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  1. @MisterMan Confusion is the only suffering. If you were clear, you wouldn’t have a problem with anything. Try writing down some of the problems you have and observing them in your mind for a while. This is the bridge that will lead from confusion to clear mindedness.
  2. @egoeimai it’s more important to take care of the mind. In fact, the mind is all you can take care of. Healthy mind = Healthy body.
  3. @TylerJ check out this website:
  4. @Shanmugam how sure are you about the author’s authenticity? Is there a chance he is some scammer who just wants his book bought?
  5. @Shanmugam thanks a lot. I’m really into kriya yoga.
  6. @Alby so are you after enlightenment?
  7. @iTommy could be some paranormal experience. Or maybe some sort of lucid dreaming experience.
  8. @Alby why not try 5 meo dmt? What’s your aim with taking psychedelics? Are you seeking anything?
  9. @Maxi could be your paranormal abilities starting to bud. Have you watched Leo’s paranormal video?
  10. @TylerJ just remind yourself that the present moment is all that’s true. All other things are thoughts and images in your mind. They’re not true!
  11. @Andre Quinonez I would suggest contemplating the statement ‘I shouldn’t develop schizophrenia, is it true?’. If you do it long enough, it will blow your mind. Your view on your family will shift 180 degrees. Give it a try.
  12. @Patang check you spelling... 😩
  13. @Shin lust is just a confused mind. If met with understanding, you will see through it.
  14. @Daniellelu If you can’t meditate at home for 2 hours, how can you meditate somewhere else for 10 days?
  15. @Crauli All different subjects are actually way more linked than you think. So in this case, a homo universalis could discover far more about the subjects than a specialist. I think it will feel quite good. No it’s not like being enlightened. Enlightenment is experiential knowledge. Homo universalis are still in their heads.