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  1. @TDW1995 Read the book ‘The Way of the superior man’ by David Deida.
  2. From what I hear, they’ll be raising three of his children unknowingly. But I’m sure he will pay the cost of toying around with taken women.
  3. I was speaking to a friend the other day, and it shocked me how he used his small business to get laid plenty. He told me he doesn’t know why all small business owners aren’t doing this. I found his methods quite unethical. But unfortunately it worked quite well. So basically, he runs a small business where he hires about 10-15 workers. And every time he wants to sleep with one of his employees, he simply asks them out. Now, they have two options, accept or reject. If they accept, he will eventually get laid. But if they reject, it will be very awkward for them to continue working with him on a daily basis. The job will require constant interaction with him. He found that most employees who rejected him couldn’t handle the pressure of working for him after they had flat out rejected him. They always follow two paths, 1) reconsider the offer and go out with him, and 2) leave that job and work elsewhere. In either case, the result for him is the same. He is able to sleep with any woman who works for him. For the two years that he’s been running his business, he has been in a sexual relationship with over 20 of his employees. And shockingly, most of them either had boyfriends, were married or even engaged! He is currently in a sexual relationship with 6 of them at the same time! And all of them have boyfriends or husbands! I was very shocked when he told me this. He said the only thing that surprises him is that other business owners aren’t doing this. This is the biggest player I’ve met in my life.
  4. If God wants you to be enlightened, why does he allow the God-consciousness achieved from 5-MeO to disappear after the trip?
  5. There is no difference between stuff and no-stuff. The last duality.
  6. @Leo Gura Ralston has been doing self inquiry for 40 years. Why do you think he still hasn’t realised love? Surely after 40 years he should be gaining mastery over the field of enlightenment?
  7. Leo, do you consider yourself one of those supernaturally gifted people?
  8. @Leo Gura What is the difference between ego-death and god-realisation? I noticed you said you weren’t interested in ‘lack of ego’, but simply in consciousness. Doesn’t ego death lead to more consciousness?
  9. @Member There’s a book on channeling I read, where they said that some beings can answer any question you like. I was sitting there thinking, why hasn’t someone used those beings to answer all unsolved scientific questions, and get themselves 5 Nobel prizes. You could easily be the next Albert Einstein, as long as you keep your source hidden! Also, supposedly the Akashic record is a space where you can have access to all thoughts from past, present and future. Again, why hasn’t someone accessed it and learnt how to build a time machine. If the books are right, you could!
  10. @mandyjw The act of not being around women is practiced in both Christianity and Islam. Although largely unnecessary, it’s not 100% nonsense.
  11. You’re mixing absolute and relative truth. Right now we are speaking in the domain of relative truth. Almost all people are unenlightened, because they have been distracted by worldly pleasures.
  12. Life can easily be a distraction from enlightenment. Just look at everyone else.
  13. @AlwaysJoggin Check out A H Almaas. He’s an Arab non-dual teacher, but I don’t know if he speaks in Arabic when doing lectures.
  14. Or ruin his chance of getting enlightened. Remember he didn’t isolate himself because he’s enlightened, he isolated himself because he wants to be enlightened. Some people can only do that through isolation. Although, that Buddhist monk from earlier is to blame as well. If I were him, I would’ve had a condom somewhere in the house in anticipation of such a moment. Monkhood 101.
  15. Even if he physically abandons it, he can never forget about it. His inner attention will be divided because he will always wonder if this will affect him in the future. If the mother can’t survive alone, he will be forced to come out of his isolation. And then there is the issue of a child growing up without a father, which could happen because a stepfather is not guaranteed. He will feel guilty about any psychological problems the child develops because of his absence. For a man, a child carries an enormous amount of karma. Even if he can physically continue isolation, his inner world will forever be disrupted, because the future is uncertain. When a man looks at a woman, he will feel attracted. That’s why priests and holy men say that you should always look away from a woman, and never speak to her. For a hermit, she has the potential of ruining his life. In most religions, women are seen as a distraction and dangerous temptation for men. Although largely delusional, this is the small kernel of truth in it.