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  1. Alright thanks! Have you tried snorting it having used vinegar for the conversion?
  2. Does anyone know how to convert free base into a salt for snorting purposes? The methods discussed in this thread seem to be for plugging.
  3. For what to happen? Awakening!? Mmm.. Do you agree with Leo and Martin Ball that 5 meo accelerates awakening by a lot? I haven't had a breakthrough so I'm still a bit sceptical.
  4. I have a job, but live with my parents. Why all these questions? Btw: how do you delete previous posts you wanted to quote (as seen below)?
  5. Great question! Sex! And lots of it! No, I don't know! Do you mean a life purpose? I don't have one. For now I just want to raise my consciousness know the Truth, keep learning other stuff and play music. I was wondering when I'll think I'm done raising my consciousness. It's a weird question because when your happy and at peace in the moment there's no need to 'raise' your consciousness. Sometimes I feel this way. Wanting to raise ones consciousness is more of a lifestyle of doing the work, I guess. Learning stuff, playing music, playing sports etc are just hobbies, I don't consider them part of ... Mmm.. I guess I just want a relatively plain life, with the exception of Enlightenment. Maybe do some spiritual teaching, maybe research on psychedelics, meditation, neuroscience. I don't know. Is this the kind of answer you were trying to manifest in me?
  6. I would like to add that I have been doing shamanic breathing for 5 months now and barely have emotional reactions. I remember Leo saying you might wake up crying. This is an extreme example of course, but the only thing shamanic breathing does for me, afterwards, is that it makes me more loving and accepting of me/reality. Thoughts don't annoy me as much etc. I find it hard to tell how much emotional purging happens. I don't know if this is relevant but I am 18 years old and I might be autistic (aspergers).
  7. How can an ego like dying? I presume it can only like certain parts dying. I don't see how it can be child's play since I have done so much work. I am aware of the magnitude of the dissolution of the ego (in so far that's possible at this stage).
  8. I mean what is the understanding? I don't mean how does the process of not noticing an understanding work. You mean that I could potentially be in a backlash because I, mistakenly, think I am going in the right direction?
  9. What do you mean? Can you expand? You're right: I am not noticing the understanding I already have.
  10. @Recursoinominado How often do you have significant progress? With how much spiritual practices?
  11. Yeah, I just feel they're really mild. I watched Leo's video on it (a while ago), he makes it seem like you really have to push through it. Idk, I'm just a bit worried I'm doing something wrong.
  12. I do have them but they're really mild. I have been meditating/Self-Inquiring/doing yoga four hours a day on average the last four months. And I meditated 10 hours a day four days in a row. I did 5 MeO-DMT seven times. My consciousness is definitely raised, but not that much I think. I find it hard to compare different levels of consciousness since I am always just experiencing one. Any thoughts?
  13. What are the negatives of Self-Inquiry? What do you mean you did the practice naively?