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  1. Update: Upon consideration, I have decided to register as a Democrat for the sole purpose of primary elections.
  2. Deep mystical truths in Christianity? Turns out Christianity has its own mysticism. This is not the only bit of Mysticism I found in Christianity. They also have this thing called the 'silent prayer', which is literally a longer prayer that quiets the mind. Why are these mystical teachings mainly concentrated in Orthodox, and Catholic churches? And virtually non in, lets' say, American Protestantism? I live in protestant America, why am I not currently surrounded by mystics?
  3. What are the profound metaphysical and spiritual lessons we can derive from this?
  4. The American media, back at it again with its' tricks.
  5. I'm contemplating on their points and positions. And more.
  6. So many religions, packed into one movie. This guys' open mindedness is amazing.
  7. The new agers are telling me this, the Christians this, and the scientists this. It is all so confusing and scary. I'm begging to wonder if all this philosophizing is just a waste of time, just like Osho said.
  8. Only the most holy and the most sacred Proceed if you dare
  9. You completely misinterpreted the Adam and Eve garden story, the legit interpretations of the story have a very practical spiritual meaning that new agers alike can learn from. Essentially, we were all with God at one point, and now we are not. When Adam and Eve left the garden Eden, they entered into the fallen state. The fallen realm is where we as humans are currently at right now, it is considered a fallen realm because we are disconnected from God. We are not with God, and thus we suffer in hell (a state of mind). The purpose of spirituality is to reconnect us with God and bring us into heaven (also a state of mind), thus overcoming the fallen realm. Ta-da...
  10. If we're going into the topic of Biblical verses, than what Bible translation do you recommend?