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  1. Welcome🙏🏻@lennart
  2. I‘m not into pick up that much but I enjoy his approach:
  3. Hey, is there anyone who wants to coach me in regards to career/life purpose/money and who lives in Germany?
  4. Hey, anyone here who is experienced in bioenergetics or other forms of body therapy and would like to do sessions with me over skype?
  5. @Michael569 So the solution is to eat a high amount of carbs for a few days and then? How are the depressive symptoms connected to it?
  6. Now I am more sure than ever that the diet plays a huge role in my well-being, but I don‘t really know what the exact reason is and hope to find out with you. During the beginning of last year I went from vegetarian to carnivore. After two weeks of feeling increasingly better I have reached a point when I felt totally ok with myself: no fear to look others in the eye, no self-blame, a healthy self-image. After two hours of this experience it backlashed into a very strong pain body and the effect balanced out. But: I seem to have scratched the surface of the solution. I transitioned to keto/low carb (half assed, not really sure how often I was in ketosis), but I was able to wake up in the morning without feeling like my chest is glued to the bed, I was getting strong erections and I had more drive to do things. I slowly went back to a regular diet with carbs due to different circumstances and slowly gained weight, had more appetite to eat sugar and so I went through increasingly stronger highs and lows. So I started the ketogenic diet again (not tracking, just by feeling) and the symptoms got better. Only disadvantage (and maybe a huge one) is that I can‘t think fast on keto. It‘s like someone cut the connection to the brain and I just feel dumb. But I am more calm and balanced. So currently I went to eating low carb (Less fat), but had a few more strawberries and carbs overall. The result: Can‘t get out of bed! My magnesium and vitamin D levels are fine according to bloodwork. I am supplementing Omega 3, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Lithium Orotate, B12 with folate, Probiotics, L-Tryptophan (since a few days), Curcumin. I am also in the process of getting my amino acids tested, will update here when I have the results. How do I get to the spot during the carnivore diet?
  7. DayCorona: everything went as planned until here, but the gym is closed for now I‘ll try to keep on jogging and use my TRX ropes
  8. Day29: Increased strength back/triceps while doing lat pulls I felt stronger, there‘s already an improvement Day30: I did that? pushed 420 pounds on the leg press...surreal couldn‘t sleep well cause of the euphoria through working out need to rest better
  9. Day27: Missed Day28: Off-Day I could have done the missed workout of yesterday, but I learned with other habits to respect the plan and even the breaks, so I‘m more drawn to do the next day
  10. Day26: Powerful legs legs/abs wasn‘t sure if I had 85kg per side or in total on the leg press when I found out it was per side and stepped it up to a total of 180 kg I was blown away by the weight I am able to push with my legs I was also a bit depressed and inactive that day, but when I did squats and finished the set I almost passed out, but had a nice high
  11. Day25: No energy chest/biceps: missed seems like my glycogen levels are depleted had a headache and slept during the day, which I didn‘t do for weeks now the day passed and I didn‘t do my workout
  12. Day24: Feeling low, running slow... LISS 30min the last time I did LISS I was light as a feather and ran a high tempo even though it‘s unnecessary today I felt very heavy and I could sense an overall low mood was able to run 22 min, walked for 20 more but I am glad to to this programme, otherwise I would probably stay in bed
  13. Day23: Hands are too weak back/triceps I could do heavier deadlifts but my hands are too weak gotta start using the hand trainers I bought when I did triceps pulls with the rope, i pulled down my shoulders to pull from the triceps only I noticed that doing this wrong can lead to pain in the shoulder blades
  14. Day22: Can‘t walk... legs/abs felt really sick cause I went to the sauna the day before and had way too much meat this combo leads to a strong migraine and nausea but I still went to the gym Went hard on the leg press after the workout my legs were weak and I almost tripped on the stairs missed that feeling
  15. Day21: Back at it! chest/biceps first day symptom-free, woke up and felt how lazy and rusty my body is through the break was able to continue where I left off needed 1:30h which is quite acceptable for me not tracking food though I also noticed that when I workout my body craves for more vegetables which I neglected a bit this week with keto I feel like working out regularly is necessary otherwise my posture becomes very limp