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  1. People who breaks the rules are scums. People who betray their friends are worse than scums. -Kakashi
  2. Well yeah but if the psychologist or philosopher still have serious intellectual skills, he will know what university pay more in general unless he can come up with a workshop for his teachings and milk even more money? Of course great philosopher maybe don't care about money anymore so they can die poor or die crazy like Nietzsche.
  3. The jungle does not really pay them for their work. At least, in a farm, they can collect their harvest and sell them. Or teach meditation (safer in a farm than a jungle)
  4. If they don't work in uni, where do you want them to work at? On a farm?
  5. Well, it depends. It can be helpful. Anime can make you more creative and be fun to hang around with.
  6. Time to make a video 2 hours+ long on people wasting their life.
  7. Everyone has been humiliated before. Even Owen Cook also mentioned that he has been humiliated by other guys when he first started gaming.
  8. Yes you are right. Repeating new behaviours until they become a part of who you are. Other than this, you can focus on the positives. For example, joining a church can bring you positive stuff like having more friends, being able to help one another. There can be negative stuff but don't focus on them. It's the same reason why people can't quit smoking. Besides the addictive nature of nicotine, smokers can find more smokers friends to talk to and they form a unique clique. Changing the environment also helps you form new habits. So you can read books on how to optimise your environment.
  9. Don't hold back on what you know. At the end of it, we are all going to die or you are going to leave the company,school or organisation.
  10. Read A whole new mind by Daniel Pink. A more practical book based on right brain vs left brain.
  11. Todd is good at sleeping with many women but not so much the 9 n 10.
  12. @flowboy puts it very well, burn out is due to workload over agency and purposes. You have to find out what services you are providing, what you are getting in return and what are your values and aligned to them. Then you will feel less frustrated and less tired.
  13. You find them on YouTube, on Vimeo, in books and sometimes in real life. Haha. It depends on what you believe yellow values are and who embodies them. For example, some people may think Mother Theresa is in but others argued that she is not intelligent enough. Then, some people put Eben pagan or Elon Musk in stage yellow but others argued that they are not compassionate enough.
  14. People will always be better at you in something unless you keep practising on them. An example is someone has been playing golf and you have been playing bowling, What chances is there that the first time you play golf, you can beat them? So you just have to start practicing golf.