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  1. Hi, I have an urgent query. I feel like I must ask this here. I feel like my parents feel like the wisest people I know. Their words seem like the right thing to me. However, months later (i.e. now) their advice has made me go down a path I don't want to do down. So, how do I deal with feeling like my parents are the wisest people and the most right thing to follow in the moment? How do I then know I know what is "right"? I am curious as to how I know what I know (i.e. the feeling my parents are the wisest and the most right) if months after I find that the advice is not that wise and that maybe I don't know what is right? My biggest thank yous. _name - not used in the forum (you can call me March)
  2. Hey, Before I start: I have seen replies to my latest post, I will reply later on. So, I am not gay. I don't feel really turned on by gay erotica (which is probably the wrong word but I just mean pornography, etc...). I am attracted to women and my pronouns are he/him.
  3. Hi, I have a critique for Leo. The critique, in short, is about how generalisable, universal, relevant across all cultures of the world teachings are. Leo comes from a Western, American background. Therefore, how applicable are these teachings to say, someone like me who is from a Chinese family / Eastern background? For example, the video about "how to become decisive" some techniques, are (off my memory - I can't remember it that well) about making yourself do something that one would have resistance to. An analogy is that if you are a tree, this is putting frames around the tree to shape it in a linear, almost square-like shape. In the East, in general, one may be more "going with the flow" and being more accepting / "feminine". So, this is just an example. Perhaps you (other members) may come up with other examples. But, the point is, is teachings universal, or generalizable across all cultures? Thanks.
  4. Hey guys, Just a general observation / question: I looked through Nahm's last posts before he left / was made to leave the forum. His words seem surprisingly crude, like some common "unadvanced" spiritual teachers. This is a stark contrast from his earlier posts. Example: I asked if I should tell a girl I didn't like her and was avoiding her, and he said something like "is that because you are afraid of hurting her or you are afraid of telling the truth." Like general personal development tips infused with spirituality (eg. in this case it sounds like ideas from the book Radical Honesty). Basically, my opinion (and I'm asking if you guys feel this way) is that Nahm was actually a pretty good person to take advise from - there was lots of wisdom in his replies - then he just... lost it? That's what it feels like. Like. No offense. But I'm 18. I currently meditate and know about enlightenment. But I don't give a fuck about spiritual nuances (which probably aren't nuances) but you get the idea... I just want general everyday wisdom. So should I look at Nahm's previous posts and take wisdom from there?
  5. man thank so much this was actually pretty helpful
  6. wanted to share this rap artist - this guy got a life purpose going on for real (his music is like medicine, helps deal with trauma which he went through himself) something i do notice is that this guy, just like Leo's videos aren't as flashy, they more real, they actually are emotionally difficult to listen to compared to say someone just rapping bout sex.
  7. the first thing is that if you're in limbo or ending as mentioned in the video, embrace the "yin" stage you are at. but if you're at starting or middle phase, then i would suggest what is called 100% commitment: good luck