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  1. @ExodiaGearCEO Dude I feel the same way sometimes. Although I don't necessarily think my life is boring. I just do a lot of stuff by myself at home. I'm never bored lol. I think Leo makes a good point about being in an intimate relationship. That in itself is why people, and particularly girls, want a relationship. Theres more to attraction than simply what you do in your spare time. Most of my friends who have girlfriends don't do much outside of work. If you feel confident, passionate and enthusiastic about whatever you do, even if thats just meditating and reading books etc, girls will find that attractive.
  2. @Dorotheus Damn thats impressive! Just randomly going out on your own and doing cold approaches. Not many guys would do that haha. Makes me kinda inspired to go and do it myself!
  3. @billiesimon Definitely shit tests!
  4. @outlandish @Leo Gura Ok cheers guys, thanks for the feedback
  5. Whats the reccommended amount of time that we should wait between 5-MeO trips? Days or weeks?
  6. @dimitri Yes my recent 5-MeO trip was all Love too. A humbling experience. Infinite and boundless Love.
  7. It is all happening to you right now. Every form of torture and suffering that has already occurred was happening to you. But not to your current ego. It's not that you as an ego will experience every form of suffering.
  8. Dosage ~20-24mg (Rectal ROA) The only word that needs be said is... LOVE. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, BOUNDLESS AND INFINITE LOVE. There is no room for anything but Love. Of course! Its Infinite ahaha!! Without ego there is only Pure Love. Unbounded, Boundless, Infinite. Forever and ever. Pure Love. The love was endlessly outpouring from the heart centre, from within 'me', without a beginning or end. Endless love to give - it can never end or not be. Overview of the trip: I was super anxious beforehand and had lots of thoughts about not doing it etc. Even though I hadn’t eaten for about 5 hours, I got incredibly nauseous during the come up. It was that horrible feeling of being right on the edge of throwing up but not being able to. However it eventually passed after some time. I'm also pretty sure I didn't take a single breath for a good 5 or 10 minutes. Didn't affect me in any way though. The come up experience was fucking intense and really trippy. Its such a radical shift from your normal waking consciousness, that its kinda difficult to get your bearings and figure out what is actually going on. Eventually it smoothed out though. At one point the thought ‘Love’ spontaneously arose and appeared in the heart centre, not from or in the ‘head’. Like a cork popping out of a champagne bottle the thought completely opened my heart and released a torrent of Infinite Love that I have never experienced before in my life. It literally felt like a torrent of Love spreading outwards from my heart for ever, without a beginning or end - Infinitely. I cried and cried and cried for the Love was so strong and total. So much Love. Its hard to describe and these words are not enough. The love over took ‘me’. It was me. It was so powerfull, so overwhelming. So much Love. I felt that I could give Love to everyone for ever. There was no desire for others to give me Love. There was only Love to give. Unbounded Love, Infinite Love. I finally understand what it means to Love and to give and share Love without needing anything in return. Thanks Leo!
  9. @Equanimitize I don't know, possible a mix of Green/Yellow. No I don't agree with that payment to African Americans either. Not sure that it would solve or change the issue at all really.
  10. @Equanimitize I already posted this on the SD Yellow Thread
  11. Solid Stage Yellow (possibly Turquoise?) US 2020 Presidential Candidate? I'm not even from the US but still interested in US politics. Apparently she's Oprah's 'spiritual guide' and she's written a bunch of spiritual/new age-y books. I have a sense she is too far ahead on the Spiral for most of the US and probably won't have much chance in the race. Still, an interesting glimpse into the future of politics atleast.
  12. @Just the mage As far as I understand, Kundalini symptoms do eventually subside. I can't say i've read about anyone who has had intense Kundalini symptoms for their whole life. Although I don't know for sure. I'm sure there are plenty of spiritual therapists in the US that you can contact and get help from. Any traditional doctor is not going to be able to help you. You could get in touch with/have a skype chat with Tara Springett. She lives in the UK but does Skype consultations, specialising in kundalini syndrome.
  13. @Tiny Nietzsche Anyone who achieves a bit of success, particularly online, and particularly with Leo's kind of content, will inevitably have people who dislike and criticise them. I would be more surprised if there weren't any haters!
  14. @Soulbass Interesting stuff, thanks!