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  1. @sausagehead Is there a believer, in the thinker of thoughts? Check: Are you aware of thoughts? Are you aware of a thinker? Are you aware of a believer? (Great pic btw👍🏻)
  2. @Jacobsrw Awesome realization. A phrase I’ve heard that comes to mind, worth contemplating...The Knower is The Known. Also, perhaps consider a reversal, in the sense, the “knowing” appears within what is infinitely transcendent to knowing....”Not Knowing” = Being. (Not Knowing; Horton. “knowing”, appears to happen in Whoville, but it’s actually Horton) Far from stupid.
  3. @Iksander On a list of ten things a Reiki master works with, this would be number one. Go see, soon.
  4. @zunnyman Potentiality... .0000001 degree in that direction and you find yourself having 10 all inclusive solutions at the ready, when you would have struggled for 1 decent self serving solution before. Survival wise, your level of competing is no longer fair, while the inherent nature of all inclusiveness, of course, keeps it fair.
  5. @Pouya You are indeed that free. You can “wear”, you can be, different consciousnesses. Like with tripping, homeostasis is more readily known and appreciated. Like changing states, authentic is more readily known. Be anyone, be no one, be everyone. It’s fine. It’s always still you.
  6. @electroBeam Nice. The tears are the juice! ♥️
  7. @Shadowraix Thanks for elaborating. I see what you’re saying. I’d go the other route though, and see how the dualistic mindset is recreated. I feel the memory utilization would only perpetuate the emotional release, a mental status quo of sorts. After the purification, nonduality is eventually the norm. I would say the memory is only a thought, and repetition is counter productive. I can see how different approaches work for different people though. That’s just one.
  8. @fridjonk Daily meditation will elevate the perspective out of the apparent duality of survival and the path. So much so indeed, you’ll forget you previously saw life this way, and the choices / habits will become much easier, effortlessly. The Joy of Truth, is both, because you are The One.
  9. @fridjonk What are your daily disciplines? Practices, diet, fitness?
  10. @Shadowraix Not sure I follow / understand you. Can you elaborate on how remembering an experience helps grasp nonduality?
  11. @Tom T All things, upon sufficient inspection, disappear. Have look for your self.
  12. @zeroISinfinity Create a separate self in thought, a thinker, then use that thinker to judge the first one, innocent or horrible, neither or both. Just don’t let that second guy in on the secret.
  13. You have forgotten that you created all of this, and put psychedelics into your dream, in case you want to remember who you really are. You are looking at psych’s from the false stand point of ‘you already know who you are’, and that the “insights” could be “forgotten” by some “one” which is separate from the “insights”. You have it backwards, and it’s a whole charade, and it is your suffering. There is no such thing as insights, at all. It only appears so in a false state of forgotten. The actuality of “insights” is recognition of your actual infinite self. The “suffering”, therefore, the “problem”, is literally something you are making up, and believing to be true. This is only possible due to false beliefs you hold about yourself, in you’re authentic desire to remember, but your inauthentic fear to let go. Rather, forget, to actually, remember. Let every memory go, that ain’t it, it’s just a thought. Here, now, this is you. Shed such nonsensory, in an hour of meditation every morning. You’ll hate it. But then you’ll Remember. Then you’ll see there is nothing to remember, and you will laugh. Probably for months. Next time you notice you forgot something...something simple, like your phone, or your car keys...stop and notice - you can never come up with a reason you forgot. Because there is no reason, prior to forgetting. “Reason” too, is you.
  14. @Inliytened1 No. Perhaps another day. Much love ♥️
  15. It could be the case that the actuality is awareness of thought & perception, from which a perceiver, a thing perceived, and therefore a perspective, are derived, but are never an actuality. But that would reveal there is no perspective, and no thing becoming, but rather the appearance of becoming, and the opportunity for recognition of what never becomes.