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  1. Fourth - Monuments is a much heavier band I hold dear as they have brought such a diversity to a genre that has been slightly lacking for quite some time. With the addition of Chris Baretto on vocals introduced for their second album "The Amanuensis", he added such a dynamic to them that is rarely seen in metal. Not only does this entire concept album circulate and the beginning stemming from the ending(I, the Creator - I, the Destroyer), each song will take you through a journey taken from the 'Samsara' concept. In which the main protagonist starts in a place known as Saga City in the bottom of a well with a book of prophecy that shows the cycle of reality. With the Land corrupted by a tyrannical government who ends up killing all of his friends sets out on a quest to dethrone the king and attain vengeance - in turn he goes through mystical trials, learning more about himself and the depths of his mind. He later confronts this king with all the wisdom and experience he had acquired and ends up turning into the God of Destruction - obliterating reality completely from his rage. - granted this is a vague overview the story itself is great. Why do I suggest Monuments? Simply put, despite their 'heaviness' and most people's ability to listen to metal, I'd say this band can't be simply categorized as such, for the musicality stretches far beyond that, and given the opportunity - I'm sure people would agree by one full listen, this band breaks through the typicality with sheer passion through each musician almost like 'weaving' their roles together for one immense, profound piece of art. P.S. Give Jinn more than a 15 second chance, you will be surprised the direction it goes.
  2. You may like this - has some recommendations of mine, will be expanding further
  3. Third - Karnivool is blatantly on the right track with consciousness & potentially even enlightenment. I'm actually very disappointed I didn't find these guys sooner than late last year - they are absolutely incredible musicians, and the lyrics absolutely top it off wonderfully. Their Third Release - Sound Awake It will take you through a wonderful ride of it's own accord, laying track for track some absolutely astounding rhythms and melodies to mesh such a masterpiece together. And by the name of the album, you can certainly bet that it they focus on consciousness and critical thought through a very abstract angle. Why do I suggest Karnivool? The distinct tone and vibe that you will get from their music will send you into a trance-like state, carrying you along through such a marvelous conceptualization of what they believe 'waking up' is. The lyricism and vocal patterns are not lacking by any means, and will certainly leave you in flux with your mood, in a good sense.
  4. Wouldn't authority in itself be a form of illusion too?
  5. Well stated. ( no +1 rep )
  6. Body deformities, yeah? He still managed to overcome your own cynical beliefs. This mindset is simply you, not the other way around.
  7. Your idea of suffering is your own subjective opinion - no? People live lives 100x worse than you or I and some can still find the beauty in life. You're speaking to someone with a body deformation, what about it? You're speaking to someone with a father who killed himself when he(I) was 9, what about it? You're speaking to someone who grew up only knowing poverty and never meeting all of these basic needs. What. About. It? And needless to say I don't think I'm by any means the worst case - but I cover most of your prerequisites, so what next? Like I said before, you're in a narrow frame. Call me naive, call the notion of the beauty of life naive. But you speak from a point of view that is simply your own, you want to escape it and yet you're afraid to escape it, therefore you are trapped in the stagnant delusion that you cannot escape. Continue going on about how life isn't worth it, but what i've learned that actions overcome words in any scenario, this one included. You do you, but I'm telling you for certain, you know not in which you speak of.
  8. Like I said; arguing does nothing for your position. You're stuck in a narrow frame of mind and I'm not going to attempt talk you out of it - I'm simply giving you the idea that you're not thinking big enough, you think you are with these shallow concepts, the rest remains up to you. But if you're really not going to think larger here, and if there's no logical reason to carry on, then off with you - that's your own choice
  9. No, we cannot stop streams from flowing, as it simply diverts it's path. Metaphor or not, you're incorrect.
  10. Assuming you're already aware of this, being your name thanatos and all that. Pretty sure many of us on these forums have been there, at least I have. Want a rational answer? The stagnant position you're stuck in is because you haven't grasped the beauty of life, that's simply it. Go out there and put energy into enjoying life, because debating with people why there is no point doesn't further your own expedition at all, it makes it worse. Don't ball up and ask other people for reasons to live because of the position you're stuck in, cause you might as well just do it at that point as you're not going to find an answer for you, rather only the answer someone else has found for themselves.
  11. Hey man, pass it this way if you don't want it! Kidding. Theories are necessary, you gotta think, that's the point. You won't know what your values are unless you truly think. You may hate it now, but just take it slow, chew what you can and go back when you need to. Take certain questions you have and write them down, go back to them throughout your day and contemplate. They will help, don't overwhelm yourself. Sometimes it takes me 3-5 listens of certain episodes to really mentally chew through the stuff that Leo talks about. I know he says there's no point and it's a waste of time, but it's like a sponge, for me I can keep squeezing more out of it, you can isolate certain ideas and really think about them individually. Which is sometimes necessary, Don't let it discourage you.
