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  1. Hey, first of all, I'm around the same height as you and that's not really that short. Now, consider this guy as a good role model - someone who is very short (132cm), but gets lot of girls, very smart, and spiral dynamics role model (stage yellow). Breaking cultural norms is a sexy thing.
  2. yes. yes. true teacher teaches from behind, is not a star
  3. @Shiva99 I'm going to give 1 perspective / solution to your situation here, that I personally find is so powerful: You need a life purpose. A strong, systematic purpose that is derived from your greatest strengths, and is making the greatest impact you can possibly think of in this point in time -> what is it in the world that would be so much better if you changed it. Whatever impact you come up with should make you cry. For me, the Life Purpose Course gives you exercises and resources and techniques in a systematic way that helps you do this (no, Leo didn't pay me to say this, but I can honestly say that this changed my life). From my experience, when you have a vision such as this, your work becomes like war - for a truly meaningful cause. All the pettiness of life falls away. What do you think gives someone like MLK so much confidence to make a powerful, controversial speech to 250,000 people, and improvise, IMPROVISE, the most iconic part of the speech - the phase "I have a dream" was improvised on the spot by MLK when a friend called out "tell them about the dream". He had to have a life purpose to do something like that so confidently. Life Purpose gives you positive motivation in the long run - and in the short term, that 1-2 years you do soul searching and align yourself with your life purpose, use the negative motivation of lying on your deathbed, and that impact, that life purpose you could have actualized dying with you. Good luck my friend🙏
  4. Hey, I know this ain't an example but a quick question 🙏 I'm in high school rn, 16 yrs. I feel that putting on an "alpha male" identity is like a very important survival mechanism for me. I've tried being "feminine" and vulnerable put the fucking academic system and all the immature people (including teachers..) just put me down and do not understand. With that context now, is there a way I can keep this identity for another 2 years without it fucking me up as a person?
  5. @Leo Nordin Thanks, that's a good big picture perspective - patience, going at own pace That's it, my mind is playing mind games, there is indeed no need to "face" the emotions, the thoughts that say I have to face the emotions and distract myself from technique is part of the emotion itself. @VeganAwake Yes @Byun Sean Bingo
  6. Hey, So i have this friend / co worker who is really damn needy. However, i feel like he is actually quite open minded, and not that toxic. The problem is that I feel I am being sucked into a codependent relationship - I don't need anything, but I feel this person keeps coming to me for emotional support (?), anyway I just feel he wants something out of me. I know that i need to take extreme ownership of my life, but am just asking for some potential suggestions / resources that i could use to solve this Thanks guys!
  7. @susanyzm Thanks it's a good idea, I'll try it out sometime @aurum Yeah, you're right. I remember Leo saying somewhere that finding your authentic life purpose is like peeling an onion, I guess patience is a good idea here @ItsNick That's a great quote indeed, I'm actually doing something right now along those lines (researching a few different mediums), I guess I just need more time until something clicks
  8. Hey guys, In Shinzen Young's Do Nothing technique (which is also described by Leo), is consciously using a labelling technique on strong negative emotions ok? Since the Do Nothing technique is: "let whatever happens happen. whenever you notice an intention to control your attention, drop that intention." - i would be intentionally working with that strong emotion
  9. Hey guys, Just checked out Leo's music playlist (it's quite good, check it out if you haven't), and from my own experience I confirm what he says, that when doing introspection, etc, I find that music helps me get into focus and deep states than doing these activities in silence. However, since one core pillar of a self actualized life is always to make the emotionally difficult decision, does this mean listening to music while visioning / introspecting is being complacent and will limit my emotional mastery?
  10. wait is this video released yet?
  11. Some wise words I like your artwork btw, I'm curious did you discover that passion / become so good through using Leo's life purpose course, or simply his ordinary videos as well as other resources?
  12. For those of you who have seen this video: Can this contemplation using a journal method be used to be used to figure out your domain of mastery / ideal medium? I'm really struggling on that, even though I have other parts of my me sheet figured out (won't go to detail here as it's life purpose course content). I feel like every day, I am wasting time to begin my 10,000 hours of mastery. Thanks guys, really stuck on this one.
  13. Ight, thanks man. I can see where you're pointing to