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  1. @Faceless my interest is whether you are ‘capable’ of it. Have you overcome boredom?
  2. @Faceless how long can you sit still and do nothing, provided that your physical needs are taken care of? Days, weeks, or as long as you want?
  3. The breaking of the illusion of time means that you don’t feel physical pain anymore, because pain always needs a past or future. That’s Byron Katie’s experience as well. Is that your experience?
  4. @Faceless are you already 100% free of suffering?
  5. @Faceless eventually, once you’ve advanced quite far with The Work, that thought will need to be given up as well. But I don’t see any relevance in what you’re talking about for the beginner.
  6. @eskwire All suffering is caused by attaching to thoughts. Try to give me any type of suffering which isn’t caused by attaching to thoughts. Once you’ve unattached from all thoughts, you have no more suffering. Simple maths. What else is enlightenment but unattaching from thoughts. Once you’ve unattached from all thoughts, you have permanent non-dual awareness. Meditation is fine, until you come out of it and somebody cuts you off in traffic. You can achieve with The Work what will take decades with meditation. I’m talking about acquiring everything that the episode ‘Big picture of self-actualization’ was talking about. Why meditate when there is a fast track for enlightenment?
  7. @Faceless @abrakamowse Attaching to thoughts is what creates time. How can you awake from time if you don’t unattach from them!
  8. @eskwire I’m sorry if I sounded too harsh. You can’t heal from a trauma unless you realise that the physical event didn't cause your suffering. Your thoughts about the situation did. If you carry on believing that trauma is possible, you will continue living in fear that maybe tomorrow you will be traumatised. You do the work on thoughts that cause you internal suffering. ‘The Work’ is based on healing the mind. A thought like ‘I broke my ankle’ isn’t really what’s causing most of your misery (but it does cause some, so you could The Work on it if you want to). If you break your ankle, and want to do The Work, do it on a thought like ‘I shouldn’t break my ankle’ which most people clearly are attached to. Who would you be without the thought ‘I shouldn’t break my ankle’ when the paramedics are taking you away? More internal peace. Internal healing only happens when you realise that what you thought happened didn’t. Btw, Byron Katie’s depression was pretty serious. In fact, the last two years before her awakening, she couldn’t leave her house due to fear. She stayed in her bedroom for months on end, her clothes and hair stuck to her body because of how long she stayed in one place. That sounds pretty serious to me. Sidenote: in the advanced stages of The Work you can actually stop your physical pain. Physical pain always happens in the past and future. After her awakening, there was a time when Katie stuck her hand down a champion juicer, and it literally crushed her fingertips. Even though her hands and clothes were filled with blood, she couldn’t feel any pain because of her not attaching to thoughts.
  9. @Faceless are you claiming that people with serious emotional problems can’t contemplate? That’s nonsense.
  10. “It’s not inquiry if you get the questions” Lol what is inquiry then? Inquiring into whether a certain statement is true or not is possible. Why wouldn’t it be?
  11. Despite the name, it’s actually a lot easier than the standard meditation and yoga path. Because it actually ends somewhere. The sankharas and body issues are caused by attaching to your thoughts! The ‘turnaround’ happens after the four questions for a reason. You first contemplate whether the thought you’re attaching to is true, and the other questions. When you come to realise that they weren’t true then you turn them around, so that you can gain more insights about the opposite, and embody them in your life. The turnaround is part of ‘the healing’. Lol how can you heal from a trauma if you actually believe that it’s possible to be traumatised.
  12. How would it lead to self-deception? It’s inquiry into your thoughts. As Katie says, the questions are useless without your answers. The four questions themselves can’t do anything for you. The thing that will transform you is the inquiry you make into the question, the insights you receive whilst contemplating those questions, and the awareness of ‘untrue thoughts cause pain.’ ‘The Work’ is a method which points you to those truths.
  13. @Recursoinominado @Ether @Faceless @phoenix666 @Viking @Leo Gura For those of you who want to use ‘The Work’ specifically for enlightenment, this pdf file will help you: