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  1. @Unio Sounds great. Those pesky assumptions though. Seem to come back around again & again. Maybe that’s just me though.
  2. @dflores321 The One aware of this.... ... and ‘saying’...
  3. @dflores321 What feels good and resonates is your self, or if you will, the true nature, or, Truth.
  4. @dflores321 Values vs my values. The ego’s attorney ignores the details. You are not the egos attorney. The ego is not your buddy.
  5. There is no / are no patterns. Only through that lens, that belief...does it seem to make sense to focus on this... There is the admittance I’m focusing on exactly what I want to be focusing on. If that’s thoughts the flavor of ‘beating up on myself’... that isn’t exceptional. Self referential thinking, is thoughts about ‘myself’. There’s no you stuck. There no you ‘in a Buddha moment’, or any moment. There’s no you thinking. There’s no you meditating. There’s no you waking up. There’s no you repeating anything. There’s no you confused. There’s no you that doesn’t know something. There’s no you that can’t understand. There’s no you that’s overwhelmed. There’s no you that’s stressed. There no you ‘in a loop’. These are thought focused upon, beliefs. Focus on emotions experienced. Frustration feels better than overwhelment. Focus on what you do want.
  6. Meanwhile a multi billion dollar industry competes to be someone someone can talk to and express to.
  7. When you focus on a better feeling thought, that is self-love. There is no outside or secondary component or aspect.
  8. Spot on. The ‘key’, ime, is at 5:17 -5:30. The bigger point (imo) is to fill your life every which way with the love that you are, such that the thought of ‘higher frequencies’ or a separate self & psychedelics etc doesn’t even arise really. Notice “Darryl” ain’t talkin about (identified with thought) a myself, a me, a mine... but an alien. Questioner: “So, me, mine, me, I’m”... “Alien”: words, words, words, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts... (points to feeling). Questioner: “Wow!”. Meanwhile... just look at the image. The hell’s a giant purple crystal got to do with anything? “Darryl” loves it, that’s the difference.
  9. I’d lean toward tweaking meditation in letting thought come and go, vs thinking about the trip. How certain are you the trip in the past caused this, vs the hindsight perspective, or interpretation, in the now? What if the narrative now, of / about you in the past, is the diluting factor...and what feels off? Maybe there’s nothing that needs to be accomplished, and this is clear while tripping, but again, then there is a hindsight story, which is based on the assumption there is an accomplisher? If dinner tastes off based on the recipe, inspect the recipe.
  10. All of the resistance derives from the thought ‘awakenings’; pluralizing experience & thus reinforcing “the you” which “has” them. Before you now it you’ve identified as the tripper. All of the ‘efforting’ is an attempt to accommodate that thought, vs inspect it. Be happy anyways.
  11. It interesting how post marketing campaigns common sense comes back around as wisdom.
  12. @Unio Can you describe what you meant by baseline consciousness a bit?
  13. An old saying comes to mind... “The checker gets what the checker checks”. The term self-love is hyphenated donating one, rather than ‘self and love’, or even self love, as in care or tending for one’s self. This would point to there not being two, similar to the term nonduality, such as there being an ‘I’ which has this confusion. When thinking love is attempted, and it is impossible, it is not per se confusion... if it’s acknowledged it’s impossible. Then it makes perfect sense... ‘what’ is one is not even a second, to any thought. One would never be able to experience a true thought, “about” oneself, or, self-love. In that ‘not two’ vein... there isn’t a self... which could be enlightened... and so there is no short cut (second ‘thing’) for no one. Awareness & ‘my autistic brain’ would be two. We love ourselves, would be two. In inspecting, if that thought feels great to you, great. If it doesn’t feel aligned & wonderful... the feeling might be the very love pointed to with thoughts and words, “right there” in, as, direct experience, so to speak. Awareness and a higher self would be two. To whatever extent words can point... notice one can never experience action toward one. One can uncover one... by inspecting thoughts... and shedding all which do not resonate, with one. As much as can be heard, the implication is outrageous. This would mean that you have never thought or heard a single true word about yourself. Literally. Love of the universe would be two. Notice, the twoness of thought and therefore of all communication and language. One forgets oneness, infinitude, by appearing as two. Yes, as in there aren’t really any, and never were “two”. Yes, The Truth. “The checker gets what the checker checks”... the “twoness” is only in thoughts. Inspect every thought. Anything known about self-love is not actually about self-love. The knower, the knowing, and the known, is apparent. As one, the knower is the known.
  14. When you describe, thought implies two.