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  1. This is the second time I experience a synchronicity between the full moon and insomnia+hypermania. This seems to have started with the carnivore diet, currently keto. I came across some studies examining this phenomenon, but I haven‘t found a solution to normalize this. Any ideas?
  2. @Michael569 @lmfao @Pelin @montecristo @RachelThorpe Thank you! Had a break from the issue because it rained non-stop, but will try some of the things you mentioned once it starts again.
  3. @Michael569 Thank you man! Good info❤️ @SgtPepper Thanks, will do that more often!
  4. @Spiral @Sahil Pandit @Jordan94 Thanks. Also talked to someone who used nauli kriya, will try that too.
  5. How did you do it? Tell me about your experience.
  6. Was anybody here able to get whole body orgasms without losing semen and energy? How did you do it?
  7. Day90: Summary Tried NF a year ago, made it to 14 days went into this try with the feeling that I will succeed effortlessly After a while I came up with the idea to get a tantric massage if I succeed, helped to have a goal and look forward to it I saw how watching porn gives me more euphoria than normal youtube videos, even if I don‘t touch myself two weeks before the end I decided to stop watching porn. it wasn‘t a big problem Overall there was nothing special going on, I think that the carnivore diet that I started after ~60 days of NF made a difference, NF was just getting to a plateau and staying there I did feel an increasing need to consume material stuff, but that tendency also developed before NF, maybe because I stopped taking antipsychotics and felt my fears more. So not necessarily an effect of NF I don‘t know how healthy it is that the difficulty was 3,5 on average, maybe my libido is low. Will check for testosterone, also because of other symptoms Thanks for reading. ✌🏼
  8. Day89: 1/10
  9. Day88: 2/10
  10. Day87: 1/10 Feels numb down there, did a test run. Still working, took some time though
  11. Day86: 2/10
  12. @Vitamine Water My libido seems to be pretty low anyway, wasn‘t that hard. I will check for low testosterone probably this week, as it could also be a reason for other symptoms. But those last days make me impatient, looking forward to a special massage...😄
  13. @OmniYoga It turned out to be the bigger addiction, just watching porn is rewarding.
  14. Day85: 2/10
  15. Day84: 2/10