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  1. @TKP If you have 5-MeO-DMT, you don't need MDMA. Let go of the MDMA and go for a 5-MeO breakthrough. That is the Full Monty. It should occur in the 25-30 mg range.
  2. @Waves There is no way to formulate that balance. It will be unique for each person, and it will even change for the same person over time. You must experiment and see what works best for you. You can certainly maintain a 1hr daily meditation practice or Kriya yoga practice while you do pickup or dating. That's the minimum I'd recommend. Generally speaking you should set an overarching goal/plan for your year. What is the biggest thing you'll be focusing on this year? Attraction? Enlightenment? Business? Improving self esteem? Better nutrition? etc. Don't try to do it all at once. Space things out. You'll be amazed how much stuff you can do in 5-10 years if you focus.
  3. That's a belief you should question. It seems nothing will change, but the whole point of this work is that appearances are very deceptive. Basically, just take a psychedelic. Otherwise you will waste 10 years and still not realize what you're missing. I am not kidding about psychedelics. They will change your life forever. There is no more powerful tool for understanding reality. You absolutely need to hit entirely new states of consciousness to understand the power and depth of this work.
  4. Right. So now sit down and actually do the work of directly experiencing what you are. Let go of what you've been told and sit with an empty mind. You must enter a deep state of not-knowing. The simple truth is, you do not know what you are. Make a clear distinction between talking about, reading about, listening to, or thinking about what you are, versus actually sitting and silently observing what you are. These are totally different activities. See my video: What Is Actuality? to help ground yourself in the actual work. Or, just take a psychedelic.
  5. One of my most important videos.
  6. I don't know where you found that nonsense. That is not what I consider proper pickup. Why are you even looking at that when there is so much good material out there? You don't have to be an abusive juvenile jerk to attract women. Pickup theory does not apply to women trying to find men. Women need a whole different set of advice and techniques. You can find tons of material specifically tailored to women. Dating advice for women. It is not going to involve cold approaching men on the street asking for phone numbers.
  7. @Amadeusz You young people who follow me have to understand that I talk about extremely advanced stuff (nowadays). Really, really, really advanced stuff! It took me tens of years of earthly development before I got to the lofty topics I'm now covering. There are many earthly materialistic development topics which I hardly cover at all even though they are very important for the average viewer. It's sort of like I'm teaching a college calculus class but you walk in by accident as a 5th grader. You need to handle the basics first. What most of you guys need is some basic Tony Robbins shit. Do some of that before you try to get all spiritual. Be mindful of getting ahead of your skiis.
  8. I'm not sure what this means. The finite can know the infinite. And the infinite can know the finite. The infinite is not other than the finite. You have to understand spiritual phrasing in their proper contexts. What Spria might be talking about is the the Absolute formless Godhead which you can think of as sort of disconnected from the formed realm. You could say that it does not know the finite formed realm. But at the same it is also identical with the finite formed realm. In this context, you have to understand that the word "know" is virtually identical with "be". We are not talking about linguistic knowledge. We are talking about being. But all of this talk will only confuse you more. You must let all this go and just do the practices. Take a psychedelic to easily see what Spira is pointing to.
  9. It's not the weed, it's one's existential questioning that does the work. The weed is just a lubricant. A lubricant does not do the work by itself, it needs a running engine. Which explains why most people who smoke weed never realize God. Because their engine isn't running to begin with. They are not existentially questioning reality.
  10. @KMB4222 Does not sound like you know what you are. The whole point of enlightenment is to reach your Absolute Nature and to be sure about it. If you feel like you can die, you're not there yet. Keep going until you're 100% sure you're immortal.
  11. Low self esteem people tend to be very insecure, helpless, and needy. They love to play victim. When you are incapable of meeting your basic needs your entire life becomes dysfunctional and backwards. You are forced to resort to outrageous degrees of selfishness just to maintain your basic existence.
  12. You misunderstood what I asked you. I was not talking about learning more stuff for the hippocampus. I was talking about being conscious of things which you're still not conscious of. A little bit of enlightenment is a dangerous thing indeed. Makes for a flippant smartass.
  13. @Highest Good work. Now be that conscious 24/7
  14. @Anton Rogachevski All 3 of them were killed so that they would not be in charge any more! The most ruthless Aztecs probably ate the wisest ones. P.S. And JFK, Gandhi, and MKL were not the wisest people in our culture. Not even close. They were just relatively wise compared to average political leaders. Which is not a high bar. None of them were enlightened. The wisest people in the culture are so wise hardly anyone knows about them.
  15. @Winter A) Material = spirit. A truly spiritual person understands this. Notice the duality you are creating. B) Karma yoga The whole point of being spiritual is to infuse your everyday life and "material" actions with spirit. Life purpose is nothing else but working from your heart and higher self -- letting Teotl work through you on account having enough wisdom to see through Teotl's many disguises. What you call "material" is just you admitting, "I can't see Teotl. I am fooled by Teotl." Material is how Teotl appears to those who are not wise enough to see Teotl's pure form. Go re-watch my Aztec episode. You still have much to learn from it.