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  1. What are your favourite teachings of Leo from things such as wearing an elastic band and flicking yourself when you realise you are being judgemental, writing 10 things in your journal about your asshole boss lol or trying to be aware of the sensation of your ears to improve body awareness? Feel free to post as many as you like.
  2. Hi all. I was looking to use shrooms for personal growth. I have used them in the past recreationally (in company) so know about their capabilities. Could anyone recommend if 1g is sufficient to really help me? I want to start on the lower side due to anxiety. Thank you.
  3. Holy shit I guess he was being serious in the end! I take back what I said to mr Wind
  4. @Vynce At my current level I really hope so. I've not quite burned away my attachments lol
  5. Thank you all for these responses. I appreciate your time. All extremely helpful. Except you Windappreciator - You suck
  6. I'm under the impression this is the "I" thought or the ego itself? Would I be correct in understanding this? Essentially experiencing a voice that isn't "You" and trying to manipulate "you"? Not a pleasant thing...
  7. Hi all! A rather simple request. Could you share some questions that you ask yourselves after a session of meditation?
  8. What is being aware of a thought? I'm always given extreme examples of addiction and murder being caused by thoughts. What about insignificant thoughts like "my black hoodie needs ironed"?? Do I need to be aware of that thought.
  9. @Jacobsrw take away the physical body aspect of it all. So whatever is experiencing these thoughts could not be labelled as myself? The experience is I
  10. @nistake i need to give some sort of name to this experience as I'm only experiencing it so why not call it I? The thought of looking at a picture arose to my experience so why not call it I?
  11. @Mu_ I still deeply identify with my body so yes I feel like "I" and the body are one so you asking if the body is talking I see that as just "are you talking". I have to be honest. I'll need time to ponder it