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  1. Ahh I totally missed that. Thanks!
  2. @ppfeiff Yea I've been using Outline every since Leo brought out his Commonplace Book video. It's been great so far I'd definitely recommend. I went along and bought the full version after using the trial. From seeing OneNote in Leo's video I'd say Outline is about 80% the same, functionality wise. However, there are a few differences which I've noticed after using it for a month or so: 1) Quite limited search function. Doesn't have the Find Tags function that OneNote has. 2) You can't use custom fonts. Not a massive deal obviously, you're just limited to 11 presets. 3) Doesn't have some of the more advanced tools that OneNote has like the drawing tool, voice recording etc, the ability to drag bullet points up and down the list as Leo shows in the video, or the linking to different pages function. Can't say I've needed to use these though. Aside from those points, I don't think there's much else. It saves everything into one file on your computer which is exactly what I wanted. Means you can backup everything onto an external hard drive super easily. Very clean, simple, easy to use interface. Let us know how it works for you.
  3. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. 3.5 grams outside in a busy city, with a chaser of beer?! If I did that I'd almost certainly have a bad trip. Sounds like you managed it pretty well though.
  4. @Monkey-man Shaktipat initiation. Although it only works for a relatively small % of people.
  5. Sounds very similar to the book I'm reading at the moment called 'Conversations With God' by Neale Walsch.
  6. The 10,000-hour rule is not some magical number you need to hit before you're a Master. In fact, I'm pretty sure the 10,000-hour rule is complete rubbish. Why can't you achieve the same progress in 2000 hours? 500 hours? Very deep, focused work is all that is required. Becoming a Master is dependant on too many variables. Two completely different people could do 10,000 hours and be a million miles apart from one another in their ability and skill.
  7. @iTommy I'd say you're getting too lost in concepts. Focus on what is actually occurring in your direct experience at this very moment. Keep grounding yourself in direct experience. What is true in your experience right now? There's lots of talk about 'nothingness', 'emptiness' and 'awareness' etc, but these are just concepts you've heard from Leo or read somewhere. You don't actually know what you are. Anything you've heard from someone else is not true. Nor do you really know what any of those concepts (emptiness, nothingness etc) actually point to. I'm not saying you don't understand them intellectually or conceptually, but for the purposes of self-inquiry they don't mean anything and you should discard them.
  8. @Leo Gura Woo! Always look forward to these updates. Some of the books on the list have completely changed my life. It's such a great resource because there's so many books out there to choose from. It becomes a task in itself just trying to figure out which books to buy, so you've saved me a lot of time.
  9. @Outer I read the article as well, and it's definitely clear that he isn't as happy or as emotionally secure as people might assume. There's a load of other video interviews with him where he talks about how stressed and difficult his life is. If anything this makes him more human, which is rare from these big tech billionaires. But I don't think he's doing it all for happiness or even success. He just wants to change the world, to have a massive impact, to help others. He may be very neurotic, but I still admire him for his vision.
  10. @mia_lea Pretty sure that most dogs can be trained to behave how you want them to, given enough time and training. There'll always be exceptions but it's likely that if you just keep training the dog properly then it'll start to change its behaviour. Make sure that you are training it properly though. Hire a dog trainer if necessary.
  11. @Slade Just finished watching the movie and it was awesome!
  12. @Hard_Agent Just keep practising!
  13. Why is the retreat outside during the Winter?? Seems a bit odd. If there's no way around it, I guess my advice would be to try to use it to your advantage and be very mindful of/observe your aversion towards any physical discomfort. And you should probably wear some thermal clothing.
  14. @Ether Retreats are awesome. At least so far all my retreats have been. I can't wait to go for another. It's so nice to have the time and freedom to spend all day meditating without having to worry about anything. If you do manage to go on retreat, count yourself lucky and don't half-ass it. Not many people have the luxury to be able to do something like that.