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  1. Give yourself the pinch of love. When you pinch yourself on the arm/hand, the pain goes to the arm/hand. But the pain is not as strong as other pains so you are giving yourself the pinch of love.
  2. It's similar to oneness. Everyone is one. God is in everyone of us. Well, you mean there is no lack of evidence in Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism? So you mean another religion deserve to be the world's most popular religion? Name it and write down the reasons why.
  3. Yeah he's quite creative and resourceful. Imagine achieving success with a "Shetty" name!
  4. Go read some books with high ratings and you will be entertained with wisdom.
  5. Depends on the scenarios. Sometimes you need to read the book to internalise the concepts more deeply. But sometimes, you just need a quick overview.
  6. Bro, there's no need to hate life. Everyone of us got less than 150 years to live. If you hate your life, don't worry. Just know that it will end within 150 years. If you are envious of someone's life, same thing their life will also end within 150 years.
  7. You forgot you are God/love. So why would you give up on yourself? True self love is unconditional. That means that you love yourself even if you achieve nothing worthwhile for the rest of your life.
  8. Get some bro love. Realise everyone has less than 150 years to live regardless of how good/bad your life is.
  9. You must understand that meditation and letting go is a feminine way of solving problems. It helps in some cases. But in other cases, you have to face the laws. For example, let's say you drove a car and killed a dog. You have to face the music, not run away and choose to let go.
  10. You must not care what others think so much. Just ignore whatever they are thinking and live your own life.
  11. I will be successful and happily married. With more than one house so that I can rent out the others for more rents. Enjoying ourselves and living our dreams.
  12. What is requisite variety to you? Are you referring to success principles? Leo has some videos on this topic
  13. Your mind is always lonely no matter how many people surround you.
  14. It is about mind control. Can you discipline your mind? Can you derive joy from the mundane tasks? Do you have strong vibes?
  15. I won't be surprised if there's a major upset in this world cup. Qatar is a nation with extremely hot weather and a lot of european nations are already talking about boycotting it, although not openly. But the world cup is playing during 'winter' time in Qatar so there's still hope. Nations in Africa and Asia is likely to thrive this world cup. Most world cup matches ended in draw in the first 90 mins so if you are betting, just bet draw. The real match actually starts after 90 min.