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  1. That’s just how you’re framing it up, hadn’t occurred to me. Stop thinking about me then and focus on what’s being said. Yes, the water is analogous for what. Notice a certain habit... “let’s stop trying to outsmart each other”... “not sure what you are on about”...”we see around”. There is a belief experience is on behalf of two, such as “we see”. But is it seen there is no direct actual experience of this...that it is an assumption...?
  2. @mandyjw Really it’s the man-tell-er effect, but it works because of our Mandela false flag.
  3. She was a mod. You guys are experiencing the Mandela effect. It’s wild.
  4. @4201 People I have sessions with awaken. This is my normal day to day. The vast majority have never meditated or taken a psychedelic. None of this is due to me, nor can be credited to me in any way. I am no more responsible for their awakening than I am their previous suffering. What do you make of this?
  5. Honestly expressing blame is good. Worry feels a bit better. Drama might be conditioning, but is isn’t your true nature.
  6. Is what going to work?
  7. @Rykiel Empty, light, life energy indeed.
  8. Be the alchemist of emotion, like with resentment, it’s about the expressing and shifting to the higher vibe (not poor mum on mum’s day). Relax, breath, and hold the perfect already moved out scenario in mind for a minute or so, then close your eyes and shift attention inward and feel how awesome it is right now being in your own place, your own space, free, happy, whole and complete. Then let it go from mind.
  9. Translation: Fuck it. That it doesn’t fit your current black & white paradox doesn’t make a me which is vague, it makes it useful. Contemplation, even for seconds, will always be a response. Never a reaction. If the path is not fun, interesting, and exciting, you’re not on the path. ’Things’ is a distinction btw. A parallel supplement for ‘stuff’.
  10. The water was not an analogy for an it’s. No. That would look like it is what it is and no one really knows. Nuance is more of a love making, whereas you’re just saying fuck it.
  11. No. Human mind is parallel to why, as another thought. Trying pointing to one. Not to the water. Water is magic and can forget on purpose, and believe appearance can be separation when it isn’t.
  12. @Gabith Love veils itself as the activity of thinking / thinker. Sounds like meditation clearly worked (allowing the activity to settle, come to a rest), why not do that every morning? Expressive writing & the emotional scale are great for ‘what comes up’ (if anything). Also, what about just doing one thing each day which is for someone else? No matter how big or small. What about doing one thing for yourself each day, no matter how big or small? Sometimes the activity of thinking, carried over from one day to the next, for a while, creates a ‘big picture’ which can be like a mountain.. and then there is a ton of relief and a burst of inspiration in doing the smallest step each day, and allowing that to be enough.
  13. What if it feels off because it is off? A misinterpretation and or misunderstanding? What if you are believing that experience happened to you, but it didn’t? Joe Garner was told that that scene / experience was “illusory and hypothetical”. Did you catch that in the movie? Why they did that and moving forward in your life could be two in the same. Do you get why they named him Joe Gardner? Also very key to what you’re experiencing life wise.
  14. This justifying & rationalizing is how you keep doing the shit you actually deeply want to stop doing. If this brings joy to your heart and a smile to your face, then obviously I am wrong, way off base, and just ignore me & accept my apologies.
  15. Definition of science: The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. Definition of thought attachment:
  16. Yet there is not, and could not be what should be, as there is what is. Human & romantic are the conditions.
  17. @Rykiel Yes. Imagine there are five bodies within the apparent physical body, and relax deeper and deeper ‘through’ each body. The last ‘body’ is pure bliss, and is as if released from your bones. You taste it with your teeth, literally.