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  1. @Zion Arrogance is covering up low self-esteem. It's overcompensation. Imagine someone getting bullied in school. Years later they excel in university and develop arrogance to be better than other students. This can also be an arrogance in terms of spirituality, that you are more spiritual yadda yadda. You can have morals without being arrogant, vice versa. The key is true humility. Comparing oneself to other people can be done without arrogance. It's simply saying that blue is apparently different from red. No color is inherently better.
  2. If you have a vivid imagination, you can do this: Get into a meditation pose and meditate for 5 minutes. Become aware of the anger in the body. Focus on that person. Imagine that person getting hurt. Materialize whatever comes to mind no matter how batshit crazy & brutal it is. It could be you or someone else doing the violence. Imagine it as long as you like. After some time it gets tiring. When you feel it is enough you can detach and meditate for 30 minutes. The anger in your body should have subsided.
  3. "So, I gave up." https://fb.watch/42qMWP3QOH/
  4. Intentionally go in a conversation with anybody to a place where you don't know what to say or do or you have a blanc. Be present. Be there. Enjoy the moment, the silence and feel, if it truly needs words. Why shouldn't it be good?
  5. Can you feel compassion for yourself? Focus on your desire. Be present. Drop any thought & belief that isn't aligned with your desire. I too love talking about shit I love and see beauty in, but people don't understand me lol. I have to tailor my speach to their understanding. But feels good though to express & explore at the same time.
  6. @Pendulum Advice & guidance hmm.... What I discovered just today is that there's the belief that I am not worthy. That doesn't feel good of course. So I made an affirmation containing "I am loved & I am worthy" and speaking happened on its own without control: the character spoke what he always knew as he spoke the prayer, his truth. I literally cried my soul out. So much anger at keeping myself small. So much drive to get what is mine. Feeling strong to steamroll to the life that I want to live. Feeling good now. In reality you want to be great and shine your true self and show yourself to the world unabashedly. You want to rip your heart open and share your gift with the world. Any area in life with continued & reoccuring bad results is an area where limiting beliefs are working. Limiting believes are tricky. There can be meta-limiting beliefs that affect many areas of your life at the same time. Uncover what you believe about yourself that doesn't feel good and keeps you small. Peel back the layers. Drop the masks of what you think to be. When you recognized your limiting beliefs you can turn them around and make an affirmation. Perhaps visualization works for you too: visualize how you feel when you are [worthy & loved] because you are already it right now. Everything gets dropped that arises and doubts or contradicts the affirmation & visualization because you recognize that they aren't true, they don't ring true or resonate in you. You are already that what you want. You know yourself better than any limiting belief could ever convince you of.
  7. @nistake I love this so much
  8. @twoosees Once my older brother overheard a snippet of one of the videos in 2018, perhaps it was the radical implications of oneness. Needless to say that he said it was dangerous It is one thing to hear an idea and it is another thing to attach to it. What I found is to have compassion for where they come from. What is also good is to be aware what somebody can & can't understand (there are different ways of understanding & I found contemplation via journaling to be the approach to develop these other ways) and then after consideration to introduce Leo's material with guidance because his work is very easy to misunderstand. I suggested to some who are already viewing the world from a detached-involved systemic perspective to check out spiral dynamics. Leo is not for everyone. I even consider that people are more ready for SD than Leo because SD is not so threatening for the identity structure. At first when I exposed myself to his material I was denying anything too far out there. Then it shifted to "I don't have experienced this, so everything said by him is a map for now". You have no obligation to introduce your loved ones or anyone to Leo's work. However, if you feel someone - regardless how close you are - is ready to look behind the curtain, you can for sure introduce some topics to them. The tricky thing is to know when someone is ready.
  9. https://scontent-frx5-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/155492448_1132395130545378_1532764232119789645_o.jpg?_nc_cat=111&ccb=3&_nc_sid=825194&_nc_ohc=U5xsXwwKuJgAX8BZL7q&_nc_ht=scontent-frx5-1.xx&oh=8b394588ead200d81af202f0c79b56b4&oe=60638536
  10. I can be projected that other people's bodies and faces are completely different from their inner mental movement. You intimately know yourself & the mental space of character, and the face in the mirror doesn't show that self-image. People get judged by their appearance, but in truth it can be projected that they are completely different beings on the inside. Same relation: my mental image isn't reflected on my outer image & people's mental image isn't reflected on their outer image.
  11. @Avidya The book described here.
  12. The story in memory is the same story created right now.
  13. Feel into yourself what RH's comment at the Limbaugh thread made yourself comment here.
  14. What I described reminded me of the title of the book Nice song overall. It would take me 100s of hours to do something like that. I feel like at some times (1:12; 2:14) the beat is more used as an instrument that pauses and comes back in. There's nothing to orient myself on that is constant. So, even when the constant layer pauses the other layer should also pause imo. Feels sometimes bumby to me and as if the sound is indecisive/insecure how far it wants to go and play a role in the ensamble. Listening to the motive again in the end, feels as if the beat (from 3:22) is insecure to play a more constant dominant role. Like dabbling and not fully committing. I know it closes there but even before it felt inconsistent and avoidant, not wanting to commit. At 1:59 the transition is a bit to hard imo. Feels like a new song is starting which is ok of course, but the beginning of the variation feels disconnected from the part before. Starting at 2:29 - idk what the sound is called, but it's like a whip - the sound takes turns with the bass. Because of the difference of frequency this feels not harmoneous. Yes, now when hearing a bit longer, waiting for the motive to come back, I feel like it is to drastic with the whip sound. Like waves washing ashore or a river flowing in the forest and someone making a whipping noise. I like that! Why though isn't there a torch besides the book shelf? I want light to see what book I I take! The candle on the table seems to be an LED considering how bright it is compared to the torches above. Or is there a hole in the ceiling for the sun to shine in? 👍 At 0:52 & 1:46 the transition from the piano to the vocal/guitar feels too hard for me. But I don't know how you could make it more smoother. The melody is already conducive to the transition.
  15. @Thought Art I second this 👆 Is the noise in the beginning & end intentional? If not, maybe look for a quiet room or look into soundproof or sound absorbing panels. Or just make the threshold for the recording higher that the mic only records true spikes and leaves out the usual errors - recording the signal and leaving out the noise. From 3:12 to 3:28 the instruments overlay each other in a nice disharmonic way. I cannot really describe it, but I feel the disharmonic blend can be made a bit clearer. Maybe bringing more harmony in the disharmonic part. That would mean a bit more editing and rerecording of some layers that don't fit already. Thanks! I enjoyed that song.