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  1. @Nak Khid isn't that similar to someone who doesn't want to sleep, but sleeps anyway. Does it even matter in the end how you did it?
  2. @Raptorsin7 Leo said that you can’t become enlightened simply because you want to end your suffering. You must be interested in the truth for truth’s sake. Well, the truth is, I became enlightened simply with the motivation of ending suffering. I had no interest in the truth (even though I obtained it to a large degree), and the shocking thing is that I still have no interest in truth. For me, truth is just another concept. The ultimate truth is just the present moment, and I already have that. I’m not claiming that I am as conscious of the mechanics of reality as Leo is. The truth is, I simply don’t know. I get spontaneous insights about life, psychology and reality almost every day. I learn and grow a lot everyday. I would certainly try out psychedelics, however they are illegal in my country, and I don’t want to risk getting caught with them. Maybe in the future though.
  3. I’ve started working for this private tuition, because it’s a good stepping stone for my life purpose. This tuition, however, wants me to work for 70 hours a week! Is that too much? Shall I take the offer or shall I reduce my hours to 40 hours a week? What’s the best amount of time you should work in one week when you’re starting your life purpose?
  4. This work is not exiting. If you're looking for adventure, you're not going to find any here.
  5. @Thomas_VH well, right now I'm working full time on my life purpose. I'm trying to build the initial momentum so I don't have time to spend with dating.
  6. I’m wondering if acing your life purpose and becoming world-class in something will solve the issue of attracting a girl? The logic is that if you are really good at helping a certain niche group of people, that at least one of them would be really grateful and would be attracted to you. There seems to be something attractive about someone who is really good at something. I don’t know really but it makes sense. What do you guys think about this?
  7. @Sahil Pandit is that Leo in your profile photo? Really looks like him.
  8. @Sahil Pandit Your profile photo looks like it’s Leo. Is that so?
  9. @flume I highly doubt that you completely got rid of your sexual drive. I’ve achieved a high level of enlightenment and emotional mastery with my practice, but despite all that my sexual drive/masturbation addiction is still with me. Those stuff will probably take many years to master.
  10. As a beginner you should only focus on sitting with your eyes closed. When your mind gets a hang of the practice, it will do it on its own, despite what you’re doing. Until then, I advice that you stick with a normal meditation practice.
  11. 1000 years from now does not exist. You are imagining all of reality right now as God. 2019 is also an imagination. Right now is all that existed and all that will ever exist. It’s hard to understand this from the ego’s point of view. How about you start meditating and actually raise your consciousness.
  12. Byron Katie talks about how after you’ve done The Work for a while, it ‘wakes up inside of you. It will undo beliefs on its own.’ It’s really the same with all meditation techniques. If you do it for a long while, your mind will do it on its own. Then you can just stop.
  13. @VictorB02 If you become enlightened, the people around you will definitely notice. Self mastery has a quality that attracts people like nothing else. So get enlightened, then you may teach.
  14. Of course 1 session won’t do anything. But if you can sustain it for 2-3 years, you will get some amazing breakthroughs. “Good things come to those who wait.”