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  1. In the book review, Leo said that he could have put this book into the enlightenment and consciousness category, so does that mean that if I do The Work long enough, I will be able to attain enlightenment?
  2. I don't need those kind of answers gosh...
  3. So lately, I've made it my mission to meditate so that I can realise the fact that all sensations are impermanent. If you've read 'Mastering the core teachings of the Buddha', then you'll know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I was wondering, if I meditate every day for 20 mins, then approximately how long will it take for me to realise that sensations are not continuous.
  4. So I was reading that book for emotional mastery, and I was wondering, if I mastered her method, could I ever be immune to all negative emotions?
  5. I'm 17, but I've still not looked at the life purpose course. I intend to discover it before I finish university. Good luck with your life purpose searching.
  6. i think this post should have went to the enlightenment thread. Great advise though.
  7. I would say, start a business which sells music? Leo's book list has a lot of books on making a successful business based on your art (music), and also he has a lot of books on money, and how to change your money. You have to believe that it's possible for you to make a million dollar company based on making your music which you enjoy doing. You can stay in your childhood area if you want to, and with a million dollar company at your fingertips, the bills won't be a problem for you. BUT..., staying comfortable in one area for your whole life isn't what you want to be doing. An ideal life could be where you travel the world, grow yourself and your talent in music, and also let the world taste your gifts in music. Point is, don't narrow yourself down. Make sure you aim to live the ideal life that YOU want to live, whatever it maybe. Probably you should check out Leo's life purpose course and book list for a guide on how you can go about doing it. Good luck!
  8. So I noticed that there are two types of life purposes. The first one is where you open a business which tries to make a big change in the world, for example opening a business which sells electric cars and has a goal of eradicating petroleum cars. The second type is where you have a dream which is basically very unlikely according to most people, but if it happens, people's lives will change forever. For example, as a physicist my dream is to figure out how to make a wormhole which could let us travel billions of light years instantly. It is (according to the laws of physics) possible, but most of my colleagues tell me that I'm thinking millianiums ahead of myself. So my question is, is it worth spending my whole life trying to figure this out and hope that it is possible, and that if it does happen, then humanity will advance a lot. Am I thinking too big? And if I decide to spend my life working on that, I have to find myself a 9-5 job, because unlike the first type of life purpose, I can't make a business out of this. Any my opinions or suggestions?
  9. I see your quite into enlightenment. Do you read outside
  10. Lol I wasn't arguing with you. I read in a book that there are two types of enlightenment schools called yoga and Vedanta. I'm not that into enlightenment anyway I only listen to wat Leo says about it. Since you were talking a lot about Vedanta you were probably against yoga. Btw I'm neither I hardly know what they even mean.
  11. Your not a big fan of yoga i assume
  12. I know that's why I said I will start a self inquiry habit! If I do Neti Neti and combine it with strong determination sitting I will definitely get enlightened within 3 years at most. Once I'm enlightened I'm no longer orange!