  12. You've done much more than I, though I've chosen to not actively go out there and find it, as I know it will ultimately lead to more distraction as I've got too many goals to allow it currently, though not to say I don't desire to. And sure - may sound silly 'oh how can he give me any advice? Is he just talking out of his ass for post count?' But think about it for a second - each one of those girls you approached had different interests, different personalities, possibly already taken and then some. You have to find a way to read her before she reads you - you will then be leading the interaction, find out the steps that got you closer to a smooth small-talk style conversation with most of them, and work with that, experiment a bit and hell, even try things you didn't think would possibly work, you never know. This obviously does NOT mean pushing boundaries and acting like a desperate dude looking for a quick fuck. - Though you don't sound shallow enough to do it anyhow. Keep at it, but don't do it 'for the chick'. Each one of those approaches gives you a new shard of information to be used the next time if that one falls through. Hell maybe have a wing-man watch you from the background without her aware of it. They, not being directly involved may be able to see the point of your error and she shut you out. Whatever it is, know that 1,000 women is nothing compared to all of them out there, granted i'm aware your standards are higher, as are mine - so I can relate. But keep your options open and your methods fresh and well thought-out. You will 'score', just have patience
  13. That type of questionable mentality in the moment takes over, people notice it - they may not be able to pinpoint it, but you show it via body language and through interaction. 'Sucking' with women is simply your concept on the matter. You've not gone out and tried enough to know what that really means, though I don't know you. I can get a fair assumption you're just inexperienced rather than bad with women. with all things, it gets better with practice.
  14. Nonsense! Plenty of nerdy girls out there! Albeit available is another story @Hardkill - Spiral is right though, don't do it for the girls if you're attempting a social circle - because that's setting yourself up for disappointment. And if you're trying to find an opportunity based on a hobby/interest that you are both into - don't do cold approach style, play it as if you are more interested in the hobby than you are the girl you're after. Sure, be friendly and even outgoing, but I've noticed it in myself - I've tried too hard to get attention in the past, it ends up backfiring in terms of chances, So focus on the collective interest, be yourself but notice when your primal 'mating call' kicks in, cause it's a bit more than that usually, at least in my experience.
  15. Alright, so basically my question is - what is the point of attaining it? And this is a naive question I'm very aware, but let me elaborate a bit before I get the holier than thou flood. As I'm not opposing Enlightenment, rather inquiring about the end-game. And I don't mean this as 'I am now enlightened, therefore the work is done' I simply mean the ultimate end-game. Sure, I can get behind the idea of extensive free will, the understanding of truth/mysticism/reality with clarity, and then some(Sure I'm giving shallow examples to relay my point). However, is it then simply the goal to spread Enlightenment as far as possible after that point? To help others come closer with the truth as well? and I fully understand I'm essentially asking to explain this to me in a 'materialist' paradigm, but bear with me here. Sure, let's say 200+ years down the line we don't eradicate ourselves, the planet doesn't meet a catastrophic end and we even advance quite a bit in our technological advances by then. But suddenly - everyone has attained Enlightenment! What then? - And granted this may be very naive to assume that will happen within that time, or even at all - or more so to even ask this next: But then what? Where do our goals shift at that point? It almost appears as if we need that division, just as non-duality needs duality in a twisted sense. And don't take this the wrong way either, when I look around and see nature - it certainly is magical, and seeing such systems even as minuscule as ant-hills, schools of fish and other large-systems work in unison to the point of all reality working in unison- it's absolutely astounding and inspiring and even leaves me in awe wondering where we would be with that type of unification. But.. Do we simply disappear into the nothingness from whence we came? Do we set then our sights even higher with less destructive standards? Do we just simply exist at that point? I feel that maybe Enlightenment may not be the goal here, and sure I've got money on this being the ego really twisting my perception around on this one. But won't we reach the absolute truth after we're dead anyways - therefore to put everything else aside for the absolute truth seems redundant, no? Or is reality SO cyclic that the only path is a form of 'reincarnation' - meaning that we are simply attempting to hand down these methods of teachings to the next 'us' to reach some form of higher evolutionary state of consciousness and potentially transcend this 'dimension' altogether? I really don't expect a correct answer, nor do I think 99% if not 100% of respondents will even get close - as this is simply just inquiry on the topic, I'm curious as to some of you might perceive it as.