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  1. An editing marvel. The ad has Green themes, yet some may say it is Orange NIKE corporatism pandering to Green.
  2. I would say it depends on one’s orientation and intentionality. Someone who truly wants to eliminate systemic racism will have very different questions than someone who wants to undercut efforts of eliminate systemic racism. For example, let’s say I received a 1 million dollar grant to address systemic racism in my community. If my genuine intention is to reduce systemic racism as much as possible in my community, I will be asking questions about where the worse systemic racism problems are and how we can most efficiently use the funds. In contrast, if I want to undercut efforts my questions will be about why are we spending money in this area. I will be questioning if systemic racism is even much of a problem in our community and that the money shouldn’t even be spent in this area. This is the difference between questioning from above and questioning from below. It’s a similar dynamic to criticizing from above vs below.
  3. That is a key. Some minorities have had less systemic barriers. Black people have had the most intense systemic barriers through history. Denying systemic barriers will lead to an incomplete, distorted view.
  4. No one will be able to give you a definition that you are satisfied with if you are too pedantic. If your intention is to learn about and understand systemic racism, I would take a different approach.
  5. @Nak Khid Here is a basic working definition: “Systemic racism is a form of racism that is embedded as normal practice within society or an organisation. It can lead to such issues as discrimination in criminal justice, employment, housing, health care, political power, and education, among other issues.”
  6. @Lyubov One dynamic I find interesting is how being canceled in one subculture can lead to elevation in others. Colin Kaepernick had an enormous platform as an NFL star, yet he got de-platformed by conservatives and has not played in the NFL since 2016. But he has appeared in Nike advertisements, been honored by the ACLU and Amnesty International and reached an agreement with the Walt Disney Co. for a series about his life. He has been resurrected as a cultural hero and has new platforms. From a profit perspective, the NFL would be wise to get him playing in the NFL again. Kaepernick jersey sales would shatter records.
  7. Perhaps this may help:
  8. Classic. This baby belongs in the Orange mega thread. It beautifully highlights Orange rationalization and distraction from the harms of corporate greed, corruption and plutocracy.
  9. The popular vote does matter in terms of democracy and the legitimacy of elected leaders. As well, electoral politics is an example of systemic bias. Residents of Wyoming, which is mostly conservative rural, have far more voting power than residents of California, which is mostly liberal urban. There is no denying that systemic bias. The mind can deny systemic biases and distract itself from seeing biases. This is part of self survival. If I am benefiting from a systemic bias, it will be much harder for me to see it than if I was carrying the burden of that systemic bias. If I am approved by a homeowners association to buy a home in a community, it may not cross my mind that a black family may face a barrier against moving into that community.
  10. I’m starting to notice even some republicans recognizing excessive corporate greed and the harm is causes. I’ve spoken with some republicans open to the idea of Scandanavian capitalist/socialist hybrid systems - yet they will strongly deny they are have socialist components. Yesterday, a republican told me that Scandanavia is completely free market capitalism with no socialism and we should consider implementing some of their systems in the U.S. If I speak about how corrupt corporate Dems are part of the problem, they open up even more.
  11. @Leo Gura I’m seeing speakers at the protests saying that cash payouts to the poor minorities won’t solve the problem. The cash payout just go right back to the wealthy. They want community recreation centers, schools, training etc. If this was done in poor urban communities in general, everyone would benefit including poor white people. Yet minorities would disproportionately benefit because they are disproportionately poor. To me, this approach would not have as much resistance with white people because the money isn’t going exclusively to minorities. Of course there would still be other systemic issue, yet I think addressing the poverty issue would alleviate a lot of the racial barriers and tensions.
  12. This is a Green Progressive describing how corporate plutocracy manipulates uneducated blue as useful idiots to rail against Green and profit. It is a parody of PragerU, yet he is clearly a progressive criticizing toxic capitalism. It’s a distraction so corporate plutocracy can continue devouring America. . .They have been doing this for many years. With an Covid-related economic collapse, perhaps more people will wake up.