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  1. @withinUverse Don't you just click to choose files for attachments? What are you talking about?
  2. @withinUverse What BBcode for forums? I had no idea that this was a thing.
  3. @supremeyingyang I thought that I needed to win my Mom's approval right? What am I supposed to win my Dad's approval for? I thought that I already won it. Can you please remind me of what you were talking about? Also, notifications for posts has been turned on but it may or may not work on my device. I just didn't need it because of how busy I was.
  4. Honestly I'm not sure if my art belongs in the art discussion or if I should bring up what I said. I don't want my artwork to be too repetitive. Also, a part of me finds what I said to be weird and cringy. You can easily misinterpret what I said about gender. Also, you can see that the man can still block the martial artist with his other hand. The challenge in this picture was that the martial artist needs to fight her opponent and have him look like he is experiencing more pain while she needs to control her own pain, having 100 pounds on her foot, a really sensitive body part. The reason why I am talking about martial arts so much is because someone on the forum suggested it.
  5. Btw, I find the woman's self-defense skills to be very impressive. I wouldn't mind if she was my martial arts teacher, I could learn some self-defense skills from her if I really wanted to hypothetically speaking. She was probably working on her strength as a martial arts student which is why her grip is so strong. It's possible for a woman to be stronger and a better fighter than a man, it would just take more work which is something that I respect and find honorable. I really like that you can show dominance regardless of your gender and how you can overcome your limitations through hard work (although genetics and other things still play a factor). Also, lets pretend that I was in this fight and I somehow escaped her grip. Kicking someone in the balls is a cheap move if it was used in the beginning of the fight and is usually unnecessary but the way that the martial artist uses it with her strength is impressive and is an exception. Tickling is also a really cheap move and should only be used as a last resort if someone for sure shows too much power with his or her feet. It's actually said that a woman is more tickleish. That would actually mean that there would be more potential for self-control because she is more sensitive and has more to control. It would be true inner emotional strength. It's very unlikely that it pan out and is basically a tradeoff so I wouldn't want that, at least not right now. I'm not saying that one can resist getting tickled through sheer will but it's just a thought about that I have on self-control. There is a video of someone successfully resisting getting tickled that I would like to show you: Also it takes serious "balls" for Martin Ball to take psychedelics because of what can go wrong and it changes him. I hope I made that clear in my illustration.
  6. @supremeyingyang But you are giving me benefits only after knowing that I have autism. What about before I told you? Being more confident right? Don't I need more knowledge in this case or would that just make decisions more overwhelming?
  7. @withinUverse What brings you here with using the forum?
  8. @withinUverse Wow, you are already creating high quality posts much faster than I did, good for you!
  9. Thank you for all of your feedback. @supremeyingyang My brother is not doing so great to answer your question. He left college because of his girlfriend and isn't going back anytime soon. Winconsin is a very confusing place because of different information including the poverty rates. My Mom and Dad disagree and you guys and my research also disagree. I don't really know if I should go to Wisconsin or not. I forgot the college that my Dad suggested. I actually don't know what I'm doing. I'm taking what my Mom is suggesting by going to Liberty University in California since I know what it's like to live in California but honestly, I need to decide what the best course of action should be. Although I'm not specifically against Christians, Christianity is always there in my life and I'm not really sure if I want to continue that by going to a Christian University, I just don't know what I'm doing. Also, what should I tell my Dad if he asks me why I should sign up for a martial arts class? Why did you suggest it on the list?
  10. Quote from phone: How is Non-Duality not Awakening when you said that Awakening is realizing that you are God and there that there is no one else but you? I don't see any dualities here. Does separation occur because there is no difference between duality and non-duality since it's a duality that collapses? What about my question of Non-Duality?
  11. Also, I have more questions that I want to post here to make sure that you see my other questions: Why do I get mad at God over little things? Why does it feel like God is trying to block something that I want? How do I change these things? I know that Leo says that I am God but I still want to ask these questions.
  12. Although I messaged Leo with his name during the conversation, he just ignores me so here are my questions: How is Non-Duality not Awakening when you said that Awakening is realizing that you are God and there that there is no one else but you? I don't see any dualities here. Does separation occur because there is no difference between duality and non-duality since it's a duality that collapses? What makes God Alien Intelligence if God is everywhere? Is the intelligence "Alien" because it transcends human intelligence as the godhead?
  13. I forgot the categories that I already created for my bookmarks, is there any possible way to merge the duplicates?
  14. @supremeyingyang Btw, for some reason, I only get notifications on the forum through private messaging which is why I didn't respond immediately yesterday. There's just so much that is worth discussing on the forum.
  15. My favorite book on learning is Define Your Why (it even has QR codes and questions to reflect on).