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  1. @retardedhorse1 the self help section would probably be more beneficial considering where you are, than self actualization. Eventually, you might appreciate the deep dives.
  2. @Prabhaker very interesting. thanks for the comment. i do know both who are 'christians'. A ponderous point, would that suggest Jesus was an extrovert or introvert?
  3. Why did Jesus meditate, and tell his disciples to meditate and share the word that the kingdom of heaven is within? How have Christians used this to the benefit of themselves, and of everyone? What should be the focus of well being; the church, or the indivual?
  4. @Loreena you are a tea pot.
  5. A cardboard box weighs 50 tons, is made of legos and strawberries and smells like coconuts and tulips.
  6. @username Felt great to read. Thank you Username.
  7. @Loreena You are a chair.
  8. @Revolutionary Think When you let go of the desire to change people, you will literally make that speech. Your connection will be such that you will have all the right words, for you.
  9. @Arkandeus That sounds like a great, happy, fulfilling path you are on. It may serve you well down the road, to keep in mind, that it is one of an infinite number of paths, that are equally happy and fulfilling.
  10. @Loreena may I ask, what is it you are not receiving, that you wish you were receiving?
  11. @username if you enjoy hopefulness, I hope you're listening to a variety of materials, rather than just this.
  12. He's probably married. You probably do not have a smooth relationship with your father. You probably should laugh about how expecting an online convo with someone on the other side of the planet to lead to the man of your dreams. Do the you work, and amazingly, 'the one' guy has been accessible all along.
  13. Best I can make of it, is that it's all me, all us, all one. And that it's extremely relative. Example: Sex is one of the best feelings in the world. UNless of course you've had to pee for hours. Then peeing is the best feeling in the world. So I suppose my experience here is relative to everything so far, and the me, and the oneness me. Without the laws there would be no limits, and no relativity, and therefore no experience at all. So thank you everyone, for the laws.
  14. @Peace and Love 50 min of cardio, brain releases all the great chemicals. 20 minutes bowflex or free weights. 30 mins meditation. It's hard at first to get up earlier enough to do all this, but after some time, you won't need quite as much sleep. And don't eat meat, carbs, or noodles - all starches. They don't process well and take a lot of our mind & body energy away from us to process that shit.
  15. Make a shake in the morning with this stuff, peanut butter, ice, a banana, and milk.. It's raw food, tastes great. Energy all day. You'll feel full for 8 hours.