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  1. Definitely not.
  2. @Matthew85 Not sure on the how. But it was clear that the way something I had created and something someone else had created arised in consciousness the same way. The essence was the same, so everything that was created by 'others' occupied the same emotional space as things 'I' created. Of course I created all the negative things, but I only considered them negative because they're things my sober self had a negative opinion of. Pure self bias. Without that bias it would have been like anything else.
  3. I also use it to decide which books to read over others, if I really like where the summary is headed, I'll choose that one. But of course it doesn't replace critical thinking. You can also ask it follow up questions if you're interested in a certain chapter. For example: Prompt: "Please summarize the chapter "The Essence of thick Face, Black Heart" from Chin Ning Chu's book "Thick Face Black Heart". Give me three paragraphs explaining the most important concepts." Answer: "Thick Face, Black Heart" by Chin Ning Chu is a self-help book that provides insights into the strategies of successful individuals in Asian cultures. In Chapter 1, "The Essence of Thick Face, Black Heart," Chu introduces the concept of "thick face, black heart," which is a mindset that she argues is essential for achieving success in life. Here are three paragraphs summarizing the most important concepts from the chapter: Thick Face: Chu explains that having a "thick face" means having the ability to remain unperturbed in the face of criticism, rejection, and failure. This means being able to maintain a positive attitude and a strong sense of self-worth, even when faced with obstacles or setbacks. Chu argues that this quality is essential for achieving success, as it allows individuals to persevere through difficult times and maintain their focus on their goals. Black Heart: The second part of the "thick face, black heart" mindset is having a "black heart," which Chu defines as the ability to be strategic and unscrupulous in pursuit of one's goals. This means being willing to make tough decisions and take risks, even if it means sacrificing one's personal values or integrity. Chu argues that this quality is also essential for achieving success, as it allows individuals to be more effective in achieving their goals and navigating complex social and political environments. Balancing Thick Face and Black Heart: Finally, Chu emphasizes that having both a thick face and a black heart is not enough on its own. She argues that individuals must also learn to balance these qualities with compassion and empathy, in order to achieve true success and fulfillment. This means being able to see things from others' perspectives, build strong relationships, and act with integrity, even in the face of difficult situations. Overall, Chapter 1 of "Thick Face, Black Heart" introduces readers to the essential mindset of thick face and black heart, and provides insights into how these qualities can be harnessed for success. By emphasizing the importance of balancing these qualities with empathy and integrity, Chu offers a holistic approach to achieving success and personal fulfillment. -- I've read this one and gotta say that's a pretty good summary. I don't remember all the exact details, but my general recollection of the book is basically what chat GPT wrote.
  4. Use Chat GPT 4. Here's the prompt: 'Can you summarize (book name) by (author)? Summarize each chapter individually with multiple bullet points.' I find this quite handy for the more intellectual and self-helpy books. But stuff like Carlos Casteneda's work are still best read properly. --- You could do this with your college textbooks, research papers, whatever. I find amount of time you can save by using chat gpt beats missing any specific details from the books. You can even ask it follow up questions...
  5. LSD trip report. 100 mcg. I wrote this about 2 months ago but haven't shared until now; -- At the peak of the trip, I awoke to the fact that I was creating everyone and everything. Every song, every movie, every painting, every youtube video, every room I walk into, every person I meet. All of it. In this state there would have been no difference between opening TikTok and recording a video or scrolling on TikTok and having a new video pop up. Both videos would have been created by me. I felt the satisfaction of every artist looking back on their own work. Then I thought about all the things I disliked. The gross old lady that sat on a plane next to me, nazis, disease, and so on. The fact is I created those things. It's my 'fault' they exist. But there was still that pride and satisfaction of having created them. Despite that I still disliked them as a human. I don't know how I was creating these things, still working on that. But I knew it to be true if only for a few hours. -- The best part is that I am even more inspired to create then I was before. Of course, this state hasn't lasted after the comedown. But knowing that is a possibility in consciousness has changed my perspective on life completely. The best part of psychedelics is that they can reveal perspectives you never even dreamed possible. It adds the magic back to life, the magic you had every day as a kid.
  6. Say you want a grape. You start looking for it, you ask around and someone says you can find a grape vine at the top of the hill. But when you go, it's not there. So, you keep looking. You look all around your village, but no matter how hard you look, you cannot find the grape vine. You feel defeated, you go into your garden at home and cry. You look up, and you see the grape vine has been in your garden the whole time. You didn't realize it was there, until you wanted it, struggled & looked for it. -- Anything you desire & is possible for a human is only a few steps away. Law of attraction is simply you revealing the path to yourself. There's nothing magical about it.
  7. A self-help video game would be boring. A good video game is hyper stimulating and robs you of consciousness.
  8. @Leo Guraback off, im not done yet! 😉
  9. See if you can find any research studies happening near you. There are lots of universities in my country looking for people with mental illnesses to help study psychedelics for therapeutic purposes. And if you do use get a trip sitter for the first few times. And check if people taking the same medication as you have tried psilocybin, and what the effects were.
  10. @Richard Purdy Move out. Then you'll be financially free from them. (And also you'll feel free to pursue your own thing). Don't accept advice on here about what to do with that money, no one here knows your situation better than you.
  11. 13/40 Although I think it would have been closer to 20-25 if they questions were phrased differently. I found myself agreeing with both responses very often.
  12. @Panteranegra Not really sure it's possible to convince you of that through science. Since science is very limited especially when it comes to consciousness. You'll snap out of that the second you take some psychedelics or think about where your senses come from for even a second. Pinch your arm. Is that pain just your nerves sending signals to your brain? Or is that just a story you've picked up somewhere? What is that 'Ouchy' stuff? Is that material?
  13. Well done. I am curious what your experience will be post comedown, 2-3 days later? I am getting similar insights myself but struggle to hold onto even just 1% of it.
  14. My first few LSD trips I had moderate motion sickness and felt a bit woozy. Not sure if the same applies for you as well but those were also my first experiences with psychedelics which could have made it worse. As I have done more this discomfort has lessened, now it only lasts a few minutes. If you feel this effect start coming on, lie down in bed and relax. Don't eat or drink, maybe some water once you start feeling better. This is all assuming it's the LSD doing this to you, it could well be you just ate something bad.