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  1. I know, it just seems like a waste of a substance, because based on this trip report you haven't brokenthrough but have had all the negative symptoms possible.
  2. Don't look at the post above, harmalas are not for newbies. They need a special diet and caution. Never mix them with 5-MeO-DMT, it's dangerous. They are for substances like DMT.
  3. @Mel B I have tried vaping DPT HCl. It doesn't taste that bad, but there is no comparison to freebase. Freebase melts like a charm and has no taste. You just need to mix it in a spoon with a few drops of hot water and some baking soda and stir. This creates a gooey freebase paste. It burns less (doesn't at all if you don't exceed 250 Celsius) so you can be surer of the dose you have taken. The nausea is the reason I don't attempt to vape it anymore, but yes the experience from smoking is something totally different than snorting. It's way more intense and shorter, feels like becoming a Super Saiyan. Smoked DPT has the best afterglow of all psychedelics in my opinion.
  4. @Charlotte My go-to is lentils, chickpeas, beans, and rice. Sometimes I eat it, but I have never really needed soy and I probably weigh more than you. (probably)
  5. You just sit and ask "What is love? What is love? What is LOVE?" until something breaks and it fills you with love.
  6. @Ry4n Nothing is legal in Australia, you have very strict laws. DPT would be considered an analog of DMT and seized.
  7. Did anyone get a reply from Ennio Nimis for an email, or is he currently not checking them? I don't want to spam the guy.
  8. There's really no simpler introduction than Part III of Ennio's book, already linked above. It's simpler than books from the booklist.
  9. You are welcome. @Mel B That's good, your scale is probably ok. You can cut a piece of paper and weigh it then write the measurement on it. This way you can check if it is still working the same way months later. Mine is consistent, a paper marked 50 mg always shows +-50 mg. Often I weight the substance a few times because it decalibrates from a quick move when removing the tray and I can't check it with the paper. You will get a feel for this. I have also noticed that it sometimes take time for the scale to acclimate to the room temperature. Also, check how much of a substance one spoon fits if you haven't done it already. I suggest putting 3 scoops on the tray, and then repeat one or two times. You will get a feel of how much of an error one spoon has. It's not a super mathematically correct way but will do.
  10. You are more than ready. DPT is different, but not more intense. No need to complicate things, if you don't want to plug it you can always snort it. Snorting is the easiest method.
  11. @iTommy You were on anti-depressants and dosing with a spoon without knowing how much of the substance one spoon fits in. Although pushing it deeper might be good advice, people have different rectums. @Mel B From what I know 5 ml is only thicker not longer, so good luck! But maybe try snorting first to make sure that it's the ROA and not you simply being immune to DPT. Also, how do you weigh your dose? Maybe you only think you have taken 70 mg, when in fact it was 50 mg. Mistakes like this happen.
  12. Investigation time! @Mel B Do you have any kind of tolerance? Tell us about the last drugs you have taken and when. What substances you might be taking that decrease the effects? (Anti-depressants, etc.) Have you ever plugged anything? I bet that your technique is off. If not then plugging might be just not for you. Try gently sniffing 70 mg, might work.
  13. @GreenWoods is from Germany, so he can apply for an internship through the European Solidarity Corps (previously called EVS, some organizations still use that name). You can take one 2-week volunteer project and then one 6 months long. It takes some time to find a place where you would really like to volunteer, but it's worth it. You will get paid for accommodation and will be given some small allowance.
  14. So, you have overdosed on your first trip and literally shat your pants? Where did you get that idea to start from 10 g? Probably not Leo's videos.
  15. You can try MET or DPT. They are not identical as 1P-LSD is to LSD, but the closest thing you will find.