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  1. Software I highly recommend using obsidian, i used to think it was complicated too, until I decided to give it a try for a period of time, see this very short beginner series: pros of obsidian: it is future proofed, everything is in markdown format so even if the app disappears, you can open anything in it with just the notepad app. it makes linking very easy, which makes the making of new original ideas very easy too. it has any feature you could ever want, the obsidian app has tons of features, and anything that doesn't have a feature, there is probably a plugin for it you could download, since there is a very active community for plugins, so you aren't limited by features. it is locally stored on your computer, yet you can also enable sync with mobile device, i think you have two options for this, a paid option and a free one. cons of obsidian: it has a bit of a learning curve. Organization System In the field of personal knowledge management, the two most respected systems are the Zettelkasten and the PARA system, these two have many details I wont go into, but I have tried both, and I will tell you the big picture of each. Zettelkasten: this is a very old system, originated from the sociologist Niklas Luhmann, who thanks to this system, wrote over 70 books and published 400 scholarly articles, of course he didn't use the system digitally, since there wasn't digital stuff back then, but it can be done digitally or physically. the anatomy of the system is that he keeps 3 types of notes (make those into folders in obsidian), fleeting notes which are just thoughts/ideas/insights/reflections (you can activate the daily note plugin, and write your thoughts on your daily note each day), literature notes which are brief summaries you take on any resource after you consume it (books, videos, articles, etc.), and finally permanent notes, these notes are atomic, which means they contain only one single idea, you usually write those with literature notes as your source, or maybe a fleeting note turns into a permanent note. so your workflow is to take fleeting notes, if something is worth being a permanent note, you make a permanent note, you also take literature notes, and see if you can make a permanent note out of it, I recommend having an inbox folder, in which you take literature and fleeting notes, and you ideally process them once a day, read through them, try finding new ideas and connections, you will be surprised about the new original ideas you will develop. the problem with this system is that it is just note taking, you don't manage projects and different areas of your life. that's where the PARA system comes in: 4 folders, projects, resources, areas, and archives, I got burned out from typing a lot on Zettelkasten so sorry i don't feel like going into details, but it is obvious, check out the work of Tiago Forte for more. i found that this system gets confusing since everything seemed to belong to different categories, and it was a pain to manage, yet the Zettelkasten doesnt use sub folders and categories, since it ruins the whole idea of the Zettelkasten, you can use tags though, after your Zettelkasten gets after lest say 150-200 notes, you should start using maps of contents, or MOCS, which you can look into when that happens. my recommendation is that it depends on your values, do you want new ideas, do you want a tool that manages your life. i think a digital Zettelkasten with a physical journal to manage my daily life and goals is the best for me.
  2. The Importance of Asking Questions - the quality of your life depends on the questions you ask and how consistently you ask them. - you need to build a habit of questioning things - the reason you are suffering is because of your lack of understanding, which comes from not asking the right questions. - this technique is perfect for starting self help and sorting out your life, but you can change it to fit you over the years to take you to advanced levels. - the answers to life are inside of you, not outside, example of answers that to questions that can be found inside of you: - how to be successful. - how to meditate better. - how to solve a relationship problem. - how to solve a health problem. - how to follow your life purpose. - etc. - don't fall into the trap of thinking that because all the answers are inside of you, you don't need to read, to study and to learn. - think of the content you consume as grist for the mill. - after you collect knowledge, you sit down and start deeply questioning everything you know, holding no ideas sacred. - so you develop your own unique answers rather than following what some guru said. - contemplation is similar, but different. - contemplation is existentially oriented, while this is practically oriented. - examples of high quality questions: 1. What do I really want? 2. What is most important for me in life? 3. What is my life purpose? 4. What is my highest vision for myself? 5. What is the next level of my life purpose? 6. How do I be more creative? 7. How do I be a visionary? 