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  1. understand that the responsibility is 100% within your hands, and that progress and improvement doesn't happen quickly. One step at a time, with patience.
  2. can we all take a moment to appreciate the collective ego at work here?
  3. you're stuck in a pessimistic model of the world, understand that your viewpoint isn't actually reality, it only feels like it is because you've been growing and evolving. I hate to sound cliche here, but it's just a phase.
  4. You're a lost cause if you're not open to chew other viewpoints outside of your own paradigm, seek open mindedness if you wish to actually grow. on the flip side, i find it hard to believe you're not a troll at this point.
  5. to an extent, yes they are. But remember there are phases and stages you go through in live in which these truths are applicable. You may not be in a position where you should neglect relationships altogether, i've stayed away from intimate relationships for 3-4 years and i still don't recommend that to many people. In fact i'm considering deliberately going back to further improve being vulnerable and connection with someone - but it's not priority as it stands for me. Consider studying maslow's hierarchy of needs, this may help guide you a bit.
  6. yeah uhh, elderly people "giving up" on sex is a big chunk physiological, not just a mindset shift. you got a lot of limiting beliefs my man, definitely deconstruct this and go back to square one, leo isn't at fault for you not getting laid.
  7. Understand that you're facing a limiting belief with this, though i'm not here to convince you of that. If you don't want to look there, i can't force you to.
  8. That's your perception and so it will be.
  9. Your present actions whatever they may be stem from a certain point of reference - your actions reflect this point of reference, it's not about guilt necessarily, though that could potentially be a factor - it's how your internal identity is projected outward. for the sake of argument let's say you don't like apples, you will be inclined to display your disgust in subtle or obvious ways towards people who are eating apples, express their love for apples or if you see one. This trail of >I am who I am > I hate apples > I then encounter an apple or someone who displays their love for apples or seeing someone happily eat an apple > An urge to display your opinion towards those apples > the response whether short term or long term is what I'd like to consider karma. to somewhat simplify - [Identity>occurrence>manipulation to reinforce identity>reality's response according to manipulation] It's complex and i'm likely not articulating this well but it's not simply "what comes around goes around" but involves billions of dependencies to even allow such an interactions to an apple to occur in the first place. there's an ebb and flow to existence and how you interpret this ebb and flow in which "karma" presents itself, you are coexisting within a mechanism that is completely dependent on you and how you behave/exist within this mechanism.
  10. Who says they're not applicable to stage orange? Plus - he has a book list, life purpose as well as older videos that all apply, perhaps you're looking for his current teaching format - but that's no excuse to not find people who specialize further into a stage than others, tony robbins, dan lok, sam ovens, etc etc. I suggest approaching these teachings with deliberate intention. A teacher is never one size fits all, it's not generally beneficial to get your teachings all from one source.
  11. the irony is that this stuff *is* practical in the proper context.
  12. the irony here is that you need dualistic distinctions from the lower/higher self to really understand this. Let's break down some assumptions real quick says who? You're framing this from your perspective as a game designer in a virtual reality. You can forget simply because the humanistic mechanism in you prioritized physiological and psychological survival over awareness, as it's pragmatic for persistence. why do you assume it's a mistake? This was absolutely deliberate. Mistakes are human constructs that are completely arbitrary and relative. Who YOU are as a human is not the higher YOU, these are separate but also one as you are nested within the whole of reality.
  13. I've got a strong feeling you're attempting to forcefully project a certain image