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  1. I think that is already debunked, but I get what you mean. Thanks!
  2. @seeking_brilliance I have two very important questions before I answer the standard questions: How much love do you charge per one-to-one coaching session? Is it a good sign when I have remembered at least one dream per night for the last 4 days? The frequency of remembrance also increased significantly in a steady manner before the 4 days. Does that mean I have won the lottery? Yes, it got crazy creatively vivid since my psilocybin trip on Monday and before that it was also somewhat vivid. Yes, I once woke up and laid myself down again to sleep. I imagined a road: It materialized and so I walked along it. Meditating in my sleep. Practicing things I work on improving on the day. No more than 29 minutes and 21 seconds per day lol why do you speak to Jason like he is your horse 🤠😉
  3. I find one language more capable of grasping (translating/forming it into words) an insight in distinct aspects than another. How come? Is it the nature of the language itself?
  4. @cle103 I had the trip 2 nights ago and today it was a bit better. I got the truffles fresh out of the grow kit and made a lemon tek tea.
  5. @The Lucid Dreamer @Leo Gura @Beard Is it common to have a headache after a proper psilocybin trip? Any methods to prevend that? @Beard Thanks!
  6. I haven't read anything about possibly getting a headache after a psilocybin trip. Now having had a look I read that consuming orange juice, eggs and nuts are good for refilling serotonin which could be a cause for the headache. I drank half a liter during the trip which could be too less. Don't know. What are some of your remedies for a headache after the trip?
  7. You mean due to being invested too much? Is this advice applicable to every guy?
  8. Intimacy & connection & emotion & beingness & authenticity & stillness & embodiment & living & flow A dream: My mother shows me a picture of a little black-haired boy and her standing besides him having her hand on his shoulder. I ask why she shows me the two standing together; I don't know this boy she's with. She tells me: My parents adopted two children and birthed two children unbeknownst to me. I rejoice to meeting the kids. My heart fills with loving gentleness. The little boy of maybe 2 or 3 years materializes at my mother's desk. I see him coming to me on the carpet of the living room, wanting to hug me, to cuddle. I feel so honored, full of gratitude for his trust in me as his brother although I am still being a stranger to him. Full of trust he lets himself fall into my legs to want to feel my presence in my embrace. I kneel down and hug him dearly. We fall/glide to the side and lay side to side in deep embrace on the carpet. Time stands still. Stillness settles. Beingness emerges. We don't look into each others eyes but we feel this connection, this being beyond emotion. The container of emotion seems empty when faced with this moment. Emotion cannot contain this tranquil connectedness and yet, it just feels like love being the space of our being. Being this intimate being feels just authentic and pure. This tranquil love pervades this being space. It is beyond embodiment, it is being this, living as this, flowing as this being. The boy is just pure innocent joy. Wanting to enjoy the presence that I radiate. Wanting to be felt as he is in his being. Just wanting to rest, to be held, embraced fully. Wanting to be held in the gentlest hand, wanting to rest in the most tender blanket of awareness.
  9. You can certainly influence the content but not the structure that enables the content in the first place. What you measure is what you measure. You interpreting the measurement as consciousness is an interpretation.
  10. Haha, I got that too by looking at photos & videos of myself This person in the mirror is not me and somehow this one pretends to be me. Strange loopy. I don't know if that is coming from the constructed me or aware I. I don't care. Seems like a nice gimmick. Edit: lol, who is aware of not caring? Seems like it's the constructed me.
  11. @Leo Gura There are already many in Germany (where we both live). It just needs awareness through the right marketing & spiral wizardry to influence politics. @supremeyingyang Actually, transforming a school or already working in a 'conscious' school is a good foundation for greater systemic change. Using the learned wisdom of operating in your school and extrapolating the principles to one state and then on the national level seems to me to be a valid approach.