8. How do I keep myself from backsliding? 9. Why do I have ego backlashes? 10. What new product or service could change the world? 11. What does the world really need right now? 12. What causes me to get in a rut 13. What motivates me? What excites me? 14. What would I do if I had no fear or limitation? 15. How am I dishonest with myself? 16. What am I avoiding in my life? 17. What ideological believes or positions do I cling to? 18. What am I unwilling to let go of in my life? 19. Why aren't I able to surrender? 20. Why is my mind so active all the time? 21. Why do I have emotions? 22. What is their purpose? 22. Why are people selfish? 23. Why does religion exist? 24. Why are there so many different kinds of religion? 25. Why do people disagree about non-duality? 26. Where is humanity headed in the future? 27. What is my role in society? 28. Why do I judge, criticize and complain? 29. How am I failing to take responsibility for my life? 30. What does it mean to be more conscious? 31. What are some examples of [blank] 32. How is my worldview holding me back? 33. What is my worldview? 34. Why do I love [blank]? 35. What is the next stage of evolution for my business and/or my career? 36. What do I truly believe that I need to have to be happy? 37. Why do I meditate? 38. Why do I want this relationship? 39. What is the most powerful question that I could ask? 40. How do I become successful? 41. What makes people so effective, such a great salesman, such a great leader? 42. How am I unique? 43. How am I not being true to my uniqueness? 44. How do I become a better leader, artist, parent, person, [blank]? 45. What am I like when I'm at my best? 46. What am I like when I'm at my worst? 47. In what ways am I a devil? 48. How are x and y the same? How are x and y different? 49. What are some totally new ways that I could live my life? 50. Why am I resisting x? 51. Why am I afraid of x? 52. What would be my ideal job? 53. What would I regret most on my deathbed 54. How am I being inauthentic and why? 55. What am I most proud of in my life? How could I do more of that? 56. What robs me of energy and passion? 57. How can I use my mind in better ways? 58. Why are there so many deluded people in the world? How do I avoid becoming deluded? 59. What is the lesson here? 60. What are the top 5 ideas from this book? 61. What causes me stress? What is stress? 62. What do I admire about person x? 63. What lessons could I learn from that person? 64. What would a permanent fix for this be? 65. What is the root of this problem? 66. What opportunities am I overlooking? 67. If I could get the answer to any question, what question would I ask? 68. What makes me feel creative? 69. What would be a more authentic way of doing my job, flirting, relating to my children, x? 70. What would be a better way of doing this? 71. How does this look from another persons' point of view? 72. What top 3 things would transform my life if I did them? 73. What makes me come alive? 74. Why does this trigger me? 75. How can I be more aligned with God? 76. Why am I struggling with [blank]? 77. Where can I find the answers? 78. How am I being selfish? 79. How do I make my psychedelic experiences stick in everyday life? 80. What is holding mankind back? 81. What is the big picture here? 82. What are the most common traps with enlightenment, meditation business, dating...? 83. If this fails, what will be the most likely causes of the failure? 84. What am I really good at? 85. What is a new way of seeing this problem? 86. How is my thinking about this limited? 87. Who could give me good advice on this topic? 88. What if my core assumptions are wrong about this? What are they? 89. What could I accomplish if I had more confidence in myself? 90. What am I really trying to say here? 91. How am I creating this problem? 92. How can I make this task more enjoyable? 93. How am I being closed-minded? 94. What are the most powerful self-help techniques? 95. How can I become financially independent? 96. What should be the next chapter in my life? - when you ask a question, your mind opens up, it goes in a different direction. - have faith that you will get the answers, be curious about them. - phrase your questions in curious ways, seeking to understand, rather than phrasing them as a victim or negatively. - Top tips: - believe that your questions are important and that it is possible to answer them. - be genuinely curious. - phrase your questions well. - be open minded - all of reality is understandable, there is nothing you can't know. - start asking questions habitually. - answers to your questions might come from unexpected sources. - action steps: 1. contemplate the importance of questioning 2. start a list of all your important questions in life 3. determine which of these questions are ones that you really care about. 4. identify your top obstacles and ask questions related to that. 5. make a list of questions you are afraid to ask. 6. buy a stack of legal pads and use them for questioning. - three most life changing questions: - what is consciousness - what is reality - what do I really want?
