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  1. I need to rewatch this one, I think I was too young when I first watched it to get the depth of it.
  2. Good scene indeed! Ah yes, I've heard from somewhere that David Lynch was influenced by Persona for that movie, I can certainly see it as well. God I love Mulholland Drive, it's brilliant. I'm going to watch Hour of the Wolf next from Bergman, it's supposedly a horror movie, which I'm pretty excited about. Fanny & Alexander is the one many talk about as being his best work and I haven't seen that one yet so it's on my watchlist as well.
  3. A certain scene from this movie makes this movie akward to watch with your parents, especially if you're a Swede I think it becomes even worse lol. I can recommend Wild Strawberries if you haven't seen that one and plan on diving deeper into Bergman, it's a movie I like! I would like to add that all Bergman movies I've seen has a similar kind of dialogue/script style that makes them instantly recognizable. I'm not sure how well it translates to English subtitles but the Swedish prose used is really beautiful/different and reminiscent of theatre.
  4. Breaking Bad is easily a masterpiece for me! Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn absolutely knocked it out of the park with their acting preformances and they were not the only ones.. In fact you'll struggle to find a bad acting performannce in the entire show. Other than this I think the show has a unique aesthetically pleasing style that reflects the era it takes place in well, costume & set design fits perfectly for the show. The dramaturgy curve of the series is a feat in and off itself, constantly accelerating and building, revealing more layers both of the story and the characters. The peak moments of the show are so good sometimes it felt like real life for me. I enjoyed Better Call Saul too, but for me Breaking Bad is in a league of its own.
  5. Adyashanti is absolutely awesome! I've been enjoying his guided meditations and talks and hold him in high regard.
  6. I also found this very interesting, some can be read about it in "Man and his symbols"by Jung himself. It goes into this idea that your anima is formed by the examples of the feminine that were set when you were young. So your mother heavily impacts the anima as a man. And the animus is impacted heavily by your father as a woman. Hence why for example a woman with an abusive father finds herself in abusive relationships, she has developed a dependence on that abusive trait, without it she isn't whole, as it's become part of the animus. Jung is a pretty clever dude, he used to have dinners with Albert Einstein.
  7. I think you raise a valid point. It made me think of the other day when Leo said that people who dedicate their life to chess are idiots. How would you know if you didn't dedicate your life to chess yourself? You don't know what chess is if you don't dedicate yourself to it fully, is what it looks like from my point of view. So how could you know that people who dedicate their lives to X are misled if you haven't done the same yourself? You don't really know what they're doing. Of course Leo is biased towards psychedelics because he pursued them more than most so he also knows more than most what is possible going down that path. But the same is true for other paths as well. Other teachers seem as convinced as Leo that their paths are superior because it worked well for them. It seems to me like it's highly individual. It seems impossible to describe what needs to be done without saying something that is self biased and dogmatic, doesn't mean it's not worth exploring. You don't have to become brainwashed just because you do Vipassana, Also psychedelics could just as well be deceptive and clever just like Vipassana. There's a reason people end up deluded on both sides of the coin.
  8. Can you explain your view on the matter? What is God? Awakening?
  9. The same is true for many great artists. Franz Schubert för example, one of the greatest composers of all time suffered from mood swings and syphilis. He died from syphilis when he was only 31 years old as it was untreatable in his time. Despite the fact he wrote more than 1000 pieces of music during his life. Illness can bring a lot out of a human.
  10. Have you tried eating vegan first hand or otherwise your direct epxerience is hypocritical. It's not only that a lot of vegan don't use direct experience to find out what the best diet is for them, that goes for most people regardless of diet. A vegan diet can work perfectly fine, there are just a lot of traps you can fall into like unsustainable low fat raw veganism. There are also traps in carnivore I'm sure, there are probably mistakes you can make that will take time to show. It's unlikely you're going to do everything right from the get go. But yes, every vegan isn't healthy, there are unhealthy ways to eat plant based.
  11. Sorry you went through that. Binge eating afterwards is normal, it's the same thing that happens with people in the biggest loser TV program, they go on big caloric deficit lose a lot of weight and then rebound afterwards. Any big caloric deficit will lower your metabolism which is why your body went cold, and will put your body in starvation mode. Your hormones like cortisol will increase and you will eat a lot as a consequence, your body is trying to put on fat to prepare itset for a potential similar situation in the future. I believe listening to your body and eating as much as it wants is good, your body is healing from the fast by doing this and changing its metabolism and hormones. When your body is reassured you're not going to starve anymore cortisol levels will go down. High cortisol also makes you more prone to psychosis as it stresses the body and puts you in a constant fight or flight head high. But you need to eat the things that help your body. Fruits & vegetables are healthy but I'm going to guess you didn't get enough calories eating only that. Nor did you probably get enough minerals. It's the problem with a long fast like that, when you come back from it you can't eat just anything. Fruit makes sense as it digests quickly and doesn't tax the digestive system much. However this also means that the refeed period is essentially a continuation of the fast, you're not fasting but you're on a big caloric deficit with limited nutritional intake. My advice to you would be to continue eating fruit if you experience no issues eating that but to also eat a lot of healthy cooked foods that are higher in calories like a lot of rice, lentils, potatoes. You can make something like a big batch of lentil daal with a lot of spices and have that last 3 days and serve with different carbs and eat as much as you want from that. You can keep eating a lot but eating a lot of fast food is going to potentially harm your body. You need to eat as much as you want, no restriction but eat real food and minimize oil if you become too heavy so you get more space for carbs. Personally something that helped me stabilize my mind was to increase sugar intake by adding sugar on my fruit and cereal. As well as eating big amounts of rice, potatoes, lentils, pasta (no more pasta anymore though because turns out I'm sensitive to gluten). I believe eating sufficient amounts of sugar with no restriction lets your body know it's safe because blood sugar spikes lower cortisol levels and help you relax. It's why back in the day children in my country were given a spoonful of sugar before bed if they couldn't sleep. The key is to avoid foods with both a lot of sugar and fat such as donuts and pizza as fat decreases the body's ability to handle blood sugar spikes by increasing insulin resistance. The body really wants a sufficient sugar/carb intake to help regulate cortisol levels. A big rice & lentil meal before bed helps you sleep like a child again.
  12. I love Jeb Corliss, such a crazy soul. I haven't watched that documentary, will watch it!
  13. I find it beautiful when people dedicate their lives to something some would consider risky or trivial. Please share your favorite videos of people doing dangerous but beautiful things. I'll start out with a classic I love, imagine the amount of falls and injuries one would have to go through to get to this level, having the will to keep going further even though you know one bad fall could end your career, that's true passion:
  14. The same video could be made with Jordan Peterson in his low moments to show the scary side of the carnivore diet. That video is not a good representation of vegans, I don't see anything wrong with any of them except for the girl, she is clearly very underweight and it looks like she's avoiding calorie containing food and opting for zuccini noodles and eating 100% raw which is not easy to make sustainable.