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  1. You can only learn it through experience. Learn to read people better. Become more aware. I personally watch poker games so that I can watch microexpressions of people when they are bluffing (lying).
  2. Living it is the best way of figuring it all out.
  3. Why would God have a bias towards knowing Himself rather than forgetting Himself? You can't make it perminant as long as you rely on substances outside 'yourself' to take you there.
  4. Why do you think millennials are buying Bitcoins? Intuitively they know the current fiat-based system won't survive the next 10 years.
  5. @ThePoint You are missing the point. He said he achieved every goal he envisioned for himself. When he exhausted every motivation to achieve, he has no longer a desire to achieve. The only solution is to live for its own sake.
  6. Your mind can rationalize any idea. The only thing that can't be denied is how you feel. If you feel pain, it is pain. If you feel love, it is love. Can you love the pain?
  7. Became so aware that you can detect highly self-aware people just by looking at them. @AlphaAbundance
  8. Provide value to others.
  9. Too many symbols... An empty page should suffice.
  11. Stop looking for excuses not to approach. I have approached female police officers on duty. So far have not been arrested.
  12. The problem is not what he says... The problem is that you assign value to what he says...