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  1. @puporing I fucking love you!
  2. Saying it "makes sense" is different from seing it for the actual fact it is. Do you SEE the image? Do you realize that it is just an image, like imagining a flying cat for example?
  3. This one is my favourite song: It connects me to the tragedy of being a human. Just 2 days ago it made me cry again. (Hadn't listened to it for a while).
  4. @Willie Interesting quality.
  5. A man can never be good.
  6. @OBEler I posted this here because my thread got locked for no reason. I guess you are already so brainwashed that you can't see the obvious.
  7. Leo says he is the "only one" who has been "here"... God specifically "told him" that everybody who follows buddhism is a "complete idiot" Leo says: "I JUST WANT TO DIE. Because there is no one intelligent enough here to understand me." To me this doesn't sound like intelligence. This sounds like insanity. I'll leave it at that. Let me know what you think about this.
  8. @Leo Gura Dude, what the FUCK? You are fucking arrogant as sh*t, this is just pure egotism
  9. omg happens... interesting question.
  10. What a charismatic cute little boi.
  11. OMG I literally just came ALL OVER THE BED OF MY MOTHER