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  1. He's one of those guys which are hard to assign to the spiral. He's in Orange, Green and a bit of yellow too. I've actually been watching quite a bit of his videos recently. He's such an incredibly powerful speaker. I don't know many other people that can speak like he does. He tends to waffle and talk a lot but there's definitely a lot of wisdom and solid life experience behind what he talks about. Imagine if he had a deeper understanding/realisation of awakening, instead of going on and on about Tolle.
  2. @Javfly33 Yea I never quite understood those reactions either. I suspect its because that is often their first time doing it and they start off with a high dose. I slowly worked my way up with dosage and so was basically completely silent and still at the very high doses. But if someone off the street were to do a high dose without doing it before, I imagine they'd go berserk.
  3. @FlyingLotus Wow, amazing work. Thanks a bunch
  4. @-Rowan Yea I wouldn't over think this. Pick something that you can work with for a while. It doesn't have to be some final thing. This can change moving forward. It will change. Most important thing you need to be doing right now is taking action to build the necessary skills.
  5. Good opportunity to share one of Kip's videos. Has to be one of the most conscious people on the platform:
  6. @blessedlion1993 Yea its super impressive and inspiring tbh.
  7. @khalifa Tricky to answer this because it's such uncharted territory. If they're not as common as they used to be then its possible they will eventually completely subside. I know that people who have kundalini related energy symptoms report it subsiding after a while, but its gonna be different for everyone. I definitely had a lot of energy in the body for a long time after my last session in mid 2020. I would constantly feel like I needed to shake the body, like release tension almost. It's gone now. This is just speculating and guessing but i'd say it isn't a neurological issue but just energy trapped in the body. This is quite common for people engaging in spiritual work.
  8. @Leo Gura How did your interview with Curt Jaimungal go?
  9. I went to a Goenka vipassana retreat here in the UK 18 months ago and spent 60% of the time doing something like the Do Nothing technique, the other 30% doing fast labelling. I didn't do the body scanning at all. Just don't tell the managers or teachers because they'll probably throw you out.
  10. Locked at request of OP
  11. There is a big difference between seeing aliens/inter-dimensional beings, and then Pure Eternal Infinity, even though both might be realised after taking a psychedelic. Consider that it's possible to take a psychedelic and be 100% absolutely certain that what was realised is Absolutely True, without a single speck of doubt or confusion. Crystal clear perfect direct consciousness. Unmistakable. Undoubtable. Undeniable. This is possible for you. If you remain skeptical, and if you are still thinking in terms of 'how real something was', you haven't gone anywhere near far enough. Direct Consciousness is not in the realm of whether something is 'real' or not. It is totally different, totally beyond any of that. Also consider that its possible to take a psychedelic and then become directly conscious without a shadow of doubt that the notion of you taking a psychedelic at some point in the past which led to having profound realisations is 100% invented from nothing by you, and that no psychedelic could ever be the 'cause' of a Direct Consciousness a.k.a Eternal Infinity.
  12. I'm very excited about Neuralink, but its true potential is a long way off, many decades away. And I suspect scaling it up will be a big road block because it literally requires a brain operation to get it implanted. And that operation has to be done by a very specialist machine. So Neuralink will have to mass produce their brain needle machines before anything goes anywhere near mainstream. So yea, a long way off.
  13. Seriously underrated comment! Perseverance is everything!
  14. Locking for low quality. Try to put some more substance into your posts without clickbaity titles.
  15. Just switch to USA with a VPN.