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  1. That guy always looks angry. Even when the translator told a joke, he was still angry.
  2. Stop deluding yourself with all those arguments. We are seeking to experience the truth. We are seeking it because we don't have it. Forget about Leo. This is about you. Are you going to do the work or not?
  3. I was amazed to have found this. Nisargadatta shares his knowledge on enlightenment.
  4. Will it slow down my growth if i have been doing self inquiry for three months and then suddenly change to mindfulness meditation. Will it be slower to get to enlightenment if you keep changing techniques.
  5. @Leo Gura A while back you released the episode '10 important things you don't know you want'. Ever since, I have used that as my life map. Do you think more should be added to that list? How many of those ten things do you feel you attained?
  6. Yeah I noticed as well. He did a speech in oxford, and in the speech he asked a few rhetorical questions, and he expected people to reply. For example, when he says 'isn't that so?' He kept repeating it till people replied. Then he got so frustrated and was like to the audience 'are we in talking terms or not?' But Byron Katie actually achieved full emotional mastery. It's quite interesting because she said she worked on and achieved her emotional mastery whilst she was in the desert by herself, and not in her enlightenment experience.
  7. No they don't. Ramana Maharshi spent the rest of his 54 years on that mountain. By the way, what is vasanas? Her own words were: "to get away from people." Actually, a lot of people in the moment of their enlightenment leave society and never come back in their entire lives. Think of acestics.
  8. I know he's the most famous. By the way, he's not alive. Unless you think he was revived.
  9. Just curious. Who do you think is the most enlightened person you're aware of alive today or 100 years ago. I want to be inspired.
  10. He's claiming that a powerful yogi lived in the spot he was standing just by swinging some clock or something. Then he goes on talking about the eighth dimension. I guess he went too far down the yogi road and became a new ager.
  11. How about the insight that absolutely nothing is true. Have that one first. Then I'll see you in the Tibetan caves.
  12. Become enlightened first. You will probably run off to the Himalayas.
  13. Skip to 18:35. Byron Katie describes how she ran off to the desert after her enlightenment to get away from society. But I noticed that this was a common theme for enlightened people, Ramana Maharshi comes to mind. So why do they decide to do that. Why do they run away from society after spontaneous enlightenment?
  14. 'Missing out' is another illusion. In reality, you can't miss out on anything. You won't be happy until you realise that. 'No self' isn't important for you. You would much rather worry about the illusion of 'missing out' than the 'true self'.
  15. This is Byron Katie's newest book. I feel that this book will really help most of you out with emotional mastery and enlightenment. Make sure to check out: