to do with retreats? When doing a retreat, be crystal clear about what you're doing and what the parameters are. Don't be jerking off in your Mom's basement and calling that a retreat. A retreat is when you're meditating/inquiring 24/7. Or in the case of psychedelic retreats it's back to back days of deep tripping.
  4. @Zizzero Discussions about the fundamental structures of government and society is not a culture war. This is very substantive and important stuff. Be careful with such sloppy false equivalencies. If you think that what I'm doing here is just the ideological opposite of what Fox News is doing, you've got much to learn and you are contributing to the problem. Just because a topic is polarizing and emotional does not make it any less important. In fact it's all the more important because people do not know how to think properly about polarizing issues. They tend to either take one side or do a sloppy false equivalency, both of which are dangerous. Ignoring poltical questions is not an option if we care about consciousness. Actualized.org could not exist under a regressive government. When monsters come to power they tend to silence and repress the intellectuals and wisest people.
  5. Your position is not quite racist but it is enthocentric. Small minds think ethnocentricly. What you're doing is defending an identity you constructed. But you want to deny it. But I am pointing it out to you that you are in denial about it. But the nature of denial is that you will deny that you are in denial. So here we are. You are stuck in Tier 1. I am trying to communicate to you from Tier 2. But you do not understand Tier 2 because you have an enormous amount of consciousness work to do. And of course you do not want to do it, so you make this about me. If your mind succeeds in making this about me, then you won't have to grow. Which is just perfect for your ego's survival. Do not underestimate the sophistication with which your own mind is tricking you. Nothing your mind says can be trusted. Your mind is a blind survival machine and it spins your ideology.
  6. In Vegas, during the summer months, the Luxor hotel's giant beam of light at night attracts the fattest moths ever. They circle around the beam like eagles.
  7. I didn't say he mastered them all. By your own logic, if he is a specialist he shouldn't have mastered them all. If would be like if I said some scientist is a technical master in molecular biology. And you reply with: "But there are thousands of sciences, can you really master them all?" You don't need to master them all to be considered a great scientist. The opposite is the case. Nuance, nuance, nuance.
  8. @cetus56 Haha Wherever you go, there you are
  9. When a racist demagogue hijacks government, to point it out is not an obsession nor a culture war. As a conscious citizen I have a responsibility to speak up when unconsciousness runs rampant. That was the key lesson of Nazism. You keep projecting projection onto me. LOL. Funny how that works, isn't it? You do it without knowing you're doing it. That's how projection works. When you do it, you tell yourself the other is doing it to you. The perfect self-deception.
  10. Be careful what you assume. He's a technical master of yoga.
  11. I love road trips. They just aren't retreats.
  12. I address libertarianism a lot because no mater how extreme or moderate it is, the people who hold such an ideology are very common today. Especially stage Orange young males. They get trapped by this ideology because they have a deep lack of experience and understanding of political history and they want to assert their individualism come what may. I have yet to find one libertarian who has a keen sense of history or how government works. It's an ideology based on ignorance. It is thoroughly ahistorical. There certainly are some excesses to stage Green. But to use those excesses to demonize Green and stay stuck in Blue/Orange is even more pathological. I am not arguing for extreme Green. You are projecting that onto what I'm saying. We need healthy Green & Tier 2. We can't get people to Tier 2 without passing through Green. You're getting distracted by all the culture wars. What I am talking about has nothing to do with culture wars. That is a media-created distraction. What I'm talking about is educating people about how government really works. There are many degrees of being full of shit. And Trump & Fox News are the masters of it.
  13. Mindlessness is relative thing. People here are way more mindful, on average, than the general population or Trump voters. The important difference is that people here are interested in being more mindful. Trump supports are generally not. Being ignorant or mindless is not so bad. What's really bad is being aggressive and stubborn in one's ignorance and mindlessness. And Trump is promoting a culture of aggressive mindlessness & selfishness. People actually feel righteous about being so ignorant. This is a dangerous and pathological development which must be challenged. What you're overlooking is that without a bureaucracy there cannot be a highway at all. A highway is a very complex thing. It requires complex social structures to exist. You cannot just build a highway in the middle of the jungle and have it work. Highways only exist in advanced, complex, modern societies. That's your projection. The things I'm saying you are not capable of comprehending or appreciating yet. Of course! That's the whole point! Not privileged but you must develop through the lower stages by meeting and integrating various low level needs. The fruits of Blue & Orange are definitely necessary. The problem is that Blue & Orange are becoming pathological to the point where the whole planet is in danger. The problem with a desperate homeless person is precisely that he cannot take any higher level concerns seriously because he's so needy he can only care about himself. So the solution is help elevate as many such people as possible by helping them to meet their basic needs, so they stop being desperate. That desperation is making them unconscious and unable to consider larger ecological issues. Ecological concerns are not a privilege. If the planet's ecology crashes, millions of the poorest and more desperate people will die. It's already happening, you're just not aware of it because you haven't studied these issues seriously enough. Drop your ideological opposition and maybe you can learn something here and advance to a whole new level of understanding.