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  1. I love it! Although this guy sounds like the narrator to a cheesy action film trailer. If you can get over it, theres some nuggets in here
  2. @Nahm I loved your insights... Sounds like you were gettin hit with em one after another! Did you write/record them during the trip or were you able to recollect all that just from memory? or did they stick to you so strongly that you didn't have to try to remember them? I loled at the fact that you never started a fire haha that was familiar to me
  3. I am in no way an expert on this subject, I am a deep deep enthusiast, however. I believe that mushrooms have given me a glimpse of the true nature of things, of what's really important in (my) life, and what I need to change about myself in order to live a life of Truth. I micro dose at around .4-.6 on work days, and 1-1.5g on days off. I am very quiet on micro dose days. I am an observer on those days. I feel like people wonder what's wrong with me on work days where I micro dose. I find I don't pleasure-seek like I normally do on days I micro dose, which is fucking huge for me. I'm more content with just being. I don't suffer from anxiety or depression chronically so I can't speak from experience on its efficacy on relieving either, but I do know that people do have success with it. I only micro dose every 3-4 days or so because of tolerance build up. I also am an advocate of the "heroic" dose for some real "mental rinsing". Again, I am not an expert, I am just really interested in the subject. I am happy to see you and others seeking help from the Mushroom Gods! I will be following this post for an update! I am happy for you and good luck!
  4. @Nahm !!! was 8g this past weekend?? (if you dont mind me asking)
  5. I am so intimidated by this. Probably a good indication that I need it.
  6. Psytrance? hell yes. Psytrance culture? Not so much anymore. I mean... it's where i find my DiMitTri, but i find that most of the people in the scene are burn out transients... but hey if it makes them happy and they aren't hurting anyone in the process.
  7. You could always opt for late afternoon/sunset. Get to experience both night and day and get a good night's sleep afterward
  8. I don't think anyone suggested Fantastic Planet (1973) aka Le Planete Sauvage
  9. Thank you for sharing! Printed!
  10. I really liked @Ryan_047 's advice! Get him into/ suggest self development! Ryan is probably right that these issues started at that impressionable time in everyone's life called childhood/adolescence. Ryan I'm glad to hear youre on the mend! I'm sending love and support your way. Here's my thoughts (whatever they may be worth) His thoughts create his actions (or lack of action) which in turn creates his circumstances. If he really wants (to) help (himself) try to get him into personal development! He is the maker and molder of his life! I believe that once he starts on the path of good habits (exercise and positive affirmations and goal-setting and goal-reaching) his confidence will boost and the girls will flock to him! He will glow! But it has to be authentic. There has to be love within before he can find or see love without. Exercise really boosted my confidence.... seeing myself progress... making goals and reaching/exceeding them. If he gives love and kindness to his mind and body that love and kindness will come back to him. If he puts it out, it will come back in. and Ryan I'm going to keep your advice on masturbation in mind. I am a sex/masturbation/porn addict and it really is fucking up my life. I don't think i've ever openly admitted that, but it feels good to. Gotta acknowledge it before i can correct it. Best of luck to your friend@Noname and best of luck to you too! Take Socrates advice and be frank and honest with him, and don't try to help him more than he tries to help himself! You can't want it for him!
  11. I listen to positive affirmation youtube videos in the morning, it really sets the tone for how my whole day will go. I also get up early and stretch for 20 min and meditate for 20 min, although the routine hasnt stuck completely yet. When i get up and dont rush, I get to work early and am calm, cool and collected. The positive affirmations remind me that every day is an opportunity to continue along the path of growth and every problem is an opportunity for growth. It reminds me to love and forgive and welcome change and be selfless. It basically gets me in line with all my principles before the day starts, so i dont have to hurriedly try to get myself in line as i go along with my day. So to summarize: Get up early (an hour before I would get up to do the bare minimum before work ie shower get dressed and go) stretch and meditate (or do yoga, I believe i need an instructor before doing yoga so i just stretch... 20 min each) maybe some light exercise to get your blood pumping And last but def not least positive affirmations! I listen to youtube videos at the moment but would like to work on my own specific ones to commit to memory and recite whenever i'd like Best of luck with everything!
  12. @Quantum Mike
  13. @Quantum Mike No sir, actually I have never looked into it. I will be sure to approach it cautiously though. And odds are i wouldnt pay for any courses anyway since im broke haha
  14. @Quantum Mike lol i might be in the wrong business