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  1. I don’t know if this makes sense to a lot of you, but I really want to start being myself so that I can be satisfied with what I’m saying in social interaction like with friends or the opposite sex. Lately I’ve been acting or saying things that my friends would be saying because I want them to like me and I want to keep being friends with them. And, I don’t know how to be myself when I’m talking to a girl. Trying to act like other people has not been working out for me and it also is very annoying to me when I have to act like someone I’m not to get attention from people. Again, I don’t know if this makes sense to any of you, but I wanna start being myself. The challenge of this is, I don’t know what myself is. I don’t know what my real self should be saying or doing. It’s really confusing.
  2. Pretty much the only thing I do is wrestling, and go to the gym. Nobody On my school wrestling team is very popular enough for me to want to be friends with them. And everyone else at the gym is kind of a prick. Idk
  3. It’s been so long since I’ve had fun with anybody outside of school. It makes you feel like shit after a while. I think I might be a little too judgmental of who I wanna be friends with though. I got very high standards, so I prefer to hang with people who already have a group and are fairly popular. Sounds retarded, but I can’t feel good talking to I guess what you could call “losers” even though that’s pretty much what I am because I don’t have any friends. I hate thinking about it. It’s literally all I think about. It’s like I have this final mission, to have friends. I feel like I could be so happy if I just had good friends. I don’t know what to do. People don’t want to include me in their groups after school because apparently they don’t think I’m cool or funny enough. So I have to play it off cool, and just say “ok that’s fine” but I’m pissed all the time because I gotta go home with the same loneliness every single day. What am I gonna do this summer? I won’t have anyone. Can someone please help me? I really need friends it’s driving me pretty fucking crazy. Do I even need friends to be happy in the first place? Because it really feels like I need them. After all, humans are social creatures right? Don’t we all need friends?
  4. Since the last time I have posted something on this forum, I have made HUGE progress in my life. I feel overall a happier person. But at the same time, I still feel like I have no friends. I am nearly 17 years old and I have never been in a relationship and because of that, it’s biting me in the ass when I try talking to girls. I have tried very hard to improve my social skills, and I still have no one to hangout with outside of school. Even though I talk a lot at school, text a lot of people, I still feel like no one is actually a friend of mine. I just really want friends but idk how. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks.
  5. @ajasatya Well it is a forum right? I come on here to post things especially when I am pissed off. And when people say I am the one with the ego after trying to get girls, and friends and being nice. I can't learn anything when people talk like a robot. Why do people even do it? Why the hell can't you just use normal sentence structure so you can tell me shit as it is. Not some robot potthead point of view.... I have tried doing a few exercises on here. They can't help me. And fuck doing those exercises for 5 years if they do nothing.
  6. @ajasatya There is one thing for sure.... They are and forever will be much happier than me if I don't do something. And I don't know what to do. Maybe this personal development shit just isn't for me. It doesn't make sense to me at all. Part of that may be because too many people talk like fucking robots lol...
  7. @ajasatya As I also said there are dickheads like you who feel better than everyone so you come here and call it an ego. I literally was just saying how they think they are better than everyone and I am the one with the ego? What the fuck lol
  8. @Christian I don't see how what they do can be shallow... Everything they have is what I want. I just hate everyone for not wanting to be my friend. I try hard to make friends. It's fucked up.
  9. and before anyone replies, make some fucking sense. I hate it when I post something and people give me bullshit. If anyone has anything to say, say it how it is without talking like a damn robot.
  10. Maybe I have been a weird cringy person my whole life, but why the fuck do people have to be so judgemental? I hate the way this world works and the people in it. The popular guys who play all the sports get all the success while the one who aren't interested in sports get shit on in every aspect of life ever. People who have "cool friends" right away push away anyone else who tries to be friends with them because they think they are just so much better than everyone. They are dicks. They have no respect for anyone. It seems like the people who actually try to show respect, get nothing in return. I have been trying to get girls my whole life. Hot ones. But of course they want the popular guys who are dickheads and play sports. They get all the success without even knowing what self actualization even is. They have been popular since day one and I'm sure they will continue to be happy for the rest of thier lives. And not to mention leo the scumbag who wants people to pay for his life purpose course that's like 200 god damn dollars for a process that "takes years" even though anyone should be able to be happy right now. Leos videos are full of shit because they all link to his life purpose course. He begs for people to buy it and he tries to hide it. And not to mention the fucking dickheads on this site. I thought all you were supposed to be all self actualized and what not but you are all the same dickheads as anyone else. From observing people for fucking years, it seems the only way to be successful is to start from day 1. But of course not everyone has that chance. Which is why some people are having good times with friends banging girls, while people like me have to deal with assholes every single day while wishing we could have good friends and also bang girls. But we can't. Because everyone just has to feel superior like the scumbag pieces of shit they all are. "Oh just be yourself. Meditate. Grow up. Take responsibility." What do you pricks think I have been doing? No matter what I do, people won't ever change. And I hate to say no one will ever understand. Why the fuck is this world so fucked? Not to mention the fucking streas school can put on someone. On top of having no one liking you, you get piles of homework thrown in your face. And the damn teachers expect you to have it all done, when they have no damn idea what another person's life is like. Our governments do alot to try to make people happy, but they have no idea. What people have put me through has been weighing heavy. I hate people. I really can't trust anyone even if I tried. This is all bullshit.
  11. I have heard all the benifits of meditation and I really wanna change my life... Lots of people recomend it so I'll give it a try. But I have no idea how to even start or what to even do. Seems like alot of people on this site know alot about meditation, so can anyone give me some good video links or just tell me how to start and what to do and expect? Thanks.
  12. I'm a sophomore in high school and this is a problem I have had for nearly my whole life. I hate getting in situations where people look at me weird, think I'm weird, and all that stuff. For example, if I did something embarrassing like tripping and falling in front of everyone in class and everyones laughs and looks at me like I'm a clumsey retard, it keeps re playing in my mind the whole day.
  13. For so long I have been telling myself to stop eating bad food and try working out, but stuff like that is hard when you are 16 and parents buy junk food. I need someone to convince or inspire me to get off my ass and stop eating badly. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks.
  14. @Santiago Id say if they are hot, go for it. They made the first move anyways, so they clearly were into you.
  15. @egoeimai google + 😂