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  1. I call bullshit on that. Show me a Building Engineer or a Lawyer without college. But then there are careers, like Programmer or Graphic Designer, that are best learnt outside the academic environment. And a wide gray area in the middle, where success depends more on the learner's ambitions and capabilities, than on the quality of formal schooling.
  2. Obviously, majoring in something like Underwater Basket-Weaving would do no good for you. But there are many worthwhile fields of study that will give you solid foundation in topic you like and kickstart your career, so if you can afford it then I don't see a reason not to attend college.
  3. Mr Bald T + iStick Pico. Costs around $30 This way I don't have to deal with open fire while on drugs. If someone has more money, Quartz Quest seems like a good option. It's available on Divine Tribe's website. They also sell ready-made setups.
  4. @peanutspathtotruth Welcome to the vaporization club. I have heard that closest to 5-MeO, in terms of spiritual depth, is DPT. Freebase makes the vaporization WAYYY easier. I have tried to smoke 40 mg of DPT HCl - nothing, it wasn't even + on a Shulgin's scale. Freebase? This stuff melts like chocolate and goes into your lungs in one deep inhale. You don't even feel a taste. It's like breathing hot, mountain air. DPT though is very taxing on the body. Proceed with caution.
  5. Your post reads like a description of some good science-fiction/post-apo story. Invent some fascinating characters and write a book about it. It will sell well, $$$.
  6. @Hanna Here: Or here:
  7. I need a cushion for Vipassana retreat. From what you are saying, I will go for simple zafu.
  8. That's the shortest way to glimpse for me. To think about where does all the reality come from. Not only this certain universe, but all possible universes. And snap! Nothing hits you in the face.
  9. Sadly, there is no substance that would consistently create breakthrough experience in everyone. Not even 5-MeO. There are some reports where it hasn't worked even on spiritual seekers.
  10. Poland. You sign a contract for a year or two. You have to attend a bootcamp every month. You also have to help in case of natural disasters near your home town. All paid. In case of war happening you stay protecting your home region, you are not send to the front.
  11. You can contemplate a previous week's video topic during the week, so I see no point in doing that.
  12. Just have read that convo. Dig that pick-up bullshit 10 meters under the ground. You are overdoing it. But don't worry, if she is really nice-looking then she probably gets like 10's of these cringe-worthy messages daily, from guys that she doesn't even know. No need to think that you are somewhat special, she will forget about that incident pretty soon. Now be honest, would you write like that to your sister or your mother? Probably not. Until you can do better, ask girls out like you would do when asking out your sister or mother. That means like a normal human being. You will get way better results that way. Some keywords to study for you: non-apologetic, natural, honest. Aim for these values and embody them.
  13. Fuck that bullshit. No-one is. It's a learned skill. Go master marketing and start your own bussiness if absolute solitude is what you want. Come up with some unique idea, market it a shit-ton, live off from earned money frugally till your life ends, without worrying about anything. Or become a freelancer, then you will have your quid pro quo. It's very simple now, when Upwork and Fiverr exist. Niche for you: copywriting. You don't need to compete there, if you can produce quality work consistently. Quality defends itself.