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  1. Yea but I think most of his wealth sits in TSLA stock. Obviously if he started selling off his shares he'd have to dish out billions to the tax man. I guess then the question is, who is actually increasing the value of TSLA stock. Is it Elon or the thousands of TSLA employees.
  2. @Jacobsrw Thank you! Digital tools are essential but my work always starts with pencil to paper
  3. @George Fil I also forgot to mention that I spent 5 years playing in a band in my early 20s only for us to finally realise we weren't good enough and it wasn't going to work. But there was a long period of time where my life plan and purpose was to be in a band. So lots of trying stuff and lots of failure. Also don't forget that many of us have many 'potential' life purposes. I could spend 10 lifetimes each with a completely different career focus. So a strong component of creating this life is having the courage to let go of a bunch of different paths and basically just pick something that feels right. And if you try that and it doesn't work, then you go again and choose another path.
  4. @George Fil Your commitment to finding and developing your purpose is admirable and not a lot of people have the kind of drive you clearly have. I just want to reassure you that your situation is not uncommon. I personally had a similar experience. I completed an entire music bachelor's degree (3 years) to only loose interest in it after I had finished. I realised it wasn't what I wanted to do. I know you said you have an interest in music, I'm not commenting on that, i'm just explaining my situation. Music could absolutely be a fruitful path for you. I then spent another 1.5 years trying to start an online business through Amazon. Had some mild success but nothing substantial - so I let it go. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours were put into those two things, and they were both dead ends for me. I then spent another year feeling depressed and without any purpose whatsoever - applying to random jobs I didn't care about. But then one day I realised that people literally get paid for drawing and making images. I'd always had a mild interest and some skill in drawing and illustration, but I didn't make the necessary connections. That possibility literally did not exist for me. Now its my number one priority. But its really important to realise that your purpose/life/career etc is created by you, not discovered like you're trying to uncover a hidden treasure box. I only realised my life vision by trying a bunch of shit that didn't work and then completely and whole heartedly committing to creating that thing I can put 10k hours into. Because it is a creation. You have to be the sculptor of your life. The process that you are going through, trying lots of things and failing, hitting dead ends etc, is the very process of finding your purpose. Keep going man! You got this!
  5. One potential business idea could be offering accommodation + support for solo meditation retreats. I'd say there are a large amount of retreat 'goers' who don't want to attend large group retreats, but would actually prefer to be isolated from other people, but at the same time have all their meals prepared and cooked for them etc. All the stuff you have on group retreats, but just solo. Literally no one is offering this, at least here in the UK. You have rent an airbnb to do this kind of thing, but then obviously you have to prepare food and clean etc.
  6. @sethman Asking these sorts of questions is just a bit of a waste of time. Why don't you call a cat a donkey? We use the word God because thats what we have collectively decided or agreed upon. Ultimately all language collapses/dissolves into Actual God Infinity. But let me tell you, when God totally realises itself as God, the only words coming out of that mouth will be OH MY FUCKING GOD! ITS ALL GOD!
  7. You'd need to get them removed safely by a SMART registered dentist. And then start a heavy metal detox protocol (also called chelation) where you adopt a very specific supplement plan over the next 6-12 months. All the info you'd need is here:
  8. @2neurotic4u If its a silver coloured filling then it's an amalgam. Definitely worth double checking that. Not saying that mercury poisoning is absolutely the cause of your problems, but it's something to consider and cross off the list.
  9. @Adamq8 @OctagonOctopus @Flowerfaeiry + any other new mods. Welcome to the team!
  10. @2neurotic4u Just out of curiosity, do you have any metal amalgams (fillings) in your teeth?
  11. Definitely possible to make this a reality. So many people these days looking for quality meditation teachers. Most people want to be guided and also like the community aspect of group sessions. So i'd say there is definitely a market for this. I guess the first thing is, are you capable of teaching meditation? Do you have the necessary experience? Do you have a good grasp of the theoretical and practical aspects of a range of different techniques? Do you feel capable of answering questions from clients? You have quite a clear vision, so just work backwards and figure out the steps that would be required for you to create this? Think about how you gonna market these sessions? How are you going to find local clients? You've gotta get your service in front of lots of eye balls, and the right eye balls.
  12. @realized If you put some more detail and information in your post people might be able to provide appropriate guidance. But the body tensing or shaking sounds like Kriyas, or maybe some Kundalini stuff. Hard to say.
  13. Interesting reading your comments about doing longer rounds. I've been doing 64-72 hour rounds currently, with 3 on 4 off approach. I haven't been experiencing too many side effects on round either. Although last round I did feel like shit on the second day and had some bad brain fog. But I wasn't sure if it was just the food I ate or something. The symtoms cleared up on the 3rd day and off round I feel fantastic tbh.
  14. @The0Self Nice report. I've currently done 6 rounds, most with DMSA and ALA. Already feel significantly better in a number of ways. Although I have started with a very very low dose of ALA (1mg) because I had amalgams and have had quite bad symptoms prior to starting this. So I plan on taking it super slow. My next round will be 12.5mg DMSA with 2mg ALA.