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  1. @Javfly33 I get the same feelin when I contemplate if real & fake is a duality, like my and point of view.
  2. @Member What happens when you reach the speed of light? I’m not acclimated to the 4d jargon. What are the 4 dimensions in this model?
  3. @Javfly33 What’s a point of view? What makes ‘yours’ ‘real’? What constitutes “happening”? What is a “here”? What is “true” - without a “false”?
  4. @Nemo28 Me is not derived of comparison. Without anything, you are still you.
  5. ‘Others’ = awareness. Superiority = separatism. Un-narrated awareness = wonderful feeling. God is superior, ‘we’ are all parallel. Why compare when this love & understanding is without end? “This” is not a thing ‘in you’... It is only a perspective you’re trying on, one of an experiential variance between who you really are, and that thought you’re thinkin about yourself. Don’t kid yourself, you’re fucking awesome. Don’t kid yourself, everyone else is too.
  6. It’s just like bringing the light of awareness to discord within ourselves, just collectively. Like saying “everybody look at this hurting! Bring our awareness to it!”
  7. Yes. There isn’t even two (you & someone). Is there another reality? It’s why you believe that particular narrative regarding ‘your’ perception & feeling. Yes. Complete reinterpretation. (And not even)
  8. No. ‘That’ is nothing. No. This is 500 mph past knowing the mind which is claiming to know the experience.