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  1. @Salvijus are you talking about the physical heart, heart chakra or spiritual heart? If you damaged your physical heart, you probably should talk to a doctor.
  2. Just today, I was pretty shocked reading a channelling book. I read it because in the turquoise mega-thread it says that channelling is a way to connect to infinite intelligence. In the book it says: “With channeling you can access all the ideas, knowledge, and wisdom that is and ever will be known.” Are they full of shit? Any knowledge that will ever be known? That means they can tell you how to build a flying car, a magic pill to enlightenment, or some other futuristic technology. If this shit is real, why aren’t we using it to solve all of our problems right now? And I mean all of the world’s problems. Or is the book just exaggerating this shit? Let me know if you know anything about this? By the way, the book is called “Opening to channel: how to connect with your guide.” @Leo Gura What do you say of this?
  3. @Angelite The soul is a concept. Question it.
  4. Lol. I watched the life purpose course recently. He said life purpose IS SECOND to enlightenment. Not the other way around.
  5. And can you really know that? Really?
  6. But can you really conclude from this that the brain or stomach have any effect on our perceptions. Can you really know that that's true?
  7. This week’s video was quite good, and I agreed with most of it. But one part I didn’t agree with. Leo said that the brain is a special perception because it can alter your perceptions. The example he gave was that if you snort some psychedelics, then your perceptions change. However, isn’t the statement that “the brain controls your perceptions” itself another concept. It doesn’t matter if the fact holds that if you hit somebody in the head they will go unconscious. Still, it can never be more than a belief that the brain is any more different than the stomach, and that it can somehow control your perceptions. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is how I see it. I’m a super skeptic.
  8. Some spiritual teachers say that non-duality is an illusion. Is this a lack of understanding of non-duality, or is it an even more deeper realisation, where somehow non-duality goes full circle and eats itself. What do you guys think? Is this not non-dual enough, or too non-dual?
  9. Giving him what...?
  10. Some people suffer a lot more than others. How can we know? Easy. People who suffer a lot usually will complain about suffering or how bad their lives are. Someone who doesn’t suffer a lot will just carry on with his life. If a rich businessman suffered a lot, you would see him trying to lessen his suffering by taking drugs, alcohol or other distractions. Yet many of those businessmen are clean and you don’t see them complain about anything. If somebody suffers so much, you will see the tiredness and frustration in there faces. When suffering accumulates to a certain amount, it tends to sap all of the person’s energy. And yet some people are smiling, look quite open and happy, they go everywhere, they never complain about life. How then can you say that everybody suffers the same? Common sense.
  11. I wasn’t very convinced in the past that Obama was a stage yellow thinker until I saw this video: If more people in Congress were like him, lots of problems would be better managed today.
  12. @Leo Gura Some spiritual teachers don’t like giving too much importance to kundalini:
  13. As I carry on doing consciousness work, I am having an almost constant fear that I am going to vanish. I’ve tried to ignore this fear for a few weeks now, but these days it is getting stronger and stronger. I worry that this will affect my practice. I’ve tried watching Leo’s 2C-B trip report to try and convince myself that death is the most beautiful thing ever, but it is not working anymore. How to deal with this fear?
  14. Really? Do you really think that a Buddhist master is living 24/7 in 5-MeO consciousness: If that were true, why are they talking about “no-self” so much. There’s far more profound aspects to awakening that they should be talking about.