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  1. I like it, because you can always rewind your thinking to a certain point and tackle problem from different angle or explore another path.
  2. If the work offers you enough free time to contemplate and meditate, then I don't see why not stick to it. Totally other thing is when you are working 10-12 hours daily without a hope of it ever getting better. Then it's almost like chasing success, but worse, because you are chasing survival.
  3. 20 minutes daily, I am 5 days in, it's my longest streak in row. I am very bad meditator, but I am at peace with that, which makes me very good meditator? Does it?
  4. @Wad Morld Yes that true that man should choose a woman that chooses him too, but I think you go too far in putting accent on looks, status and charisma. There's still a lot to improve beside that, it's your confidence, sense of humour and being okay with sex, for example. You see, you have said "I went out partying" and nail the point here. @Hardkill 's weakness is that he is not getting enough exposure to women, that's what he needs to fix. Almost all of us who struggle with geting girlfriend need to fix. Hey @Hardkill, if you really believe that Asperger is a problem, why won't you look out for a girl with this syndrome. She for sure wouldn't mind anything connected with that disorder, because she would be very similar to you. Personally I think there's no difference. I have never been diagnosed with Asperger, but I struggle with all the same things as you do. But good luck, maybe one day you will find your perfect piece of advice.
  5. The only three options that have ever worked for me are shopping mall, city centre and music festivals. I find clubs a bad place to do pickup. It's probably just my personal bias, but some clubs are terrible. Library doesn't work, yoga classes too, people there are +35. At least in my country.
  6. There are those substances, but they put serious restrictions on your diet and medicaments you can use. Never ingest them without research.
  7. Connect with nature. It works for me.
  8. I have a four step formula to ramp up your skills to ungodly levels. It's a secret so powerful, that it could be missused in the wrong hands. It goes like this: Stop making totally ridiculous threads on and distracting yourself. Start taking action and talk to girls. !!!MOST IMPORTANT!!! Fucking analyze your mistakes! Ask yourself what you've done well. What not so well. What can you do better. And try to avoid your mistakes next time! That's how you learn, there's no other way. To know how to swim you need to get in water. No coaching in front of computer will ever show you how it feels to swim. Do this check-up after you finnish every day you do game. Do this every time until you feel you don't need it anymore. Like a training wheels in the bike. REPEAT STEPS FROM 2. TO 4. If you will still insist that nothing works for you and you have tried everything, then I have got a thing for you that you haven't tried yet. Do a pick-up retreat. Go on a 10 day vacation to some big city and game all day. You will be on a whole another level after that. You can watch Leo's video on doing solo-retreats to prepare for that correctly. Basically every technique used to progress on a spiritual journey can help with learning other skills when applied correctly. Back to your question, I don't know anyone with autism, but my best friend has Tourette's and has a girlfriend, so I don't see how that could interfere.
  9. @DrMobius Leo talks about it and shows bruises on his hands at some point in this video
  10. You can always use ignore oprion. It works well.
  11. @art All principles are groundless in their essence. Principle doesn't stay in opposition to invention, it's just a more basic invention that lays ground for other inventions. The utmost building block of reality is Nothing, not principles.
  12. Not really. How it looks is only a matter of how you pull it off. I have been approached by girls few times and it was always a pleasant experience. Never thought anything negative about the person in that kind of situation. It's a matter of projecting confidence. I can imagine I wouldn't be so happy to talk with the girl if she wasn't confident. I wouldn't reject her instantly (because we men actually have hearts), but direct interaction towards quick ending instead. You see, you can gve yourself many excuses: "I will look desperate", "I will look like a slut", etc... The truth is you simply don't know if it works for you until you try it. That's what I encourage you to do, try approaching a guy.
  13. The best one would be The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco (I have heard that his new book, Unscripted, is just as good). Ken Robinson's books are cool and hardly ever recommended, too.
  14. I have an answer for you. It's called higher dose. Haha