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  1. @pluto Ok, but how would you redefine it?
  2. @pluto But isn't imitation/copying the opposite of creativity? @XYZ Thanks, that's a good point. What is even me? Which are my thoughts? Theoretically I know - none. But If I'm not aware enough I identify with some of them more than with others.
  3. @Gabriel Antonio Yes
  4. Hey, I‘m writing an essay about Sadhguru in Leadership. If you know any sources (videos/articles) about how he leads people and the business aspect of it, it would be great if you post them here. Thanks in advance.
  5. 5-Meo needed it's own theme song Lyrics Part: Ok I'm chillin in Mexico Got sunburn on my testicles Sippin San Pellegrino Preparin' for 5meo Ceremony with Octavio Heart beatin' like its cardio Inhaling smoke like Snopp Do Double G, pardon me, i gotta lay down, Way down im subconscious I got entities and enemies, waitin' to eat the inner me Pluggin' it like Leo (hey) Losin' my ego Until I realize that Jesus is inside of me - Rio Woah Hook: 5-Meo, 5-Meo (8x) Outro: ... Eternal Truth!
  6. @Gabriel Antonio During the workshop it was overwhelming because the voices didn‘t stop and I felt like I was losing myself and adapting to the environment. So I‘m thinking that this is a survival mechanism. But with Chappelle it felt like he is representing a shadow of mine (identified early with being funny, losing it and gaining it back again) and to enhance the illusion that I am something different than him, my mind would repeat his voice. Because it seems like the mind chooses „different“ people only. Just now I‘m realizing that whenever I want to do some action and the thought kicks in: „that can‘t be me“, I start to think in someone elses voice so that there‘s no inner conflict. That happens a few times a week. That could be another hint for the shadow aspect. What do you think?
  7. I just watched the dave chapelle netflix special and took a nap. When I woke up, his voice was running through my head, it was very clear and I could think of any sentence with his voice. I also had that when I was on a workshop with strangers, all their voices and interests ran through my head and again, I could consciously imitate each and everyone of them. Have you ever experienced that? And what could be the reason for that mechanism?
  8. Came across a trap while meditating: 1. Leo is plugging. 2. Neo is plugged in. Do not confuse these two!
  9. Lost my intuition/emotional compass for years, once I got it back I knew how important it is. Googled „how to strengthen the intuition“ and read about meditation. First introduction to meditation was by Leo and that‘s how I discovered actualized😊
  10. I’ve had social anxiety and severe eye contact problems for years, it got better now. Here are a few tips, experience whatever works for you: Be mindful while talking to others (feel every word your lips form) Stand with slightly folded legs (leads to more awareness on the legs, important if you think you‘re just a vulnerable spot behind the eyes) do OSHOs dynamic meditation before going to class (leads to an open heart area and less social anxiety) start to meditate daily and observe your thoughts, 5 min to start with (will show you that you‘re not forming your thoughts, makes them less serious) before going to sleep, do a guided meditation to calm your stress levels down (helps to process the experience and will lead you more to yourself)
  11. @Hamilcar Anything is possible while dreaming, it feels like a lab in which anything can be tested. Two nights ago I dreamed that my father wanted me to trip. I layed down, he poke a hole into my thumb and inserted some special chili. I started to feel drunk and increasingly numb, my vision went dark. I was in total darkness, just drifting away like in a floating tank. There was no contact to anything and I disappeared more and more. Eventually I returned and told my brother, who was trip sitting, how it was. Then I woke up😊
  12. @zoey101 Thanks for reminding me to set my expectations lower. @Feel Good Thanks, I can feel that too, that it’s root cause is hurt. Can you give me a practical example on how you activate the shadow and work with it? @d0ornokey Thanks, I‘ll take a look at it👍🏼 @Emerald I didn‘t elaborate on that part, but a few weeks ago my shadow surfaced (jester/demonic like) and when I expressed it consciously without judging, I saw how I was neither the light, nor the shadow, I‘m the observer (whatever that is). But after a few minutes I could observe how the „good“ half wanted to take over and it slowly started to judge the „bad“ half. That‘s what I got sucked back into. But I understand what you‘re saying and have watched the shadow work video, I‘ll check out your other vids too. Thanks👍🏼
  13. I just woke up from a nap and felt that my biggest fear is to embody my dark side and express it fully. I felt that if I go through it, I may not return and become permanently mentally ill. When I was 5, I started to play a character, because I thought that letting go and being myself is not enough/too evil. That split lead to a deep depression with a psychosis/awakening 3 years ago, that resolved the duality of good and evil. Now I know that there‘s is no evil, and I can use this knowledge externally, but still, my biggest fear is to be a bad person. How should I work on this? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hey, if you're feeling low, listen to this. @Leo Gura New beard, new shirt, new intro? PS: made this entirely on an iphone, technology is crazy these days.
  15. Hey, as my bipolar medicine dosage (quetiapine) is very low now, I feel more sober and sharper, but also more sensitive towards stress. The guy in the following video talks about how restoring the gut with intermittent fasting helps to produce more serotonin and by that reduce stress -> depression->mania. My questions are: What should I test for when going to my doctor tomorrow? (Food allergies, cortisol...what else is mood related?) What's the best way to restore the gut? How can I keep it healthy? Simple info in video-form is preferred But text is okay too. Thanks in advance.