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  1. Day12: 6/10 negative motivation to watch porn, but resisted
  2. @daniel695 Yeah, I understand. But if you want to get off of them you have to be alert enough to recognize the symptoms early and jump back to the old amount of meds. It took me a long time to get off and I changed a lot as previously mentioned. If you just stop taking them there‘s a high chance that you won‘t be able to handle the difference. The three things you mentioned were exactly what caused mine too. And bad food.
  3. Hey @daniel695 , I had a psychosis 3,5 years ago, took medication ever since, reduced it since the beginning of this year and now I‘m off. I‘m confronted with all the old emotions, but I‘m more aware of them through 2 years of daily meditation and know a few techniques to deal with stress. I also changed my diet completely and don‘t eat sugar anymore, which seems to be a huge cause of depressive episodes for me. I‘ll see how it turns out over time, as soon as I see critical sypmtoms of mania I will use meds again. But I think that my mindset of not wanting to be like every other bipolar guy who takes meds, even though it‘s purely egoic and could backfire, helps me to be determined about improving myself on all possible levels so that I‘m independent and sober. So there has to be an optimization on the physical level, which is doable in a few months. Improving the mind is a life long process.
  4. @universe Yeah, that‘s my opinion too. I‘d gladly talk to you, pm me your skype. @aurum Gotcha, thank you!
  5. Day11: 1/10
  6. @Wasem Thanks for reminding me of that video👍🏼 @ZZZZ Maybe, I‘ll see how it evolves. @aurum How do you practice self-love?
  7. A few days ago, I met with a girl and we mostly talked, but also hugged for quite a long time inbetween, which felt nice. When I left I tried to observe what I feel and it was this nice, respectful, friendly and loving emotion, but nothing deep. While on the train a few minutes later I recognized an emotion that told me, I‘m already afraid of losing her. The next few days she was increasingly on my mind and I started thinking about a future with her. This lead to intense pressure and self-doubt. Before and while I met with her I was really content with being single, I didn‘t aim for anything more than that. So where do these thoughts of needing her in my life come from? Why is she such a strong mirror? And how can I use this mirror effectively without it destroying me?
  8. Day10: 1/10
  9. @Vitamine Water Nothing lost, great work! What are you reading?
  10. Day9: 2/10
  11. Day8: 2/10
  12. Has anybody tried visualizing the energy moving upwards without movement involved? Any effects?
  13. @St Clair Crazy skills!❤️
  14. Day7: 3/10
  15. @Vitamine Water Congrats to 40 days! And yeah, probably two of the most horrible things that can happen to a young man: blue screens and blue balls...good luck!😄