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  1. @Markus Nowhere is that codified. How abiding it is, varies greatly. All these terms generally mean the same thing, with different teachers prefering different terms and defining them differently.
  2. @egoless You can enjoy being without chasing, manipulation, or the kind of neurotic self-obsessive thoughts which predominate most of the average person's day. That is the point. I think you're a little too hung up on this idea of eliminating ego, so much so that you mistake it for elimating all good feelings, all emotions. That's not the goal here. The goal is to liberate yourself from self-obssesed, neurotic, overly-conceptual living.
  3. You guess correct. But the whole point of this path is that you do not know how deep it goes, and you cannot know until you walk it all the way. It's sort of like you're doing scientific research and you ask, "How deep will this research go?" You can't know before you complete the research! The problem here is that you wanna know conceptually without walking the path into the unknown. That is the wrong attitude. Instead, you wanna keep things open. Let your inquiry be open-ended, rather than saying, "Okay, now I am at stage B, then will come stage C, and finally my goal is to get to stage Z." No! You don't know that! The only way you could get such an idea is if you get it through hearsay, but since you don't know which hearsay is correct, you cannot trust anyone but your direct experience. It's safest to assume the path goes on forever with infinite stages. Then you just keep walking it and see what the view looks like. If you assume there are 5 stages, you will stop at stage 5. But there might be a stage 6 which you will then never reach because you were not really being open to the unknown. The whole point here is to be humble and admit that you don't know, but you're curious enough to explore to the fullest. It's really like being the first person to explore a new planet. You cannot depend on any external authority. Just because some guy claims to have seen everything that planet has to offer, doesn't make it true. You might discover a totally new thing there. The nature of knowledge is that it's always incomplete.
  4. Also, I notice some of you guys are holding enlightenment as different from self-realization as different from awakening. This is creating needless confusion. These are all identical terms. Just different terms pointing to the same thing. There are a hundred different lables you can use to speak about this stuff. That doesn't mean each is a different thing.
  5. Selfishness is not separate from enlightenment. The relative is the absolute, and the absolute is the relative. There is no difference between enlightenment and non-enlightenment. Of course you can still feel selfish emotions after enlightenment. Enlightenment doesn't remove any capabilities from you.
  6. You aren't to trust anyone, least of all yourself. Hence self-inquiry.
  7. Exactly. But you're not yet grasping the full consequences of this. If a thing is limitless, it is one, which leaves nothing beyond it. The Truth is massive. It's like you're an ant crawling on an elephant trying to see the whole thing. You will have to crawl around for a long time to see all the parts even though it's just one elephant. The Absolute isn't a logical conclusion. You cannot get to it through logic.
  8. If there was a point to doing good, it wouldn't be good, it would be manipulation. Good is its own end. It is pointless precisely so that people only do it out of the joy of doing it. Rather than to get something out of it. If you're still looking to get something out of it, you're operating at a low level of consciousness. Being > Acquiring
  9. The easiest and best way to become financially independent is to find your LP and work on your skillset until you are able to provide the world with lots of value. Your goal should be to provide so much value in your line of work that even a 0.1% return would be enough to retire on. Living cheap isn't a good strategy. Produce more! Then live however you want without hurting the envirnment too much. When it comes to financial independence, you want a good offense more than a good defence. All the energy you put into pinching pennies is energy you could have invested in producing more for the world. Help people in a powerful way, and they will pay for all your expenses. It's also more enjoyable to help people than pinching pennies.
  10. Mixing and matching IS what produces original ideas! You're selling consciousness short. It is a creative force that creates new orginal insights based off past acheivements. It's literally intelligent evolution! And here you are discounting it as mere mixing and matching. Well, this mixing and matching has created the dinosaurs, the bird wing, the eye, the automobile, your smart phone, your dog, your brain, Albert Einstein, Michangelo, and every piece of art every produced. Evolution is NOT random. Your brain isn't random. It functions by way of infinite creative intelligence! You have no idea yet just how intelligent it is. It would take your breath away if you only knew. You want original ideas? Become conscious of reality.
  11. Dark Night is when you have a deep spiritual breakthrough, you see God, and you realize everything you've known was wrong. It's not your run of the mill depression. Dark Night is something a fundamentalist Christian or Trump might experience if he snorts some 5-MeO for example.
  12. Well, in the ultimate picture, everything matters. Every hair on your ass plays a role in the functioning of the world. Politics, as smelly and ego-infested as it is, is a necessary part of the whole system, in the same way that the ass hole is a necessary part of every mammal.
  13. @How to be wise Enlightenment will not remove every selfish tendency deeply wired in your mind. Far, far from it.
  14. @Principium Nexus No, I try to stay away from weed. It seems to become a chronic crutch for many people.
  15. @Elephant You should read the side effects of prescription drugs.