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  1. The Heritage Foundation's ranking is not a good source, even right wing people are skeptical about it. You should be more careful about your sources.
  2. How do I know if other people's consciousness/experience happens simultaneously with mine? If only my consciousness/experience exists right now, how can I be certain that I will be "dreaming" other people's consciousness/experiences (incarnation of other beings) in the future? Or has it already occurred, considering the absence of a concrete existence for time (time is just a concept). Please, people, answer these questions carefully. It's very important to me.
  3. They treat us Brazilians as complete trash !!!! They are EXTREMELY racist, most of them think belong to the "master race", even though most of them wouldn´t even be considered white in the US.
  4. The entire world knows Russia is not a democracy.
  5. If she really believes that all that life leads to is suffering, maybe she should give the example.
  6. As as person that loves cat ( I have 4), I feel the same.
  7. But what about integrity? isn’t it a lack of integrity even when you are weak? Remember the example you gave in a video about integrity citing Braveheart?
  8. I love Peter Zehain's analysis! But one thing that bugs me is that he said Argentina would become a powerhouse a few years ago lol Argentina is a completely broken country nowadays with 130% inflation.
  9. terrorism is the only defense mechanism they have.