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  1. @Psyche_92 If you've done it before, you can do it again.
  2. How can someone working a 9-5 use the time outside of the job most effectively? How can you begin to breakdown the barrier between spirituality/consciousness work and every day work life? Or, how can you bring spirituality more into your normal daily routine. What are the best habits to cultivate in your 20s? What is the essence of creating a great vision for your life? Or, what is the essence of a powerful vision? What kind of mindset should one have in their 20s? How should a 25 year old be framing and thinking about their life? How do you work through/deal with psychological addictions to food, i.e. eating less healthy food when stressed/ feeling depressed. What are some of the best things to spend your money on, and also some of the worst?
  3. They also produce the best tech products in the world, like all the iPhones, Macs, PCs, all the latest smartphones, electric cars, and basically every other tech product you have in your home and have ever used. And who owns these manufacturing plants? American and western companies. Who buys these goods? America and western countries. What you're describing is straight up capitalism.
  4. The vast majority of relationships end pretty quickly at some point and rarely last until one or both people die, particularly these days. If you consider all of the relationships ever throughout history, most don't last long. This isn't a bad thing. Leo is really telling the truth about how most relationships are formed out of selfishness. In fact all relationships are, because everything is done for self-survival. Most, if not all relationships, even the cute elderly couple who have been married for 60 years, are all done out of raw self-survival. Falling in love, in the conventional sense, however deep and authentic it may be, is still self-survival. Why do you fall in love with only a very specific type of person? Self-survival! Saying that, you can of course still have deep loving, long lasting relationship. Don't assume Leo has had shallow relationship experiences simply because he is stating the truth. If anything, recognising the actual self-survival mechanisms behind relationships is more conducive to a significantly more intimate and deep bond with your partner.
  5. @JonasVE12 Atleast what you're eating is low in processed sugar, which is the really the number one thing when it comes to good diet. If you really want to optimise your diet, take out the white bread and pasta or atleast swap them for wholegrain versions. I would not be surprised if you were deficient in a lot of essential nutrients if you have been eating just those foods for a long time. Get a blood test to check. A variety of foods is essential for healthy living. If you eat the same thing all the time you're more likely to develop intolerances (particularly with things like peanut butter) I would say you need to get in a wider variety of foods, particularly vegetables. There are literally so many vegetables you can eat, and just with a little seasoning the majority of them are delicious. You need to develop a palette for vegetables. So just slowly incorporate them into your diet. It literally takes 5 minutes to cut and steam some broccoli, or 10 minutes to boil some potatoes. Bad gut bacteria thrive of junk food and crappy foods, particularly sugars of all kind (white sugar and as refined carbs). Occasional treats are allowed of course, but anything over the top and your asking for gut problems. Vitamins can help but should never be a substitute for real whole foods. Just eat your vegetables and fruits.
  6. She's speaking for ALL young people. Someone has to speak up and be the face of the youth, and it just so happens to be her. Rising sea levels are not going to be the biggest problem from climate change. Drought, massive migration, food shortages etc are all things that will impact everyone around the world.
  7. @ethanb121 just buy a drug test kit online.
  8. A few ideas: Set specific chunks of time to study and put away ALL distractions. Do this either by being disciplined about it (e.g. put phones and computers away, or close windows/tabs on computer etc) or by forcing it (e.g. studying in a cafe, giving your phone/computer to someone else, putting app blocking software on your devices). With these chunks of time, usually atleast 1 hour, set a timer and do not stop working until the timer goes off. Tell yourself that when you finish the session you can have a break and relax for a bit. Then do another chunk of work, and repeat. Write a 'Done list', rather than a 'To Do list'. Every time you do a chunk of work or whatever you need to do, write it on the list. This keeps you motivated and often makes you want to do more so you can write more on the Done list. Much better than having a long list of stuff To Do, although To Do lists can be excellent as well. Leading on from this, you can write a clear plan or list of everything you need to do. Make it absolutely crystal clear what needs to be done. Having just a bunch of work to do but not knowing exactly what that will be makes you procrastinate. It's kinda like a fear of the unknown. Having a good schedule and routine is also helpful. Aim to do a certain amount of work each night and give yourself fully to the work, knowing that when you've finished working hard you can relax and watch Youtube etc. Last piece of advice is JUST DO IT. There is no cure for laziness other than just sitting down and doing the work. Stop expecting it to be easy and pain free. Stop avoiding the suffering. Successfull people learn to work and get stuff done particularly during those times when you don't want to do it.
