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  1. Oh no, old people who die will be replaced by an influx of young immigrants from overpopulated, developing countries. What a tragedy, I can feel the impending doom. Or if not, then it's worse, the population will go down by a STAGGERING 1 or 2% in the next few decades. By the way, why do you want to save that Western civilization so bad, it's the same civilisation that doesn't want to have many kids. Maybe you should consider moving to some Eastern country, they share more opinions with you than Western folks apparently. You know, I think it's not that much of a culture thing as much as it is Spiral Dynamics thing. The conservatives are stage Blue-Orange and they are fearing that stage Red Arab or African people would try to destroy their institutions. And they fear that kind of rightly so, because that's what they will do if they are not given a healthy way to grow and a sense of purpose. That's why I think they have no problem with Japan or South Korea. They are Orange, too, but a different culture. People use kaizen, drive Honda, and watch anime. Culture doesn't seem to be a problem there. They would like China, because it's Blue, but it's their rival, so us versus them thinking comes in, so they have to hate them.
  2. @The Don Have you wondered why books from the previous century look so great to you? Maybe someone's opinions are lagging behind the current political and cultural landscape. People are not wanting to have kids in western countries, because there's enough population there. It's all about maintaining a flow, how many people are out, how many people are in. So if our life expectancy is rising we don't need more kids, because we live longer. Not everyone has to have kids. Paradoxically, in America people who are for having more kids are also against social support that would enable more people to afford having those kids. Poland seems like a sane country in comparison, because the right-wing party rulling there is redistributing the income to parents by giving them monthly benefits worth around 1/4 of minimal wage per kid. Also, maybe a good point of balance for the country would be at a lower level of population, maybe we have too much people right now, making unnecessary burden on the environment and the economy. The guy you have cited had no idea how the world would look like in the XXI century. A few hundreds of years of selection by talented people going to live in cities won't undo a few hundred thousand years of eveolution. Assuming there really is any difference. I think that 99% percent of people doing better in the citites is caused by infrastructure and more oppurtunity given to them. Calling people living on farms primitive is insulting.
  3. Fuck the games. You are already on these forums, so you will be bored with them soon. You can always watch a walkthrough of that game that you want to play so bad. If $5k is all you have and the PC costs $5k then you simply don't have enough money to buy that PC. If you had like $50k for example, that would be a different question, but in this situation I think the answer is clear. What will you pay for emergencies with, or maybe you will want or have to move to another city, what then? Finding yourself a life purpose and then using that little amount of money to make your first steps in that direction would be the wisest decision in my opinion. I would say also forget about investing it in financial instruments, it's such a small amount that the only good investment for it is in some tools, stock, or software needed to start a business. Also, the psychedelics suggestion is great, research them and buy yourself some LSD or magic mushrooms, that will save you the trouble of mustering enough courage to say no to spending money you don't have on a toy you don't really need.
  4. That's just how the mind works. I wouldn't try to assign meaning to randomly remembered locations. I can remember almost every location I have been to in my life and navigate every forest I have walked through. That's a lot of memories, so no wonder they bubble up. I think most of the memories happen to you because of that skill of navigating physical space you might have and they are not necessarily connected to a situation that has had any emotional impact on you.
  5. The only solution to that kind of situation I know is to be there for this person after they have ruined everything so they don't kill themselves. Really, no idea how to stop this kind of behaviour. The only solution seems to be an overall well-developed human being, who loves themselves too much to pursue such situations. But as you have said, your friend is very unexperienced, has never dated, so no wonder she comes up with stupid ideas. Maybe send her some female dating expert talking about red flags, or find someone on the internet who had similar story and it ended up pretty badly, so her imagination starts to work in a more realistic direction.
  6. @Mystica45 Nah, it's not that you are weird. You are totally normal. It's just that many has been were you are, held similar positions and backed off from them over-time. Oh, and people use now words like Love a lot, because Leo's has explicated them in his videos, so people learn to use them. People's experience have not changed, it's just that they have now words to decribe experiences and insights they have had already. Saying psychedelics have nothing to do with Enlightenment shows you haven't properly broken-through on any of them. I don't care about the rest, but I seriously encourage you to reconsider that opinion and give it a try. Something like a heroic dose of mushrooms or a proper dose of 5-MeO-DMT.
  7. I agree LSD can be erotic. Some 5-MeO's too for sure. I have only tried 5-MeO-MET and it was erotic.
  8. It's your friend, you know him best. If it was my best friend who told me that, then I would be super-skeptical because I know he loves to exaggerate stuff and is a prankster. But it's my friend and yours is yours, so... Patience, see how the situation unfolds. I don't see anything you could act on.
  9. Valid critique. Good video quality and the discussion keeps the viewer's attention. But sometimes they go on weird tangents like "Leo wants to be the best, the most Enlightened, so American of him". I watched from a 27-minute mark, because of the comments above.
  10. I don't like these people at all. They are wildly popular, but I don't get why. The McDonald's of Spirituality.
  11. I would say the other way around, that psychedelics and spiritual experiences help you understand chemistry, physics and biology better, because they share a level of nuance and complexity. Distinctions made due to spiritual pursuits match distinctions used in modern science quite well. But studying the sciences won't help you to reach the absolute. Why I think that? The science is just not advanced enough yet to merge with spirituality at any point. So, maybe in the future there will be no difference whether you become a monk or scientist, but for now if you want Enlightenment rather go for the first.
  12. Some people like NBOMes, the questions is which one exactly you have and in what dosage? Impossible to tell, so I would pass on it.
  13. I prefer tripping in the morning, 1-2 hours after a small meal, like really small, one toast with butter or something, so I don't feel like fainting from hunger after sleep. Yeah, I faint pretty easily, but I can't be the only one so maybe this post will be of some use.
  14. @iGhost Because they themselves are a little bit needy, heh. Don't worry, you will get through it, two months of suffering at most.
  15. I don't agree with your observation. Almost none of my friends who are into spirituality is interested in conspiracy theories. Only one who is a weird mix of far-right ideologies with hippie tendencies. If anything, it's the conspiracy theorists who get interested in spirituality, because it's a cool material for their stories and fits the worldview of hidden secrets.