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  1. This video has helped me to reconcile and integrate my own LSD trip. I particularly have liked the part about zoom in, because I couldn't find a way to frame this insight.
  2. The truth is it's good to do them all - karma, kriya, bhakti and jnana yoga. A fool-proof path.
  3. Haven't done the retreat yet.
  4. I needed something as detailed and precise as Kriya Yoga to start meditating correctly. It's very easy to do normal meditation techniques wrong and undermine your own results. Vipassana is a cool one because it absorbs your attention much, so there's minimal daydreaming. So I would say go with Kriya or Vipassana. And to see solid results you would need to do them at least 1.5-2 hours daily. I mean immediate results, like within two weeks. But it not necessarily will be a peace of mind, you can get more agitated or neurotic too (temporarily).
  5. You can't get vaccinated for everything. You will get sick, it's only a matter of how often and how severe. Do you know anyone who has been to India? What is their experience?
  6. I am afraid India would kill not only my ego but the body too. Aren't you?
  7. I can confirm that high doses of 4-HO-MiPT (a substance close in structure to psilocin found in magic mushrooms) create a similar experience. You would expect it to get crazy visual because it's mushrooms, but no. All the effects get silent during the peak and a break-through happens. And don't get me wrong the crazy hypnotizing psychedelia is there for the most of the time, but there are moments when it disappears, which is interesting in my opinion. It's like a typical mushroom trip intertwined with 5-MeO experience.
  8. Respect that you manage having a 9-5 and working on your side hustle. Good work. I guess you have your first lesson and that is to get more professional as soon as possible. Offer normal prices, take downpayment upfront, surpass your clients' expectations and don't demand too much from them. Clients are clients, some are awesome to work with, others, not so much. Especially in the design field, sometimes people have weird requests and have no idea how much it costs to complete a project. Here's some reading you might be interested in: Step-By-Step Upwork Tutorial For Brokeass Bootstrap Beginners Who Need Cash Now! - For finding an additional source of clients. How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K In Less Than 90 Days - A model you could use in structuring your own hustle. How To Learn Code, Start A Web Company, $15k+ Per Month Within 9 Months - Motivation and some valuable insights about finding the right kind of client, approach to learning new skills and 'portfolio piece - free or paid?' issue. Cheers
  9. Hmm, I wonder if it's the beta-glucans or some active ingredient in one of those mushrooms you took. I could buy the same mix as you on but it's too pricey, so I have decided to go with some Cordyceps, Reishi and Shiitake complex from a local shop. If it even offers a slight 10% relief I will be happy.
  10. Now you got me interested. I will for sure try it the next year and start taking it before the season.
  11. Yeah, you are going in the right direction. Keep working. If you plan on continuing with traditional meditation, I suggest you read "Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha" by Daniel Ingram. It will equip you with the knowledge that will help you to evaluate progress. Depends, not always. But it means you are doing the technique right, which is good for you. You might get surprised (if you keep on working diligently) how soon you will start getting experiences orders of magnitude deeper.
  12. Just give Kriya a try, you haven't done it yet. You can also do hatha yoga, why not. Those two types of yoga are very compatibile. Get to the First Kriya Pranayama and Maha Mudra as soon as possible, practice it twice a day for a month and then make a judgement. I can predict it will be very positive.
  13. How are you doing @Michael569 ? It's now a peak of the pollen count in my country and antihistamines do no good job. I am sneezing left and right, everything is itching and I can't really do any kind of sport.
  14. The good ol' "How to Study" video. The first one I have ever watched. The beginning of the beginning of the beautiful self-actualiztion journey. Thanks @Leo Gura for making it.