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  1. Yeah you're right, I think I'll have to bite the bullet on this one and learn in the future
  2. Hey guys, To build a specific skill that is going to help me in my life purpose I've decided to train with a teacher - and unfortunately a very toxic training partner as well. That is the decision that I have made for just this year - that I will not cut out this toxic person from my life, but I will need to distance myself if I'm not going to turn into a petty neurotic person myself. My question is that I feel like I gave away too much personal stuff and built too much rapport before, that now when I distance myself, this friend will very likely ask me why? The technique I am trying to use is distancing myself from him: In a nutshell, the technique is to reverse rapport (in my words), and to go from "Friend" back to "Acquaintance". I'm 99% sure he will ask me what I am doing, and as I know him as quite manipulative, I think he will do it in public to just manipulate me so that he can keep this homeostasis of a fucked up relationship. How do I respond to that? Appreciate the help guys
  3. Hey guys, Warning: this is going to sound really arrogant, but it is what my mind state is, and I want to write it out, exactly as it is right now I've been working the content of the life purpose course as well as as well as other self help teachers like Elliott Hulse - his bioenergetics and other teachers. AND I'VE BEEN GETTING LOTS OF RESULTS. It's like all the "problems" that all my family and friends are facing are just so easily solvable and I know exactly how to help them but when I tell them the truth they don't even appreciate it. I feel like I'm gonna go crazy at this point - and my outlet is music and other art forms, which, oh which by the way, I can see is so infinetely beautiful, and I intuited that my whole life, but almost felt guilty about seeing the beauty in the world all around me because everyone else was so cold and unaware. Only now that I've been doing this meditation and expanding my awareness I can see what art all really is. And I feel a deep sense of anger at being "screwed over" by society into the fucking neurotic and toxic person that I was before I really started living the heallthy and conscious lifestyle that i am trying to live now. Maybe it's the fact that i cant reconciliate the fact that society is "still in the dark ages" like Leo says. It just doesn't make sense. I just can't handle it emotionally. And there is just so much anger - why should i be born into such a fucked up society in the dark ages? why shouldn't i get revenge on society for making me so fucked up? Hey, this is probably toxic haha. i'm probably in an ego backlash right now. but i feel like at least fellow self actualizers might understand a little bit instead of saying "i'm exaggerating how fucked up society is and how unaware this whole mess we created called society is." guess thats that thanks for listening (?) if you stuck with me till the end at least somebody might understand just a little but. peace <3 oh ps. a little survey: what do you do when a family / friend or just someone else asks you for genuine adivce? the TRUE answer that's actually gonna work is usually at an ego level, which i tried doing and now im in this mind of state. or the bullshit answer that everyone says which you just echo to pass on the wheel and basically "play the game"? just wondering
  4. wow, that's deep, but i feel you. i dont have that observation yet but sure will comtemplate on it
  5. Hey Michal, thanks for your tips. i actually just did a 2 day retreat a couple days ago, just after posting this. i basically just went with See Hear Feel technique, or Leo's minfdulness meditation video technique. a distinction i made was that my labelling was completely based off what naturally came into my consciousness, or just 0% survival related labeling and total being. it's almost like there is the part of me that is consciously walking, or doing exercise, and then there is the technique which is just to stay aware of being while i am doing those activities. i think what i intuitively followed was Shinzen Youbng's movement progression: here's a quote: "Take any meditation technique you relate to and attempt to maintain it through a sequence of progressively more challenging activities. Stay with each stage for however long it takes you to get as deep as you were in the previous stage." the main thing is that i kind of get confused when i try to mix midnfulness or being / what is with doing, is this some trap i've gotten myself into or do you have similiar experiences?
  6. hey guys, a real technical question here, what are some alternatives you guys got for blueberries when the blueberry season is over? 🙏
  7. Hey guys, If you got formal walking meditation in your toolkit, what are the resources / teachings you follow? I'm trying to get as vast and diverse a source range as possible then choose the one that fits me. If your new to walking meditation I guess you could come back here in the future as a resource post for learning walking meditation. any videos, blog posts, other topics on this forum, other forums, or outlines of formal walking meditation would be be great appreciate it guys
  8. @okulele hey, okulele i just watched Leo's insight video (day 0 video) on his solo retreat in Arizona, and he mentions that he does non-stop meditation (meaning he labels using mindfulness even when cooking and toilet breaks, etc.. did you go with this strict method, if so did you do any labeling during workouts? thanks again!
  9. Hey guys, I've been meditating for just over a year and a half and I've decided I'm gonna do a retreat this New Year break Any basic guidelines for duration? 3 days, 5 days, 10 days? I'm just 16 rn, and simply trying to build a good foundation for enlightenment at the moment. An extra question: for those of you that have been to retreats, can you workout there (bodyweight training) so you can still keep progressing physically?