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  1. @Leo Gura Would you like to answer my questions now or if you will do a video on power?
  2. @Leo GuraSo then how could knowledge be power? How is political power gained? How does the victim lose power? What kind of power would I need for personal development?
  3. In the future, I would prefer to find a colledge in the States where it would be legal to take phychadelics when I am old enough but I don't want my Mom would come with me because of my autism. It would be embarrasing in my colledge life but I don't really want to take colledge online because I would like to have more of a social life. I really don't get invited that much by my friends and they are all gone. It seemed like my autism ruined my friendships in the past and I didn't really know how to fix that. What do I do about my autism in this situation?
  4. Here's a video explaining what God is from a near death experience:
  5. @ProserpinaHow do you master the human dimension and what happened to the Buddha and the other avatars after they did?
  6. @Proserpina How did you get into channeling? How long have you been doing it? The reason I'm open minded about it is because of these glowing entities that looked like aliens that I've experienced while I was fully awake without drugs. There was also paranormal phenomena that I've experienced and it would be appropriate to refer to it broadly. Would I still be open-minded if I didn't have these experiences? I'm am with Leo's insights even though I haven't experienced them but it could just be because he is a great speaker.
  7. @Proserpina Who is this person in this picture btw? She looks kind of cool. Would she have the name as yours on the forum? I cannot find that picture from searching that name. Also, why (or how) does this picture mean spirituality and sainthood?
  8. @Proserpina That doesn't make any sense, shouldn't the afterlife occur regardless of what I realize or don't realize? Like if someone is totally bought into the idea of reincarnation, would it be completely blank after he/she dies? Do I even know that the afterlife exists?
  9. @Proserpina Would this be a way to wake up from the dream of life? Would that be impossible if there is no difference between what is real and what is imaginary? Wouldn't nothing be impossible? Would God not being infinite be impossible? What would it mean for life to be a dream if there were to be no difference between what is real and what is imaginary?
  10. @Proserpina Do you think you would be qualified with teaching channeling or is that not possible?
  11. @Leo GuraWhen I go back to the forum index, I would sometimes have to log in again. Also, I cannot change the "remember me" option and I don''t remember saving the password but I might have. The password I enter also sometimes doesn't work the first time even though I type exactly the same thing. Is there a way for you to fix this problem? Thanks.
  12. @JoeVolcano How can my contemplation sessions be more integrative?
  13. @Proserpina Why do you refer God and Love seperately if God is Love? Realizing that you're God can help you channel better? You can't just get any realization by force.
  14. @Proserpina How could you have healed your Mom?
  15. @Proserpina Is heaven and hell real? Does reincarnation also exist or is it one or the other? How did you f*ck up? How could you go to different realms for the same reason? Is there literally heaven and hell or are the realms something else?