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  1. '30 Ways Society Fucks You in the Ass' and 'Lifestyle Minimalism' They have completely changed my world view and whilst at the start they made me angry, after some reflection and. contemplation they have given me peace of mind. There are so many videos of Leo's that I love, but these two are just incredible. Thank you Leo!
  2. So do I! I need answers on why the Red Pill and MGTOW are like cancers. I know they are both incredibly negative and the people who promote it all seem bitter and twisted. But I need answers as to why they are bad 'Philosophies'
  3. Come to the realisation that we are all doing the best we can, and we all need love. You shouldn't judge other people based on their 'level of consciousness' At the end of the day, everyone has to change themselves, it isn't anyone else's business what others decide to do in life. We can only really give advice.
  4. Delusion at its finest! We all die alone, there is only you, there always has been! That ol chestnut has been thrown about too many times to make it believable, it literally makes me laugh...
  5. I honestly think its outdated and old, it can also be great for people who make it work well, but of course that is rare. With the divorce rate skyrocketing, I'd say just be in a relationship and don't get the government involved. Also, people think that marriage is the end goal in life, and this is simply delusion.
  6. Hi all, It has recently dawned on me that I need more life experiences. I am 25 years old, currently in a well payed job that although I enjoy, I don't think I can carry on doing it forever. I've saved quite a lot of money. The thing is, I feel that I have wasted a lot of my time just working during the week and partying at the weekends, and not getting out and about more, taking in all life has to offer. I have been watching Leo's video on 'How to get started with self actualization', and he says on there how its important to get more life experiences, I feel like I have hardly any. Where do I start? Would travelling give me this? Where are the interesting, cool people? I also feel that I am just letting life slip through my fingers, each and every day, and I really do not want to become stuck in my ways like so many other people I see, and I can see how much suffering it is. (Not to demonize these people!) Can anyone help? Any advice would help massivley.
  7. He is continually growing, so his personality will change. I love watching him change, he was awesome 5 years ago and he is awesome now!
  8. The problem is that its extremely addictive, and you get shitty withdrawal symptoms if you have been drinking it for a long time. I drink it all the time but it doesn't effect me too negatively, I can still do the things I want to do.
  9. I used to think like this, but in the end running away isn't the answer. Face what you have to face, because just moving to another country really doesn't solve anything, your thoughts will be the same in any part of the world. That being said, I think travelling is an awesome way to see the world and different cultures, with no problems to run away from the whole experience will be better.
  10. I find vegans too aggressive and they give off the whole attitude of ‘if you aren’t vegan then I don’t like you’ and it comes across wrong for me. They say they are healthy but they look anything but. Most of them look like they are starving (which they probably are) sorry if this offends anyone who is vegan, but we’re all here for truth...
  11. Some people really want to be parents, some don’t. Personally at this moment in time I don’t want children, but that could change in the future. Kids are great if you aren’t gonna bring them into povity and unnecessary struggling.
  12. Don’t worry about it now. Who knows what will ACTUALLY happen? Society will adapt and there’ll still be plenty of work, I’m guessing mostly computer work.
  13. I keep thinking about this. Get a mortgage on a place or just rent? I don’t want anything to be completely permanent in my life, so maybe rent is the best way to go? I’m in the U.K., house prices are rediculously high but sometimes the mortgage payment can be lower than renting somewhere. Which is why I’m confused as what to do. Also I think it’s pretty vital about where you move to.
  14. Tried it a couple of summers ago and my hair started to fall out, back to a balanced diet and my hair doesn’t fall out. weird huh? i think you need an incredibly strong mindset and willpower to do an all fruit diet. It’s worth it for sure, cos it was the healthiest I ever felt! im gonna do it better next time round