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  1. We all have Blue. But it’s not our main operating level. Ben Shapiro’s main operating level is Orange, not Blue.
  2. Stage Blue does not understand Green. The gap is too big. Only Orange understands Green. And Shapiro understands Green very well.
  3. @Leo Gura Ben Shapiro is not Blue. He is ORANGE/green, the exiting phase of Orange. This video should convince you:
  4. Seems like the Ancient Greeks were much smarter than we thought. They had some very advanced technology.
  5. Really? Then what’s the difference between America and Russia/China? How is the West clearly distinctive from the rest of the world if it is half Blue and half Orange?
  6. Interesting that you’ve compared him to Jordan Peterson, who Leo ranked as Orange/Yellow. It seems to me that Ben Shapiro is actually ORANGE/green, which is the exiting part of Orange, whilst progressives are orange/GREEN, the entering part of green.
  7. It’s true that most people do feel bad for the uighers, but why would you dedicate an entire video to calling out billionaires who are taking advantage of the uighers. It goes against the traditional right wing narrative. He could’ve just not made that video, and instead go back to critiquing Green. But this video was critiquing Orange. And he was doing it from above, since Blue only cares about it’s own group, and Ben Shapiro doesn’t affiliate with the uighers at all.
  8. I doubt a liberal will say they don’t care about uighers. This argument is too lazy.
  9. In a recent video which I found quite surprising, Ben Shapiro was criticising a billionaire for saying that he didn’t care about the uighers’ plight in China. Shapiro was arguing that the only reason the billionaire didn’t care about the uighers was because he was making a large profit from businesses in China, and that he should care more about the uighers than his money. It puzzles me because a Blue/Orange person would never talk about that. On top of that, he’s defending Muslims, whilst he himself is a Zionist Jew, who would have every reason to dislike Muslims. What is your opinion of this?
  10. He’s talking about neem karoli baba, not us.
  11. @Leo Gura How about people like neem karoli baba, who was given massive doses of lsd, and nothing happened to him. Ram dass later said about him, “you don’t need a bus to Detroit if you’re already in Detroit.”
  12. Lol. If it wasn’t for the US, all sorts of Islamic terrorist groups would run amok in the Middle East, whilst Russia and China would bully all the countries surrounding them. The US army is the terrorists’ worst nightmare.
  13. The media did not make up any of these stories.
  14. Leo is also looking for a gf. Just saying.
  15. Western media don’t make things up, unlike Russian (state controlled) media. If Spiral Dynamics is propaganda to you, I don’t know what the hell you’re doing in this forum.