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  1. @Vynce At my current level I really hope so. I've not quite burned away my attachments lol
  2. Thank you all for these responses. I appreciate your time. All extremely helpful. Except you Windappreciator - You suck
  3. I'm under the impression this is the "I" thought or the ego itself? Would I be correct in understanding this? Essentially experiencing a voice that isn't "You" and trying to manipulate "you"? Not a pleasant thing...
  4. Hi all! A rather simple request. Could you share some questions that you ask yourselves after a session of meditation?
  5. What is being aware of a thought? I'm always given extreme examples of addiction and murder being caused by thoughts. What about insignificant thoughts like "my black hoodie needs ironed"?? Do I need to be aware of that thought.
  6. @Jacobsrw take away the physical body aspect of it all. So whatever is experiencing these thoughts could not be labelled as myself? The experience is I
  7. @nistake i need to give some sort of name to this experience as I'm only experiencing it so why not call it I? The thought of looking at a picture arose to my experience so why not call it I?
  8. @Mu_ I still deeply identify with my body so yes I feel like "I" and the body are one so you asking if the body is talking I see that as just "are you talking". I have to be honest. I'll need time to ponder it
  9. @Mvrs In this dream state i still have some sense of this physical body with feelings, consciousness, thoughts. It seems awful constant!!
  10. I feel the same. Comments should be interesting to hear....
  11. I've been reading about the "I thought" in my book and want to believe it however I don't want to follow so easily and believe it like being victim of brain washing. I'm looking about my room. I truly belive I am the physical body and my thoughts come from my brain. I live in the materialistic paradigm. I welcome you to argue that I'm not the physical body and help me break it down!!!