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  1. @PenguinPablo wow, that’s the best post about pickup I have ever seen. You couldn’t have put it better. Thank you. This has cleared a lot of smog from the topic of pickup for me.
  2. @Leo Gura I hope that course is the re-wiring of the subconscious mind one you've talked about in the past. Thats something we all need help with!
  3. @NoSelfSelf well yeah he probably did do pickup to get her. But once you get the girlfriend, you won’t be doing pickup alongside being with her would you? No...
  4. @Etherial Cat I’m pretty sure girls don’t like pickup. If your girlfriend found out you were doing pickup she would probably leave you...
  5. @Leo Gura Can you grow yourself as a man without ever doing pickup? Or is this a stage of life where a man needs to do this stuff? What about your video on pickup? is that still relevant to you?
  6. Russell Brand actualized.org, of course certifiedhealthnut PsychedSubstance Shogo Garcia
  7. Well done! This is something I’m working on now, because in the past I have NEVER stood up for myself, because the pain of confrontation would kill me inside.
  8. I think I might have had a little depersonalisation from weed. I'm definitely not the same outgoing extroverted person I used to be. Something came over me towards the end of my weed smoking days, I didn't get the same effects as I did at the start of my weed smoking journey, I was paranoid, I lied a lot, i didn't trust my close friends anymore, I found it hard to function in everyday life too. I was addicted to it for sure. Now I don't smoke it at all and I feel kind of back to normal. My best advise is to never smoke it ever again, and stay away from all mind altering substances. I have no experience with psychedelics so I can't say if they might benefit you. But stay strong and stay sober! Best way to live. Weed definitely isn't the harmless drug everyone makes it out to be, rather the opposite for some people. Some people are fine with it, others not. Its a shame it took me a long while to realise it wasn't for me. Onwards and upwards!
  9. @Anna1 Good points, something to think about. I have been shy all my life, especially when it comes to girls. So there is low self esteem there that hasn’t gone away and I know I need to improve it. I’m looking around for good therapists as we speak, whether that will actually help or not I don’t really know. I’m also doing shamanic breathing every Saturday too, hoping that heals emotions and trauma that are stuck in me. I’ve thought about doing pickup too, I’m drawn to it because it takes massive action, and it really boosts confidence. The fear of rejection will be eliminated after many attempts. From a girls point of view - what do you think of pickup? Bit of a silly question but I thought I’d ask...
  10. @Anna1 All I was really asking is what is the deep fear of approaching the most attractive girls, when approaching lesser attractive girls isn’t much of a problem. It’s not that I really want the attractive girl, I just wanna be able to talk to anyone without the fear of talking to them beforehand. Which some guys seem to be perfectly ok with, others - like myself - not so. I wondered if there was a deep issue maybe going back to childhood or something like that. I try to see the person for who they really are, to me that’s a better trait. Although looks are important! They have to be. Didn't mean to complicate it, and thank you for the replies. It’s even better when a female replies too, so an extra thank you.
  11. It’s always going to be 1 step forward and 2 steps back. That’s what it feels like to me. Your probably having an ego backlash. Your mind will tell you your not really growing but in fact you probably are. This is slow work too, it takes years... if you can accept that fact then you should feel more relaxed.
  12. He's definitely in stage orange, that's for sure, maybe some green and some yellow too. He seems to have an open mind and wants to know about life, which is great. But like Joe Rogan, he's making money from people coming on their show and spreading ideologies... Enjoy it, but be aware of what's really going on.
  13. Driving is naturally stressful, especially with so many cars on the road now and all the traffic... But you’ve gotta keep your cool and be patient, it takes a few months before you get the proper feel for driving. Being able to drive means freedom! That should make you get more excited about it! Do breathing exercises while you are driving, that might help you to calm down. Or do breathing exercises before you even step in the car.
  14. I have this problem too, being a people pleaser sucks. It really doesn't work. It's great to be nice to people, but if there is something that needs to be said even though it may hurt someone, say it. The problem is that over time people have known me as a 'nice guy' which to me means non-assertive, non-confrontational, emotional, and weak. Well not anymore. I've been assertive for a while with some people and I feel great, it clears the air with everyone and makes you look like you have nothing to hide.
  15. Thank you to all the replies so far. I kind of know what’s going on here, it’s a lack of confidence in myself and me having childish thoughts of attractive girls being completely different to any other human beings. Looks fade, after all... But I acknowledge this will take some deep work on myself and some re-wiring of my subconscious mind. I started holotropic breathwork last Saturday and plan to do it every Saturday for at least a year, hoping this will help me with many areas of my life. I also go out nearly every weekend, as staying in only makes my problem with women worse, as I don’t physically get out otherwise. I wish it wasn’t such a big problem! But as a young male the issue I have with attraction won’t go away. Thanks again!