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  1. I know this is an old post, but I recommend you never even start drinking caffeine beverages. It feels good at first and it does make you feel alert, but after a while you will experience burnout. Then you will rely on caffeine to get through the day. Then you will realise you need to stop but you struggle because you're addicted. I've struggled with caffeine addiction for years now and I wish I could stop. I've tried going a while drinking only water, then I get a bored, flat feeling and I feel like a cup of coffee would elevate that feeling and it does to a point, but then I'm addicted to caffeine again. I seriously wish caffeine never existed in the first place, but here we are. Some asshole goat herder had to start this shit off. Caffeine and coffee exist because we are working too much and not sleeping enough. If we all worked less and got decent sleep there would be no need for caffeine.
  2. Fearlessness, humour, resilience, courage, and strength. Some men are born with this, other men have to learn it.
  3. That being said, why suffer needlessly? We’ve got it soooo good these days, so much freedom. Why complain about it? We should be celebrating the fact that life isn’t as hard as it was 100 years ago…
  4. There’s literally no resilience these days with kids. They can’t handle criticism, they spend more time online than in real life, they look up to the wrong people, their parents are probably clueless but powerless too. Everyone living their lives digitally cannot be a good thing. As helpful as the internet is, it is not real life. The things that put hairs on your chest are things that happen in real life.
  5. I would probably end up joining
  6. Ask him - “why haven’t you got any humour?”
  7. Ask him - “why are you so miserable?”
  8. Not just YouTube, the whole internet will toxify your mind Try not looking at a screen for a week and see what happens
  9. Right… Scotland… is there the same amount of beautiful women walking about on the streets as London? No. The bigger the city, the better for learning how to get better with women. So yeah, obviously Scotland is cheaper to live than London.
  10. With prostitutes, yes With mentally stable women, no
  11. This is laughable. What borough of London were you living in? Tower Hamlets? Even Tower Hamlets you pay something like £1000 a month for a room in a shared house with a bunch of misfits. The cost of living in London is fucking outrageously expensive. A lot of people have to work 2 jobs simply to pay the rent and bills. To live in London comfortably you need to be earning at least £80k a year, and good luck with that… Obviously if you want to become a player with the ladies then you’re gonna have to move to London. Towns in the UK like where I live at the moment nobody talks to each other unless you’re with family or friends. Meeting new people in a town is difficult
  12. @Butters how old are you dude?
  13. Yep, most guys aren’t gonna be wearing a top hat and wear a fur coat. It might gain attention from people, but it makes you look a bit silly.
  14. I do understand that approaching is important, it clearly puts hairs on your chest. It takes balls to do it. Yeah you’re right about Mystery and all the other top PUA teachers, they either had a shit childhood or some other serious issue underneath. I used to like Tom Torero and he was getting laid like a rockstar - only to then commit suicide a few years ago. This just tells me that even if you are banging hundreds of chicks it doesn’t mean you’re mentally sound.
  15. 100% agree. It’s like, if you feel good about yourself and your life and you love life every single day then that is SO attractive. If I was a woman I would find that attractive. Why do 4670073 approaches in the street if you can master inner Game and love your life?