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  1. It seems like I experienced being as alive formlessness, then being as alive form. Am I on the right track?
  2. On two occasions a few years apart after smoking some weed, I was doing some spontaneous inquiry. First I questioned if I was thought, I felt into it and nothing, then I asked if I was I the awareness of thought? Felt into that and I suddenly became a full black void while still being aware and connected to the small view from my eyes, like I was floating a couple feet above my head in empty space , it felt really good. I was shocked, couldn't believe what was happening, then after a few moments as thought came in I was sucked back into my perspective. Secondly I was reading non-duality and inquired if I was everything I was aware of, like the chair I was looking at. Then suddenly the chair became alive and the wall and felt as if was me, I stood up it felt like the floor was my back and I was the house and everything was me and alive, I was able to maintain the experience a few minutes, I peed in the toilet and it felt like I was peeing into myself and I was finding this funny, it felt very good, I was ecstatic, I was repeating everything is me! Could I have tricked my brain into have these experiences or did I experience something real? What really happened here? Thank you for your help.