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  1. @Leo Gura Listened to the podcast last night actually as I was curious to see what she had to say. Turns out there was a whole lot of beating around the bush. No clear answer as to what she thinks consciousness is. She is promoting a book on consciousness so maybe theres more details in there. Here are my brief notes from the video: she says the word consciousness means experience. we can be sure that consciousness is the only thing that exists whatever experience you’re having is what consciousness is everything I am experiencing is due to a process in the brain intuition says that the self is the thing that is making all the choices but neuroscience says that this is nearly a complete illusion, and many people have experienced this with meditation and psychedelics. free will is essentially an illusion because our decisions have already been made by the brain before we consciously recognise it. she says the Default Mode Network, a part of the brain, is the root of the sense of self or separateness. Psychedelics and meditation turn this off, resulting in ego transcendent experiences. many scientists are very open to panpsychism but the majority won’t or can’t speak publicly about it. ‘experience’ is the best or cleanest word for explaining what consciousness is. a few vague comments about whether plants are conscious and the kind of behaviours they exhibit that might suggest they are conscious. some discussion on split brain research some discussion about parasites and how parasites can influence your consciousness? Discussion about time, but doesn’t clearly say what is has to do with consciousness. Our experience of the present moment is confusing, we have a lot of difficulty understanding what it is. She’s open to the idea of consciousness being fundamental and material universe being a product of consciousness rather than the other way round.
  2. What Psyche_92 said is definitely the way to go. But this is only half of it. You need to stop resisting the thoughts and feelings. But you must also learn to wholly, fully and totally accept and love the situation that you feel shame about. This may be the only way to overcome feelings of shame. Even if there is no particular situation you're feeling shame about, love and accept that. This has to be done really honestly and genuinely. It is completely possible to cultivate a deep sense of acceptance and love for it. You must not fake this acceptance and love, or imagine your shame in some new light or in some idealistic way. Rather accept and love it for how it is, completely non-judgmentally. Literally smile and laugh at your shame feelings in a loving, caring way. I would also say that because you seem a little unclear about what this shame links to, you really need to sit down and seriously contemplate it. Like, actually sit down with a pad and pen and write down all your thoughts to 'why am I creating these feelings of shame?', 'what do I really, honestly feel ashamed about?'. Do this for a good 45 minutes, maybe every day for a week. It's really worth it.
  3. Here is a high level discussion about the potentially disastrous changes that we are going to face over the coming century from climate change. The talk is led by an environmental philosopher called Rupert Read who is campaigner and spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion. His general view is that the world is going to shit, basically, and we need a much deeper transformation of society, politics and ultimately our consciousness in order to prevent complete collapse of human civilisation. I suspect he is right. The discussion is quite morbid and terrifying in many ways. I thought the questions from the audience and the general discussion were very intelligent and thoughtfull, so I highly recommend watching the full video.
  4. @Fortunate Son Great resource for this kind of stuff:
  5. @Cocolove Yea Frank has a lot of good stuff to say. As far as I understand he just had a big Kundalini awakening.
  6. @Ero Watching that makes me feel like the UK is a literal utopia.
  7. @okulele I'm not usually a fan of Elliot Hulse but that was a really great video! Thanks for sharing I'm quite envious of his lovely sunny home as well!
  8. The things is, Leo has already given us most of the practical stuff we would ever need or want. I'm sure he has ideas for more practical based videos, but what more can he really provide? He only has so much time in a day, why would he waste time testing out other practical methods and techniques. Leo's style and strengths lie within the conceptual stuff, particularly more so now as his stuff is much more advanced than his older personal dev type videos. It's simply a result of a development of his teachings that less and less practical stuff is available to be taught.
  9. @Robi Steel I think you over estimate the effect that feminism is having on people and society as a whole. Yes, there is a toxic feminism, but this is like a minuscule percentage of society that really has very little effect on things and it is a obvious and inevitable byproduct of the patriarchy. Toxic feminism isn't going to take over the world lol. There are much much bigger problems that are causing significantly more harm and damage to society (i.e. toxic materialism and corporate greed). What's actually happening is a natural evolutionary development to more equality and oneness, which is not being caused by this small group of toxic feminists that your imagining to be out there somewhere. Traditional values and the traditional nuclear family isn't going anywhere any time soon. And if it did, this would be part of a natural evolution and growing/waking up for humanity.
  10. Sounds kinda like an Exquisite Corpse
  11. What would you say are the massive flaws? The UK healthcare system is quite amazing imo. Yes, there are some not so good GPs, but of course thats down to the individual not the system. 90% of my GP appointments have been exceptional, no matter how small the issue is. The only thing that should be changed is giving the damn nhs staff higher wages.
  12. @kieranperez Awesome story man! I've been quietly following your posts here and there so its great to hear its going well for you. I recently started a full-time job too, after two and a half years of not working. This job just randomly came up the other week, and it felt right. It's not the best job in the world, but it's amazing how much i've grown in the past few weeks. Being actually fucking responsible for things, and having to push myself socially and mentally have really had a significant impact on my whole outlook on life, as dramatic as that might sound.
  13. He's enlightened as fuck dude. I've spoken with him face to face and he gives legit shakipat transmissions. Must be some next level magician if he's just faking it. Can't know for sure though, I suppose. As far as I remember, he was only meditating for 6h a day for a short period of time, well after he was enlightened. How do you think he could sit motionless for 6 hours without getting up? Yea of course he's gonna say that meditation is important.
  14. Jan Essman is a fairly good example. He was basically born enlightened. Started having profound mystical experiences when he was a teenager or something. I think he has done a fair bit of actual practise but there's no doubt his level of consciousness is largely down to spiritual talent, brain physiology etc.
  15. This guys videos have been posted on the forum a few times before. Of course people are free to give their opinions and criticisms on Leo's work and thats expected. I've always said i'm surprised their isn't more people like this guy, because Leo's teachings do sound crazy sometimes, especially to someone who hasn't watched many of Leo's other videos, and particularly for people who haven't had any deep mystical experiences. I think a lot of good points have already been said in this thread. I think the main thing is that this kind of stuff can't be understood with the rational logical mind. It simply doesn't work that way. And I get a sense that that is what this guy is trying to do. He's trying to fit Leo's teachings into his model of reality and what he believes is possible. I have personally taken 5-MeO a number of times. It is no 'high'. It's not a high in any way really. It's a radical shift in consciousness. What seems like chasing a high to some people, is actually a deep desire for Truth that basically no normal people even know to be possible. Have you personally taken psychedelics and specifically 5-MeO or DPT?