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  1. @Shiva wow... I understood. But It's so scary.
  2. I am scared of women. Because I put them on a pedestal and I think they are more special than men. My neck freezes when I think of looking at a girl who I might like. I am also a feminine man. I am 19. I guess I need to go out and date women to become more masculine. The thing I need help with is how do I become more masculine and not be afraid of women? Thank you.
  3. Get well soon Leo. 😊
  4. @bejapuskas @Zigzag Idiot Thank you!
  5. I want to find meaning and I have been contemplating meaning for a few days now and I am not getting any insights. I am depressed because I don't have meaning in my life. How do I find meaning?
  6. I do self-healing with reiki and ever since every time I do reiki I feel very good as if something inside me shifts permanently. Thank you for the insights😀.
  7. This is the first time I did a contemplation(only 30 mins though). I am going to make it a daily routine. These are my results. What do you think guys? Thank you!
  8. I had quit videogames many months ago.
  9. @ground I can understand your frustration. Discussion over.
  10. @ground Who says there is no God? Did Leo say so? As far as I know he said God is Absolute Infinity. Krishna=Absolute Infinite Form=Formless So if Absolute Infinity is formless then in form Absolute Infinity is Krishna
  11. @Matt8800 I am not speak about the word... You obviously cannot understand Nothingness but chanting that word. The Hare Krishna mantra is like the 5 second rule.. it activates the front part of the brain and increases will power. Bhakti is what is needed... Not chanting Hare Krishna only
  12. Sorry to hear that you were indoctrinated... I was an atheist before I watched Leo's videos. I agree with everything that Leo says.. I am just adding the word Krishna not as a person... I mean to say Krishna=Truth=God=Nothingness=Consciousness
  13. Well Hinduism teaches all the above that you mentioned. Read Bhagavad-Gita As It Is. Give it a try. There art no dogmas. It's just a conversation between Arjuna and Krishna, two friends who are fighting in a battle.
  14. Indoctrination is not only in religion but everywhere. You are not really open minded unless you are enlightened.