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  1. Too much mind. You are caught in a loop of overanalysis and overthinking. You are judging yourself an others. Read The Power of Now. That is what you need. You are identified with mind, future, and past. You are loveable, and you can express your true nature. You are acting from a place of trying to be someone that you're not. Instead, be who you are NOW and work towards what you want to be. Very subtle difference. Instead of TRYING to be, through thought and mental imagery, BE who you are and FEEL the now and your body. At the moment your mind is like a parasite that has a big sucker on your eyes and you can't see properly. Go to a loud dark nightclub, stand somewhere in the middle of the crowd and just move your body to the beat. Close your eyes. There is no one but you, the music, and the waves of movement around you. FEEL into that and shut off your mind.
  2. This is dangerous advice and I would not be commenting on medical treatment prescribed by a doctor for someone you have not seen in person or examined Leo. If an antibiotic is indicated for use (whether it is in this case or not is unknown) it should be started promptly as bacterial infections can erode non-regenerating tissues and lead to irreversible damage or sepsis. I appreciate that you have your own medical history and also live in the US which makes you weary of traditional doctors but I would be careful using your position of authority on this forum as it may cause harm. Medical advice is never dispensed in an online context because to make a proper diagnosis a patient needs to be seen and examined in person, and a thorough medical history taken.
  3. Please don't take medical advice from an online forum. It is likely that you just have a buildup of fluid in the middle ear because of your viral illness. antibiotics wont help it unless it gets infected with bacteria. Stop trying to pop it, it will resolve in time. Also who told you that you got influenza? You could have a myriad of other things. I don't think they routinely swab for it unless you live in the US.
  4. I've been trying to go out 2-3 nights a week and have been learning heaps about state, vibing, self amusement, and approaching. The thing I'm still struggling with is opening in the loud nightclub. So far tapping the shoulder, or making eye contact and leaning in really close has done it for me but I'm just wandering what other people do. I would say my voice is not naturally loud so yelling "hey!" Hasn't often worked for me, guess that could be something to improve
  5. Update: Second day game cold approach. Saw a cute girl behind a counter in a shop at the mall and hesitated. Went to get my groceries instead, then on the way decided that I just had to go and approach. Walked into the store. It wasn't too busy. Maybe 3 customers. Walked up to counter: Her: "Hey, good afternoon, how are you?" (typical sales talk) Me: "Hey, good thanks. Hey this is a bit out of the blue.... but I was walking out there [main mall foot traffic corridor] and saw you and thought you were really cute and wanted to say Hi" "omg! thank you (smiling and good eye contact).... what's your name? Me" my name's xxxxx... yours? her: xxxxx Me: I don't want to distract you from your important work (half joking) but would you be keen to grab a coffee sometime? Her: yeah! that would be great, I'd love to. I can't now cause Im at work but I would like to do that" Me: Cool, well do you wanna grab my number (I was holding a big box with groceries so taking my phone out would be a pain). Her: sure....[contact exhange] Me; Cool, I'll see you around....bye Overall, I'm happy she was receptive because I do know that lots of people can get some harsh rejections like 20 times in a row, which massively discourages them from pursuing cold approach. But this interaction made me more confident to just approach, because good outcomes can happen. In terms of after-approach: my main goal was just to approach and push through approach anxiety. If I was more advanced I would make sure that our contact exchange was solid in terms of her actually texting me to confirm her number or vice versa if she had given it to me. I don't actually expect her to text me because of the theory of behaviour state untethering. (see Mike Mehlman article about it). Essentially, even those girls who are receptive of the surface will ghost the majority of the time. Also, I dotn think she got my number right when I said it so even if she does text me I wont get the text. Basically, I succeeded because I approached. During the day, sober, direct. I don't actually care whether we go on a date because now I have a palpable sense that approaches can result in receptive/positive conversations (i.e not all approaches by me are creepy). This is reinforced by approaches I made years and years ago at the start of uni, but its good to get this reinforcement in the present day. The result is that I am now more confident to approach because I can envision a positive outcome. Additionally, The honest, direct approach is one of the easiest to make because you dont have to make up a story or some indirect bullshit. WHat I said to her was the truth. I was walking past, I saw her at the counter, thought she was cute, and wanted to talk to her. I don't have to make up some bullshit about what kind fo clothes they sell or whatever the fuck. This interaction has solidified the notion of the direct, masculine, man-to-woman-frame approach.
  6. I see what you're saying but I disagree to a degree. I do not often get attracted to someone just because of their ass or their boobs or their face. For me it's a very specific combination that causes a palpable sense of attraction. Someone can have a great ass but I won't be attracted to them. It's VERY palpable to me. I feel like I'm taking in the femenine energy and it's moves through me like a warm breath when I see someone I'm attracted to. Very few girls meet that criteria. Which is why I'm basically ignoring 99% of girls I pass during the day. It's the same reason 99% of girls will reject or ignore you. Cause they don't give a shit about you, because there is no attraction. Knowing this, you can relax and be authentic. Obviously being vulgar cuts the mystery and playfulness. It's robotic and in a sense disrespectful. No one likes being reduced to a body part. Yeah and obviously no need to say hurtful things. In saying all of that, in certain situations you can be more sexual. It's context dependent. I was at a fancy ball-type party in uni and there was a chick who I knew well but I wasn't necessarily interested in. She was done up to the ceiling and had this deep red lipstick. I was in a playful mood and just walked up and said 'Amy, I Love your lipstick, it's just that cherry on top of your whole look, you look so fucking sexy tonight!' The smile on her face was priceless. And I got a very genuine 'oh my god, thank you so much!' back. Again, not a pickup situation because we were just mates but you could definitely pull it off in certain contexts for someone you're trying to pickup. It's not about what you say, it's how you say it.
