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  1. Completed the survey. My intuition tells me that the predicted outcomes won't be met.
  2. @Robi Steel Rupert Spira sometimes comes to Amsterdam. One of the best teachers out there.
  3. I like Gamana's Kriya Bow. For some reason, it makes the practice enjoyable. Before adding it every session has felt like a chore, now I am happy to sit and concentrate.
  4. So, one video bi-weekly is a new official schedule? I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that Leo had made such decision in order to do more spiritual practice.
  5. I would bet on physiological causes. Maybe different MAOi levels or some other factor. It's similar situation to DPT were 60 mg is enough for some people to trip hard and others need 100 mg or even more, up to 200 mg. I guess the same dynamic can apply to 5-MeO-DMT.
  6. I forced my way through symptoms by doing pranayamas and adding Kriya Bow to routine, but my kundalini was not as severe as yours.
  7. It's more about consistent daily spiritual practice than any particular technique. It can be self-inquiry, labeling, do-nothing or Kriya Yoga. Choose whatever you like and stick to it.
  8. Yes, the energy is indeed scary. Feels like some illness. It's such a pity that the knowledge about kundalini is so scarce.
  9. What do you mean by a flashback? If full-blown trip then obviously no, there isn't anything like that. But there are certain elements of experience like moving patterns, altered thinking or synesthesia. They are non-intrusive and happen mostly in a relaxed state. Those can persist for a few months. We are talking about it happening 3-5 times during that period. If you are serious I wouldn't even take it into consideration when deciding whether to do psychedelics or not, but it's good to know that something like that can happen and is normal.
  10. What's important too is a resolve. What do you want from your trip and for what reason. For example: "I want to better understand God, for welfare and liberation of all Beings." If you trip with such a clear intention then it's more likely the trip will end with a profound insight. It's not required and sometimes it's cool to trip without a goal, but it helps.
  11. Instagram feels like the easiest platform to promote your art on. Just throw some tags then only count hearts and followers you start to get.
  12. No shit, they have only known you for 5 minutes too. That's why you go on dates. If you are satisfied with your dating life as it is, then of course you will not be interested in being cold approached. But still there are girls with less options who would love to get more attention.
  13. You don't have to switch countries in order to leave your abusive family. The poorer your country is, the better it is. That means you will earn enough money online to live on your own sooner. You seem to have enough problems already, adding one more by becoming an illegal migrant is not going to make it easier. You have mentioned Australia. It's hard to get a work as a foreigner here even with a legal permit, so imagine how hard it must be for the illegal worker. If you decide on moving to another country make sure it's a well researched decision and not one based on emotions and "it's a rich country so it must be better for me" kind of logic. BTW, there's nothing inherently bad to movies. They are great source of entertainment and inspiration. You shouldn't feel guilty about liking the cinema.
  14. Creating your own blog is a really inefficient tactic in times of platforms like or similar. The same goes for fighting for traffic on YouTube. There are greener pastures like Instagram (even though in 2019 it's fairly saturated as well).