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  1. @Bobby 🙏🏼 The Self. The Enlightened One. Infinity. Toaster. Once you know who you are it really doesn’t matter anymore what anyone calls you. 😌
  2. The realization is there are not humans. (Real-I-)
  3. @Mikael89 You’re arguing.
  4. @Dodo Well, if you’re asking, it’s conceptual. That’s a thought, which just materialized. Trade creating thoughts, for creating the life you want. There are hundreds of millions of virgins. Just do the work, you’ll see them. You might not even think so small of females, with ample self exploration. You might find that bliss, is better than sex. The pleasures of sex are made of this. A reduction, a limitation for creation, of what you could be feeling all day everyday. Radical honesty is the Way. Let it all out, on paper. Good luck. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of all resources available to you in terms of well being.
  5. @Dodo You. God. The one wearing the goggles.
  6. @lostmedstudent Great story and glad you’re ok! Imagine if you had died. But then everything was the same. It’d be impossible.
  7. @Simon Håkansson Your key is self honesty. An unwillingness of genuine emotional expression is feeding the overthinking. Start writing about your feelings on paper. Draw pictures, write a story, etc. Also psychedelics can reveal truths bigger than where you’re at in general, adding zest to your path, and reducing some monkey mind by connecting you more with emotions, and answering some of what fuels the thinking at the conceptual level.
  8. @Rilles Just that the blueberry comment was individual, vs a blanket suggestion.
  9. 😂 can only lead em to water though.