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  1. For this dream to work and for God to forget and believe it is a human you have to limit your consciousness. Yes everything and all things are you and you do have infinite imagination and you are unlimited but you are also limited as a human.
  2. Infinite intelligence has no limits I never said it did that is why it can imagine anything it wants. In other words, being a human for instance.
  3. Let go of the notion or concept of being a human there is no human to being human and where this idea of human consciousness comes from humans. God is imagining the earth the sun the milky way galaxy the universe and being a human that lives on a planet with other humans. Just like god can imagine different beings on other planets which we call aliens and they would call us aliens. The many masks or faces of God. You are not human God is not a human infinite consciousness is not human.
  4. What is more ethical to kill: A blue whale or 800000 shrimps? In my point of view, both are unethical to kill but that is my perspective and of course, everyone will have a different viewpoint. I love all life forms on this planet and both Whales and Marine arthropods play an important role and contribute to the ocean's ecosystem. They are both equally as important to the oceans of the Earth. Shrimp is already a food sauce. Each year, about 7.4 billion pounds of wild shrimp are harvested out of the ocean. In the U.S., wild-caught shrimp account for 10% of total consumed shrimp, weighing in at just over 200 million pounds. The problem with this is that shrimp is one of the most popular seafood in America and demand continues to grow. The term by-catch refers to the non-target fish and marine creatures that are “accidentally” caught. The commercial shrimping industry has the highest rate of incidental by-catch of any seafood. It is estimated that each year over 24 billion pounds of non-targeted animals and plants are caught by shrimp fisheries worldwide, with up to 98% being discarded. The majority of the by-kill is dead or dying by the time it is returned to the sea. When you eat shrimp, you are participating in an industry that is harming habitats and leading to significant impacts on marine food chains and ecosystem health. Just some food for thought while you masticate all those shrimp.
  5. What would be the point of limiting oneself without then creating and imprinting the idea of birth and death into your survival at such an early age fear is one of the most self-preserving emotions among humans. Could you imagine how long the dream character would last if you knew there is no such thing as death?
  6. You are changing your reality all time you are just not aware of it yet. Saying you can not change the script is another limited human belief that you have adopted. Only you can change the script because you are the only one who is creating your reality there is only you. If you awake deep enough you will indeed know that nothing is set in imagination so to speak.
  7. Sub-infinities within infinity sub aspects of itself fragmented consciousness all are still part of one infinite consciousness.
  8. The only way to know infinity or to know the mind is infinite is to become infinite and become an infinite mind. So you can know but you will never know unless you become it.
  9. Can infinity exist outside of itself everything is itself I have had fun with that idea could there be something outside of it other than itself? Infinity is infinity. No nothing can exist outside of it and I have always said for fun infinity it is an ontological absurdity.
  10. You did nothing wrong LSD-Rumi if another can not understand or show integrity respect or compassion to others then they have a long way to go. The best thing to do is ignore them. Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad balkhī is one of my favorite poets. ❤️♾️❤️🙏
  11. The question would be how can there be death if there was no birth, to begin with? Death is a conceptual construction of your own imagination it is an elusion of consciousness.
  12. Because everyone here is God's limited human perception simultaneously