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  1. You have to be grounded and you must love yourself first. The best way to stay grounded is to turn to God and ask God for help, strength and direction (This is 'bad advice' in this forum because everyone is saying you are already God here). You have to be wary of elite PUAs. Puas who meet up with a lot of girls constantly. They have no problems showing their masculine sides and they will escalate the relationships very quickly. If a guy escalate the relationships within one to three dates. it is a red flag that the guy just want to take advantage. (Everything however has pros and cons so if you reject a guy, obviously this also means the relationship cannot continue well). I am also like that but in reverse. I am a guy so whenever I approach a girl, I will get all flustered and needy. So I try to be less needy and talk less. But then, some people say I am too quiet and need to talk more. So it's still a balancing act.
  2. I used Google docs to jot down my points. You can also use a mind-mapping software. It will keep your points much more organised. But I never really used them also as I dislike the need to rely on one program or to keep paying.
  3. She already stated that in the initial stage, the man must take the lead. After that, the lady can also start to initiate plans.
  4. @lmfao not sure why you use 'glamorous'. But the Chinese did unite a vast piece of land with a huge population and managed to get everyone to use and write the same language thanks to the draconian rules used by former emperors. If you read Black heart, you will know that what the former emperors did practically save China from becoming a land with many split states. which is why in the movie 'Hero' (fiction), Jet Li sacrifices himself instead of killing the emperor because he knows that killing the emperor will lead to even more chaos in China. Or the emperor has to kill the hero to save the world. 'Our Land' should have been 'Our World' if it directly translated but as you see, China is not the whole world so they change it to Our Land.
  5. You pull both your ears for 30 to 60 seconds.
  6. If a fish is selfish, it is a selfish fish. If a shellfish is selfish, it is a selfish shellfish.
  7. It's a better book than 48 laws of power and 33 strategies of war. But you have to research into the examples that the author referred in the book. If you do not understand Chinese history well, then it may not sink (absorb) in that well with you. The prince (book) is quite simple. It is when people expanded on the philosophies in the book that made the book incredible. Other books that you can read are Atlas Shrugged, The Fountain head by Ayn Rand and The Satanic Bible by Anton Lavey. This is called going down the rabbit hole.
  8. lol Let me give you some advices. If you find that guys are just trying to take advantage of you/sleep with you, then you need to love yourself and simply decide that you will say no to sex until both of you reach a very deep stage in your relationship (because you love yourself). I think you have a lot of issues. You seem to be confident in certain areas of life (like self-help) yet having extremely low self-esteem in other areas. You like to test other guys but have you ever thought how guys test you? Most guys (with lower morals)'s Modus Operandi is this: Either a life partner or a sexual partner. If they can't see a good lifetime with you, they will settle for sex. Or goodbye.
  9. There are always tons of stuff to extract. Even from a bad movie, you can learn how NOT to shoot a movie, how to use better lighting, better stability in camera. Use better plot etc.
  10. Sure why not? Germany (34.3 hours), Denmark (32.7 hours) and the Netherlands (29.5 hours): Average working weeks for employees in the EU. It all depends on how much you earn and spend though.
  11. You can never be good to everyone. You may think you are being 'good' when you work extra hours for your boss. For example, your work ends at 5pm but you decided to be 'good' and work till 6pm. Now what that means is that you are being good to your boss but being unfair and bad towards your family who needs you to come back earlier.
  12. You can use a site or app block app like 'Appblock' or 'blocker' to reduce surfing.
  13. You don't have to give up everything. Look at Sadhguru. So wealthy and so many friends. So happy sharing his knowledge.