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  1. Today is the day i start a journal, the reason for this is that i feel i might fall off track. before i start, some notes: i will be journaling daily before bed. i am trying to follow leo's video since I'm 15 (advice for high-school and college students) , I've been doing so for 6 months now, not fully tho. first i will get all my thoughts, emotions, ideas out. Then i will review each thing i am doing which are : Meditation 1 hour, Studying in school for knowledge (the only one i am struggling to do) , Reading a book a month, Healthy diet, finding life purpose and anything in the video. i won't be dating and exploring my options since it's taboo here, in college it's kinda normal so will wait till college. some additional things that I won't always do, just on holidays or occasionally : Kriya yoga, Programming, Weight lifting. it's final exams currently so school year is ending and our summer holiday is 4 months here in Iraq (since we don't have holidays during the school year) also @Leo Gura, i haven't bought the life purpose course but i found it for free on the internet, i am from a third world country, and my family is not in the best financial conditions, hope you can understand, tho i will definitely buy it whenever i can, i only finished the strengths assessment and I've gained massive value. finally @Leo Gura what do you mean by not doing social groups? like avoiding groups to not get affected by group think? because that's what I've been doing, i quit friend groups i was in, it was tough but i am introverted so i feel at peace now lol, and i also realized how shallow it was. so here is the final format: [Talking about my day and getting things out] Life Purpose: Studying: Diet: Reading: Meditation: will do my first entry when finals end (after 1.5 weeks).
  2. @Terell Kirby i just noticed that i started focusing more outwardly instead of inwardly because of this, thanks @funkychunkymonkey guess he will develop at his own pace, thanks for answering. @Nahm good suggestions, very practical, i will try to make him develop himself into orange but i won't force it, thank you nahm. @Preety_India hello there, i always see you around here! Well you're right, I won't try to directly start conversations or talk since i need to focus on myself, but i think i can help him, but i will try to think beyond stage green which i think i am growing into. Thank you!
  3. Hello there folks, this is something somewhat serious about my friend in school, i will tell the story in chronological order. Basically 2 years ago i met someone who became my friend, we had a lot of common, he was kinda depressed and his parents abused him. So after some time he became very religious, i guess he found comfort in belonging and feeding his ego, but he also became an extremist dogmatic person, he cut out relationship with most people who weren't "religious enough". We debated a lot but never came out with anything, another thing is that he is supported by almost everyone since here in iraq, stage blue is really dominant. i thought that wouldn't last for long and it's a phase, but he basically evolved, he became dogmatic about politics (he's conservative), hating on shia'a (basically a branch of islam) and the main thing im worried about is that he started supporting ISIS (a terrorist organization). Now for me this is pretty serious, since i am from another province which ISIS took over when i was a child and we had to start from ground zero here as a family, and because of that my father left us (he's alive but it's complicated). How can i get my friend out of this stage blue prison? I shared the start section of actualized.org but he didn't care about it, i want to share something that would open his mind, but i have no idea, just browsing through actualized.org channel might make him refuse the whole idea. I also fear that if he somehow got into this "work", he would become dogmatic about it or might put @Leo Gura on a pedestal or something.
  4. hey actualized.org, I have started a reading habit and I summarized two books. I wanted to share them here as they might be useful to someone and also to receive some constructive criticism. A new earth.pdf Quiet.pdf And I will continue to post book summaries but not as frequently since school.
  5. I can also help with Arabic
  6. Hmmm, in islam or mostly Arabic culture, it's always said not to look into a mirror for a long time, especially in the dark, because "jin" (beings similar to ghosts you could say) show up. But i never took the possibility of such thing happening seriously. Your experience is very interesting though.
  7. @Mesopotamian My conditions are ok, thank you.
  8. Hi, I'm from iraq too, I was born in mosul but I'm living in Baghdad since ISIS invaded mosul until now. Well I'm only 15, but i had to answer since i didn't expect to find anyone else from iraq here i wish you good luck and I hope you will get yourself out of here.
  9. @gelebkiinteresting, I think my passion has something to do with psychology but not exactly psychology. I will experiment with it Good luck on your journey!
  10. @BjarkeT i will try different interests and see which one resonates with me. I will also read the books you mentioned Thank you
  11. @Alissascreenshotted, i will start building those habits slowly, Journaling sounds really helpful, thank you ? @TDW1995thank you for your kind words, how would you personally recommend going about finding one's passion?
  12. Hmmm, i really don't know my passion, but i have an idea of what it could be, i will try to find it ;). Thanks!
  13. Hi, I'm new to this forum, I've been listening to leo's video and they're pretty useful. I've built the following habits : Reading (1 hour) Meditation (20 minutes 2 times a day) Exercise (2 hours, I'm not really a sporty person but it's definitely useful to build a body) Actualized.org video (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFyYNK0C9y0Jjz1c6pK3Thxxn0Q8ADwa0, i made this playlist of the foundational videos at the site, after watching all of them i will stop, i think it's just mental masurbation afterwards, but i will continue with the other habits) I've been doing this for 3 days and i have a lot of free time (I'm 14 and it's summer break where i live) despite doing this i think i should do more but i don't know what to do (i have a lot of free time) gaming, watching TV, etc... Is just not fulfilling anymore Sorry if it sounds like bragging about my habits lol, but i really don't know what to do with my time. So what should i add to my routine?