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  1. Thank FUCK. 🔥 Leo I'm super excited about this course. I'm a proud student of your work and I want to make you PROUD by actualizing my life Purpose to the hilt where it creates a worldwide positive impact like you have. ❤️
  2. @Leo Gura I'm wondering, how much of this stuff are you conscious of while completely sober? Personally I've been accessing various states of consciousness, but I'm not accessing most of this stuff sober, at least not yet. It's pretty obvious that some of these things you're never going to have permenant access to. And I'm aware that you're limited by your personal brain chemistry. But I'm curious as to what Leo has accomplished.
  3. Scoop is the way to go.
  4. @Leo Gura Is there a typo here? In Exercise #8, it says: "...and one sensation can perceive another sensation." Shouldn't it be?: "...and one sensation can't perceive another sensation." Thanks! Side note, I'm noticing that as I do more trips and learn deeper, these exercises become more understandable. Whereas when I first saw this list it was BARELY understandable.
  5. @Jannes yes, fuck all sources of unearned dopamine.
  6. @Jannes @Jannes Put yourself in an environment where you have to act. Where there is an immediate consequence. Now it may be different for you but for me my level of conscientiousness and being able to be a self-starter is very low. It sucks because I would really like to be extremely driven and conscientious but I gotta lean into the truth of the situation. Another thing that I need is some sort of routine enforced upon on to me from an external source. Very helpful.
  7. @Leo Gurado you have any tips to reduce bleeding for plugging 5MEOMALT? I have to do a lot of 5MEOMALT just to get started. I finally got a dose that is doing something notable, which is 4 large level yellow microscoops. (Pictured) What's unfortunate is that I have to sit on the porcelain throne taking some of the most uncomfortable bowel movements of 2024. Next day I'm feeling fine though, bowel movements feeling fine.
  8. @Jannes I was diagnosed with ADHD my entire life but I never knew really what that actually meant. So I never really designed my life in a way to actually work with it.
  9. @Jannes there's a difference between being diagnosed and knowing how your brain works.
  10. OP: "The forum is a distraction, so check out this other distraction."
  11. @Leo Gura literally my problem is not being able to focus on my purpose. Lack of motivation, vision, or even clarity on what is my next step. Currently I'm picking away at redoing the life purpose course exercises as I did then 5 years ago now.
  12. This list is fantastic
  13. 🙏🏻🙌