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  1. A VPN would be useful for me because even on Leo's Blog I can't even see the video because it's blocked in my country; Canada. Leo if you see this it would be helpful if you put the video title along with the post so I can copy paste it and search for a copy of the video elsewhere.
  2. EMDR therapy is overpowered. I used to have so much anxiety that I couldn't go outside. Now, with only doing a few sessions, all that is behind me.
  3. @HypnoticMagician Could you elaborate more on "non-reactive meditation" and "silence/concentration meditation"? I would like to employ a practice routine to seriously sever my dopamine connections to certain things.
  4. Dang I needed to hear this.
  5. - Complete and Total Shadow Work Healing (Clear all Trauma and fear, attachments, etc.) - Developing Complete Clarity (Especially including Life Purpose, Figuring out myself, what my strengths are, what I came here to be) - Self Mastery ([Dude, do not underestimate sleep, nutrition and exercise! The 3 Pillars!] Habits, addiction control, exercising will, control, focus, concentration, increasing tolerance for suffering, etc.) - Education (Contemplation too, especially. Independent verification of truths.) - Psychedelics
  6. Same here. @Sempiternity@Adamq8 After I do 5 Meo myself a few times, I will bring it to the rest of my family, and by then I hope that my father will be taken along because of the reports of the amazing experience from the rest of my family.
  7. Noted. I'm actually going to start a document titled: "Wise shit Leo says about Pickup" Because I find myself constantly screenshotting information like this from Leo.
  8. Gene Keys is like a Life Purpose / Personality test. SUPER QUICK test! Takes less than a minute. All you gotta do is input the time of your birth, and the location of your birth. Post the link to your results. Tell me how accurate / insightful you find it! Personally I was pretty shocked with how accurate and insightful it was. Even using words that I plan to use in my branding for my life purpose. Here's the link to the quiz: https://genekeys.com/free-profile/ Bonus: If you have a life purpose statement, post it here as well and see how it compares to the Gene Keys Result! Here's my result: https://genekeys.com/free-profile/?key-0=30.5.7&key-1=29.5.7&key-2=63.6.3&key-3=60.5.2&key-4=17.2.1&key-5=3.5.4&key-6=34.2.1&key-7=20.2.1&key-8=16.5.2&key-9=57.2.2&key-10=60.2.7&key-11=42.6.6&key-12=24.6.1&key-13=13.1.1&date=18 Feb 2000&time=5:05am&city=Calgary&country=Canada&lang=&admin_division=Alberta&uname=ZenSwift My LP Statement: I Teach People How to Understand Themselves to Create a Peaceful Mind and a Passionate Life.
  9. First of all, welcome to the forum! Second, I would really like a link to this vid. Third, I'd personally learn how to transform this experience into helping you learn what the ego is and having it aid in your ego deconstruction endeavours. And yeah, might be a Tulpa thing. Best of luck!
  10. Our human/ape biology is outdated. This is exactly the struggle we as a species have to overcome to become more conscious. The collective has yet to feel the full impact of this slavery to quick hits of dopamine. Knowing what's going on is winning half the battle. Then designing your environment and life comes next. I'm actually writing my first book on this very topic, in regards to how to deal with it. Basically, do this: Design your life in such a way that you can't get any unearned dopamine. Such that you're only left with the majority of your possible actions for dopamine are doing high consciousness stuff like enlightenment work, contemplation, Life Purpose practice routines, reading, learning, exercise, etc. Easier said than done, lots of creativity is involved for a solution that fits you personally. But the authentic happiness that awaits you on the other side is worth it.
  11. There will never be a guarantee. Which is precisely why so few people pursue a path that is new. "Income school". ### @HarikrishnanThe cool thing about teaching self help is that what you bring to the table is your own personal experience, your personality and your perspective. There are plenty of people that ONLY YOU can reach, that Leo can't reach. Think about how difficult it is to get people to watch Leo's content, with it being very long, drawn out, in depth episodes, covering topics that easily close the mind. Think about all the ignorant people who have such a poor understanding of Epistemology that they'll believe some random kid on YouTube calling Leo a Cult leader,and then BAM, never will watch Leo. Just with the very nature of what content Leo teaches, it's a miracle he's gotten this far. It's difficult for me to imagine how much work is required to get at that level. As I'm trying to mimic it myself, to build myself to the point of cultivating that much knowledge, expertise and skill. It's a matter of taking your niche down to a fine point. Then mastering that more than anyone else. I say just pick the one that's the most you, and commit to hardcore mastery. If it's authentic, you'll enjoy the process a lot. If you choose your favorite niche correctly, it will feel like less of a grind, significantly less. Find that niche that suits you the most. If you've done Leo's Life Purpose Course, this will help you enormously.
  12. @Spooney Spoonerson Keep up the good work! Also allow yourself to eventually trip in a safe manner alone by yourself. A trip with just yourself is way more powerful.