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  1. I'll work a few hours a day for my survival, sure. But not this BS 8 hours a day slavery system With technological advancements, there is no need at all we need to be working this much Yes some people would just sit at home playing games, but that gets boring after a while. You'd be suprised by the number of people who would still contribute postively
  2. Yeah its kind of demotivating honestly, he spent all these years on spirituality and now seems worse off than when he started? I guess he didn't prioritize his health enough and chased after peak states of enlightenment via psychedelics. Easy trap to fall in to though
  3. What are you actually selling to people in e commerce though? some people make a load of money and make the world worse in the process
  4. The site "Workaway" has a lot of good oppotunties like this. I'm looking for something similar to what you described
  6. I struggle with this aswell, i'm pretty sure the root is living with our parents but I can't avoid that right now One activity I am doing is a vlog challenge, where I go to a public place and record myself speaking to my phone talking about anything. Feel the judgement of other people and realize it doesn't matter
  7. Where did you receive shaktipat transmissions from?
  8. Everyone saying "You're already enlightened you don't need anyone" etc Sure, but a guru or someone experiencing non duality can be insanely helpful on the path. There is an energetic transmission when you are around these people which carries over to you if your open to it
  9. Gareth Duignam has a strong transmission He has events in Ireland and Portugal
  10. I think AI will have a positive impact on society
  11. What criteria is there for you to deem someone awake? What about Frank yang he was on this forum, your more awake than him? Why does it even matter who is more awake than someone else, what kind of ego games is this
  12. Which Shaktipat teachers did you receive transmissions from? I have had a lot of sessions from gareth duignam which benefited me but i'm wondering if I should go to others or not. Because I heard if you mix transmissions from different gurus they can become weaker? Or was that not the case for you
  13. You just got a taste with psychdelics, thats not the 'real' thing . 6 g of mushrooms also comes with a ton of nausea
  14. Shaktipat! This is my guru