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  1. OP you should do 5 meo when you're ready it'll say "pick me pick me pick me" when it's time.
  2. @Brivido that seems like a slightly naive assumption. Sure, it's all You in the absolute sense. but a lion is also You, and can kill you.
  3. milo - zen scientist
  4. bro watch the new game of thrones series suffering is good
  5. the beauty of intelligent design over nothingness
  6. interesting. near-death experiencers sometimes have a life-review, a kind of 4k imax movie experience of their whole life
  7. playing video games and seeing how intricately everything worked together made me feel a kind of unity with the creators of the game, and a deep sense of gratitude at being part of it. I felt a lot of love for humanity and the things that lead us to where we are from games like grand theft auto five and the witcher. I cried reading a poem about a flower in class. Flowers for Algernon made me feel total empathy. doing things with my dad, like eating lunch and vacations where I met third cousins. the most at-peace I have ever felt was during one of those vacations, one night right as I was gonna go to sleep.
  8. I decided long ago that the supernatural was a poor way of communicating with the Dreamer https://youtu.be/EL7e05pClKM
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/NDE/comments/xtsujb/what_was_it_that_proved_to_you_in_your_opinion/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  10. you can start by learning to make a psi wheel and watch some youtube videos by trebor seven you could also attend a breatharian initiation
  11. Astral projection… dudes be creating universes