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  1. Unfortunately not the case. lot of 'science' work is boosting your social standing in the scientific community, publishing as much research as possible to get your numbers up and shitting on other scientists. Behind the facade of innovation it's all a poo-throwing contest. There is fame and fortune in science because a large number of post docs are battling for very few professorships and tenure positions. It is completely and utterly corrupted by monkeys throwing poo at each other and climbing a popularity ladder to look innovative. I've seen how this plays out in universities and research institutions, which is why I quit it. Also, a PhD means very little. Lots of people with PhDs gotten from following the system in university are dumb as shit and their lives are super dysfunctional.
  2. There is stage orange science and stage 'above-orange' science. Most scientists are still concerned with materialism and commercialism. Most scientific endeavours are done do discover a shippable product, even in the biological sciences. Truth is avoided in order to get studies published quickly. Universities do a little bit of primary research, but even that is done just in case it can be used for business later. Science at most universities is purely pragmatic and business oriented. Neil deGrass is 1 in a million scientists. Not because he is special but because of what his aims are. He is a celebrity. Most scientists are working on shippable products, patentable ideas etc. Edit: trying to separate business-orange and science-orange is a very big trap which fails to see how money-driven science is. Current science is not focussed on truth, but money - for institutions and private laboratories (e.g pharma). There is value in separating orange science and above-orange science etc. But current science is very entangled with orange-level business.
  3. Makes no difference :). if you step on a shit, there will still be shit on your shoe whether you believe you are in external reality or whether you are imagining all of it. In the land of absolute, imagination = reality. All of it is imagination, but because there is nothing outside of it, it may as well be reality, in fact it is, because there is nothing else it could be. It is all one.
  4. Great trip report! Sounds like it was incredibly profound. I believe I'm also quite sensitive to it as I had a similar experience on 100 ug. The difference with mine is that I had an ego death and it only lasted maybe 15 hours. I've also retained the ability to communicate with my higher self /god. It's still present and I can access it at any time. Psychedelics are incredibly healing, especially if you had emotional trauma in your past. I also felt like I was finally given 'permission' to be myself, and it was Me who gave it to myself. Brought tears to my eyes. Namaste
  5. Such a good read! Thank you @Emerald for your posts. As a guy who has gone through the whole pickup/attraction thing and grew to love himself, I agree with a lot of your points. For me, healthy pickup can be summarised as healing your past trauma aka giving yourself the love you seek, and then being authentic to your personality. With these two "internal" qualities achieved, you can go out into the world and experience it. That experience (in terms of attracting women) just involves interacting with lots of people. There will be people who you are just attracted to for a variety of reasons. It's not logical, although objective factors do play a role. Then you pursue people you are attracted to and see if attraction is reciprocated. If not, then you move on because you know you can't force attraction (and doing so by playing outside of your authenticity only harms you because you will attract women you are not compatible with anyway). In this way it is a bit of a numbers game because you are seeking a situation where both parties are attracted to each other, and this is ok. The beauty is that you can just be yourself (assuming you love yourself and are being authentic) because there are many people who will be attracted to you just based on your unique feature set. This frees you up from being needy because you no longer see rejection as a harm to your self-worth, you see it simply as incompatibility - a triangular hole doesn't feel upset that a square block doesn't fit into it, it just keeps searching for a triangular block. You could argue that there are some qualities you can develop that will improve your chances - and you can - e.g. leadership, tonality, eye contact, but a) being authentic and loving yourself tends to autocorrect those anyway and b) there are girls out there who are more "masculine" and can lead in the relationship etc. or like shy guys. The biggest fix to attraction problems is loving yourself and who you are - not trying to manipulate women with a fake persona that you think will attract them. Ironically, once a man loves himself and is authentic, things like social ease, money, reputation, healthy eating and exercise will come about - a result of self-respect and self-love. People entering pickup with low self-esteem see these external qualities as the goal to achieve, missing the whole point of developing your "inner" self love and core confidence. It often takes a few successful hookups to recognise that the thing you are chasing is not women's attraction, or sex even, it's the realisation that you are lovable as you are. This comes the most when your pickup play was authentic and you weren't trying to play a character. @aurum would you agree? I know you are interested in this space.
