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  1. To quit smoking, you need to tell yourself to quit smoking. Play sports, get ready lots of sweets instead of cigarettes (Don't talk about diabetes first) Quit smoking first, we will quit sweets later!
  2. You can read '21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership' by John Maxwell. Personally, I find '50 Self Help Classics' quite helpful too.
  3. It probably means that you feel inadequate inside. You may feel you are not good enough to take on higher roles. My suggestion to you is to read up on on your industry to become more proficient. Also read more books on leadership.
  4. Fear cannot be overcome. Fear is false evidence appearing real. Fear is, according to some guru, not even real. So you just need to either ignore it or just do the things you want.
  5. If you see life as a journey, that's good. You concentrate on the present moment, not the destination or the final goal.
  6. All these cannot be covered with just a few paragraphs of words. For example, having integrity also means you do not commit crimes in general. Do not laugh at people, beat down people or push someone off the cliff. It also can mean owning up to your mistakes. So it is more than just about yourself, it is also for others.
  7. It's good to have a religion and have God guide you. However, you still have to make many choices in your own life. Whether you eat instant noodles or better food everyday, it's your choice to make it happen.
  8. It happened in your childhood. Somebody or someone must have implanted that idea onto you that you look like a woman or look nice in a skirt etc. This is the story you decided to tell yourself. If you go to Thailand Pattaya, you will find that there are a lot of Thai men who are crossdressers or transvestites but not that many Lesbians(female to male). Once again, it's the self image they have after being exposed to all these things since young. It's your choice what you want to do in your life.
  9. 11@GroovyGuru I hate to break this to you but the solutions presented here are not necessarily right. The truth is probably your friends invited you out for drinks and they are also the one holding the group together. They are greater than you just by virtue of the things they did for you. Your ego is lazy and it also wants to protect you. The easy way out is to retreat and seek consciousness stuff. The emotional difficult thing to do is to talk to them, hold your own conversation with them and continue to be friends. Of course, if your friends turn really violent or extremely rude, then maybe it's really time to leave them.
  10. I can't get myself fit too. I sometimes get injured while running or carrying weights or even doing push ups. It's frustrating and I also do not want nagging injury too.
  11. Hahaha your reality also creates your thoughts.
  12. It's your ego telling you that you are better than them.
  13. It wouldn't be called self-help if we help you. I think you can check out Amazon reviews to see which books have good reviews and then buy and read them. It's good to have different variety of books such as biography, novels, psychology books to learn from different angles. Always great to learn from different authors too.
  14. @nistake not true bro. Video games keep you relaxed and get you friends. You also have more things to talk about with your friends at that time. You probably teach them what to play too. Gaming makes you creative and more imaginative at work.