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  1. I have a friend who doesn’t necessarily believe in solipsism, but is a bit stuck there because he is struggling to disprove or get beyond his thinking. So two days ago I asked him, what evidence could potentially surface which would you would find satisfying to disprove solipsism? A few minutes ago he texted my, crying happily, thanking me. Said he’d built a wall of arrogance to protect himself from his dad. Not sure about all that, nor am I implying that’s relative to you whatsoever, but thought I’d share because he found his way beyond his own thinking in trying to answer that question.
  2. Liberate from the narratives by understanding conjecture, dogma and indoctrination. Find out if there actually is absolute truth instead.
  3. One of the chief benefits of daily morning meditation is thinking no longer gets ahead of you, sts, telling a story, contextualizing self & experience. Then, one is positioned to tell the story they want. Even 20 minutes twice a day (with proper technique) can yield significant change in this regard. Reality is completely unconditional, and eternally patient, yet plays like a carefree lighthearted child. Stories aside, one discovers one is being infinitely loved without exception, always, now.
  4. Yes, definitely psychedelics.
  5. On a silver lining’re already a step ahead of most on the unconditional front. 👍🏻
  6. My dad was (it seemed) always angry & stressed about work. It wasn’t a pleasant environment to grow in, in that way. So I learned about loa, passive income, standards & delegation, and stopped.
  7. @Raptorsin7 Is there any curiosity in regard to ‘how would it feel to not give up’? Could be just the feeling you’re seeking. Did that Six Pillars book provide any specific insights? Also, you might consider, if it’s helpful....going back to the op...anger isn’t a feeling, it’s a perspective. Resistance to truth is a feeling.
  8. @Nightwise How are you on the fundamentals like getting enough sleep, eating a clean diet, and daily meditation?
  9. Get your feet nice and wet with that, and then try then same with pain. You might be pleasantly surprised, I hope so. Maybe try an intermediary step, feeling for the separation between the two. Going back to the op though, only enlightenment / awakening will do. So have such an experience. Feel into any resistance.
  10. @Someone here There might be a conclusion about an experience via the thought of the experience, rather than from the experience. It’s just a suggestion, or pointing to a distinction that something unseen can be discovered in the actuality of the experience. That a difference between deeply suffering vs limiting or eliminating suffering is found in proper inspection, vs resistance. The resistance is easy to spot, as it only occurs in thinking, as thought. So only feeling into it, over and over, sincerely, genuinely, would do. Maybe a few days or weeks, if interested, and then make a determination.
  11. @Someone here That was fast. How did it go? Creating Tinder profile... Tell us a little about yourself: Reference point.
  12. @Javfly33 Even that there is a call for the solution can go.
  13. @Patrick_9931 Awesome! Great start for sure. I’d surrender all of that to that superior force guiding us. Seriously. Just as soon as it bubbles up in thought, surrender it to the higher self.