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  1. @Leo Gura Leo how often are you tripping these days? Couple time a month? And also, i'm interested to know what your intentions are going forward with psychedelics? Do you still feel there is a lot of unexplored territory, insights yet to be realised? Are you ultimately working towards proving the psychedelic path for permanent non-dual awareness/awakening?
  2. A bit vague? His whole 40 year career and entire body of work is based on the body and how it functions...
  3. I rented an airbnb for a few days and did a solo retreat here in the uk - it worked out pretty well. I found a small detached cottage in the countryside for a fairly decent price. I wanted a whole place to myself, but renting a hotel room is always a option. Depends how experienced you are. If you don't have experience then you might end up wondering out of your hotel room or making loads of noise, or have some random cleaner walk into your room unexpectedly.
  4. @Bridge to Infinity It takes some practise to notice and let go of attachment. Just keep coming back to your object of meditation, or to the present moment, whatever technique you're doing, and repeat this again and again until the mind quiets down. Took me a good 1-2 years before I was able to do this successfully every meditation. About depression and energy levels, try meditating after a nap or identify when your energy levels are highest and meditate then. Also, work on identifying the source of your depression. Don't just accept it as the way things will always be. How many physical body tests have you had done? I'd recommended a blood test for things like Vitamin D deficiency and/or other issues, and a stool test to test for fungal/parasite infections as this can often cause depression and low energy levels. You say you're eating well, how much sugar and caffeine is still in your diet?
  5. Trump is officially the dumbest idiot alive. What a fucking mess he's made. I'm sure this will have repercussions for many many years to come.
  6. @Identity I love Paul Chek. I first read about fungal and parasite infections from him sometime last year. I was having a bunch of issues (still am to some degree), but after getting a stool test to check for fungal infections it turned out I did! I'd still be in the dark if I hadn't come across Paul.
  7. Look at what Trump has just done. Epitome of stage Red.
  8. Trump truly is a fucking nutcase. He knows he's losing so he angrily lashes out like a child with airstrikes and military action. He's acting so unconsciously it's not even funny anymore.
  9. @Bridge to Infinity Leo says repeatedly not to believe anything he says whatsoever. Leo cannot be accountable for your friends inability to distinguish between belief and direct experience.
  10. @Identity Almost definitely Kundalini related. You should go get shaktipat from Jan Essman.
  11. @Flix This is something I struggled with for a long time too, because you're right, surely there is no 'who', or atleast who I am is just conceptual. Also, other teachers use WHO and WHAT interchangeably and in different ways which adds to the confusion. But clearly you can actually get WHO you are, and there is a distinct difference between getting WHO you are vs WHAT you are. I don't know WHO i am but this video actually created a big shift in my understanding of the question, particularly when Ralston says "do you think it's going to turn out to be anything but you". If you're thinking it's going to be something you've never experienced before or a new idea or something, then you're on the wrong track. WHO you are isn't anything other than you. Are you getting this? So in that sense it can't be a thought, or a memory, or anything imagined. WHO you are can't be found anywhere 'outside' of you, because IT IS you. When Ralston says you can 'get' who you are, he's talking about having an insight. It's a recognition of what's true. No one can really describe what it feels like or 'how to unlock it'. It doesn't work that way. It has to be you getting it. Here's a response I got from Ralston a while back regarding the WHO question, which you might find helpful: Alex, I sympathize with your challenges. The main thing is to have the intention to grasp the truth —no matter what it is. And remember, it IS you! Put your attention on what is most honestly you in your experience in this moment and set out to get you directly, without confusing you with anything you perceive, or think, or are attached to, etc. Yet also don't look elsewhere and don't overlook the obvious. As you contemplate, ask who is contemplating, or who is sitting or walking or thinking or feeling? No matter what you experience ask: who is experiencing it? This always puts you on track to grasp the source of whatever is experienced, which has to be you. As you intend to grasp you directly, be open. Don't expect or imagine what is true, be open to grasping it instead. And don't overlook YOU! It's that simple. I suggest you re-read the chapter on contemplation in NK, perhaps you will see something in a new light. Take each point and work with it, don't make it into a fantasy or aligned with your beliefs, but instead try to see clearly what is being said and turn that into an experience in your contemplations. Good luck with that. Peter
  12. @Nak Khid You are confusing relative/absolute perspectives. Rape, murder and torture are not forms of love, but they are Love. Also, you are being a devil, but devils also don't exist.
  13. You can spend weeks or even months doing the prepping exercises. Seems like a waste of time to me. Just get to the main techniques laid out in the other books on Leo's booklist. Don't rely just on Kriya Secrets Revealed. I used multiple books and picked the best/most effective out all of them.