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  1. @Leo Gura I think of it more like actively listening with an open mind to the concerns of my partner and seeking out the truth on the subject for my self since I know nothing firsthand about the health risks. I have toad medicine, which she is fine with me taking, but it’s not available all the time. Nice chatting, look forward to your next video, especially the final video in correcting the stigma of psychedelics!
  2. @Leo Gura the issue isn’t my personal fear of the risks of psychedelics, the issue is putting my girlfriend’s worries about me potentially inhaling solvents to rest. I personally think that if I am inhaling (the smallest amount of) solvents, then whatever health risks that come along therefrom are a small price to pay for the most profound experiences and realizations of my human life. A person that I love and that loves me is worried about me damaging myself, and I am not educated enough on chemistry to factually give her reassurance. @zikzak this person has a genuine interest in psychedelics and understands the potential benefits. We are tentatively planning our/her first trip, but what you said made me think that maybe her concern is coming from a fear of psychedelics and she’s coming up with excuses for me to leave them behind or cut back (I only trip once a month, no matter what the psych). She has mentioned a number of times that she’s interested, but afraid. In any case, I have hcl on the way so for now she won’t have to worry about me inhaling solvents, just insufflating them
  3. @zikzak that was my defense too, but she’s still not convinced. We don’t eat fast food and her argument is that comparing inhaling solvents, even .1mg, to eating fast food does not prove that inhaling solvents is safe. My problem is that I am just not educated enough on this type of thing to have a strong case. @AlwaysBeNice yes it’s quite worth it to me, but I’m up against convincing a girl who has never even taken mushrooms. So the “it’s worth it” defense doesn’t ease her mind lol @Leo Gura your concern is appreciated, but doesn’t answer my question. My diet is not the absolute best, but I do pay attention to what I’m putting into my body. @Mercurio3 thank you very much for taking the time. Now I have to find a way to prove that hexane is totally evaporated and to prove (or convince) that what I’m putting in my body is safe or safe enough.
  4. Hello family It has been quite a while since I have been on the forum. In that time I have had three toad medicine experiences, two of which were the most profound healing experiences of my life, my last one being a full blown true to life enlightenment experience that showed me that I only had a personal concept of an enlightenment experience before. I wanted to record the fading effects of my last experience as Leo did, because my behavior was very similiar after having been given the knowledge and wisdom the medicine bestows. I decided against it, in an attempt to absorb and retain as much of the gift as possible. Thank you so much Leo for clueing me in to this astonishingly useful and healing molecule. I am actually here to discuss the possible dangers of inhaling trace amounts of solvents used in the extraction methods of nn dmt and possibly 5 meo dmt. I am not sure of the process in which synthetic 5 meo is procured, so I’m not sure if any solvents are used. I am no chemist so I appreciate your understanding my ignorance of the topic. My girlfriend worries about me damaging myself by possibly inhaling these trace amounts, even if the substance is 99% pure. If anyone has any information regarding this please reach out to me. Scientific journals or any sources would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and I love you all
  5. @doronshadmi I really appreciate that. I do not have any more at the moment, drawing is a thing that i love but don't do enough. The pride and sense of accomplishment I felt from this drawing has motivated me to draw more though, so I should have more soon! Thank you again, sincerely <3
