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  1. Deida's touched me so deeply that I think I think I agree with everything he says tbh. Kind of weird that a man's work can have so much effect on another man's life.
  2. But I was super needy. Like even asking a girl why she was taking so much to answer my meessages (stuff that I really regret and I'm embarrassed to even talk about)
  3. Well, basically I was needy and I didn't lead enough.
  4. Well, maybe you don't fear men, but many women do. Looks like you are really out of touch with what most women feel and have to go through in their daily lives then. Especially in some third-world countries. And you sound like some resented and hurt feminists that I met in the past. And I'm being honest, I'm not saying this just to attack you or something.
  5. lol so many pre-assumptions. Have you already lived or at least visited a country like mine? I can guarantee you that some parts of Brazil are more culturally progressive than countries like Portugal and Spain and many other European countries. Stereotypes purely. Amazing how you guys like to think of yourselves as being super-advanced culturally or something when actually stuff is not really that way.
  6. Definitely, especially in a country like mine. I have nothing against this kind of stuff, but the vibe is weird.
  7. Extremely nonsense. MTBI stuff for sexual relationships is so fucking stupid. Most guys consider physical appearance as the most important thing. PERIOD.
  8. Well, I think she didn't block you, it isn't available to me to dm her either.
  9. Nah, I will try to be whatever makes me feel good and attends my survival's agenda, not some random progressive nonsense clicé.
  10. Bro, 32 is still super young, don't worry, you still have a lot of time to get out of hell.
  11. Yeah, This is the exact type of man I try to be too.