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  1. Seemed like it’s about making certain societal unspeakables possible as an elite norm, and the power is itself the smokescreen. We are the creators of the smokescreen though, not those sited in the series, imo. Perhaps upon realization there never was such a thing as power, one derives a continuation of the experience of power satisfaction from the more direct & intimate illusion of disempowerment. Also, I interpreted “Jesus + nothing”, as a mind manipulation, which almost instantly evokes the power smokescreen in an individual, and the individual reduces whatever sensible thought held in right-mind, via their own creation (in ignorance) to non-sense, sense-less, and therefore creatively speaking, powerless, “nothing”.
  2. @winterknight Godspeed Beautiful! & a sincere thank you sir.🙏🏻 All timing divine, I give it three months.
  3. @Tom T No, not a great idea. Read up Nice.
  4. That is no small thing to be able to say. There was a time when you weren’t able to say that. You did that. You made that change, made it happen. You can make other things happen, you can make anything happen. Sometimes it’s good to have some help too. Sometimes just having someone around, someone who listens, someone genuine, can change everything. Different ‘stuff’ arises with such a person, in such a communion if you will. That’s a great fortune in imo. Also imo, you’re in luck, cause that’s all you need. I’m no fan of dogma, but wisdom is irresistible .... “Again, I tell you truly that if two of you on the earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you in heaven. For wherever two or three gather together in My name, there am I with them.” Some times we just can’t see what is closest, and we can get ‘stuck’ for a long time. We’re not meant to bear such burdens for so long. Consider, to bear, is to hold weight, such as how the functionality of ball bearings, is essentially, weight-bearing. So consider no longer bearing it, but rather, beginning to bare it. Shedding it, via vulnerability, talking about it, sharing and discovering a new perspective, and a new feeling. You, your friend, and a dry erase board with “what do I really want?” on it - and the magic is indeed there. Don’t bear it man, bare it. You’re just too good to be down like this.
  5. A single tear will change the world. A single tear is chemistry. A single tear is love. A single tear can never be taken. A single tear falls, a perfect, Most efficient bubble A single tear is perfection, manifest. A single tear is not, never was, separate from the ocean, nor indeed - the Ocean of Self. A single tear, is transcendent of all things, of all dimensions, of all realms, physical and non. A single tear is intrinsic healing. A single tear is the purity of the world. A single tear is creation. A single tear is the salt of the earth. A single tear is understanding. A single tear is surrender. A single tear is only given, will change all worlds, and yours. All is well. A single tear will change the world. A single tear is an end, a single tear is a beginning. A single tear will change the world.
  6. @non_nothing I love you.
  7. Sing! Release! Sing! Release! Sing! Release! Understanding! Joy! 🙏🏻 😢 ♥️
  8. You know, if you weren’t distracting yourself, you’d be focused on what you want. But when you begin to want, you feel uncomfortable sensations, fear, self doubt. So, you go to the distraction. But, if you inspected the sensations, wrote about them, begin to understand sensations - clarity arises, great feelings, relief, release. Don’t procrastinate. Inspect. Trying to ‘not do something’ is exactly the same as doing it. Try ‘not thinking’ of a blue pick up truck next to a red barn. See? Tat’s precisely what you are now thinking of. You must, you must, you must - choose to think about what you want. You must allow the release of sensations, so that your entire body and mind may fill with sensation, inspiration, and so life becomes effortless, inspired. You are not what you think of yourself - EVER. Get a dry erase board and a couple boxes of tissue. Let’s get living. Let’s get experiencing, and understanding, forgiveness, acceptance. Self. When you let all this attachment to the past go - and you catch even a teeny tiny micro glimpse of you who you really are - you’ll probably shit. Are you hearing what I’m saying man? You’re wonderful. Let go!
  9. Looking for ‘ways out’ is adding yet more thinking to the existing catalyst of the suffering, which is overthinking. More thinking won’t help. Letting go is what is needed. When we let everything troubling us go, all those thoughts, we eventually realize - you ARE the happiness itself. That is why it can not be found. Happiness is being, is the essential nature. You’ve been Happiness, for those ‘years and years’, believing thoughts, experiencing unhappiness. Everything can not look like delusion & illusion, and that is a very important thing to understand, a critical point, a turning point: Illusion - you’re being tricked. Such as a magician cutting a woman in half in a box. Delusion - you are holding on to falsity, projecting, unwilling to let it go, not understanding how you are holding on to it. This is so important because while one says “everything looks like delusion”, one is missing the very trigger of releases itself - which is that you are holding the delusion - it’s in your perspective, your perception. It would be hopeless is the delusion was in “everything” - but it is not, you can realize you are holding it - so there is indeed ALWAYS HOPE. This is not to be solved. This is to be let go. BECAUSE YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU...YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU DON’T NEED ANYTHING. Sans maybe - to begin letting go, of all beliefs against yourself, all resentments, all projections. Uncover YOU. YOU ARE GOOD my friend, and you will see. WE ARE GOOD.
  10. @Mikael89 Been there brother.