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  1. Yes, who has had it worse Native Americans or the African Slaves?
  2. The only thing you ought to be careful of is telling God what it can and can not get attached to. What has always been the same constant from the get-go? Every time you dream or trip or whatever you do what always remains? Even when you lose your memory. Some trips may take years to integrate or may not. Some of you may only need one massive trip or perhaps not. If one has to keep asking if one should stop taking psychedelics maybe you should not be taking them in the first place. Go back to basics all that you seek is here all it takes is a bit of research. In the end, you should know for yourself. Fugacious is also imaginary... Anyone delving into any drug should be mature enough and have enough common sense to have studied beforehand and know there can be implicit dangers that come with this dream. Yes, we can overdo it and start too early. Everything has been already done for you on this Forum by Leo.
  3. Time for a break then decide? Surely with all the insights from your trips and watching Leo's work you should already know the answer.
  4. You inside your mind now this now everything is you. This forum is your mind talking back to yourself. You don't go anywhere this is heaven now. If you go deep enough everything around you now will fade away and when you become even more conscious you will as well. And if you go even deeper well you will have to find that out for yourselves.
  5. Neville Goddard Lectures: “Many Mansions” (1969)
  6. 🙌🖖🙏
  7. Now which Guru said this?
  8. One of my early trips I had this happen for about 2 hours and the music started to sound like demonic organs playing. Don't why I thought that it had something to do with u tube. The music became a bit unnerving but more irksome than anything else. The music was slowing down almost like when a DJ can slow down the flow of the music and then speed it up with a pitch control. I guess you could say it's like the slowing and speeding up of consciousness. The odd thing was it only seemed to happen with music. Not with other things somewhat like special relativistic time dilation. The second time it occurred I believe I did it for an experiment and to see if I could recreate the same scenario. So I took around 4 grams and listened to music and within an hour to 2 hours, it happened again. I got stuck in the so-called 4-gram range on cubes. Like I was stuck in neutral for a time. and this is when the trip starts to become twisted and loopy in this state of consciousness. And I just thought maybe if I increase the dose and see what happens. Not the best idea though it could have gotten worse. So I kicked it up to 1000,000 notches on the consciousness scale by taking another 3 or 4 grams. Plainly this is just an arbitrary figure and scale. And about 20 to 30 minutes everything was flowing at the right tempo again and seemed to do the trick. I had the opposite happen from one of my biggest dosages of cubes. It took about 4 or 5weeks to come down and about a year to ground myself. I never really did come back. People talk about Kundalini well I can only equate it to that. And the only way I could get rid of all this pent-up energy was by watching porn for that duration and releasing it by busting Kunda-nut energy out. The funny thing was well I didn't have a girlfriend then but what was even more funnier was all the porn was sped up to the point like I was watching the Benny Hill show. And it would gradually reduce and decrease every day until it came back to ground zero which of course I could tell by using porn as a baseline. It may have been due to Serotonin syndrome but I doubt it. It was more like Hyperspermia or I became Hypersexual. Time Distortions Time alteration perceptual distortions, and therefore considered part of the Alice in Wonderland syndrome. Of course, this is all imagination. If anyone has created your background story other than you, then you are not God. God is its own demise its own ending. Who created your background story and imagined it into reality or this dream from the get-go?? Think about it. Meditation and yoga are for kids. Psychedelics are for grown-up kids. Both are also imaginary. The forum is your mind. God is attached to God. You created what is Evil and what is Good from scratch for a reason and also rules consequences foundations other stories everything etc. I know how deep it goes, do you? But you see with this comes responsibility for what you created. If you all wish we could all be in a world where everything you LOVE and are attached to and hold so dear could be gone in a flash. A world in which well you get the point. I believe the word you humans use is to separate the wheat from the chaff. Anything that we know is an illusion itself. Said the imaginary Buddha. But to know this one has to use knowledge. Knowledge is the biggest illusion said the illusion. There is no death when you awaken as God how can that which already is forever die? You become so conscious that you can no longer deceive yourself. The idea dies not you. I hate to burst your bubble. Consciousness is not a bubble. One of my favorite tubers is Nexpo. I have always been drawn to mysteries and strange phenomena they have always intrigued me from an early age. I found Nexpo a few years ago. I don't have much interest these days in much anymore. But I still find these enigmas fun. God likes to play childish games with "itself". And even they become boring after a while.