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  1. Then why is there Hinayana (motivation to liberate only one self) and Mahayana (motivation to liberate all beings) in Buddhism? @Leo Gura
  2. @Elisabeth @captainamerica Thanks!
  3. Day28: vegetarian burgers Challenge complete!
  4. Day27: red lentils with lemon, feta cheese and tomatoes
  5. Day26: black tiger shrimps, potatoe sticks with mozarella and spinach, salad with feta cheese and lemon
  6. Day25: Same as yesterday
  7. Day24: go to meal: red lentil pasta with veggies and org ground beef, sesame, zaziki and pickles
  8. Day23: vegan burger patties, protein toast, org tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, pickles, gouda
  9. Day22: Was in another city and could have chosen KFC, McDonalds or even something quite healthy from the baker, but instead I bought the most expensive salad I ever?
  10. Day20/21: salad, rice with veggies and beef oven potatoes and sour cream oatmeal as usual
  11. Day19: Zucchini and carrot as noodles with high quality steak and veggies craving sweets but oatmeal and berries are satisfying enough too?
  12. Day18: angus beef burgers, veggies, sweet potato fries
  13. Day 17: red lentil pasta with high quality ground beef, bolognese sauce and veggies
  14. Day16: Fish filet with spinach (not selfmade?) and cheese, brown rice, veggies and ayvar
  15. Day15: chili con carne, brown rice and tomatoe and apple purée with cinnamon for dessert