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  1. Perhaps, but this took contemplation nevertheless - or perhaps you're speaking through mind and not based on experience.
  2. Brother, no one here said or even implied we were beyond ego, I don't have anything to win or gain from my post, you've been here before I was ever a registered member, shit probably before I even started watching Leo. I'm trying to point something out that has been an observation since the first time I encountered you on the forums. Leo consistently talks about how becomes a trap just like everything else can, no one is attacking you - but your ego thinks otherwise. am I in the wrong for the criticism I project? OF COURSE! I could make a list of my addictions for you! - but that solves nothing. You can't mask your life purpose with addiction. If there's anything to learn here, it's gotta be a self reflective learning experience, not 'beliefs' or anything else. And this includes all of us here. Good luck with your endeavors.
  3. Addiction, my friend. You have all the tools to self-inquire and see the blatant trick your ego is playing, yet you're still so external, 3,000+ posts later.
  4. Personality/Ego is the same thing you started a list, but you don't expect this list to become infinitely expandable, try everything then try this concept 'top>down' method. all of it's a concept, even your concept of the concept.
  5. No one has taken the same path as you, we're all alone in that one. Listening to Leo only goes so far, taking action is another story.
  6. what? edit: oh.. youre referring to the spirals hahahaha
  7. After reading a bit from the previous thread that @Key Elements posted as well as here - This may be my own opinion and I don't think even that much info will allow me to determine anything as fact, but I may have concluded the problem(s). You may be trying too hard, potentially to the extent that your expression/interaction is very predicated upon the idea of casual sex - to the extent that it is very evident to them when you do these 'dates' - even when you're being too restrictive on yourself it may show itself more than you realize. Now don't get me wrong; there are many women out there wanting the same thing, but are usually harder to find, and aren't out there doing what you're doing. More rather having this casual sex with people they're already somewhat close to, or have known for a while and have agreed to keep it casual prior. OR they're on tinder or some other platform for that very intention - granted I don't believe this is 100% of the case, but it's seemingly frowned upon in society for women to actively go out and search for it - therefore keeping it more suppressed and conforming to these notions. Going to the 'hotspots' of casual sex. Tinder and what ever else. (Don't know any others cause I don't use any) May be your best option, but that could also lead to disappointment as well. Now, that said and how you've gotten criticism from girls about "I'm looking for someone stable" or "we didn't have much in common" - Which even if you're actively finding social circles in all those areas - doesn't mean you'll find someone with common interests as those are small fractions of the rest of people's lives, and yours as well - granted of course you're looking for casual sex, so this will inherently cause a problem as you're not looking for a relationship - but you have to not only show interest in that person, making them feel like you're enthused of the time spent, but this can also be over-done as well. It's about finding a balance. But then, what types of conversations come up when you talk about yourself? Do you have interesting hobbies or job? Do you not go too much about that? do you spend too much complaining about a topic or what have you? Do you obsessively talk about your life and your desires? Remember that the person you're dating has expectations to the night, as do you. Therefore should be a goal to try and compromise and meet both expectations, even if you don't get some. I know you've obviously dealt with that already - but remember that these 'relationships' and 'stable career and marriage' aren't locking you into any contracts. That is simply what they want. Just as they don't have to automatically have casual sex since that's YOUR goal. Try meeting them half way, try a short term relationship. Give them what they want, and in turn you may get what you want - but that's if you learn to read people and know where to go next with it without it seeming like you're after only what you want and fuck the rest, that simply won't work 99% of the time. Other than that, all I can recommend is taking a step back and working on yourself, like REALLY working on yourself and letting the girls come to you, albeit won't be often. It's about proving that you don't need anyone else, proving that you're not desperate, showing that you can be something without someone else. It's a weird notion but that's where I'm at - I don't go out and actively find people because it's not worth it, I'll be dissatisfied at every turn because It's not enough to sit and 'talk about cool stuff'. And not to mention I've learned to not only restrict my standards to personal appearance. - Maybe back in my teen years, but now it's time for me to focus on bigger things. Why waste my time on someone I can't have deep, personal and very thought provoking questions with? For sex? Not enough for me. Why waste time distracting myself with a relationship when that doesn't help me do the things I truly love? Why put energy into going out into society and trying to adapt to their status quo? (i.e. dating, marriage, social standards, etc.) It's about doing you and letting that person come if it ever does. Don't focus on that too much otherwise you'll tear yourself apart with your own mind. Focus on the bigger picture (where you will be in 5, 10, 20 or 50 years) and make that your goal, with doing so you will meet many people along the way, and you may stumble on to the perfect match - while also having a clear focus and determination for bigger things than just sex, trust me that quality alone will be attractive to many women in itself. Whichever decision you make, know that each one will probably lead to disappointment somewhere down the line as it is inherent, but how you react and build yourself up at that point determines who you are
  8. Fourth - Monuments is a much heavier band I hold dear as they have brought such a diversity to a genre that has been slightly lacking for quite some time. With the addition of Chris Baretto on vocals introduced for their second album "The Amanuensis", he added such a dynamic to them that is rarely seen in metal. Not only does this entire concept album circulate and the beginning stemming from the ending(I, the Creator - I, the Destroyer), each song will take you through a journey taken from the 'Samsara' concept. In which the main protagonist starts in a place known as Saga City in the bottom of a well with a book of prophecy that shows the cycle of reality. With the Land corrupted by a tyrannical government who ends up killing all of his friends sets out on a quest to dethrone the king and attain vengeance - in turn he goes through mystical trials, learning more about himself and the depths of his mind. He later confronts this king with all the wisdom and experience he had acquired and ends up turning into the God of Destruction - obliterating reality completely from his rage. - granted this is a vague overview the story itself is great. Why do I suggest Monuments? Simply put, despite their 'heaviness' and most people's ability to listen to metal, I'd say this band can't be simply categorized as such, for the musicality stretches far beyond that, and given the opportunity - I'm sure people would agree by one full listen, this band breaks through the typicality with sheer passion through each musician almost like 'weaving' their roles together for one immense, profound piece of art. P.S. Give Jinn more than a 15 second chance, you will be surprised the direction it goes.
  9. Third - Karnivool is blatantly on the right track with consciousness & potentially even enlightenment. I'm actually very disappointed I didn't find these guys sooner than late last year - they are absolutely incredible musicians, and the lyrics absolutely top it off wonderfully. Their Third Release - Sound Awake It will take you through a wonderful ride of it's own accord, laying track for track some absolutely astounding rhythms and melodies to mesh such a masterpiece together. And by the name of the album, you can certainly bet that it they focus on consciousness and critical thought through a very abstract angle. Why do I suggest Karnivool? The distinct tone and vibe that you will get from their music will send you into a trance-like state, carrying you along through such a marvelous conceptualization of what they believe 'waking up' is. The lyricism and vocal patterns are not lacking by any means, and will certainly leave you in flux with your mood, in a good sense.
  10. Wouldn't authority in itself be a form of illusion too?
  11. Well stated. ( no +1 rep )
  12. Body deformities, yeah? He still managed to overcome your own cynical beliefs. This mindset is simply you, not the other way around.