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  1. How do they suck? Gemme a list. I start with what you gave. I don't know what topics to talk to girls about. I don't have much experience with women ... The only one here you go against and this is yourself. Stop competing. This is your game. Other than that, talk about any topic that comes to your mind. Whatever you want to talk about. What makes you feel alive. Let go of any upcoming resistance. (Meditation helps with this.) "But I will embarrass myself." Yeah, the only one you can embarass is yourself. Accept yourself now fully as you are. Start small. Take bigger steps when it feels right.
  2. What can catch the mind and manipulate the beliefs? Is there intent? Is it simply done to create? How does the process of believing work? Through thinking / being / feeling ?
  3. I googled that it could be meant as God or Spirit. What is the role? How does it fit into Spirituality?
  4. @Nahm @Name I get the hunch that this is especially for you.
  5. Is 'letting go' practiced by focussing on 'doing' something else? Could it be the process towards a want or achievement/fulfillment/realization of it that means expansion and thus letting go?
  6. @Anderz Your experience is inconsistent. Look at your different states of consciousness.
  7. No value creates all value. Nothing creates all there is or isn't. It is up to you.
  8. @Joshi3 To experience all experience. God's plan is your experience. Some will go out, some will stay.
  9. @Rasheed Do you want to reprogram your beliefs to be a more functional being for better survival? Why is it important? What is there when you visualized all that you can think of? What would you gain or get when all visualisations would manifest?
  10. How to differentiate between wanting and needing? Wanting assumes the will to expand and needing the thought of lack, that there is something missing? Is expecting (a better feeling will come and cause expansion) or needing (there are no better feelings in my awareness) resistant thought?
  11. @Rasheed When taking a test you read all the questions first to gain an overview and prime your reticular activating system for the distribution of valued/addressed aspects. As you start answering the questions you subconsciously process the other questions and filter out the most important info. First watch the videos without taking notes to gain an overview and general feeling of addressed topics - maybe jot down few things that you feel to be important. Now after watching, take notes of the impotant remarks. Rewatch the video again and add additional notes if necessary.
  12. @erik8lrl So just be? The insight of meaninglessness or let go of letting go? Edit: Maybe both.
  13. @Rigel I got glimpses of illusion in deep meditation - I see the possibility that its appliance to other aspects could be a fallacy. There would be no question left. Suffering is an interpreted sensation which is based on a filter of thought/opinion (although, I need more contemplation for seeing its essence). I identify suffering as bad and avoid it - I see myself as good. In the past, suffering caused change because pain and following suffering would be avoided. @Nahm Tuning out would do good for now. @erik8lrl All is meaningless, and I assign meaning to all that serves me - because all is without value I can create value out of nothing. This insight seems to not be fully integrated because I think to have to let go of the conviction that it has meaning. Thank you for your perspectives. I have to reread your questions many times more.
  14. @Space Agreed. All comments regarding Leo's initiating comment should be moved (mine moved too or removed). CreamCat and Ibn Sina gave their personal views and didn't seem to discredit the example for green in the videos. Wandering off is useful but not for this thread.