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  1. Come to Brazil and you will find a cute girl.
  2. I'm gonna try it. Thanks.
  3. @Ineedanswers Kind of.
  4. Well, I wouldn't really trust what most men say on this subject. Most of them feel pressured to say they don't care about body count and everything else.
  5. I know A LOT of really handsome successful guys with many options with women, that still love having sex with escorts. So to pay a escort dosen't mean you a loser or something.
  6. Seriously, look for an escort or something, you don't need to have sex with her. Pay one just to kiss her or something. This will boost your confidence and experience with women. I lost my virginity with a super cute 19 years old escort. Best experience ever.
  7. Bro, you said you are unemployed. Try working as an Uber driver or something.
  8. Escorts bro. Well, I lost my virginity to one and I was impressed by how warm and tender they were.
  9. Don't do it, bro. I lost a big percentage of my money on my TD Ameritrade account using margin trading.
  10. Even though @Emerald knows what she is talking about most of the time, she is a little biased and out of touch about what average men really have to face when dating.
  11. So why do most average men get so few matches on tinder for example? ( Some almost close to none)