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  1. @Shakazulu
  2. @Wasem Stage BLUE loves the us vs them mentality. The vast majority of Muslim people are in stage BLUE unfortunately. Western countries generally take a more ORANGE and GREEN view, where they see that every one should be supported no matter what religion or race. You can’t do much about Stage BLUE people. Just focus on developing yourself.
  3. Well, naturally you’d want to start off with the biggest problems in your life, but of course you can use it for every single negative feeling you have until you reach paradise. Literally.
  4. <3

    @Shin Dude, you watch one piece? So do I. Let’s talk about the episode coming out tomorrow.
  5. Yes, one thing I noticed is that my life flows very smoothly these days. There’s never any bickering or resistance about what to do and how to do it. It’s peaceful and blissful. The amount of negative beliefs I’ve conquered is too many to count. Simply put it, my life has changed dramatically for the better. And, when you work on one fear, you notice a completely unrelated fear gets resolved at the same time.
  6. Actually, in a certain sense you do, because you still exist. You don’t exist as the body, but you exist as pure awareness.
  7. Of course. The ego didn’t exist in the first place. Now you can live in a state of immortality, since I no longer give the same significance to the body and all its ailments.
  8. It’s been a year, and the results have been profound. My ego has disidentified from my body, even though I’ve done no traditional self-inquiry. It just happened out of the blue whilst doing The Work. I suffer a lot less these days, but I’m not finished yet. I’ll see how it goes in another year.
  9. ‘Body’ is just a thought that the mind had. Who would you be without that thought? No-body. Just mind.
  10. And is that true? Is it true that both are the answer?
  11. @SoonHei And is that true?
  12. @SoonHei That assumes that something ‘is’. Is that true?
  13. @Hellspeed I have awakened after just one year of doing The Work of Byron Katie. I’ve also done a lot of shadow work at the same time. Two birds with one stone.