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  1. Look, even psychoanalysis can be useful. It all depends on how you use it and what level you want to reach. I am speaking from the point of reaching absolute understanding of Self and reality. It won't take you there. Shadow work is useful but it ain't awakening. Have to be clear about your goals to select the right methods. Sometimes you need shadow work. Sometimes you need nonduality.
  2. You can find God through Jesus, but it will be a very limited path and you will probably not understand that Jesus is imaginary and that you are God imagining him. There are many degrees of understanding what God is. The deepest levels are nondual and formless, so any kind of imagery like Jesus will get in the way. It's also crucial to understand that all spiritual imagery is relative. You could worship an elephant-man and it would work the same as Jesus. Because it's all imaginary. To get stuck on one set of imagery is so limiting.
  3. Not a belief, a state of consciousness. If you were in a different state of consciousness you could become a kangaroo. But you aren't there. Changing states of consciousness is a real challenge because it defines "physical reality". It has to appear rock solid for reality to feel solid and not dreamlike.
  4. Psychoanalysis is foolish. It precisely avoids waking up.
  5. @Matt23 The problem is that you are looking. But there is no you. For awakening, that sense of you-ness must collapse. The mind will do every slippery thing possible to maintain the sense of you-ness. It's basically impossible to imagine what life would feel like without a you. Try looking at the room, but while imagining you were never born. Notice the room is there without you. The sense of you is stuck to the room like toilet paper on a shoe, and it refuses to come off, since obviously that would be the end for you.
  6. @Joker_Theory You don't wake up in some new place. You wake up that everywhere is Nowhere, Nothing, Eternity, Love, God, Oneness, Infinite Consciousness, SELF, Truth, Infinity, All. There is nowhere but HERE and NOW.
  7. That is some weird shit. Have you been fucking her properly? If you want to hook the ladies, get your bedroom game solid. Become a Sex God. Enter her soul through her panties. Then she won't care about no damn piano. Increase your value as a man so she feels lucky to sleep with you.
  8. Unlocking, as the quote seems to have been verified as real. Who the fuck knows what's real these days? Investigate for yourselves.
  9. Closing involves a lot of factors and is an art in itself. This is perhaps the most advanced aspect of game on which hinge most of your results. Basically closing requires being really experienced at these things: Screening her to make sure she's possible to isolate Being really good at planning logistics on the fly. Being really good at improvising new plans Leading -- getting her used to following you around Bouncing between various locations A convenient place to isolate her to (could be her place, or even a rented motel room, or even behind the elevator) Dealing with last minute resistance, shit-tests, and endless excuses Dealing with her annoying friends who will try to cockblock you every chance they get Seduction -- physically and emotionally turning her on. How do you learn all the above? Lots of trial and error, watching other experienced guys do it, and by studying some basic theory. Expect a lot of failure and near misses. One of the dirty secrets of PUA is that even the best guys only close like 50% of the women they manage to bring home. In the end, you can't force her. And many times she will be too relucant. But even to reach this point already takes serious skill. Just learning how to isolate her is tricky. There will be so many excuses and logistical obstacles. Endless excuses. Even once you get her panties off, it's still not a lock. You can lose her at any point. You can even lose her while you're inside her! It's a circus. Nothing will increase you lay count more than having a convenient place very near to where you met her. This is HUGE! It's so important it's worth paying an extra $1000/mo for it. Living within walking distance of the club/bar is priceless in game. If you have to drive 40 mins to your Mom's house, forget about it.
  10. I doubt this claim. Can't get much worse than SAD in my opinion.
  11. In other words nihilism. People confuse it with awakening quite a lot.
  12. Awe

    By becoming so conscious that you realize the magic and miracle of Being itself. A lot more meditation is required. Serious meditation which turns into mystical experience.
  13. That should be plainly obvious when you watch how conservatives defend Trump and war. They operate from an entirely different (and lower) level of consciousness. Anyone who advocates for war gives himself away right away. That tells you who they are. A highly conscious being would never advocate for war. To be fair, plenty of centrist neoliberals also advocate for war. They are slightly more evolved, but not by much. Also the nationalism is a dead givaway of low consciousness. Nationalism is what gives rise to the racism, xenophobia, homophobia, mysogeny, culture wars, and fascistic/authoritarian leanings. Why do all the Republican Senators support Trump's brazen illegality and devilry? Because in their heart they like the notion of a strongman / authoritarian, as long as he is THEIR authoritarian. So they follow like sheep. Liberals are less inclined to behave this way. Liberals are less conformist, more free-thinking (even though they still of course get trapped in group-think). Studies show that liberals have higher openmindedness. Which is a key dimension of consciousness. You can't be conscious and closedminded at the same time.
  14. Very true Nice example of recontextualization.