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  1. @Leo Gura Why two conversations? The public one here with ‘please’ etc… and the PM’s you’re sending about how “we have a problem” and “your” “Neo Adviata”, “I” am losing “patience” with “you”…? Threatening “me” with being banned? What?! ❤️ ❤️ “You’re” God and Nahm is “you” / “other”…? And is to be banned? What?! It’s just thought attachment. There is meditation for “you”. :Let go Let go Let go! Love, love, love!!!! There’s no “you” which has patience, patience is an emotion. There is no “Neo Advita” “talk”! This is projection.
  2. @Raptorsin7 There isn’t that ‘me’ ‘being guided’ by a ‘man’. Emotion - the guidance of LOVE! FREE - ABUNDANT - EVER PRESENT TRUTH. ♥️
  3. @Gregory1 The dream within to be lived ‘in the flesh’ is not a ‘your’ goal. ♥️
  4. There is no ‘other’! ♥️ “Love is the absence of people” - Rupert Spira
  5. Exactly. There is no “your neo-advaita talk”. Just thought attachment & projection. There is no ‘you’… at all… it’s just another thought! ♥️
  6. @Leo Gura ‘You’ can label and project as to what This is all you like! ”Love is the absence of people”. Rupert Spira There’s no “you”! I wish “you” Nothing, Love, and the absolute best of alignment and well being! ? “Neo-Advaita talk” ? Cessation!
  7. There is not a ‘you’ and an ‘it’! There is thought attachment & projection, apparently. Nonduality! Not. Two. “Becoming more conscious” ? OMG to so much LOVE! ?
  8. There’s no ‘you’!!! Just projection! “Leo”, I hope ‘you’ make a billion dollars waking up - I truly truly do!!! Much love ? “Your state”. Priceless!!!! ? “When I became conscious of”!!! Holy stop!!! ? I have never forgotten that. For real, ribs hurting. “That” is thoughts!!!! ♥️
  9. It’s so simple, it’s what’s already the case. And then someone starts talking, and thoughts arise and are again believed. Apparently. ? Don’t awaken without our product or the whole universe will end!!! And look out most for me because if I die the whole universe will end!!!! Suppress the discord and listen to me!!!! Absolutely brilliant! ? ? It’s what’s already the case. “Before enlightenment, chopping wood & carrying water. After enlightenment, chopping wood & carrying water” Buddha ? “I’ve been studying Leo more” holy shit lol ? ? ? Love Love Love!!! ’You’ never cease to amaze “Leo”. God bless & much love!
  10. @SQAAD There is no ‘you’ which is or is not mature enough. This is projection, othering. Give this a read, see if it resonates.
  11. The wholeness is the cessation of the activity of thought, about the wholeness. Really stop and notice you’re seeking love in a blog video / someone’s words. ? ? ? Much love!