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  1. @Bobby of course I’m talking about the author.
  2. @tsuki let’s look at this another way. Say you were feeling pain in your hand, and just for a moment you were distracted by something very flashy, that you forgot about the pain in your hand? Where did the pain go in that moment? The fact is that pain is created by mind. Everything is mind. The whole world, your body, everything is mind. This is something you will be directly conscious of in an enlightenment experience. You don’t have to take it up as a belief.
  3. @tsuki Wrong. The body doesn’t have any problems. It doesn’t care whatever happens to it. The mind is the one with the problems. The mind is the one which projects all pain to the body. For example, once a man had felt pain in his chest. He was feeling that pain for a few weeks, but he didn’t really mind it that much. The pain wasn’t that intense. He went to the doctor to find out how to cure the pain. At that point he was calm and easy-going, because the pain didn’t bother him that much. The doctor looked at a sample of his blood and came back to the room with a grim face. He told the man that he had cancer, and was a very serious condition. All of a sudden, this calm man became everything from frantic to pain-striken. He suffered from intense pain, intense fear and intense hurt. All because his mind became frantic over the fact that he would die. The mind is the one that feels pain, never the body, though it may seem that way to you.
  4. They’ve been rather successful so far. If you can convince a person to engage in a spiritual practice then your chances of success will be even higher. How did you get to enlightenment? Wasn’t there a spiritual teacher who had to speak your egoic language to get you motivated to become enlightened? An enlightened person has experienced the truth. Ofcourse you can’t make him believe in the egoic stuff again.
  5. @Faceless we meet people where they are. Not because it’s not an illusion, but because of love. You love the people, so you speak to them in their terms. But inside, there’s nothing that anyone can do to make you believe in it.
  6. @Joseph Maynor unfortunately there are too many un enlightened people around. We need to speak their language. But the point is, most enlightened people who speak in ‘egoic language’ will not believe in the words they’re speaking, so they will be detached from it on the inside, but will still speak it so as to communicate with other people.
  7. @Nahm In the world we live in, you will face plenty of situations where people will be angry with you. So you better not worry about it, or you’re looking at a whole world of suffering.
  8. @Nahm you better not. That’s the world we live in.
  9. @Nahm it’s a joke dude. Don’t worry. I’m not angry with you.
  10. Namaste 🐘 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘
  11. @Nahm your posts are too long. Who do you think will read all of that. 😂
  12. @xbcc when sadhguru says you have free will, he is meeting the audience that he’s speaking to from where they are. The audience, who are probably not enlightened, clearly believe that they have free will. So sadhguru is talking to them in their terms, and not in his own experience. It’s called ‘relative truth’. It’s the truth of the un enlightened person.
  13. @Nahm lol, do you think anybody will take some time off to contemplate just because you tell them to. You know better than that.
  14. @Leo Gura Language is a part of distinction, but there is more to distinction than just language.
  15. @NoSelfSelf Lol buy Leo’s booklist. You need more research before you start practicing.