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  1. maybe it's the universe referring to all our mental masturbation
  2. @Leo Gura Thanks. ❤️
  3. @Monkey-man What we call reality is an illusion. Actual reality is absolute. Ime, it’s love. The illusion is finite, relative to the rest of the illusion, and happening within the absolute, and without. The absolute is not relative to anthing at all. What you actually are is absolute. Your body, brain, and thoughts, are relative and therefore part of the illusion. Absolute is transcendent to time and space, beginnings or endings, living or dead, physical or non physical. Evidenced by thinking in the sense that if you contemplate enough and resolve down what you want, how you want to think, how you want to feel... it’s love. Just like how we have perfectly convincing dreams, yet they are of the dreamer, the absolute dreams the illusion. Why would the absolute dream this illusion Monkey-Man?
  4. @Scholar if you 'get beyond the ego' there is nothing more. the ego is thinking these things. you are the ego. beyond the ego is absolute. the word absolute, means absolute.
  5. @Peace and Love there is more to be seen. there is clarity to be realized with regard to your concerns. shroom tea.
  6. @tyler7415 Don’t trust what anybody tells you is the truth. It can’t be communicated. It can be experienced. The best way to spend your life would be to experience the truth for yourself as soon as possible. Anything else is just taking someone else’s advice. Robot’s say “I am not a robot”.
  7. @Martin123 Just a 👍🏽 Shout out....I did some research inspired by this post, and I find your explanation / meaning of zen devil to be the most insightful & useable. Nice work as always Martin. I had an insight, or just a clarity of how simple it really is. We ‘think’ we’re something. We meditate to non thinking. We’re love. The nothing & nihilism are just the experience of being inbetween.
  8. @phoenix666 that’s so awesome man. Just curious....did you ‘categorize’ being born, dying, that there exists anything beyond your perception right now, that people are individuals, that the Big Bang happened, that there is physical matter, that the past existed.
  9. @phoenix666 awesome and thanks. So what did you realize? What did you ‘find out’?
  10. @George Fil i really apologize. i'm realizing i'm pretty ignorant on this and I should not have commented.
  11. @Epiphany_Inspired congrats!!!!!!!!!
  12. @Psyche_92 that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing. keep it up!
  13. @George Fil If I was to hire a life coach it would be because they were very successful in what they coach in. Maybe start a business and grow it, and then do life coaching?
  14. @egoless maybe digital marketing and search engine optimization for finance companies. It’s not really a customer facing job and it takes creativity.