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  1. roughly like 70% orange, 30% green, probably some sprinkle of other stages in there as well
  2. Been watching too much my dan lok my friend. Not saying there's not valuable bits of information, but his motives are more towards swaying you to buy his extremely overpriced class with little return, it's more of a pyramid scheme. find something that calls to you, something that you could spend hours a day doing with little hassle, and then find a way to convert and translate that into a small revenue, you're best off trying to set a goal of $50 a month first, then scaling that. $1000 is a fantasy that will make reality hit you hard because this path isn't an easy one. if you need $1k a month, most intro jobs will give you that, at least in US. I can't speak for turkey. Find a minimum wage job and start making money first, save a decent portion of your money and direct it towards something that you want to start scaling.
  3. self reflection comes in usually the varieties: observation of the things you do - how you interact with the world and within your mind as well as contemplation and or questioning one's self, beliefs, biases, emotions and the cause and result of those emotions.
  4. i think you missed the point being conveyed here.
  5. I go through a lot of different TV shows, and most of them i usually stop watching relatively quickly after the first 2-3 episodes, sometimes sooner. However the one's that stick are generally more thought provoking and are ones that allow you to immerse yourself within it and self reflect. Leo recently recommened Love Death + Robots, which was a very refreshing change of media. I'd suggest if you're looking for some quality stuff, these clips might be a passage to it, if anyone has suggestions of their own, would be greatly welcomed
  6. jed mckenna, have fun with his books.
  7. If you were honest within the interview of being inexperienced and they still have an interest in hiring you, then chances are they're looking for integrity and honesty within their system to maintain the apparent values they hold and respect what you bring to the table. The only one who can really answer whether or not you are able to take the job is you. If you take the job and it doesn't work out, then it doesn't work out and you move on. The opportunity and experience is what is important. However keep in mind that all these thoughts are expectations that YOU hold towards this organization. You may be hired on and completely appalled at the way things are ran, or you may be surprised to know it exceeded your expectation, just notice that you have set one to begin with. pretty much the choice is up to you. Ask yourself these questions as if you were asking someone else. Or more-over just re-read this post and answer the questions as if someone else was asking you these questions. sounds like this is out of your comfort zone and would really be a hit or miss opportunity, therefore i say go for it - but my answer is arbitrary. Do what fits with your purpose.
  8. The tricky part is the nuances here, not everyone is exactly the same in their development, no matter what "category" they are in, and even then their situational upbringings and everything else always have additional "baggage" to the interaction. Anna is right about not being so judgmental, but it's a bit more than just that - being non-judgmental comes from a place of understanding, of oneself and others. You understand why someone acts the way they do, and why you act the way you do. Therefore it becomes more inherent in your interactions that you are not pegging yourself higher (narcissism) or lower (insecurity/self hate) - If you can speak to someone, freely open to their ideas not from a place of defensiveness trying to smash their beliefs with a hammer but come from a place of openness, you may get further within the interaction and both parties may leave with something valuable from that discussion. all in all, i'd say try to understand why you want to communicate with someone in a differing stage on the spiral and how your interactions can cascade to events further down the line, whatever that may be for that instance.
  9. that's not what he's implying though, he's saying that taking the actions necessary (such as meditation for example) will yield some sort of result in the future - Trying to navigate your life "consciously' can be distorted through the mind and become neurotic and unsustainable because you're always focused on the upcoming future; therefore an unconscious reactionary mode of life. at least that's how i interpreted his statements.
  10. Yes AND No. actively deluding, yes. Trying, no, it happens to be that way, yes. It just is. This goes for everything not just sight and sound. If you don't verbally speak, there is no actual voice to be heard, if you don't think there are no thoughts to be thought of. It simply is direct experience. understand the distinction and the coexistence of perception and being. Being as a fundamental, perception being a dependency and how the two are symbiotic to one another.
  11. Why is love the substance of everything and has no counterpart? in a sense, i'd imagine i understand the infinite scope of unconditional love where it is the nonrestrictive allowance for any and all things to occur - of course embodiment is a completely different subject to understanding - but does embodiment of absolute love inherit the dissolving of self-bias?
  12. time is a man-made construct for the utility of the type of culture we are in, furthermore it's a construct that is not accurate nor is it consistent across the board, (timezones, alternative methods of recording time, etc) to think our man-made constructs hold significance is delusion.
  13. No need to get wound up. Not to mention, you're directing your pent-up emotions at the people who don't care that the videos are long, generally speaking. If someone thought Leo's videos were too long, they likely wouldn't come here to read pages upon pages of similar topics regarding stuff that has been brought up in his videos. You may wanna self reflect on the reactionary manner in which you responded to finding out that some people don't have the attention span for long-format videos, that may be more fruitful than your post here.
  14. I could be completely wrong, so take my statements with a grain of salt. Each one of those states you describe are contradictory (counters to each other) however realize the path you're on is one of growth, you must build the foundation first, which is success and or stability, once you have met your basic needs (refer to Maslow's hierarchy of needs) you will be in a position where it's much easier to reach the state of peace. Keep in mind this is not necessary, but it's a process which eases the path. The less you are worried about paying bills, eating, etc. The more you can focus on the inner peace and happiness you desire. furthermore if you wish to embody non dual peace it's crucial to accept every moment as okay and understand that all problems are not only relative to your own position, but actually not true at all. But this is not easy to do, as you will continuously want to create problems to solve, as that's what the mind is great at. keep in mind this process involves weeding out that which is not helpful to the current stage of development you are in and redirecting that wasted energy to something more positive and fulfilling for you, once you have reached a place that brings you joy and your passion shines through, you will be in a position to embody and radiate this to others around you. One step at a time, there's no rush.