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  1. @K VIL Thinking.
  2. @Lorcan “Avoided” is entirely subjective, that’s on you. How does what is on that paper relate to what you’re asking about? What does it have to do with what you want?
  3. @Lorcan Write down what you want, on a piece of paper. Then reduce the number of words, as many times as you need to, to narrow it down to just one word. I don’t need to know what that word is, just let me know once you’ve done this.
  4. @Solace I just want to second’re authentic and it is refreshing.
  5. @Lorcan The joy & freedom would be right here, right now - exactly where you decided to leave it, and take thought in the direction of things you don’t want. What do you want? What is one step you are taking towards wanted, each day? What do you want from this life so much, that you would trade all the ridiculous pointless negative thinking for?
  6. @brugluiz Same as “The Quan”. 👍👍
  7. @Wiijuu
  8. @Shan There is a moment to be had via qm’s where one realizes science is saying the same thing as enlightened masters always have. I suppose the “secret” is that science flips as a paradigm in it’s entirety, if we look into it. A lot of people have heard this, but almost none have experienced this “secret”.
  9. @abrakamowse This is just how tricky and deep rooted thought is, and the conditioning of our culture. The “money problem” (future) doesn’t actually exist. Notice how if I said in one week, you will have ZERO pocket’d probably not really think much about it. But replace pocket link with money, and you’d swear, right now, it was no longer an issue with overthinking, and an actual real problem. But “pocket lint” and “money”, right now, are actually equally powerless thoughts. Can you really feel that difference in this moment? How one feels heavier, more important - but is just a thought, same as the other? Which do you want to be putting first; how you feel right now, or a thought about future/money? Maybe you have made a habit of thinking, “I’ll feel better now, when I have more than enough money for the future?
  10. @Wiijuu I was also going to suggest quantum physics. Look into Einstein and what relativity really reveals about “you”, and then what the double slit, entanglment, and superposition reveal about you.
  11. @Shin Call me crazy, but make a practice out of it. Commit to 30 minutes of seeing the world, out at the grocery store, etc, and everyone in it, as it’s mother. They’re all still kids. Don’t be fooled by appearance. You are still it’s mother, don’t be fooled by that appearance either.
  12. @abrakamowse That’s great it’s identified! 💪🏻 I remember when I was at this place where I started noticing how my energy / mood was always reactive to how those around me were behaving / being, and in general my energy was dictated by the highs and lows of my life, my day, if it was Friday or Monday, if I had things I was looking forward to, if I was holding a ‘good vibe’ vision of where life was headed, etc. Essentially, sometimes I was clear on a thought vs direct experience, but mostly I was reacting, still. When a thought or concern involved money, it was as if it had unique precedence like “well I’m a money worry/thought, so I cut right through to the front of the worry line - I’m a real problem, so we’re gonna justify worrying on this one - it’s a real / serious thing, it’s not that spiritual stuff”. Can you relate to that or no?
  13. @abrakamowse Can you identify any fears? Doubts? (Just in life, not really enlightenment related.)