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  1. @XYZ Why don't you start a business which would solve many of these issues? If you really wanted to, you could. The problem is you don't want to. You're lacking the vision, the ambition. Changing your situation will require lots of hustle for a few years at least. But don't look of that as a negative, it's a positive. For once you will be doing something exciting with your life. That excitement leads to passion and the feeling of "being alive".
  2. @Anirban657 You are creating a duality between thoughts and matter, as though they are made of two different substances. This is false. Thoughts and matter are literally made out of the exact same stuff: consciousness. There is no other substance in the universe but consciousness. No exceptions whatsoever!
  3. @graded24 1) I-AM-ness is nothing. Which is why the mind cannot grasp it. Yes, I-AM-ness is awareness. Nothingness is self-aware. But don't think of awareness as a thing or a substance. It is nothing. The reason you struggle to get this is because you assume that nothing cannot be self-aware. This is a false assumption. 2) There is only one "substance" in reality, period. That substance is nothing. Everything is it. No exceptions. Everything is self-aware because it is nothing. The entire sponge is nothing. The sponge is not distinct from the empty space it occupies. This cannot really be conveyed by the analogy because it would require you to already have nondual awareness. You see the sponge as distinct from the empty space because you're looking at it dualistically. If you were awake, you'd realize the sponge is nothing, as are all physical objects. This does not mean that sponge disappears or changes shape or color. It just means that you realize that shapes and colors ARE nothing. 3) Again, you are making the mistake of thinking of nothing as the opposite of something. This is the ultimate duality. You're expecting nothing to be a blank -- the opposite of something. And it is that. But it is also all the non-blank stuff as well! Form and formlessness are actually identical. This won't make much sense without a deep awakening. You have to deeply question all dualities like: Something vs nothing Form vs formlessness Dual vs nondual Me vs you Inner vs outer God vs not-God Life vs death Existence vs non-existence Awareness vs non-awareness Material vs immaterial Mind vs body Self vs world Good vs bad Sentient vs non-sentient Life vs non-life Matter vs empty space All of those distinctions will ultimately collapse into unity if you question them deeply enough. Everything you've experienced in your entire life was nothing. It's like the entire universe never even happened. In the beginning, there was nothing. The end. It's like the universe was never even born. This is an utterly shocking realization which requires super-human levels of consciousness to realize. If you ever get this far, it's as though you broke all of existence. And then again, this is already true right this second in your experience. You just overlooking the obvious.
  4. It is not that. It is the belief that there is no God and that the universe is a dumb material object. There is no atheism without materialism. They go hand in hand.
  5. @Mafortu That is how I am. Genuine desire for Truth is the best motivation. But suffering lights a nice fire under your ass too. Don't make this a false dichotomy. Use both and you will go far. Also, the reason why you don't appreciate liberation from suffering yet is because you have not suffered deeply enough. Don't worry, one day you will Then you will understand.
  6. Firstly, no human being is rational. There is nothing rational about survival. Secondly, the concept of rationality depends on a duality created by the rationalist which carves up the world into rational vs its opposite. So by the very logic of the rationalist, to say something is rational is to say something else is not, which be definition means the world contains both rational and not rational things. Which means the world is not rational. If everything in the universe was rational the label "rational" would cease to have any meaning. The only value this label has is precisely because there are irrational things afoot which you wish to distinguish from the rational things. Rationality is a self-defeating category. As all categories are. Because they are projections of the human mind. Calling reality rational is as silly as calling reality "sexual" just because you like sex. Some stuff is sexual, but most stuff is not. Likewise with the rationality label. Reality contains sex but it is not limited to sex. Sex does not even account for 1% of reality, neither does rationality.
  7. Lol, what a bullshitter that dude is.
  8. @Winter You are being pointed to actuality, not theories. You're the one coming up with theories here. And all theories miss the mark. Nonduality is not a theory. What matter is if you are lost in the mind or awake. At this point you are still deeply stuck in your own mind. This results in living a deluded life, full of discontent and suffering. When you get tired of your mind games, come on back and we can show you how to awaken.
  9. Locked for being a trolling topic. I don't see anyone but a psychopath killing animals for pure pleasure. Even avid hunters don't kill animals for pure pleasure. And certainly no one on this forum kills animals for pure pleasure.
  10. @Winter Your understanding of the mind is simply incorrect. It does not work how you think it works. Question all your assumptions to discover how it really works (or if it even exists).
  11. Sorry to hear that. Our society is not really designed to treat these kinds of edge cases. The advice is: take full ownership of your life. Do not expect anyone else to solve your emotional or psychological issues for you. Get a journal and start working it out yourself. Start doing research, start reading books, start watching videos. Become the expert on your condition and cure yourself. Sounds like you got more fundamental issues to resolve before you worry about meditation. Find a way to ease off the drugs if it is safe to do so. You can solve this. It will just take some work.
  12. The universe is perfect only once the "you" is gone. So long as there's a "you", it will bitch and moan about things not going its way. Extinction of humans would be a great thing for many other creatures. If humans go extinct it will be because that is what is best to raise the overall consciousness of the universe. So it's all good in the end. (Just maybe not for "you" )
  13. @Winter As the Buddhists say, there are 6 senses: 5 conventional + thought. Just because the ears cannot hear the color red, you don't hold that against them, so why are you holding it against thoughts that they cannot see red? Each sense has its own unique qualities which the others do not. And so what? Try a psychedelic and you will realize that it is possible to think infinite thoughts which break all conventional linear logical molds.
  14. I don't know why you are so attached to this idea that the mind cannot contain/create new information. This is just silly. Yes, it is true that the mind commonly rehashes a lot for information that was fed into it, but this is not some physical law. The mind also produces original insights, images, and ideas. All of these notions that you appeal to so loosely such "mind", "thoughts", "information" are very tricky and nuanced things. You don't actually yet know what these things are or how they work.