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  1. The absolute makes this so. You’d be shocked and pleasantly surprised, to say the least. But of course, you’d have to surrender this very dogma.
  3. On meaninglessness. Sense is sensation, and is felt in the body....... thought, is dualistic, and is not felt in the body. You are one, you’ve always been one, and you will always be one. You have never, or will ever be two. Be mindful of what is going on in the body (oneness).....from.....what is going on in thought (twoness). Meaninglessness is a thought. Meaningless is not what you are feeling. It’s the content of thinking. Let go of the thinking, feel sensation in the body. Ascertain precisely what you are feeling, without the thought story about it. Name what you are feeling with one word. Relax into it, breathe into it. Nuance requires gentility. “Meaninglessness” is a ‘write off’, a ‘cover story’, which maintains one’s path status quo, veiling inspection of feeling. You can know it is just thinking, because it is dualistic - twoness. Every thought has an opposite. Meaningless & meaningful are no exception. You can know it is just thinking, because you are what is aware of thoughts. You can know it is just thinking, as you are the knowing. Aware & knowing, you have only ever been one. All knowledge is thought, and is a facade of relativity, an illusion of twoness, a dualistic matrix void of meaning, made of nothing. The actuality of which, what is most essential & fundamental, what is real - your very being - love, truth, oneness, infinite potentiality, creating and transcending all meaning. No one in love prioritizes meaninglessness, nor meaningfulness, over theIr love. One in love has love, and has no concern for these fetters. In thought, the love appears to be that of another, or one’s love for another. In thought, in the duality of self & other. In sensation, in the tuning perception within, in consonance, we discover the love is within us. Thought, duality - of which we coined identifies and took to be the finite static patterned mind of a separate self, is realized to be an ingenious veneer, a spontaneous and dynamic creation, an ever-dissipating mirage of brilliance, the light itself in fluctuation. Thought patterns themselves, made of pure potentiality. Falsities and delusion, mere creations of the enchanting clay of Truth & Love. A new sphere where thought is anew & whole, and sensation is most intimately known, inseparable of knowing. An entirely new experience of the world is discovered in alignment, in the nuanced inward sensitivity, intuition. Presence in here & now, as sensation is, guidance here & now, where the sensation of life is. Mindful in here & now, the where & when of your creation, the where & when you can create, home, where love is. Detached from the back & forth of this or that’s, letting go deeply into the vastness within the body, Feeling the relaxing pull of gravity, effortlessly keeping it all together, and the subtle elemental ablution, which is always, was already, and is now, simply loving. Up & down, left & right, this & that; all thought, is twoness. The beauty of this, is you are One. In your direct experience - you have never experienced - being two. The whole of twoness is not essential to you, to the real you. The baggage of it, the trials weaved of it, you can set it down. What arises, unfettered, what is gained, what is freed? Nothing. Nothing that Is, uncountable distinctions, immeasurable multiplicity's. A reality of you, a world as you, shepherd of un-condition, beacon of remembrance. An indivisible one; impossible joy, inseparable source, un-creatable love of creation. The living lifeblood of the lion and gazelle, the silent steady blooming of the rose. Your beauty ever-seen, eternally unknown, ever becoming all things. Infused of Truth, thrill of thriving, exhilaration of survival, game of living. Of a new order, an unimaginable magnitude, an impossible dream come true. The fortune that is you, and always was. The call of all calling; found, home; where answers laugh in the joy of peace, where adversity dances with spirt, so sweetly in tune, where challenges and obstacles are revealed in gift, where sacrifice is unified in infinite adventure, where every curse falls upon you a blessing, where every short coming reveals only more your perfection, where love reigns, you are, all makes sense, desire & creation forever again inseparable, divine wholeness of your love, blissful punchline of the happiness quest.
  4. Come, come, whoever you are, wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving, ours is not a caravan of despair. Even if you have broken your vows a thousand times, it doesn't matter. Come, come yet again, come! - Rumi ♥️ If being human were easy, everybody would be doing it. 😉
  5. @mandyjw Death will come for us all in 69 days. Well, those of us who still believe, anyways. If you see him, blame him. So synchronistic of you to prompt such a response on just such a numerical day.
  6. It’s cause you’re calling your inner being, “anxiety”. Run to it, not away. Let the thoughts go because they are not true, not sensation which tells you this. The sure fire path to monkey mind, is to label inner being as the problem, putting thought in a perpetual state of trying to resolve what can only be resolved, and never needed resolution; feeling. Zombies biting people does not resolve a zombie situation, it just perpetuates it. Zombies got to accept the love that they are. Short of that, they are only biting themselves. Hang out with em. They turn out to be a hoot.
  7. +1 Check out The I-Land, on Netflix. It’s not as big of a production, but it’s premise is one mf layer deeper than Westworld.
  8. Hakuna Matata. - Elton John.
  9. @Michael Paul If the ego self is illusory, what is desire?