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  1. That’s exactly what you need. Face the fear head on multiple times so that it isn’t a problem for you anymore. The best way to grow is to face fear head on!
  2. @Space Spot on. When they say ‘all girls’ they mean the 10% of girls that can behave like assholes. Average girls/women are generally good to get along with and most of the time won’t take you to the cleaners in a divorce...
  3. @Leo Gura How do you work part time in a big city? (Where all the girls are) I’m not trying to make excuses, but this is reality. Big cities cost lots of money to live in. Working part time just won’t pay the bills.
  4. @Deezeetho Good point. Being nice to girls doesn’t work, I’ve been trying that for some years now. You need to be confident on the edge of being arrogant.
  5. @Hansu I live in a small town too, but I’m only 1 hour away from London, so it’s not too bad. Hot girls everywhere you go in London. How old are you? Do you think 26 years old (my age) is too late?
  6. @Hansu I will! Have you done this stuff before?
  7. @Hansu I’m probably going to have to. Just having someone push me to approach is going to be huge for me. I’m more scared of what happens if I don’t do this stuff. I’m more scared of being that guy that never even tried and ended up in a boring marriage that he didn’t really work hard for...
  8. If you really want to quit, get rid of all screens. Tv, computer, laptop, smartphone. Its not the masturbation, it’s the pixels and masturbating to them that’s the problem. Quit then see how you feel.
  9. @Gili Trawangan you must have balls of steel. We’re you socially anxious before the approach though? Where did you do the approach? At night or in the day time?
  10. Hi all, So I’ve finally accepted that I need to approach women in the daytime sober. My biggest fear is approaching attractive women in the daytime. It’s took me over a year now to figure out what I need to do and this is the only way to do it. My question is: Is it a good idea to pay for an experienced wingman? The really experienced guys that I watch on YouTube that are in my area (London) charge money to help guys like me. Is it wise of me to book a day with these guys? Or even a week? (They do charge a lot of money...) Has anyone else been in this situation? I know this is a spirituality forum but this is the only way I’ll grow in order to do spirituality effectively. I need to fix this area of my life while I still can. I’m sorry if anyone gets offended by this kind of topic...
  11. Same with me! I always feel sorry for the villain, in movies, real life, whatever. I've been called 'too nice' and 'over sensitive' too. It hurts to have a big heart sometimes haha
  12. Go watch Leo's recent video about the dangers of spiritual work. He clears this up there. It's basically a video that we should all watch so we can figure out if this path is for us or not... If spiritual work isn't for you then stop watching and do something different. Spirituality isn't all sunshine and lollipops...
  13. To become more socially intelligent. To make a couple of friends that share the same interests. To be a more charismatic, attractive man.
  14. I’m exactly the same. It’s exhausting to go through it every day. Feeling hopeless and worthless, yet also unable to understand why it’s so difficult to do. It’s something I’m going to do a lot of in 2020, because I’ve been avoiding approaching girls for ages and it won’t get any better until I take massive action. And I’m not even doing it for the sex, I’m doing it for the stronger man it will make me. That confidence I so desperately need in order to feel like a man. I’m 26 now, I hope it’s not too late...