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  1. I think that is the main thing for you. Can you schedule your work hours to another time? If that's not possible then ask around if other people have the same problem and then create a work group. Cause it seems as if you still are overwhelmed and panicking despite having the possibility to ask friends for stuff.
  2. @itachi uchiha Of course it's possible. However these experiences greatly open up the mind to consider more modes of being.
  3. The combination of cuteness and truth is perfect
  4. This. The whole teaching of "no-self" is problematic in this regard. The mind can get so stuck on the notion of no-self that it becomes blind to the fact that all is the God Self. The correct teaching is not no-self, it is God Self. Even though, of course, God has no self. I feel that neo-Advaita and Buddhist style teachings can get people stuck in no-self. Thanks Leo. It feels like a kind of expanded state, but it's twisted animalistic/alien and not clear. In regards to what you wrote I can describe my experience of these DP/DR episodes: I get conscious of the story that the body is not separate from inanimate matter. The whole world including me as LR is seen through the lens of being not real. I believe that my mind constructs everything. I feel the identity being smaller as in close to ego-death. Then there is increased awareness of egoic movement and how thoughts arise which can be attached to. There is in general increased shakiness of the body. IME, I had no focus on being consciousness beyond the mind. There was no focus on no-mind as the mind was actively constructing stories to make sense of the world. Really good description, I experience that too. What do you mean with observing? Do you mean observing the dynamic of attaching to thought which creates panic (which's then also felt in the body)? That's interesting, during these episodes I feel as if being just a small gear in the machine. Thanks! This makes it super clear. It's for me the belief of being not separate from the material universe and feeling this state to be twisted af. The "split betweeen realms" is a good lens to look at DPDR. The stress sensitivity of mentally ill people is also something I notice. My mind happens to come into a twisted mushroom mode for a second when I would feel insecure, anxious or a sudden surprise. Good that I wrote down when it started. I'm so grateful that I still can see when I'm confused in a shroomy way. All in all, this is a well written and thought-out post. Thanks! I think your post is more geared towards what Leo wrote with the neo-Advaita & Buddhist no-mind approach and not towards the mental illness side of this thread amirite?
  5. Thank you, this confirmed it again for me. I think it's good to just hang around in that grey space of spiritual awakening & mental illness and watch how its unfolding till something new arises. Then there is more clarity on how to continue, or not. I haven't done that much introspection to have clarity in that regard. What Mandy described with awareness being beyond the mind feels clear to me and yet it isn't in my direct experience. Well let's see.
  6. @Preety_India @Gesundheit2 @mandyjw @Khan 0 @happyhappy Thanks to all of you.
  7. @mandyjw That is something to ponder and look for in direct experience. Thanks! I wonder, who's so sneaky to hide behind the mask of no mask
  8. Because they have no epistemic foundation to ground themselves in or do you mean something else?
  9. I ask because I cannot differentiate between awakening experiences and derealization-depersonalization disorder (where the world and self are directly felt as not real) or the awakening experiences and psychotic phases.
  10. Holy shit, feel like loosing my mind again after watching it for an hour.
  11. Could you elaborate a little more on this? Looking at it from the Absolute-relative lens, thoughts and bias are finite. Oneness is infinite. It's like, "But Leo, why couldn't reality exclude bias?" "Because it would be evil and not Good." @Roy Please close this topic.
  12. Without bias it wouldn't be Oneness.
  13. I'm in tears. Thanks @Nahm @Juliano Zn Talking about synchronicities Me too. Could have never come at a better time.
  14. Thank you so much I never could quite give it a name. It clears up alot for me.
  15. (good work )