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  1. I've made the horrifying mistake of telling my Mum and girlfriend about Leo and his videos. My Mum is really interested but thinks I'm going down the wrong path and my girlfriend just can't get her head around most of it, however, I do not blame them. This is tricky stuff. And I'm still learning all the time so I consider myself a noob with this stuff. I honestly think you should keep this work to yourself, use it for yourself and yourself only. It kinda looks bad putting all this stuff on other people.
  2. I've found relationships to be the trickiest thing to be in. Its a constant battle with yourself and the other person. That being said, I do enjoy having a girlfriend. But for me they are a complete mindfuck, a constant test. And like Leo said, if your completely honest with yourself, all your trying to do it get your own needs met... that's the mindfuck of it all!
  3. Most definitely. I'd say all The Beatles were stage green at some point. John Lennon just wanted world peace, and George Harrison was a hippie for sure.
  4. I blame my parents for me not trying hard enough at school. I wish they sat me down and said “listen son, you have to try hard at school, and if you don’t, it will come back to bite you on the ass later in life” I’m 25, I probably still have time to do something better in my work, but it feels too late. I didn’t realise how important it actually is to get good grades at school. I had way too much fun with friends. However, I know now that there is nobody to blame except myself, which is terrifying to admit to myself. I’m glad I’ve found personal development and spirituality, but that won’t fix the career problem... Ouch...
  5. I'm addicted to Leo's youtube videos. I can't tell if its a good or bad thing either... Help
  6. @themovement How old are you?! Lol
  7. Why don't we all stop putting Elliot Hulse on a pedestal? That might solve all these problems... Use spiral dynamics on yourselves...
  8. It’s all inside of you, you might have some inner demons and you see it all around you, like a projection. Thus giving you a negative attitude towards life. If you face your demons and face your fears and realise that we are living in paradise, then you may begin to feel kore positive!
  9. @SFRL Exactly. He makes videos about the things that are trending at that moment. Breath work, Alpha male stuff, Red Pill, MGTOW, Donald Trump. Its easy to see through when you look at him closely. He hasn't really got anything unique and different to say, just what ever he can jump on. I'm bored of him, I'm bored of people that jump on trends for money. Its probably addictive to him doing all this stuff...
  10. Even though I'm nothing special, I do tend to feel superior over other people... I need to stop doing it, but I find it hard, maybe ego has a lot to do with this? We all start somewhere so really we can't judge people. But people can only change themselves, nobody else can do it for them.
  11. What do you guys think about this? I think its the perfect way to go from stage orange to stage green. Is this actually possible to achieve?
  12. Just be happy that you are alive on this amazing planet. Take advantage of it while you're here. And be careful of the traps
  13. @7thLetter do you know the ‘how to’ now? Can you really take time off of work and survive, to find your life purpose? This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I have money saved up and I could take time off work, but it’s the fear of no income that keeps me from not doing it.
  14. @Yannik I had a pretty heavy coffee addiction a couple of months ago, but it was making me jittery, anxious, depressed and just generally pissed off all the time. When I quit it was like hell on earth for a week, then all those problems kind of went away... I suggest you definitely quit caffeine! Life is so much better when you aren't constantly stimulated.
  15. Your semen is gonna have to get out of your body somehow, and it does so via wet dreams if you do nofap. I suggest doing nofap, but the real reason guys do nofap is because it distracts you from the inner game work you have been ignoring... Fap, carry on doing what your doing, and forget about it. Masturbating isn't so bad as long as you don't sit there and watch porn all day.