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  1. I was watching one of BSW videos... It hit me so hard...that for some minutes I felt I lost everything! I felt I'm alone and nobody is here but me! (not on drugs ... I'm just manipulating my beliefs) The only thing I wanted was to feel that others are real and I'm not alone! I stopped watching these videos for now, going furthur will collapse everything! I'm better now... tried so hard to amuse myself with other things to forget that state... now I understand what this means:
  2. Yes, this channel is amazing! I watch its videos everyday! It has helped me a lot in brainwashing myself to manifest the reality I want! I know some other channels that those are great too! I put their links here: Juliet Cleary - this one is great. You can see one of his videos below: Manifest with Missy Renee Meenakshi Yadav https://youtube.com/@upgradetolife?si=Jkpzf9qA5DbZwKBk I don't know why people don't use the law of assumption contents to learn how to brainwash themselves! It's not BS, Start with small things. It's actually what Razard has explained here in action.
  3. I am doing it sober(deconstructing or again brainwashing myself) and it works, this dream changes...sometimes instantly...sometimes with a delay, but it works.
  4. Yes, Almost every week I experience it, sometimes it is more real than the waking state experience but as the identity in the dream state is not strong, it tends to collapse very fast. you must not get excited or identify again with your waking state identity by remembering it or feeling you're in your body now. There are techniques that help you to have a lucid dream at night. You can use the law of assumption for that too. Actually, I think it is the very mechanism that you are experiencing everything whether it be higher states of consciousness or the void state. You can never accomplish it ,exactly because you think so. You have identified with an identity that can't have lucid dreams. Change your identity, memories, and beliefs, and see what happens. Fears and desires are also related to the identity. As much as I know, by assuming an identity that is OK with living in a waking dream and actually enjoys it, the fear will vanish. I was afraid to see other people do what I wanted them to do, but after a while, it became natural to me and it occurs more and more. This Naturalness is crucial for the manifestation of the desired reality since every state is natural to its corresponding identity( because of the stories of that identity- a bad trip although it seems scary, is natural to the identity that is experiencing it, also God state must be natural for The God identity, not scary as some reported. being scared is probably caused by identifying with an identity that doesn't consider itself for that reality and is just a passenger)
  5. Do you mean Law of assumption ? I use LOA and It works... Just like lucid dreaming, when you know you're dreaming you can change it the way you want..by changing the identity-memories-stories, etc. It works. The more you know it's a dream, the faster it changes... Tom Kearin explains it in his videos with great details. @besomethingwonderful on youtube. https://youtu.be/SWL0SA36_UM?si=k3wWDSrBZZvfHz2I