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  1. I find vegans too aggressive and they give off the whole attitude of ‘if you aren’t vegan then I don’t like you’ and it comes across wrong for me. They say they are healthy but they look anything but. Most of them look like they are starving (which they probably are) sorry if this offends anyone who is vegan, but we’re all here for truth...
  2. Some people really want to be parents, some don’t. Personally at this moment in time I don’t want children, but that could change in the future. Kids are great if you aren’t gonna bring them into povity and unnecessary struggling.
  3. Don’t worry about it now. Who knows what will ACTUALLY happen? Society will adapt and there’ll still be plenty of work, I’m guessing mostly computer work.
  4. I keep thinking about this. Get a mortgage on a place or just rent? I don’t want anything to be completely permanent in my life, so maybe rent is the best way to go? I’m in the U.K., house prices are rediculously high but sometimes the mortgage payment can be lower than renting somewhere. Which is why I’m confused as what to do. Also I think it’s pretty vital about where you move to.
  5. Tried it a couple of summers ago and my hair started to fall out, back to a balanced diet and my hair doesn’t fall out. weird huh? i think you need an incredibly strong mindset and willpower to do an all fruit diet. It’s worth it for sure, cos it was the healthiest I ever felt! im gonna do it better next time round
  6. I am a binge drinker, whenever I go out and have one drink I can’t stop until I’m wasted. But I do yoga and keep active so it kinda balences itself out. I know it’s bad, but I like seeing friends when I’m out and I actually enjoy the feeling of being drunk. Only you know what effect it has on you
  7. @Deutsche22 it might sound bad me saying this, but I think it’s impossible. You need time on your hands to think and contemplate in order to become enlightened. Like Leo said in his Society video, people avoid enlightenment and consciousness work and end up getting married with kids. (The easy way out) Sorry.
  8. I really like women, I just don’t like the way their brains are wired. It’s personal preference though I think, if you want a relationship go for it if you wanna be single go for that too. Jack off, this stops the urging for girls. But in the end we’re alone so you can share your life with someone but you have to end it all one day, so I can’t think women actually fulfil anyone to the max. As lovely as they can be...
  9. @Psyche_92 it’s funny you say that, cleaning anything makes me feel incredible afterwards. It literally feels like I’m sorting my life out, even though all I’ve done is hoover and dust
  10. @Leo Gura I think he’s doing really good too. Considering heroin is one of the most addictive substances out there.
  11. I really like him, he speaks the truth not a lot of people will dare to say! But he’s more of a celebrity which makes it not as authentic. I’d love to sit down and have a cup of tea and a conversation with him! Genuine bloke trying to change this crazy world we live in, and it’s awesome that he’s British too, I get the feeling not many of us do self enquiry.
  12. Just read ‘The Rational Male’ by Rollo Tomassi explains everything about relationships, and personally I don’t think long term relationships actually work. We get bored of each other and like other people. also the trick is to never marry. It’s more beneficial for society than it is for people.
  13. @Vipassana you’re right about turmeric! It clears me out and I feel lighter and god-like after a glass of hot water, lemon and turmeric. Can’t praise it enough!
  14. I don’t think rice is really thaaaat bad. I eat it almost every day for dinner and I feel great afterwards. Limiting yourself too much is like torture, as we need variety in our diets to not get bored. But yeah, staying away from wheat and dairy is obviously a great move. I just can’t give up black tea, which is a shame!