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  1. You can read Ask and it is given by Abraham and Esther Hicks to learn more about vibrations. Other books are Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza and Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.
  2. https://virtualspeech.com/learn/motivational-speakers Check out the top motivational speakers! There's reasons why they have so many followers! They have strong methods and strong whys for their own success!
  3. Bob Proctor, he taught self-help all the way until his death recently. He has true love for Napoleon Hill's think and grow rich.
  4. Failure causes disappointment and many will give up. You have to find many strong whys or quick reframe to continue to drive yourself towards success.
  5. Eben Pagan has many good courses, including some for life coach. Grant Cardone's stuff is good if you want to inspire yourself to work hard in your business.
  6. There is technology that will detect elderly falls at home right now. The elderly live alone.
  7. Just find a job and your life will change within a week from the day you start working. 😆
  8. Nah music is good for you. It actually improves the way you listen, think and overall, it improves your communication skills. I wish I listen to more music when I was young and actually took more time to listen to the lyrics instead of just blind listening without understanding. Now I have to play catch up.
  9. You can listen to Linda Raynier on YouTube. She teaches you on how to pass job interview and how to advance in your career.
  10. You can take Leo Gura 's life purpose course. Or read some books to change your mindset.
  11. You want to earn the big cash, the pot of gold. Don't focus on the small stuff like saving a few cents on food. Earn the big cash and then you can retire early.
  12. Well, in some ways, you need to work to stop overthinking and keep your mind off bad stuff. Work can sometimes help to replace some bad thoughts in your mind (although work can also add on new negative stuff). Working keeps you healthier in general. It's better to move your butt and just work on a consistent basis. Most people I know would rather sit at home and eat than go out to gym if they are unemployed. Being a bum will make you very unhealthy.
  13. All Tate does now is rant all day!
  14. What about desires? How to increase your desires? 🤣
  15. 1. God and my church community 2. My house. 3. My abilities.