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  1. I would say this is a result of Stage Orange's world-centric, humanistic values, which are in narration something akin to: "There are gays, they are humans, leave them alone, let's say we support them and all, but maybe don't act on it and change laws, because that would stir controversy and destroy the story we have about living in a peak-development, global society."
  2. It's sociology 101, I believe every social science student learns that at the University.
  3. You might not have had role models, but you did have "important others" who socialized you into different cultures, like your parents. And then probably Leo who socialized you into whatever this is, new-agey psychedelic culture. Even if you don't hold Leo as a role mode, it is what has happened.
  4. Because the world is balanced and liberals and progressives hold more power, so there's less of a need for them to keep that balance. If their number grows we experience sudden social changes.
  5. @Vincent S I have been watching the channel since 2015 and I remember Leo has had something like months-long periods without psychedelics.
  6. It doesn't dissolve well, especially in a high dose that you will probably need.
  7. You over-exaggerating guys.@Aiden grannen you have had a good idea, I would go with it. If it's just 1 gram of mushrooms, that means you are both basically sober with augumented thinking. Setting doesn't matter that much with such dosage. Only the mood is important. If th girls is enthusiastic and curious I would go for it.
  8. Physical beauty is overrated. The "not-so-pretty" girls exist for a reason. They don't need it to find a mate, and they don't have unwanted attention. Every girls is pretty when you get intimate with her. I am not saying this metaphorically, I mean literally when you are with a girl you like she gets prettier, mind messes with the mind and it becomes reality.
  9. In Poland, it's 15 for girls and the boy has to be 18, if you are an older guy it's illegal I think. I might not remember it 100% correctly as it doesn't interest me since I have been 15 yo myself.
  10. Wtf guys, this thread is abour casual sex and you are talking about not using condoms? Never trust a horny girl if she has STDs or takes a pill. She might not even know she has an std. How little you have to value your health to risk it like that. It goes for both parties, men and women.
  11. Russia is super-poor for European standards. It is even poorer than Poland per capita. Considering most of their wealth comes from gas and other natural resources, and not i dustry and services, that makes them even poorer, more akin to Saudi Arabia, than Germany. They are poor per capita and even then that money is unevenly distributed. Building institutions and infrastructure takes time, Russia doesn't have roads in many place while Austria can afford to renew their asphalt every 4 years. It's crazy, I haven't seen a pothole in Austria once when I been there. Stupid amounts of wealth, Russia not even close. Russia also has low-density of population in most regions, it's basically Moscow, and the rest of the country is an abandoned 3rd world country. I am exagerrating, but Russia has a lot of work to do.
  12. Poland is not Eastern Europe. That's like saying Texas is Mexico. It's the religious fanatics I would even say who hold the grip on the government, because the rulling right-wing party needs their votes to uphold total majority All these countries are lacking in development a few hundreds years. Countries like France or the Netherlands already had some industrial economies, while the Eastern europe was only producing wheat and other food.
  13. Those plants might produce chemical substances that bind toxins. Those substances might be the source of their medicinal properties and at the same time the reason for higher contamination. Two-edged sword. Potato simply doesn't produce such chemicals. Although potato is pretty poisonous by itself, without any contamination, it can't be eaten raw.
  14. That's not true. We had a big wave of protests in Poland, because of reversal of right to abortion. Our previous laws weren't liberal, abortion WAS only possible if it posed a health hazard or the kid was severely ill. Now we have the same abortion laws as the fucking Vatican. It's crazy. Getting the day-after pills is almost impossible, etc. Very Christian country. We are analogous to some Republican state in the US. There are a few other similar outliers in the EU.