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  1. @NJM50 You can start right now. Sit down and think up a way to sell something people want to buy. As an entrepreneur you should have 100s of ideas. You can start selling stuff on Amazon very quickly, as just one example. There are 100s of online courses available for how to start virtually any kind of business.
  2. @Lauritz There's nothing as mad as the belief that objective reality exists.
  3. There is zero CC on course videos.
  4. The course is not about starting a business. Those were just arbitrary examples. Your LP might not involve starting a business, and that is okay, and is still covered in the course, of course. For example, your LP could be to become president of the US. And you don't need to start a business to do that. Although having business know-how is very good for anyone, even if you work for a boss. There is almost nothing more valuable than business know-how. Except maybe spiritual know-how.
  5. @John Iverson There is much more to life that just enlightenment. If you want success in any field, from finances to relationships to sex to health, you will have to work your ass off for it, no matter how enlightened you are. And if you are too lazy and undisciplined to succeed at these basic things, I would bet good money that you will fail at enlightenment too. There is no escaping self-discipline and hard work in life. Stop thinking of enlightenment as a shortcut to avoiding work. Decide how you want you life to be, and then get to work creating that. It's that simple.
  6. You're right, reality is infinitely better and bigger than those worlds. All those world are a tiny subset of actual reality. But you are too lazy to actualize it. You only get what you give from life. You haven't given enough to it yet to experience its magic. You expect magic to be delivered to you on a silver platter because modern society has made you lazy and weak.
  7. @Alien Tis merely the Devil leaving your body
  8. @realname Worlds have nothing to do with logic. Logic is a symbolic system invented by humans. Like a language. From what I understand at this point, consciousness can literally take any form at all that it wants, without restriction. There are no worlds per se. There are just different dreams. Imagine an infinite mind which can dream up whatever the hell it wants. Right now, it happens to be dreaming up you.
  9. @Edvard A hallmark of higher consciousness people is that they behave more authentically, truthfully, honestly. So they will not want to pretend to act less conscious. That's something only a low consciousness person would think of doing. In many ways Obama was very pragmatic and Orange/Green. He wasn't super Yellow and nowhere near Turquoise. No, just the opposite. The truly wise have no desire for power, glory, fame, or success. They have no desire to win or to rule. If what you said was true, then all the emperors of Japan would have been Zen masters and all the presidents of the USA would have been Nobel prize winning scientists and humanitarians. But that's precisely the opposite of what happens. The people who rise to the heights of power are usually the most ego-maniacal, power-hungry, Machiavellian, ruthless, and evil. (There are a few exceptions). You'd have to be insane to want to behave like Trump on purpose. That sorta like asking, why doesn't a university professor behave like a mental-retard? He could, but why would he? The whole point of achieving stage Turquoise is that you see the entire cosmos as one interconnected being. There is nothing left to be selfish about. The self is seen to be a gross delusion. I explained why he is Red here: https://www.actualized.org/insights/trump-and-spiral-dynamics As President, of course he is killing people. The number of innocent civilians killed under Trump from drone strikes alone has been more in 1 year than under Obama's entire term. http://www.newsweek.com/trump-has-already-killed-more-civilians-obama-us-fight-against-isis-653564 And, BTW, the US military grossly under-counts civilian deaths (of course). The greater the ego, the longer its trail of collateral damage. Trump isn't even aware of the collateral damage he is causing, which is precisely what makes him so dangerous. He has no self-reflection, unlike someone like Obama.
  10. You should familiarize yourself with formal logic. There are an infinite number of self-consistent different kinds of logics. Not in other worlds, but just in THIS world! You can study them in university. What you refer to as "logic" does not exist. That's a gross over-simplification.
  11. @Mohamad Tahmas Trump isn't merely Orange, he's way down at Red. In a democracy how can you have 1% (Yellow) in power over the other 99% (below Yellow)? You can't. The politicians must pander to and reflect the average consciousness of the voters. In America, the average consciousness of the voter is Red/Blue/Orange, so that's mostly the only kind of leaders you will get. If a Yellow or above leader came into power, he would be demonized and hated by 90% of the population because he wouldn't reflect their values. You can see that sorta happened with Obama. Stage Red/Blue people absolutely hated him. Including Trump. If a Turquoise leader came in control, he would be killed. Examples: Jesus Gandhi MLK JFK (he wasn't anywhere near Turquoise, but still) Robert Kennedy (also not Turquoise, but still) For a leader to be effective, he must be only 1 step above his followers. Any more than that, and they will revolt against him. The problem with Trump is that he is actually 1 step below his followers, which is why we see the disaster unfolding today.
  12. https://www.actualized.org/articles/how-to-develop-an-interest-in-truth
  13. Well, you see... you don't exist. You're not comprehending the significance of that yet. Rape will be the least of your problems on this journey. We talk about dying here. How comfortable are you with dying? << that's what you should be worried about. To actually accomplish that, you will have to release a lot of stuff, including your attachments to your personal life story, all your traumas, all your judgments, all your cherished and painful memories, all your desires, all your emotional stuff, and even the notion of reality itself. This is a radical thing. For people who are basically crazy-serious about truth. Helping yourself feel better is not what enlightenment is about. Although once you're dead, it's hard to care much about old traumas. You're not going to get enlightened without going through some hell. But then again, your life is mostly hell as it is. So you're not gonna escape unscathed. All roads lead to death. It's just a matter of whether you want the quick road or the long road?
  14. Hehe, of course. Infinite intelligence is at work in the movement of the entire universe. It all moves as one. Your ego cannot do that. Your ego is very linear and limited. If you want to be maximally creative, you need to get your ego out of the way so that you are directly tapping the infinite intelligence which is truly running the entire show and is responsible for all spontaneous insight -- on which artistic creative genius depends. The genius isn't yours, it's God's. The problem is that you've been mistaking God's genius for your own, you sneaky Devil The Devil struggles to write good music. For God, it is effortless.