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  1. I think, get a hold of some breathing technique, like Wim Hof, or Holotropic Breathwork, or yogic Pranayama, then learn some instrument, like didgeridoo or drums, get some boho style or hemp clothes. This plus mushrooms, you can call yourself a shaman for me Breathing + music + psychedelics, it's all you ever need.
  2. You have not taken 5 mg and 10 mg, you have taken an unknown amount. Probably less than that. I would guess your spoon holds around 3.5 mg on one side and 7 mg on the second side, but it's just my guess. It depends on how fluffy the powder is. You have to up the dose spoon by spoon, plug two big ones next time, then three, because 100% two won't be enough, because they are not 10 mg. And don't fucking smoke HCl from an aluminium foil, that's a terrible idea. HCl will burn and you will be vaping the foil only. If you want to vape it, convert it to freebase first.
  3. If you want to be more eco choose a bike or e-scooter instead.
  4. @blankisomeone The second one will probably have no effect on you if the first one was so bad, you can take it.
  5. @Javfly33 I don't think it's a problem of values you have (that is your Spiral levels), but more of a human psychology. Most of us are lazy, even if we believe that work ethic is important.
  6. You are other humans. Don't love them, love yourself and through that you will start to love everything around you too.
  7. It makes sense to look at it as finding a connection with someone, rather than getting rejected. It's a normal situation not to like someone, the connection is uniqe, so you rather should count that, and ignore the rest. Yes, ignoring it is less useful for getting results, but way better for your mind. Use your intuition to judge if you are doing right numbers-wise, not counting how many times you have been rejected. Love man.
  8. Double recommendation on Marianne Williamson. If I ever met a girl my age like Marianne, I would want her to be my wife.
  9. I find it cool there is no AMA.
  10. He is taking about religious fanatics and this sort of people in general. Not people who pursue yoga or art. Isn't it obvious?
  11. It probably depends on what you count as an approach, Leo probably counts everything, even saying hi and girl not giving a fuck at all, an interaction lasting 5 seconds, while someone claiming 20% success rate might be only counting as an approach situations which have turned into an interesting flirty conversation. 3% is the conversion rate I see everywhere repeating in business, sales and marketing. When I was doing ads it was typical for an ad to get that conversion when comparing sales with the number of people seeimg the ad, but counting only the people who had clicked on the ad the conversion would rise to 20-33%
  12. Was it dates or was it sex? You must be quite attractive and have very good logistics if it was sex. If I recall correctly I have had sex with like 1 in 5 girls who went on a date with me. But I am also a noob and this ratio can be certainly improved. But I don't think if want to improve it, having a girlfriend is nice, why chase after new people?
  13. @Superfluo because in his days people were probably saying shit like "My intuition tells me the Bible is 100% right and Jesus Christ is our only savior." The terms change their meaning slightly over the decades, centuries, as the context they are used in changes too.
  14. @herghly I second that. 100 ug of 1P-LSD is like 2 g shrooms.
  15. I meant Maupin being less developed than even the youtubers he criticizes and you opposing this opinion, not him criticising SD. 1. Most of the stuff you have cited is not arguments, just smearing people. If one wants to be liked, if one wants to mean something in the political game, the worst thing to do is to start throwing shit at others. 2. The stuff that could be taken as arguments is so off, to correct it you would have to start from the basics they teach at college. He doesn't construe quality arguments. Not book-quality for sure. Also, why would I put an effort? He is not gonna read it. You are probably the only person on this forum reading him and you are not gonna change your mind. Just a big waste of time to put that effort. Replying to this thread already borders on too much effort.