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  1. Unconditional love includes the necessary killing of animals. Otherwise it would not be unconditional.
  2. I know what my purpose is (being an illustrator) and i’m actively working on it every day. I have a pretty good idea of what I need to achieve, and what skills I need to develop in order to make it a reality. It’s something i’ve always known and wanted, but it was only around 8 months ago that I actually realised how it could be done and that I can personally do it. So i’m on track with that. However, whilst working on my purpose I’ve got to survive and pay rent when i move out from my dads place. But I don’t have a job, and i’ve been trying to get a job for a good 9-10 months with little to no progress. I’ve had a few interviews, but no offers - obviously. Most applications are sent off into oblivion to never be seen or heard from again. What the fuck do I do? I gotta move out of my parents place (at my age this should not be the case) but I need a job. But I can’t get a job. I’ve got a 1st class degree, but we all know that barely means anything at all. Right now i’m just applying for jobs that I find on job boards online. But it seems hopeless. I’m reluctant to apply for a low skilled job, because this could be a long term thing depending on how long it will take for me to actualise my LP, and I want to do something that is atleast vaguely enjoyable. Does anyone have any alternatives to simply just applying for jobs online and hoping to get something? Anyone else going through similar situation?Any advice would be much appreciated.
  3. @Buba Generally the perception of vibrations only comes after a lot of practise. It also requires very high levels of focus and concentration. Your average meditator won't experience the vibratory nature of reality in a few sits. As far as I understand, the advice is not to go looking for vibrations, particularly if you're just starting out. Just focus on increasing your focus and concentration. They are not necessarily indicative of good meditation either, not are they necessary to see some good growth from insight practise. But when you start getting super concentrated and focused, things do start to vibrate, flutter, arise and pass, move, etc. Read Daniel Ingram's stuff if you want to learn more about these topics.
  4. @LoveandPurpose Are you a guy or girl? If you're a guy, start NoFap. Since i've been doing it I haven't once needed to nap throughout the day. Before, fatigue was always an issue for me.
  5. @Winter Snorting is really not a pleasant experience. If you have HCl just do the rectal ROA that Leo suggests. It really is the best roa in my opinion.
  6. @moon777light It's interesting, I am hopeless when it comes to concentration practises, I can't concentrate on my breath to save my life. But when it comes to self-inquiry i'm just naturally able to get hyper focused. I find occasionally repeating your focus question helps enormously. In your mind, or verbally. Don't just ask Who or What Am I? once at the beginning and then thats it. But don't repeat the question every second, obviously. The more concentrated you get the less you need to verbalise the process. With regards to focusing on awareness, you are correct in saying that there is nothing to concentrate on. By consciously being aware, you are simultaneously being aware of being aware. You be aware of being aware by being aware - but consciously! Recognise that you are conscious and aware, and stay there wondering who or what is aware. Atleast that's my take on it, might be complete nonsense lol. If you're interested in reading more about the meditation of awareness watching awareness, check out this helpful article:
  7. @FoxFoxFox My understanding is that not everyone has a clear physical sensation, even after years of yoga in some cases. I'd be interested in the book as well, unless its one of the ones on Leo's booklist.
  8. I think I understand what you're asking, and the answer is the second one. Personally I visualise the spine as it is actually positioned, relative to my face/head. Rather than imagining a new entire body, from a side view for example, which I have done in the past but found it doesn't work. I've found that the most success when the visualisation is paired with feeling the prana moving up the spine as well. Both are equally important. Feeling the spine facilitates/helps the visualisation a lot. The feeling and the visualisation don't have to be absolutely perfect to reach a still mind, but of course the clearer they are the better. I still struggle with the down visualisation for some reason, whilst the in breath is sometimes nearly perfect. It just takes practise.
  9. @Pronevron 5-MeO will show you where you're at. But you might be quite shocked at how little consciousness you have in your normal daily life. Atleast I was.
  10. @Yannik Depends on how busy you are with your other stuff. If you don't feel like you can commit to the retreat 100% then maybe its not the right time. And if you're not excited or inspired about going then it'll be much more difficult. Then again you may just be making excuses to avoid going. If you're serious about raising your consciousness, you should go and give it everything you have. 10-day vipassana retreats are quite challenging, but you quickly get used to the schedule and it is only 10 days after all. It'll feel like a lot longer than 10 days, but you'll be glad you went. Personally it was one of the hardest things i've ever done. But some people find it easy and relaxing. If you get the opportunity to have a private room, then definitely do that.
  11. It takes time (most of the time), although the intention to have a breakthrough/realise truth is important. Whenever you feel like you're not doing it correctly, just ask yourself, who do i honestly think I am, or what do I honestly think I am right now. Get really honest with yourself. And then inquire into whether thats true.
  12. Psychedelics can help with these things, but they may not so i'm not suggesting to do them or not. However, there's a reason that psyches are being used in medicinal settings more and more - they're medicine! And they do actually work at alleviating mental/psychological issues. They're also pretty safe to take. I doubt it would have any negative effect on your described symptoms i.e. making them worse (but don't take my word for that). For me, the difference between a good and bad trip is always the set and setting. Trip on a day when you feel fairly level headed and positive, and ensure that your setting is as perfect as you can get it i.e. being alone, being in a clean, warm and comfortable space, and most importantly knowing that absolutely no one will disturb you and you know this for 99% certainty. Take a low to medium dose to start with.
  13. @jerrypua Inspiring stuff! Keep at it man. You're doing more than than 99.999% of guys, including me haha.
  14. It depends. If you have a very very clear idea and plan for executing and working towards your vision then maybe consider it. But if not, then stay with your job (unless it's really that bad then get a different job). You don't want to be making any drastic changes to your current situation, even if you feel super confident with your purpose. Implementing your purpose takes time and it'll change and develop. The purpose you create now may not be the purpose you want 6 months down the line. I would advise making it a more gradual transition. For now, stay with a reliable job, but work on your purpose in your spare time. Set yourself small bets, or projects that will give you a taste of the actual realities of your chosen purpose. It's important to bring your purpose down to actual reality, and really think about what you will need to be doing on a day to day basis in order to realise it. It's here that you can start to take action. Part of discovering your purpose is about testing it, and experimenting with actual action, rather than just thinking about yourself in some ideal future situation (thats important, but it needs to be grounded).
  15. @Dumivid Not sure this is the best forum to be asking for advice on graphic design. I'm sure there are some more relevant graphic design forums online. And there will be graphic design/art based sub-reddits. But if you want inspiration go to Pinterest. You'll find plenty of inspiring graphic design work on there. Don't bother with buying books just for one project, there's more than enough stuff online you can access for free. If you lack the skills, go to Skillshare and sign up for a free trial.