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  1. Cartoons are great, maybe the Disney ones are not the deepest. But... Song of the Sea, or the Wolfwalkers, those cartoons depict life consciously. And in a form that even 5 yo kid can follow. Pure beauty to watch on a psychedelic.
  2. Ginger or Lemon or Kola nut. Every substance that blocks 5ht3 receptors from interacting with tryptamine helps with nausea.
  3. We need both oil and copious amount of materials for batteries. There's no discussion on either one of that, really. That's why humanity as a whole continues to extract more and more of the resources. We are in such a situation that abruptly stopping any of these processes would have consequences much more dire for civilization than deaths in cobalt mines or oil spills into environment. Apart from that, the issue with those mines is capitalism and government, not the fact of mining cobalt itself. And to top it, new battery chemistries are slowly being deployed commercially, moving on from lithium-cobalt chemistry. So this discussion framed in that way has no point. There are better ways to discuss these issues.
  4. I remember reading a similar poem by Rumi in my language (Polish) and it have had a different vibe.
  5. Why is this thread even this long? I feel like the correct reaction to this thread should have been, "Ah, okay, interesting statement, I will be waiting for future content." Why the need to argue with Leo on that? No-one should believe him on word in the first place. It's a new perspective to look at the world with. One of many a person can hold. It's not something you should adopt as your personal belief.
  6. @Bobby_2021 Then you are wrong.
  7. @Bobby_2021 I think it is. There are many similar parody accounts. What is your evidence for this one being real?
  8. @Leo Gura there is a study on DMT effects on brain conducted using fMRI and EEG. Someone skilled in designing EEG biofeedback protocols could make a program to train brainwave patterns just like on DMT. There are also already a few meditator who have similar brainwave patterns as a result of their practice. Not all meditation techniques lead to the same results. Focus, "energy" intensive meditation practices are the psychedelic-like practices when it comes to their effects on the brain.
  9. @Leo Gura you must have not read his Autobiography. He has written a little bit on politics and government. His interest in this was the reason why he had had a commune in the first place. His thoughts on society weren't of the highest caliber, but I think he took it seriously.
  10. @Sucuk Ekmek you know nothing about economy. It's your job to fix it. Man up and pull yourself by the bootstraps. Whininnig about current system like some radical leftist feminist about men is not going to take you far. Work to understand why current monetary system is the way it is. It's not only because of "bad people" or "globalist elite". Saying that is akin to leftists calling everyone they don't like nazis. And try to think through the repercussions of changes you would like to make to the monetary system. Because it is A SYSTEM. With all the parts connected. I will wrap it up by saying that dollar's value is not in some stupid paper, as it wouldn't be in some stupid gold bars. It's value is stability of the US political system, military, IT industry and US' role in the global oil trade.
  11. @Staples isn't it still just hallucinating answers? Or has something changed with the 4th version?
  12. @Nilsi you are sharp today. I agree with your position in this discussion.
  13. I have liked your playlist. Listened to it many times.
  14. @Sucuk Ekmek I say so because gold and silver are metals of little use in current global economy, so they are not worth much. Why would they be used to guarantee value of something else if they by themselves have little value? Although they are of little use, they are not of no use. People storing them would take them out of supply for doing useful things. And people would store copious amounts of these metals, because they are not worth much. That would increase their price and in the end the only result of this idiotic policy would be disturbances in the electronics market. This is some nonsensical, Stalin-like commie level of market manipulation. The problem with economy is that it's so big nothing can really back it up, other than military power and energy resources.
  15. You guys are funny. I have taken the weirdest of things to dates. My big big digeridoo, mini chess that we were playing on a regular sized table in the park xD, blankets, I love taking blankets to dates and sitting by a river or something, very big hammock is nice too, printed pages of poetry that we were reading to each other up some hill, board games, there are some small-packaged fast-paced games out there. I have a shit-ton of ideas. Some crazy, like pulling out an inflatable boat out of the trunk of my car as a surprise, give her a paddle and go down a river. No-one expects shit like that. You need a proper kind of girl for it, and maybe not on a first or second date, xD, but crazy hot girls love crazy man's ideas. Oh an action video recorder, or professional camera is a nice toy to have on a date. And like I have said earlier, simple music instruments are great. Especially in a setting like a fireplace. You can also buy a slackline and setup it somewhere in the garden or wherever. It's a lot of fun.