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  1. So is a domain of mastery supposed to be an actually job or career or whatever that already exists or can you make one up? I feel like I want to teach personal developement that is martial art specific. So what would I have to master? Martial arts or personal developement or a combination of both?
  2. @aurum But now that you mention it, I do admire Leo lol
  3. @aurum Well that’s the thing. There’s some people I kinda admire here and kinda admire there.... but I don’t know who I should admire more or why you know?
  4. I have tried to sit down and think about 3 people I admire, but I cannot think of anyone at all. Anyone who has competed the course, did you pick people who have similar interests as you? Celebrities? People you know? Who and why? How can I finally think of 3 people so I can get on with this course?
  5. @Michael569 I like to think that you either win, or you learn. I’ve been wrestling for a long time now and I’ve gotten pretty decent over the years but I still get my ass kicked here and there. I’d never use any kind of illegal substance or any of that crap though. Because I know that when I get my ass kicked, that means the other person just worked harder than me. At least that’s how I like to think of it. Frustrating at first though obviously. But I like to tell myself you win or you learn.
  6. @Michael569 I just have found incredible growth in my own life from practicing combat sports. I also see a lot of pro mma fighters, grapplers, wrestlers, boxers or whatever, are HUGE self help junkies. I feel like combat sports and personal growth just kinda come together naturally. Like higher confidence in life, being able to stand up for yourself, and just the thought of being able to use your body as this weapon. Not like a deadly weapon, I mean a weapon for whatever combat sport someone is interested in. I feel like while people grow their bodies physically to compete, they are also growing mentally. And this also really really really allings with the heroes journey I think. For example, the holy grail in my case would be to be a pound for pound best fighter in the world. Once I have gotten that holy grail, I share my gift to the world. That’s why I feel like “personal growth in combat sports” Is a good life purpose for me because it also aligns with my values. What do you guys think of this?
  7. Does “Personal growth in combat sports” sound legit to you guys? Cuz I think that’s my purpose.
  8. @Winter I’m just curious what people’s life purposes are that’s it.
  9. I’m curious to know all the different types of life purposes people got on this site. What is yours? Or what are your passions?