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  1. A bird landed on my head 2 days ago for a brief moment! WTF
  2. What do you think of dry herb vaping? No e-liquid and less chemicals than smoking.
  3. Honestly, I thought the same thing. It sounds like she is repulsed by the male sex organ..? Confusing to say the least.
  4. Music is very meaningful to me. Just laying on my bed with my headphones on and listening to old favorites or exploring new music. It helps me make sense of my feelings and is a great way for me to unwind at the same time it feels very meaningful. It is very healing for me. Both connects me with my inner child as well as pushes me to expand myself into new terrain. I. LOVE. Music
  5. Being too hard on yourself when you make mistakes/fall back into old patterns of behavior
  6. What's your diet like? I think that could be a good place to start.
  7. My best friend had this problem a couple of years ago. I would be willing to guess you're the social glue that connects these two people together. They don't like playing as 2 because they both connect better with you than they do with eachother and you're a big reason why they're even friends in the first place. Just a guess though
  8. An autist that smoked DMT once together with Joe Rogan. jk It's the author of 'Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha: An Unusually Hardcore Dharma Book' He seems a bit obsessed with telling people they're not at the highest stage while also telling everyone he's an Arhat. He has made a map that explains how he has reached the highest stages and others haven't. It might be true, I haven't read his book yet so I shouldn't be too hard on him. But he is quite annoying, in my opinion. But that might just be me projecting . Some people who has read his book seem to have had deep insights at the cost of becoming a bit crazy(Frank Yang, Connor Murphy).
  9. I LOVED this video. I think it's the best video I've seen from your channel. I also think your example at the beginning of my mom not being real if love is not real is very funny because it makes it obvious how stupid thinking love is not real is. Also, the example of a pizza lover fully accepting the pizza into their experience, it's a funny example of love . Also the example with eating bread and it becoming you and then the dogs eating it and it becoming them as well was yet another clever way to display love. Also the Dostoyevsky quote was so good I became teary eyed. Wow what a powerful quote, the dude evidently loved to write. I think you had an original angle this video and it was packed with powerful examples of love, good work, keep going!
  10. Sadghurus food advice is strange to me. I think that a person who eats a lot of processed and fried foods and cheeseburgers and drinks soda every meal would benefit from eating only fruit. But do I think someone who eats chicken salad with a rich variety of veggies and wild rice or potatoes would benefit from eating only fruit? No.. maybe eating only fruit for a month would make you feel different, lighter, and could help with spiritual work. But there's not much protein in fruit, you would drop a lot of weight if you did it for a long time. Not only in fat but you would lose a lot of muscle as well. Also, Sadghuru had another video recently where he talks about how fruit is ruined because of poor quality soil which makes fruit nutrient deficient. Which one is it? Fruit as a part of your diet is another matter, not comparable at all to eating candy. As mentioned by others here fruits have fiber and will not spike blood sugar like candy. And some fruit like strawberries don't have that much sugar anyways. And it's a good source of vitamin C and fiber. Fruit juice is a different matter, might spike blood sugar more than sugar water.
  11. I think you have a point in that if you believe something will be difficult it might become more difficult than it actually is. For example, a kid who learns a tricky piano piece by ear might learn it quicker compared to an adult who knows it as a 'tricky piece'. Because the kid doesn't know which piece is difficult and which is not. When the adult starts struggling with the piece it will confirm the thought "this is difficult" as true. This is a negative thought and will feed into negative emotions and result in a lot of negative emotion. Increasing the suffering endured during the time it takes to learn the piece. When you really get into the flow state of work you don't believe work is difficult, that thought is not present when you're really into doing something. Maybe there is a point of learning to cope with that negative emotion but it's unnecessary for learning that particular piece. Likewise I think believing healing will be difficult will make it more likely to be so. It will make it harder for you and the more it is confirmed by your experience, the firmer you will hold that belief and use it unconsciously to focus on the negative aspects of what you're doing. That might build a stronger person though rather than someone who goes through life believing it is easy and then one day gets struck by some true hardship and haven't dealt with much difficulty yet in life, so that person will be less prepared to hande that once it happens. But I still think you have a good point, if you want to heal, believing it is difficult will make it more likely to be so.
  12. A bit like that yes. I think partly it makes them feel good about themselves. And partly they seem to think collecting facts is what being smart is. They both don't see value in things that have yet to be proven in scientific studies. They both consider themselves to know a lot eventhough they never questioned many things/thought deeply about stuff at all. For example if I speak to my dad about something health related, instead of offering his own perspective he will usually recite a lot of(to me irrelevant) medicine facts or facts about how a good scientific study is performed. My friend is the same way. They are both good people/people of well intent but sometimes it seems like they can't 'see' beyond facts. They don't seem to be interested in knowing how the world works at all as you said. It is evident when talking to them, they tend to want to talk about for example some new scientific discovery/fact or Elon Musk's space missions rather than something truly deep.
  13. I'm not well versed in Spiral Dynamics yet. Could you explain briefly what you mean by that?
  14. My dad and a close friend to me are both doctors. Both of them are hardworking and good at learning and recalling a lot of facts. But neither of them are that smart when it comes to understanding deeper stuff or concepts, surprisingly.