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  1. Yes, half-truths are the most dangerous thing. Even smart people can be fooled by it.
  2. I can't believe Russia is taking this long to win this war.
  3. @Leo Gura Thank you for your insights, Leo, they are really valuable to me.
  4. I will be meditating on this.
  5. Bro, you are soooo deluded. It's crazy. Crazyness... you have been brainwashed, you are consuming too much communism propaganda from youtube.
  6. WTF, Communism doesn't work, how deluded you have to be to believe in this crap. Wtf, I can't believe people think this shit works. Communism never worked and never will. This is disgusting.
  7. The languages I love are Brazilian Portuguese, American English, Korean and Japanese. All other languages are kind of ugly. German sounds like an angry dog having a stroke. Ugly.
  8. Leo said multiple times that he doesn't see any problem with porn, but I've experienced pretty negative effects of too much porn and masturbation in my life recently. The fact that Leo kind of refuses to acknowledge how much harm porn can do kind of bugs me tbh.
  9. Yes. I have orgasms every day from masturbation. I had not reached orgasm with my dick inside her, I had to finish it through masturbation, it was a pretty weird situation actually.
  10. I think due to masturbation, my dick got desensitized. What are the chances of this being the cause?
  11. The truth is that women are extremely complex creatures to deal with, nowadays.