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  1. @Faceless 🙏🏼
  2. @Charlotte In the absolute sense there is no process, no causation. In the relative sense (relative to your life and what you want), use them in unison.
  3. @InfinitePotential That chart is upside down. All there is is what’s accross the top line and the rest are just thoughts.
  4. @Ibn Sina You are Horton being a who.
  5. @Faceless Many thanks to us. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😊 Yes! The peace that was there all along, through the highs and lows, it was always there. Always will be.
  6. @Solace Never been so ordinary, or in such peace. I’m not really conveying a perspective, at least that’s not the intention. The intention is to help anyone to be free. You know what I mean. ❤️
  7. There’s something to be said for noticing how we typically, unknowingly, are reconciling the present with “what we know to be true” from our experiences of the past, and “what we want to be true” (what we desire, and have been desiring for a while) for our future. There is a mental continuity keeping track of past-present-future experience. There is a fear there, that in my case was so unbelievably subtle, yet so deep, so foundational, I had no awareness of it. I was blowing right past it ALL THE TIME consistently without any realization at all. There was an imaginary “I” formed and sustained by this. You might say I was running, building, pushing - my entire life - and I truly felt no fear...but, that was why I felt no fear. When I realized this, I realized I had a fear of not being unique, not being the best version of myself, not being the best dad I can be, husband, employer, friend, person, etc. Everything. I wasn’t competing with others, I was competing with some made up “best version” of myself, in my own head, which I “set up” in the past, and felt should play out in the future. It was running my life so completely, and I was perfectly happy, that I didn’t see it, at all. That made up constructed “I” - I referred to that as awareness. I honestly did. I surrendered all experiences of my past. I’ll share from my past if I think it will help someone, but I’m done trying to keep any or all of my past in my present, as if I have some “right view” or any understanding at all really. I’m done filtering the present through the lens of what “I” desire for my future. I surrendered my past and future, and the “I” was gone. The present remains. Awareness. Not my awareness, like there’s his awareness and her awareness, but - the awareness. The awareness that is infinite, which can never be reconciled or resolved with the finite. There was no “I” there to resolve! There’s no entity there to be wrong or right, or to judge or be judged. Just awareness, the same “thing” that everyone else and everything else is. If I think anything in the present is any certain way, or I “know” anything about it from what I’ve learned in the past - Then I am in psychological time. If I think anything in the present is any certain way, or I “see it” in a way which favors or gravitates towards the future that “I” desire - Then I am in psychological time. No longer. The infinite will not fit in any finite’s head, but man do I respect a person who goes all 15 rounds before they finally surrender. Each one surrenders ultimately. The variable is when. And when you finally do surrender, it’s to God. And it IS freedom. It IS timeless. It IS Selfless.
  8. @astrokeen Gotcha. I was missing the ‘fresh’ factor. I’ve only had them dried. Make tea btw, eating them adds a lot of nausea, and nausea triggers a pretty gloom & doom perspective, not ideal for a trip. 1g is an introduction and very funny if you’re spirits are high, nature really reveals itself, etc, 2-3 is deeper but simultaneously is ripping the ego away and allowing insights (not the easiest experience, but you’ll have some insights), 4/5 will rip the entire falsity away and make for the best experience (after the turmoil off the onset). Gotta ramp up though, maybe 1g more each month at the most, over 6 month to a year. Just the thought of eating 30 grams makes me pukey. 🤢 Sorry if I’m preaching, hopefully it’s helpful.