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  1. @Chris365 No adapter, works out of the box. The RDA might need cleaning to work in Temperature Control (TC) mode, but will work flawlessly in the Wattage mode
  2. @Knowledge Hoarder it's Blue as a mean, but beware of means, as they don't tell you anything about the spread of the data points combined into it.
  3. He is an indian cousin of Mr. Bean. They also have a muslim cousin, Mullah Nasreddin.
  4. Obviously, but demonizning dictators is not a good solution either. It's wise to end the topic quickly with "Stalin was not a good person" in a public discussion and jump to more productive points. But to have a non-judgmental personal opinion of him, this applies to any dictators, Saddam, or all the right-wing dictators from one's country's past, who right-wingers love to idolize.
  5. The question was actually who had done more good in the world. And his answer is that Stalin has done more good. It seems sensible, because of how big of a country he ruled, and Amazon is just one conpany. You can say that Stalin didn't achieve anything, because it's just progress, and all countries in Europe progressed rapidly back then. But in that case no entepreneur has ever achieved anything because it's just progress, it's meant to be.
  6. You seem to be so against playing games. Yet, with 27,361 posts you are the biggest player on the forums. Why is playing games with people over the internet acceptable, but in real-life relationships not? It's just fun. Nothing is serious in life, especially not some stupid romance.
  7. Then just go with that LSD, it's hard to go wrong with dosing LSD by taking one tab. You are not on antidepressants or anything?
  8. WAIT, are your mushrooms dried or fresh? Do you know that for fresh mushrooms you need to take approximately 10 times more?
  9. No. You should take more, but on the next planned trip, not during the same sitting, because you can accidentally re-dose too much too fast. And please don't send me anything bannable Just a picture and a description of what you have got if you want. Not necessary.
  10. @Gregory1 Are you SURE you have bought magic MUSHROOMS? Or maybe it is magic TRUFFLE? Because it sounds like truffle, and truffle dosage starts at 5-10 grams. Don't tell us where you bought it or anything, but a photo of something similar to what you have would be helpful in guiding you towards what went wrong.
  11. Then make it. Emotional connection =/= commitment, two different things. You make that emotional connection by talking openly, sincerly and with depth, not demanding some empty promise of commiting. It would be empty, because you have to try see if you are compatibile with your partner in all areas that matter, and sex matters. No-one is saying you need to have sex on a first date, or a second or even a third or fourth. But it should happen somewhere during the first month of hanging out together I think. I am quite a weirdo, but I have given my gf a challange that if she wants to be my gf she has to do 2 of 3 things that are important to me, to see if we are really compatibile. She has done all three, that's how you know you have found girlfriend material, heh, she is not afraid to invest in you. I was the one to invest in that relation a little bit first, though, by talking sincerly about my doubts, fears and planning superb dates. But that initial investment has paid me great dividends.
  12. Nope, but it's too long too!
  13. It's too long, though. I gave it up after 20 hours of reading and it was maybe like 2/3 of the book.
  14. You clean it with alcohol, then use a lighter on an empty pipe/heat on a vape, whatever you use, and overheat it, everything should evaporate and it should be 100% clean. Chemists don't buy new gear for every single reaction.