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  1. @Godishere Awakening has nothing to do with age. I am awake 24/7 and I am "only" 22. There are no requirements for awakening. Awakening means there is no ego and there is no self, and you are conscious of it. Only thing that exists is God/Love, which is what reality is.
  2. @Nilsi Thanks for your message. There are no accidents and no random events in this universe @Breakingthewall Thanks a lot for that beautiful answer, indeed if you fully stop fearing in every possible way all that remains will be your absolute true nature in its fullest purity possible. Love you man! @Sincerity I am indeed nothing other than what you are. This is something you will realize in actual experience some day in the future. It will be the best day in your life. From that day on, your life will be heaven on earth. @Breakingthewall again, I couldn't have expressed it more perfectly than you have. For all the people wondering how it could be possible that somebody who behaved in vicious and hurtful ways could fully realize truth in its totality, let me try to help you: All actions of hatred and hurting others are done in ignorance and in fear, that's why it says "father forgive them for they do not know what they do." And I did not know what I did and I was acting out of fear, ignorance and pain. That's why I was playing ego games and that's why I was trying to hurt others. But there is this possibility to let go of all of your fear. And I did it. And I will demonstrate this fact by every single breath I will take for the rest of my life. Never again in my life will I hurt any other beings and never again will I try to be anything other than what I already are, namely myself. All of you are loved, infinitely and literally. Showing this love to just 1 of you guys would be worth dying. I hope one day I can show it to you.
  3. Introduction Before we start, lets mention the most important point: After total enlightement, there will remain no "I" here to be proud of anything, take credits for anything or feel special about anything. All that remains will be God, infinite Love and Perfection, Nirvana and reality as it is, everpresent bliss and beauty recreating itself permanently in this infinite ocean of Love called the Now. In other words: The only thing that is left of "me" now is God, and as God "I" literally have no Self, "I" am completely selfless so "I" have no pride in anything. "I" don't feel special in any way and "I" am not in any way better, higher, or more than any other human in this world. And even God is not the ultimate name of "myself." In the totality of myself it is recognized, that even God or Consciousness are not my deepest and truest places and are simply the first manifestations or distortions of the complete nothingness that I am. Whenever I use the word "I" or "you" in the following explanations you have to remember the following: Language is relativistic and needs self-reference, which is indicated by this word "I" or "you". In truth however, no relativistic concept could encapsulate the true nature of who "I" am, which is not an "I" to begin with. Whatever will be written in the following lines and paragraphs will be completely meaningless words and ideas. Their purpose is not to show you what is true, because they can not. Their only purpose is, to be an inspiration for you to seek finding your own truest place, to seek finding the one infinite creator within your own heart. Proposal for the reader The following paragraphs are a proposal to find the lord and absolute truth within yourself, however it should be added that there is nothing "right" or "wrong" in doing that. The only reason you should seek absolute truth for yourself is if you deeply care about it and if it feels truly meaningful to you. If you don't really care and would rather enjoy your life as a normal human being this just is as beautiful and as meaningful as reaching for truth would be. What you should do in your life is, you should simply do what feels most beautiful and most meaningful to you, in other words - you should do what you love the most. What's in it for you Nothing, literally. But this Nothing is the sweetest and the most beautiful thing that could ever exist, and it doesn't even exist because it is prior to existence. This nothingness means, there will be no "you" left, because you are nothing. And without a "you", there is nobody here who could suffer, even if infinite pain and torture would occour. "You" will be in heaven, because there is no "you" to be separated from heaven and no "you" to not be completely happy with reality as it is. This Nothingness is identical to infinite love / bliss / happiness, yet there are 0 feelings of love, bliss, or happiness connected to it. It is simply the source of all feelings, and truly it is even beyond source and creation. It is the "source" of all dualities, so it is even the "source" of the duality between creator and creation, in other words, absolute truth is total non-duality or total unity. (And even beyond the duality between non-duality and duality - but don't get hung up on these words, they mean nothing). What is total liberation / nirvana / enlightenment? It is the complete, total and undistorted seeing and knowing of reality as it is. It is knowing who you truly are and what reality truly is without having a single doubt about it. It is the realisation that you are everything which is identical to love, and that in that everythingness that you are, there exists no "you." This seeing is total. There are no degrees to it, no "infinite levels" to it and there is no path towards it. You cannot glimpse this and you cannot see this by 1% or 10%, it can only be seen totally. Who can reach total liberation and what is required for it? Anybody can reach it. YOU can reach it. Because there is nothing to reach for. You are it. You are