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  1. meditation is super useful. it’s not going to bring you to the highest states of consciousness possible, but that’s not the point. meditation is like brushing your teeth or taking a shower.
  2. wow, I feel like this video came to me at the perfect time
  3. why would the next life be any different than this one if you don’t work hard to deal with your issues in this life? I get where you’re coming from. I wanted to leave this planet so I could have another chance with an ex in another life, for a long time. but it’s an illusion, there is no escape but hard backbreaking emotional labor.
  4. maybe awakening is the relative truth of becoming conscious of absolute truth. does that make sense? I also am not sure what awakening is, past becoming aware that consciousness is all. but according to Leo and others it goes deeper. so that means it’s a relative truth, It think?
  5. that’s one interpretation, but to me, the belief (and that’s all it is, I don’t claim to be awakened) in immortality has the opposite effect. in my life, it means that unresolved issues are going to follow me to the next life, because death isn’t an easy escape.
  6. can I direct message you?
  7. is it? not being able to cold approach is the main thing ruining my self esteem at the moment. I go out most weekends and my approaches are still only in the single digits. It makes me hate myself.
  8. friends who love you and tell you they love you I’m hesitant to reccomend ketamine, but if you don’t struggle with addiction it could be helpful
  9. it’s more like , for any given man, 20% of women find him attractive, 10% would date him, 5% would marry him, etc. probably a portion of men are only attractive to 10% of women, but if you’re doing this work , have a life purpose and learn how to socialize you will get plenty of interest.
  10. So talking to myself is my life purpose. I just need to get in front of a camera and start talking. put some ambient music in there. I need a much more direct creative outlet than music
  11. I love this show and Tony Robbins My pickup strategy has always been brooding, because I have low self esteem. The interesting part is that it sometimes works, and that’s actually what I should focus on if I want to transcend it. Because I am so needy and obsessive I will sit by myself in a bar and act as unhinged as possible. I want something different, not for women but for myself. I matter, everything I feel comes from ME. In the past I externalized the sense of satisfaction I created myself to women.
  12. sex without love is pretty mid, sex with love is like the second coming of Christ Merry Christmas everyone.
  13. that’s why my goal is to start my own business
  14. yeah it’s actually a little insane how good it is at that. usually it doesn’t even really set in until a day or two later, I’ll just be walking around, looking at people and think “holy shit this is all my imagination”