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  1. That is horrific advice. The only violence that should ever be committed by highly conscious people is short term self defense. Pepper spray, or a brief martial arts take down move.
  2. @Flowerfaeiry
  3. Conservative ideology is rooted in fear and survival, so obviously they're going to be paranoid. The survival oriented mind is always paranoid.
  4. It is never your fault for getting physically assaulted. Never leave your house without some sort of self defense, whether it be a gun, pepper spray, or tazer.
  5. I've noticed this as well, so many Conservatives are hopped up on the idea that we need to stock up guns and that there is going to be a civil war in the future. It's all the toxic right wing propaganda media they consume.
  6. It would come about naturally without effort in a post scarcity economy for which we are far from.
  7. This is just absurd, peak capitalism. Apparently loneliness is such an issue in Japan, that there are services where you can rent girlfriends, friends, and even families for certain amounts of time.
  8. orthodox church gowns
  9. GREEN marketing
  10. This is a pretty profound claim by OSHO, is it true that meditation will increase my mental capacity to do complex things?
  11. That shirt speaks to me, I identify with everything on there.
  12. He acknowledges the many problems of gun usage in the United States and at the same time recognizes the naivety of idealistic gun banishment solutions.
  13. The only reason why you're offended at the sight of animal death is because your ancestors have fought so hard in order for you to have all of these modern luxuries. Thus, you're removed from nature, and all of nature's brutalities and beauties. You have no appreciation for survival and how difficult it is. Yeah sure, we should all just go Vegan. No mindfulness paid to those who require killing animals in order to live.
  14. Why haven't the mods locked this thread yet? It's an obvious troll post.