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  1. England, United Kingdom. If anyone on here wants to chat online or meet up in real life I would greatly appreciate it. I really could do with some Actualizing friends lol. PM me!
  2. I used to watch him all the time because at the time I thought he was speaking some forms of truth. Now he's turned all 'Red Pill and MGTOW' I've given up watching him, because its all bullshit. He's turned himself into an ideologue... Thats what happens when people like him get internet famous!
  3. @kindayellow So you want to be a life coach like everyone else? Good luck with that one! Theres already too many YouTube life coaches out there. It's incredibly difficult to escape wage slavery, and although I work 55 hours a week I do love the job. Also, Leo just says it how it is in that video, he doesn't say HOW to do it, otherwise we'd all be financially independent...
  4. I’ve been working at least 55 hours a week for the past 2 years and at first it wasn’t a problem, but now I feel miserable regularly. like Leo has said, work will never make you happy. It’s only in my spare time that I can enjoy life and do what I want. But then again, what else are you going to do? It’s a matter of survival. I’m constantly trying to work smarter, not harder.
  5. @bejapuskas obviously factory farming is bad. That’s why we should only buy grass fed pasture raised animal products. What ya going to do though? Stop the big factory farms? Come on...
  6. Truth is, we can’t digest plants. So that’s why you probably felt like shite. Humans have lived on animal products since the dawn of time, so keep going. All this vegan bullshit is literally just a trend and an incredibly good business idea. Vegetarianism on the other hand is fine because you’re still eating animal products. Also, never take supplements - there’s no evidence that they actually work. Humans haven’t needed them before, we don’t need them now. “Let food be thy medicine”
  7. @JohnnyBravo Well said! He is trying too hard to be someone that doesn't exist. He claims to have little ego but the type of YouTube videos he puts out says the opposite.
  8. You don't have to pay for any PUA courses, all the information you need is free on youtube. You also have to realise that mostly these PUA guys are just businesses. Don't be fooled by thinking they care about you asa human being lol. I would recommend 'James Tusk' on YouTube. But to hire him for a week you have to pay £4,000.00. And for a WhatsApp add you have to pay him £500.00 So let that be a warning to ya
  9. I like him, but like people have said, he's making money off of stage orange men. Men that lack self esteem. Its a great business if you really think about it... But he's into the red pill and MGTOW stuff too, so take that stuff with a pinch of salt
  10. I’ve found that just being financially stable so that you aren’t begging on the streets does the trick. Sex for me is a bit of a strange one because I feel satisfied even when I don’t have it. The basic needs are pretty easy to obtain if you aren’t completely dysfunctional. Like others have said, you need to pursue success further to fully grasp how pathetic it is. I’m doing that right now, chasing money until I can feel it in my bones how ridiculous it is. I feel empty inside but it’s what it takes to realise there is more out there than stage orange craziness. Lol.
  11. @Leo Gura I keep getting obsessed with you Leo, but then I realise that I have to live my own life and how unhealthy me trying to be someone else is.
  12. Don't mistake getting married as the way to fix all of your problems, it wont. In fact, it might make them worse... What even IS marriage anyways? I never understand. A government contract maybe? ...
  13. But you want to work smarter, not harder!
  14. @flowboy No worries man, the internet is a confusing place. I went on a date last night, and I have another with the same girl tonight, and she had more red flags than I thought was possible. So I know for sure it wont come to anything serious, I will continue to date and do pickup and not focus on one girl, but loads of them. It also turns out that my social anxiety with her was non-existent. There wasn't a single awkward moment, she just hinted at me to clean up the mess of her previous relationship. (huge red flag) And thank you for your view on the red pill. Rollo Tomassi seems to make complete sense, I his first 2 books and to me they have helped massively. But like you said, its the bitterness towards women that I don't like either, it seems most of these red pill/MGTOW guys are just damaged emotionally and take pleasure being a arsehole to women. Which isn't good at all. I will still be journalling, self enquiring, relaxing and all that good stuff too on the side, but focus on the stage orange areas of my life too, because I was. getting waaaaaaaaay too ahead of myself and I can see its limitations.
  15. @flowboy No worries! I put that first message as a way to get the more 'spiritual' perspectives on this, rather than just us guys. I am proud of myself, but I'm pissed off. with myself. for not acting on it sooner, now I'm 25, I feel myself starting to mature mentally and seeing all this stage orange stuff as quite low. Maybe I was getting waaaaay too ahead of myself? But now I've got the information and I'm making progress I will be doing it actively for as long as it takes, then I will concentrate more on the 'spiritual' side of life. Because that's what I'm really interested in... Also, what's your view on Red Pill? Is it really as toxic as Leo says it is???