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  1. @K VIL That’s it then. You haven’t experienced linear time. It’s conceptual. The concept was experienced. It’s always now. I think we so readily believe the false time perspective because everything seen changes, and the seen body changes, and we identify with it, and then believe we are experiencing the passage of time. Without a thought overlay, the belief in separate “objects” changing, the belief I’m a separate object changing, - then there is just the appearance of changing. That you are being, has never changed. What was it like, not being?
  2. Start with the distinction between directly experiencing the past or future, and experiencing a thought in the present, about past and future. Try it now. What do you find?
  3. @hikmatshiraliyev What is it? What’s on your mind?
  4. 🙏🏻 ♥️ That is the better point I suppose. That simple truth is foreign.
  5. @Preetom Beautiful. @Freyah You’re limiting to appear as knowledge and asking if you’re conceptual, like one might ask a mirror “does this hat look ok?”. Yes and no.
  6. @Serotoninluv Me too btw. 20 years of practices was nothing with psychedelics.
  7. Good to hear. Working nights is rough. That “blockage” you have with meditation.....notice that resistant thought about working nights, is just a thought, and let it go (awareness of breathing from your stomach). It’s just a thought, it is not actually ‘working nights’ preventing meditation - just a thought about working nights, reoccurring, triggering, etc, that is the point of meditation, so consider not giving up on it. See this difference and meditation would be renewed. Relief! With a catalyst like being out of whack with the circadian nature, you could really empty your mind in 4-6 months. Try meditating twice a day for a week. “I focus on my breath and if any thoughts come up then I try my best to pass them without any judgment. And then again divert my focus back on my breath”. (There’s no effort in breath awareness)
  8. @Tony 845 Sounds like you’re overthinking 1/2 as much, and having 1/2 the anxiety. Great, but of course you want to be fully rid of overthinking & anxiety. Perhaps continuing practices such as meditation, along with getting an understanding of why you’re continuing to overthink, would be a good idea? That enlightenment is just going to suddenly happen and cause a problem in your life, is over thinking. That’s a thought. It’s not true, you don’t have to believe it.
  9. @Tony 845 That makes a lot of sense, and it’s great to hear. What about thoughts like, enlightenment could jeopardize my security? Or, fully awakening could mean big changes which could negatively impact my happiness, and the well being and quality of life for me and my family? Are you beliving thoughts along that avenue, or no?
  10. @Tony 845 Are you only overseeing all 4, or are you the “opener / closer” at 1 or more? As in, are you doing the cooking, the cleaning, etc, for any one location, or are you doing just the multi location facets like marketing, staffing, training, etc?
  11. @Tony 845 How much does the continuity depend on your hands on, day to day? Can you use a %, just to give an idea?
  12. @Tony 845 Talk through it man. What specifically are you concerned about? That it would be like a blissed out psychedelic trip, and so you can’t focus and function? That people would be flocking to you, seeking divine answers from your radiance, thus making it hard to get work done? That you won’t care about your business remaining successful? That you won’t be perceived as successful? If you express deeply enough how you are feeling about this, you’ll have the clarity.