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  2. @Rafael Thundercat Okay I will add more spaces right now.
  3. @Max1993 Why can't I detect resistance to true meditation? How come some days I can meditate for a long time but not others? Did I say anything wrong about Leo? Don't just say that I'm projecting because that would be too vague.
  4. @Leo Gura Yeah I wanted to see how much of a jerk this person is from Squeekytoy's profile based on what he says in which his sense of humor isn't funny. You even told him that he is a jerk and that he strawmans people. I could be overreacting based on what he said to me but it has to do with you and your work and that I wasn't talking to him therefore I don't think I was overeating especially since he had a 3 day ban. I've already reported the post he sent to me in a different conversation so I don't think that a link is necessary, I'm pretty sure I already notified you using your name. I just wanted you to be the one to get people engaged in that conversation about the development of the book you plan to create and answering my questions that I think are meaningful to the conversation.
  5. Hello everyone or whoever is reading this, it seems like I am using someone else's resistance as a coping mechanism to feed into my pride and I don't really know how to change it. It seems like my plan is to detach from it while being in a futile conversation that doesn't change the other person's mind especially about religion even if the other person doesn't detach from resistance instead of resisting resistance. It wasted hours of my day just thinking about some argument that serves my pride until I went meta on my thoughts and thought about this and would like to find a way to go meta whenever I need to if possible since meditation is just a temporary solution and that I may not always be in the right state of mind for that. I can even be arguing with Leo about him being a hypocrite about "new-age bullshit" and is judgemental since the term is self-serving like "the Word of God". I also criticize in his head about how he knows the Sunnis and Shites but ignores Christian denominations and thinks he can call Jesus whatever he wants by making a generalization with religion without realizing the power of the concept of an idol which would be offensive to all Christians which is against the Bible and he just referred to different religious entities as idols and generalizing Catholics as all Christians when he says they pray to marry in the video of his worst psychedelic trip. He also shows no knowledge about the Trinity and brings up a seemingly contradiction as a silly objection that he should have thought Christians are aware of about Jesus not being God but the Son of God (in some other video I forgot about). I'm not that triggered by the Christian ideas themselves, but the problematic result of not doing any research and making stupid objections on camera. Even if I were to be making objections about @Leo Gura I want him to know about this because of how problematic this is, thank you. Come to think of it, maybe he wanted to shut off my discussion thread because he didn't like what I say to him even though I trying to be nice to him: Please do not take this the wrong way. I believe that you are trying your best but that there can be some sort of discussion on the forum designed for preventing these silly mistakes whenever you try to speak to a specific audience. Here is the video I was referring to (keep in mind that all the information I mentioned about Leo isn't all in a single video but this is the video that brought it to my attention):
  6. @Yimpa Also why can't ChatGPT cite sources and that people just use a plagarism scanner in case it is used irresponsibly? I don't really see what all the fuss is about. And on tp of that, using it academically is not a creative way of using it and that the app can offer more ways.
  7. @Yimpa I didn't know for ChatGPT and here is the app I use: I also saw that Leo had the same idea with his contemplations shown here: It's just that Leo said he is still in the testing phase with testing out ChatGPT and only shows the poem without his contemplations on it. Some versions are limited and couldn't find the option for it to ask me questions on and that the app says it doesn't know such AI language models that can do that in my previous conversation that I can share later if I find it but now but now it says it can so I will look into it. Thank you for letting me know.