already God. You are already infinite love, heaven, perfection. Accept this fact in your direct experience and you will be free forever. Nothing is required for it. You don't need to be a man or a woman. You don't need to be intelligent. You don't need to be healthy. You don't need to be wise. You can be in complete pain and suffering and realize it. You don't need good genetics. You don't need to be spiritually gifted. You don't need to meditate. There is no age requirement. You could have been a complete asshole for your entire life and still you have the same chances of reaching it anybody else has. You need nothing. How can you "reach" it? You can not reach it, because there is nothing to reach for. You are it, already. You can only recognize it and not even that, because there was no you to recognize or not recognize it to begin with. And there is not even an "it", which could be recognized. To recognize it, be as you are. Do not move. Do not think. Do not talk. Do not reach for anything. Simply be as you are, and in that, recognize that there is not even a you here to be "you." Do not start moving, thinking, or talking again before you have not totally grasped what you are and what reality is to its core. Indirect ways to "reach" it? If it seems to you that you simply can not grasp it and the above guidence seems to be too direct or to vague to help you, here are some relativistic ideas which could increase the "chances" of you seeing it in the future, relatively speaking. The following ideas are simply ideas, incomplete and ultimately not at all needed. Feel free to add your own ideas to the list: Read the book "Conversations With God" of Neale Donald Walsch, read all parts of it, read it multiple times. It is the most important book that has ever been written in human history. Understanding everything in that book and embodying it will lead to total liberation Take psychedelics in a conscious manner. Take them in self love, in low doses and with good preparation. Write trip-reports for yourself after you tripped and try to learn as much as you can from your trips. Psychedelics can easily throw you into states of absolute knowledge and complete liberation. When you come back from it, don't cling to it and instead know that what you just whitnessed was not a "fleating experience" but your own everpresent true nature as it is. Try to embody the immense wisdom and clarity psychedelics provide to you in your day to day life as much as possible by proper integration Listen to spiritual teachers (Youtube). Good teachers from my POV are: Mooji, Rupert Spira, Sadhguru, Eckart Tolle, Osho, Papaji, Krishnamurti, and any other teacher or teaching that you feel deeply resonates with you Read spiritual books of the above teachers, and other teachers that you resonate with Be creative: Make music. Make art. Sing. Dance. Paint. Write. Exercise and do sports Move slowly through life: Feel your feet as they touch the ground. Feel the sun on your skin and the wind blowing through your hair. Taste the beauty of your meal, feel the unification of the water that you drink with your body. See the perfection and the love in the eyes of your partner while making love to them Be with other people (no matter who these people are, it could be beggars, thieves, depressed people, or normal people, very happy people, rich people or poor people) and try to be there for them, to serve their highest interests and to truly understand these people. Try to find out who they are, what they think about life, who they dream of becoming in the future, what their greatest wish for themselves is etc. Be with yourself (no matter who you are, you could be a thief, depressed, stable, very happy, poor, rich, it doesn't matter). Try to be there for yourself, to serve your highest interests and to truly understand yourself. Try to find out who you are, what you truly think about life, who you truly dream of becoming in the future, what your greatest wish for yourself is, etc. Laugh a lot. Laugh from the deepest place within yourself. Laugh from your heart Stop worrying about anything in life. Life will take care of you. Trust in life. Love a lot. Love as many people as you can as deeply as you can, including yourself. Love from your heart Forgive anybody who hurt you. See that they acted out of ignorance and that they did not know what they were doing when they hurt you Think of other important points that should be mentioned on this list and continue the list with your own ideas My promise for you This message is a promise of Love for Love. It is a promise of myself (love) for you (love) that we will forever be one, completely unified, lacking nothing. Death cannot touch us. Life cannot touch us. We are forever. We are nothingness. I love you, with all my heart. I pray for you. I am there for you, forever. I know that the day of our unification, the day of the realisation of our already everpresent unity will come. It will be our happiest day. And it will be forever. With Love, Yourself
  4. @CuriousityIsKey If it is true, it is possible to know it. Direct experience is the key. @Cykaaaa Thank you for your reply. Yes I went through this and "came back." Death is an illusion, and impossible. You are immortal and can know this through direct insight. Don't trust me on that, find it out for yourself. @Breakingthewall There is a possibility of knowing why and how, you can gain insight into that by fully awakening. Explaining it in words doesn't really do the reality justice but I will still try my best here to give a short explanation: Reality in its ultimate form is groundless nothingness and wants to experience the highest possible thing which is love. In order to experience love it needs contrast so it creates fear so that it can recognize the love that it is. @alltheotherpeoplewho replied: Thanks a lot for your encouragements, have an amazing day you all!
