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  1. @SaraLenore Look at it. See how you’re creating it.
  2. @Johnny5 🤷🏼‍♂️👊🏼♥️
  3. 🙏🏻☺️
  4. @zeroISinfinity Sorry, I don’t know. Some insights I ‘get’, some I don’t. I just know when it’s on the conscience so to speak. Forgive the relativity, but I feel how someone else feels, and it feels better when I share it with that someone. I hope it feels better for them when I do, but honestly I don’t know and that doesn’t even make sense to me. Why that, why Johnny, why today, etc. I don’t know. Not my business really. Conscience-less-ness, that’s all that ‘matters’. Hit or miss, fine with me.
  5. @Johnny5 Occasionally I wake up in the morning with an insight on someone’s behalf. It is dreamlike, rather than logical, and I have learned I don’t need to explain or understand, but it seems I am to express it, or share it, if you will. There is no way of me knowing why or what it might mean to someone, or if it is completely meaningless and ‘just a thought’, sans the feeling, which I care not to contend with ever. So might be insightful, might be rubbish, but what it seems I am to say is that the actuality of being, as in being creation & actually creating, the realness or aliveness of creating as ‘the true, authentic, actual self’, is the answer to what weighs on the conscience. Is the freedom.
  6. @peanutspathtotruth 🙏🏻 The truth has a tendency to sound nuts at first. 😉
  7. Meditation is awareness of a thought like that, and returning attention to breathing from the stomach and relaxing the body over and over...thus letting the thought go. What you’re doing here is believing the thoughts, rather than returning the focus to stomach breathing. That thought is not true, you are not ‘in a hole’. It is the thought which isn’t resonating, there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you. It is not that the thought is true, and so it just sucks. It is that the thought is not true, and feels terrible - yet, you’re believing it. Thinking about thinking cannot resolve thinking which does not feel good. This is another example of the same. ‘You’ most definitely do not feel numb. Certain thoughts are not true. Seems you’ve been believing these not true about you thoughts for a while, and are reluctant to let them go. That’s ok though. This is the learning of the nature of suffering. Let go when you feel comfortable with letting go, when you reach that place of having learned enough from the suffering. Meditation helped you be more sensitive and aware of the relativity, the alignment or discord, of arising thoughts. That thought (above) doesn’t feel good, because it’s not true. The joy never comes and goes. Thoughts, come and go. Focus does not come and go. Thoughts come and go. Reality is made of spontaneous freedom. There is nothing but ever present freedom, to let go, to focus upon what feels good to you. You are loved more than you could imagine. But it can not be said that you are loved more than you can feel. What you are feeling is precisely the discord between this love, and what you’re focusing on. That is a thought about yourself, which doesn’t feel good, because ‘dead’ is actually this love. Suffer, or, humble your way to admitting that’s a belief...a thought you’ve been repeating for a while, which didn’t feel good or true the very first time you heard it or thought it. That thought about you is not true. Nothing is wrong with you. In holding the not true beliefs mentioned above, for a long time, it took a tole on the body so to speak, emotionally, as well as in terms of inner peace, love, confidence, and empowerment. Believing the thought something is wrong with you, is suppressing. Nothing is wrong with you, relax and do short periods, maybe five to ten minutes, of writing about how you feel. Then step a away, go for a walk and focus on seeing, hearing, feeling, and stomach breathing. Let it out. You will see it is love which let go, and no other. It is always safe to let go of what doesn’t serve you nor resonate with the love that you truly are.
  8. @LfcCharlie4 I have a feeling this isn’t the answer you want to hear, but I don’t see ‘an addict’, or ‘enlightened teachers’, etc.
  9. @Don Wei You are not a slave. There is no old & new self. There is no impulsiveness, there are impulses. The self can not be improved upon, behaviors, actions & perspectives can be changed, limiting beliefs can be discarded. Change is accomplished in the tiniest amounts possible. There is no problem. There is nothing to overcome. This day will be this day, and it is perfect however it is. Enjoy it. Spend a quit hour in nature, as the animals about their problems, listen well to what they say. You can not get less conscious. Relax & let go. Everything you are wanting comes from feeling your best - always put that first. There is no control. There is no problem with porn, social media, fapping, etc. Judgmental thoughts about anything don’t feel good. Unity, and perspectives of inclusion are empowering, as the self is the greatest feeling possible and the only source. One ‘thing’ or activity has no more or less power than another. Make a dreamboard. Shift focus from ‘yourself’ & ‘your growth’, to what you want to create. Meditate first thing in the morning. Eat clean. Let thoughts & perspectives which don’t feel good, go, or at the least, recognize the relationship. In other word, the thoughts that don’t feel good, let them go. Choose a better feeling thought, or an activity which you enjoy, that feels good to you. You are whole, complete, and loved more than you know.
  10. @Wisebaxter Yep. The power of forgetting can create worlds. I can feel you from here my man. 🔥 Feels good. 🙏🏻
  11. The owl is suggesting you look more closely at that rope.