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  1. I don’t think so.
  2. @Shaun Who would you be without your beliefs about God, and without any limited thinking about yourself? That’s you already. Right now. (Minus the blasphemy & sin.) So nothing to worry about. You’re already fine.
  3. @Belay kelemework Deep, wife changing stuff.
  4. @Sukhpaal If everyone could get to the bottom of these two, there’s a very deep peace... What are you so afraid of? Why do you ‘go to’ the reaction of harming yourself? Why is it you ‘go against yourself’?
  5. +1!
  6. To speak against your Self.
  7. Naturally found the way to the usefulness of meditation, self inquiry and contemplation. They compliment the yoga. With the yoga, is the purging of patterns the body / mind has identified with in thought & emotion. The purging of the deeper attachments of identity are arising / surfacing - so now allow the purge to complete, let it go. How? Meditation: Stomach breath awareness. This is ‘home’, peacefulness - through the purging process. Regarding the suicidal thoughts - the ego employs the notion that You could die, as a means to perpetuate itself. Do not give thinking attention -return attention to stomach breathing, allow ALL thoughts to be as they are. Suicidal thoughts are not special, nor unique. They are just thoughts, like any other. What is needed is the practice of allowing them to be, by returning attention to stomach breathing. Contemplation: Breath awareness meditation, relax / “send the let go signal” to each muscle from the crown to the toes. Then “have a look at” what is purging out - look at the sensation called horniness, look at the sensation called anger. Be inquisitive to their nature, explore them, accept them, see if there is any truth in them. There are great ‘results’, yet the inclination is to take a brake. Do not be fooled - this break is so the ego can continue is habits, it’s repetitive nature. At the rate you’re going, it would not be able to do this. After the purification is complete - I am filled with I am. After the purification of falsity, separation, things needed - I am all things, and no thing is needed. After fear is inspected - There was no one there who was afraid, there was no thing to fear. It was never anything more than attention to thoughts.
  8. @Anders901 How do the two resolve?
  9. @Jackthelad Best of luck to you! @DrewNows 🙏🏻 Give it a try if you haven’t, I bet you’d love it.