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  1. because youre having trouble with these things, i see you are referencing your past that 'keeps' you from being where you want to be with those things. so yes, absolutely, your past is not existant. let it go and turn your focus to the liberating NOW in which you are completely free to not do the next most probable thing.
  2. play guitar and sing. learn dyaphramic breath control.
  3. there is only you. there is not a subjective reality you are perceiving. 5% of the universe is observable and the other 95% is you projecting it. you are observing what you are creating from your vision to your desire. carry the oil, look for the omens, the universe is hiding nothing.
  4. there is no subjective reality. belief is just a thought you keep thinking. it is to each of us individually that things like the devil or religion are true because everthing is merely thought and belief. you'll see what you haven chosen to believe. liberation sprouts from this.
  5. reality is literally relative to your perspective. you see and hear and experience based on your attitude and perspective.
  6. @Loreenaif u pursue the truth you'll learn so much that you start to see how there is no end or beginning to be found anywhere. All is God. You also. It's the default. We must keep ourselves ignorant and in a victim mind set to keep seperate from the everything.
  7. someone who is not developed or actualized at all often is so self centered they are not aware of it and so they play victim and label actualized people as selfish. as if taking care of yourself and pursuing your dream is selfish
  8. @philosogi it seems nerve related. How are your nerves?
  9. appreciate learning of the complexity. look forward to transcending all of it and knowing it was all relative to you all along. you can't skip the path, but you can skip on it.
  10. @Gneumatics Been singing and playing guitar for 30 years. The answer is yes.
  11. You may want to look further into it. It answers your proceeding questions.
  12. @Anna Konstantaki a mathematical theory is made by the consciousness. "Solving" expands the consciousness. There will always be larger and smaller things. They are made by observance.
  13. The fabric of reality is an incomprehensible intelligence of everything that collapses into something specific relative to the observer. So there isn't one reality we are all in. Each of us are real, are each a reality. The stuff between us is not real, not reality, it's God. There is no reason to argue about reality and insult each other. There is no reason to argue about God. We are each experiencing our own legitimate reality / God.