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  1. Best Question Ever
    Why does it seem like I am a point camera looking out at reality?
    There's nothing outside of consciousness because it's everything. How is it then, I seem to be just one perspective looking around at reality, not knowing the entire universe at once?
    If consciousness can't know anything outside itself then surely this perspective I'm experiencing right now (which consists of a computer, desk and room) is literally all that there is as consciousness knows all?
    If this perspective I'm experiencing right now is not the only perspective/experience within consciousness, then how is it that I seem to be this thing looking out at reality?

  2. Non Being
    And Once You Awake You Should Remain Awake Eternally
    @Aaron p Was just listening to Nisargadatta and heard some interesting quotes.
    "Being is temporary. Non being is a bottomless ocean of bliss"
    "When there is deep sleep there is no beingness. When you are awake try to catch hold of that same state "