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  1. This gets me excited about Awakening.
  2. Makes total sense. I'm stoked!
  3. I appreciate it.
  4. Yes, yes you should!
  5. I listen to your playlist 24/7. It's the best! I even thought about making my own Actualized.org playlist 2.0
  6. That makes it a lot more clear for me. I wonder if there's somewhere you can learn more about training the skill of being a medium because I would pass that off to my sister as she has started receiving messages from the dead. Probably.
  7. How do you know you have any abilities worth training up?
  8. Notes: Plow for a couple minutes. I've had ONE set where this worked well because she was clearly interested to keep putting up with me. I managed to make her laugh which was probably one of the key things that set apart all the other sets. This really makes me think about the last 100-150 approaches I've done, I've only had like one decent hook. (All night game). Tough crowd? Poor game? Probably a bit of both? I need better friends to hang out with to make night game actually fun.
  9. That hit me hard. So everybody else will cease to exist as I initially saw them, where I realize that it's all just in My Mind? All others is just me!? Sounds like a blast!
  10. I remember someone made a really inspiring post about day game on reddit and ALL the replies he got was negative as fuck, shutting him down. This forum is the only place I know that has a positive, healthy perception of pickup. Especially reading Leo's posts on game has helped me a lot to frame it in my mind correctly. As I noticed that it is very uncommon to frame the process of pickup in a positive manner.