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  1. @Joseph Maynor What's the Significance of the Strange-Loop that Nearly Every Word is defined in Terms of Other Words It’s all “relativity”. 3 cups & a peanut, that don’t exist. All illusion. It’s hysterical . It’s magic. It’s a completely pervasive bombardment of reassurance, misunderstood. If it seems otherwise, I think that’s a testament to how well it’s done, how convincing it is. If it was all made out of something, you’d be able to get to the bottom of it. But it’s not, as you know. It’s made of nothing. Creating an entire universe out of nothing and being in it not actually knowing what you are or how you got there is literally the kind of thing we do (doing now). It will never matter what words you speak to the illusion, it can’t tell the truth, because it is an illusion. The nature of an illusion, is to convince you something happened or is happening or will happen, that really isn’t actually. Any & every “thing” in the illusion loops / goes full circle. Food to waste to fertilizer, to food. Rain to rivers, to ocean, to rain. One being, to two people, to one person / one being, etc, etc, and here are, in the loop the whole time. Of course, we don’t exist.
  2. @Waifu Yandere “all my negative emotions dissipate” Can’t hold thoughts resistant to what you want if you are summoning passion.
  3. @Waifu Yandere what do you need to stop doing? What do you need to start doing?
  4. @Waifu Yandere what do yo want?
  5. @John Iverson you’re gonna feel amazing & invincible man.
  6. @BjarkeT have you thought about it this don’t have to think yourself to happiness. You only need to choose a thought other than an unwanted one. Puppies will do, literally anything. Without unwanted thoughts, that bigger you starts filling in the happiness. It was the default all along, you were just worrying.
  7. @Damir Elezi why have you chosen to be an artist?
  8. @Phill what do you want, and what are the resistant thoughts you have against what you want? Also, are you aware, marijuana, especially very potent, is associated most often with DP? Typically that, or a past trauma. Also, if you were doing great, happy, etc - and meditation flipped that upside down, why are you meditating in the first place?
  9. @Scarecrow 👍
  10. @LRyan sorry to hear of your moms condition. try just getting back to daily meditation. it might help you get that ‘space’ back. if we are breathing, we can sit and be alone. and theres the healing.
  11. @SOUL thats beautiful. the middle way certainly loops in full circle over and over. ime
  12. @egoless people fail, people succeed, people are miserable, people are happy. what do you want? that’s most relative. no?