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  1. it seems they are both unaware they are creating.
  2. @Stoica Doru i used to take five different pills. now zero. even clariton no more. meditation made it very easy to align with choices of well-being, in terms of food also. I lost 60 pounds and I credit it to being centered and connected from meditation every morning exercise doesn't hurt either
  3. @Lord Bwyra you're hilarious! thank you!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
  4. @Joseph Maynor how do you know what you just said?
  5. @shahryar what are you saying here? I don't understand.
  6. @love Get certified in Reiki. Visit a chiropractor who is aware of what role they are actually playing. Then do the doctor thing. This way you won't go into doctoring with unnecessary illusions. Bonus - your spirituality will expand exponentially. The only healers are the people who understand they are doing nothing.
  7. @Max_V describe yourself. Pick 3 adjectives. Pick a couple values. Draw that. Then crumble the paper up an throw it on the floor. Do it again. After some number of times, your creative juices are flowing. Then just be fucking awesome for the rest of your life.
  8. Thanks for the advice complement. Chores, all giving, is personal development. Let go, surrender, do for them, it's doing for you. I moved out when I was 18 and got 3 jobs while I went to college full time. My dad had anger issues. They weren't my issues, they were his. It was the gift for me, from him, which helped me to wake up and get living at an early age. I had a destiny to understand reality - at least to the extent that I would be without anger. Meditate every morning. It is not the situation which is giving you the stress, it is how you're looking at it. Live your life as if it were a story that your wrote, and now are living. That's actually true. You'll see that later in life, and I wouldn't want you to regret having wasted any time being half dead with a poor outlook. The gift you gave yourself, in this "life", is the rocky shitty start you describe. That is your gift from you. Start unwrapping your "present". Be present in the now. Start building some thought momentum about your future, short term and long. Consider simply getting the fuck outta there - you are 18 now. If you're not ready to get out and support yourself like the rest of us adults, then definitely renew your appreciation for the fact that your parents are supporting you. Let that inspire you to support yourself. Remember, they are doing their best. They don't know what they don't know, neither do you, neither do I. Good Luck !!! Love your folks! Find anything to love in them! If you want to feel love, it's Also, don't underestimate food. If you're feeling stress, anxiety, poor future outlook - vs seeing opportunities, and adventures - chances are you're eating meat, sugar and bread. You're still young, that's your fault.
  9. @Leo Gura Some trolls like to create..trolls. Maybe the best party is the one that isn't even happening.
  10. Do you think, somewhere, there are trolls wondering if we exist?
  11. @youngshinzen hash gives a high, psychedelics give a trip. Perhaps there was something more in that hash cookie. Ultimately, either merely represents something in our consciousness. So, maybe the hash represented such a letting go for you that you experienced what you did. As far as congruency, i don't find having a 9 hour trip with intensive thinking, from hash, to be congruent, but, that was my point. Also, I believe I stated that enlightenment is unique for each of us. Not hash highs/trips. Those seem to be similar, which is really cool.
  12. @Afonso I don't know why, but I really love your avatar pic. It's so you. So honest or something. Awesome. No words for it really. My suggestion on the social approval issue....start noticing the stark difference between a thought and your actual awareness. You have never, are not now at all, and will never have one drop of awareness about what anyone else is thinking. Recognize it is simply a thought of yours. Even when you see people's faces, and you'd bet your life you know what they're thinking, you don't. I could smile at you while I say hello! And you might think "well, he's a happy fucker". But then I go back in my car and cry. I could be sitting in the window of Starbucks, tears running down my face, and as you see me through the window while driving off, you might think, "what a pussy. That guy needs to get it together". Meanwhile, I'm inside so full of joy and love, that it has overwhelmed my capacity, again. You NEVER know what someone else is thinking - that's just a thought of yours. Let the thoughts of social acceptance and approval simply remind you what all thoughts should remind you - that you are returning to awareness mode, and breathing from your belly!