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  1. @Someone here It’s called the law of attraction.
  2. Wrong. Selfishness is fundamentally based on the illusion of the ego. The more awake you become to reality, the less selfish you are. Truth = Love. The less love you have, the less truth you have.
  3. @TimDavid I believe he was talking about the book by JC Stevens. I had that book 5 years ago, very important book if you’re practicing kriya.
  4. Muhammad is the most evil person to walk this earth. Mass murderer, torturer, rapist, terrorist, slave owner, child abuser, thief and much more. Reading his biography is all it takes to make you hate him.
  5. I never believe someone on blind faith. They have to provide the necessary evidence for their claims. Unfortunately I haven’t found it in sadhguru’s videos.
  6. @Salvijus But why is 3:40 a better time for meditation? That’s such a random time. And if it is true that 3:40 is a better time for meditation, why haven’t all the other meditation teachers caught on to this? I’m really trying to understand sadhguru here. I respect him as well. There’s no doubt he is an awakened master.
  7. @Salvijus I can tell that you love sadhguru, and you want to defend his reputation. But his claims are simply undefendable.
  8. This calls into question the credibility of Sadhguru. Can he really be trusted if he is saying things that are obviously nonsense.
  9. Read the book ‘Ask and it is given’ by Ester and Jerry Hicks. You will find the answer there.
  10. There’s only one of course. In the 10,000+ years of spiritual teachings, only Leo has the correct one. Everyone else is just playing games.
  11. You’re jealous cuz you have no hair.
  12. 😂 Yeah, Sadhguru sometimes says some very strange things. It’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not.