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  1. There is a RUMOR (more than a rumor... a lie) that he is playing Terence McKenna in a movie based off Terence's book "True Hallucinations", but this was actually a type of guerilla-style seed planting from a Terence McKenna Facebook page to pique the interests of the masses regarding Terence and, ultimately, psilocybin mushrooms. Other seed planting tactics involved taking pictures of pop icons (Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, etc) and superimposing Terence quotes about taking psychedelics, so the mainstream followers say, 'oh wow! Biebz likes to take mushrooms? I should look more into mushrooms!" I didn't say it was a safe tactic, and I didn't come up with them either... I'm also getting way off topic. Jim has social media going crazy right now and I love it
  2. I sit cross legged, but I find I have a lot of... idk... blocked energy? in my hips. I have pain in my hips most days. I'm wondering if maybe you have some suggestions.... maybe i'll start a thread about it
  3. Yes when I heard her say that I was like damn wtf!!! He did so well. <3 <3 <3
  4. I'm tearing up reading this. So happy for you! All the love and respect in the world to you and to your mvp gf!!!
  5. I love the "as taught by" parts! I like to copy and paste threads like these and go over them in the evening and possibly implement what I think would help me. I also pick up names of gurus/authors/philosophers etc to look into! Thanks to everyone!
  6. @hundreth whoa we are post twins lol we posted at the same time
  7. Sometimes you're still a bit of a space cadet the day after. A good night's sleep and maybe a tummy full of food will get you right as rain <3
  8. I see this a lot with people that are getting back into it. It happens to me too. Firstly Give it some time! Keep on keepin' on! Secondly Remember that negative thoughts will breed more negative thoughts, which breed negative emotions and negative behavior. It's not easy to tell your mind to quit with the negative bullshit... but I think with some more time those thoughts will go away. Embrace that feeling of accomplishment once the workout is done! Maybe get a gym buddy! It's nice to have a friend hold you accountable and vice versa. I always go harder when I have a friend with me pushing me. Thirdly Get into some cardio that you really enjoy doing! And not just running/jogging (unless you really enjoy it) I love to skateboard and I love punching my punching bag. That shit will get some endorphins and adrenaline pumping and will make you feel and think better. I love taking my aggression out on my punching bag, or better yet, sparring with a friend. I have no doubt that once you find that physical activity that you love to do, you will choose it over sitting at home every time
  9. I already gave reputation to 30 posts today so I have to wait til tomorrow but thank you I love when people post their notes on videos! I'm printing and reviewing them! Thanks again!
  10. You are the man @The Monk !!
  11. I would say that if she really wanted to be with you, she'd make that decision for herself and not let her parents affect that decision. Work on the neediness thing. I'm working on it within myself too. Be open with her about how you feel about the whole thing. Maybe even start dating other girls. That might light a fire under her ass to realize she's losing someone she wants. Or maybe you'll find someone that matches your devotion
  12. It's really nice to see the great advice you've been given. I see a lot of my younger (and to some extent my present) self in your post. I saw on another post that you are 18. It is incredible that you're not only on this site, but you have 388 posts! I hope you see the value in someone that's chipping away to discover/realize Truth. If I were giving my younger self advice regarding this topic, I'd say that anything outside of self-actualization/enlightenment is a distraction right now. Get on an exercise regiment, get on a daily meditation practice, watch what you eat/eat more raw food, drink your water, read your books, watch Leo's video on self esteem, don't compare yourself to others, set daily/weekly/monthly/yearly goals and make plans for reaching them, keep seeking and taking advice, don't take anything personally or too seriously, learn from failure and keep moving forward, don't beat yourself up, and know that everything you could ever want will come to the self-actualized and/or enlightened self (this is advice I'd give my young uneducated self... we can argue about "everything you could ever want" somewhere else as, paradoxically, "you" and "want" both go out the window with enlightenment) I know its a fucking pain in the ass. Your mind craves this person. You crave your perception of her life and her being. Remember that what/who she actually is is not identical to your (most likely idealized) perception of her. It takes damn near every bit of energy to deal with the experience of not feeling wanted by the person you want so badly. I'd probably tell myself "fuck it man, just let it go. Just keep on keepin' on and not only will you get everything you ever wanted, but it will come to YOU!" Also remember that in as little as a year, you'll look back at all this and laugh and wonder why you ever tripped about it in the first place. Girls find a guy who takes care of himself incredibly sexy. They obviously respond well to a guy who takes care of his body, but they unknowingly respond well to a guy who is taking care of his mind and his spirit. Girls love a guy who has purpose. It might be hard to imagine right now, but you just might attract someone who blows this current girl out of the water <3 I'm not an expert on this or... anything I guess lol, I'm just telling you what I'd tell my younger self.
  13. Printing and saving <3 <3
  14. @LiakosN I firmly agree. I find myself very present when my girlfriend and I have sex. It's a great feeling. It's no substitute for my regular meditation lol, but it is very meditative to the two of us. I hope we get to be present together tonight lol
  15. I had a lot of trouble with girls in my class taking my attention away from my studies. They still continue to take my attention away from my work lol. If I could give advice to my 20 yr old self in class, I'd say be a boss at the class! I dicked around when I was 20 and missed a great opportunity (being that my mom worked for a college at the time and I got reimbursed for the classes I passed) If I was acing the class, I'd have great grades AND the girls would have wanted me to help them study! Instead I was busy trying to make them laugh, didn't pass the class and didn't get anywhere with the girls haha