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  1. How to know if behavior is mechanical? How do you turn towards conscious behaviors?
  2. I have decided that since the advice that the therapist gave me is wrong, I will resume meditation again. Many people in my past have told me to stop meditation. Ignorance is not just limited to common people but also doctors who have no idea about the benefits of meditation. They themselves can't meditate for 5 minutes and why should I listen to their advice. They asked me to stop meditation some 20 days ago and I feel like I want to die. I hit my father twice, I shouted at my mother and sister and I spoke shit. All because I stopped meditating. Not meditating is the only thing that is worsening my condition. When the doctors saw that all my EEG and MR I scans were normal theye could not give me any medicines because I needed therapy but since my psychiatrist does not care about the difference I feel between feeling calm inside or feeling like shit, he wants to give me 6 months of unconsciousness. I commit to a life long habit of meditation.
  3. @Key Elements This book opened a new possibility for me. It showed me was what's possible. That I could also live a successful life everyday. I will read it again. I am sure I will understand it more when I read it now.
  4. I had many emotional turmoils and purging has occurred many times. It has never created any serious problems.
  5. Time management is very powerful. Stress management Focus Routines
  6. @aurum Consciousness/awareness is my second top value in my values list. I love to meditate. It may be my life purpose. I feel less negative emotions when I am meditating daily. I am more calm and my behaviour are more productive. Not meditating is only counter productive. My doc tells me to do yoga but not meditation. I love it too. The therapist says that it is changing how my brain waves functions. He has his own doubts and he does not want to share it. I feel more controlled by my emotions. My neurosis increases more. I feel empty most of the time. I don't think I am one of those people who finds it hard to meditate. Initially it was difficult but after a few days I loved it. I still love it.
  7. Concentration meditation may help. You may be not able to concentrate and that's why you are not able to concentrate on your imagination. Imagination is a very powerful too. You may start seeing more emotional movies or something that is inspiring to you. It works for me. It also works for children usually. Children can usually draw cartoon or anime characters without taking drawing classes because it is emotionally more appealing to them. Likewise when you find something that is visually stimulating to you in the real world you will also be able to imagine and draw better. I also think that mindfulness with labelling and concentration meditation is very helpful for increasing concentration. You may also use the Sedona Method to release any unresourceful emotions that you may be suppressing.
  8. You can find your life purpose and do what you love to do. You will live in your own heaven and you can do personal development and spirituality. It looks good on paper but its very practical and it's possible. Life purpose it is. Find your life purpose and you will get unconditional happiness.
  9. It's very emotionally appealing and stimulating. Once you start watching it you won't leave it in your life time unless you raise your consciousNess or get enlightened lol. GoT is vast. It has action, story, drama, war. But that is the problem. It is over stimulating. I watched it and I don't want to watch it again. But I want to finish watching it.
  10. A strong morning routine is something that charges you mentally and physically for the rest of your day since the morning. You can see a very visible change in the quality of your day of the habits you have in the morning makes your day more productive and happier. Yoga Meditation Affirmations Visualisations Exercising Reading Jogging Drinking water Getting early in the morning like 5:30am Anything that releases endorphins and makes you feel more alive.
  11. Mindfullness with labelling by Shinzen Young. This is the fastest way that I think most people can use to gain bodily awareness and raise their consciousness.
  12. My advice- Aim for Big picture understanding. Adopt an abundance mindset. Get experiential. Become a self help junky. Commit to a life long learning of personal development.
  13. The vision. You have to habe a vision. My best advice for you is to take the life purpose course and finding your life purpose. Start getting experience. Start raising your consciousness.
  14. I am seeing a therapist who has told me not to meditate for 6 months because he thinks it is worsening my mental illness and neurosis. (I don't believe that) In my given situation I feel like I am dying when I am not meditating daily. My negative emotions are creating reality distortions and unresourceful behaviours. I am automatically inclined towards lowering my consciousness. I feel more urge to watch porn and playing video games. No-meditation is killing me basically. What do I do? One of the ways I think may help me is to do mindfulness with labelling for a good 10-20 minutes everyday. Another way that I am not sure about is doing the Sedona method release by keeping the eyes closed for 20 minutes. Please share your ideas.
  15. This is my first motivation book I read at the at of 12.