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  1. read the power of now by Eckhart Tolle. stay in the present moment.
  2. You will get gaslit all the time because everyone has his/her own agenda or everyone can also gaslit you unconsciously. Only way to not be gaslit is to live alone like a hermit.
  3. Don't worry. Eventually, you will 'spend' the money. It takes enormous willpower to store lots of money. You will buy condos, houses or you will travel to gain new experiences. Or you will invest in stocks, crypto, companies. Or you will donate to help more communities.
  4. Without religion, there won't be enough schools to go around teaching people due to lack of donations and unity. There won't be internet. Everyone would still be living in the 15th century fighting one another for land. Most of the people you see today will be barbarians.
  5. Jap men are still quite masculine in general. If you compare with neighbouring countries such as Korea or China, the % of hen-pecked husbands should be much lower in Japan than these countries. Many guys in Korea are metro-sexual. They grow long hairs, wants to look slender and have plastic surgery done on their face to look slimmer. And are easily bossed by women.
  6. What is the most impotrant question of all time? is the most important question. Because you will keep asking and searching and understand more about yourself and everything.
  7. Not surprised. Back in the olden days, there were so many samurais and Japanese men are very opprensive and will slay anyone who is against them. Japan as a society is still very closed minded in my opinion. Like the ladies have to obey the man. The ladies have to cook and serve the man. Men who are poor have to work very long hours. Kids have to obey lots of rules at home including cleaning the house and throwing rubbish. A very regimental society with not much room for creativity. Not surprised they don't welcome new ideas like Christianity easily.
  8. I think there are three main parts. One part is of course integrating the lost parts of yourself. The second part is updating your belief system. For eg, a rape victim may feel she is dirty or traumatized after being raped. But if she let go and realised she is still divine and that her past does not define her future, she can get well. And the third part is being able to take action in an empowered state. Stop feeling sorry for self and live well.
  9. Congratulations! What is your old and new job like?
  10. These are all different systems and schools and ultimately, they are all inter connected. IFS focus more on working on your traumas and then integrating them so that you become a more whole person. You will also question your beliefs. Byron Katie's work focus on your beliefs and what will happen when you stick to them or change them. Your belief system will limit you. You have to change your thinking and your psychology.
  11. Just go down the spiral dynamic stages. If you are nowhere near enlightened, then you are probably not stage coral or turquoise. So best stage you can be is probably stage yellow where you help more and feed more people.
  12. You can read 'breaking the habit of being yourself' by Dr Joe
  13. Thanks. Nicely put. I have a video on self love. It's rather basic though. Being non-judgemental is also important. Smile more to tap into more joyous state.
  14. But the amount of bullshit that someone can tolerate depends on their own blueprint or beliefs about the world. For example, why did you leave a space between the word "Tolerance" and "!!!"? Why did you put three "!"? That's bullshit! I also start this post with the word "But". Is that another bullshit?