  3. hello there, fellow human. so, we can relate to each other, a year ago, I installed meditation habit, then reading then eating healthy, then other stuff, and everything was going well for the past month, everything been falling off, I think I am having ego backlash, I got back into excessive gaming, anime, and other stuff, not consuming any good resources, masturbating like 2 or 3 times a day, I have gotten into a slump, I think the reason is related to a family issue. the main point is that I understand you, even though I don't think I am legit enough to give advice since I am still a newbie, but I suggest the following: 1. whenever you do any of these unhealthy activities, do them mindfully, notice the negative effects they are having on you, moment by moment., but do not judge yourself, after awhile you will not feel like continuing, but nevertheless, you have to continue mindfully so that the technique makes you permanently not feel like doing this thing, it will take a couple of times, and you have to be mindful from the moment you decide to do it, to the moment you stop, do not lose mindfulness. 2. meditate daily, start with 20 minutes a day, add 5 minutes every month, if 20 minutes seem too much, do this: meditate with a stopwatch, as long as you possibly can, then start with that as your beginning time, and try to put the time a bit less than the one you gave up on, so it it was 13 minutes, make it 10, not by much tho, this is so that you keep pushing just below your limit, rather than pushing your limit everyday and burning out (I have been there). 3. stopping those bad habits is not what you really want, what you want is to replace them with positive ones, set for each negative habit, a positive habit to replace it with, for example, if masturbation provides energy release, whenever you feel the urge to masturbate, do some exercise instead, if video games make you feel creative, idk do something that also makes you feel creative, but the key point is that you don't replace all negative habits immediately, start gradually, one habit at a time. this is a big decision, to stand up and take responsibility rather than staying a victim to impulses and desires, I do not want you to say "i just can't", I know you do, you just have to make the choice.
  4. sorry for completely stopping posting here, i started doing Journaling privately, worked much better. and i wanted to do weekly reviews here, but i went to my home city where me father lives, stayed there for a week, found out he is married, we argued a lot, he kicked me out of the house, he beat me in front of my grandparents, THEN I GOT ANGRY AND SLAPPED HIM, hitting your parents is one of the most taboo things here. so yeah lots of stuff happened, i did not want to have trauma happen to me, so i did a lot of feeling into the emotions and taking responsibility, but i am still not completely over it, and i don't know how to deal with social things much. but anyway i think all this resulted in ego backlash/burnout, i am starting to recover. i have not cut the activities i do tho, expect when i was at my father's place which was for about a week. i don't know, maybe i might return to weekly reviews, if not, then this might be goodbye. but i promise everyone who reads this, even though i don't think anyone reads this journal, but i promise that i won't give up on all the self improvement and spiritual activities, and that i will live my life purpose.
  5. @Vision@Vision yes i am aware of that trap, thanks.
  6. @Vision great points. so "exploring" my interests using my life purpose. if i notice i am not that passionate at whatever it is, i use the course again to specify my life purpose using the knowledge i gained about myself from practice, practice will inform theory. then repeat, keep adjusting it in the micro and macro level. until at 21 i will go with whatever i end up with in this exploration process, a lifelong commitment . thank you for your reply.
  7. @Danioover9000 Wow! what a list, i like how you have everything detailed out. thats something i noticed i need.
  8. Hello Merk well i do have a problem in the wording, but i mean something like finding answers to questions by doing research on them, like combining ideas from the best of the best in the field i want to answer the question in, then combining it with my own experience, then making it super practical and road-map like, then present it in a way that if applied expands the persons potential to extraordinary levels. so i will be working with people in person to see their growth . like i will be making personal development techniques/ideas/etc. that are original and holistic that combine the work of the best people in the field, specialized and adjusted to the person/persons i am working with. yeah i can do that, i might do that until i am like 21 then settle with something and go with it full force. thank you for your answer merk, i have seen you before here, good luck with your life purpose!
  9. Congrats for me! I finished the whole course, did all the exercises except negative values release since i did not choose one. anyways, here it is: so aside from not being sure and thinking if i have the wrong life purpose, the domain of mastery and ideal medium are probably wrong, because i really felt for nothing in the ideal medium. while in the DoM, i chose personal development, but i don't think it is quite right, maybe philosophy is better, which is why i bought philosophy books, to get a feel for it then decide. values and strengths are almost fully right. the goals are for this year, don't mind them. so here is my question, and i contemplated this, but i want other perspectives: as a teenager, should i start working towards my life purpose or just continue with basic personal development? currently it is holiday so i can do both, in school i can fit in mediation + reading, maybe something else occasionally but no more on a daily basis. or maybe start working towards life purpose in college? maybe just continue exploring to see whats there, maybe there is something more true to me than this work. the problem is that i have been interested in personal development and spirituality since 12/13, so i have not explored other fields, so maybe my real passion lies somewhere in another field, but i cant think of something that sparks me up except this stuff, maybe i got interested in this from the beginning because it is true to me? i really cant know. when i contemplated this here is what i came to: continue meditating, reading, eating healthy, etc and explore stuff as i like, gather experience from life, and if for example i need something right now to be able to accomplish my life purpose (like learning programming to study university in turkey, so i can go from turkey to Canada after i graduate since going to Canada from here will be difficult) i will do that. but what is bugging me is that i will miss the opportunity to start the mastery process early, but how can i start it if i have doubts about my DoM, and even if i was sure, i wont be able to fit it in school days. so i want perspectives. thanks in advance.
