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  1. @lmfao All right, I am sorry, if it seems that way. Just don't paint an image of yourself knowing more than you really know. What I am trying to say is that we all should put more effort into spiritual practice, instead of spinning wheels on an Internet forum.
  2. @lmfao Why are you trying to school me? Reach a deep non-dual state yourself first.
  3. @lmfao I have zero idea what you are getting at. You can frame it however you want, as many consecutive moments or as a one continous moment, that's your distinction. However no distinction can change it's nature, that is the present experience changes. It doesn't stay the same even for a brief moment. You are not some seashell animal that can't notice it.
  4. The Natural by RSD Max was as cool as course about pickup can get.
  5. @lmfao You are running in circles. Look at your present moment, it changes constantly, sometimes radically. What makes you believe that it cannot morph into another person's experience? In fact, it could do it 1 000 000 times every second and you wouldn't know it, becuase every time you would be back to "yourself" that doesn't know about that. And if it can do that, why not go a step further and assume that it radically changes infinitely many times in infintely short amount of time, resulting in being everything at the same time. You won't get a proof for anything by hitting a keyboard, but by doing the practices. And no-one can do them for you, but you.
  6. @SriBhagwanYogi Go to, type in "Kriya Yoga" and choose a book you like.
  7. Am I blind or no-one has yet posted Infected Mushroom here?
  8. Work at Lionbridge or Appen.
  9. Studying at college is way harder than most people imagine and you will be regretting not knowing more or not having better discipline.
  10. Isn't a year off more than enough for completing LPC?
  11. @Jordan94 Dynamic meditation is OSHO's idea. Made for people who can't meditate properly, so those techniques are thought to make you tired and surrender to the practice. I am not sure, if that's what you are looking for, since you have no problem sitting through 10 day Vipassana retreats and practice daily. It's aimed more at people with crazy monkey-mind. I think instead of putting more and more hours and looking for new practices you simply need to put more effort into refining the techniques you already know. Mastery = number of repetitions x quality of repetitions. If you are doing sloppy meditation for 1000 hours, you will be sloppy meditator forever. And btw, any yoga can be done 24/7, because there different exercises with no limits and mantras, etc. Plus you can't really beat effectiveness of mindfullness, if you have a lot of time. Shinzen's one is great and can be done during many other activities. If you can't force yourself to spend more time on those techniques, that's okay. Personally, I wouldn't switch to any inferior technique, but simply accept the fact that it's my limit for now.
  12. If you see decay of results after Vipassana retreat then Kriya might be for you. It's enough for me to keep the fire from retreat to retreat and I don't do daily Vipassana practice, only Kriya. Breaking through once or twice on a psychedelic might also show you a new direction for your practice.
  13. Doing physical exercise in order to improve mental performance. Taking efforts like meditation to develop effortlessness.
  14. There is a guy @Azrael, who has claimed getting Enlightened through 5-MeO. You can read his trip reports.
  15. Do you really lack confidence in all areas of life or just around people? Because you may simply have social anxiety and then it's the only area which is affected. In that situation saying that you truly lack confidence would be an over-statement.