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  1. @Sri McDonald Trump Maharaj how much has journaling helped you ?
  2. @Nahm that was a really good way of getting on my nerves.
  3. I just read a post that read You are nothing Now I read You're beautiful I am confused.Lol
  4. Dang ...I interrupted your meditation
  5. To be noooothing Nothing means nothing and something means nothing and everything means nothing and then Round and round And Round and round Once again Back to Nothing This forum - nothing You - nothing Me - nothing Everybody - nothing I need to sip another drink Drunk woman steals ferry and yells - i'm Jack sparrow What??? Nothing!!
  6. Journaling helps a lot with spontaneity. Start describing stuff in your journal. By the way I have this same problem too. I think it's an executive function issue or something that remained underdeveloped since childhood. I frequently deal with articulation issues. I feel like I want to say something but I cannot get the words to illustrate it the way I want. And then I find someone using all the exact words and writing a long conversationalist essay to express their point and I am left wondering why I couldn't have done the same.
  7. List some of the ways in which someone can attack your self-esteem ? These may have been ways that you have come across somewhere in your past or even something you're dealing right now. One example that you can include in your list is bullying.
  8. I guess somewhere around 2007
  9. Oh god
  10. Yes we are all interdependent entities yet we are independent of each other. A strange amalgamation of things.
  11. Yeah, humans are the most ignorant species on the planet. Just too many complications only being human. Not easy being human. The hardest thing is staying alive.
  12. I feel hopeless all the time. Don't know why.