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  1. @Nemo28 Me is not derived of comparison. Without anything, you are still you.
  2. ‘Others’ = awareness. Superiority = separatism. Un-narrated awareness = wonderful feeling. God is superior, ‘we’ are all parallel. Why compare when this love & understanding is without end? “This” is not a thing ‘in you’... It is only a perspective you’re trying on, one of an experiential variance between who you really are, and that thought you’re thinkin about yourself. Don’t kid yourself, you’re fucking awesome. Don’t kid yourself, everyone else is too.
  3. It’s just like bringing the light of awareness to discord within ourselves, just collectively. Like saying “everybody look at this hurting! Bring our awareness to it!”
  4. Yes. There isn’t even two (you & someone). Is there another reality? It’s why you believe that particular narrative regarding ‘your’ perception & feeling. Yes. Complete reinterpretation. (And not even)
  5. No. ‘That’ is nothing. No. This is 500 mph past knowing the mind which is claiming to know the experience.
  6. “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” ― Joe Klaas
  7. Here's some I've found. I love when I realize a song was about enlightenment the whole time. Love the mind blow. I would be most appreciative for any contributions to this. Thank you in advance! Love you all! Doesn't remind me - Chris Cornell (Audio slave) Lazy Eye - Silversun Pickups Superstition - Stevie Wonder Everlong - Foo Fighters Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan (possibly the most powerful example of articulation of enlightenment)
  8. @Serotoninluv 👊😌 This veils itself with itself as thought activity of other than this, or even other, or god, or me, or even veils.
  9. I received a lot of messages about the story I shared regarding collapsing the duality of self actualization & spirituality, and using the dream board, so I thought I’d make a post and add the responses here as a resource for anyone interested. Give it a try, & have fun with it! That’s the point & the ‘juice’ that makes it work - create your dream life!
  10. @The observer Interesting the projection of shame arises. Inspect that, see through it. Inspect with the finite mind, as the finite mind (be honest / be where you are) through the finite mind, as in, transcend the finite mind rather than settling for thoughts & idea’s. See what thought & idea is truly ‘made of’. Intellect can not go where it is presently claiming it is. The change of such a full & sincere inquiry & inspection, can not be spoken. One can only say this is the catalyst of the suffering, the ‘walls’ in ‘one’s life’. The dots can profoundly connect. Liberation. Glory, even, if you will. This, as it is, unfettered and untainted by the ‘bringing of a story’ to it. Love is bliss, appearing, allegedly. A wise man once said, “Infinite Love it is. Truth.”
  11. @The observer It is true that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Of course, I say this in love. @Elshaddai “I saw leo talk in some of his videos on how love and truth are the same thing and this is a hard thing for me to understand. “Thing” is a thought. “Connection” is a thought. “Me” is a thought. If you look at most human beings and reality as a whole you will find very little love and alot of selfishness and cruelty. So is there even a connection there at all?” The “connection” is the veiling of truth via “what others will see”.
  12. @Galyna ☺️ Other people are not a projection of your mind. Thinking there are not others will never make sense. Thought is of the finite mind. There are individuations of finite minds. To the degree you are thinking so, there are other finite minds. It’s not a matter of true or not, because that is also dualistic, thought ‘level’. If & when letting go next, know ahead of it that the true nature of thought is to come and go. To appear and disappear. The appearance is contingent upon being, like an engrossing movie is only possible by the screen. Notice you can ‘pause’...breathe...relax. There is the nondual perspective and the relative perspective. It is not a matter of one or the other, but knowing and distinguishing. The craving of the mind is the not knowing of how, of not understanding this. The not knowing of how precisely both perspectives are absolute. Don’t focus on the fallout of suffering, focus on the inquiry. This is an intimate place along the path indeed. The intellect empties the arsenal in demand of narrating the source of itself. The nuclear stories of depression, the grenades to others, to time, to relatives, to the uncertainty and fear of a loss, the missiles of ‘then fuck you fuck all and fuck my life too’. Pew pew pew. Pew pew pew. But you are always the realness, the true strength of the finite mind. There is nothing to do and forever to do it.
  13. @LfcCharlie4 Planes Trains & automobiles. Meditation, inquiring self / reality, like how is there here if there is a thought. It’s all relative...up to you. Transcend the mind and you’ll see we can’t escape this mind blowing tripping balls ecstasy. Woke. Imagine going somewhere but before you get there where you were didn’t exist and where you are going is contingent upon where you came from. Yes but in truth there is no actuality to that comparison. What appears to forget simply forgets to appear. Thought is only a pointer to feel this.