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  1. All complex systems must be predictable on some level. A complex system that is completely unpredictable is complete chaos. Reality is the most complex system and thus it must create a balance between predictability and unpredictability. There must be a balance between the possible and the impossible. If Leo could shoot fireballs, and we couldn't, then his actions add unpredictability to the system and destabilize it. In order for a system to survive, the system must be stable. Even if the system is created in your subjective experience(Mind). You can compare reality to a video game. A game in which one player has the cheat code to the system can make the impossible, possible. He can wake up one day and turn all the other players into donkeys. That might be fun for the player with the cheat code, but it might not be fun for the other players. If you are the Creator of the video game, you must impose some rules in order to make the game playable. Otherwise, you can't play your own game. I understand. The senses help create your subjective experience. Reasoning helps you understand your experience. Consciousness is what makes you aware of your experience. But you must find a way to see beyond your sense, beyond reasoning, and beyond your consciousness.
  2. Notice that you have an idea that is against politics. Politics matters to people whose lives depend on politics. If your life depended on it, it will matter to you.
  3. That is a clever title. Its a book for Nobody. You are the True Yoga Master. The student follows the master until he realizes that he is the Master himself. If the student remains a student forever, then he followed the wrong Master.
  4. Then it is not an addiction. What you truly desire is only the Truth. But Truth can have infinite disguises. Addictions are always misperceptions of what you truly want.
  5. Yes. But do you get your friend? You can't always get your way, and you can't always accept the way of others. Arguments are sometimes necessary to find the middle way.
  6. Curing the addiction to videos with a video. Curing the addiction to heroin with more heroin.
  7. This is a good approach. Imagine the future you want to live in and make it your reality. Imagine the greatest future for all humanity and make it our reality.
  8. Everything that exists in your subjective experience is real. Thus, your subjective experience has defined what is possible and what is impossible. Everything that exists in objective experience is unreal until it becomes your subjective belief. Then, it is your belief that defines what is possible and what isn't. Reality is subjective phenomena, not an objective one. Experience is closer to Truth than belief. You make everything real. Everything exists in the context of You. You create the content and the context of your experience.
  9. Understanding. When you are addicted to something, you are supplementing an unfulfilled desire with an addiction that numbs your unfulfilled desire. For example, when you get addicted to alcohol, you are trying to numb down your mental state so that you don't think about your unfulfilled desire. You must deconstruct your desires so that you can understand what is that you truly need.
  10. I know you are trolling. LOL. There are no girls in my neighborhood.
  11. Yea. I am sure Leo gets off on the number of views. @thesio Hello there. Finally, someone who looks like the girls in my neighborhood. LOL
  12. So if your friend wants to go to the movies with you, and you want to play video games with your friend, what do you do? You can't play video games at the movies.
  13. Or maybe he is currently buying the whole world supply of these substances, and then he will re-sell them on the market 100x their original price. Front running the market.
  14. So even if you revealed the substances that you are "hiding", people might experience a completely different effect than the ones you have experienced.