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  1. Failure leads to learning. Learning leads to success.
  2. Interesting, I've never thought to do this. New is always better
  3. Just English for me. I've no desire to learn other languages unless I wanted to move to a non-English speaking country.
  4. Hello, I've found myself in a very difficult point in life. I've finally realized that I have been deeply struggling with depression & anxiety for last 6 months or so. I'm doing my best in my everyday life to make things better like sleep/exercise, but it's not yet gotten me the results I want. I have tried microdosing in the past and it has worked well, the problem is psychedelics are very expensive and difficult for me to come by. I am asking if anyone here has tried both for managing depression and self-isolation and has any anecdotal advice about which they prefer. I've never tried anti-depressants so I don't know what to expect. I also don't really want to be reliant on an illegal substance, it's a bad strategy. Does anyone here had exceptional results from one or the other? Thanks friends,
  5. Hi, may I please respectfully question why you are using cannabis as a tool to understand your cannabis addiction? That sounds like a bad strategy. Even if you found some success - you found it via cannabis, which only further strengthens your need for it. I suggest you pick up some other daily activity as a cannabis replacement and compare your experience. Gym / swimming / meditation / hiking, whatever you like. It sounds like your real problem is that you are unsure if your relationship to cannabis is good or bad for you. You need to answer that question definitively and finally.
  6. Contemplate why you cannot pour a cup into itself instead.
  7. God is not subject to the label of alone. 'Aloneness' is a concept within the system of God. You can't apply aloneness to God because God creates aloneness. Aloneness is a label meant for finite things - it doesn't work when you apply it to God because using the word alone has forced you to assume there is other. Which in the context of God, there is no other.
  8. I think it depends on your daily activity. If you're working in society and have a very active egomind then you will need a lot of sleep. But when I have been on Vipassana retreats or meditation intensives my sleep needs halved. If you're trying to reduce sleep quota as a productivity hack it won't work.
  9. @rudokotrla Do you have a specific person you look up to or an app that inspires you? Ask them how they did it, try and get to know the creator. Sometimes one good email can set you on the right path. Also why do you want to be a product owner? Are you truly ready for that level of responsibility? You might be, but you haven't said anything about that yet. And be aware once you become a product owner, or get started, your desires may change. My goals and aspirations have changed significantly as I worked towards my life purpose. It's a constant evolution, not a plan you concoct and then execute over the next 30 years of your career.
  10. @Yimpa Sometimes....
  11. Those restrictions have benefitted me as an artist. Because Apple is 'fool-proof', it allows developers to optimize their software around one user experience. Whereas on Windows/Linux, a developer has to consider every possible hardware configuration. This has sped up getting new features into the tools I use every day. Particularly on the more niche tools with a small dev team. There is sometimes intelligence in dumbing things down.
  12. The spiral dynamics series is the backbone of the whole channel. They get referenced in most episodes for good reason.
  13. You've no right or need to wake people up beyond what they're ready for. Allow others to be ignorant. Ignorance is bliss. Who's to say you even know what you're talking about? Maybe they all know something you don't. ?
  14. @Danioover9000 No. What I was talking about has nothing to do with Marxism. It's a critique of liberalism.
  15. And there are plenty of business that cut corners and lack integrity and get people killed because of it. The benefit of a government run industry is that since they are purely taxpayer funded, they must abide by legal standards and invest the required money to deliver a safe product. Imagine if the legal system was a corporate entity. You could be proven guilty of murder but if you had enough money, you would walk free.