  6. Sadhguru often talks about how he only sleeps a couple hours a night. Anyone tried this with success? I assume it has something to do with low energy wastage on thought - from consciousness work. I feel like I only *need* 6 hours, but often sleep 8-9 habitually or for pleasure.
  7. While true, vasectomies should be thought of as irreversible due to the low success rates of reversion. Although sperm can still be harvested through the scrotum at a fertility clinic, so children are still possible.
  8. @SaltyMeatballs unlikely. Cheaper to pay min wage than to buy and service robots or pay license for AI. I did a summer job at a paper factory where I was basically employed for min wage because it was cheaper than buying a conveyor belt
  9. Healthy relationships come from self-respect. Girls will dump you if you don't stand up for what you want. It's not about being something that you're not... It's about being you, unapologetically. If they don't like it they can hit the road. That point of view will make you happier and keep girls around because a) you're not pretending to be a "cool" guy, and b) you have boundaries, which shows you respect yourself.
  10. Follow the advice of your doctor. And it you want, buy books and look at other resources while you wait on the list for surgery. Don't count count on alternative therapies to cure you because cancer can be time sensitive. A small tumor that can be cured with a simple surgical resection can grow and metastasize to your organs in months. By all means feel free to look up alternative resources. But don't take medical advice from people who are not doctors. There is a reason training can be up to 20 years. Drinking celery juice and meditating won't cure your tumor
  11. God includes devilry. You are all of it.
  12. Love is seeing a child give another crying child a hug Love is seeing your sister become a mother Love is seeing your parents decline cognitively over the years Love is holding your girlfriend as she experiences a panic attack, feeling her lose herself as she trembles in your arms Love is seeing your mother cry when she stands at the grave of her father, who she didn't get to say goodbye to Love is looking into your father's eyes and seeing his realisation that he wasn't there in your time of need Love is not being able to get out of bed because you're lost and don't know your purpose in life Love is seeing a resident at a retirement home, surrounded by family, and then seeing another, all by themselves in the next room, knowing that no one visits them. Love is seeing your grandma forget who you are because of dementia Love is being lost by yourself Love is seeing your friend, a once-active young man, now wheelchair bound cradling a beer in his hand, watching his friends play the sport he loved so much. Love is when you tell your girlfriend you want to break up, even though you know it will crush her Love is hearing a mother recount the day she held her baby for the first time and saw it smile Love is hearing a mother recount holding her stillborn baby and caress her, as though sheltering her from the world. Love is waking up in the morning and hearing the birds chirp Love is feeling the first sip of coffee in the morning Love is waking up before your partner, and giving them a kiss as they sleep Love is listening to someone who is venting, and not offering advice back Love is the regret you feel after fighting with a loved one Love is when your crush doesn't know you exist Love is when you tell your parents how you truly feel Love is when your dog rushes to the door as you enter, eager to see you Love is when you see yourself in others Love is when you know what it's like to be in another's shoes Love is when you realise you are God Love is when you realise why everything is so - because LOVE LOVE IS LOVE IS ALL OF IT Love is...
  13. wow! great summary! thank you very much
  14. They're unrelated because being sober/drunk and pumping and dumping are mutually exclusive. You can pick up chicks during the day and pump and dump. you don't need to claim anything. It is evident in your writing: "I just feel like this forum has lost track of these higher integrity ideas, and is behaving like chimps, which is all fine and gravy, I only see a problem with it when we are students of "high integrity" putting in no effort to screen girls for long term compatibility before sleeping with them, and boasting about "lay counts" and how good your "game" is and how much of a "high value man" you are, which is only "high value" from the perspective of a woman's survival, so really the term "high value man" is synonymous with douchebag, as your spending so much time and energy to please women to get vagina, you could spend that time pursuing consciousness work and life purpose (which is the greater good for society and our communities and takes up a lot of time and often conflicts with your sexual interests). "