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  1. I can guess that what you will really crave in girls is not some arbitrarily given color, but their integrity, morality, sense of humour, emotional development and physical atractiveness. Forget all this color tagging. At 15 years old you are probably mix of blue and orange, which is excellent considering your environment is heavily blue-skewed. Maybe even with some green, because we are talking on forum. Giving yourself and girls you like an yellow badge is only ego-pumping.
  2. You are developing yourself spiritually. There is a lot of attainable, unusual states. They are all part of the process, although never a goal. It's only getting weirder.
  3. Kriya Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kriya Yoga! You are right. Here is Leo's list: Daily Reading / Audio books Meditation Mindfulness Meditation With Labeling Hatha Yoga Kundalini Yoga Kriya Yoga Holotropic Breathwork Concentration Practice Contemplation Self-Inquiry Spiritual Autolysis Vegetarian/Vegan/Plant-based whole food diet Clean Up Diet: sugar, processes foods, all wheat products, all dairy products, meat, etc. Comprehensive Bloodwork: check your thyroid, liver, lipids, hormones, vitamin levels, etc. Fasting Journaling Visualization Affirmations Mantra Meditation NLP Taking Notes, Keeping A Commonplace Book Solo Retreats Find Your Life Purpose 4 hours Zone of Genius work every day Doing Self-Help Courses Attending Workshops & Seminars Vipassana Retreats Enlightenment Intensives Researching self-help products, seminars, books, retreats, courses, techniques Quit Toxic Relationships Psychedelics: Mushrooms, LSD, DMT, 5-MeO, 2C-B, Ayahausca, etc. Shadow Work Lucid Dreaming Astral Projection Hypnotherapy Self-Hypnosis Reiki Acupuncture Channeling Therapy Life Coaching Nathaniel Branden's Self-Esteem Sentence Completions Physical Exercise: Gym, Weight lifting, Cardio, etc. Conscious Body Relaxation Conscious Breathing Reichian Therapy Quit Hard Addictions: Junk food, drugs, alcohol, coffee, smoking, porn, video games, etc. Quit Soft Addictions: Theorizing, judging, success, being loved, perfectionism, being right, etc. Clean Up Information In-take: TV, phone, internet, YT, Facebook, politics, gossip, music, etc. Travel Being Out In Nature Socializing, Pickup Minimizing Your Lifestyle Cleaning/Organizing Your Clutter Contemplating Your Death Sitting And Strategizing About Your Future, Making Plans Strong Morning Routine Mindful Eating Walking Meditation Binaural Beats Neurofeedback Brain Training Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training Light Machine Isolation Tank Sedona Method Seeking Out Masterful Teachers Public Speaking, Toastmasters As found here:
  4. Autodidactism is good choice for entrepreneurs. But you can't be an action faker, validate your business idea NOW. There are lots of apps and services that can help you do that. Read marketing books, take online courses. Massive action is needed. It's not an easy road, it's harder. But the pay off is so much greater! With that attitude college is a much better option. You won't kickstart any successful business unless you give it the utmost priority. You have to sacrifice maybe 5 years and put spiritual pursuits on the backburner.
  5. I am doing an engineering degree in Ecoenergy.
  6. @luckieluuke Do your village has reduced footprint compared to living in a city? How long did it take to achieve or when do you plan to get there?
  7. @Zweistein take my car, I won't give away a motorbike. It could be electric, though. It's not about owning, riding a bike is just awesome.
  8. LSD is good enough. There are three solutions, if you are not satisfied: Do it alone, if currently you are doing it with a trip sitter. Slowly up the dosage. Do more practice before your next trip. For example attend a Vipassana retreat or do Kriya for a month.
  9. You probbly eat fruit seeds already, for example in kiwi or raspberry. I wouldn't eat a plum's seed, if you ask me. Which fruit are you asking about? Apples? I personally eat watermelon and dried pumpkin seeds and know that many people don't do that.
  10. @Lorcan It looks like you have taken a profile picture in the same forest.
  11. Logistics and persistence. Just be the most viable option she has that night, assume she likes you and don't give up, even though seemingly sex is not gonna happen. Don't overdo confidence, because you will look like a poser. You can show that you are worth her time by the fact that you are still with her and ignore the bullshit she serves you.
  12. @Outer I have an outsider friend who was smoking weed and getting only A's in school, but he has dropped weed after a year or two (14-16), because it had an overall negative impact on his life. He now excels at an university (25). So, yeah, based on that it seems like weed is not causing irreversible damage to cognitive skills, but it's also not helping to develop them either.
  13. The only danger of psychedlics I really care about is their potential cardiotoxicity in long-term, regular use. Psilocybin is probably not so good for your heart, if you trip on it every month. There's a new report of guy who had a heart attack from taking mushrooms 30 days in a row. I know it's rather abuse, than use, but you still don't know long-term consequences of normal usage. Week ago there was published a study from one of Polish universities, showing that psilocybin creates pathological changes in heart tissue in rats even at low to moderate doses. 5-MeO-DMT is probably safe, as it doesn't bind to 5-ht2b receptor, in which the whole heart is covered and LSD is safe-ish, because it has an unique method of action. Other tryptamines and phentylamines - take caution and beware of the risk. I accept the possible consequences of psychedelics use, but most people may not even be aware that there exist health risks. It's still mostly uncharted territory and we are far from having the perfect drugs. More research needs to be done.
  14. Your life purpose sounds weak. I mean not precise enough. 1) Number one skill is always marketing. If entreprenurship was chess, marketing would be the queen figure. Success of every idea depends on your ability to sell it. 2) Depends on what you want to create. If it's free and you can find a good course that will teach you how to deal with big sums of money then go for it. Starting an engineering business also reqires a degree. The key thing is to make connections during that period and find crazy people who can help you achieve your goals. 3) I have just started studying, so it would be to develop more self-discipline and work ethics, because it is hard to learn them later.
  15. If you're sure it's LSD, I would go for 150mcg.