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  1. Need to start again .. Here I go...
  2. I don't even know where I left off.
  3. There's more to Life. Sex is just a drive instilled by the need to reproduce and thrive. That's not a purpose, just a need.
  4. All I can say....my words of wisdom I cling to lately : Life is pointless. Everything is nothing.
  5. Leo hows life going. Are you enjoying your life? And how is your health ?
  6. So how is this sandbox up until now ??
  7. Goddamit !!! Enlightenment must feel like jumping into this. So beautiful and mystic. Feels surreal. Just swim in it and feel the intensity
  8. Close to home. Little bit on edge because of the hurricane. Right now in Houston. Strong winds. All food stocked in fridge for a week. Felt the tornado yesterday. It's all closed in Houston. Won't be able to login for another 2 weeks. Power outage is getting frequent. I am grateful to God that I'm safe. Praying for all the families. It's so close to San Antonio
  9. I have 15 journals that I wrote last year. I don't know what to do with those. I don't want to throw them out. I want all the data but it would be too tedious to type out all of them. So kinda stuck with them. Have kept them all in a suitcase in my closet. One day I will have to collect all the stuff and retrieve all the data and make it digital.
  10. Growth function Giving and receiving Self awareness Situation dealing
  11. @The Monk Your parents are hampering your growth severely. Not a good place to be in. If you're in London its best if you find some counsellor to get in touch with and get their support to make your parents to understand the situation. If they don't, then apply anywhere nearby for a sales job, or other local low level jobs and use the money to live in shared rented apartments. That's your only chance brother. Or get help from some school /college friend who's ready to let you stay with him till you get financially independent. Until you don't have your own money, nothing can be practically possible at this moment
  12. Sorry could you clarify ?? Did you mean to say that she tried to hang you with her hands ?