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  1. 🙏🏻 Interpretations & identification, self understanding & emotional equanimity, and a calm mind. This is all possible for you. Miracle happens everyday. I was clinically diagnosed maniac depressive about twenty five years ago. Saw a few therapists, tried a few medications. None of it made sense. Meditation, well being, dreamboard, aligning thought with feeling, all make sense. I was full of shit too. I didn’t know heads from tails of any of it either though, and neither did anyone who treated me. Nice folks, just didn’t know they were full of shit.
  2. Appreciate the heck out of the work, every aspect possible, change your entire interpretation in that regard, flip your own script. Discard your entire paradigm because it sucks (in feeling terms), and refresh in the recognition of this, and in starting the mind anew. With each day, put feeling first, and consciously choose perspectives which feel good. You’ll soon have the energy, insights, mindset and ideas, and you’ll change your life naturally. You’ll want different experiences naturally. You’ll feel so good & freed you’ll have twice the energy and half a mind for time at all. It’s incredibly humbling, liberating and empowering when you recognize no one else is suffering. The point of shit when nothing completes is the shit is you, and you are infinite being. The shit is the miracle. That’s where people got that term, “it’s the shit”. (Infinite Awesomeness) They’re talkin bout you. Empty the mind of the orange and capitalism etc views, and it will fill with awesomeness. The point of eating healthy is to realize the value of it, of living. Orange is the inspiration to eat well & take care. Love orange. Choose orange perspectives aligned with feeling, receive orange inspiration. The point of psychedelics is to realize you are “the shit” (as in the infinite shiznit) by flushing the flotsam & jetsam of perspectives which create discord. Sobriety, like clarity, is not at all dogmatic or blue. It is a heroic endeavor, the only ‘real’ path, the true aim, prior to the prism of sd’s. That has nothing to do with it. It is evoking the power of God into your life. Choose sobriety perspectives aligned with feeling, receive Goodness inspiration. Use the emotional scale, it works. Meditation, letting thought activity go & the mind rest, works. For example, when experiencing a mix of boredom, frustration, and pessimism, in bringing the mind to rest, momentum of thought activity is slowed or stopped...and one can recognize one can be and is content with just this moment as it is. Feeling that just-right-now contentment...from there one can consider a hopeful perspective...which feels even better. There is intrinsic hope in feeling contentment with this moment...and the better one feels the more it is realized there is only ever this moment. One which realizes one can always feel their way to contentment with now, realizes it is always now...and one can always feel their way to contentment, and this is very hopeful feeling. From can consider optimistic expectations much more readily. Momentum builds, effortlessly, and much more passion is felt. New never before experienced perspectives of appreciation explode like fireworks and feel a lot like joy & love, and are very empowering. At this point you literally can’t remembering the ‘old’ perspectives. It works. Reality is an inside out job. Go to the flashlight, let go of all concerning perspectives about the light on the wall. It’ll change. Stop worrying about the whole world. It’s skewing all other perspectives. Give the world views thinking a break for a while and it’ll have an affect on the body mind like a week in nature would. Godspeed. Wishing you the best.
  3. @Carl-Richard “It” isn’t being ‘interpreted’. Can’t interpret a non-happening. “It’s” being expected & anticipated. “It” (infinite) can’t think (finite) itself, so “it” (eternal) can’t imagine death (a finite-not-it), but God knows “it” try’s.
  4. @Intraplanetary Take a deep breath or two and relax. Don’t think relaxation, feel it. Sink into gravity. Feel every inch of your body let go, and sink. Neck loosens, shoulders drop, hands loosen, every muscle lets go, etc. Actual Relaxation. Can you name something else which has the property of being aware? Anything at all?
  5. @Intraplanetary Are you aware? Yes. Or no? Just ‘check a box’, like we did in kindergarten. A simple yes, or no.
  6. Take a deep breathe and love each other y’all. And review the guidelines.
  7. @SgtPepper Self-acceptance is a concept. Lack of self-acceptance is another concept. In each case the concept implies two selves. If one is aware of this concept, one is aware of thought attachment . In thought, there seems to be one self which could or couldn’t accept, or is or isn’t accepting, another, second self. These selves are not found in perception or feeling. It’s a good step, yet oriented home, it’s a step of deconstruction (vs adding a concept of myself).
  8. Need is the justification. Want is the freedom from it. Believing you need something, you are captive to it. You’ve made the Happiness you literally are, conditionally contingent, on obtaining what you believe you need. Believing that thought, is how it remains “justified”. Let go of the belief you need something to be happiness, for life to be better,and magically, it already it, you already Are.
  9. That’s just more of the same deluding of Happiness. You are Happiness, you’ve assumed you are not, and rather than letting those beliefs & assumptions go, you are adding concepts to justify & rationalize (“I must have to do more work”), making it all the more difficult...not noticing you are the one doing that. Search the forum for @Faceless. Read all of his posts. You will not like it and not get it at first. Feel those reactions to understand and transcend them. (Direct experience) When it is recognized what ‘thought movement’ points to, in direct experience, most intimately, you will be free for the duration. You will be able to bring the mind to perfect rest anytime you want, you will be able to turn the mind on and off at will. It is blissful. You will create consciously. There are not two of you!!!!!! Wake up!!!!!! 🤍
  10. Notice you have a pair of glasses on. That of believing sounds could be true or not true. If there is a question, how can the question not be ‘how do I take these glasses off’? It’s not done by suppressing your own feeling, and putting icon glasses on. My avatar Infinity.
  11. @dflores321 Well ya, there’s that. Yet even a better feeling thought about garbage is focus on garbage. (Judgement being said garbage here).