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  1. @puporing I fucking love you!
  2. Saying it "makes sense" is different from seing it for the actual fact it is. Do you SEE the image? Do you realize that it is just an image, like imagining a flying cat for example?
  3. This one is my favourite song: It connects me to the tragedy of being a human. Just 2 days ago it made me cry again. (Hadn't listened to it for a while).
  4. I am not. It is a serious question. You say you are God. So obviously if that is true I would love to ask you some questions. I seriously would like to know: God, Are you omniscient? God, are you omnipotent? Thanks for clarifying!
  5. @Sincerity I just wanna interview God! So tell me God, are you omniscient? Are you omnipotent as they say?
  6. @Sincerity let me ask you a question. Are you omniscient and all powerful?
  7. You didn't want a devil to exploit your infinite love for their selfish gain. Yet, I managed to exploit your time;) Cheers!
  8. "Your" infinite love. Who is that "you"?
  9. Really? Would you give me some money then?
  10. @Willie Interesting quality.
  11. Is God also part of your dream?
  12. A man can never be good.