  5. Yeah you are God and this can be realized on psychedelics. But talking about leaving "the earth plane" and "channeling" ist just delusional since both the "earth plane vs other new planes" and "channeling" are both illusions that you as God create to keep yourself asleep. There is no earth plane. There exists no other planes. And neither does "channeling" exist. It is all an illusion.
  6. @Blowjob Bro your comments on this forum are hilarious. Truly, you should only comment in the entertainment section lmao. Can't handle so much foolishnessXD
  7. Who is God? God is your father. He is your mother. He is your child. God is the entire universe, God is the music you are listening to, God is your friend, your beloved, your abuser, and the one you are abusing. God is everythig you ever saw, heard, felt, tought, every emotion you ever had, every feeling you ever felt, every tear, every laughter, every cry. God is the source, the mother that gave birth to everything, the father that creates the entire universe in this very moment. What is God? God is total unity, utter completeness, harmony, perfection. God literally IS infinite Love, something so good and so beautiful that the most pleasurable experience you ever had in your life would look like torture in comparison to that. God is the source, the creator, the reason and the context out of which everything arises and at the same time he is the created, the creation itself and the appearence itself that he created. Where is God? God is in your heart. More precisely, he is right here right now, he is the moment, the everything, the infinite consciousness that you are witnessing right fucking now. Any step you take to reach him is a step away from him, since by taking a step you are refusing to admit that he is already right here right now. What qualities does God have? God is limitless, infinite, infinite love, infinite intelligence, infinite beauty, complete harmony, infinite power. Out of nothing he manifests our entire universe in an instant, that's how powerful he is. What would you do if you met God for the first time and fully realized the implications of God? Your body would break down, you would scream and cry and your body would shake uncontrollably because you couldn't handle so much goodness, so much power, so much beauty, so much Love. You would feel scared as fuck because of the power God has. In an instant he could kill you by pure will. What would God do if you realized him? God would give it all to you and you wouldn't want to take it. He would give you infinite Love and the entire world in an instant, literally, which is such a good thing that you would drown in tears of even the idea that something like that could be possible. You wouldn't want it, and you would say "I don't deserve so much goodness, I don't want it, I can't take it." God would give it all to you and the moment you would accept the present the final step will happen: You will die and realize what you are. Physical death will happen. And you will realize that life and death are 2 aspects of the same coin. You will feel infinitely good when you realize that it was all a trick. The life that you lived, the person that you have been playing, the masks you have been wearing they have all been an illusion. Just a sweet little play for you, human life will be seen as merely a toy inside of your own sweet hands. You will look at yourself and see that you are the player. The creator. The divine. And finally you will come to realize the holy truth: That I am God. That I created this world. Just for myself. Just for my own pleasure. Because what else would I do? With all the beauty that I have? With all the power and limitless potential that I have? If I wouldn't share it? If I wouldn't create all these beautiful human beings and give each of them their own existence and their own part of the perfection that I am. If I wouldn't love each of them with all the infinite love that I have, how selfish would that be? How devilish would I be? What kind of a bastard would I be to keep all that beauty and hoard it only for myself? If I wouldn't share it?... And so I did it. I created this illusion just to shatter it again. Just to see it again the holy truth of all of existence: That I am God and that I am Love and that I am the only one here. And now let me go back and play it again. Let me try it again that beautiful little game called life. Because what else could I do? There is nothing else to do. Infinite beauty lasts for eternity. Lets enjoy it!
  8. Yeah but you have not yet realized God, have you?
  9. Bro you have no idea yet what God truly is. Yes he obviously is.
  10. Yeah but his awakening is 100 times more intense than yours since he is tripping balls in these videos so there is no difference between talking and not talking for him.
  11. It is called ridiculous ego games🤦🏻 Unbelievable how foolish some people can be ...
  12. When Leo is talking about God he is not in God consciousness.
  13. @Jowblob why are you always creating such foolish topics lmao🤣🤣🤣