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  1. How did you get the disability/support worker job? did you have to study anything It seems like a good job to me
  2. Yeah, i'll be going to this one! -
  3. i'll try this, thanks do you keep the screen on throughout the night? does the light bother you
  4. Yeah I'm thinking about the same thing My idea was to go to some eco village permaculture places on workaway, where you can stay and work in exchange for accomodation
  5. Its not just ralston, thats a pretty common view among enlightened people They have a lot of value they can show you whats possible, but its not the only thing you need to do lots of other practices too Personally I had many deep trips but then I come back and I still suffer so much, so whats the point. I will stop doing it so frequently
  6. Do you live with your parents still?
  7. Thats a good idea! Do you know any hippie communites, or which village in Colombia was it?
  8. I've been getting into jumping (trampoline) recently, I feel good after and it can be meditative too
  9. @GreenWoods Damn that's a really good idea!
  10. Do you mind sharing your transmission complation video?
  11. Is there a way to watch this video still? When I try load it, it says it does not exist
  12. @GreenWoods Which tramission video do you listen to and think benefited you the most? ?
  13. I found a place to get it from