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  1. @theking00 The Work of Byron Katie.
  2. @UDT Thanks for the great advice! @SOUL I understand your point. Thank you. @Joseph Maynor Thank you for brilliant advice.
  3. @Aakash Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows.
  4. @isabel of course not. I’m a great follower of her work though.
  5. @OrpheusNovum ‘Different realities’ is only a thought in your mind. It has no substance to it in reality. The past and future only exist as thoughts in your mind. There is no substance to them in reality. Even the present moment only exists as thoughts. This is something that I heard from spiritual teachers, but I have yet to experience that insight.
  6. @EvilAngel
  7. @Enlightened I’m not a lady. My profile photo is that of Byron Katie. No, I do not know who you are, kind sir. Would you mind informing me?
  8. The solution to the conflict between spirituality and life purpose, is to think of life purpose as a way of helping people, rather than as a ‘mission’ to ‘save the world.’ A few months ago, the life purpose course really gave me the impression that the world NEEDS you, and that you can ‘save the world’ in your own unique way. That was a very stressful way of thinking about it, because I put the ‘impact’ ahead of my ‘passion,’ so I came up with a life purpose that fired me up to make a change in the world, but I wasn’t too excited about the work itself. And even to think about ‘making an impact in the world’ is already stressful enough, because ‘the world’ just consists of thoughts and beliefs in your head. You can’t properly use that to motivate you. The real motivation is Love. Wanting to be of service to people out of love for them is a really good way to think about life purpose. With this love, I can get fired up to do a lot of work. Helping people really excites me now. How can I be of help, is a really good question to ponder during the life purpose course.
  9. @Truth Addict Thank you for your insight.
  10. @Joseph Maynor Thank you
  11. @Nahm Thank you for the turnaround. An example would be Rick Archer. He says that he has been doing transcendental meditation for 25 years without any lasting benefits. I’ve heard Byron Katie talk about people she did The Work with who have been meditating for 30 years prior to this, and they still attach to thoughts. Then there are all the people who go to vippassana retreats and are still not enlightened. I’m not fully sure about this, but that’s how I’ve understood it from these people. If you know differently, please fill me in.
  12. @Nahm But how do you explain the fact that many people have been meditating for thirty years without getting any lasting non-dual insights? Well, at least that’s what I’ve been hearing.
  13. @Leo Gura I’ve watched it many times. Thank you very much. @Serotoninluv Thank you. Yes, I noticed that my shyness came from the fact that I held a story about what the people are thinking and trying to do. Without that story, I would just be loving them. You’re a kind man, serotonin love. 😁
  14. As I was doing The Work this morning, I had a remarkable experience where I realised that Love is the answer to loneliness. I was doing The Work on my time in high school. Specifically, there was a time when I was in the English Classroom, sitting in the back table all alone, and watching everybody else talking and playing with each other. It hurt me so much that not one person turned back to look at me. I was working with the thought “The class should care for me.” I asked myself the fourth question of The Work, ‘Who would you be, just in that moment, without that thought ?’ I meditated on that question, until I had a profound experience. I realised that, without the thought ‘they should care for me,’ if I didn’t believe that thought, I would just be sitting there, watching the class, and loving them. I wouldn’t have a story about what their intentions are, what they are going to do, and so on. I would just see them without my story, and I would fall in love with them. I would really enjoy just watching them have fun, and I would be open enough to go over to them and sit next to them. I realised that the cure to loneliness, is to love what is in front of you right now. Emptiness is love. Beneath nihilism is love. Go deeper. This experience has stayed with me the whole day. A massive shift has occurred as to how I see everybody now.