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  1. @Snick I agree. Your mind is the most unique sculpture in the whole world.
  2. @Snick How much time does it take to create a topic... I'm on a choo choo train.
  3. 4 Things they really need to emphasize on in schools Law medicine Psychology Spirituality
  4. @Snick Snick the chimp..... Monkey mind jukebox on full blast.
  5. You get horny, you mean you levitate when you look at your...... oops
  6. @Prabhaker prabby not the same again.
  7. You're fine. Don't take them seriously. Do what you feel right. Acknowledge their opinions and agree with them in their presence, however follow your own way when it comes to making actual decisions.
  8. Beauty, abundance and maturity
  9. Beauty and maturity are the two most important qualities to be admired in a person. How does beauty and maturity guide you?
  10. Kindness can't be extra. ……………… Do whatever is right and avoid whatever is wrong. Btw this is not being calculative or shrewd. It's being right.
  11. Give what the other person deserves. Giving what he/she doesn't deserve is wrong karma and this is my problem.