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  1. There is a third option. A little bit more risky of course, but not that much if you do the math. It is to start a bussiness, grow it and then sell. That might suit you best if you are an entrepreneurial type. With a pile of cash you could easily buy a house anywhere you want and then invest the rest of money, so you would be able to pay taxes for your property. It's like struggling 10 years to have a successful bussiness vs. slaving 30 years to repay a mortgage. And I know one could say that your bussiness will most probably fail, but the mortgage isn't that safe either. Just take a look back to 2008 and a housing crisis in the USA and West Europe. Or look what's happening right now in the USA with hurricanes.
  2. An irresponsible one I can't help you much, but there are other things than psychedelics, you don't have to rush, life is long enough for different methods to work. Have you ever tried any retreats?
  3. @Joseph Maynor if you want to be perceived as a self-confident person and have a good reputation, then be non-reactive instead of addressing every little "attack" at your persona in the greatest detail.
  4. This is still a theory, because you are not sharing an experience with us, but only words. It's funny how you talk about and how you talk about what you got from this, and you talk about it a lot... The only thing I see you have gotten from this experience is more monkey-chatter. You seem to be overly attached to experience and attention and validation seeking. So for me you fell into a trap. Be careful with drugs.
  5. Almost everyone dreams every night, it's just that most people are not trained to remember their dreams. If someone wants to test that thesis, then start a journal and try to write down what you have dreamt about every morning. You will quickly start to notice that not only you have had a dream, but also that it has been more like 3 or so of them. I can totally relate to your question. I also have vivid dreams about relationships with people, especially after good self-inquiry, self-love or meditation session.
  6. I am not sure if you are looking for advice, but if yes then I feel like reading "The Millionaire Fastlane" by MJ DeMarco would be of great benefit to you. It can give you a solid foundation for money making and every other thing you are willing to do in life. It will change your mindset.
  7. Cold showers doesn't impress me. I can just take them with almost no hesitation. Winter or summer, doesn't really matter. So if someone is reading this and doesn't get the hype, then don't worry, you are not the only one. I have nothing against cold showers, I take them often, but it's not really that hardcore for many people.
  8. Hey guys, today I got an insight, it went like this: Affirmations are often sentences with your beliefs that you repeat often and consistently over the time to train your subconscious mind. But why stop here? Affirmations are great questions to contemplate. I feel like both these practices combined together have an enormous power. You come up with affirmations, then contemplate the shit out of them until it clicks and you Know they're true, then repeating them is no longer the same. I hope it will help some of you!
  9. To me it sounds like a normal lucid dream. And yeah, I can agree that reality chcecks doesn't always work, that's why I do at least a few, before deciding to jump through the window (looking at hands and counting fingers, poking things, looking at hour or text a few times, jumping up and feeling less gravity, breathing while holding a nose, etc.)
  10. I feel like you focus too much on division between "happy period of life" and sad one. Obviously you feel like a piece of shit. You should always expect that. It goes in circles, around and around. Whenever you get any progress the wounded ego strikes back trying to survive and puts you in homeosthasis. It's a process, feeling good and bad are parts of one thing. If you have choosen a practice you should stick to it and come back to it as soon as you have noticed you stopped doing it. Don't make division between "back then" and "now". It's a trap in which I have fallen many times, beware - be aware.
  11. Man, I am sending you love, tons of love, rays of warm light through your computer screen. And I'm not gay. Because I know what you are feeling, I feel the same, my parents were often distant, literally and metaphorically. To resolve that problem I am currently doing self-love practice based on Leo's video about self-acceptance. I have set up timer for an every day of the week to help me remember about it. I have heard that these books are great. Haven't got time to read them yet. The Dark Side of the Inner Child by Stephen Wolinsky The Family by John Bradshaw (almost all his books are on topic and might be helpful for you)
  12. When you will put all these great things into practice you will see that there's no need for friends who are into self-help.
  13. I don't think there's enough people on board to create any meaningful groups, so creating a sub-forum would be an overkill. But you can always check out this thread and reach out to people who live in your area:
  14. People, get real, it's obvious that the Earth is flat and NASA was clearly paying Copernicus for his bullshit theories. I was on the wrong side of the debate, but this video has showed me that the Earth is, in fact, flat.
  15. To look at it from a slightly different perspective: Universe is there for the purpose of exploring itself, it's infinite, so that means everything possible exist, even the most random and unpleasant experiences like depression. So one can say that depression is there for the purpose of simply being, because without it Life would be poorer. That's how I explain to myself all the itches and other weird, insignificant (from my limited perspective) experiences. Depression is in that case like a humongous itch.