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  1. @phoenix666 I was kidding. I‘ll do it when the next opportunity arises
  2. @phoenix666 I don‘t wanna take the risk of humbling myself😄
  3. @phoenix666 Yes, seems obvious now. But I‘d like to see a practical example and maybe a "logical“ explanation for why that is true. Can someone provide that?
  4. @phoenix666 Yes, embodying something we don’t want to reach a higher place. I once taught math lessons to a 4th-grader, but because he came from another country his skills were very sketchy. So I told him to start with 1x1, but on the surface he was too proud to do that, underneath I saw traumatic insercurity. He sat next to much younger pupils who were able to multiply much faster, but he was always stuck in the middle because he didn‘t “take the lowest place“.
  5. @phoenix666 Haha just closed the tab and thought about asking the same. I found an explanation for myself but I'm not quite sure if it's applicable.
  6. Does anyone know where I can get a detailed bio (including early life etc.) about Sadhguru? Wikipedia's summary is too short and I don't have time to extract the important info from his book "More Than a Life", but if there is a bio that includes these details I'd be glad if someone could post it here. Thanks
  7. @pluto Ok, but how would you redefine it?
  8. @pluto But isn't imitation/copying the opposite of creativity? @XYZ Thanks, that's a good point. What is even me? Which are my thoughts? Theoretically I know - none. But If I'm not aware enough I identify with some of them more than with others.
  9. @Gabriel Antonio Yes
  10. Hey, I‘m writing an essay about Sadhguru in Leadership. If you know any sources (videos/articles) about how he leads people and the business aspect of it, it would be great if you post them here. Thanks in advance.
  11. 5-Meo needed it's own theme song Lyrics Part: Ok I'm chillin in Mexico Got sunburn on my testicles Sippin San Pellegrino Preparin' for 5meo Ceremony with Octavio Heart beatin' like its cardio Inhaling smoke like Snopp Do Double G, pardon me, i gotta lay down, Way down im subconscious I got entities and enemies, waitin' to eat the inner me Pluggin' it like Leo (hey) Losin' my ego Until I realize that Jesus is inside of me - Rio Woah Hook: 5-Meo, 5-Meo (8x) Outro: ... Eternal Truth!
  12. @Gabriel Antonio During the workshop it was overwhelming because the voices didn‘t stop and I felt like I was losing myself and adapting to the environment. So I‘m thinking that this is a survival mechanism. But with Chappelle it felt like he is representing a shadow of mine (identified early with being funny, losing it and gaining it back again) and to enhance the illusion that I am something different than him, my mind would repeat his voice. Because it seems like the mind chooses „different“ people only. Just now I‘m realizing that whenever I want to do some action and the thought kicks in: „that can‘t be me“, I start to think in someone elses voice so that there‘s no inner conflict. That happens a few times a week. That could be another hint for the shadow aspect. What do you think?
  13. I just watched the dave chapelle netflix special and took a nap. When I woke up, his voice was running through my head, it was very clear and I could think of any sentence with his voice. I also had that when I was on a workshop with strangers, all their voices and interests ran through my head and again, I could consciously imitate each and everyone of them. Have you ever experienced that? And what could be the reason for that mechanism?
  14. Came across a trap while meditating: 1. Leo is plugging. 2. Neo is plugged in. Do not confuse these two!
  15. Lost my intuition/emotional compass for years, once I got it back I knew how important it is. Googled „how to strengthen the intuition“ and read about meditation. First introduction to meditation was by Leo and that‘s how I discovered actualized😊