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  1. @Ilya That's what I do. Self-inquiry > meditation. Distinction between them isn't sharp for me, it feels really like I am (not)doing both at the same time. Maybe you can relate. I think self-inquiry IS meditation, it's just more demanding than mindfulness, so it's hard to do it 8 hours straight, that's why I believe there are other techniques. 1 hour Strong Determination Sitting is easier than 30 minutes of Self-inquiry IMO.
  2. I vouch for It feels more legit than other methods. Obviously in the beginning it was a lot like a scam, but that's how you do it, people are lazy and constantly distracted, so you need to cheat them a little bit, promise too much, so they start taking action. It's called marketing. The truth is that the field of treating myopia is seriously underresearched, because other methods are kind of working and profitable, so there is no incentive. Get used to a lot of bullshit when looking for a natural solution. It's a field full of dogma, stupid ideas and trickery. Almost like spirituality, so a lot of people here is already used to that. Rule of thumb is to test everything yourself, after you check if it's safe. I see many analogies between curing myopia and other illnesses. I think it's possible, but very demanding, like cleaning up a diet to reverse heart disease, you need to change your daily habits to improve vision. That's why only a few people succeeds. It's hard to achieve in our modern times. Myopia is just an adaptation to closeup environment.
  3. Learn how to make them interested in what you are going to say. It's possible to manipulate people (and I don't mean that in a bad way), but you need to ask yourself: is that really what I want, or is it just a neurotic behaviour?
  4. Man, you are contradicting yourself. Contemplate.
  5. In my experience 75ug is almost like nothing. Like a cup of coffee. It's not even comparable to higher doses. I would only take it if I wanted to meditate all day, but not trip and needed that extra boost of awareness to start off.
  6. @Orange I just ask myself how do I feel compared to the day before. Better or worse? By how much? It's totally biased, but fun, so I do it anyways
  7. Weekly update: 20.11.17 #38 = I am ok mood-wise, but feel somewhat unproductive. But it's improving. Diet is ok. I get angry at people for now reason. I feel more and more energy flowing through the body. Whatever it means. NOTE TO MYSELF: I would like to contemplate more. 19.11.17 #37 = I am feeling weird today. More conscious, less productive A lot of neurosis is like coming out. I focus on stiffness of my body and try to let it go. I also try to allow everything as it is. 4-HO-MiPT is interesting to research. But I have a few lysergamides to go. I will start doing maths. My mind gets clear sometimes. It's cool. I keep on eating healthy stuff. 18.11.17 #36 + Did some work. Ate healthy. Longest and deepest talk with Stefan ever, over 5 hours of talking. 17.11.17 #35 + I over ate on vegies and fruits. It seems to still be below recommended calorie intake. 16.11.17 #34 + Got rid of plaster. Today is a great day! I am happy to start training again. Slowly. Ate pretty clean today. I will take injections for a week more. 15.11.17 #33 = I am feeling anti-social today, still I have a willingness to talk with people. I have become kind of neurotic, a lot of uncontrolled behaviour and nervousness. Today I have eaten: one yoghurt, one sandwich, one mincemeat cutlet, one portion of rice, one carrot - I am starting cleaning up my diet. 14.11.17 #32 + I have had this cool feeling of meditation passing by super quickly I ate fatty sweets and felt bad. Body tries to teach something the mind. I started The Natural pua course again. I think I will go more private and post only interesting stuff here from now on.
  8. Why has this conversation even started? It's so stupid. What I mean: to have a couple you need a man and a woman, right? So when a girl finds a guy easily isn't it also the same for the guy she's with? Woman to man ratio is close to 1:1, so for every @Hardkill that has dating hard, there's also a girl that feels the same. It just can't be the other way.
  9. You did like shit. Is that what you wanted to hear? But it's cool that you write it down. I actually regret not having written a report after every night I went out on. Because I suck now more than in the beggining and there were times when I was doing pretty good. You know, the thing is to feel that magic of approaching, then it becomes like a breeze. Good mood and setting are a must if you are not extraverted. I recommend doing a warm up and training game everyday in front of mirror, it will help with fear of approaching and not knowing what to say later on in a conversation.
  10. @sgn This website works. Just select American IP and you are good to go.
  11. And mastery and success comes from having a meaningful life purpose. Searching for a life purpose is not sitting on a butt, waiting for a miracle to happen, but taking focused action towards this goal. We are talking about the same thing.
  12. Most people haven't even started, so what do they have to stop? Any approach to finding life purpose is good as long as it brings results. I would say don't search for passion, but look for a life purpose that can eventually make you passionate about life the most. Stopping pursuit altogether isn't the brightest idea, because then you can simply fall into default postion and waste even more of your life.
  13. I have noticed that when I try to eat slower and more consciously then I eat less and feel more full. Not mindfull, but full in stomach Bringing consciousness into eating is worth it. The same goes for conscious pooping, conscious sex and any other basic need, because they occupy a hefty portion of our lifes, so bringing awareness into them gives a solid foundation to mindfullness practice. If you are living like that a profund insight can struck you any time, even during taking morning poop or brushing teeth.
  14. Yup, that's it. No wonder you feel dead inside. When you build an armor around you, then not only no one can hurt you, but also you can't absorb any emotions you need to thrive. Emotions are like food for the soul. I feel the same as you, my whole body is stiff. I try to work on it by using psychedelics, trying to clean my diet and reading books about different forms of theraphy. Nofap is useful, but doesn't solve this problem at all. I am still figuring out what works, so I can't really tell you any practical advice. Just sharing a few words to let you know you are not alone.
  15. Psychedelics get you there faster. Whether you enjoy traditional slow path and want to stay on it or not is up to you. If someone's goal is to get to the Truth as fast as possible, then psychedlics make perfect sense. If you enjoy taking a longer journey, then no-one is forcing you.