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  1. @zeroISinfinity Isn't this on your dreamboard? @Harikrishnan Changing your name Editing your posts without showing them to be edited.
  2. @freeman194673 Being omniscient is knowing the context, but knowing the context doesn't mean that you know the content. It is like knowing the structure and sensing all possible content that is able to exist within the structure.
  3. @universe good job my friend
  4. @Natasha Letting thinking go and then acting instinctively? From a place of being rather than doing?
  5. @Leo Gura Yeah, what I meant with that is to get into state.
  6. @J J I can second this. I just do cold showers since one month and am mindful of the resistance and resistant thoughts coming up. Meditating or centering oneself before facing the fear enables me to grow consciously.
  7. This is what I miserably tried to explain to my parents. I use this next time when they make remarks. Thank you for this.
  8. @Jacob Morres Realize your essence / core personality and be grounded in it. You don't have to pretend anything when you know yourself and what feels natural/flowing for you to do without resistance. On the other hand, you have to pretend at first to realize what you are. Like, learning brute tennis techniques to figure out your style, what you like.
  9. I thought this research would be best put here for you to part take in. https://www.reddit.com/r/researchchemicals/comments/hlc8df/if_you_are_planning_a_psychedelic_trip_soon_you/
  10. @Zak Haha, true! To be more specific, he challenged his crew to approach and they had massive approach anxiety. So, he sees the three girls on the bench from far away and his crew records. Now, he comes nearer and isn't attracted to them anymore (it's like being attracted to a person you regularly see and then find out their personality and get instantly repulsed). Normally he would back off and search for other approachable ones. But it's his new crew and they see him as their idol, so he makes it bad just for experimentation. He lost them completely when he said, "So nice, so polite".
  11. If I remember correctly Todd made this approach deliberately bad as it was the first approach of the day with a new crew and he didn't want to back off because he wasn't attracted to them.
  12. @Nahm There is no "doer"? There is nothing being "done"? It feels like that this could be when in fact there no identification. Isn't it a conscious choice to "act"?
  13. @JayG84 Yeah, definitely. For me it is so rewarding to attend meetups which are heavily focussing on topics that need a meta view to understand. Keep putting your perspective out there. People who are open to it will automatically be drawn to you. Irresistible. Incredible. I too see myself this way. However, since this year I found myself to like chit chat when I am interested in it. Like, scanning a wide range of topics to feel where to dig deep into.
  14. @AleksM Keep up the good work!