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  1. Experiencing all possibilities simultaneously is Nothing / Everything. That can be realized. Yet it’s not like knowing every individual point or fact (from a human perspective. From a transhuman state, You are Every point or fact” Yet when one contextualizes as an “experience” and asks “was that experience Nothing / Everything?”, then it’s a thing ‘within’ infinity. Nothing / Everything can’t be contextualized, since any contextualization is not another contextualization. To me it seems like you are referring to a personal experience as an “experience”
  2. One cannot rank beings of enlightenment level without your criteria of “enlightened”.
  3. If every possibility is experienced simultaneously, it ‘cancels’ out to One Nothing/Everything. It’s not like a person experiences the ISness of a pencil, strawberry, cup of coffee, Tom Brady, a marshmallow, the movie Titanic and on and on. . . And once it’s contextualized as an “experience”, it’s no longer infinite since it no longer includes “not that experience”
  4. And in the real world, Ben would be hiding under a table. He can’t even say the P-word without his wife’s permission.
  5. Today's afternoon session with Integrative breath facilitator Rae Riedel. I had a lot of resistance because I did too deep, hard sessions last night and I thought there was no was no way I can do two more sessions today. Yet I took it easier, yet was still able to break through briefly. I discovered new breathing patterns and I'm amazed with the extradorinary amount of variation possible with body, mind, energetics, feeling and breath. Today, I went to the interface of the autonomic and somatic nervous system. Breath is the interface between the two. It is the bridge between the conscious and subconscious. My mind and body is flowing more during the session. There is a mind-body intuition that is arising and a sense of trust and knowing. I'm resonating so strongly with breathwork now. I'm so curious about exploring more.
  6. This is missing the broader context of conditioning fear, anger and incitement into a group of people that are enclosed within an information ecosystem. It is done with plausible deniability in an effort to evade accountability and retain influence. A mob leader does not call an accomplice and explicitly say “Ok, Jimmy. You robbed the First National Bank in Los Angeles at 2:15pm on June 16th using my guns and 2020 Ford Ranger with Nevada lisence plate XD23A15. You haven’t paid me the 1.6 million you owe me. Meet me at Pier23 at 5pm on July 2nd. If you don’t bring the money, my goons will break your daughter’s legs”. .. .Mob dynamics don’t work like that.
  7. Nose breathing is better for inducing the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation and repair). Mouth breathing is better for activating the body during breathwork. Yet in daily life, breathing in through the nose is best because the nose acts as a filter. I’m not sure about the benefits of nose in / mouth out during breathwork.
  8. In the week after Trump was muzzled, misinformation about election fraud tumbled by 73 percent.
  9. I worked hard in the ceremony tonight. Angell is so awesome. He encourages us to keep with it and climb to the top of the mountain so we can fly. Tonight, I had my most expansive breathing session so far. Expansive in the sense of body - belly, chest, shoulders expanding full with each inhale. I’m getting a sense of different directions. There is a long deep breath. Breathing sideways and up. I look forward to exploring each of those and integrating them together. I also hope to further expand the breathing into my limbs and head.
  10. A great Shamanic Breath session led by Angell. He is very immersed in Shamanic ceremonies. For those interested, they are offering Shamanic Breathing Ceremonies at 7-9pm NYC time (GMT -5). (Free, donations encouraged). From the start, it had an Aya feel to it and I could tell he has experience in this area. He spoke about connecting to ancestors and guides. My reactionary thoughts were "This sucks without Aya. How am I supposed to connect to spirits without Aya? This isn't a real ceremony". It felt like being in college and going to a party and finding out there was no weed or alcohol at the "party". Yet, I was able to gradually let go. I did not go to places Aya can take me, yet I went to places that were deep - places that Aya couldn't take me. I think I'll try their first global online Shamanic Breath ceremony tonight.
  11. I had rarely cried in the past, yet since doing breathwork I’ve cried at some point every session. I’m learning that there are many forms of crying. There is crying for catharsis, there are cry-gasms, tears of joy and tears for something beautiful.
  12. That people could release their conditioning and become free to explore reality.
  13. Part of the misinformation echo chamber was that Pence had the authority to stop the certification and send the election back to legislatures, so Trump could claim his victory. This is not true, yet due to the enclosed misinformation ecosystem, Trumpers genuinely believed that Pence could stop the certification if he wanted to. Since the misinformation ecosystem also believed that the election was stolen by traitors, Pence had now become a traitor to America. And how does a mob deal with traitors? By hanging them.
  14. I just did a facilitated shamanic breath session with Angell Dear. His session had an Aya ceremony feel to it. He was very good. If anyone is interested, they are offering Shamanic Breathing Ceremonies at 7pm NYC time (GMT -5). (Free, donations encouraged). Regarding the OP: There are many different forms of Breathwork. For Shamanic Breathing, I don't start with deep mouth breathing right out of the gate. I spend the first 5-10 minutes with nose breathing and then nose in / mouth out. This is an important relaxation stage to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and to get into state. When I switch to full mouth breathing, I've had issues with dry mouth and swallowing. This can be distractive at surface levels. To reduce the distraction, I try to have my head straight or slightly tilted back (on the ground or a very thin pillow). I do swallow at times to reduce the annoyance. Yet when I start ramping up into deeper breaths and go into subconscious, the dry mouth and puddle of saliva isn't as bothersome. The dry mouth is just another sensation and I think the saliva puddle is reduced. Taking breaks will disrupt the flow and hinder reaching deeper levels. Ideally, there is a rhythm that arises and the body is breathing itself. At the deeper levels, distractions become minor. Swallowing might be like a flicking a fly off your face. It's a quick reflex and then a return to the deeper experience. One important aspect is not to push the out-breath out. The out-breath should be passive and letting go, no force. Like dropping a rock or surfing a wave. As well, the breath should be circular or like a pendulum. There are a variety of circular breaths. Shamanic breathing emphasizes full, expansive breaths. The deeper work occurs after 'breakthrough', which for me comes around 20min in. So a 1hr session would include 10min warmup, 10min breaking through, 25min. rhythmic, energetic, deep work and 15min. returning and integrating.
  15. Angel Deer will lead a shamanic breath session tomorrow 1900 GMT Zoom Website