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  1. Hey, i liked that animal painting. It's great. Keep rocking. Take care.
  2. I have heard there are seven states
  3. @Lai There's a song waiting for you in the porn section.
  4. @LaiLai, here is a beautiful song only for you. I know your name is different and so this song is perfect for you, All you need to do is replace the name Susanna with your beautiful name and done. I hope you find a wonderful man some day who can sing this song for you and be completely madly deeply crazy loving you and keep looking into your beautiful eyes like the man in the video. Enjoy Btw you look just as beautiful as the girl in the video (and even more.) @jse Dear Uncle Jse be coooool.... <3
  5. @John Flores you mean negative thoughts can hamper the process.
  6. @Lai Did you read my answer in one of your previous topics about advice
  7. @jse @Lai Lol you guys already started fighting on the forum. What would happen in real life ?
  8. @Lai I feel for you. I understand the pain of unrequited love. But you're giving yourself unnecessary pain and this is all needless. You have to be with someone who really wants to be with you, whether long distance or accessible. It's not that long distance relationship hasn't worked out. It has for so many people across the globe. But there are obvious dangers in the internet world that you need to be aware of.. like predators looking for a beautiful girl like you. I'm sorry but online relationships are way more difficult than normal relationships because of the communication related misunderstandings involved. Please don't search for love on this forum at least, this should be the last place since it is really not meant for that. You could get hurt, mocked, trolled for expressing your real sentiments because nobody would understand how the person behind the keyboard feels, so no point in spilling your emotions here. (if you like someone here, sorry, but I personally wouldn't recommend that. Don't get me wrong, there are good folks here, it's just that it may not work out the way you think) Whatever I said might crush you, but it's better to learn the truth now than learn it the hard way later. Unrequited love is a big pain my dear..
  9. @Snick-The ThinkTank much love, This is my 1000th pic @Martin123
  10. you mean truth is love and love is truth @Snick-The ThinkTank why final note ?
  11. @Dodoster Don't lose your balance and fall off, because I'm sitting under it meditating.
  12. Are all these techniques to be followed in a strict sequence/order or can these be picked and practiced randomly ? @John Flores Is it necessary to practice these daily or can I do them on a weekly basis. Will it cause any decrease in the efficacy level. What would you suggest - daily or weekly ?
  13. Wow these seem to be good. I'll follow them Thank you John
  14. I would suggest you to take an appointment with a skin specialist or dermatologist since they know a variety of skin conditions and they can tell just by looking. Although it doesn't look like a skin condition to me, but certain health conditions can also lead to changes in skin. If this has been since a long time and no change, not much to worry, If this has happened suddenly, then you might need to look into it. Get yourself tested, blood tests or whatever the doc tells before condition worsens or more damage happens.