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  1. I'm a mechanical engineer and I'm just starting my own business, no way I would pursue a Ph.D.
  2. I think the same.
  3. It's attractive when the guy is being vulnerable at the right moments. Emo and crybabies guys usually are attractive only on the internet lol women don't even look at these kinds of men in real life. The stoic guy that is emotional in the right moment, and can control his emotions if needed is the most attractive.
  4. Yes, I´m never vocal about it in real life. Just here because it's a forum.
  5. hahaha yes, some Brazilian women are really attractive, especially women from my city ( Belo Horizonte). But if I could choose a woman from any nationality, probably it would be Korean. Oh my god, I find east Asian women soooo sexy.
  6. I know, and I agree. And that's one of the reasons why I don't judge and do shaming on sugar babies and sugar daddies/mommies. And that's why too one of the reasons why I would seriously consider having a sugar baby if I was really rich. I wouldn't care about giving money, expensive gifts, and stuff to a woman that I find really attractive. Like sweet cute/ hot young Korean woman lol
  7. Well, the book is compounded by little chapters, there is one called "Live With an Open Heart Even If It Hurts". I think this one and other stuff bout sexual polarity may help. Maybe, I don't know, tbh.
  8. You should read " The Way of the Superior Man" by David Deida. Best Book ever.
  9. I know women that are with ugly men just because they are rich or something. I know a woman that is with a guy just because he studied at a top-ranked American university. This woman would never give this guy a chance if he didn't have status and money. And she lost her virginity to this guy. What is the difference between this woman to a gold digger/ sugar baby? Tbh, I just can't see it. The big truth is that most women fall in love because they think the guy can provide something for them. This is just their biological imperative. And I don't like and watch red pill content by the way. Really, I can't see a lot of difference between this girl and a sugar baby.
  10. I mean, because a guy that I know wants to have a sugar baby in the future, and he thinks she can fall in love with him lol. So I just want to form an opinion if he is just being totally delusional or not. I wouldn't say " fall in love", more like develop feelings.
  11. Probably something related to the ego and its survival agenda, right?
  12. Well, this is pretty intimate, I don't tell anyone about it, just here because a can maintain myself anonymous. On my first trip, I remember seeing a woman looking deep into my eyes saying she loved me truly. And I cried a lot on that trip. I understood that as a lesson that should only pursue women that REALLY want to be with me. Because in the past I wasted years pursuing to be with women that were never very interested in me, which hurt me a lot and is something that I really regret. Has anyone had similar experiences on trips?