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  1. Fully Escaped Wage Slavery.
  2. I get the craziest shroom hangovers where basically my brain will be working hella hard, leaving me basically dopamine fried for the next day or so. As trips went on, my brain's capacity to handle it seemingly went up because the hangovers tamed themselves down. I'll definetly try to remember to drink more water,even though I already drink lots. See if that makes a difference. Make sure you sleep a lot. I believe that has made a difference for me. Be going into a trip really well rested, and then go to bed early.
  3. @Bandman I would say that there has been a permanent shift. I should also note that I am no longer sleeping in the same room, so that's a factor,the environment change. Also, nowadays I also am just so tired from working so much that I sleep faster than I can predict. But yeah, I do feel a huge desensitization to the dark, and also going to sleep. A permenant healing to the fear. Significant fear was faced on that trip.
  4. I think deeply contemplating what requisite variety is in practice would yield far greater results.
  5. Giving this more thought, controlling what goes in your ears is OP.
  6. 22 here, I feel that, especially the pressures of survival. Wasted my entire youth on the internet and playing Videogames. It's either rise to the occasion or wither away and become a bitter victim. Wes Watson has been a really good motivator for me personally. Force yourself to develop clarity on what you want to create, and cut out everything in your life that isn't integral to taking care of your survival. Easier said than done, yes, but have faith. Figure out what practice routines you can create for yourself to become world class, and do them religiously. My biggest goal in this chapter in my life is to escape wage slavery.
  7. Here's my thoughts. Most people in the mental health profession don't even have their own mental health sound. Having low integrity with getting their own shit together, while trying to help others get their shit together. Most therapists suck. An actually good therapist will get rid of 100 pounds off your shoulders in the first session. Getting way more than your moneys worth. It's really shitty with the society structure, that people that need it the most, can't afford it, or have their life too chaotic to even make the time. On another note, many people that see a therapist assume that they don't have to do any of the work and don't lean in. Having a fantasy that they can solve all their problems by just showing up once a week, assuming that's 99% of the work when it's actually 1%. In practice, a therapist will be a catalyst, and then the other 99% of the work is your own integration. Just like a psychedelic trip. Personally the way I like to go about it is as follows: I would see a therapist specifically for a trauma release, to identify those really tough sticking points, like EMDR. Then I do a deep psychedelic trip about that point in my own time, then I would get a life coach for everything else.
  8. First one that immediately popped into my mind: Lazerhawk - Oneiric [Dreamrider] Then these 3: Mimic - Inhale Cherax Destructor - The Rescue Cxdr - One Frozen Moment It's interesting how we get emotionally attached to certain songs.
  9. Was an ENTP, then an ENFJ. Then taking the test now has me as an INFP-A.
  10. I just use regular ass earplugs, but this product has me intrigued.
  11. Sourcing is literally the easiest thing. Just ask around in the DMs.