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  1. For some reason I hate ebooks. Digital versions of paperbacks are hard to read and make the eyes tired. I have never owned a Kindle, maybe they really are comfortable. The Kindle books are ugly though, the text is formatted like on the web page, I don't know maybe they have improved it by now, I have looked into it last time a few years ago. Paperbacks are art. I read like 70% audiobooks, 25% paperbacks, 5% ebooks on computers. There's a trick with Audible to listen to 3 books a month instead of one. You can return a book 2 times, no questions asked. It's rather obvious, but I didn't think about it when I first made an account there. Not every book is a kind of book that I would be reading again, so I order it first, listen to, then return.
  2. @Bodigger I don't get why are you so worried about the government not wanting to give power back to the business in a hypothetical scenario, rather than the business not wanting to give the power back to the people which is the actual situation we find ourselves in.
  3. I would go to a normal job at 3/4 time. You would earn enough to live on and still have 2-4 hours everyday to practice yoga. Freelancing is a time stealer. In the beginning it takes way more effort than 9 to 5. You could also take up some seasonal job and have a few months in a year to retreat on.
  4. @RareGodzilla My friends from Poland just migrated to the UK last month to work there at the hotel. They had no problems with that. So I don't get what kind of migration it was meant to stop. If it indeed has been supposed to do that, then it doesn't work, heh.
  5. One could still take iMAO beforehand. It would make it a weird kind of plugged ayahuasca
  6. @supremeyingyang I am studying management at the moment, I find a good course for someone planning to become a coach or yoga teacher too. I mean the quality of what they teach at the university is not high, but it's easy so I use the free time to go to work and listen to audiobooks.
  7. Yeah, the more esoteric the stuff is, the more scammers there will be doing it. One always has to do research, but even being well-trained in distinguishing genuine vs fake information there are still no guarantees that your judgment will be accurate. Sometimes there's even no data to analyze and the only way to judge outlandish claims is to test them personally.
  8. @Arzola That thing about Leonardo da Vinci is bullshit. Polyphasic sleep is bullshit. I am talking about this 2 hour stuff presumablly done by famous people. It doesn't take much research to check. Much better investment of your time instead of fantasizing.
  9. I guess one would need also an extreme levels of body awareness to keep the body relaxed at all times, so it doesn't get tired, so you can sleep less. Still, it's hard to go below 6 hours.
  10. @Forrest Adkins what about soma? And the whole tradition of yogis smoking weed? Even Shiva smokes.
  11. I'm interested in people's experience with such a path, too.
  12. Seth Godin - This is Marketing MJ DeMarco - The Millionaire Fastlane Michael Gerber - The E-Myth Revisited
  13. Buy yourself some nuts and maybe honey to snack on. They are delicious and healthy. I often eat like three rice cakes with honey before going out with friends and it's so much easier not to look at the fast-food after having eaten something so tasty.
  14. @Chumbimba I think, therefore I am. I AM. Just "I am", not "I am a body". If anyone is imagining anything here it's God imagining you and the whole reality. It's God imagining you thinking, eating and typing the keyboard. Just like in a dream. Do you need a body to feel pain in a dream? God is dreaming you up just like you dream up your dreams. Here's the plot twist: God is Nothingess. So, if you want you could say that for something to be imaginary there doesn't have to be a one imagining. Imagining happens, feeling happens, thinking happens, everything happens as a process, directly, by itself. Can you notice it? When you think of pink elephants, it's not you thinking about some object, it's a single happening.
  15. God doesn't care which thing you choose. Why would you choose the option that you acknowledge is relatively packed with more suffering? God won't have an issue if you choose a more evolved option either.