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  1. I would rather say that clinging to the material world is a kind of laziness
  2. @Dumuzzi Interesting. Have you heard about Om Swami? I had thought about him when I read your post. Tantra and Mother Divine played a huge role in his realization too.
  3. @pink Yes, I am aware they are not the same, but you know a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. So until I source the Manuka one I might as well use what I have. BTW I have a funny story. I went to register for a visit to a gastroenterologists office in a public system. I got signed for a visit on 15th April 2020. Great joke, very funny indeed. At least I can get my stool tested for free by my general practitioner in the next week. So maybe something can be confirmed or ruled out. Some people would think this is an argument against public health system, but I think the opposite - it's a very good reason to justify raising health insurance contributions. And the government should force MDs who studied for free to work in the public system more or force them to pay back for their education. But everyone is so scared of mending with the healthcare system and the public is extremely unwelcoming of raising anything, even if it would result in the greater good.
  4. @pink @Dumuzzi Looks interesting, but the price is cosmic. Nevertheless, I might try it. For now I will try just eating my local honey, it should have some antimicrobial qualities, too. I have found Gelatine tannate and it works wonders together with a zinc supplement. Consuming it for 3 days and finally I have had a semi-normal solid poo. The problem is that the white tongue has returned, but not that intense.
  5. A lot of people is looking for an inspiration for their life purpose or career choice, so I have thought we can give them a helping hand. Let's try focusing for 5 minutes and give our best shot at coming up with viable conscious business ideas. I will start: Conscious management consultant/scholar Publishing house - focusing on ecology, spirituality, psychedelics and developmental theories. Recycling facility Eco-farm or permaculture Collecting used oil Tree planting Selling water treatment technologies Holistic health clinic Psychedelics retreat center Organizing Dyads groups Kriya Yoga studio I am eager to hear your ideas.
  6. I don't see point in assigning my happiness a scale. But I once had been evaluating for fun whether this day I felt better or worse than the day before and compiling this into a graph to see the trends. It was an entertaining activity.
  7. @Abhishaik Cool butterfly, you want to become a cartoon animator?
  8. I use Calendar and track my time with Toggl app.
  9. Just a beginner thing, it has no meaning. You will grow out of it. What happens is your ego trying to do something, anything.
  10. This philosopher who trips on a high-dose LSD: Chris Bache.
  11. UG Krishnamurti has this teaching to abondon all your teachers and all the teachings. So I have listened to his advice and abandoned his teachings. Now I don't have to abandon the others.
  12. What kind of bullshit is this? The whole point of Ayahuasca is that it lasts a few hours, it can't be otherwise. You can smoke an ayahuasca-like herb mix that has a shorter duration, but it's called Changa. The thing that lasts 5 minutes is actually a synthetic or extracted DMT smoked.