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  3. Leo is moving to a cave in India 😩
  4. I know enlightened masters who will smoke a cigarette if somebody offers them one.
  5. You should speak to your doctor about that, or some neurologist.
  6. Yes there is. Firstly, remove all the emotional baggage from your mind. Write down all your stressful thoughts and beliefs on paper, and start questioning them until you drop all of them. Then, start taking psychedelics for spiritual growth, and because you cleaned your mind, you won't feel any anxiety from taking them. Then you can progress with your spirituality.
  7. This book will tell you all about the concentration journey.
  8. Use the 'finger touching thumb' object, because it is much more stable. Don't press it too tightly otherwise you will become aware of the pulse, which is not very stable. Most important info: start with a time where you can focus on the object 100% of the time, not 99%. This is why people spend two years concentrating and don't reach access concentration. As Daniel Ingram put it: 10 seconds of full concentration will do you more good than 1 hour of wishy wahsy concentration. Whatever time you pick, you can't lose focus of the object for even one second. If you do, reduce your time and start again.
  9. LOL!!! Where did you find this video from?
  10. Byron Katie is an enlightened woman, and she has three children. She once told her daughter: 'I'm not your mother, mother yourself.' Although it felt harsh for the daughter, the daughter later said that that was the best gift she got from her mother.
  11. In today's contemplation session, I was focusing on the sensations of my body, and I asked myself: 'What's the proof that I'm feeling that?' It might sound obvious that when you have an itch on you're arm, 'you are feeling that itch'. But with some observation, you will realise that there isn't one proof that that is true. To further inquire, I'm thinking about contemplating the question 'What is a feeling?', although I think it'll take me a while to answer that.
  12. Are there things you can do in self-inquiry to increase the chances of getting that experience?
  13. I don't think that would produce an experience of not-knowing that is deep enough. The experience of not-knowing that I'm talking about is the one that always precedes an enlightenment experience. I don't think it can be created that easily.
  14. According to Leo that's fake not-knowing. I'm talking about real not-knowing.
  15. I know that an experience of not-knowing is necessary for an enlightenment experience. How can I have an experience of not-knowing?