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  1. To hell with this QAnon bull. The website linked is great, thanks for sharing! It has, for example, this awesome list of 100 hand-selected documentaries:, and many others.
  2. @Boethius Mass Effect is totally Orange. Just because it's story-based doesn't mean it's Yellow. The same goes for Bioshock series, Orange or lower. I would say Undertale passes as Green, you can finish the game without killing anyone.
  3. The Witness is a logical puzzle game with a lot of references to mysticism, including Rupert Spira talks. I would place it around Yellow. A lot of stage Green games become popular on Apple AppStore, those 2D indie eyecandies with a story. I don't remember any names though.
  4. It's a very useful rule to determine whether to ask this girl out, move to another city or take a psychedelic
  5. Bakuman. It tells a story of a young duo aspiring to become professional manga artists. Entartaining and filled with insights about becoming a creative person. I can only vouch for the manga version, but I have seen that there's also an anime version available to watch if you don't like reading comics. Edit: My bad, somehow my mind has filtered out that you are looking for documentaries and not any movie. Maybe "The Salt of the Earth" then? It portrays the works of the Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado and has some biographical bits.
  6. @eggopm3 nope. I never had an ejaculation at night when refraining from masturbation.
  7. How long do you have these issues for? I was in a similar situation for a few months, but mu issues cured naturally (almost, doc prescribed me some generic stomach meds, yet I don't feel like they have done much). I just had to stop eating dairy and vegetable oils. I also had replaced bread with rice waffles and refrained from eating wheat pasta, but I wasn't very strict about it. So cut the stuff that cause inflammation, dairy first I think, then be patient, experiment and have a lot of patience. Oh also, do you eat meat? If ye,s then you shouldn't have problems with loosing weight. I highly recommend eating chicken (or any lean meat you can find) during that time so you avoid drastic weight loses.
  8. Does Love realization differ in quality from No-Self realization, or is it just a matter of the interpretation? What I mean is after having awakened to Love, do you looking back on your previous breakthroughs see that they always have been about Love and are the same as the new ones or some new quality has appeared that hasn't been present before?
  9. Are these courses any good? For sure they look like candy, but the question is if they deliver. I am particularly interested in Neale Donald Walsch's "Awaken the Species" course, but I am eager to hear any reviews from trusted actualized folks. They have a deal on yearly access to all courses for $599, that's only $50 per course if you do one a month, even less if you do all 30 of them. I think it's a pretty good deal, comparable to what I spend on books and other educational materials per month right now. I would have to enter a super self-help junkie mode to really juice it, but having listened to 40 audiobooks in 2 months I feel capable. BTW @Leo Gura haven't you thought about reaching out to Mindvalley on co-creating a course? It could gain you new publicity, although I guess you prefer sticking to your own platform.
  10. I have started to seriously develop Orange at 14 years old, Green at 18 and now start to develop Yellow at 22. So I could be fully Yellow at 26 if the pattern holds, hmm. Although it's getting harder with every stage, there's a lot of books from stage Green folks and oppurtunities to meet them, work together on some project, but Yellow? If they are out there then I don't know where to look yet.
  11. Immortality for relative beings doesn't exist. Only God is immortal.
  12. @AtheisticNonduality That's a little bit more than just post-scarcity, but I am okay with it. But why cannot some cyborg just gain control of resources and create artificial scarcity to have power over others just for the thrill of it? If some system prevents that it's not anarchism then. "Everyone will be programmed to be loving and kind by default." Ok, but if you can't voluntarily change yourself into a murderous psychopath, then it's not anarchism. Although, I am of opinion that neither of our current political labels will match that very far future awaiting us. I just find it wrong to use such dreamy examples as a way of validating anarchism or other similar ideologies as something that is progressive or has a future - it does not.
  13. I had had to look it up and the first site that came up was RationalWiki ... Anyhow, I don't see how that term applies. You have tried to miss the argument by saying that this only happens to biological organisms and then I point out to you that it happens to every kind of organism, whether it's a human cyborg, bacteria or some immaterial ghost. If it's that trival then why would you make your argument in the first place.
  14. The Universe works as such that if something can happen on a biological level, then an anologues event to that can happen at a psychological, spiritual, etc. level. It's being called an infinite fractal for that reason, the Universe is self-similar. Everything is prone to change, you are safe nowhere.
  15. That's a weak point of Stage Orange ideologies and models. They are often so fine-tuned to some particular conditions that they lack resilience. Paradoxically the better something is in that paradigm the easier it breaks when conditions change.