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  1. The 'peak' chapter on the Mushrooms vid is insane. Strangely pleasurable to watch. I keep replaying it haha. It has a really unitive, oneness, boundary-collapsing feel to it. Feels like I'm merging with the video almost. I don't know why but it reminds of the peak of 5-MeO, even though the 5-MeO visuals aren't as strong. It's like the best visual depiction of total ego dissolution. Not sure if other people can see that or feel the same way.
  2. @Leo Gura Leo did you watch the whole interview? I was particularly interested in the very last discussion they had on the distinction between 'possibility' and 'actual'. I'd be curious if you had any thoughts on that? My intuition is that possibility = actuality because there can't be anything other than actuality. 'Possibility' exists *as* actuality, either as a thought, concept, or some actual experience. We *think* about alternative possibilities. We experience different possibilities as ideas, images, thoughts etc. But there isn't a possibility 'space' outside of actuality somewhere. Different things *are* possible. It's possible I could type any word here _____. What do you think about this?
  3. Why don't you think he's awake? He had a full-blown Kundalini awakening. Does that not fit into your definitions of Awakening anymore? Genuinely curious.
  4. Go and do 300 approaches and then decide.
  5. @Loveeee Not sure I agree with this. I'm not saying astral projection/lucid dreaming etc are not valid practices but just based on people's reports of those things, they never lead to genuine insight. You can do all the astral projecting you want, but you're still ignorant about the nature of reality. I might say that these things are tangential to psychedelics, but ultimately psyches go way further and can lead to genuine spiritual transformation.
  6. Yea, 100%. This is the number 1 issue my PUA mentors talk about. Most guys aren't consistent and/or give up approaching, so it seems like it doesn't work. I've personally done ~300 approaches, with a bucket full of phone numbers but only 2 dates and nothing more than that. Yet I'm almost certain that if I did another 700 approaches spread out consistently over the next few years i'd have a lot of success.
  7. @Emerald Hey Emerald, only just noticed you're back on the forum. Welcome back!
  8. This has to happen. The time is right. When this thread was created I wasn't sure that Lex would be a good fit for Leo but Lex has since significantly broadened the type of guests and the type of conversations on his podcast. Lex is constantly trying to ask his guests the big questions, about Consciousness, Love, Free Will, Death. Yet every time they fail to give any substantial answers. I've never heard any of his guests, ever, give a good answer on the question of 'what is consciousness?'. Leo are you still interested in doing these kinds of podcasts? If not, we should close the thread and leave it at that. Twitter @'s might be the best route for getting his attention, as long as a few of us do it.
  9. Here you are. This is the place to do that! Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas to test them out, get feedback from other people. There's nothing we haven't heard before on the forum, so don't hold back! As for meeting new people IRL - I don't have many suggestions for you haha! In the broadest sense you need to be trying lots of stuff out so you can a) get loads of interesting life experience and b) figure out what you like and don't like. Throughout your teens and early 20s, try different activities, hobbies, with a focus on skill-aquisition. If you start intentionally developing a range of different skills early on you'll be so far ahead of everyone else in your mid to late 20s. It could be anything: coding, writing, painting, sports, web design, volunteer work, video editing, 3D design, gardening. You might want to give each activity 6 months of your time and focus, or maybe just a small project that takes a week. Also don't neglect your social life. Start being very intentional about socialising, particularly with the opposite sex. This is my biggest regret in life as a 30 year old. I avoided all socialising except with a small group of close friends. MY advice is socialise a lot and with a lot of different people. Learn how to have conversations with everyone. Practise, practise, practise. The more socialising you do, the better you will get.
  10. Yea seems a little strange. Although, ChatGPT making up random facts and bits of information is not uncommon. I've seen people saying this multiple times. I wouldn't rely on the technology to do this kind of research though.
  11. Are you sure these are even real? The same sentence structure is being used in basically every single one? Maybe there's some standard formatting but seems a little strange that they're all so similar haha.
  12. Not at all. Most teachers have a very small % of 'successfull' students, in pretty much any field or domain. Yea it varies a bit, but generally speaking the vast majority of people, 99.99% of people that watch Leo will not be 'successfull'. Particularly in spiritual domains! The vast majority of people who have taken Leo's LP course will not have developed a strong robust career. Same with any course, teaching, university course, whatever. What is not obvious to most is that the 'successful' students, those that have realised some of the same truths as Leo, do not need to speak about it and mostly keep themselves to themselves. I consider myself one of them, but even saying that will be interpreted as arrogance or even a dogmatic blind follower. I disagree with Leo on many things, yet I have realised some of the things he points people towards. And I do not speak about them because I don't feel like I need to.
  13. It is completely spontaneous and automatic. I do not choose to do them. Anyone doing them without psyches is just messing about trying to be spiritual. I also don't have the 'idea to do them'. They are completely automatic and spontaneous. There's no decision process. The 5-MeO seems to unlock or release energy in the body which makes it do those movements. It's very similar to meditation kriyas (is that the right word?) where you see people's bodies swirling, vibrating, moving in different ways. It's just energy being moved around the body. But with 5-MeO the movements are symmetrical specifically because of the ego-dissolution. The body just automatically wants to move in symmetry. I also said it adds nothing to the experience. I'm not claiming they do. If Martin is claiming that, then fine, he's doing his thing. Like I also said, the body movements settle down fairly quickly and then after that I sit near motionless and go into deep contemplation for the majority of the trip/ I do suspect that Martin kinda accentuates the movements. Like I've never felt the need lift my ass into the air.
  14. Very much disagree with this. I always have these symmetrical movements when taking 5-MeO. Every time. It is totally spontaneous and automatic. There is no-one doing it. Martin isn't doing it for show. It kinds feels like Reality is dancing with itself and it would feel quite strange to want/try to stop it. It would be an egoic/intentional effort to stop it. However it doesn't go on forever, usually stops after a while, at least for me, and then more contemplative/inquiry stuff can take place. So it does seem a little strange that Martin does it for so long. It definitely seems like some people have these bi-lateral movements and some don't. They don't provide anything 'more' to the experience of 5-MeO, and don't facilitate the awakening in any way. It's just a side thing that happens, but completely automatic and almost like it has to happen. Similar to the intense full body vibrations that I always have. It's why I've always said 5-MeO is very body-centered for me. Usually the body stuff happens at the beginning of the trip and then wind down fairly quickly.
  15. Whilst the video has 230k views, most people will watch it and forget about it in a few hours. People watching it aren't interested in this work, they're just looking for entertainment. And thats fine, I'm not judging them. It's just not a serious video because I know the creator and the viewers have no genuine interest in the subject. Let alone actual awakening or insight.