  9. @GreenWoods You want $180,000 so you can spend 10 years studying your life purpose? I'm not quite clear on what your plan is. This whole thing seems quite ridiculous to me. You don't need any money to start working on your LP. You can start working on your life purpose tomorrow, even if you have a full-time job. Waiting until you have 180k is just a massive distraction from getting down to work now. Your main focus should be to create a plan/vision that provides massive massive value.
  10. Awakening isn't simply a black and white thing. It's multi-faceted and one can experience many degrees of awakening into each facet. Each person's realization and embodiment of Truth is quite different. You need to be more specific in your question e.g. What is stream entry like? Or, what does No-self feel like? Furthermore, awakening at the deepest levels simply cannot be put into words because it requires a shift in consciousness. It's not like describing a dream or a drug high.
  11. I plugged it but I don't mind that roa. I would smoke it but I have HCl so i'm not sure it can be smoked. I'll definitely keep it in mind though, thanks
  12. Thanks for asking I did mushrooms on one day, and then did a 5-MeO trip the next day. It was definitely very fruitfull but I didn't get that breakthrough experience that I was looking for. I have a feeling the mushrooms I used had dropped their potency quite a lot as I took around 2-3 grams and didn't have a particularly deep experience. Although I did spend around 3 hours contemplating all sorts of aspects of my life and had some really interesting insights. I also feel like mushrooms have a positive 're-wiring' effect on the brain, even on relatively small doses. You can almost physically feel the brain making new connections. The 5-MeO was similarly not as powerfull as previous trips, even though it was the biggest dose so far (28mg). Saying that, the ego dissolved and I had some quite profound insights. Overall it was a good experience, I learned a lot. I will definitely be doing it again, if I can find somewhere cheaper. I also intend on trying to find some better quality 5-MeO as i'm still dealing with a lot of nausea from this batch, and i'm pretty sure thats not normal.
  13. @happysad You lack motivation because you don't really want to know. Being honest with yourself is important here. Wanting to know in part comes from having mystical experiences because they break you out of your normal day to day consciousness. Without this you're stuck in survival mode. You've also got to have a certain inherent desire to understand reality, beyond merely being interested in spirituality and occasionally thinking about it now and then. And this is difficult to develop. As I said, some people are just inherently deeply curious about all of this. You need to have some deep mystical experiences (a.k.a psychedelics) so you have an actual vision of whats possible. Not so that you end up chasing or craving for those experiences, but so that you have a sense of where the practises can lead. Otherwise your really just shooting in the dark.
  14. @DaneV Clearly this business isn't what you want to do, so why waste any more of your life on it? What do you really actually want? Or what do you not want? It seems what you really don't want is to keep going with this business, even though it sounds quite substantial and other people are reliant on it. The fact that you have 35 employees is definitely a major consideration. I'm not sure you can just let them off because you want to go do something else. I would suggest handing the business over to someone else, but then you wouldn't have the building to rent. Is there any way of taking up a much smaller role within the company, so your still getting some sort of income (unless your savings can cover it) but you're not managing loads of people and maybe you only work a few days a week and/or work from home most of the time? I feel like something like this would be more appropriate, rather than just dropping and closing the whole thing. You gotta survive after all. It would also mean you could test a more spiritually focused and more humble life, without having to drop everything. Don't underestimate homeostasis. Most people can simply not just go full monk mode in a short space of time. You also gotta think more seriously about what 'full time truth seeking' would actually entail. Are you actually deadly serious about? Imagining yourself doing meditation full-time is vastly different than the actual day to day experience of it. Then again, you may be quite spiritually inclined and not have any trouble with it, I don't know. My intuition says, keep the business for now. Re-arrange your position to give yourself more free time to self-actualize, but likely also a much lower income. Test the waters.