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  1. Hi all! A rather simple request. Could you share some questions that you ask yourselves after a session of meditation?
  2. What is being aware of a thought? I'm always given extreme examples of addiction and murder being caused by thoughts. What about insignificant thoughts like "my black hoodie needs ironed"?? Do I need to be aware of that thought.
  3. @Jacobsrw take away the physical body aspect of it all. So whatever is experiencing these thoughts could not be labelled as myself? The experience is I
  4. @nistake i need to give some sort of name to this experience as I'm only experiencing it so why not call it I? The thought of looking at a picture arose to my experience so why not call it I?
  5. @Mu_ I still deeply identify with my body so yes I feel like "I" and the body are one so you asking if the body is talking I see that as just "are you talking". I have to be honest. I'll need time to ponder it
  6. @Mvrs In this dream state i still have some sense of this physical body with feelings, consciousness, thoughts. It seems awful constant!!
  7. I feel the same. Comments should be interesting to hear....
  8. I've been reading about the "I thought" in my book and want to believe it however I don't want to follow so easily and believe it like being victim of brain washing. I'm looking about my room. I truly belive I am the physical body and my thoughts come from my brain. I live in the materialistic paradigm. I welcome you to argue that I'm not the physical body and help me break it down!!!
  9. So thoughts are created (I'll not get into that just now) and go ahead and start influencing the way you act/feel etc. These negatives thoughts arise day and day out and affect you but Who are they affecting? You could say the ego/the physical body. I am not a thought myself so to what does this thought Interact with? Can someone point me in the right direction of the topic here?
  10. I feel this is why all my relationships never last too long. I think subconsciously I want to do this inner work.
  11. @Kubia Thank you. Growing up with all this stuff can't be good your health. I'll try and cut things out one by one