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  1. If I look not too deep into my psyche, I realize that I'm doing this for validation, as I fear I will be criticized for my poor scores. I'm insecure about my intelligence, and I want to atone for it by getting into a good university as too as well build status.
  2. At 12:00 of this video:
  3. “Fascism is Capitalism in decay” -Lenin The idea being that Liberalism will resort to Fascism to stop workers uprisings. This has been proven in history time and time again.
  4. Hell, some neighborhoods don't even have sidewalks. In America, you need a car just to leave your neighborhood! Personally for me, walking or taking a bike for anything at all, even just to go to the mall, grocery store, or school, is an inevitable death sentence as the way the layout of my town is if I go on foot I'll in inevitably get hit by a car. I'm hesitant to do something as simple as go to the gym as I don't like the car hassle. I wish I could just walk to the gym, even if it were longer, but there are no sidewalks. American public transpiration is lousy as well and is always breaking. When I visited Japan in 2019, I was so shocked at the efficiency and how vast their public transportation was. It was like, for the small tiny price of a metro ticket, you can travel thousands of miles. This is as well true of Russia when I visited. Third world Russia has infinitely superior public transpiration, for which I have indeed traveled on. I was also astounded at how vast it was, though not as vast as in Japan.
  5. I have been diagnosed by a therapist and a doctor with an anxiety disorder, and they both put me as having a pretty bad one as well.
  6. American car dependency culture is catastrophic. Jordon Peterson has once said that the mark of a totalitarian is a disdain of cars, as nothing is more symbolic of freedom than personal car ownership. This got many funny responses, as nothing is more symbolic of freedom than having a gigantic expensive box that you have to; take a loan to get, pay to insure, feed gas, just to get to work. There is inevitably going to be traffic, and there is a good chance of it killing you. American urban design makes cars a necessity, other countries have public transportation and walkable streets. They have much less auto deaths than we do, and are healthier as a result as they spend less time sitting.
  7. In the East Orthodox faith, I've met people who fit this category. Such people tend to be extra compassionate towards Islam, as in Islam they are strict about ''There is no God but God''. Islam does not play the game of having dual entities who are also God, incarnations of God, etc... Like, the Islam perspective is: There is no; Devi, Shiva, Jesus, etc... There is GOD, end of story.
  8. I grew up in a Shia Muslim and Orthodox Christian background, so I think I'm suited to answer this. The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, are three persons but each come from the same Godhead, that being God.
  9. Thank you three for you kind words. I've always suspected myself to be intelligent since I was really young, I think what's going on is my SAT results is rubbing up against my upright smart student ego which I've constructed, with help of my fellow peers and the adults in my life when I was younger, this testing situation is rubbing against that ego and it's threatening to my academic identity.
  10. Holy **** guys! The Osho International Foundation YouTube channel has JUST released this today!
  11. WTF That woman in the painting is super hot.
  13. I’m 20 years old and I’m a bit behind on my education by one year. I’m just wondering if I should retake me SAT (American college entrance exam). I am so fucking sick of this exam, I hate it, but everyone around me seems to have a higher score. I have a 960, which is considered really bad. Serious @Leo Gura, am I stupid? Am I less intelligent? What does my score mean and say about me? The last time I re took the test, I was in such distress that I literally tore my testing material in half and broke down in the hallway crying. I fucking hate this test so much, but I technically need it to get into a prestigious University. This education system is such blatant abuse.I don’t understand why can’t I do it, everyone else has scores in the thousands, and here I am after 3-4 times of retaking this fucking exam. I am so angry, and his this test and myself.