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  1. I have been following Leo since 2015 and I have watched hundreds of his videos and got immense help from his videos. But I almost always misunderstand his spiritual teachings. For example the notion of “Nothingness” is not easy to understand. I don’t seem to understand it at all. At one point I thought it means total annihilation of existence and total black darkness of the physical world. And I know it’s not what I think. It can’t be anything I think. I have to experience it by actually doing the consciousness self-actualization work. How to not misunderstand Leo’s advanced spiritual teachings?
  2. @Martynas777 First of all increasing your level of consciousness is not a “hit” like hit of pleasure or high. And it has nothing to do with feeling amazing. You can become more aware of your inner states and emotions but it’s not a drug. It looks like you are pursuing a high or hits of pleasure or feelings. Consciousness is none of those. What progress did you make? What did you realise? Again you ramped up the meditation from 30mins to 3hours because your “spiritual gains” stopped. What spiritual gains are you referring to? And just because you stopped getting the “spiritual gains” why would you jump from 30 mins to 3hours? I would tell you to stop the meditation for a few days and see if your condition improves. Do you have family members? Spend time with them and get out of your house and enjoy life and stop meditation for a few days. Also read books on meditation from Leo’s Book list or best selling books on meditation. Read about the dark night of the soul. I am saying this because I also take Prozac and I have been through some tough psychologically disturbing episodes due to excessive meditation. I am not discouraging your pursuit of Truth and consciousness. I am saying make sure you are not chasing the wrong thing like a sense of pleasure or high without even being aware. Take care!
  3. @KennedyCarter Thanks! All the best to you too.
  4. @Leo Gura Wow that’s a great idea. Conscious clothing. I have make sure the cloth manufacturing process is of less pollution and sustainable by choosing the least polluting fabrics. Also I will need to make sure the kind of clothing is solving a problem that is going to bring a positive change for people and the planet. Then I have to create the product and market it in a convincing way. I read about a Tshirt made of living microorganisms that looks like normal tshirts and it decomposes when buried in the soil.
  5. @SageModeAustin Great! Make sure the results are consistent not for a few weeks but months and years every day.
  6. I live in Howrah,India.
  7. @Cepzeu Great work! Very useful!
  8. Hi, this is Anirban here from India. I watched the Life Purpose course 5 years ago and I found my values and strengths. But I do not understand my exact life purpose. My values are contribution,awareness and service. My strengths are hope,creativity, appreciation of beauty, and gratitude. I sometimes sit down and write my life at the age of 60. I am 21 by the way. I get all kinds of inspirational ideas of helping people and truth seekers become more conscious. But then I realise I myself need to find truth first. But to go to a consciousness retreat costs money which I don’t have much. And that’s why I am back to finding my life purpose and feeling frustrated. I wonder how can I integrate helping people become more conscious and having an income. I don’t like to read books. I feel ADD. So I watch videos. I don’t know. I am already starting a clothing business and will have to do heavy sales and marketing. Do you have any ideas of how to switch from a completely money focused business to meaningful business?
  9. @Thought Art thanks!
  10. I am 21 years old, starting an online business but I also play the role of a dependent son who is lazy and faint hearted. I live with my parents. My elder sister is very independent and hard working. I do it because I get what I want from my parents-love, basic needs, financial support, etc. But I am mostly doing it automatically unconsciously. How do I stop playing this role?
  11. @Leo Gura Ok Leo. Will watch your video.
  12. @Mason Riggle I took the life purpose course 5years ago. I already bought it 5 years ago. At that time I was in high school and did not have enough life experience to specifically find out my life purpose. I guess this time it will be something new that I will find out.
  13. @Mason RiggleThank you! I will watch the life purpose course.
  14. I am a 21 year old male from India currently in college. I am afraid of making a mistake by committing to a way of life or career or philosophy because I feel like I will be not end up being a good person since all of the available ways of life or career or philosophy are somehow imperfect. For example, if I become a salesperson because I want to earn a lot of money, I will be contributing to capitalism in a small way which I won't do and money is an unhealthy value. If I become a youtuber because I want to have a meaningful impact in mental health, I may get meaning but I may not earn a lot of money. The problem is I get a feeling that commuting to a career or way of life can be a mistake. And I am unable to figure out what to do to solve it. What is the source of this doubt or fear? How do I overcome this fear? Please help me understand this problem. Do you face similar problems? How to overcome it?
  15. @BjarkeT I registered for the course today. If I don't like the course or find that it's not helping me I can ask for a refund in the 1st week after the course begins. If I complete the course I will post a review in this forum. Thanks friend for you opinion.