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  1. But isn’t that manipulation? If for example, an Orange person asks me “do you believe God exists?” My truth would be to say yes, but as soon as I’ve said that, I’ve lost all of their credibility. It’s even harder with Blue people and their ridiculous beliefs. Demonstrate what? What did those people demonstrate?
  2. @Key Elements @bejapuskas It seems that you don’t agree with the idea of ‘helping people awaken’, unless they themselves ask for it. Am I right? @Rigel @Truth Addict @Knock @Epiphany_Inspired It seems that you guys are for the approach of manipulating people into this work, either through your good character or music. That’s an unconscious way of living. You’ll be hugely disappointed when nobody asks for your enlightenment. @Leo Gura I’m pretty sure that ideas of spirituality will be very unwelcomed by Blue/Orange people, no matter how I frame it. What to do then?
  3. @CreamCat Authentic humour comes from lack of fear.
  4. @sgn It worked very well for me. Over twenty non-dual experiences in less than two years.
  5. One thing that I don’t understand about ‘helping people awaken’ is the fact that most people don’t want to awaken. I don’t very often see people asking me “please help me become enlightened” or “please help me reach stage turquoise”. If that were the case, I would gladly give them all my support. But when I look at the world, I mostly see people who are content with their unconscious life. Stage Orange and Blue people will very rarely ask to help them raise their awareness. So if that’s the case, why do we need to impose our standards of consciousness onto them? They are happy in their miserable lives, and don’t want to change. An authentic life purpose would never involve ‘forcing’ somebody to raise their consciousness when they just don’t want to. By ‘forcing’, I mean any tactic you use to try to raise their consciousness when they haven’t asked for it, nor do they want it. So, how do you create an authentic life purpose, when most people just don’t want their consciousness raised? I haven’t met anyone in my life who actually wants to become more aware. Stage Blue and Orange people in particular.
  6. @Mada_ The Work of Byron Katie.
  7. @Leo Gura Can we talk about some of the books in your book list here?
  8. @Anton_Pierre The Work of Byron Katie. It melts through any negative emotions you have. Until you reach non-ending peace.
  9. @Leo Gura You tell us that we should read a lot of books and develop a well-rounded theoretical foundation, but some of us are just not conceptual. I for instance, have bought many of your recommended books, but finished none. And then I realised, I’m just not interested in ‘understanding’ the world. I have no motivation or curiosity or interest in reading a book, nonetheless understanding relative reality. I highly doubt that makes me ‘below turquoise’.
  10. @Joseph Maynor 13,223 posts! You do spend too much time in this Forum.
  11. @Leo Gura is it possible that someone who is deeply enlightened reincarnates into a low consciousness person, or is the level of consciousness of reincarnation always increasing?
  12. @Ayilton Cannabis is addictive my friend. Stay away from them.
  13. @Myegolikestacos if you’re talking about mastery, then we can do that as well. Takes a lot of work though.