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  1. It will never be gone. It will evolve into something greater. You talk about arrogant people. They are not like that because of religion, but their stage of development. If you remove religion they will find something else to be arrogant about. BTW, have you noticed that your hate towards religion is also arrogant and aggressive? Maybe your attitude towards religion is just a projection of your shadow side.
  2. Yup, I have made the mistake of underappreciating this tendency. Doubled 4-HO-MiPT dosage (it's like mushrooms) and got blown away. The comedown was stronger than a peak of half the dose. The trip also lasted substanially longer.
  3. Do it! Go for the full dose. No music, no distractions. Watch the reality unwind itself. The mushrooms or ego will try to scare you, but if you are able to bear with whatever they serve you, you will be rewarded.
  4. Not Desloratadine, it's way better than the previous generation of drugs. Because the body uses IgF to fight parasites, I suspect an increased risk of getting them. Other than that, antihistamines seem to be a pretty safe class of drugs. So you say that cleansing and supplements have helped you in getting less symptoms. But by how much? 30%, 50%, 90%?
  5. When it comes to Wilber's books, I have liked Unbounded the most.
  6. Very similar to yours. I have done some research and calculation into that, it turns out to be more like 6 months to earn enough. Good work opportunities are in a summer-resort type of cities or big ones where you can find an easy night job. Those pay better and sometimes allow you to read books, listen to audiobooks, etc.
  7. My ego was like: "I don't want to leave this place, why is it only 10 days??" @moon777light If you want advice, I can tell you to find a comfortable sitting position in which you can sit without a move for one hour straight. Maybe do some stretching before the retreat if no position is that comfortable to you. I had to sit on two zafus, otherwise, my knees hurt too much.
  8. Heh, I have seen similar situation on my last Vipassana retreat. The mother couldn't bear for longer than 5 days and was ranting to the teacher that she constantly hears "anicca, anicca" in her head because of recordings with instructions so she can't meditate. Are you going to Poland? There's a great center there. Dhamma Pallava. Built from the ground as a Vipassana retreat center and it's a huge facility.
  9. Have you ever seen 20 ml syringe? Good luck sticking it up your butt, I know you can buy an additional long, slim tip, but still. A few quotes from the link you have posted: (usually, 1-3ml is plenty, you want as little water as possible while still properly dissolving your dose) (1-5ml is usually plenty, depending on substance and solvent) Not even once does it mention using 10 ml of solvent. Especially to dissolve 10 mg of 5-MeO. You could use this amount to dissolve more like 200 mg. 1 ml will be plenty for up to 25 mg or so.
  10. My take on this matter is: there's pollen in the air, it gets into air passages and rips cells open. The body recognizes the intruder and tries to flush it out by producing mucus, wheezing, etc. Yet, in allergic people it overreacts. Why? Because it was not trained that it's a small threat, not able to recognize pollen as such the body takes safety precautions and tries to get rid of it immediately, just in case it was a deadly hazard. And why the organism is not trained? Because of the use of antibiotics early in life and living in a sterile environment, where you don't get into contact with bacteria that do the conditioning. I have put around 30 hours into researching this theory. Yup, from April to July. Typically a severe reaction, where I can't function without pills. And I was using them sparingly in my life, only when needed. Everything was getting worse the older I got. I hope it has stopped progressing by now, but can't really know. Cats are my deadly enemies, I can't even get close to one, I start to cry and itch immediately. I have had an allergy to home dust, but it's gone now, disappeared naturally. Antihistamines. Desloratadine is the best, works full 24 hours and doesn't make you sleepy at all. Bilastine acts shorter but still doesn't cause any sleepiness. Fexofenadine has a duration of around 14 hours but makes you tired as hell, can even force you to sleep. The most popular Levocetirizine is a total bunk in my opinion, with a duration of only 8 hours and being ineffective at treating more severe reactions. I have tried them all. Butterbur is an extremely effective natural herb, but it has a long list of side-effects due to alkaloid content. I would use it if my allergy was taking only two to four weeks, but no longer as it can cause damage to the heart over the long-term. I have once overdosed it and saw colorful light spheres. Here's one unexpected drug: LSD. 100 mcg of acid blocks any allergy for around 30 hours. Like totally, there's no discomfort and allergic reaction, regardless of the pollen count in the air. Sadly, all of these are remedies and not the cure.
  11. Maybe try some Hatha Yoga. When I had kriyas, I did a few poses. I had felt something resembling flames escaping through the hands and my kundalini symptoms passed away.
  12. 1 ml syringe. Do your research, read some plugging/rectal administration guide, because you are asking ridiculous questions.
  13. I think it means pause before the Medulla and after the Medulla., om, om, pause, om at the medulla, pause, om...
  14. If you want clearer sinuses you can always use a neti pot or an irigator.
  15. @Michael569 Hey, new pollen season has started. Could you give an update? I am curious if you are experiencing any symptoms of hay fever.