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  1. How do they want to integrate the Venus project in already existing cities? What would be needed? In general, at which time (e.g. 2070) do they predict will countries begin to use the Venus project (when looking at the current life conditions and values of existing nations)? When will the first countries implement the idea? When can the Venus project be implemented world wide because of global unification of countries.
  2. @Strangeloop And you want to change that? Do you feel the desire to talk freely with people about anything because you are just feeling like it and because the words just flow out of you? If so, do you know some free apps, sites or resources that allow you to talk to people?
  3. @Jaja57 Psilocybin (moderate & high dosage trips) made me be more in the body and listen to its intelligence. It's recognizing its intelligence and surrendering to it, trusting that whatever appears that it's already goodness. There is more self-love towards my behaviors which I see that are used to stay in homeostasis (of identity) and that are used to hold back an expanded sense of self. There's an increased recognition that anxiety is self-created and that it is up to me, if I want to create the experience and to believe it. Meditation also helps hand in hand with that. Interestingly, as a man I also feel more aware to cut out the bs of believing anxious thoughts when I didn't cum for few days. It's an increased sense of self-love, self-compassion and power of presence. Feeling more worthy of having experiences that anxious thoughts would normally prevent me from experiencing. Meditation alone did reveal that to me before, but Psilocybin brought the message home.
  4. Also great for shamanic breathing. The Osho quotes are also hitting home in that expanded state of consciousness.
  5. @actualizing25 Yes, I don't know you in that regard. A general cautionary warning is always good. It can be the case that you have an avoidant personality and that you use spirituality to avoid life instead of going into it. But if not, then go ahead
  6. @Vision https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hartz_concept If you have a closer look (not just wikipedia), you can see that people with that support are limited to get the bare essential products and services. @actualizing25 Be very careful. This approach can lead you to avoid life.
  7. IME, it is listening to intuition and letting the knowing guide your everyday life. Intuition is felt by listening to the silence. There's something arising from that. Every time when you feel resistant against intuition and you feel not good in being resistant you can tap into self-compassion and forgive yourself.
  8. Definitely experienced this. What kept me going was a sense that I will be better the longer I stay in the game. Self-love is very important too, you are at this place in time because you have had limited experiences. You cannot be anywhere else. You are doing good right now even if it seems that doing that is not enough.
  9. @StarStruck Thanks for posting this topic. That's an opportunity for you to learn, heal and grow alot. Consider, "I just enjoyed my misery by not responding and giving any explanation. That is truthless." Yes, imagine for a moment that you enjoy your own misery. You enjoy it because you believe your own story. You believe that she enjoys your misery from "not responding and giving any explanation". You are right that this view is without truth. It's creating your personal hell. Hell is not true. It would grow you by telling her that you hurt the girl and how you did it. Are you able to see that you swing from the one side of the pendulum (dissociation) to the other one (expression without regard for the world)? Those are a lot of assumptions. It is the exact opposite, I'm a person who doesn't lash out. She knew that and that is why she treated me like trash. It is in human nature to lash out. I was always a person who would swallow it and this time, I just couldn't bare it. Yes, it felt great to have her on the phone crying, and then I told her off and I said I don't want anything to do with it. It is part of character building. This happening changed me so I won't be the same and don't do the same. Lashing out was just a new learning experience. Something I don't have experience with. ^-- Look what you wrote. That is the little voice in your head that you fight against. The way you interpret her actions validates your cute voice of insecurity. No wonder why you reacted this hard. You react against your little voice. You push it away and don't embrace it. @mememe Welcome to the forum
  10. Btw, IJB063 was banned by you.
  11. @electroBeam Rejection is not personal. It happens so many times till you learn the lesson. And then it will cease to exist. Keep putting your desire out there. I see good advise here already.
  12. Introspection = deep feeling, seeing Contemplating = deep thinking, creating During contemplative journaling I introspect and feel a topic. I listen to silence what comes up from direct experience that crystalizes into a thought. What is then written is close to truth. It was first felt and derived from that into a thought structure. Now there are thoughts being connected to each other. Every thought arises from that introspection. By feeling into yourself and truly listening, you see yourself. It's basically what I did here in this description of journaling. I checked in how it feels and derived that into a thought being woven into a sentence.
  13. Btw, thanks for speaking about your grant conspiracy theory in your last video. I had a breakdown and cried in the train. Now I got to reevaluate life with all the fragments. I always dreamed too small. That episode was a banger of inspiration. Thanks for that
  14. How does it feel when you get it out though, freeing I bet? Well at first sure feels good, but then I face judgement of other people which can be viewed as an effect of my honesty. Or one thing I noticed is that I tend to judge myself on what I've said or how I've said it. So, how is difficulty in talking impacting you? I mean, what does it spark in you that you post this thread in this subforum? Does it come from an emotion or thought process?