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  1. That statement can be massively misunderstood if the receiving end hasn't tried to understand happiness.
  2. I began falling into blackness as an emptiness or void but still as an entity with perspective. What I saw was hardly discernible. It was what I understood about this thing that came to life. I understood that it was a maze - and this complex maze was evolving. It was shifting and rearranging itself like a polymorphic labyrinth. But spatial limitation was hardly the issue, it was much more intricate than that. Something more like an organism that wasn't just randomly organizing itself, it was more of a reflection of me - or rather the easiest to interpret as me - Tangibility seemed instantly impermanent, all of it was quickly changing and it did not discriminate shape - then suddenly I was back to taking a shower. How do I know whether or not much of this is simply just a model constructed out of ideas to fit my bias, furthermore how can we accept any 'answer/insight' we find inside ourselves doing personal development work as a truth, wouldn't that always leave a blind spot for the ego?
  3. You understand the value of independence but you only have that independence because of the cooperation of people - society, culture, internet - the list can go on. This is all a collective effort, not an individual one. I'm sure you can probably tell that the ego flourishes in the materialist paradigm so It's just a simple pro's and con's list which happens to be relative to the circumstance. Your what-if statements seem to be a bit of a worry rather than an insight. Almost as if you were afraid to allow yourself to be vulnerable with people, which is okay, nothing wrong there at all. However you must understand that the amount of introspection, independence and 'go-it-alone' things you've done to get to this theory of devalued relationships has been you focusing on exactly what is most comfortable and perhaps the easiest, believe it or not. Go out and find people that are like-minded and interact, don't just seek for an answer on the forums because that's just anecdotal and won't be much of use regarding direct experience. Don't be afraid to get hurt, embarrassed, to need help or be dependent (as long as it's not a habit). Experience these things with the new lens you now have and see if it holds up to the real thing, I bet you'll be surprised.
  4. How can you accurately depict where you yourself are (roughly) at on the spiral, or myself if I wanted to? Of course using the examples the things that we gravitate towards when Leo listed things off throughout the series is perhaps a decent gauge, when attempting to find any tangible identification at any part of the spiral (even with multiple other sources) I find myself all over the place with certain traits and when i compare myself to certain yellow/turquoise while also rejecting core ideas of green I tend to find myself in an odd sense of denial of categorizing myself beyond green. I truly don't think I'm that developed and even if it were the case I don't feel I have a clear distinction of the stages below yellow as it claims, anyways if you guys want to share your method for getting a decent reading on this would be interesting to hear.
  5. Where's the danger?
  6. Perhaps, but this took contemplation nevertheless - or perhaps you're speaking through mind and not based on experience.
  7. Brother, no one here said or even implied we were beyond ego, I don't have anything to win or gain from my post, you've been here before I was ever a registered member, shit probably before I even started watching Leo. I'm trying to point something out that has been an observation since the first time I encountered you on the forums. Leo consistently talks about how becomes a trap just like everything else can, no one is attacking you - but your ego thinks otherwise. am I in the wrong for the criticism I project? OF COURSE! I could make a list of my addictions for you! - but that solves nothing. You can't mask your life purpose with addiction. If there's anything to learn here, it's gotta be a self reflective learning experience, not 'beliefs' or anything else. And this includes all of us here. Good luck with your endeavors.
  8. Addiction, my friend. You have all the tools to self-inquire and see the blatant trick your ego is playing, yet you're still so external, 3,000+ posts later.
  9. Personality/Ego is the same thing you started a list, but you don't expect this list to become infinitely expandable, try everything then try this concept 'top>down' method. all of it's a concept, even your concept of the concept.
  10. No one has taken the same path as you, we're all alone in that one. Listening to Leo only goes so far, taking action is another story.
  11. what? edit: oh.. youre referring to the spirals hahahaha