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  1. guys, be original in your porn
  2. @Leo Gurahehe, yeah, I am trying to do that. I actually can't, it is literally what gives my life 80% of its meaning, plus I am at a critical point in my life and I have many goals that I want to achieve before I enter college, and that's like in 1.5 years, things like: Reaching stage 6 or 7 in the mind illuminated Reading a lot of serious psychology and western philosophy books, I also want to read books in math's, physics, chemistry, and biology so that I have basic grasp of science (I would turn to more spiritual books later) And I have a feeling this is wrong, that I should read what I am passionate about instead of science, which I don't even know how much I like, I am doing this partly because I have a sort of FOMO about all fields, even in your videos for example, whenever you mention a name or something that I don't know exists, I just feel like I should be way more knowledgeable and this leads to wanting to consume all fields rather than focusing on specific things, I also have a sort of vision of becoming a renaissance man. Figuring out how to be able to get out of Iraq using a scholarship or something, maybe I might get out after college, but that's not preferred. I don't really have much time to waste. btw, do you remember people here on the forum? or only the most active ones?
  3. @Sultan Al Hind welcome, thanks
  4. @Sultan Al Hind well, if you mean sticking to the stuff I do, sure. For like 2 years, I tried to stick to a lot of habits and failed, until like 1.5 years ago, I discovered Actualized.org, had a sort of existential crisis, then made a 4 or 5 months plan to start a habit each month, these were: Meditation Daily Reading (reading a book month, but now I have been reading more than just a book a month) Eating healthy Exercise Contemplation (On weekends, I don't do it daily) These were a start, I experimented with many things but I stuck to those 100% A commitment to do this until the end of my life really helped. Later I started a second brain in obsidian (or what Leo calls a commonplace book) using Tiago Forte's Para system. and now I have been getting into serious psychology and western philosophy Great resources Robin Waldun on YouTube Healthygamergg on YouTube Hamza on YouTube Jordan Peterson Leo's life purpose course Jordan Peterson's future authoring program Shinzen Young Culadasa / the mind illuminated Daniel Ingram Tiago Forte Robert Greene R/streamentry subreddit Books in general
  5. I don't. Ralston posted the photo and I copied it
  6. Hey Leo. I forgot how amazing you are in real life as opposed to text, since it's been long since you uploaded. I remember when I first started this work, everything was glowing, literally, I was in awe by everything and everything was extremely beautiful, every meditation session was extremely rewarding, every book I read was something I was proud of, every time I ate healthy or exercised I felt very good. Everything now is mechanical, it has lost its initial touch, don't get me wrong, I love it extremely and won't ever give it up, but I have become too goal oriented, I am planning what I will achieve 10 years from now in these fields and other life stuff, yet feeling empty now. sometimes the good ol' Eckhart Tolle idea of being present does help. I will focus more on the small stuff and change my attitude, so thank you
  7. Available for pre order: https://www.amazon.com/Art-Mastery-Principles-Effective-Interaction/dp/164411643X?keywords=mastery+peter+ralston&sr=8-1&linkCode=sl1&tag=blea07-20&linkId=7bfa22b4c6abc7c517120fd876889f5a&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl A detailed guide to what it takes to master anything • Explores in depth the foundational skills and operating principles that empower mastery, including accurate perceptive awareness and effective interaction • Looks at how to control your mind and transform your perceptive experience so what you are experiencing aligns with what’s actually occurring • Presents a step-by-step breakdown of the principle of effective interaction and explains how to overcome the major obstacles to mastery Becoming a master in a particular area is not tied solely to innate ability or talent, nor to years of rote practice. As martial arts master and consciousness explorer Peter Ralston explains, the secret to mastery lies in accurate perceptive awareness and effective interaction. In this detailed guide to what it takes to master something, Ralston examines the powerful dynamics behind the art of mastery. He explores in depth the foundational skills and operating principles that empower mastery, including the principle of effective interaction, the mind-body alignment principle, and creative intelligence. Examining “reaction” versus “response,” he looks at how to control your mind and transform your perceptive awareness so what you are experiencing aligns with what’s actually occurring, the first step toward reaching your objectives and taking the appropriate actions to produce your desired results. Sharing methods to overcome the major obstacles to mastery, he presents a step-by-step breakdown of the principle of effective interaction and explains how to adapt when the people or objects you’re interacting with are not aligned with your objectives or when they are working contrary to your goals, including in sports, business, warfare, politics, or any arena in which you’ve committed to pursuing mastery. Revealing the elements that lead to masterful interactive skills, this guide shows how to do the work of personal transformation necessary to access mastery as a real, functional experience, as well as providing an opportunity for deeper insights into yourself and life.
  8. A vision! which rests upon 3 main pillars: Mental: reading, contemplation. Physical: diet, exercise. Spiritual: meditation. You could find more examples for each but I wrote what I personally find the most important.
  9. @Godhead I will apply things from here, thanks for your effort. @blankisomeone lol i know right. @universe well, I have been doing better in the last couple of days. it is fucked up here lol. @LukeZ seems new to me, will look into it.
  10. @Hugo Oliveira kind and motivating words, thank you. I do have a, sort of back up plan but it's really not preferred. @universe can you suggest some resources? I have gotten into this learning and productivity field, i have read books like deep work and a mind for numbers, and watched lots of videos. most of the stuff didn't work for me much.
  11. @EugeneTheSage Notion is bad because it's not locally stored, if it was local, it would be godly. @UnbornTao how do you use obsidian? using a zettlekasten? para system?
  12. @Leo Gura that's like the requirements I would need here in Iraq to become a psychiatrist, it's terrible. like I would need this to actualize my lp, which is in the big picture about becoming a psychiatrist and a life coach at the same time (combining them), and using things from philosophy, spirituality, and personal development in my work. and on top of that, writing books, articles and making online courses. but even if i won't need to actually become a psychiatrist for my lp, it would really help to get some sort of good degree because it will tremendously help in getting out from Iraq, plus I am extremely passionate about it, so it is two birds in one stone.
  13. I hate this madness, the school system, the grades, everything. I am trying my best to get good grades, getting in flow, in deep work, using active recall, trying not to procrastinate as much as I can. yet my grades don't get better, i need high grades because i want to become a psychiatrist, my grades are ok, but nowhere near where I need it (I get like an average of 90 almost every year, I need like 98+, which I know is insanely competitive) fortunately i need these grades next year, so i have time. I love learning and reading and I am continually doing that, but I fucking hate this unending struggle to get better grades, plus I am from Iraq, people here are like the "Asian parents" stereotype lol, so this is extremely annoying. i mean i don't really care for grades, but a major step for my life purpose is psychiatry, so i need it. This is mainly a rant but would also appreciate advice from people who are/were very good in school.
  14. The mind illuminated book is a very nuanced map of the meditation stages with techniques to tackle each one and advance forward.
  15. SImple! stage orange and blue brainwashing depending on culture lack of meaning and purpose social media