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  1. Hey guys, I’ve been reading a lot of research suggesting that plant based is best but also seen evidence suggesting eggs or salmon is healthy? But I’m worried about the mercury, since lots of studies suggest that it’s filled with pollutants and it’s even been labelled as “the most contaminated food of all time”. Do you know of any healthier alternative also?
  2. How to live a rich life so you're not forcing yourself to get into relationships, meaning that you're living a rich life that you enjoy so much and are so happy with that you don't need anything else to fulfill you.
  3. You can get natural bottled Evian water. I don't believe it contains fluoride.
  4. Hey guys, I've been eating 3 boiled eggs everyday for about a month now, then one day whilst listening to a video by a vegan Youtuber, he says "eggs can cause heart disease". So, now I'm a bit concerned about my overall health and well being. So I scrolled along the internet and saw articles by Dr.s, sometimes saying they do and sometimes saying they don't. I'm so confused. But, at the same time I remembered Leo is someone I would consider to be well informed, knowledgeable and healthy. But, he eats 3 eggs(sometimes more) so surely there can be nothing wrong with them. Additionally, if we don't take eggs where do we get out b12 from? I'm aware of the fact that we can take supplements, but surely they're going to be bad for us. Which is why I don't like taking supplements, since I like to keep my diet as natural as possible.
  5. @ajasatya I did it also, but from time to time I still eat a pot of yoghurt, (infrequently) and I see no difference, other than the fact that I don't have to go to the doctor as much , she recommended I take almond milk to prevent me having the intense stomach pain I sometimes have, known as ibs. Because, apparently we humans don't digest milk properly.
  6. Since, dairy has been considered as increasing the chance of cancer, due to it increasing igf-1 which thus stimulates by greater levels than other protein related foods mTOR your body's major fuel signal which increases the chance of getting tumors and cancers. all dairy is listed below, and many doctors suggest we eliminate it completely from our diets. What do you think?
  7. @Siim Land you seem like a well informed guy man, so I'm going to ask what do you think about what Richard Alpert said about this topic? When people say stuff like that it makes me just want to quit going gym and stop trying to be healthy, this shit just scares me all the time.
  8. there are many benefits to whey protein as it: Aids weight loss. Has Anti-cancer properties. Lowers cholesterol. helps asthma, Lowers blood pressure and risk of disease. Reduces weight loss in HIV positive patients. So, if the benefits are so great and the risks aren't high why do so many people say it's bad? Are they just paranoid because of potential chemicals? risks stomach pains cramps reduced appetite nausea headache fatigue
  9. @pluto I don't know where to get this grass-fed/ organic chicken from though, since I have to eat halal meat. (because of religion) and no place near to me does organic/halal chicken. Additionally, chicken does contain arsenic if fed Roxarson but the FDA said "we shouldn't be alarmed as the amount is too tiny to be dangerous to people who eat it." who told you that it was high in arsenic?
  10. @Siim Land so do you think it's ok to eat like 200g of decent quality boiled chicken breast everyday which is considered to be the healthiest meat available? (I go to the gym 6/7 days of the week, so I need relatively high protein) I also eat my fish high in omega-3 two times a week (similar to your keto diet xD) I've cut out red meats and meats high in saturated fats now, that you've told me this. But, It's really hard to leave the chicken. Since many health organisations suggest that 0.8-1 gram per pound of body fat, so I need 100g of protein a day to build muscle. I love your videos too bro! They're very helpful. btw, how much protein do you usually get per day when you're on the keto diet?
  11. What do you do if your colleagues despise you and, and you feel physically/violently threatened by others you work with? But still act within the boundaries of the law?
  12. Just finished watching this video, and now I'm concerned about my own health since I'm 18, and have been eating meat since I was young. But at the same time I'm thankful for realizing this at an age earlier than most. So, since scientific studies suggest that animal meat causes cancer. But, since I am a young man trying to get ripped/ shredded and build muscle I need protein which is found in animal meats mostly (tried to go with plant based protein, but it's just too low and I'm not seeing results from it) ,so since protein powder is mostly made from whey a milk substance, surely it's not as bad as meats? But, some how it's still unhealthy? Why is that? And can I use that as my new source of protein? Actually what about protein powders that claim to be 100% organic/ vegan? Are they good?
  13. Hey Guys, I was contemplating about some of Leo's videos that were emphasizing the importance of finding your authentic self. But I find this piece of information contradictory to meditation/spirituality which emphasizes finding your true self= nothing. So, in essence One says find your ego (your illusory self) whereas the other says kill the ego. Isn't this contradictory or have I gotten it wrong? If you think it is, shouldn't I just pursue one rather than the other? Sorry, for all the questions I'm a pretty think heavy guy.
  14. @vizual I suppose the enduring of pain is necessary because it's the pain the allows you to exponentially increase the chance of enlightenment.
  15. Hey guys, I've been meditating using the do nothing technique + strong determination sitting. This means I do nothing and try to be authentically content with reality, and don't move regardless of how bad my body feels e.g. itches or aches. But, I've been feeling my legs fall asleep and hurt quite a lot (I think It's just because my legs go numb) as I sit in a half lotus position, but it seems like regardless of the position I sit in, if I do strong determination sitting this always happens. So when I get up I get a really bad pins and needles sensation in my legs, because it feels like blood literally stops circulating to my legs. is this normal? Does this happen this happen to any of you? What do you recommend? Thanks for your suggestions!