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  1. Read ego is the enemy.
  2. Thanks. So how do you control your fear?
  3. Yes it's all about the ego. Few people can transcend this stage.
  4. I spent more youtube time on phone than on desktop though. Currently trying to use appblock or stay focused but both are buggy and don't work well.
  5. That's why in some university exams, you are actually not required to submit your name. You just have to write in your ID number and the marking will be more unbiased.
  6. Of course it's endless. Self development encompasses many subject and at every level. Let's face it. If you really want to study self development, you have to take philosophy, psychology plus many more up to the PhD level. Then you also must study spirituality, many religions, anti-religions, shadow work, pantheism, new Age, new thoughts, shadow work, stoicism, Tao, science of success, business, communication, financial education, sales plus many more to a high level of proficiency. Good luck learning them all.
  7. Come, let's learn from the Masters of the Human Potential Movement: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_Potential_Movement Let's read up more on New Age https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Age
  8. Hmmm my parents used to cane me a lot when I was a young boy. I didn't remember doing anything particularly bad other than being a little noisy or not keeping my toys. But I am not sure how to work with my shadow on this.
  9. https://www.bodyandsoul.com.au/mind-body/wellbeing/the-7-deadly-sins-can-be-good-for-you/news-story/535df6ab90fe3cd2a08d09f92a0f5df4
  10. Hi Origins, I have a fear of talking to people in real life or sometimes, I also have a fear of making calls to people. What can I do to reduce my fear?
  11. Could have ended better. "I had better run before Tedx producers throw me off the stage for saying nothing or for trolling. Thanks for listening to nothing! You are welcome to listen to <quiet...............> again
  12. I made a mistake earlier. I think it's more of my lack of sensitivity (rather than intuition) that caused me to say the wrong things during social interactions sometimes.
  13. Yes but the 5 senses (even if you only just count 5 instead of lots of other senses we have) will somehow lead you to a stronger 6th sense. So Sensing and Intuition are not mutually exclusive. In fact, one can even argue that being strong in Sensing will lead you to having greater intuition.
  14. Haha smart people will always want to say they are 'intuitive' because their ego dictated so. According to MBTI, I am supposed to be intuitive but so far in real life interaction, I have also said the wrong stuff, guess the wrong things many many times so I am not sure if I am really intuitive. I feel that MBTI isn't very rigorous especially for the second letter: S vs N. For many people, they can be both strong or passionate in Sensing and in their intuition. Like you can score maybe 75% for sensing and 77% for intuitiveness for example?
  15. You simply decide to stop comparing. Even if they have tons of money, their attention will be shifted to the next goal: A beautiful house by the sea, An airplane, start a family, more houses, more cars, more business, why don't create a business which helps many many people, why don't live near nature, back to basics. Desires are never ending.