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  1. @Joseph Maynor There is just energy and you as a filter / limiter. Every time you think something is unwanted, something is undesired, unliked, Unloved, unuseful - you have filtered out a little energy, a little God. If you want to see ultraviolet light, X-rays, gamma rays, etc - simply remove the filter that limits the perception and there it was all along. Right there. So be mindful not to express such filters. Build momentum of this, and the filters will dissipate, and then those words will have meaning. Use all the energy. Those words describe a view.
  2. @Dodo Is it possible, perhaps, that God is missing nothing? There is no separation, only perception. Ant's probably can't perceive the view from 6 feet above on hundreds of them. A wise man once said "we all do it the same way".
  3. @Joseph Maynor I wake up and breath & God is everything. Everything anyone says, does, is God. I can see it in their eyes and it reminds me to be easy and allow because I am nothing. I experience God's unconditional love in the knowing I can choose anything and there will be only acceptance and energy. I experience God when another is stubborn, angry, hateful, resenting, bitter - and I am not.
  4. @Alii It's all energy. Right in front of my face. Right inside my face. Can't find a miracle in miracles. Can't find a God in God. Can't find a me in me. It's all energy. Were it not limited by me, the light would drown me in unconditional love & blindness.
  5. @Joseph Maynor Somebody punched me in the face, and I pondered how I attracted it. It's not so much that I believe in LOA, it's more like I tried blame, I played victim, tried the shit out of anger, I believed in luck & randomness, I got tired. I paid decades for my stubbornness and resentment. All the majic started when I began to play the game of tracking everything back to me. I have a role in every system I observe. I don't believe in free will, I'm just expressing it. I know there is anther level where we have no free will. I know. I've seen it for myself. But there is another level where there is only freedom, only expression of the one. The later changed my life. Kinda doubtful I could go back.
  6. @Joseph Maynor Thanks. You are full of love my friend. I saw it in the first second I saw your picture and it was reaffirmed in your first word. It's all love & filters. There is nothing to do really, no were to go. It's all love. I'm doing what all of us are doing, letting myself aside and filling with light.
  7. @pluto you are beautiful
  8. @Joseph Maynor There's another perspective on this. We choose. Sometimes residual negative thinking fools us into thinking we're not fully choosing. Meditation stops all momentum. Then we regain the perspective that we are choosing. The only way to increase suffering (fear in the mind) is to focus on it. Like you are doing with this post. How about a post on focusing on what you want?
  9. @nexusoflife Love em. I think in the future his work with stem cells and aging will be regarded very highly. There's a lot of red tape for him currently. Biocenstrism strikes me as trying to bridge levels of systems. He's obviously a pioneer. I hope he lives a long life. At his current pace, even bigger things are sure to come.
  10. @ajasatya Are you enlightened? Actually, no need to answer that. You're probably the nicest human I've ever come across and I'm not trying to put you on the spot. Really, I wonder, how does one know if they are enlightened because there is no objective anything to relate it to. It's only relative to one' own connotations. Right? I feel you will say I am wrong and I'm hoping to learn something in your explaination. Thanks in advance (in hopes of)
  11. @Echoes I don't know man. Love ya, but I'm lost. I just don't think that way.
  12. @Salaam "No problem. I guess a clearer answer to your question would be my energy "ends" and the world's "begins" in the zone upon which the edges of their different patterns interact and change in response to each other." Can you describe the 'response' from and to each party (based on your assertion they are seperate, even if in some intellectual way)?
  13. @Echoes He would be perfectly accurate if he would only add the words "for me" at the end of the title. Meditation returns me to no momentum. Then I think, speak, write, etc, only what I want. This reminds me of one of the Buddhist basics....the difference between pain and suffering. It seems he holds that the personality is a stationary physical object. There is no reason to retain that of the personality which is not serving me. After all, I'm nothing, I'm an idiot, I'm a joke, I'm a genius, I'm the m'f'n riddler...what does it matter? Focus matters in the sense it is the floor below personality. Focus and thinking are not the same.
  14. @Brivido The key is only holding your thoughts. Sounds simple. Notice how often your thoughts switch to what someone else thinks, or some fictional perspective about what you think someone or everyone else thinks, or another repetition of an old thought you don't even want. Keep on your own thoughts, now, and build momentum. We are all getting what we are focusing on, or not. Inescapable. Miraculous.