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  1. @Carl-Richard He spends the entire time talking about a story or stories that happened to him. Any direct person can do that. You just have to recall what happened. Notice it’s exactly like reading notes of a paper, instead of a paper it’s your memory. Informatives love to talk all the time, and their careers will reflect that. Most of them will choose jobs where they get to talk (or write) most of the time. As an aside, he’s obviously an ISTP. You just can’t confuse the two.
  2. Teachers yes, since they can just read from their prepared material. Much rarer to find a direct professor though. Almost all professors are informatives: NPs and SFs.
  3. @Carl-Richard INTP. If someone can lecture for several hours, they are definitely informative.
  4. @Carl-Richard No, the amount of talking is what it’s about. Direct means you only answer the question, while informatives talk all day. If you want to see the difference between informative and direct in a debate, see this one. David wood is an INTJ, while Daniel haqiqatou, the guy you posted about, is an INTP. See who does more of the talking:
  5. @Carl-Richard They’re both definitely INTPs. INTJs are direct, which means that they can’t talk for a long time, unlike those two. Curt Jaimungal is an INTJ. You haven’t seen him giving long speeches very often have you.
  6. it did here:
  7. If you’re using an apple device, go to settings > accessibility > display & text size > classic invert. This basically reverses all the colours, so when you visit the forum it will be a completely black background with white writing.
  8. ChatGPT really is a life changer.
  9. The notion that chemicals in baby food could be influencing sexual orientation or gender identity is not only unproven, it's preposterous. Your credibility is on the line, and you cannot in good conscience stand by such unfounded claims.
  10. @Leo Gura I think you should start collaborating with mental health professionals to deal with the alarmingly high rates of suicide on this forum.
  11. I recently discovered 'The Psychology Podcast' hosted by Scott Barry Kaufman and I have been really enjoying it! The podcast features interviews with experts in the field of psychology and covers a wide range of topics, including developmental stage theory, cognitive development, and psychosocial development. The host, Scott Barry Kaufman, is a fantastic interviewer and he does a great job of making the topics accessible and interesting for a general audience. I highly recommend giving it a listen if you're interested in learning more about psychology and how it relates to our everyday lives.
  12. It must be some lousy poison since the babies aren’t dying.
  13. @Eternal Unity The book ‘The religion of tomorrow’ has all the details.
  14. That is debatable.
  15. @Eternal Unity I think you’re talking about Ken Wilber’s tier 3: Indigo, Violet, Ultraviolet and White. All of them are related to enlightenment in some way.