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  1. Leo is partially right. NSA has introduced backdoors into encryption algorithms that itself help create. In 2013, interest began to increase considerably when it was discovered that the NSA had potentially implemented a backdoor into the P-256 curve based Dual_EC_DRBG algorithm.[11] While not directly related,[12] suspicious aspects of the NIST's P curve constants[13] led to concerns[14] that the NSA had chosen values that gave them an advantage in breaking the encryption.[15][16] Source: However, there are elliptic curves that are currently mathematically unbreakable. You just have to use the right one.
  2. Can substance be defined? Even language itself has a particular beauty that can't be substantiated. What is the substance that substance is made of?
  3. Organize your time better. You can set time on Saturday to hang out with your friends, but Sunday you can dedicate only to yourself and your projects.
  4. I use services from They handle all the distribution to bookstores and digital libraries (including audible). You should create an outline first. Think of it as the skeleton of the main events of the book. Once you have the skeleton, then you can start attaching details. There is a plan. Recording the audiobook is the most time-consuming part. Audible has some standards for quality that you have to meet, but it's not a big issue. Distribution is the easiest part.
  5. You can submit your manuscript to a publishing house through an agent, or you can Self-Publish. Keep in mind that the gatekeepers of the publishing industry are about 80% women, and most of the books published these days are tailored to women (for some men these days don't read books). So if you are going the traditional publishing route, you will need to learn how to placate women. It's fun.
  6. Explaining paradoxes of logic through logic is paradoxical.
  7. The feelings that are attaching you to the guy are the same feelings that will attach you to your children one day. A woman who gets detached from sex can easily become detached from the byproduct of sex.
  8. Reaching in is not so hard, but how does one stay there? I too have reached such states, but eventually, I fall off. The reason why I fall off, I think is because my attention is not trained enough to stay with the "Not Knowing". My attention wants to "Know" which grounds me back into duality. The best tool I have for improving my attention is mediation. Do you know of a better way besides psychedelics?
  9. Physics aims to describe the laws that create our physical reality. Metaphysics aims to describe the laws that exist above physical reality. If you believe there is nothing above physical reality, you don't need metaphysics.
  10. I think it was 40, 000 words.. When the words flow, they come through you, not from you. It's a story of a Father and Son, told through the voice of the Spirit. You can read it for free on Medium:
  11. Wrote 3 books. They are hard to categorize because they exist on the border between duality and non-duality. Wrote the first book in 10 days. Enjoyed the insights and the experience of writing so kept doing it. My rule is to write at least 1000 words per day. There are days when the words just flow on the page and you get into a flow state. That is really motivating. Read a lot.... Develop your own style... and just DO IT.
  12. To create attraction, you must create polarity. if you create strength, you must create weakness. If we were all equal in every aspect, we would never get attracted to anything.
  13. If you are enlightened, then who am I?