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  1. @Hello from Russia The video is fine but I think it would be better if we get something more specific like porn addiction.
  2. Is Robin Sharma stage orange?
  3. How to overcome porn addiction? Please make a video about this Leo using your existential insights. What we put in our minds is very important and so watching porn is detrimental to our success. Please make a video about this Leo.
  4. I have been contemplating for 10 minutes everyday for the past few months but I am not getting the results. Distracting thoughts come up and I am unable to keep myself concentrated. I currently use the do-nothing meditation technique. Please suggest how to improve my contemplation practice.
  5. That's a great idea @Leo Gura. . All the best!!
  6. Focus on what you want. Not what you don't want. Ignore all this black stuff. Just focus on what you want.
  7. Thanks. I was told by my psychiatrist not to meditate ever since I already had 2 psychosis experiences. But I continued meditation because my psychology went back to serene. The psychiatrist diagnosed me with anxiety disorder and gave me nexito 10 as medication. Now I wish my psychiatrist could have given me some antipsychotic medication. @Toby @onacloudynight @Outer
  8. Congratulations on your progress! Then please tell me how to deal with the next psychosis. The 3rd seems to be coming soon in a week (seriously). Have some mercy and please tell me. At least tell me which books on meditation to read.@AleksM @Martin123
  9. First of all I think this is a pretty important topic to discuss- meditating induced psychosis. psychosis: a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality. Symptoms like: hallucinations, voices in the head, constant terror, insomnia, breaking down of the mind, extreme stress and worry are common in this case. I already had 2 episodes of meditation induced psychosis. After contemplating for a bit: I think meditation for people with anxiety and narcissistic disorders increases anxiety and negative thoughts especially for adolescents. And meditation is something that may help them reduce anxiety only if done is very tiny blocks per day. Maybe the anxiety increases because they don't do the meditation with proper guidance or knowledge. Maybe it's because they are not able to let go to their need to know. Maybe it's because they are just over stress in daily life. Maybe it's because they are not yet ready to sit down and stop thinking. Or maybe it's because they are still thinking like a victim. But meditation induced psychosis is real. It is terrifying. Maybe doing meditation with yoga or playing sports or other relaxing habits may make it possible to meditate normally. Maybe only after being more conscious of the truth about psychosis, one can start meditating again with care. And I believe meditation helps to calm the mind but not in specific cases like psychosis. There must be some other way to calm the mind and increase happiness. So please suggest your views and advice on how can one replace meditation with some similar activities.
  10. I get thesent thoughts that I can't go outside unless my anxiety is cured. I feel sad and depressed. I am reading books on self esteem but nothing is helping me. I also have Avoidant Personality Disorder (AvPD) and that means I don't want to face the emotional discomfort that I once experienced in the past. Please give me some advice. My thoughts are just going on a loop keeping me stuck. I feel like I am not able to do anything because everything is emotionallying difficult.
  11. Try to keep your body and head and eyes still. Make sure to focus out. And then let go and be aware. Even be aware of your not being able to be aware.
  12. I find the sedona method very helpful for releasing negative emotions. You may also do some of your favorite hobbies. I love reading biographies and that always helps me when I get negative thoughts. Also you may try guided meditations for feeling your emotions. This can be very powerful. Lastly, this too shall pass.