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  1. Hey have you heard of this guy sri avinash? I have had good experiences with this healing video of his: wondering if its just me or not
  2. Great thread, love the air bnb cabin idea thank you
  3. Isn't it a bit unethical to own more than one house? If everyone has atleast one then sure, but not before then
  4. My favourite is videos from michael taft: Dudes got a good energy and my meditations seem to go deeper when I use his videos
  5. I got the 1st shot 10 hours ago and I'm getting extreme tooth pain really hope this goes away soon
  6. @preventingdiabetes Which games do you mainly play out of interest?
  7. I hope somebody starts a commune similar to what Osho had going, that looked so good Also the idea of buddhist monasterys is nice, but there are a lot of rules they have which makes it less than ideal Or an ashram type situation in India or elsewhere Even if I have enough money, which I almost do. Do I really want to be in society surrounded by unconscious people? not sure
  8. I think that you need to have a really high level of concentration for self inquiry to be effective. If you just do it when you arent feeling that clear it seems like almost a waste of time Would you guys agree with that
  9. If you have access to them, I highly recommend doing self inquiry whilst on psychdelics
  10. I've experienced too much suffering in my life, fuck bringing another person into this world Get a dog, adopt a child. You can't guarantee that your kid won't have some severe disability
  11. @Leo Gura If you can't see that jerking off everyday dramatically lowers your energy, you are completely out of tune with your body You said you were struggling with low energy levels for years, you never made the connection?
  12. From experience, if your jerking off everyday its going to make you massively energy drained With repect, I don't think you guys should treat Leos opinion on health as fact He has mentioned he has struggled with low energy levels for a long time now With conciousness Leo is very advanced but on the health front it is lacking
  13. Honestly I think i'd feel better eating meat, but I just don't feel good ethically I feel guilty when I do, like it should be illegal