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  1. Any tips on actually feeling the cool and warm sensation up and down the spine during kriya pranayama?
  2. @PenguinPablo if you are having great results with that, wait until you get to the main practices Start with pranayama asap, that's the most important practice, followed by mahamudra and yoni mudra
  3. @PenguinPablo what is your routine like?
  4. Daily meditation might not bring you awakening But it's very important to be able to sit with yourself for a good amount of time in today's fast paced culture that is full of distractions
  5. I used to meditate everyday for 2 years or so? My practice was about 30 minutes long, mainly noting/vipassana style, and sometimes do nothing For the first 6 months, it was great progress and a lot of desires for the daily mundane stuff was gone I do admit my time was too short for anything else, but I also had trouble increasing the time since I always experienced dullness/ sleepiness Though I did a few strong determination sits of an hour I switched to Kriya yoga lately, I am still a beginner so I can't say much, but it's definitely better I do the kriya routine (gamana's book) then at the end just staying in a self awareness/ self abidance state So in meditation, you try to meditate without being ready, in kriya, you use breathing techniques and other things to still the mind and raise kundalini energy, then you can meditate from that state, which will be 10x more effective
  6. Jordan Peterson is a good articulate communicator, whether you support him or not is a different matter
  7. Work up to a good Kriya yoga routine + self inquiry in the post practice state
  8. @bazera So gamana himself has two versions of kriya supreme fire if you read his updated version of kundalini yoga book One involves external breath retention, as in exhaling first then holding the breath One involves internal breath retention, as in keeping the air Try both and keep whatever feels easier for you
  9. I understand, it is hard, I am also an Arab, but I am still young, 17, I am planning my escape too, my plan involves getting a scholarship, but I still need more information. If anyone is knowledgeable in immigration, sharing information would be really appreciated
  10. is the answer for the riddle a fart
  11. Build up to a kriya yoga routine slowly, start with mahamudra and kriya pranayama (spinal breathing), start with very low number, focus on quality and very long breaths, build up to a routine like the one in santatagamana book, or you could use the book by j.c stevens, or ennio nimis. What I do is, Kriya yoga to calm the mind and raise kundalini, then at least 10 minutes in the end of self inquiry Once your mind is calm by using kriya yoga, your self inquiry will get 10x more efficient, and at some point you get really proficient at the kriya techniques, you will lessen the quantity and still achieve the same state, so now you can do more self inquiry. after you have basically got the max you can out of kriya yoga (full kundalini awakening), you can continue with normal meditation, things like "do nothing" and vipassana retreats, and you can start getting more into psychedelics if you wish thats my plan anyways Basically: Kriya yoga + self inquiry, until full kundalini awakening is achieved, and I am sure I will get to experience a lot of non dual states by the self inquiry the point of kundalini awakening, is to resolve all your karmas, egoic conditionings, etc. so when that is achieved, now you can finally meditate, and the highest meditation once your mind is calm, is non dual meditation, this includes the do nothing technique, and also self inquiry you could map out awakening as a dance between expansion (do nothing, letting go, etc.) and contraction (concentration, vipassana, etc.), so a daily practice of do nothing meditation, for like an hour everyday + 2-4 solo vipassana retreats per year + psychedelics in a balanced amount = bruh for kriya yoga, read on the spinal breathing, start practicing that, start with 12 times per session, but really focus on quality, each inhale and exhale should be at least 20 seconds long, and of course there is the visualization aspect and the ujjayi breathing, try to build up to 108 pranayamas, slowly. And do mahamudra, simple thing too, you could also add in yoni mudra. in the beginning since your pranayamas will be little, your sessions will be fairly short, try to sit motionless after your session for at least 10 minutes, this is where you practice self inquiry. at some point you would get to: 3x mahamudra 108x pranayama (once you get here, you could switch to santatagamana version of pranayama, it takes less time imo) 1x yoni mudra at least 10 minutes of self inquiry (bonus) kechari mudra then you could add in kriya supreme fire, and increase its amount, and as you do that, reduce the pranayamas to 72 or even 36 breaths, and switch to the more potent variations in gamana's second book Ok I know this was a lot, just read the kriya yoga books, i would recommend the 3 gamana's books, along with ennio nimis and j.c stevens P.S I haven't achieved everything here, I am just saying my plan that I am currently going through
  12. The reason for your attachments is because you think you need something, whether emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, or in any other way. You can't convince or tell yourself that you don't need something, because that's the mental level, you need to go deeper. You have to go without it, for extended periods of time, but whatever you go into, will become another attachment, so what's the solution? get attached to yourself, but not your ego, your *true self*, retreat into it. Solitude. Meditation. Pravastha. Just being What do you guys think? try to take an opposite standpoint and let's hopefully have a healthy discussion Or maybe, you would like to expand on this or share what worked for you
  13. 17, been here since i was 14 lol i read everything but I rarely post
  14. @MAHAVATAR_-_BABAJI why is santatagamana bullshit btw?