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  1. Leo is right. At very high levels, you can't function as a normal human. An extreme meditator can quiet the mind so much, that the mind will be completely empty of thoughts. Now imagine living your daily life without having thoughts? It won't be functional for you since you will forget to put your pants up in the morning.
  2. How many awakenings does it take for One to be awake?
  3. Psychedelics work. The only question is what is the right balance between increasing your 'baseline' consciousness, vs 'peak experiences'. The bias of Peter is that he hasn't done too many psychedelics, while the bias of Leo is that he has done too many of them. Finding the right balance is your responsibility.
  4. here.
  5. Seems like you have to contemplate "what is language?" before you contemplate work.
  6. Why don't you try it and tell us? Will an answer be better than your own experience?
  7. Love is acceptance of things as they are. Love is acceptance of yourself as you are. If you can't accept yourself, you seek to be accepted by others.
  8. There are 2 reasons she would do this. 1. She is trying to test your boundaries. If you don't have clear boundaries, and you don't respect them, she would lose respect for you. A girl can't be with a guy she doesn't respect. 2. She is not getting something (attention, feelings, admiration, etc) from you that she needs to get from other guys. Most often girls don't even know what they are missing from their partners, so it is your job to know her better than she knows herself. Find out what she is missing.
  9. Best wishes!
  11. They want that which they don't have.
  12. disconnect from bullshit...