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  1. @Bufo Alvarius I've read this response from Ralston before. I'm still adamant on my perspective that unless you've done incrementally higher doses of synthetic 5-MeO you don't know what you're talking about with psychedelics. I don't even consider LSD or mushrooms or ayahuasca worth doing anymore. And, except for very rare cases, they will never create deep awakenings (unless you've had a true breakthrough and energy-body transformation with 5-MeO before). Ralston also makes the point about drugs not being direct and not being YOU. Here's the mind-bending paradox: Ralston is right. Psychedelics cannot 'induce' Enlightenment. Yet, I came to this realisation whilst having a 5-MeO induced Enlightenment and being directly conscious of myself as Eternal Infinity. Enlightenment cannot be created by a psychedelic because how could it be?! Enlightenment is pure Infinity, it cannot be created or caused by anything else. It is completely and totally causeless. Yet a psychedelic can, at the same, cause or create this realisation. And it is direct, there is no doubt. A true psychedelic Enlightenment is direct. There is no 'indirect Infinity' hahaha. There is no indirect ego dissolution?! Ridiculous. Ralston also is ignorant of the deep permanent changes to one's consciousness + the healing qualities of 5-MeO when used correctly. 5-MeO creates lasting permanent changes, unlike any other psychedelic.
  2. Yea i'm really looking forward to it tbh. I've been watching a lot of Destiny's streams recently. He has a lot of really balanced sensible perspectives on lots of different topics.
  3. You gotta find something else that is equally or more enjoyable to do. Try using website blockers, limit how many hours you can access them. And then also remove all the things that make it easy for you to find the videos: - Unsubscribe from the channels you watch a lot - Tell Youtube you don't want to be recommended the gaming videos when they pop up in your recommended feed. - Remove any quick Youtube access links, like if you have a bookmark for Youtube, or a Chrome shortcut.
  4. @Vido For sure man. Sort of reminds me of Ralston's books which I've read multiple times over the years and each time it feels like a completely new book.
  5. Man i've been saying this for a while now. I had the same experience. After my 5-MeO breakthroughs, weed is just insanely powerful for me. Some of my deepest trips just after a few tokes on a joint. Before 5-MeO breakthrough, my experience of weed was just like everyone else's - fairly unremarkable.
  6. There are skills that cross over between comic art and concept art, but again, I would suggest picking one and going all in on that. And concept art is a pretty big field, there are lots of different type of concept artists e.g. character art, environment design, landscapes, building interior design, creature design. All these fields have cross-over skills but in my experience you'll find people specialising in one or two of these areas and basically nothing else. So you'll need to pick something that you enjoy producing most of the time. When I say 'brief' I don't mean short or small, I mean 'a set of instructions given to a person about a job or task.' Same spelling, different meaning. In every professional context, unless you're a fine artist, you're working to a brief or a specific set of requirements from the client or from your art director. As opposed to just randomly creating whatever work you feel like. It's really important you get good at responding to briefs because this is essentially all you do as a professional. They also provide an opportunity to create lots of finished pieces of work, rather than just lots of sketchbook stuff or half-finished work. But these briefs don't have to be set by a client or someone else, you can just create your own mock briefs. It's basically all I do outside of professional work. Here's a website that provides mock briefs for artists But of course you'll need to cater the briefs to your line of work.
  7. This is a fairly old post, are you still looking for advice? I'm a professional freelancer illustrator so I should be able to offer some useful pointers. My first question is, what kind of illustration do you want to go into? Because there are a lot of different fields under 'illustration', and each one requires a different set of skills and knowledge. For example, concept illustration, comic art and editorial illustration are all completely different. You need to get really clear on this because you need to specialise in one area, at least in the beginning. Once you know what kind of illustrator you want to be, you need to go all in on that obsessively and then 1) start deliberately practicing the skills associated with that line of work, and 2) do lots of brief-based projects to build up your portfolio. Your portfolio of work is the only thing between where you are now and getting hired. That portfolio needs to be catered to a particular line of illustration, it needs to show that you can respond to a brief successfully, it needs to have a consistent and coherent style and in general it needs to be very high-quality work. A portfolio should be around 10-20 pieces of work, depending on the type of illustration.
  8. @Danioover9000 I've said for a long time that Tiktok is actual cancer. You know how things fractelise at different scales. Blood veins look like rivers, galaxy formations inside small rocks. Tiktok is a malignant spread of toxicity, like cancer, but at a larger societal level. We have the medical definition of cancer but we also have a second definition: "an evil or destructive practice or phenomenon that is hard to contain or eradicate.". Literally Tiktok. One of the biggest problems with Tiktok is that it has infected all the other social media platforms. Go onto Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. What do you see? An infinite feed of short, quick videos. Instagram is basically Tiktok now.
  9. You're being incredibly naive if you think most people aren't slightly racist. The reality is that most people will never admit it - not even to themselves! The majority of the people in the UK probably have similar views to Leo's. But no one would say that of course. Most people around today are still slightly homophobic. But no one is gonna say that either. There's subtly and nuance to be recognized here.
  10. No idea what the wizard discord is. There's only 1 discord application, but you can be part of lots of different discord groups, if that's what you mean? There's only 1 official Midjourney discord group.
  11. Midjourney works through Discord so you'll need to download that and create an account. The sign in button on the midjourney website takes you to your dashboard where you can see your image generations, community images etc. But you can't do any image generations on the website - it's mostly just for viewing images. It's all very easy to access and set up.
  12. I don't think there's any special reason for their existence over any other plant. Some plants contain certain chemicals and certain combinations of chemicals which interact with our brains. They're just a product of a spontaneous, evolving, natural world.
  13. Leo you mentioned in your recent video you've been going out multiple times a week. I'm honestly struggling to find the motivation to develop my social skills and talk to women/date etc. It's so easy these days to just sit at home and work, stay on the computer. How do you muster the motivation the go out so regularly? Does it retract from your capacity to work, in terms of time and energy?
  14. I haven't watched the video so can't comment on it. Although I'm making my own videos on the topic and part of me wants to stay true to Leo's most recent video and come up with my own thoughts and insights - of which I have many already. I'll probably watch the video though. My thoughts have been changing a lot in the past week or so. Particularly as I've been using the technology more and more and absorbing more AI images. I should say I don't consider prompt writing to be artistic. Is writing artistic? I guess you could call it that if you want. But I generally consider prompt writing as a whole separate field to artwork. It's like a completely different thing altogether, which certainly has merit and value in itself. But I see people online saying they're creating art for the first time in their life. I very much disagree with this. They just entered a bunch of random prompts and picked the one that looked the best. Not even remotely close to or related to the process of creating artwork. But the technology can and will be very useful in certain contexts. I think its primary and most impactful role will be in the initial idea generation stage, creating mood boards, developing an overall aesthetic for a project, and helping artists think outside the box. I can see it being really powerful for these uses. I'm still concerned about my own field, editorial illustration, because its so unique and different to other artistic domains.
  15. It will be many generations before the monarchy is abolished. It will happen eventually but it's too deeply embedded into British culture. Like how the US will eventually ban guns, but it will be many many generations and decades in the future. All the traditionalists need to die off basically.