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  1. Btw, if I will never attain my "life purpose", then it isn't really my life purpose, I was just curious about the trouble since I still haven't figured it out yet.
  2. I also have a notebook with sentimental value but also don't want my parents to know what I wrote in there for the same reason. I later thought about moving out and that is when I started to digitalize my notes so the notes of that notebook are all on Google Drive but I still have trouble physically letting it go because of it's sentimental value to me (I've already tried taking pictures of the outside of the notebook too).
  3. A long time ago, when I first began to be more consistent with watching Leo's content, Leo responded to my thoughts and actions. At first, it seems like I am telling you coincidences but I just knew it could not be coincidences even though Leo posted those videos ages ago (one of them I remember are about belief systems). The 4th wall break that is the most convincing to be one is when I USE to play video games while listening. Something got my attention and then said, "See, you were doing whatever you were doing, and then you were like yeah! I need more of that!" This could have happened because of some kind of communication form of consciousness. Another one was when Leo asked me who I was and then I silently responded that I was nothing and then he said, "Don't give me high conscious answers like your nothing, no tell me who you as an ego think you are!" I had no answer and then he went on with the video. Another one has the least evidence because he was not asking me a question or did not respond to what I was doing but he spoke my thought saying "he is just trying to sneak his beliefs". He then said that he was offering something different and went on with the video. If Leo does not remember, it could be because of a different state of consciousness. If he does, I would be surprised which would be a secret between him and I. I just wanted to share what happened. And it's not like I had the urge of sharing, (I'm okay with my solipsistic bubble), I was doing more productive things.
  4. That's basically why I hesitate to be an unauthorized user for using a credit card to purchase your life course and your book list because your teachings may go against certain belief systems, I also appreciate your advice.
  5. He also made a video about it on his blog.
  6. I am not sure if I am overreacting. I am starting to second guess myself. A lot of junk received can be relative.
  7. @Nahm I looked up what a magnetic shopping list is but I have no clue or what it is for and how that is different from writing down a list. Let's not get too crazy about the solutions, I just don't want the junk food consumption to get out of hand but it's not like I crave it that much to actually eat it. It's just that I am concerned about willpower. Yes Leo said that awareness alone is curative and it does work.However, doesn't awareness and willpower both have a baseline and both fade? What is the difference? Doesn't the problem just come back after I lose awareness, does the problem never come back even after I Iose awareness or is my baseline level of consciousness more permanent than my baseline level of willpower? I watched Leo's video on awareness alone being curative but I still don't get it. What I do understand however is that the longer I keep cravings in general, the stronger they get and I think that was the main idea.
  8. She would sometimes go on her own though.
  9. So the forum agrees overall that the vaccine should be taken right? Now I cannot remember all of the other examples nor should I rely on hearsay but I would like to ask some question instead. What is a good general rule of thumb to call a group of people conspiracy theorists? Would we call Republicans and Democrats conspiracy theorists? If you are on the extreme on one side then you might. You also need to make a decision because either you take the vaccine or you don't. I actually know the people more (not specifying who) who are anti-vaccers and yet my knowledge of the vaccine is still weak for either side. Isn't all this information just more heresy?
  10. This creation idea does not work one way so I would not say that you are smarter than Leo even if it was true. No one is doing anything for you. The domains also need to go deep regardless of these entertaining infinite domains.
  11. I made 2 posts yesterday. One was about junk food and the other was about fish. People responded to my junk food problem but not about fish. I think it was because I called it "An Alternative View of Fish" instead of "A More Nuanced Perspective Against a Nutrition Assumption" or something like that. Don't get me wrong, I'm still against heavy metals. I think that it would be appropriate to post this following up post because Leo posted a video today about heavy metal detox. I still have more research to do from Leo's content and from other sources.
  12. I was taught that fish is actually good for me contain Omega-3 that contains muscle, selenium and protein. I use to believe that fish in general was good for me until Leo told me about heavy metals (they even call a type of fish metal bass for a reason). I would rather eat salmon than tuna because tuna is said to contain more heavy metals. I think it is stupid for Leo to overemphasize on heavy metals but I also think it is dumb to assume that fish is good for you in general (assumption is the mother of all f**kups). Leo even said that he assumed that vegetables would make his problem better but only made it worse. Here is a video that resolves the debate with fish:
  13. My Mom won't stop giving me junk food. She tries to give me a "balanced diet". I honestly just want to move on and let go (and because I am in cross fit and on the basketball team). No one guilt tripped me because I knew about the importance of diet from the very beginning. I tried telling my Mom what my goal is but doesn't listen because of all of these excuses.
  14. @LastThursday I just sent you my reply about asking Leo.
  15. Maybe ask @Leo Gura for advice since he is creating a book. I would not expect me giving him good ideas but try your best to see what is most important to you.