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  1. I had a similar experience, it felt really unpleasant and the comedown was not nice
  2. Its becoming legal in Australia where I live on 31st Jan
  3. How does it actually work? I heard good things about it but never noticed much myself
  4. I really appreciate the replies, thank you
  5. So i'm not great at writing but felt like I need to share where I am in life. I don't have anyone else I can speak openly to I'm nearly 27 and live in australia. I feel like my main problem at the moment is living with my mum. Its turned me into a massive people pleaser and around other people I shut down completely and can barely talk. I've had a severe stutter my whole life which makes things harder I'm trying to look for a solution to this rut i'm in. My parents will help me with a house they are building which will be finished ~ 5 months from now. Problem is the house will be right next to them so I don't know if its a good option, I want space from them. Options are to wait living here, try going to an ashram, go to philippines, or shared rental. But i'm stuck with so much fear I don't know if I will even do anything I hold risky stocks on the stock market too which doesn't help. My initial investment was 280k aud, it was up to 600k now 240k. Feel a ton of regret from the loss
  6. I'm in a similar situation to you, apathetic to everything How is your living situation? For me i'm pretty sure living with my mum causes me to be like this, makes me a huge people pleaser and I suppress my emotions so deeply
  7. amazing, which enlightened teacher/community is it?
  8. Really appreciate that, thanks! just what i'm after
  9. So I have noticed the energy of a 'live' meditation stream is a lot more potent than if its recorded I was wondering if you guys can recommend any that happen regularly I know of these currently - Gareth Duignam (twice weekly ~ 60 people) Mother Meera (daily ~ 1k viewers) Divya Babaji (daily ~1k viewers)
  10. Old one but Avatar the Last Airbender was amazing
  11. Being around my best friends at that time and interacting with them Having my mum read me bed time stories
  12. Thats a good idea tbh, do you have a playlist of cringe videos you watch? You get desensitized to it I guess, and realize the fear isnt real I had a bad experience doing a comfort zone challenge though, someone asked me "are you okay" in a mean way. that traumatized me