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  1. I don't dislike self help. I am different from you or Jim Carrey. I feel I actually need self help because nobody actually teaches me communication or mindset skills. Reading or attending self help seminar reduces the time for learning and also helps me avoid a lot of potential setbacks.
  2. 2. You cannot be enlightened if you are not open to telling others of your plan. Don't believe those books that say don't share your plan. Because other books may actually tell you otherwise and want you to share your plan.
  3. I think at the end of the day, at different stages of your life, you need different books. Your mind may not be ready for it if you suddenly read a very complex book.
  4. The subtle art of not giving a f
  5. Video games can increase your creativity. It also improve your spatial and reaction times. You may also learn more from moving pictures compared to doing nothing. Of course, doing nothing also have its benefits. Do whatever you want.
  6. Nope. 'Cope' isn't the best word. It implies that you are under the mercy of someone else to make a deal/situation better. You don't have to rely on anyone for money/worth if you have real confidence.
  7. Don't really like David Hawkin's book Letting Go. He is too judgemental. Energy levels cannot be judged. One can easily argued that Courage can be more powerful than neutrality (No opinion). Or Acceptance is after Reasoning. 20: Shame 30: Guilt 50: Apathy 75: Grief 100: Fear 125: Desire 150: Anger 175: Pride 200: Courage 250: Neutrality 310: Willingness 350: Acceptance 400: Reason 500: Love 540: Joy 600: Peace 700-1000: Enlightenment
  8. Schindler's list. It's on world war 2 and the fate of the Jews.
  9. A job is not your full life purpose. A passion or hobby is not too. You need to search deeper.
  10. If you have no goals and no directions in life, just set them.
  11. Mine is being fearful/procrastinate/over thinking /ill disciplined. Help plz
  12. I have read over 200 self development books and I am not trying to sound egoistic here. Yes I do understand what it feels to know SO MUCH. You feel you know SO MUCH and then you become anxious because you did not accomplish as much. But don't be judgemental. Let go and practice meditation. We are all growing.
  13. No. Knowing and accepting isn't enough. First, you cannot know everything. Second, you also will be unlikely to accept everything unless you are an enlightened being which 99.99% of us are NOT. Also, not everything can be accepted. If not, spiritual teachers wont say things like "Accept it. If you cannot accept, then let it go." Anyway, I believe there are more than 2 options. Or in this context, it is also not possible for an unenlightened being to fully comprehend 'Doubt'.
  14. To remove doubt, you have to do the stuff that's needed of you. Besides that, you also have to increase your knowledge so people will acknowledge you. You can also do things like meditation or exercising to relieve your mind of doubts.
  15. Funny how people don't make use of the power of words. 'Bernie' is a big nono. He should have used his name Bernard Sanders or change it to something else instead of sharing with Bernie Madoff. For Hilarious, she should have used 'Greater Together' instead of 'Stronger Together'. It would negate 'Make America Great Again' somewhat. For Brexit, instead of using '#Bremains' (which sounds like something is dead or someone is forced to remain behind after others have left for a party), they should have used '#Brstay' which implies a choice: We choose to stay! One whole political campaign with so many people and yet no one points out the fault in the use of key words?