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  1. There are many ways of journaling. Facebook for public sharing Blogging for normal sharing or even private blog Spreadsheet just to write down simple daily things you did YouTube for video sharing or collection. Podcast to share ur voice.
  2. Firstly, we should never judge others. Judging people does not lead to self actualization. Second, most people will not stay on the same color. People are dynamic and their behaviour or even their thoughts sway from one to another. A good person can be mean at times while a bad person can also display good gestures at times. It all depends on their emotions at that time. So don't bother what color people are at. It is not for you to judge.
  3. Initially I was joking. But on reflection, I still did most of the things like Facebook, YouTube, surfing the net, watching TV and also gaming...all these can add up easily to 10 hours daily esp when there is little work.
  4. By accepting yourself even if you don't have much evidence to back it up. Accepting to yourself that you are a Leader because life's short and you will do great things no matter what.
  5. Can go read Bob Proctor's you were born rich. He likes to talk about the self image.
  6. Coming to Actualized.org Using the Internet Facebook YouTube Netflix Gaming
  7. It's all your conditioning. For example, let's say you play tennis. Wow you are beating many people at tennis. You FEEL You Are gifted. You are made for this. You Play Even More tennis and you become better and love tennis even more. On the other hand, your friend gave up on tennis after losing a few games. He went on to focus on weight lifting. Blah blah.
  8. Go watch Leo Gura's videos. Would take you months to finish them.
  9. You become happy like Leo was in the enlighten video.
  10. To answer this question, perhaps you might want to ask yourself what is 'spiritual' to you first?
  11. Hong Kong did well. From Mass gathering and rioting to wearing masks consistently and staying home regularly.
  12. Accordingly to new age self help, everyone is God. So you are God and I am God. And we are all connected so connect with me. I am still God as much as you are.
  13. Yeah...New Age Self Help. I am God. Connect with me.
  14. I also struggle to be happy everyday. Here's my take on this: The word 'fight' in fight to be happy is not necessarily correct. Instead, you must relax and let go. There is no need to be happy all the time. Just be grateful that you are alive and you are able bodied (presumably).