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  1. @Cocolove I think @Roy means have a big picture plan for the long term. You don't have to work at McDonald's forever. Maybe you could start a business. And for that you create a plan that when you have the enough capital to invest in your business part time then you can grow your business until you can switch to the business fulltime.
  2. @Average Investor Thanks! I have been sharing my blog post on social media and on my facebook page. I have like 64 followers on my facebook page and I don't get much traffic from that. Maybe 1 person visits my blog and comments once in a while and that's about it.
  3. I have been blogging for a year now. And I haven't been getting much traffic. 2 months ago I thought about creating a course on Mental Health. I planned the course and started writing and shooting videos. When I completed Module 1, I published it on my website to see if people will buy the whole course. No one is buying. The course is 100INR(1.35USD). And it's one module on controlling our emotions. I don't know what people are willing to pay for. I have 40 people in my email list but they hardly click on my email links. I asked on facebook recently what would they like me to create content on. One person answered but the answer was vague and abstract.' I have no idea what to sell and whom to sell.
  4. @Maximus The book Think and Grow Rich talks about desire in the 2nd chapter and there are instruction that show you how to nourish and increase the desire to a burning desire. Maybe you need to create a burning desire in you for football. So the instructions tell you to write down exactly what you want in the exact amount and what you are willing to give in return to the world for what you want. Then you write the date by which you will accomplish the goal. Then ultimately you write a short 2-3 line plan summary of how you will achieve that goal. Then every day after getting out of bed and before going to bed, say it to yourself loudly and believe in it as if you have already achieved that goal. This is how you create burning desire. A burning desire can mow down all resistence.
  5. @Cocolove I also agree with @Roy .
  6. I just don't feel like meditating now a days. I had meditated for an year and half but after I started taking prescription pills for psychosis and depression, I don't feel like meditating. I don't know why. And Leo said that if I don't meditate, I can't watch his videos. I miss watching Leo's videos. But I also don't feel like meditating. What do I do?
  7. @Elham So what can I do to go up the stages? I am new to Philosophy.
  8. College Student studying Philosophy. Aspiring to become a motivational speaker(life purpose).
  9. @Leo GuraI have decided to study philosophy in college. But I am from science background where we need to write logical answers and short answers. How did you manage to adapt to philosophy where long answers are required. How is philosophy different from science and how can I be good at it Leo?
  10. I am doing work(everything is a work) but I am having trouble with doing work without any motive. This I cannot do anything without motive. This selflessness is beyond the mind and it has to come from there. But I need to struggle and do karma(work). I daily give all my resentments and insecurities to God. And I know that it does not take the suffering away but it does take the perception of suffering away. Hope it helps you if you are following karma yoga.
  11. I have learnt the secret. Nature is for me and not me for nature. When I am helping someone, I am not doing him/her a favour, he is giving me an opportunity to help myself and worship God through him/her. I also think that I need to read more variety of spiritual ideas and not just I have been biased towards and now I think I should be more open to other ideas.
  12. I am not going to write in this journal anymore and I am changing to another journal called "Karma Yoga Journey". Thank you for reading!
  13. I am going to do karma yoga. The yoga of action is another name to it. This is basically Non-attachment to the every action that you do. Why I did not go for self-inquiry and meditation although I will do meditation daily but not self-inquiry because I think for me I want to impact the world through helping people raise the level of their consciousness. That's my life purpose. But there is karma yoga through which I am integrating enlightenment and life purpose. I think that's best for me. Right now I am 2 years meditator and I am reading Spiritual books of Swami Vivekananda. I met Maharajji at Belur Math in Kolkata and his enlightened presence made me see life more clearly. Therefore I am ready to surrender my life to this journey.