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  1. "Your body doesn't exist" is a pointer to the illusion of interpretation. The body exists, the world exists, yes. Recognize that a chair is not the word, and that your body is not what you understand your body to be. Fundamentally, it's pointing to the quality of not-knowing of everything in existence. To know nothing is to know everything because one is conscious in every moment of the inherent unknown mystery of everything in existence.
  2. @talktomeaboutprog Welcome to the forum After adding shrooms to my menu I opened up to the inherent universal energies. These mystical experiences showed me exactly where to look in my usual spiritual practice which made it more powerful. Psychedelics really teach you what surrendering and spirituality means. I highly recommend contemplation via journaling about these trip insights. Be very careful with them. They can make you too open and break your sense of reality too harshly. So, always stay grounded in 3D reality. Whenever you feel unstable in daily life, drop them till you are connected to the physical and relish in the mundane reality which is already Beauty and Love. Doing 1-2g is a good region for this work, and you are already set on a good path by having this long-term outlook.
  3. @playdoh Thank you for sharing your situation!
  4. Process your anger first before confirming your reality (asking if they have done it) and then addressing your boundaries. Use emotional release tools for processing the anger. Then confirm your assumption, "I saw my milk is gone, which made me imagine that you drank it. Is that true?" If they say yes, say that your food is only for you. Enforce your boundaries if they overstep them, teach it if necessary.
  5. I suggest using a youtube transcript generator like youtubetranscript.com for everyone going through videos and taking notes. You can click on the line and it will take you to the exact spot in the video. This is tremendously helpful when combined with the search tool (for me STRG+F) for finding specific passages and topics. In addition to that, I think I will use this for lectures, talks and interviews because I can read faster than most people speak.
  6. The anger is there for you to protect your boundaries. IMO, instead of holding onto it and letting it eat you from the inside... use the cue of the anger for stating and protecting your boundaries. I assume some things here in order for you to realize your internal processes going on (no matter if you found your tires or the milk first): When you noticed the flat tires, did you already imagine that one of your flatmates may have done it? There was anger arising about somebody causing this. This came up because holes in your tire are outside your boundaries. Anger got again triggered when you noticed the missing milk bag. You have a boundary about wanting your food to be consumed only with your permission or not at all. That anger about the flat tire was then transferred to the milk thief. This transference made you believe that the same evil actor was behind the tire and the milk because the same emotion came up in such a short time and space. Is that accurate or a complete miss? Please give me feedback.
  7. @Something Funny If you want to grow them from spores, you need trail and error. Lots of ways Trichoderma or bacteria can find their way into your jar. Yes, dosage is always given in dry weight. And I'd say that 5g is not only high, but insane. For personal development I suggest that you stay in the 1-2g range if you have normal tolerance.
  8. Reviving this thread! This is something I read today, which shows how deep any practice can go. Intriguing how The Work can become a way of living:
  9. Byron Katie: "No one knows what’s good and what’s bad. No one knows what death is. Maybe it’s not a something; maybe it’s not even a nothing. It’s the pure unknown, and I love that. We imagine that death is a state of being or a state of nothingness, and we frighten ourselves with our own concepts. I’m a lover of what is: I love sickness and health, coming and going, life and death. I see life and death as equal. Reality is good; so death must be good, whatever it is, if it’s anything at all."
  10. This is derealization. Full stop and turn around. I'm projecting here on you @michaelcycle00 for sure (even though it might be on point): Let go of everything spiritual that points towards the Absolute and focus on the relative, that which is really important for you right now in this stage of life. Maybe you avoid the relative survival by bypassing into the Absolute. Turn around and get your shit handled. Turn around and burn through that karma first. The Absolute can wait.
  11. How and why would you sacrifice yourself for them? There is no contradiction in "all is one" and having boundaries about who you spend your time with.
  12. @somegirl Yes, smile and feel gratitude for the aspect which brought you here. Then let go. Follow your heart's desire. Feel it.
  13. In addition to "Behavior --> thought --> feeling --> perception --> sensation", start with expressing your anger. Go into nature and scream. Turn on loud techno music and do emotional release. In daily life, clearly protect your boundaries. Every time you get angry at a person, say "stop" internally and say what you want. That is being responsible for your emotions instead of putting them on other people. At first, it will lead to conflict because people are used to overstepping your boundaries. E.g. Somebody gives unwanted advice --> you say, "I imagine that you want to give me advice, and it's not something I asked for. I don't want that." And then move on to other topics or things. Somebody belittles you --> "When you say [specific words] or do [specific action], I feel like you belittle me. I don't want that." When somebody gives you the silent treatment --> "By you not speaking with me, I imagine that you give me the silent treatment. I imagine that you feel hurt by [me doing things] and blame me for it and want me to apologize for it. I am not responsible for how you (make yourself) feel."
  14. Reminded me of this: Behavior --> thought --> feeling --> perception --> sensation
  15. Every day spend dedicated 12 min for it, in quiet undisturbed environment Close eyes, do 2 min breath meditation to get centered Visualize for at least 10 min Imagine & vision your ideal life as vividly & detailed as possible, use multiple senses, make it life-replacingly real, imagine that it’s already the case and completely fulfilled in the present, it’s a perfect life, soak in all feelings & emotions and how the body feels What does it look like to be? How and where would I live? What would I do? How would I feel? How different is my life? What friends do I have? What does my family think about me? When loosing focus or when resistance, come back to the visualization In addition to that, there's also radical discontinuity. It's basically breaking your behavior patterns and confronting the arising shadow aspects. It's like being a hunter searching, tracking and killing prey. Here are some notes I made while attending a training which involved this kind of shamanic self-transformational work: