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  1. @Leo Gura You once said that being conceptual was your greatest obstacle of being enlightened. Does that mean that reading a science book or some other conceptfull book will slow down our path to enlightenment, because we’re filling our heads with more concepts.
  2. @cirkussmile he doesn’t interview people worldwide. Most of the people he interviews are in North America.
  3. @cirkussmile watch the interviews! A lot of them haven’t even had an enlightenment experience. Let alone being enlightened and embodying enlightenment. The only enlightened people that he interviewed in his long career include Rupert Spira, Mooji, Shinzen Young, Francis Lucille, Fred Davis, Tony Parsons, Adyashanti, Daniel Ingram and Ken Wilber. There are a few others but their names escape me. You can say that around 50 of his interviews are with enlightened people. The rest are with people who had instant glimpses, women who claim they are working towards enlightenment (they’re not), and scientists who only study enlightened people. But then again, when you look at the number of videos he has, this should be obvious. Do you expect there to be over 400 highly enlightened people around. Not even close.
  4. @Paulus Amadeus most of the people he interviews are not enlightened. Not even close. Granted he does interview some highly awakened people. But very few of them.
  5. @Chrissy j once Byron Katie was having a surgery. The surgeon asked her if she should be resuscitated in case the surgery went bad. She said that she couldn’t decide between whether to get resucitated or not because she really didn’t care whether or not she died. Her husband made the choice for her to be resuscitated. True masters really don’t care about their own life and death, let alone anything else. It depends on how much you embody enlightenment.
  6. “It’s not that I’m a superhuman. It’s that being human is super.” - Sadhguru
  7. My mom is purple/blue. She is too strict about Islam. In the past, she used to tell me and my siblings about the different clans in our home country, and how she hated some of those clans. Nowadays she is a lot more into Islam. One of the reasons is that as she gets older she is becoming more conscious of her death and the limits of this life. And she is becoming more religious than she used to be.
  8. @Silvester you can attain enlightenment and live in 100% bliss all day.
  9. @Arkandeus not very convincing for self-inquiry. But generally, I think you’re right.
  10. @Leo Gura the premise that ‘only my direct experience is true’ is what I’m struggling to accept. For the past two months, I have been using that premise to deconstruct a lot of my beliefs. When I ask ‘is that true’, with that premise I could see that it wasn’t. But for the past few days, there was a huge resistance from my mind that my direct experience alone is true. My entire body started resisting that notion, and I feel pain in my body whenever I try to use that premise for deconstruction. My mind is telling me that my direct experience needs my interpretation in order to get the truth, and that my direct experience without my interpretation formed an incomplete picture of reality. Any advise? @ajasatya my current self-inquiry method is to use the question ‘is it true’ to deconstruct my beliefs. So I need a sort of basis for what truth is. @Victor Mgazi my mind is currently rejecting the idea of ‘seeing is believing’. If my perceptions only was truth, the world would look very strange indeed. My entire body is reacting against that.
  11. @Etagnwo but how can you be sure that bacteria doesn’t exist? Can awareness prove that they don’t exist?
  12. @Victor Mgazi I know that perception is reality. But is there more to truth. For example, you can’t percieve bacteria. But are they real? Is it true that bacteria exists?