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  1. I bet there's a lot of Blue left in Australia in the rural parts. The Aussies have a stick up their ass about violent video games, which seems to be rooted in stage Blue conservatism.
  2. @aklacor727 You cannot trust hearsay in this work. If it's not part of your direct experience, it isn't real.
  3. Locked for being verbal verbal diarrhea. Stop asking stupid questions and do some work.
  4. No, psychedelics can give you some amazing glimpses, but they will not do this kind of bodily transformation which takes decades of daily training. But then again, ordinary meditation and even awakening experiences themselves will also not give you this kind of super-natural degree of bodily transformation. You're asking for something which extremely few people have ever achieved via whatever methods. The only person who has a chance of achieving this is a full-time monk who has no life other than meditation/yoga. So even talking about such things is almost pointless because no one who is connected to the internet will ever achieve it. If you need guidance on how to achieve it, you will never achieve it.
  5. @AwakenedSoul444 In practice awakening is very hard, which is why so few people do it. And those who do are almost always talented or predisposed to it. This is one of those truths which nobody in the spiritual community wants to admit. This is the key problem right here. To have a realistic chance at awakening your technique needs to be rigorous and you must do it hardcore, at industrial grade levels. On and off again meditation, even if done for 40 years, will not be enough in most cases. It's very important to do long mediation retreats where you can focus for days at a time without interruption. If this wasn't the case monks and yogis wouldn't be a thing. The Buddha is a good example of what it takes to seriously awaken. He wasn't dicking around. He renounced his whole life. And that's basically what it takes. If you want a glimpse of what the Buddha accomplished without renouncing your whole life, psychedelics offer that, just ween off anti-depressants. I suggest you focus less on awakening right now and more on basic personal development and mental health, so you can be free of anti-depressants. Don't get too ahead of your skiis. There's much value to basic personal development work. That's what most ordinary people need who are not ready to renounce their whole life. Many books have been written about how to overcome depression. Do your research and get to work.
  6. 5-MeO-DMT by itself will not be enough to create the kind of embodiment you will want. It's awesome for peak breakthroughs though.
  7. I have never advocated a psychedelics only path. I talk about a lot of techniques besides psychedelics.
  8. What people often overlook is that corruption is a relative and system thing. In a systemically under-developed country like Bolivia there's no hope of electing a perfectly uncorrupt leader. It's a matter of gradual improvement. That's a deeply stage Blue country which has a lot of growing pains ahead.
  9. @dvdas Being wrong in this work is simply unavoidable. The only thing you can do is work to minimize it and make consant corrections. It's just like sceince in this regard. You cannot ever have perfect science. It's a neverending evolutionary process. If you expect perfection you will never go anywhere in life.
  10. Any sufficiently complex thing should in theory be capable of awakening, assuming its got an ego to begin with. That's my best guess so far. It's still an iffy area for me. I don't see why compters cannot one day develop egos. But we are very far from that. Current AI is not even in the right ballpark. Everything is made of consciousness. Just different configurations of it.
  11. You are better off starting on a different psychedelic like LSD or mushrooms which can be dosed much more accurately. The key for you is to start with a very low doses and gradually ramp up. You will not be able to do that with Aya because it's never accurately dosed by shamans. Taking a random dose can certainly cause a freakout. I would consider that reckless in your case. Accurate dosing of psychedelics is crucial in this work. 1g of mushrooms or 60ug of LSD is a good starting point. Most people should easily handle such a dose.
  12. It's nothing personal. It's not like I hate WinterKnight. It's just that I won't allow a teacher to use my platform to teach things I clearly know are mistaken. It would be like allowing someone to enter a Zen temple and set up shop in the corner, teaching the opposite of Zen. Obviously that would not be tolerated. In such a case, go set up your own school. Then you can teach whatever you want. No school tolerates all perspectives equally. The whole point is to exclude false teachings. Who gets to decide what is a false teaching? The one who runs the school. How else could it be?
  13. Femininity is attracted to masculinity. Being nice does not exude masculine essence. Which is not to say there's anything wrong with being nice. Just don't expect it to make a girl wet. Women get attracted by boldness, confidence, and assertiveness. And other things, like wit and humor.