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  1. @Meditationdude 🙂 Then you probably know from direct experience that isn’t actual, me lifting 1050lbs. I could be lying, I could not be lying and believing I did, I could quite innocently be misunderstanding or misinterpreting weights, but you know at 150lbs, I can not lift 1050lbs. You might even see that if I presented myself so to speak, in certain ways, I could convince some people that I did, and that convincing people might be innocent in the sense I 100% believe it, but it sure as hell isn’t actual. Maybe I had a certain experience & reaction to steroids which led me to believe such a thing.
  2. @Museful Thanks for taking the time to share that, much appreciated.
  3. @Godishere It’s a sort of tricky thing to even mention or not because it could be taken as insulting, but I’m leaning with love and not thoughts when I say, if you’re mind is goin to the terror, horror, Mahasamadhi ‘place’, I just want you to hear and know that I’m a dial away. If you want to chat just say the word. I’m no answer or solution, just a friend (I hope 😬).
  4. @Meditationdude I worked out this morning and bench pressed (1050lbs), which is 7 times my body weight (150lbs).
  5. @Muhammad Jawad When one brings one’s concepts, expectations, conjectures & conditions to the inconceivable unconditional, one very much feels the resistance of the holding onto of one’s concepts, expectations, conjectures and conditions. If thoughts arise in the light this is meant sarcastically, keep letting those thoughts freely come & go. If you are not laughing & ‘finding’ (feeling) the relief, keep letting said thoughts come & go, in respect & humility of thought attachment. There is no such thing as a bad trip. Experientially, there is pride, arrogance, delusion, a finite mind, ego, and the suffering of not listening (feeling). Relinquish your own conditioning (beliefs) like states of consciousness. Trip smart and safely, but for the experience, not for a unicorn. What’s being so sorely missed is the seeking of the ego death experience is the resistance felt in / as the very experience, or, put another way, only the ego speaks of ego death experience. It is readily seen in no longer repeating it. Another consideration… there is no source of ‘how not to’. Have respect for thought attachment & the ‘misery loves company’ aspect of it. Stop underestimating.
  6. Go back my man, way way back, zoom way out. You’ve been believing these concepts for so long you forget they are concepts you heard of, learned, and there is no correlating actuality. Give acknowledgement to the discord felt, and not to the conjecture-conditioning. Don’t add (Mahasamadhi) to the beliefs & concepts cluster, let belief & concepts go altogether, let the habit of conceptualizing go altogether. Again, the ‘key’ if you will, is none of this came from you so to speak. You’re sweating discordant beliefs that didn’t even originate from you, and it still hasn’t been understood in the ‘normal sense’ of understanding, what conjecture is and how it works. I feel for ya, and while I hope none of this sounds disrespectful or belittling, I for one am making light of it. 🤍Schedule a ‘relinquishment of horseshit’ retreat. Reconnect through feeling. Law of attraction is all encompassing, or, biggest picture possible. Vibration, not just thoughts. It’s not more complex, it’s more simple. Simpler than thinking. Even if someone did precisely what you say, the money would never make it to you completely because it isn’t a vibrational match, and you are indeed the creator of your reality. Let the Nahm aspect / factor go (that’s projection of what’s emptying which is preventative of it fully releasing.) Write it on the board, and relinquish any doubts as they arise (by understanding the emotions you experience) and you will indeed, unequivocally, have a million dollars. Notice there’s more than one way of ‘hearing’ phrases like these: “A million dollars is nothing”. “You are nothing”. Do the emotional educating, it is literally worth millions of dollars.
  7. Love that. Schedule a retreat!
  8. There is a discordant perspective in regard to ambition. What does ambition mean to you? What comes up (any worries, memories, relationship(s)) when you think of it?
  9. This is ‘playing around with psychedelics’, not ‘playing around with infinity’. The mind can not be where it has not yet been.
  10. They’re neither stories nor lies, they’re parables (wisdom).
  11. Passion is an emotion, and not a property or description of a person or people, in any identity manor. Infinite mind appears as the thoughts; ‘finite bodymind’, similarly, “line”. This is why there is an exception to every generalization and or statistic, and why ‘bad’ is judgement, and not a property of anything which seems to be judged.
  12. Attempting to make a your life exciting is just another routine. Make a dreamboard (imo), see for yourself that reality be’s what you write. Enjoy the intoxication of conscious creation. Do the bejesus out of doing.
  13. @Spideymon77 I’m so happy for you right now there isn’t even an us. Congrats and God bless.