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  1. "You score for primary psychopathy was higher than 57.99% of people who have taken this test. You score for secondary psychopathy was higher than 44.28% of people who have taken this test." Damn, I thought I was nice
  2. Hey there! Many of you have probably seen this channel before on YouTube as it's gotten quite popular over the past year. I find a lot of these videos helpful to me as I often deal with similar psychological troubles.
  3. Him asking her for her number and address before creepily patting her on the side is enough to be a creep on its own. Not sure what kind of context would make that okay.
  4. Really like the what to focus on in 20s one. There's alot to unpack and start working on in your 20s: Career, study, spirituality, building relationships, dating, exploring life, travel, building good habits, psychedelics, enlightenment, learning how to adult, pursuing niche interests, maturing emotionally/mentally, learning to live healthier (diet/exercise). Where do you even begin? Which are higher priorities than others? What are the pros and cons of each? Should different types of people take different paths in developing these skills? Thanks for all the content Leo
  5. Cool intro video about Non-Duality from the Kurzegast channel!
  6. @Leo Gura : NEVER, EVER get sexual via text. Also Leo: I want to stick a scorpion in your pants
  7. If you do try it, build up some experience with Modafinil before you sit the test. The first time I had Modafinil it made me very anxious and to be honest, it actually gave me brain fog. It didn't make me drowsy or anything, but I always felt distracted on it. I've built up some experience with Modafinil since then and now I can take it without any negatives, but I don't feel that Modafinil is very beneficial. I have a suspicion that Modafinil doesn't work for some people. Leo seems to love it, but I'm still not sold on its effectiveness.
  8. I feel like on youtube we are just absolutely bombarded by stage Red/Orange dating advice from sleazy PUAs and dating coaches. What's the next step? Are them some good Green+ dating channels? An exploration of Stage Green+ dating would be an awesome video.
  9. @Stef My personality result has changed at least 5-6 times over the course of 3 years, only the N has been consistent. And my result has changed dramatically multiple times too. Personality tests do not work for me. I recommend people to retake the test every 6 months to see if they change much, perhaps others get very consistent results.
  10. @Roch This sounds like low orange behaviour. Getting into ego spats is something oranges do all the time. A stage red person would be much more destructive and hurt people more than words ever could.
  11. Red is destructive by nature. Orange is destructive as a side effect.
  12. @Joseph Maynor High Orange. That's when it emerges of course, it finally fully develops at yellow.
  13. I've worked at a computer retail store before, I was completely disillusioned within the first week. Here are a few reasons why Computer Salespeople at least are forced (yes forced) into being manipulative: 1. In order to compete with other retail stores, managers often price computers for $50-$100 dollars less than what they bought it for. If the store bought it for $600, they might be selling it for $550. They do this because it gets people in the door. If one store is advertising a computer for $600, another will advertise it for $550 so people go to them. This keeps going until the store physically can't get it lower. It's a negative feedback loop. The salespeople are then forced to make up for this deficit. 2. Salespeople must make enough profit for the store to warrant paying them. So how do they make this money? Add-ons. The things salespeople slap on to whatever you're there to buy make ALL of the money. The profit margins are murderous. A 5-year subscription of Internet Security might have $300 on the label at a retail store. Guess what the store buys it for directly? $20. Extended warranties usually have a 300% markup. 3. KPIs. The targets the store must reach. Each salesperson has their own KPI, a target amount of profit each person must make. It's equal to roughly 1.2x what their salary is per day. If they don't reach this each month, see ya. There is also commission, which for me was roughly 10% of total profit I made. Those are some of the hard structural reasons. Of course there's stage orange motivational reasons, but they only thrive because of the systemic structure of retail.