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  1. Right click the image, select: 'open link in new tab'. Then click on that to zoom in.
  2. All of this you copy pasted from my thread. The examples and characteristics came originally from the SDi book. Even the examples came from the original book. The videos you posted as well came from my thread.
  3. I'll only agree to end my thread if the other thread is edited to the same quality standards. You have the power the edit a feature other people's threads, so do that pls to his thread.
  4. The first thread was of extremely low quality and I though I could do better. The first thread has been edited now, but still not of perfect quality.
  5. You literally copy pasted my thread...
  6. Hey, ya'll, I need your help! I want to create a comprehensive list of video examples of prototypical stage Beige thinking. This is not meant to humiliate or demonize stage Beige. It's meant to be an educational tool for people learning about Spiral Dynamics. So towards that end, scour the internet and find all the videos you can which exhibit stage Beige thinking. Try to find videos which are short and sweet. The more diversity we can display here, the better. Try to find examples from various cultures: Europe, Middle East, Asia, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Africa, South America, etc. We will create a mega-thread like this for every stage in the Spiral, from Red to Turquoise. But here, let's just focus on Beige. Each week I will start a new mega-thread topic for the next stage. Do not start a political debate in this thread! It is not our goal here to defend our personal political positions or to judge any stage, but simply to compile examples. Thanks for your help! I'm excited to see what kind of juicy stuff you dig up. Try to be selective with your choices. This can turn into a really cool list. Stage Beige Values & Characteristics: Food, water, warmth, shelter, sex, and safety have priority Meeting one's base physiological needs Use instincts and habits just to survive Distinct self is barely awakened or sustained, little awareness of self as a distinct being (undifferentiated) Ego/'I'/Sense of self has yet to emerge Forms into survival bands to perpetuate life Simply make it through the day/night Entities exist as biological units Lives 'off the land' much as other animals Automatic, autistic, reflexive Centers around satisfaction of human biological needs Driven by deep brain programs, instincts, and genetics Minimal impact on or control over environment Stage Beige Examples: The first peoples, ancient nomadic peoples, newborn infants, senile elderly, late-stage Alzheimer's victims, mentally ill street people, the homeless, homeless tent encampments, starving masses, bad drug trips, and 'shell shock' (Severe PTSD), Described in anthropological fiction like Jean Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear
  7. Poor quality thread, I’m going to come back and recreate my own version of this. The mods had better feature it.