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  1. I went to his spiritual retreat in Egypt. He is one of the ones who is spiritually gifted.
  2. Don't like the challenge. Looking at a map is not the same as walking the territory. You can't smell a rose through someone else's nose. No matter how many stories you hear It all falls short of being here. I didn't think you were this broke, so I offer you my couch, no joke.
  3. Why would you tell them? Is it for your own benefit or theirs? The best thing to do is to leave breadcrumbs they would want to follow for themselves. Depends on your partner. If she is into these things, sure. If she isn't, why bother? if you meet him, you should kill him. You are still new to this, so try to be more humble and seek the Truth, rather than other people.
  4. The lesson here is that we place too much authority into the technologies we use. Use your mind more than your phone and you shall be fine.
  5. In the current financial system, money = debt. The money in your pocket exists because someone, somewhere got a loan (debt). The only way to pay debt is to issue more debt. This becomes unsustainable in the long run. The only way out is to inflate the debt and print more money or declare bankruptcy in which the whole system resets.
  6. bad: Someone steals your bike. good: Someone who really needed a bike, got one. Good. Bikes exist. How awesome is that.
  7. The Good is closer to God. The Good is composed of good and bad.
  8. One of the best shows I have ever seen. Great characters, amazing writing, and ever greater story. Thanks for sharing @Loveeee
  9. is it better to love or to be loved?
  10. He is doing standup comedy, Relax.
  11. Why? Did you already redeem yourself here?
  12. The highest insights are personal and can't be shared. Go and find them yourself.
  13. And yet here you are, my gullible friend. Waiting patiently to take a first glimpse at the Ox.