  10. you mean something like a strong tingling sensation? because i have this shaking/tingling sensation sometimes when i am in a spiritual state whether meditating, contemplating, watching/reading spiritual things, etc. it mostly happens in my hands.
  11. I have returned well,let me just say something, you know how i was supposed to replace this journal with a private journal, i actually forgot to do that and just remembered LOL. so lets see the goals i had Complete LP course : Done have enough knowledge about Kriya yoga to see if i want to try it the week after this one: I did that, sort of, and i decided to focus my energies on meditation. Complete my physics self study course, start chemistry. next week: Fail complete programming book (code: hidden language) and start CS50: realized this was unrealistic goal, also this book is pretty useless, so will start cs50 tomorrow. so overall ok week, i struggled mostly with waking up late but found a briliant solution, i dont even wake up groggy anymore. the second thing is that since some days i woke up late, which made me super groggy, my meditation became super ineffective and very short sessions. Here are my goals this week: Discipline: build a streak for when i study physics and programming, i will break the chain if i miss a session. Meditation: also build a streak for reaching the WHOLE 35 minutes, no more canceling timer before it rings. General: stop making this so grindy! i remember in the beginning i used to enjoy this stuff so much, i still do but i have made it a grind. Life purpose: the course is done, i will watch the documentaries recommended though this week.
  12. lol woke up even later. this is a worrying trend. so today is the last day updating daily here, here is how it will look like from now on: each Saturday I set intentions for the next week and do a weekly review. of course i would have a private journal on my commonplace book where i will get my private emotions and thoughts out my intentions for this week Complete LP course have enough knowledge about Kriya yoga to see if i want to try it the week after this one Complete my physics self study course, start chemistry. next week. complete programming book (code: hidden language) and start CS50 Life Purpose STILL PROCRASTINATING THE LAST COUPLE EPISODES. Diet i think ive been off wheat for a long time now, i never felt a positive effect, i will continue like this tho because why not. Reading Ayy. finally got Meditations and Mastery. and im still reading the big leap, about half way done, had lots of insights from it today. Meditation my session itself was normal, 28 minutes, higher concentration. but when i was at the barber i started doing noting and labeling then had a huge awareness leap, i became fascinated with everything, i also got an insight on how i can optimize the technique. Programming AMAZING, i got a grasp on HTML in freecodecamp and i am continuing with CSS, and also reading: "Code: Hidden language" Physics ehh, its kinda a chore but i am doing it to understand science more and to get used to studying to do in school. and goodbye daily journal
  13. woke up late, i don't do much on Fridays tho. also i am thinking of having a private journal instead, and updating this one on a weekly basis, because i don't have a problem with commitment, and in a private journal i can write personal stuff and get it out, so it would be more about getting things out, and i would have this one as weekly review, great! i will do that, tomorrow last day updating this daily, also means i will open forum only once a week. i would also set intentions for the next week here. Life Purpose still havent finished it. Diet i ate baked goods (wheat) and drank quarter soda bottle, i went with my mother and sister to a relatives house and they offered, it wouldve been rude to say no. Reading great. Meditation 33 minutes because my mom thought it would be funny to try to make me laugh in my session (it was lol) and i will start reading about kriya until i have enough knowledge to do it, will try it for some time then decide whether to do it or meditation
  14. try: seminars, meditaon retreats, university maybe, stage Yellow places, etc.
  15. woke up a bit late, great day overall though. Life purpose well, didnt do that, i have like a couple of videos to finish, i will finish them then sit and think about how to start implementing. Diet clean. Reading read a lot today. Meditation only 20 minutes, it was a normal session, i am thinking of switching to kriya, though i think it is hard to get started on. also I am sick of these doubts im having ever since day 1 of meditation about whether am i meditating right. Gym did great today, very great. Programming super great, i currently do 2 hours of programming, 1 hour of freecodecamp training, the second one varies, currently it is reading a programming book, then i will watch cs50 in that hour, then yeah two more books.