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  1. @devonrexcatz Let go of stress, worry, tension, stubbornness, ‘strong headedness’ and unwillingness to see & listen to the guidance of feeling, much more & more subtly. Take seriously bringing more self, as in bodymind, care into your life by scheduling experiences of relaxation & well being. Simple things like a massage or reiki for example.
  2. Transmute energy (expression) vs suppressing (lithium). Trace it back to the root belief / misunderstanding. Don’t rush the process, and don’t underestimate projection of discordance. Look for your ‘that’s how reality is’ and or ‘that’s just how I am’ with more openmindedness (think: meta).
  3. That belief is discordant and must be let go. It can’t be accepted, because it is discordant, like a square peg can’t be ‘accepted’ by a round hole. There is a certain righteousness, arrogance, in believing you know what anyone else is thinkin. Ya don’t. You can not ‘accept all outcomes’ because there is never a direct experience of ‘all outcomes’, or even of any ‘outcomes’. This place is a continuum. There is no ‘done’, and there is no ‘off button’. What you’re wrestling with is not what someone or anyone else thinks, it’s judgement. Above the tree of the knowledge of good & evil, right & wrong, God hung a flaming sword. The sword is the truth which cuts through all beliefs, and the flame is the burn of the suffering felt for believing you know what is right & wrong, good & bad. This sword points to the tree of life, as in, your life. When you take focus off what feels discordant to you (the belief you’re a clairvoyant psychic mind reader with precognition) and apply focus to what you actually want, your reality becomes it. The mind all over the place is the mind ignoring feeling.
  4. How many me’s you thinkin there are?
  5. Focus is working perfectly & it is a belief that you are not at the helm, in control, or “can’t focus”. That rumination is aversion. It is the busy work of the mind in the avoidance of feeling. When it has become habitual it goes almost unnoticed. ‘Almost’, because it is always felt, anywhere from unsettling & boredom, to tension, frustration and irritation. It traces back to a self referential belief you created in innocent misunderstanding, in reaction to an experience. What you are subtly searching for is a response in understanding, which align that belief with actuality. Letting conditioning, and the resistance of it go, is for all ages. As a point of reference, my ten year old is enlightened. The innocent arrogance of “the knower”… the “one who knows without even directly experiencing”. You’re shooting yourself in the foot before taking your first step. Focus on how you feel instead of being right. There already is not a problem and thus there is already no solution. Those are just beliefs, conditioning, a learned way of thinking, which fall away into the practice. Make a dreamboard. Pop your bubbles.
  6. Believing in / looking for the ‘limited self’ vs ‘the true self’ is spiritually dogmatic conceptual existential rumination, and the only point that serves is to expedite the fruitlessness of the approach, and thus the inevitability of adopting the practice. Love is all, and thus can never be reached, achieved, acquired, obtained, experienced or realized by anyone. Only in letting all beliefs to the contrary go does love realize it never moved, never thought, never did, and never left. Practically speaking, you are always feeling discord & alignment as the creator of your reality, which has one source - not two. There is nowhere you could go in which you are without the guidance of love. Analogously, you could vacuum a floor with (alignment, felt), and without (discord, felt), the vacuum plugged in. You are free to do either, but only one creates change. When you are feeling great, you are aligned and creating the change desired. When you are feeling discord, stop, let whatever that is go, and inherently by default you are ‘plugging in’… then proceed. ‘Plugging in’ is initially paradoxical and counterintuitive, as plugging in is not a doing, but a letting go of the thought, perspective, belief, focus, etc, upon that which discord in feeling (guidance) is felt. Not a single one of those self referential thoughts are true. Let them dissolve into the deep relaxation of your practice first thing every morning, and they will no longer arise. In the space in which that thought activity was, love will be. Already Is.
  7. @Droo_ Full reverse. Take no beliefs, projections, expectations, intentions, desires, or even a single thought ‘into’ the practice. Do not know, or strive or anticipate to know anything, in regard to the practice.
  8. Imagine the uselessness of a small sign in the middle of the woods that says “trees”. Obviously that sign would not be needed, because, trees.
  9. Dispel those beliefs in separation. Try pointing to the ‘stuff of thoughts’ (like “a thinker”) to distinguish, or rather apply clarity to, thought narrative overlays vs actuality. Inevitably, the practice is adopted and those are realized to be just thoughts about nothing.
  10. You already are, via focus. The current lens of focus is “my problem”. Focus instead on the solution, on what you do want. You won’t find “the filter” per se, as ‘you’ is the lens & filter. Scrutinize that belief / projection / assumption. Be aware of strict dualities, this or that’s, held in mind. All seems black & white but is entirely always in actuality grey. The black & whiting is only in the thought, while reality is an apparent continuum without distinction or separation. It’s not about looking for new, or ‘right’ beliefs. It’s about more deeply inspecting & realizing what is already the case. Adopt the practice of daily morning meditation, to allow the layer of self referential thinking, “me as the thinker & doer”, to fall away in deep relaxation. Be more aware of your vibration, how you feel and why. Make a dreamboard. The universe exists only for your experience of it. Have fun. That is “the secret”.
  11. That there is delusion is said from truth, and so is that there is not. Similarly (literally the exact same), that there is nonexistence is said from existence, and so is that there is not.
  12. Even if you feel like crap and your health & well being deteriorates, at least you have that you’re right about those people.
  13. IMO (not me), If Enlightenment/Non Duality (me) is a brain state (not me), then its not really Truth (me).