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  1. @Leo Gura They are really not rational in their minds. All they care about is killing and slaughtering Israelis, even by means of suicide, collective suicides, hurting their own people. It's like this is their moral.
  2. One will not become fitter in a day or even a week. Rather it take consistency, if gainz is what thee seeks. Wear thy hard work proudly as it's the total of the valleys and peaks. But become not vain of thy own reflection, nor fall into disdain of achieving perfection.
  3. A head nod to thy gym brethren is a sign of respect For this is how we acknowledge a good set, and quickly connect It's also short for saying: "You're looking submissive and breedable bro" As we also admire each other's aesthetic, and the consistency it took to grow
  4. Working out thy core should not feel like a tedious chore. For although it is 'mired by many who seek aesthetic abs, it carries over to stability and bracing more athletics, which are must haves.
  5. Hopefully you aren't just coming here to spit comments and what sounds good
  6. @Leo Gura What do you mean? You do gather us all under one roof, ahem, this forum... Where else do you gather your followers? You think it is not a cult, or at least really hoping it's not, trying to make sure it is not. Eventually it does become a cult, even if this wasn't the original plan, a very subtle tricky cult. I am not blaming you at all for this, but you gotta understand that people think differently than you and they are too much in their minds racing for success dependent on self imagery and "perceived value".
  7. @Leo Gura Dude I would say it is exactly the same with your loyal followers. Take a moment to also see how your own followers are immature, mentally unstable and emotionally reactive. Your community is quite dangerous as well if I'm being honest
  8. You're either bored or frustrated, one is more dominant in your experience. If you feel bored then you obviously have thoughts arise that indicate that you're uninspired yet not resisting much, that you're quite open and that you recognize options do exists. Really allow this experience to be, and when you do allow yourself to experience it then you give the space for thoughts with similar emotion to rise (slightly better), and you'll naturally feel inclined to focus on them (better feeling not as an idea, but as how you actually feel: in some moment thinking about anime, revenging someone, a certain song, watching crazy prank videos - these might feel more relieving). Naturally you'll feel more connected, inspired and authentic when you really invite your emotion and then relief your way up by allowing yourself to focus on things that feel better. Probably not exactly the type of answer you were asking for, but I felt that it can be very valuable and not too long. My 2 cents
  9. You reach insights and see things that you would not otherwise reach. Tons of spiritual work is achieved. @Leo Gura But even if you see things, they disappears after a while - because they aren't permanent. How is this exactly 'tons of spiritual work'?
  10. @Leo Gura Do you believe psychedelics produce permanent realizations? If not, then what is the purpose of psychedelics for spiritual work?
  11. @Chakra Lion Damn, you've been through a lot. Seems like a natural cause of all these changes
  12. Ok so there are 2 good news and 1 which is eh... Good new: The plan was to sell the house at 6 million NIS (which is super expensive and my father is well aware of that) in expectation to eventually sell it at 5.5 million after negotiation. Things are starting to settle and the new couple that'll move in are buying it for 5.8 million! (There was some demand for this house and so my father felt more comfortable asserting his demand). My father is most likely gonna buy an apartment with a garden (a garden apartment) in the same small town, which is great, even though it's quite far from the center, it is still better to live here and be close to the place I was raised. However, it is not 100% gonna happen but we really hope so. He seems to kinda like it but idk. Not so good news: My mother is planning to move somewhere quite far like an hour away. I actually don't really know if it is such bad news. I don't really plan to be with my mom that much anyways, especially for the fact that staying at my father's will probably be more valuable: The piano will be there, the dog, close to friends, a better place I believe. Thing is that the space will obviously be smaller and I'll have to get used to it and perhaps many issues will arise. That might be quite annoying
  13. So I was just resting on my bed for a while feeling different areas of my body, and I realized something cool: Feeling = Accepting = Experiencing as it is. Up until now when I was doing body meditations I was focusing on trying to feel body parts. I tried intensifying the feeling, expect to feel the area warmer, with more energy when focused upon. I tried to make sure I feel it strongly, like I was focusing on an area in order to feel a sensation I was expecting to feel. This makes me neurotic. Feeling my hands doesn't mean I need to feel hot energy surrounding my hands. It simply means for the current experience of the hands, to be accepted, to experience it without judging, without wishing it to be any different (as I usually do). It makes me question whether this whole meditation game is ultimately all about accepting. Like body meditation = accepting (experiencing) the body, thought meditation = accepting (experiencing) thoughts, emotion meditation = accepting (experiencing) emotions. I will try not to think about it too much. Basically to experience all these facets the way they appear I'm starting to get what you said, @EmptyVase, in actuality rather than your long paragraphs lol, you could condense it so easily (as you also said yourself)