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  1. I totally agree. I don’t recall saying one needs experience deeper states to be enlightened, just that there are deeper states - while Nahm is illusion, experience is infinite. The issue with the enlightenment claim is inherent. @Shanmugam Very interesting. Who’s this “Osho” guy? It is like the boy who goes and gets his dad when confronted by another boy. Wise dad though. @abrakamowse That is a top notch question. When you experience directly, the You, then that answer is clear. When you’ve seen to the absolute, the Being, then you’ve seen through all of yourself. Then, you have also seen through everyone else.
  2. @bigzbigi You can follow the writings of a guy from forever ago, or just eat a pig and see how you feel. This is how sales works sometimes. Moses was selling dogma. Pig dogma. Don’t take ‘the butcher’s’ word for anything.
  3. @Andre Quinonez It’s relative. Monkey mind, diet, exercise, meditation, etc. It’s rest we need. One person could sleep 8 hours and wake unrested, another could sleep 5 hours and wake fully rested. Sadhguru (YouTube) is a great resource for this.
  4. @BjarkeT Prioritize life over taste. Without junk food, taste buds change neuropathways, and a simple grape is the greatest tasting food in the universe. Paradoxical. Transcendable.
  5. @Aimblack Open mind. Trip “plans”, as well as thoughts about what to expect, or what “you’ll” “experience” are in the dream. I understand you have not experienced outside of the dream yet. Excited for you! Please whip up a report to help our closed minded friends. They are invaluable. ❤️✌️
  6. @electroBeam Had a trip once I was a dolphin and me and my friends passed around a puffer fish and tripped balls, pretty sure I’m the human now but can’t be sure.
  7. @wakeel55 Anger can not harm you, you are it. 20-25 is rough af.
  8. @KenDo This is over active thinking due to identification with thought. Meditation, every morning, and again in the afternoon helps to experience the ‘space’ between the awareness that you are, and the thinking. God is much more easily fooled than you imagine. Self inquire. Be aware of the thoughts and the processes / cycles running. Observe them. Detach from them. Here’s some resources. Godspeed! You Kendo it. Consider giving this movie a watch: The discovery of the territory is on you. But a map, we have.
  9. I feel for ya. Rely on the practices. Nobody ‘has’ the truth. You are the truth. It’s the real-I-zation that some have and some don’t. The Truth is not relative. “Absolute” is getting dragged through the mud by amateurs lately. Careful. It is not helpful.
  10. @mohdanas The theme is always self discovery, which is love. The main character of every movie, every story, ‘defeats’ the protagonist, the villain, etc, but that is not what is emotionally celebrated, what moves us - it’s their discovering of their self, that they could do ‘it’ - what they’re ‘made of’. Every human relates to this, as each is made of the same infinite love. So you courageously ventured vulnerably into this relationship, and discovered your love (self) more deeply. The misunderstanding (duality) was that this love you experienced came from her, as if she emailed it to you, or blew it in your ear or something. It did not come from her, it all transpired in You. It is still there, it will always be. The love in you is bottomless and ever-present. Ambition: She, possibly, does not have resistant thinking to success like you do. For some, the simple life is genuine, bliss, and utter peace - the way. For others, the simple life is not genuine, a denial of self, a failure into one’s own resistant thinking. This lack of self, lack of courage, and barrage of ego can ruin marriages, parent - child relationships, undermine financial success, etc, etc. There is no reason you can not discover the truth, self actualize, be wealthy, and live in love with the universe - unless of course, you think there is. Then you have resistance, self doubt - and the ego will invent a complete repeating cycle of justification to keep the life you desire at arm’s length. It will sacrifice everything, ever person, every relationship you hold dear, to support the false sense of “right”. Careful not to fall for any of that. You can have, do, be, achieve - anything, OR, you can be right. Just be sure you pick. Life goes by fast.
  11. @Shanmugam Feels good doesn’t it? 🍻❤️ 👽 😂❤️
  12. @How to be wise The past does not exist, but neither does the present. Present is a relative term to past and future, present is a term that describes you. You, exist, and are nothingness, nonexistence. It is the formless appearance in form. Spacetime is a form. Light is a form. Etc. Quantum erasure is useful in opening this freedom.
  13. @egoless You can be authentic or not. You can’t know if anyone else is. Some of the most charismatic convincing people in the world are dishonest and motivated by money, ego, or the gruesome combo of both. —You are the only one, the only being. You are everything.— See what I mean? That’s the truth, right there. It doesn’t help though. It wouldn’t matter if everyone used the same words or not, because that’s all illusion. The guru you like and agree with & the guru you don’t like and don’t agree with, are equally, completely, illusionary. Illusion hides the truth, it doesn’t convey it. The level of hiding is literally unbelievable. Truth is only experiential. Only direct experience will do.