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  1. Well done - although noboby did that hehe. Is there identification with the experience? Is anything owned or rather claimed to be you? If yes, then prepare for an ego backlash. Keep the foundation of your practices. If there's no identification then I'd contact James123 and Nahm for further guidance. I'd also read Kundalini books from Leo's booklist when you go into the direction of working with this energy. Easy to burn yourself.
  2. @wellbranding What conscious business do you have? Whishing you all the best 🙏
  3. Is it the same with the duality collapsing between being alive and being dead?
  4. Coming out of the front door. Two fellow students chat with each other. There is no control in putting something in the garbage can. It's like being in a dream: it just happens and still the identity is half there. I join them in the conversation. I'm super relaxed and just enjoying their presence. 5 minutes later: Crossing paths and chatting with a friend who just before said goodbye to her boyfriend at the volleyball court and now goes to meet another friend. There is just the body acting. There is still identity and it is just let go to preserve that self-image. The body is relaxed, funny, flowing... Mind takes a step back. Another friend comes. Chatting for some more time. Then we part.
  5. Youtube links don't get imbedded anymore. Rest seems fine.
  6. David Sloan Wilson interview on Group Selection, Memes, and Western Values https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3fG96gvgLU
  7. Seems alright for me. Btw, you posted 2 threads of this kind. This is the other thread https://www.actualized.org/forum/topic/72864-are-you-guys-having-problems-loading-the-forum-today/ EDIT: No, it takes longer to make comments. EDIT 2: Now it seems fine again after I couldn't reach the forum. EDIT 3 after 11 hours: Seems fine.
  8. @Gregory1 Yes, very good. 🙏 Such a beautiful trip report. Thanks for the share
  9. So just reality existing already has meaning? Because it exists?
  10. These are the movies coming up for me. Better taken in as whole rather than just youtube scenes that stand out. On empathy: Joker (2019) A feeling or movement in you that is indescribable: Melancholia (2011), Parasite (2019) What it means to be human: Arrival (2016), her (2013), The Tree Of Life (2011), Interstellar (2012: a & b)
  11. Holy. That gives me intense flashbacks to a near death experience. Holy fuck the beauty.
  12. @HypnoticMagician That is deepest redpill ideology. Watch out on this forum or you will be banned as Leo doesn't tend to waste time with dogmatic people. @Proserpina Don't bother to comment on the content level of the comment. That just fuels the identity games and validates the ego.
  13. Meaning is inherent in reality or do you rather project meaning on the canvas of reality?
  14. @Ora Do you have personal experience with you or someone close getting the vaccine? Please post only this anecdotal experience here. The concern you shared is more suitable for another thread that is aimed for collecting & discussing studies which show possible side effects.