  6. My first ever drawing of someone that I️ was proud to give to them because I️ felt you could tell who it was.
  7. @zikzak I'm sorry i never checked my atomizer, but after my last dose of nn dmt (50mg with probably 20ish mg leftover from previous doses) with my lollipop pipe and torch, i will be returning my vaporizer hahahaha. One hit. ONE. And i was rendered unable to even take another hit. Pineal gland popped. Full blown OBE did not matter whether my eyes were open or closed (as if i could tell at that point) I finally got what i would believe is a full dmt experience, which i thought i had already had... HA! My heart sank as i with the utmost certainty, "Mike ("me") is dead." Unfortunatelyi kept waffling on accepting my death and fully letting go. I kept saying yes im dead... no im not! yes i am... no im not! but i'll never forget how my heart sank. I hope to fully let go on my next dose after an appropriate amount of rest and reflection, but i'll leave it at that for the sake of the topic of the thread. @AlwaysBeNice When plugging, I use an oral syringe with some type of lubricant and get on my hands and knees, then bring my head to the ground so my ass is up in the air and administer... letting gravity do the work. I make sure the oral syringe is in there a decent amount, 2-3 inches and the muscles in your rectum will keep the liquid in. I then lay on my side in the fetal position for however long depending upon the substance. Although i have yet to experience 5 meo, the rapid onset of nn dmt is hard for me to be with, and i find it hard to be able to recall as much as i'd like. I am after that smoother onset like @Flicker_boy mentioned in hopes of retaining and recalling all I can. Enjoy your trip everyone
  8. I just acquired a vaporizer intended for wax for my nn DMT. Now, I have not used it yet (not in the right head space to take much away from it) but the coil/atomizer inside it heats to a glowing orange, and i can only assume it will heat the crystals to vaporization without burning it up. I also utilize a lolipop (meth/crack) pipe with a torch lighter held plenty far away enough to not burn the crystals up. I find the torch to be much easier to get the crystals to vaporization than dancing a regular bic lighter around the pipe as the physical world melts away after the first hit. Lastly, I have used a square of tin foil and a paper plate rolled into a funnel (wider at the end to catch all the vapor) and a bic underneath and had wonderful successes years ago, but then youre left with the remainder on the tin foil rather than safely waiting in the pipe for the next ceremony @herghly I too am interested in plugging nn DMT (and any other substance that will work with that ROA). No shame in my game lol. I have yet to plug nn DMT, but will share my experience once i get hcl.
  9. dayum! 2 grams?? Were they cubensis or panaleous cyanescens??
  10. UPDATE: I have found other keepers of the toad on various social media platforms and have been gaining their insight and absorbing their experience with caring for their babies. If anyone ever provides a home for a bufo alvarius and needs info or help please reach out to me and I will try my best to help with your questions and/or put you in contact with my newfound friends
  11. Might anyone have any information on proper care and milking procedure of the bufo alvarius toad? I am aware of temp ranges (some say 70-75 deg F... some say 75-80 deg F... 85-90 deg on the hot side/end of their terrarium), I am aware of their diet (calcium dusted crickets, mealworks, silkworms, and even pinkie mice), I am aware of proper handling procedure (wash hands before ad after handling and wear gloves), tank substrate (vermiculite and coconut husk), all the basics. I'm mainly looking for: Feeding schedule and Milking procedure (I am aware that a 4-6 week resting period is required and quite possibly would let them rest longer) Let us please rest assured that I revere these animals and their medicine (although i have never experienced it) and pride myself in proper trip protocal. Let us please know that I am a responsible adult looking forward to loving and spoiling these animals and do not see them as just a means to an end. I have watched and listened to roughly 7-8 hours of informational videos on bufo alvarius, Dr Octavio Rettig interviews and ceremonies, 5 meo, etc. If anyone has their own toads and is willing to share their experiences with caring for them, please reach out to me!
  12. There is a RUMOR (more than a rumor... a lie) that he is playing Terence McKenna in a movie based off Terence's book "True Hallucinations", but this was actually a type of guerilla-style seed planting from a Terence McKenna Facebook page to pique the interests of the masses regarding Terence and, ultimately, psilocybin mushrooms. Other seed planting tactics involved taking pictures of pop icons (Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, etc) and superimposing Terence quotes about taking psychedelics, so the mainstream followers say, 'oh wow! Biebz likes to take mushrooms? I should look more into mushrooms!" I didn't say it was a safe tactic, and I didn't come up with them either... I'm also getting way off topic. Jim has social media going crazy right now and I love it
  13. I sit cross legged, but I find I have a lot of... idk... blocked energy? in my hips. I have pain in my hips most days. I'm wondering if maybe you have some suggestions.... maybe i'll start a thread about it
  14. Yes when I heard her say that I was like damn wtf!!! He did so well. <3 <3 <3
  15. I'm tearing up reading this. So happy for you! All the love and respect in the world to you and to your mvp gf!!!