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  1. I didn’t fully AP last night but I had some very mundane dreams where all I did was sit in my room I believe that would be considered a false awakening Sooo Close I believe this dream yoga as they call it can help to prevent bad dreams. as a side benefit what if you maintained lucidity the entire time you were asleep ?
  2. seeing the futility of nonduality and no-self “Emptiness, Pt. 2” by Mount Eerie The feeling of being in the mountains Is a dream of self-negation To see the world without us How it churns and blossoms Without anyone looking on It's why I've gone on and on And why I've climbed up alone But actual negation When your person is gone And the bedroom door yawns There is nothing to learn Her absence is a scream Saying nothing Conceptual emptiness was cool to talk about Back before I knew my way around these hospitals I would like to forget and go back into imagining That snow shining permanently alone could say something to me true and comforting
  3. intro to Focus 12
  4. tonight I will astral project. tonight I will astral project. I fully believe dimethyltryptamine has opened my third eye and blessed me with psychic abilities
  5. people who think DMT trip = Near Death Experience have not experienced either NDE is closer to astral projection
  6. the real-life traumas people go through make dmt look tame in comparison it’s such a beautiful experience. It’s hard to believe it even exists. God loves me.
  7. It’s been about 20ish hours I don’t like eating meat at all but I am also very lazy and don’t cook
  8. fasting because of DMT near-breakthrough dose and reapeated watching simulation video and meditating on the experience
  9. I want infinite love and infinite sex
  10. 5 meo cleans the crown chakra
  11. to me the most curious aspect of 5 meo is the reactivation. different from a flashback, which can happen after any intense psychedelic experience. clearly 5 meo primes the user to have future breakthrough experiences, sober.
  12. @Jowblob for sure consciousness affects the consensus world. there have been studies suggesting the ancient mind actually experienced supernatural entities talked about in folklore. look up the bicameral mind.
  13. ketamine is definitely the most recreational drug I’ve taken, it’s even more recreational than weed imo
  14. datura hallucinations are supposedly very realistic, think schizophrenia , having full on conversations with people before suddenly realizing they aren’t there. hence why a sitter is necessary