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  1. Check out the research and books of Noam Chomsky: . He has dedicated his life to this pursuit. Keep in mind that he grounds his theory of language on evolutionary biology (meaning our capacity for language is inherited). He does not have a metaphysical explanation.
  2. Psychedelics make spiritual teachers obsolete. If they didn't oppose them, they would be out of a job
  3. You don't need to become more selfish. You need to build your self-esteem. How to build self-esteem... 1. Disregard others. Only you can give yourself self-esteem. 2. Find something you enjoy doing or something you want to be better at. 3. Work daily at that thing. 4. Notice the progress you are making. Notice how you are getting better. Do not quit. 5. After perfecting that thing, gain esteem from the new better version of yourself. Only you can give yourself self-esteem. That "something" can be a hobby, skill, work, job, relationship, or whatever else you want.
  4. Women have strong intuition. They can sense your boundaries(or lack thereof) and can use emotions to manipulate you. Once they know your weakness, you are fucked. Their ego will exploit your weakness to do their bidding. It sounds like your wife has you around her little finger. She has sensed that you are putting her on a pedestal (maybe because of low self-esteem) and she feels she can do whatever she wants with you. Just remember, when she does whatever she wants, she loses respect for you. You are not supposed to succumb to her emotional tantrums. As a man, you should be a solid as a rock and cut your hair the way you want. Keep in mind that she is this way due to her dysfunctional family history and she doesn't know any better. In order to improve, she needs to do lots of work on self-improvement.
  5. Open relationships require a lot of emotional maturity. If both people are not emotionally mature, it will lead to problems down the road. I live in the Netherlands, and open-type relationships are fairly common here. For some people, they end badly, but for others, they work like a charm. In order for these types of relationships to work, you have to be completely honest with yourself. If you have any personal insecurities (thinking that you are not good enough, etc), eventually this will lead to jealousy and problems. If you are happy when your partner shares his body with another person because his happiness translates into your happiness, then you will be fine. Also, your partner has to be happy for you when you do the same. You have to decide what works best for you.
  6. Don't listen to me. Listen to your intuition. Do you see how the two sentences above contradict each other? Leo has been wrong about many things in the past. Why do you think he would know what is best for you, more than you know what is best for yourself? Nobody can know you better than you know yourself. Nobody.
  7. So if Leo tells you to follow your intuition, you will still be listening to him.
  8. Reality is a dance between the world and Nothingness. Escaping Nothingness gives you the world. Escaping the world gives you Nothingness. Whatever you do, you must find joy in the dance.
  9. Look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs. You need to fulfill the basic needs before you can actualize yourself. Take care of your life, career, and family first. You are young, you have a long life ahead of you.
  10. The law of attraction states that your belief in positive experiences attracts positive experiences. However, you are not aware of all of your beliefs. Usually, underneath all of your beliefs, there lies one unquestioned belief that you have about Reality. This is an axiomatic belief that is assumed as True. If that belief is negative, it prevents the LOA to manifest positive experiences no matter how much you wish for them. So you must question all your beliefs.
  11. Find Joy in the NOW! You have to construct a healthy self before you deconstruct it with spirituality. Focus on your self-development until you you are happy with the person you will become. Enlightenment is not going anywhere. But first, get the basics right.
  12. Why don't you try to be honest with her? She is not your mommy. From a female perspective, complaining to a woman is very unattractive. I think this is where you went wrong. Before getting into any type of relationship, make sure that you don't come from a place of lack, but from a place of abundance. If you are not happy or at least content with your current life, a woman won't make you happy. Make yourself happy first, and share that happiness with others.
  13. With Trump, it's all about appearances. Look at how he tries to create the appearance of the White House in his last press conference, as if, he is still in power. Most of the people in the background are stooges. They also have planted interviewers to ask "Mr.President" some "questions". I don't know if I should laugh or cry.
  14. Wealth should be capped at 1 billion. Once someone becomes a billionaire, we should throw a party and name a train station after them. They have won capitalism. Everything over the billion of wealth then should go into the name of the employees that made someone a billionaire.