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  1. @ChimpBrain Look into Reichean therapy. It's all about this.
  2. @Revolutionary Think From before I was 10 years old. I was always self-actualizing in some degree, just not calling it that and not always as directly as now. I suspect that some people are just born more conscious than others. Not to say I'm better than anyone, but to me it just doesn't make sense how people can not question life and not aspire to grow fully.
  3. You'd have to very clearly define what is meant by "self-actualization" and "meaning" in this context.
  4. This forum is not for making light of psychedelics. These are serious tools. I will be locking any future threads or posts which display an immature attitude about these substances. I have gone out on a limb talking about psychedelics in the first place. Don't confuse that with endorsement of all the stupidities of the larger psychedelic sub-culture. I am not interested in spawning a cohort of childish psychonauts who further tarnish the reputation of these amazing substances with irresponsible handling of them. If you choose to do that, you're on your own. This is a place for real growth, not games.
  5. Good, keep it up. Don't get discouraged by backsliding when it happens.
  6. @LRyan The best techniques that I know of for PTSD are neuro feedback training and psychedelics (specifically MDMA). I think doing Vipassana retreats or the like would also work wonders for PTSD. Don't expect it to be easy though. All of these methods lead to healing, but healing requires emotional labor.
  7. @Loreena By doing the work. Self-inquiry done long enough leads to surrender. You cannot shortcut the process. You cannot will the surrender (because there is no free will). You cannot fake the surrender. As all worthwhile things, it takes work.
  8. The whole challenge here is: How can you grasp hold of something which is nothing? The mind cannot do it because the mind is a set of experiences. Every thought is an experience, and is something by definition. The mind needs to exhaust itself searching the haystack of experience before it finally realizes that it keeps looking in the wrong way. Mind is not up to this task. It must surrender itself.
  9. @bobbyward As I said above, make a distinction between perception/experience and Absolute Awareness. Awareness is not perceived because it's what's doing perception. But you can BE it. You are it right now! You're just not aware that you're it. Because it's SUBTLE. It's not a material object like you're used to experiencing. The nature of awareness is such that it is aware of itself. It's the only thing that's fundamental to reality. Everything else is modulation of awareness. Instead of thinking of reality as made up of atoms or space/time or The Universe, think of reality as a cloud of empty awareness within which "stuff" is awared. That stuff is what we normally call "the universe". Even space and time are "stuff". Even existence is stuff. Everything is stuff except awareness.
  10. @Echoes Of course you struggle with this. If you were aware of the infinite field, you would be enlightened, and you wouldn't have any questions. Infinite empty awareness is not anything. No words can describe emptiness. Space-like is a metaphor. It's not exactly right, but similar. There is no way to understand it without actually becoming it. What's key here is that you make a distinction between all experiences on the one hand, and the field of infinite empty awareness on the other. The practice of self-inquiry is to DISCRIMINATE between the two. You have to constantly push back experience until you run up against the infinite empty field within which all experience take place. You have to understand that emptiness is extremely subtle. Yet you are overwhelmed with gross experiences. You are MESMERIZED by experiences. It's all you basically know. You don't know how to look for anything else but more experience. So you have to slowly train your mind to focus on not-experience (whatever that is, you can't yet know).
  11. @Maorice Excellent work!
  12. @Big_D As Martin Ball talks about, pyschedelics can definitely create psycho-physical energy releases. My 5-meo breakthough had such a powerful energy release that it pealed the skin on all 10 fingertips for about 2 weeks. Like a lifetime of repressed physical baggage was shot out of me.
  13. What evidence is there that you are that human body? None! Take a close look at your direct experience. Your coffee table is as much you as your body. How else could you access the coffee table unless it was you? The body doesn't "perceive" anything. The body is perceived, it doesn't do any perceiving. The body and the coffee table are both just perceptions which arise within the infinite empty field of awareness << which is the real you. Ask yourself, how can one perception perceive another? Because that's what you're currently stuck on. You actually think the perception called "body" perceives all the other perceptions. But this is patently silly. Take an honest look at how your experience ACTUALLY works. This is not the thread for that discussion.
  14. Hehe, depends on which school of psychology you and your therapist subscribe to. Some schools are great, but of course most Western psychology is terrible because it fails to understand or address the root existential issues. It fails to talk about all the spiritual truths without which true healing is virtually impossible. And don't get me started on the therapists who issue pills for things like depression, ADD, and anxiety. But "self-actualization" is a Western psychology term. If you're gonna use a therapist, find one who's into Humanistic Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Positive Psychology, CBT, Gestalt Psychology, Reichian Therapy, etc. If your therapist is "new-agey", that's a great sign. If he's like a doctor, that's a terrible sign. Psycho-analyzing your past can have some value, but it's generally not a good technique for growth. You're much better off spending that 1 hour meditating, journaling, contemplating, or self-inquiring.
  15. Fantastic! Some great holistic understanding right there.