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  1. @cetus56 I don't always mess with magic mushrooms, but when I do, they are real
  2. Have you considered that you might be a devil
  3. @pluto Have you actually done a dark room retreat and what was the net result?
  4. Adam and Eve partook of the devil's Forbidden Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and here we are. Contemplate
  5. Keep telling yourself that, devil. You ain't fooling me.
  6. If you guys refuse to do empirical research, that's not my problem. I told you from day 1 that Actualized.org is an empirical enterprise and that none of your beliefs or opinions mean squat unless you put them to the test.
  7. Modafinil is a standard prescription drug. It's not an illegal drug. No one cares that you're taking it.
  8. @Ampresus Relative to what? Pizza and fries? Questions of healthiness are always relative to what you're comparing to. And canned tuna ain't the same thing as fresh wild Alaskan salmon. The biggest concern with fish is heavy metal toxicity. You shouldn't eat too much of it. Stay away from predatory fish like swordfish, tuna, mackerel, shark, bass, etc. as they contain the most heavy metals. Smaller fish are generally safer than bigger fish.
  9. I would rather have one enlightenment experience than all of Jeff Bezo's wife's money. Careful who you role-model. You just might end up with their miserable life.
  10. @andyjohnsonman Not worth your time. Kriya yoga or mindfulness meditation with labeling will blow all that junk out of the water. What you need is not games but an industrial-grade practice like the two above. At the very least you could just sit and stare at your hand for 30 minutes straight, and that will do way more for you than those so-called brain training games. Life is short and full of suffering, so stop dicking around and get serious.
  11. Yes, it can. And by the logic you could be chanting Om all day long. I have nothing against it. I have just customized my practice to suit my style and needs, as should you. I am not making claims here about what is best for all, but merely what I currently practice. Kriya yoga is one of a variety of tools I use.
  12. @Worldclassbullshit Do not bend over backwards for her. Only do this if she is equally invested in it. Otherwise she's likely to flake. You should be talking dirty with her by this point and she should be really into it. If she's being cold about it, big red flag.
  13. No, I don't chant Om. Meh, I spend time meditating anyways, so it's not such a big deal to me. The most important part is the pranayamas for rewiring the brain. That's my opinion. Don't get caught up debating minutia. Get your basic practice down and the rest will be window-dressing.
  14. @LordFall Some girls have hormonal issues and just low sex drive. Perhaps find yourself a girl with a higher sex drive. They do exist. Although in the end whether you do or don't, it won't solve any of your issues and you will still be unhappy. Sex solves nothing.
  15. There is nothing to say. Either do it or don't. But it is the Holy Grail.