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  1. One of the simplest and most direct explanations of ultimate truth. There aren’t any pointers or teachings here, this *is* non-duality and God, simply put The introduction ends at 19:00 careful
  2. god and the body speak to each other as the same consciousness space
  3. he is God becaue he knows nothing and is desireless ashtavakra gita
  4. nothing exists but
  5. This is something I picked up from Jed McKenna, there’s a YouTube clip : waking up in the dream: Attaining God consciousness on psychedelics. Probably can be attained abiding, but how? Regardless, God consciousness might be a good thing. I haven’t experienced yet waking up from the dream: All I know is I Am. I cannot say that you are. Or that anything outside of this present moment is. I-Am is God because I-Am is All. solipsism have you done Leo’s you are god exercise? Do you want to wake up from the dream? Remember there are infinitely deeper levels of getting it. My impression from Leo’s experience is that when you have God consciousness grounded in truth realization, the God consciousness can serve to deepen your truth realization.
  6. Do you think that God consciousness is responsible for siddhis?
  7. Potentially useful maps in that one, but to develop a meditation habit— an app, perhaps
  8. I hope so he’s way interested in psychedelics than other teachers. I hope he gets those tests done too
  9. how to do so? did he reccomend?
  10. I’ve been practicing since you posted, love. It’s a game changer for sure
  11. hello friends. earlier tonight I combined many of my favorite things -mushies, music, dancing, crowds- -2 grams, bass, expressive, bustling- Being in public again, like before quarantine and so alive brimming with insights from such solitude I felt so much, oh so much Love for everyone and had such an appreciation for friendship, seeing some of the People I care about the most and easy fun as I danced with a couple sexy Girls U
  12. Do I have a body? Do I keep God? Do we always have bodies? (this was addressed to an entity that seemed like a lover, and also me)