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  1. Relax. Thoughts are just thoughts. You’re totally, perfectly, fine. Let them pass.
  2. @zeroISinfinity Yes of course. This is Reiki class 1.
  3. @Shin I know right!? Someone should tell people about this.
  4. We’re really just sophisticated computers. With emotions.
  5. if you want to have it, just give it away.
  6. @Deanna Let thoughts of other people’s path behalf go, and stay on your path. This will make sense when you know Truth. It can’t be projected. When you’ve seen through your suffering, you’ve seen through suffering. Realize your wholeness, then, if you want to, help others.
  7. The experience ‘reading’ does not require a “reader”. Look for “the reader” in direct experience. Scrutinize. Underpin the belief you are a physical body, which anything could be around, be examining thought & perception. “World” is a thought / label. “Show me how the opposite is true”...Truth includes all opposites. Rather than argue, or ask for someone else to show you, have a look at direct experience, and ask for assistance. Nothing is hidden. First, read up on what suffering is. If you realize that, even conceptually, feelings, intention, and understanding illuminate the path. Fearing in ignorance, not understanding could be looking at decades, or even lifetimes.
  8. @TKP What is it thought wander off to? What content, subject, category? Have you written about the feelings of that content? Exploring the feelings tends to release them in the body, resulting in natural focus. If you had the focus you seek, what would you do? Making a dream board tends to also release feelings and increase focus. It can be progressively ideal to calm the feelings and mind before doing much self inquiry. In short, are you trying to get rid of / stop thought? Cause that’s impossible. The focus is still on thought. Also, have you taken a trip, solo retreat, group retreat, etc? States can be inspirational & motivating.
  9. @Deanna Awwww. In a culture of adding more, achieving, becoming, rat racing & competing....the “secret” is letting go of the “parts” beliefs, you’re already whole - underneath it all so to speak. Let attachment to being a human being, go. In the end, you’ll get nothing for all your efforts, because the only point is the experience, now. You won’t get anything for letting it all go either. But you’ll have let go of suffering, and all that energy going into suffering, and the beliefs that were ‘holding you back’.. Inspect the dualities at play in thought. Notice the opposite perspectives always have some truth to them as well. But not all words point to dualities. The game is afoot Humpty. You’re free to pick thoughts that feel good to you. They’re the breadcrumbs of feeling, and being. Infinite doesn’t have pieces, because it’s whole. It has beliefs though. Deanna-sized beliefs.
  10. @Deanna You’re not alone, and loneliness is unjustifiable. It’s dualistic, meaning, it’s just thinking. Alone requires something secondary, an object a subject is not with. There’d have to be someone else, to believe you’re alone. When there truly isn’t someone else, there’s no self which is self referentially thinking it is alone. It is so not a problems whatsoever that it has long been referred to as The Cosmic in, if you don’t get it, the joke’s on you. (Because you’re the whole cosmos) This is not a pushing away from being, it’s a calling for reconnection, re-membering, reuniting. Time in nature is great imo. So to speak, when the only duality (thinking) going on is yours...nature’s being without dualistic thought, well the peace eventually gets ya. And that peace is you, reconnecting. To transcend in perspective, the one that is currently being held in mind must be let go, so the new, transcendent to that thought / perspective can arise. You can’t fill a full jug. “Empty your cup”. The attempting to sort out who understands, is a diversion of the self discovery. Only you could understand. Only you can awaken.
  11. @Raptorsin7 Investigate reality, scrutinize your direct experience. Use a pad of paper, and write what you know is true, or at least what you honestly know you believe to be true. Start from whatever comes to mind, doesn’t matter. Question each thing you write, how do I know that is true, when the opposite is also true? How do I know this is true, what did I actually directly experience? You can do this all day long. Reality indeed gets interesting & exciting. This is the metadventure, transcendent of the life adventure. This is what makes life worth living, some say. If reality is not exciting enough in it’s most ordinary state, then you’re still looking at the finger, while it’s pointing to the moon. Fundamentals, Hoosiers. Direct experience, the moon.
  12. Emotions have been created thus far based on the relationship to the outside world...circumstances, events, etc. This script must be flipped. Emotions are actually, and always have been, created by the inner world “Relationship”, the relativity between thought, and infinite being / absolute Love. At whatever pace you’re comfortable with, you and reality, will be turned inside out. There will be highs, and there will be lows. But in the end, everything will make sense, really, really, really Good sense (feeling). Btw...this is what every religion, spiritual teacher, every guru, and everyone who loves you, everyone who really just freakin loves you - has been talking about.
  13. @Raptorsin7 You’re ‘tasting’ the bitterness of the separate self. Not at first glance maybe, but it’s a wonderful thing. The separate self is the one in the thought story, the one in the past, the one in the future - where feeling is not. It seems to me you are discovering this clue, this “there must be more to life than this”. It’s not too far of a stretch imo to say - welcome to the ox pics. Indeed, there is much more. Expressing gratitude & appreciation in thoughts & words can tune one into the feeling, for sure, without a doubt. However, on a ten scale, figuratively speaking, this might take one from 0 to 3. Later, full circle, turquoise, nondual, this is the default, though it would then not be described as gratitude or appreciation, but visceral amazement, disbelief, childlike wonderment. I’m going to really scrutinize the clues, and I hope it’s helpful... The biggest challenge on the path, the name of the game, is precisely what you’re getting clued into - suffering & the separate self. Self referential thinking - thoughts, about yourself - over time, have constructed a sort of seemingly solid idea, of you. But that ain’t you. That, is conceptual, and is more or less void of feeling. So welcome to deconstruction. Contemplate, with “new eyes”, presence - mindfulness - what you’re encountering at this point, is exactly what those words were coined to point to - being here, now, where feeling is. And furthermore, diving into this ocean of consciousness, awareness, of Love. For now (terrible pun sorry)...just practice: Being attentive, to what you have thus far been inattentive to. Didn’t seem like a big deal, letting the mind wander, thinking, overthinking, etc. We all go there. This is the intellectual era. Most die there. Some of us, die now. One little deconstruction of the separate self at a time. ”I always imagined” Imagination is arguably the greatest facet a ‘human’ ’has’, but, when we involve happiness and gratitude, we can create a trap while simultaneously getting snared in it. It’s a triple trap really, that I am human, that I am the idea of who I am as a human, compounded with that I expect to be able to wander via the undisciplined mind, and still feel. If right now, and for the next year, I imagine when I’ll be happy and appreciative...________ - ...notice I’ve already blown it. I left now, and made my happiness conditional - the condition, is time. I did this merely with thought, about me, in the future....where happiness is expected to be. Because the truth is that there is no separate self, there is no past, and there is no future - that what appears to be a time space continuum (“physical reality”) is actually an infinite being, appearing as time & space - because that’s actually the actuality - feeling - which is only of infinite being, not of the separate self in thoughts - is only here & now. The source of feeling is absolute unconditional love...unconditional, as in, the finite mind says “meh...later in life..I’m busy”......Feeling, all knowing, all loving, nowhere & no thing more worthwhile to be than “you” - says “Ok, cool. You got it my man”. Very, very loosely, you might say this is the “catch”. Infinite being is unconditional. Loving you so much, no matter what you do...that it can slip by unnoticed. Absolutely unconditional. But alas... THIS IS A DREAM. YOU ARE THE INFINITE BEING. The metadventure is well underway. Welcome to it brutha. The separate self is a virtual expert at taking living, and reality, for granted.