  8. I've been contemplating nothingness for awhile since my mind naturally drawn towards it but first, I would like to share what I have discovered about God. I've noticed that it is Spirit that what gives rise to the soul that is what causes my perceptions There would always be the perceiver within the soul and that this mind is a medium of what I perceive only within the body but how I truly know that I am God is that God's consciousness is infinite and that there would be nothing outside of God's consciousness making God omniscient. It means that my consciousness is God's consciousness and that consciousness is the only sentient thing that exists. Now I've had a sense of peace after meditating and contemplating for a long time without intuiting anything and discovered that the present moment is nothing. Everything includes nothingness but I think of nothingness as the absence of everything. Keep in mind that Leo admitted that what he said in what Awakening would feel like is wrong but less wrong if he were to color in the details. Anyways, since nothingness is the absence of everything, I found out the the absence of everything includes the absence of nothingness which is what we call something. Therefore I can say that everything includes something. It is how something and nothing are identical since the absence of everything includes the absence of nothing or something. Now you might be interested in these documents I have. Keep in mind that I recoreded my insights from ChatGPT and that it was not very helpful except to respond to common objections that it is programmed with. Somehow, it helps me come up with insights even if AI Chat cannot ask me any questions based on my responses, it just helps me come up with more questions and if I get unsatisfying answers, I contemplate the new questions. The conversation may or may not directly relate to the insights I shared but they are still worth reading about. Basically what I said at the end is that, because there is only existence, non-existence would have to exist and if it doesn't, that is still non-existence at work. Because reality is infinite, this is how non-existence can truly exist outside of reality since anything outside of reality does not exist. I thought about how it affects perception within the eternal now since Leo brought up the metaphysics of the donkey not knowing math and how anything outside of direct experience is not real (or non-existence). It means that nothingness is the only constant thing to exist since the present moment is always changing even the non-existence of non-existence itself that is brought into existence or created in consciousness or the Mind of God based on what I said earlier. Since nothingness is constant, it's like the present moment is nothing. Is nothingness a noun_ If I am only able to think of something, would nothingness not even be an idea_.pdf The Present Moment Is Nothingness - Google Docs.pdf
  9. @DefinitelyNotARobot I thought that this would be Spirit or it could be the sole soul. I've noticed that God's consciousness is infinite and therefore my consciousness is God's consciousness but somehow it seems degraded wtihout omniscience. Consciousness is the only sentient thing that exists.
  10. @Inliytened1 Is it because people who are awake cannot be understood? What if I also become awake too?
  11. @Leo Gura Hello Leo, I'd be interested in knowing how much progress you've made and how you will use your teachings from your videos a maybe from the booklist and your courses in a book or will it be completely different? I think that it would be one of the greatest experiences to meet you one day. You said however that everything that is currently going on in my life is going to lead to my Awakening. You also said that we will meet each other from a certain "experience" but then again, me meeting you "normally" can be part of that process. I am asking how the book is coming along because it's almost the end of the year. Would Christmas be your favorite holiday by any chance? If not, what is it?
  12. @Leo GuraI am pretty sure you answered what is worth asking on the forum and worth contemplating about back in 2015 or 2016 since that is probably crucuial to the forum. Since contemplation comes from my thoughts, would it be unable to raise my state of consciousness? I'm pretty sure that the answer is no since you mentioned contemplation and self-inquiry as ways to raise one's state of consciousness. Why did you make a video on the difference between meditation and concentration but not on contemplation and self-inquiry?
  13. @Leo GuraThere was this out of body experience that I had that lasted very briefly. I had some serious negative emotions without really knowing why. How do I know if there is just pure consciousness or pure consciousness within the soul? If everything is imagined by conscious, it would mean that consciousness imagines astral projections and NDEs but who is the one experiencing these things? Since I saw a ghost, wouldn't this mean that there are souls? You would probably say that a vision of a disappearing lever as alien technology is more likely to be true according to your beliefs but you know that everything is imagined by consciousness and I don't really know what such an experience actually means but something probably changed about my life as the one who experienced it. If my beliefs shape my perceptions and experiences from phychadelics, how do I know that such mystical experiences can be trusted? Since my dream self dies after the dream ends (while I'm in bed) and the perceiver lives on, wouldn't this represent the afterlife because death is imaginary? If I were to take LSD and experience other experiences according to the book The Holographic Universe in which these experiences are still held within my own consciousness, would this mean that there is a samadhi experience with someone else's experience as my own since I only have my experience? The neti neti method proves oneness making such an experience possible because of Oneness since everyone would then be nothing. Oneness would imply that there is no other so what would make this idea more acceptable than Absolute Solipsism in spirituality? Why mention a reuploaded version of the Absolute Solipsism video if you didn't want people to watch (or listen) to it? If the ego is able to interpret mystical experiences, why do some psychadelics kill it, how do I know what will, what would be required for an ego death, does my ego paradoxically want one and if so, why? I only thought about these questions as I was typing all of this which means that I should contemplate them before receiving the answers from you. Have you already talked about what is required for an ego death? I think that this is very important to know right now. You have very long content so it's difficult to remember and I would have to look into my notes to find that which I probably don't have. How would I know if online information about this topic would be misleading? By the way, would you say that your responses to my thoughts and actions through your videos beyond coincidence be conidered samadhi experiences since such knowing about my thoughts and actions to your videos were generated from being and that my state of consciousness was deeper and more concentrated? If it seems like these questions are too much, you can briefly answer each of them. It seemed like you were only cherry picking last time and am curious to know how the result of that works. Please feel free to do what you like with this and I would highly encourage for other people to answer this post.