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  1. Maybe you got what I meant.....If you were both guru’s, and you swapped the entirety of everything each of you do other than the guru’ing. Every last detail, every task, etc. He’s doing literally every thing you typically do each day and vice versa. Would a polarity change such that as guru’s there would be a change from masculine energy to feminine or vice versa?
  2. Just get the nitris and keep saying it’s not workin. You can stretch that 20 to 50 no prob. Jk. Don’t anyone actually do that. What if you both changed / reversed roles / tasks far as the op...would masculine / feminine energy shift in brain vs role (belief)? (Hypothetically)
  3. 🤯O.M.G. “First?!’....they literally don’t even ask me if I’ve seen something! They just ask me “where’s mom?”. And just now, two minutes before seeing your message I just said “from here on out, I do not know where mom is”. Lol! So true and deep!
  4. @mandyjw Oh boy. Sound just like her. Have a two grams of penis envy already and forgetaboutit. Jk!! Jk!!! Jk!!! Maybe I was wrong to think she was stupid. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Maybe she’s experiencing something I don’t know the first thing about. Well I know the first thing in this case, know.
  5. @seeking_brilliance What synchronicity! (Same time)
  6. @mandyjw I remember when it really dawned that I indeed create reality I went on & on for a hot minute about it to the mrs. (for like months), my wife fired back by pointing at our kids and said “when a fucking human falls out of your vagina after ten months in your gut (she likes pointing out it’s really ten months), you come talk to me about creating reality”. She had her ‘quote fingers’ in the air when she said “create reality”. 😂 I remember thinking how stupid she was. What kids?! (That can be taken a few ways, isn’t it?)
  7. @Someone here There’s enough pizza for everyone.
  8. @Someone here “If I’m here, and you’re here, doesn’t that make it our time?” - Jeff Spicoli
  9. Today is always the day. Today is the only day. Today we imagine yesterdays and tomorrows. Today. Video on this coming tomorrow. 🤓
  10. Just a perspective being offered...connotations, opinion, rather than definitions...just a way to look at this, not me trying to tell you how anything ‘actually’ is.... If we can allow “not awake”, to basically amount to, “I don’t like how I feel right now”...then a new way of looking at this, a new way of thinking about this, a new way of feeling about this might arise. A way which does feel good to you, right now, and is productive. If “not awake” is really just saying “I don’t like how I feel right now”....then we can inspect, why - what is it, literally, which does not feel good to you, right now... If your foot is stuck in a bear trap, it’s most definitely that. If your balls are stuck in a car door someone just slammed, it is most definitely that. If there is no physical factor in your immediate environment which can be said to be the obvious source of the ‘not feeling good right now’...then let us consider the culprit might be the perspective...the way you’re looking at experiencing life, which is not resonating (does not feel good right now). If this is the case, or is at least in some way agreeable...then it can only stand to be reasonable, that you must acknowledge this. To feel better, you must acknowledge that the way you’re looking at it currently, is not working, and also does not feel good. Why though, amIright? Why doesn’t the perspective feel good? the paramount, pertinent, relevant factor...both in terms of you being productive, and you feeling great right now. Sacrificing how you feel right now, via the perspective that you are doing so - for the sake of how you will feel in the future, is what is not working for you...right now. There are existential explanations about time, where the fuck a self might be, yada yada, but if all that does not amount to you feeling great right f’ing now - then who f’ing cares!? AmIright or amIright? You are learning what ‘letting go’ is. If you don’t like how you feel right now, you must let the present perspective go. Then, you must do something, anything at all that you like - until you feel, better. Then, in your feeling better, you can re-approach the subject - from a different perspective. That different perspective, would be the realization that feeling will never be in a future. I would offer that in this case, “not awake” could be defined as feeling not good now, because you might not be feeling good in the future. If this is the case, this will not work, because feeling is only thought to be in a future, but is actually only now. You, will never actually be ‘in a future’. You are presently, thinking of yourself, as if you were in a future. But it doesn’t feel right, because it is not right. “If I continue putting how I feel second, focusing on the perspective which does not feel good to me, I will not get a thing accomplished”. “I am fully capable of letting a perspective go, and relaxing, and focusing on something else that feels better. I am really getting what crazy guy is saying, when he says relaxation is not a thought, but is feeling. Letting go, when I find I have stumbled into not feeling good, is the only option that works. This is because there is a source of good feeling, and it is ever present - but only now. When I ‘go into the future’, I leave this source of feeling good. Feeling is the present, feeling is not in a future. This whacko of a guy has said this a hundred thousand times but I think I might actually entertain this now because I’m getting that this is how I’m creating my own suffering, and life can be in nirvana if I stick with my source of good feeling. If I don’t leave it, how could I ever experience a moment without it. I wonder if this could be because the only point of this experience, is the experience. Maybe if me & my source are like this 🤞🏼, I will feel great and be productive.” If I may...”caring” has been hijacked. It won’t work. It already isn’t. It’s dead to you now. Also, it’s still ‘thinking about yourself’. If you were truly thinking of yourself, how you feel would be put first, without exception. I mean maybe if some guy is falling off a cliff or drowning or whatever, but I’m talking about the way one goes about this life thing. Actually letting go, ‘works’. This means actually focusing on something else...feeling good again, getting back to 🤞🏼. Then....proceed, and kick ass. Again, this is no more than a perspective offered. Some say this is bypassing, some say this is the exact opposite of bypassing, some say what you’ve been doing is bypassing. Who cares. Always up to you, and if I may, your source, or, good feeling. Yourself. 🤍🙏🏻
  11. This is how you’re recreating the suffering. Awake = there isn’t time, this is infinite being appearing to be consistent. “Care” = feeling. “But I feel about being awake tomorrow, and the day after”. No you actually don’t care / feel that. You THINK you do. Awake = Now = You = Love. Stop pretending you can think feeling. Stop pretending you can be awake anywhere, or anytime. Awake = Now. You can not be other-than you. Now can not be other than now. “Why doesn’t this square peg of thinking fit into this round hole of feeling?” Who cares really. Just stop pounding it. “No matter what, I'll keep backsliding and escaping” That ends with laughing.
  12. @randomguy123 Keep returning focus to big big stomach breaths, with the point being feeling. Feel your entire waste-line expand when you take in a big stomach breath. Feel the breath into the body all the way to the sensations in the bottom of your feet, and all the way up to the top of the head. Thoughts take us all for a ride. All the emotional misunderstanding from our past, from all the suppression we had to do just to psychologically function to be on the same page as the conventional collective survival status quo, is completely false. What a toll this took on you love. Keep letting go by feeling via breath. The breath is no thing, and will excavate the body of misunderstandings. On their way out, ‘they’ll try to rope you in’, again & again & again. Don’t ‘fall for it’, allow feeling, slow the breath to excavate. Don’t hold back what comes up, and yet don’t ‘fall for the thought stories’ of it. Keep relaxing over and over, keep feeling via the breath, over & over. You, complete, in the peace of our being, is the result of letting go. The pressures you innocently internalized are clashing with truth. Forgive them, truly, truly, truly, they do not know. Forgive yourself. You are the pure & innocent, untouchable, un-harmable, love and light of this place. Better days are coming my friend. Better days ahead. ☀️ Every being in your universe sends their love home to you. Just keep letting go, and receiving it. Fill yourself with yourself. 🤍