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  1. Watch A beautiful Mind!
  2. Think and grow rich have two rather different versions. One by Hill and the other is a more modern version updated for 21st century.
  3. Yes in the eyes of the law, A fraudulent misrepresentation usually carry greater penalty than negligent or innocent misrepresentation.
  4. Yeah everyone should watch this! Most profound video by Leo ever!
  5. Just switch between books. If you get bored of book A, read book B and then book C and back to book A again. You will read a lot and pretty soon, there won't be book reading problem.
  6. Yes. Maths is the root of all Science as some laymen like to put it. Why? Because Maths is tied to logical thinking, systematic formula and calculations and without the calculations and time, you cannot really do experiments or even observations in Science.
  7. I am a chinese. 'Wu Wei' mainly means effortless action which simply implies that you need to reduce any resistances you may have in order to carry out your creative endeavours. It means the state of flow because you are doing something 'easily' although the tasks may not be seen as easy to others. The reason could be because you love doing the job or you love the person you are helping etc. You need to be rid of negative thoughts to achieve such a state.
  8. IMO, McGregor was only self actualizing at that moment. Against most opponents, he was confident and then humble in victory. But against Khabib, he was no longer confident. He was starting to pretend. You can tell from his body language when he stepped into the cage with Khabib, he wasn't confident. He wasn't dancing or showboating that much. He did not fight for close to 2 years and he knew he may have lost some edge. Also, Mcgregor being mainly a striker know that Khabib has longer reach and also a good striker. He also knew Khabib is a strong takedown fighter and a strong grappler cum submission specialist. Basically, Mcgregor already knew very well he may lose the fight so his body language was very subdued before the fight.
  9. You are not a machine. You have the ability to make choices but a machine move based on what input it is given. For example, you can make the choice of whether to go for a beer party or not. If it's raining heavily, you can choose not to go as it is more dangerous. You can choose your thoughts. But a machine will switch on if you program it to be switched on.
  10. Take free personality tests online to find out? https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test Anyway, INT/EXT are just words.
  11. I don't think McGregor has low consciousness or high ego. He clearly knows what he is doing most of the time. The only few times he went overboard was with Khabib but it was all for show business but Khabib doesn't get it.
  12. Well, define 'All in on life'? so if let's say I love football, I go all in on watching football, discussing football, gambling even though I am not a football player or staff? LOL
  13. I read hundreds and hundreds of self help-books. I am Chinese so I don't write very well (This is just for clarification). Enlightenment is just an illusion. I don't seek enlightenment and the irony is I think I am a little enlightened. It could be due to past traumas and many problems and some successes I experienced too. Who f care end of day?
  14. Oh pls disregard what I just said. Treat me as just trolling. I don't give a damn about self actualization. I am only here for the 'self-development' part of this forum because there is no forum as good as this.