  7. @kag101 no worries man! It's all just a fun game haha. I think commenting on environment can be useful in some situations. The reason I'm being direct is because I have been studying Mike Mehlman's game style. Search him up if you're interested. The basic principles is that you should always be maximally forward and truthful because it shows a lack of fear, which shows confidence. Exuding confidence subcomminicates that you have agency in the world and are not afraid to face challenges. You literally command the frame. So if I see a girl I'm attracted to I can be fully honest and go up and say, 'hey I think you're cute and I want to get to know you.' This exposes you to the possibility of rejection. Given that you are willing to face it, it shows confidence ( especially given that you are puting your true self out there to possibly be rejected) Using an indirect opened such as the one you said does not risk your true self getting rejected, thus it is a less bold move. Because it's a less bold move, it's not as impressive a display of your willingness to put your true self out there. Thus an indirect opener is 'weak' compared to a direct, bold open. Notice in your body that it's actually easy to go and chat about some random environmental thing and avoid the scary topic of man-woman communication. Being honest about what attracts you is scary because you face your truth possibly being rejected. However by being bold, the woman actually respects you even if she may reject you. Being direct shows you have balls and are a man going after what he wants. Therefore because being direct and honest is the truest expression of your feelings, your confidence is built regardless of the outcome. Also, being direct is less creepy than being indirect. Because in the latter, you have a hidden agenda. Your act of hiding it on the open to then later bring up more man-woman communication subcomminicates to the woman that you feel like you have to trick her to like you. The feeling of being tricked by a stranger is gross and icky when you think about it. It's sleazy. It's much LESS creepy for a guy to be forward and honest, and then exit the interaction if he is rejected without being depresso about it. If I came up to you and said. 'Hey man, I saw you and your friends having an awesome time at this bar and I loved your energy and wanted to come say hi' you would almost feel bad for rejecting my advance for friendship. However if I can up to you and said ' hey man, that drink you're holding, it's got vodka in it, hey... Yeah vodka is a nice spirit to drink... Dontcha think!??" It's way more creepy because I don't know what you want from me. Like are you trying to be my friend/introduce yourself or what?? Obviously the above is just one example, and indirect can be very effective in a number of situations and can be done in a very calibrated way.
  8. Guys let's not let this spiral into bickering lol. Yeah people can definitely look like creepers approaching. Without social calibration you can look like a freak haha. But that shouldn't stop you trying to become better. Ill try add some more experiences to this thread when I have them.
  9. Glad to see people enjoying this community project. Thank you to all who have contributed.
  10. I'm definitely the type that reads too much theory without taking enough action. I've done some approaches in the past but this was the first one which was towards someone that had absolutely no connection to me, during the day. I.e. a complete stranger who hadn't even made eye contact with me before. She was attractive, so I was keen to approach. It was in a supermarket. She was in one section, and I hesitated a lot, but after about 40 seconds of hesitating I just started moving towards her. She was standing by one of the bins where you can scoop bulk nuts/seeds into a bag and there was some random middle aged guy standing about 2 m from her. "Excuse me... This is kinda random.... but I saw you and thought you were cute, and wanted to say hi" "I have a boyfriend" "ok, bye" I walked off, and noticed the guy had a look like "did that just really happen" and then a split second later he reverted to going about his day. I was on fire after that. Honestly felt on top of the world. I'd recently broke up with a long term gf so had a month of not the best mood. I've decided to just go hardmode and approach during the day, sober, and with no wing. I.e. nothing I can use as a crutch. In terms of teaching I most follow Mike Mehlman's stuff. He is a big advocate of rejection building confidence. A number of things I knew in theory automatically got one tick next to them for 'field experience' - Don't overcomplicate the open. Even just "hi, I thought you were cute and wanted to say hi' is enough - The approach is the success, not the outcome. approaching builds confidence regardless of the outcome. - I have to practice using the 0-1 scale rather than the 1-10 scale. You have to get really good at QUICKLY identifying the people you actually want to approach because.... -The approach window is often very short. i.e. a girl walks past you in town in the middle of the day - you literally have seconds to decide and then do the approach, otherwise the activation energy needed to turn and run back increases as you go deeper and deeper into your thoughts. and eventually that window closes and you lose it. You almost have to be mechanical about it. 1. attractive enough to appraoch? 0 or 1 2. if 1 then walk towards. 3. open 4. if rejected walk away, if not continue convo. Lastly, I was reminded to not try "sell to the unsellable". If she is not interested in you then don't try to convert, instead go and find another who is interested in you.
