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  1. @OmniYoga Yes. It’s not typically possible for someone to in the literal sense, stop thinking. In returning attention to breathing from the stomach, the body responds in a great many ways, and thoughts are no longer receiving attention. Overthinking fizzles out as it was not the natural state to begin with. When this outcome is not experienced, writing about feelings is ideal. Unresolved feeling keeps the thought wheels turning (thought trying to resolve feeling, with more thought).
  2. Take a step back, behind the perspective. Notice you are employing / creating / believing that duality. I don’t believe it. In the personal sense, I do not believe that duality. You don’t have to either. Once you don’t - no problem, no guilt is possible, because you realize you were creating it / imposing it / believing it. If you want to help people self realize, best not be the bringer of dualities & guilt. There are no ‘sides’ to take. This plays out only in the belief that there is a duality. Which there isn’t. (Not to imply you were supposed to know this, but this is when you realize how sneaky thought is / how important perspective is)
  3. @Jahmaine Maybe purpose, recognition, greatness, mastery, practicality and benefits weren’t on his mind at all. Just speculating of course.
  4. @AwakenedSoul444 Great to hear! Keep on keeping on man. ♥️
  5. @Chilli Awesome....yes...aaannnnndddd...the map is literally the territory. Lol. SOOOO sneaky!
  6. @Chilli What if we say it’s a ‘fox” (instead of an ox)...and ‘you saw it’ a testament to how sneaky the fox is. One second later, and a thought of separation is believed. You - saw - it. (Twoness). How sneaky right? Immediately conceptualized / duality-ized.
  7. @Bill W Wanting X....doing this Y again though....not yet seeing how x is leading me to y. It is.
  8. You didn’t. Infinity / God is unlimited, can “materialize” / “instantly manifest” anything...using only itself / infinity. However, infinity is consciousness, and fully knowing of such, every thing “materialized” is not any ‘thing’ materialized, but rather known as itself. So, you did the only thing you could do, to experience. From the perspective of that question, yes, the reason is because you’re infinite. All people, objects, circumstances, situations, definitions, etc....all arise simultaneously as the body mind / perspectives themselves. You can derive purpose, sure, and you are creating it of yourself, for yourself, by yourself. @Javfly33 One single linear stream of one-at-a-time arising thoughts - in appearance. One thought is “my mind”; believe that thought, or don’t. Another arising thought, “my body”, “me”, “I”. In any case, you are the awareness, aware of these thoughts. When thoughts are no longer believed....’awareness is aware of awareness’. This is already the case - as thoughts are nothing more than awareness.
  9. Right on. The yin & yang symbol...nuts how it’s all “right there”, takes nothing, yet so much, to see.
  10. Yes. He’s using memory / dogma, you’re using the idea of ‘you’. You’re fine man. Lot of relief and ‘progress’ in understanding and seeing first hand how you’re creating the suffering / basically short changing yourself out of the awesomeness & Goodness.
  11. @wk197 Awesome. Yes, meditation makes it much easier to choose a better feeling thought, and also to allow intuition in. Careful not to short change yourself of the joy that is this journey, you certainly don’t need meditation. Maybe... what you need is contrast, so there can be experience... and what you want is to become aware of the meaning you’ve been assigning, to begin to see that you are. Also, you = now. Identical. The same. Notice, that as you are aware of arising are what’s aware of, thoughts. You are the awareness, transcendent, of thoughts - and anything they ever appear to imply about you. Thoughts arise only within you, thoughts arise only now. You might try the practice of ’the witness’, or ’observer mode’...just as much as is possible in your reactions, just observance. This makes it easy to become aware of any reactions currently at play, and frees that surface thought layer of repetition. From there you notice voluntary thinking, and that’s a solid glimpse.
  12. @Buba Well, those thoughts too. I was just asking if you were aware of the thoughts, and the coming & going of them. Finding out the answer on reincarnation, and moving forward from that pain, are really the same thing.
  13. @Bazooka Jesus Infinite Humor. 😂🙏🏻