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  1. @Insightful27 Hmm, they're interesting but a bit vague. Some nice initial pointers I suppose.
  2. @Husseinisdoingfine I found the 'Undistracted' chrome extension to be surprisingly effective. I had a Twitter addiction and it stopped almost instantly. There's something about making it just slightly more difficult to get access to the website/software etc, that makes you *alot* less likely to use it.
  3. But what were the results? How good were its suggestions/ideas?
  4. Yea i'd second this. I recently started posting on Youtube. People don't understand how much time is required just for one video with basic editing. Everyone wants to be a Youtuber but I doubt many people want to consistently put in the work required. Makes me appreciate what Leo did even more. It's why there are so many one-take iPhone YouTubers. And also why so many Youtubers barely post weekly. If you're researching, writing a rough script outline, setting up cameras, filming multiple takes, editing, and doing thumbnails all by yourself its one hell of a job. And then it's not even guaranteed that you'll reach that tipping point and go viral.
  5. Yep i've had it for a while. But I only notice it when I go to bed. Likely from not wearing appropriate hearing protection as a musician for a few years. I've heard that some forms of tinnitus can be cured through diet change. A few people on carnivore have reported significant reductions in tinnitus as a result of cutting out certain foods.
  6. So I'm currently a professional editorial illustrator. A few thoughts to consider: 1) I've found the marketing for most of these AI tools to be really deceitful and misleading. Whats shown in the marketing material is basically unachievable for the average user. There are so many AI image tools now, with super flashy demonstrations. But when you go to use it, its absolute dog shit. Even a well-established platform like Midjourney is very overhyped. 2) As Leo has mentioned, using AI tool for making images is a lot harder than people think. It's not going to produce what you have in mind. I've used Midjourney quite a lot, in the past and recently. It can be very difficult to get it to produce what you want. I was trying to create an image recently specifically with a man and woman in the image, no matter what combination of prompts I used it simple didn't do it. And that's just a basic compositional element. Think about the kind of art thats required for a game dev or a big professional advertising project - no chance. 3) Which leads me into my main contention with AI image platforms. What people don't understand is that technical proficiency != functional value or usefulness. Just because we can see amazing AI art, amazing concept art, AI illustrations, whatever it is - doesn't mean that it can be used in a real project! Or at least a more complex project like a game development. You have to start with the brief, then use the AI platform to create the image, rather than start with the awesome looking AI art and imagine that in some sort of fictional creative project. Just doesn't work that way. Obviously there are use cases for AI art, it's not totally useless, but generally speaking, it's not able to be used in complex, real-world professional projects. AI image generators can produce technically proficient work but NOT work that successful fulfils a creative need or problem. Purely because of the nature of the technology. You would have to explicate every single detail and nuance to the AI in order for it deliver useful/functional art work - and of course no one is gonna do that. It's not even possible to do that.
  7. I recognise that the jungle is one of few legal places to do ayahuasca, but I can't think of a worse environment to do psychedelics. You're away from home, you're exhausted from travelling, it's hot, humid and sticky, if not pouring down with rain. You're there with a bunch of strangers, in a foreign country. Mosquitos, god knows what else. Actually awful. There's this tendency for people to romanticise the jungle psychedelic experience. There's this whole imaginary 'space' or set of feelings and ideas that are added onto the psychedelic experience. All of which are totally unnecessary of course. I realised God lying down on my bed at home. Then 45 minutes later I was hanging the washing up.
  8. Group retreats are a waste in my opinion. I've done 5 group retreats and every time being around so many other people is just a major distraction and annoyance. People coughing, farting and making annoying noises. The ideal situation is to rent an Airbnb and do a solo retreat. The downside is that costs a lot. You can do home retreats but it requires a lot of discipline to not distract yourself with the usual home distractions.
  9. I haven't PMO'd in over a week and I feel fucking great. I have this slightly manic, energetic high pretty much from when I wake up until 8 or 9pm. Glad to be finally moving past porn addiction.
  10. The AI hype these days is exhausting.
  11. Honestly i've had periods where I crash at 3pm every single day and then long periods where my energy is completely stable throughout the day and I don't need to nap. I'm still quite uncertain as to what causes it, despite a ton a research. Some people say its too many carbs at lunch, some say it's about sleep, other say it's vitamin deficiencies. Generally speaking, when I get a really good nights sleep I don't crash on the afternoon. If I do a big work out in the morning, eat too much at lunch and don't sleep well then I tend to crash.
  12. @oldhandle 4 hours a day on top of everything else is extremely difficult - for anyone. We only have so much energy and mental focus available each day. There are no rules here so don't feel like you have to do a certain amount of time each day. 1 or 2 hours of focused work is often more than enough. But generally you want to do a minium of amount of work each day so that you don't have decision fatigue. You don't want to be thinking, 'should i do some LP work today or not". Remove that decision process by just committing to a minimum 1 hour a day, or whatever you feel is appropriate. 1-2 hours a day consistently over a long period of time can produce big results. It's just about consistently showing up and slowly moving forward. Try your best to not fall into laziness and procrastination. And occasionally it can be useful to think 'how much work am I actually capable of doing'. How much work can your mind actually handle if you just kept working? I've recently been trying to push myself beyond that point of "I'm tired now, I want to stop and do something else". But don't do this all the time or you'll just burn out.
  13. @Danioover9000 I kinda have a love-hate relationship with Destiny at this point. He's a great entertainer and I do enjoy a lot of his more casual conversations. But he's also extremely stubborn and a staunch materialist atheist. Any time anyone brings up anything vaguely spiritual it's instantly dismissed and laughed at. He himself has had a few ego-dissolution experiences with psyches, but still denys any mystical component to them. "It's all in the brain", "It's just chemicals". I also have big problems with the way that he constantly belittles his fan base for essentially being virgin nerds, whilst he brings a new 21-year-old girl over to this flat every week. He demonises all the red pill stuff, which is deserved of course, but then doesn't provide *any* solutions for his sexually frustrated fan base of 25-30 year old men. And then, as I said, continues to belittle them constantly. But saying all that, Destiny obviously has a lot of intelligent progressive takes, particularly with politics etc. I'll probably watch this debate at some point.
  14. No more need for this thread to stay open. Thanks all 🙏