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  1. For an explosive diarrhea and pain? I have had similar gut issues, it's no fun.
  2. Wait for Neuralink or other technical solution to expand human mind's capacity. Till then keep reading and noting the classy way. You don't really need to remember much. Have a few of your favourite talking points written in a journal and maybe try to improve on them after reading some new book, or add a fresh talking point to your library if something in that book has been that phenomenal.
  3. Yeah, it's irritating as hell when all the advaita guys answer topics with their absolutistic bullshit unasked, when the OP clearly wanted an answer from a relative domain of life. I call that unskillful application of knowledge.
  4. I have disliked the guy on the first sight, not my cup of a tea.
  5. @How to be wise that would be something.
  6. @bazera Kriya Yoga is basically meditation for dummies. It's a set of techniques that you do in order to enter into a deep meditative state at the end of a routine and hopefully abide there for some time. If you have natural talent at meditation you might not need it, but it's still worth a try to see if it, maybe, will allow you to enter deeper states of concentration and relaxation.
  7. I have tried Kriya Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Yin Yoga and from these three, Yin Yoga is the best as an replacement for meditation. Works wonders.
  8. Nah, to be a great mystic one shall do lots of psychedelics... and meditate even more.
  9. Also, stage Yellow from Spiral Dynamics corresponds to color Teal in Ken WilbEEEr's model.
  10. And $0 for a library of extremely interesting philosophy videos on YouTube. What a strawman. People buy the booklist and donate on Patreon to say thank you for all that work. The basic problem with trading is that it's meant for wealth preservation, not generation. Becoming a creator is a more robust strategy than learning about stock market, even when looking only from a selfish, survival-focused point of view.
  11. My go-to breakfast is some fruit or golden oatmeal - 1/4 cup of oats, 1 cup plant-based milk, something to sweet it up, and a half teaspoon of turmeric. I like to sprinkle some salt and pepper into it too. A toast with mayo and avocado. Ultra-quick oat cookies with peanut butter. 2 cups rolled oats, 5 spoons or more of honey/liquid sweetener/sugar, enough peanut butter to make it stick together, similar amount to the sweetener, half a teaspoon of baking soda, cinnamon or turmeric or vanilla to give it taste, optionally less sweetener but add choclate or rasins or dates instead.
  12. I remember reading in Trevor Noah's childhood biography, that when he has lived in a hood in RPA every one must have known that the ultra-cheap stuff, like frozen burger patties some colleague at work is selling, a cheap TV from someone at the corner of the street, or running shoes bought with "employee discount" was stolen stuff. Yet everyone had denied it by saying "Oh, no, no it can't be stolen, Tom is a good guy, don't talk about him like that, we can't know where the burger patties come from." Survival 101 BTW guys, did you know that there's quite a lot of men named Hitler in RPA? It's all over the Africa. It's because they often have a law that additionaly to your african name you need to have a "western" name, too. So back in the day, when people were reading the news about a strong man, leader of Germany, Adolf Hitler, they named their kids after him. I wonder how many Donald Trump's were born in Africa during the last 4 years, haha.
  13. You can take a paper from some naive materialist and rip it apart with arguments, isn't it? It should be easier to get to 6 or more papers that way, haha.
  14. More like legs reveal
  15. How to Find a Hot Witch Girlfriend - finally it's cuming out after all those long years. Though, I silently hope the video won't be dating-related.