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  1. I think queer eye is pure orange, just because someone is Gay or has 'queer' in their title that doesn't mean they're Green, orange and blue gay people do exist
  2. Ken Wilbur mentioned the phenomenon of 'mean Green', does this count?
  3. Might as well post my results, still waiting on Leo
  4. Why do people take Tim Pool seriously? He's not a journalist, he's a commentator who calls himself a journalist, and his content is boring and repetitive.
  5. Dur Sampsons predicted it!!11111!!!!!
  6. Trump has admitted that he wants a Conservative supreme court majority in order to overturn the election
  7. @DocWatts Revolution is violent overthrow and reform is the ballot box. I cannot understand why someone would prefer a revolution, as the more rapid the shift in systems is, the more violent the ego backlash is going to be (example: after the Russian revolution there was a civil war the led to disastrous famines). If you force a Green system on Stage Blue people living in rural areas through revolution, they will definitely rebel. The only way to assure that this doesn't happen is to implement a Green system democratically with the people's consent. People oppose 'reformism' because they view Liberal Democracy as 'bourgeoise democracy'.
  8. Is anyone else getting advertisements for 'stopping socialism TV'
  9. Great, waiting on Leo, I'm just super curious on whether he is more scientific or utopian in his politics, as well as the other stuff but my main curiosity is the scientific or utopian scale. He rejects rationalism and intense material analysis but what about in his politics?
  10. The general consensus on this forum is that he was definitely an enlightened Guru judging by his books but he was a rather poor leader in how he lead his commune and allowed tyrants like Sheela to ruin the commune.
  11. What do you guys think the likelihood roe v wade will be overturned?