  11. @Ineedanswers Sure thing. You can gain depth of knowledge in the same way as you can draw a bigger map as you explore some new territory. But God realization is realizing the territory is real and the map is a concept, not drawing a bigger and bigger map. If you want to do science then you can. If you want God realization, you will have to realise that you will not get there though concepts. You can study and investigate science for infinity, but you will never get to truth through it. No matter how long you spend thinking about molecules then atoms then quarks then strings the space-time etc. It won't change the fact that those are all illusions. You can make your life easier by discovering new technology and advancing science, but that is different to realizing what's true. Inventing penicillin allows more people to survive bacterial infections. It does not change that fact that people, infections, etc are all an illusion. To answer your further questions: 1) yes. They are all illusions. As is everything. How can e=mc2 not be an illusory concept. Theories by definition are conceptual models. I can theorize that the sun will rise tomorrow. What will actually happen is unknown. The point of god realization is differentiating what you think about something, with what it actually is. Look at your hand. Now realise that what you are looking at is not a hand. Hand is a conceptual framework you overlay over reality, such that when you see the thing that you see, you think hand. But it is not a hand. It is something that words cannot communicate because all language is dualistic. The best descriptor is "it is what IT IS" but that sounds silly until you actually LOOK and realise that what it IS is not what you THINK it is. Stop thinking, and look. 2. There is no difference. The scientist is just as deluded as the theologian. You have never seen a big bang, or a planet formed, or a black hole, or a DNA molecule, etc. You have been told these concepts from a young age and you blindly believed them, just how a religious kid got told about Adam and eve and believed that story to be true. You hand is not made of skin and bone and atoms. It is made of consciousness. It is as clear as day yet you will not be able to see it. You are a fish swimming in water and you can't see the water, because it is all there is. That is the pickle you are in. Again, do not confuse the ability of science to create things that help your survival, with what is actually true. Science is no truer than religion, despite the fact that with science we can make an iphone etc. It is a "better"/more accurate map of this dream, but is cannot make you see the dream as a dream. 3. They are just building the dream with more concepts. They are making the map prettier and bigger. You are God, you are the only thing that exists. You are the dream. Everything is dream-stuff. It is ALL an illusion. Including this.
  12. @Ineedanswers This is a misrepresentation of what god-realization achieves. All of those things you mentioned are conceptual illusions that your mind spins. God realization is recognizing that you create all of these concepts. Measurements do not exists. Science does not exists. Future and past do not exist. Black holes do not exist. You have not awoken yet to the reality of concepts in the now. Here is an exercise. Point to the problem you are describing. Use your finger and point to the problem you are talking about above in the now. Recognize that all of those things do not exist as "things". They exist as conceptual constructs. It's easy to see how the future is a conceptual constructs in the now. But can you stomach recognizing that your birth is a conceptual constructs in the now, and never happened. When you say it happened in the past, recognize that the past is a conceptual construct. Then stay awake for a whole night, from sunset to sunrise and recognize that the lines between today and tomorrow don't exist. Or better yet, take a psychedelic and realize time does not exist as anything other than a mental concept. You have NEVER left the present moment. You have never left the now. You literally created a conceptual world in which you live, but you are asleep to the fact that you created it. At deeper levels of consciousness you recognize your creation of even "physical" things. You grossly misinterpret what the teachings are pointing to. I am not saying this to shame you, I'm merely making a statement so that you do not get lost in the wrong interpretation. You can't predict the future because there is no future. Reality is here, now, forever. You never leave NOW. So how can you expect to get to the future. This requires a 180 degree change in your point of view. You do not travel through time as a person. You are God, Now and "stuff" is changing around you. You interpret that time has passed but this is not the case. The now has simply changed. Stay awake from sunset to sunrise and realize that you never went from yesterday into today, you were always in the now and all that happened is that some numbers changed on a screen or on a clock -in the now. Numbers are changing on the clock IN THE NOW. Time is a social, conceptual construct.
  13. @Leo Gura Only the now exists. Only consciousness is. Pure everything. Nothing outside of "it" as "it" is all of it, forever, nowhere. Nowhere nowhen noone other than all of it. God is Mind is pure Love. Any perceived other, past, future, concept, or even self is a dream dreamt by Self/Me/God "within" the Mind of God, which is all of "it", now (and never). It's/my power is so infinite that it created itself from nothing, nowhere, nowhen. A perfect strange loop. An apparent duality within The All so that God/I can experience its beauty through a story/dream. Why? Because there is nothing else to do. There is no escaping because there is nowhere to escape to. I am so powerful that I made myself forget the Truth so that I could live in illusion as "Cepzeu" and believe that characters like "Leo" etc. exist and have their own inner experience, however this is all an illusion to keep myself asleep to my true nature. Why? Because Love. Correct?
  14. Great investment in my experience. Way better than a hand. Takes a bit of effort to clean and dry though and you can get through a lot of lube. Feels same/better than real sex. Had no regrets buying one
  15. I love the ability to take energy in different forms and how that can be transferred into motion in things like cars, bicycles, trucks using engineering. Really random, but this has always fascinated me all my life. It's pure magic.