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  1. That's an assumption. My claim is, that omniscience is a possibility. Gods IQ is infinity.
  2. You have no idea what God is. What's required here is an awakening, not speculation.
  3. There can't be anything beyond God. It is impossible. This is what direct experience will show you beyond the shaddow of a doubt, once you realized that you are God.
  4. God KNOWS that there is no other. But he has the power to delude himself to think that there are others. Welcome to life!
  5. @BenG I would prefer just to suck them, if that's fine for you
  6. Leos understanding on solipsism, what God is, love, reality, truth is spot on. With his "infinity of gods" idea he has simply fallen into the trap of his own (Gods) imagination.
  7. psychedelics are healthy for you! Take'em, and your health will flourish
  8. I won't tolerate you spreading lies about me. Delete this or I will have to report you. Does this include you?
  9. @Loba Stop spreading lies about me. I never reported anyone, you are the first person I have to report. No I was not banned before, this is my first account. May I remind you what you said about other people? Let me quote you: "Most of you here are really... really dumb" This is literally an insult against the whole community. Why should I tolerate that? Is it because of your drinking problems as @The0Self said? Were you drunk? Or where do you get so much arrogance from to claim that you are above most of the people here and even call them "really really dumb"??? Please clarify, or get out of my space. I am not gonna tolerate obnoxious alcoholics insulting my friends on this forum here!
  10. @Loba I reported you for trolling and gaslighting!
  11. Brrroooo stop making me giggle pls
  12. Good for you;) one day you will grow out of it.